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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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Found 10 results

  1. Shake the Spirit

    A weekday was no day to get drunk. Keira could almost hear her sister barking those very words at her, if not for the fact she was alone late that night, sipping at an alcoholic beverage within the mostly empty confines of the Muggle bar 'The Tipsy Mozzie'. The cold had kept a lot of people in their homes and business was slow, leaving the journalist by herself by the far end of the establishment. She had never heeded such warnings and usually just drank when she pleased (one could even argue she was the catalyst of Diana Sharpe's recent liking of the very same liquid), but that day the alcohol was taking longer than usual to pass down her throat. The stress accumulated had been so great that even the simple act of working herself up to a mild buzz was quite the chore. While she was a workaholic by nature, even Keira had her limits, and she felt like they were about to be breached lest she have some sort of break. With her chin resting firmly in the palm of her hand, the half-Veela watched the 24/7 news channel that was put on blast in the corner of the ample room. Some sort of Muggle politician seemed to be making empty promises. "Yeah, sure you do..." She muttered to the figure in the TV prior to a sip, not actually paying active attention to what the man was saying. She needed something to inject a dose of energy in her, but what?
  2. Lily's Lovelies

    Lily's Characters Always up for plotties and connections and threads, please post below with ideas! ❤️ Jez (aka: Amiradysébelle Blair) 25(ish?) | Actress, Princess, and Supermum | Melbourne Jez would be recognisable from her former role in Neighbours as well as a few movies, though more commonly known around Narrie as the eldest of Stu's brood of Blair kids. She's also a popular musician and singer, and tries to do a lot of charity type events. She has certainly gained a small brood of her own so far. She's happy-go-lucky and loves her family and making friends. Could use: friends, stalkers fans, other mums, family members (I have a Blair family tree, ask if you want to see it!), rivals, and well... any other plot ideas. Auds (aka: Audrey Adagathguarde 26 | The Headmaster's Assistant and Girlfriend/Babymomma (and the one who really organises Tally) | Narragyambie This British-born gal came over to Narrie around 7 or so years ago, and has won the hearts of a lot of its residents since, especially in the past few years, during which she has kept the Headmaster of Tally more organised than he's ever been and helped take care of his children in the absence of their birth mother, not to mention she is known for throwing the best parties in town. Not surprisingly, she spends so much time organising Alan, especially now that they are officially together and have their own child, but she seems oddly content. Could use: friends, troublemakers, past terrible/bad choice boyfriends/dates, awkward buddies, people who love fun, people who like to take advantage of others. Arti (aka: Artemisia Bellerose) 22 | Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner | Melbourne She's been touring Europe for the past couple of years or so, but prior to that Arti was the solemn girl who arrived at Tally in her Fifth year with the French accent, who ended up being abused by her father and was adopted by the former Deputy Headmaster and his wife. Recent years, she's come into her own as an accomplished artist, and has set up a Gallery Cafe in the city, where she gets quite a lot of business and admirers of the arts, and where she also hosts local musical talent now and then. Could use: friends, an art gallery partner, the musically or art inclined, troublemakers, a traumatic ghost from her past (ask for details if interested), and so on. Siby (aka: Sibylla Townsend) 249 (license says 32) | Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker | Narragyambie Sib has settled into life in the country town over the past few years or so, and has been a reliable local doctor, as well as on call for St Ringo's. In between work, she tends to travel a bit, studying strange and obscure medical conditions and eccentric and rare ways of healing and artifacts involved with such. She's still hurting about the loss of her daughter, which makes her very protective of her remaining family, and she is dedicated to her support group for non-humans and making sure the same doesn't happen to others. Could use: friends, patients, other non-humans for the support network, blasts from the past, perhaps a dangerous person who doesn't like non-humans. Adoption opportunity: Siby's teenage daughter, Mairead (15) is totally up for grabs. Just message me for details. Stu (aka: Stuart Blair) 51 | Federal Minister of Magic, Co-owner of The Drunken Roo, Owner of Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve | Narragyambie and Melbourne Since all his children have grown up and moved out of home, Stuart tends to work a lot more, so that he doesn't end up with too much time up his sleeve to wallow in the misfortunes of recent years. He also tends to concentrate more on other peoples' problems and currently provides support for his two best friends, Alan and Kate. He's been diagnosed with depression, which he keeps to himself and which one wouldn't even pick up on by just being around him due to his upbeat nature among others. He