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Found 1 result

  1. With the recent bumpy road Eudoxia had been down she was glad to have a little time to spend with her friends. One of them being Igor. Many might have questioned her friendship with the man. It was not something she was too worried about honestly. He had been one of the few who she could enjoy the Ballet with. She knew Jason was not a huge fan, and she was not about to make him go. Not only that she hated when he had to get up and leave… It was something she understood but that didn’t make les embarrassing when he did get up and leave. Doe smiled as she checked her reflection. Lot had the kiddos for the night, he and Lilah each had a guest room. She liked when they stayed over, the kids were happy and she was happy to have any and all time she could with her brother. Tonight she was simply meeting Igor for drinks, to catch up. It had been quite a while and she had missed him. She also wanted to see if he would be up for consulting on her recent show. If nothing else she hoped he would at least come to see it. Since she had taken over the studio she had changed a lot of things. It was good for her, it was good for the studio and she had to admit she was fairly proud of the progress she had made, even if having a baby derailed her a bit. She turned to get a better angle in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. It had felt like so long since she was able to get dressed up a bit. She had picked one of the new bars in the business district. It had really great reviews. She was excited. Letting out a small smile she left the house and made her way. It had taken a moment to get a parking spot but as soon as she found one she was inside the bar. It seemed Igor had not made it yet and so she picked a high top table in the corner. It was not long before he arrived she smiled. ”Igor!” She greeted him standing to hug him. ”How are you… I have missed you!” S
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