doesn't want to worry people, and seems to have given up on the idea of dating or relationships. Could use: friends and drinking buddies, people with young kids (for when he's babysitting his grandkids), Ministry folk, a line of swooning women, old rivals (or boyfriends that he's pissed off just by being him), teens in the sports that he coaches (cricket, basketball, AFL), or people who may know his mother who manages a reserve for endangered wildlife and magical creatures (that is now owned under her son's name). Adoption opportunity: The Blair Triplets, who are a year younger than Jezebel (mid-20s), they can be found under NPCs & Wanted Characters Cate (aka: Caitlin Sullivan) 37 | Counselor, Psychologist, Profiler, Author | Narragyambie and Melbourne This lady's had a pretty difficult life when it comes to the people she cares about, having lost most of her family while a teenager, when things were beginning to go down at Hogwarts, living through the battle itself, and then losing her brother some years later as well, becoming the guardian of her niece. Not that anyone in her new home would know much of that, only that she's worked with the Ministry in the UK and is a bestselling author. She's friendly if perhaps a little quiet, will help someone if they look like they need it, and tends to mother younger people a bit. Started becoming romantically involved with a man she probably shouldn't be with earlier in the year, but it is what it is. Could use: friends, colleagues, awkward encounters, probably to be dragged out to have fun every now and then. Cass (aka: Cassandra Sullivan) 18 | Seventh Year student (2018), Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of Danger Kitty Productions | Narragyambie Being the niece and charge of her aunt, she naturally had to move to Australia with her (of course, being in danger back home was another good reason to move). She's seen her own fair share of tragedy, but tries to concentrate on the positives in life, as well as the fact that she intends to be someone who will help others, like her aunt has done for years. Flirty, boisterous, fun-loving and good-natured, she tends to brighten a room when she walks in. Though she's had a rather usual year when it comes to friends, as well as discovered her true identity as a pureblooded sidhe fae, she is able to be happy with the good things that had happened, including an impromptu marriage to fellow Spencer student Alexander. Could use: friends (just one really good friend would be nice), partners in mischief, victims of her wiles, bullies to antagonise, someone who really gets her. Gem (Gemini Demetra) 23 | VMU Student, Performer, Main Guitar and Vocals for her band Franklin Struck Gold | Melbourne A single mum with an attitude, it generally depends on what the other person around her is like as to whether said 'tude is good or bad. She's pretty easy going and free-spirited, feeling like stress is for people who don't know how to enjoy what they have. She faces her problems head on and pretty bluntly. Though despite her generally relaxed nature, she has a scorching temper if someone presses the wrong button. Could use: friends, past flings, band mates (see NPCs & Wanteds), other mums to chill with, fellow VMU students, people who enjoy some good music. Ele (Elektra Devereux) 32 | IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist at Tallygarunga | Melbourne A former Quidditch star and champion, who has retired from the sport now that she has the custody of her twin sister's daughters and is struggling with learning how to be a parental figure. She also just happens to be an agent for the IWP who is currently working undercover in the area. She did start off as the Quidditch instructor for Tallygarunga, but has since shifted to a Receptionish position since an unfortunate incident mid-year which she doesn't talk about. Currently living in a house with her sister's former partner in crime, but who is now Ele's IWP partner who tends to frustrate her to no end, but is better with the kids than she is. Could use: friends, admirers and fans, someone to make Ashkar jealous, other Quidditch enthusiasts, old friends/contacts from her Quidditch days. Adoption opportunity: Nina (11) is Ele's oldest niece and started at Tally this year. She's had a rocky start with her aunt, but is slowly warming to her. She thinks Ashkar is the best. Message me for more details.
  3. Mom's Ruin Moments

    He considered her blush his for the viewing and that would probably be the greatest win possible in his mind. Voice elevated strongly while he stared deeper into her eyes. "I LOVE YOU, GEMINI." The base had been enough that it could be felt through a glass table if one placed their hand onto its surface. The declaration had been followed by the sound of sniggled 'Dawh', was that actually tear sniffling in the background now? A soft annoyed sigh erupted from him because that could only mean one thing. "You just -had- to tempt the beast, Gemma. Now she's hiding there behind the WALL! AS IF I CAN'T -HEAR- HER!"
  4. Dad but not Dad

    "I am the shyiest. So much so that I have to hide in the shadows an -awful- lot!" His lips turned into a broad smile. "Luckily enough, I cancelled my work and meetings for the day." Why he even did that or felt compelled that he needed to do that, he still hadn't hazard to guess. "You'll have as long as you need to teach me! If we're really good we can surprise Old Lady Layla with some stuff, what do you say?"
  5. Was it really Poison?

    "Hey there, early as promised," Gemini said lightly as she came across the man leaning againse the counter looking like he was deep in thought. She lifted her hand with the drinks, "Brought something to drink while I watch you slave over this apparent non-poisonous food that you're going to make for me." A smirk tugged at her lips and she stepped into the kitchen a little to glance around, "Haven't even started on it yet? For shame," Gemini tutted softly with a shake of her head, as though highly disappointed.
  6. Need new Glasses

    "Woolworths? I imagine I won't find just cotton and lamb chops there, eh?" Bad joke, even he had to admit that. But with a name like -that- it was like walking into a brick wall that said 'MAKE SHEEP JOKES'.
  7. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    The last time that they had traveled in a group like this had been when they all decided to head out to the zoo - or really - take Gabby to the Zoo while Gem and Himself explored the more 'Animalistic urges' of the atmosphere in their own shameless way. This time, that wasn't the intention, this time they were going to explore the place that both he and his mother, Layla, once knew as home. A different country with its own harshness of environment and a rich history that many remembered across the world, if not only, for the fact Media decided Egypt was a prime place to base things within. It was a casual walk through the airport where Marcus took the liberty of moving ahead to gather up the luggage and remove them from the conveying belt that swept through, counting out each bag that he memorized just before getting on the plane and storing them. As he settled all the bags in a circular form for the others to grab their things he stayed his hand in case the ladies needed a bit more help in holding something, more so, his mother due to her more frail nature and the lengthy trip by flight which perhaps had them all a bit jet lagged. Showcasing this a brief yawn formed from him. "At least I managed to get a good cat nap on the flight. . . But that still doesn't beat the good rest I'll be looking to get into." His hand pressed into his pockets as he pulled out his phone and turned it on as he watched it build up with missed notifications - several calls being missed a few businessmen and clients, but also one from Lapis. Which ushered a brief sigh not in particularly good headspace to deal with that list of questions and prodding that would come from her, especially after this long of a time apart. "Alrighty, crew, find your stuff and we'll try to find our 'Taxi'. I use the word very loosely. . . But hey, at least we have someone willing to put us up so less money to spend on a Hotel." He shrugged. Layla shambled towards the collection of bags taking a brief seat on a nearby bench. "My. . . You act as a tourist like you've never been here before. . . Take a breather." It was her way of saying she needed to take a brief break herself before pressing onwards. Hands shifted through her purse as she dug deep into it to grab her own cell phone. "I figure you won't call back so I'll do it in your stead!" And. . . It began. The overriding, Marcus poked his lips out with a protested frown at the last portion but waved his hands lightly. "Alright, alright, we can take a brief break. And don't make calls in my name! I'm going to have a rough time as it is anyways with a bunch of nutcases in the same room. At least let me keep my sanity for a few more hours. Speaking of nutcases. . ." A Playful smirk shifted onto his face as he turned his gaze towards Gemini and Gabby, both of his arms woven across one another to press them firmly against his chest. "How are you two doing? Need a break too? A quick pit-stop at the ladies room before we hit the road?"
  8. Invite Playing House

    Night had fallen and Morning arose as Marcus' eyes slightly shift open and his body slowly cuddled closer to Gemini who had laid next to him. He tried his best to avoid even the smallest speck of sunlight, while he was much stronger to deal with the sensitivity it still was far from present and could make an amazing night moving into the morning a grumpy experience for a Dhampir. He had spent the night over Gemini's house after visiting in the evening, mostly staying to continue with their bedroom gymnastics that had seemed to taken place in their new found 'Relationship', which ever one wished to call it or define it as. Ever since his mother had come into town he found that he not only had been letting go of his hurts bit by bit but that he had also been spending time with a particular single mother and her daughter much more often than he had anticipated himself to be. Not only to the point of the both of them clawing at one another in the bed with no real care for proper protection every now and then but also finding that he stayed much longer in the morning time with the two girls. The excuse wasn't even due to the sun but he just wanted to grow closer to them which was a confusing state of affairs. So much was uncertain about how things were progressing and yet they seemed to be growing in one particular direction without any actual say so or planning. Tips of his fingers pressed along the side of Gemini's neck as he felt the holes where his fangs had been pressed into her just a few hours ago, she had agreed to do this and even been the one to incite it more often than not. A reminder of how much the young woman trusted him or perhaps a mixture of trust and confidence in knowing she could stop him if his nature tried to take it a step too far. Either way, he was grateful to her for all that she had done for him and not just stopping there. It was because of her snooping and chaotic ways that he had managed to start on a rebuilding path with his mother even if he didn't want to do it so soon. As his eyes narrowed towards the dark haired beauty he pressed a tender kiss at the top of her forehead while keeping his sights trained on her. She'd become a staple in his life which caused him to be unable to see himself without her bouncy and mischievous nature around to cause some kind of trouble or poke fun at him for her own amusement and the amusement of others. "I guess I am pretty lucky. . ." He spoke towards himself trying to avoid disturbing her from her well deserved rest. Their nightly marathons always left a very numb feeling especially of late where he could have swore the passion had been growing even more intense.
  9. Complete Mother Dearest (Feb. 8 2018)

    Marcus had made sure to call Gemini that same day to let her know that in a weeks time on the weekend he could clear something up. This, of course, meant that he was on full work mode after meeting with one of his old friends and a new one earlier in that week. Truthfully, the Dhampir was tired but he had no plans to retire to his coffin anytime soon, not when preparation work still needed to be performed! There were several cookbooks opened up on the table flipped to various pages: Chicken Parm Dinner, Homemade Biscuits, Honeyed Carrots - He had no idea why he was pushing himself to making such an elaborate dinner. Maybe it was because he felt they deserved it considering that he hadn't realized that Rosie was ALSO her grandmother. That's going to make for very awkward conversation since they hadn't really been able to discuss that small bit of a technicality about Marcus' life. Which. . . Also meant that he knew something deeper about Gem's life than she knew about his own. Usually such a thing wouldn't bother him and yet. . . Maybe it was simply because he found her endearing and fun. Another prospect could just be who her grandmother was and it made him feel a bit out of place to have such intimate information. The door to his home was left wide opened while the sound of music played through out the seemingly lived in home. It was a simple instrumental no real words towards it what so ever. "What am I forgetting. . . OH, Right, the Ice cream maker." Marcus turned his attention towards a cupboard as he opened it up and pulled out what seemed to be a fully wooden bucket with a well-kept metal crank without an inch of rust on it. Who wanted rusty ice cream? He set it to the side on the counter top as he leaned against the edge of it. "Now to just wait until she swings by. . . " She did say she'd come by early to help him out which he honestly probably needed more than he wanted to admit to anyone. At least this day couldn't get anymore weirder than having to deal with certain secrets.
  10. Complete Chillout Session (Dec. 17th '17)

    As much as she loved and often preferred the livelier and louder gigs at pubs, clubs, and other nightspots, there was something to be said about having an easy chill session during the middle of the day in the city center. Plenty of people wandering by, doing their Christmas shopping at this time of year, and stopping to enjoy the tunes, as well as those who were just sitting to have some lunch, or even waiting for their next tram. It also meant that Gemini could have Gabrielle with her, the five year old happy to sit beside her mother, while she and her band mates did their thing. Though, today it was just she with her guitar - which was set down in it's case for now as she took a break from it after the past few songs - and Trav, who also played guitar, but had a xylophone out for the next number. The male set the beat by tapping his foot, and then the music began, shortly followed by the pair's voices as they sang a cover of Say Something, probably their last song for the day. The problem sometimes with music, however, was that it could hit someone deeply, and Gemini should have known that this particular number would do that to her. She'd sang it at a funeral only a few years ago, for someone that she wasn't even certain at the time was dead. The body had never been found, after all. But it hurt all the same, as she'd used the number to say her goodbye. Those memories were fresh right now as she sang with passion and emotion filling her voice that projected through the close vicinity, causing a number of admirers to stop and listen. As much as a detriment emotion could be, it was also an ally to an artist, it gave power to their chosen art, and right now it gave her a lot of power. In fact, there was a small crowd by the time the performing duet trailed off the end of the song, followed by a small applause, which brought a smile from the young woman, even as she lifted a hand to wipe a stray tear. "Are you sad, Mama?" The voice of Gabrielle reached Gemini's ears, and the young woman had to laugh quietly before picking up the girl onto her lap and giving her a strong cuddle. "Nah, I'm fine, gorgeous," Gemini reassured the girl, and then looked over to Trav, who was packing up his gear. Yep, ending on a high note was definitely a call. The pair spoke for a couple of minutes, before the man headed off, and Gem then began to make sure her guitar and anything else she needed was packed safely, before picking up the case and glancing around with a sigh, "What say we get something to eat, eh Munchkin?" She smiled down at Gabby as she began to walk, before accidentally smacking someone in the leg with her guitar case. "Oh, shit! Sorry!" Gemini looked over at whoever she'd hit, offering an apologetic smile. The least she could do was try not to be clumsy. (Gemini)
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