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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 11 results

  1. Invite Fixing a Problem

    It was odd timing for Danielle to decide on doing what she was about to do. She could have done so upon arrival in town, or even at any time throughout the several months she'd spent at Tallygarunga up to that point. But, at that moment, something called on her to do so. Unlike most Wizards on Earth, she never had the opportunity to purchase a wand for her own use or have one custom made for her. Instead, she used her mother's wand ever since she passed on. It was fortunate that she took to it like a fish to water but the Dhampir would still very much enjoy having something she could consider to be her own rather than a remembrance. She wasn't so lucky with her father's wand. It refused to work with her regardless of expertise with any kind of magic. It was, to her, the main reason why she wanted to go to the local wand shop - she was hoping an expert could enlighten her in how to win its favor, or to tell her to her face that it was impossible to do so. Either way, despite its lack of use at that point, it very much served as a lucky charm. She wasn't the superstitious sort but it was comforting to carry it with her within its holster in difficult situations (and, lately, constantly), and the possibility of danger recently made her wish she could give it more use than just being a glorified placebo. The weather was changing as the Winter slowly shifted to Spring in Australia, although it was still cloudy and chilly. Expecting such changes, however, Danielle decided to wear a hooded jacket with her getup that day so to be able to shield her head from sun rays if the clouds were to ever part above her head. Her hair was neatly arranged in a ponytail precisely to aid in pulling up the cloth if needed. Hopefully she wouldn't be out of the Estrada household that Sunday long enough for it to get too hot for her tastes but it was a risk the Dhampir was willing to take. Taking a deep breath, Danielle opened the door to Will o' the Wisp Wands, a store she had gone by many times before on the way to Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store. Clearing her throat as she stepped in and closed the door, she looked in to see if she could spot anyone. "Excuse me?" She called out evenly as her nose picked on a scent - she most definitely wasn't alone.
  2. Invite Path of the Ancients: The First Step

    Caitlin Sullivan
    It had taken a little time to settle back into life after her return, even if it hadn't felt like any time had passed for her. Time had certainly changed a few things here, some of which she was still trying to catch up on. But now that she was back at work and Aisling was going to Tally after some tutoring from her mother on a few basics that she needed to know, Caitlin had finally been able to sit down and work out the process by which she would need to tackle some of the larger objectives that she'd already had before she went missing. Among those was being able to sit and talk to Dylan about all that had happened, which she had decided she would do today while she waited for Alex to come for the healing he required. As it stood, there were seemingly some wizards who already had a vendetta against the Sorceraic families - though perhaps more specifically Adele and her brood - but there were also others out there. Cate and Cassandra still had those who wanted them hunted down, and they didn't even know the extent of the women's genealogy either. And it would help Dylan to better protect them if he did know, the last thing anyone wanted was mistakes that could make things worse due to lack of communication. Having filled a teapot and got a few cups and some freshly baked cookies on a platter, the woman set it on the coffee table in her living room to pour herself a cup while she waited. The front door was open, which would be easily seen through the screen door, as was the door to the backyard, so that the cool spring breeze could flow through the house. Cate took a sip of her drink before setting her cup down and relaxing on the sofa. Perhaps she should have been concerned about telling Dylan too much, but her concern wasn't so much about him knowing, because she didn't believe he would ever harm her. But more that she didn't want to be a larger burden than she may already be. Especially with he having a brother here now that he was looking out for. Yet another thing that Caitlin had missed with her disappearance. She sighed softly, waiting for the knock at the door that would inevitably come, before calling out easily. "Door's open! I'm in the living room!"
  3. Kai's Little Lies

    Marcus Carsen Species: Dhampir Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding Pureblood parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Marcus Carsen A bit about Marcus. . . He is a Journalist that is more focused on breaking through to the truth by investigating the facts and displaying them to the public that is able to read from his personal journal. He is from an Egyptian family that is primarily Pureblood and believes in keeping ones heritage as such when it comes to magic. They're purists not extremists so they are apart of no massive cult, just really big jerks. This makes Marcus a bit of a black sheep that has been excommunicated which explains his current situation and need to hide himself from most that he encounters. Part of his history is also within the undergrounds of Australia (Both Muggle and Magical), thus he's met various types of criminals and people that have helped with his transition into the new country. Marcus also runs pro-Non-Human/Half-Breed efforts to make sure that they hold a chance of having a good life and not to be ridiculed for who they are. In terms of what he is looking to get into. . . Really anything that could develop the character. Plans and idea are always accepted to hear and build on to see where it goes. Dylan Connell Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age:39 Gender: Male Dylan Connell A bit about Dylan. . . This Irishman holds a dark history both in heritage and in personal activity. Coming from a family of extremist about their Blood he had been taught and even in times acted out the same ferocious prejudice that landed his family to be apart of a Death Eater cult. This particular group hunted down the Sullivan family, which he personally had been part of both hunt and passively the murders. Reluctant to raise his wand against innocents he turned on his brotherhood and protected a Young girl and her niece. This painted a red target on to himself and he fled. Due to this he's traveled to various places but held an interest in France from his past for a bit before moving on towards other interests. He currently works in a small shop that affixes wands and deals with their maintenance along with supplies. He hides under the name Gilliam currently and does indeed 'Sell Wand and Wand Accessories.' Not propane. Often can be seen around Tallygarunga delivering wands of special order or to classes that require more on hand just because of how volatile it may end up being. As for what I'm willing to toss him into, same line as with Marcus as it would be with most if not all of my characters. I tend to not give myself a massive end goal as I'd want environment and interactions to shape the path of their stories and decisions as well as the growth. Alexander Winfield Species: Half-Sorceress Blood: Half-Breed Age: 19 Gender: Male Alexander Winfield A bit about Alexander. . . Every bit of mystery about Alexander is not from him trying to hide anything (exception being his chaotic implosions!) but rather ignorance of his own heritage in its full scope. In his mind he comes from a Wizarding family with a not so loving mother. The truth of the matter is that it goes much further and deeper and the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is about to entrap the young man hasn't even truly started yet. Due to the mixture in his blood there is a constant combat raging inside of himself that has him ill often to the point of coughing up blood most days. Though he does try to cover it up the best that he can given that he carries a white (Stained with crimson) handkerchief around for those pesky fits. Music is his passion so one could easily found him playing up a tune or even trying to gather a performance together, He is somewhat 'Famous' in a sense if one watched videos or covers where he'd play music on. Antics will most likely ensue. . . What he's looking for? Well, I suppose stability is one way of explaining it. Friends, Fans, people who've heard a bit of his music and oust him. Tyson McKennis Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 18 Gender: Male Tyson McKennis A bit about Tyson. . . Tyson is a young man who had been situated in House Bourke at Tallygarunga and like many of his housemates there is a determination and drive to stay active, to even be sporty. This alone isn't simply for the love of it but rather for a purpose within himself, as if to seek a sense of proof or worth within the activities that he tosses himself into. Aside from typical practicing the muggle art of Muay Thai, he also finds time with his light class schedule to engage in Quidditich as a Chaser which holds its own thrills for him aside from the usual impression. A fierce force in reaction though he is not easily angered the very ideal and meaning of loyalty is all the more important to him due to incidents involving his Parents. He currently attends VMU under scholarship towards playing on its Quidditich Team, an offer that the young man couldn't refuse given his situation of having no place to really go after Tallygarunga. Now, he's working on building up not only his future career but a future roof over his head by pushing himself to the very limits that he could go. A mixture of his discipline from his martial arts training and the love for the Wizarding sport that he holds. It remains to be seen if he will choose to see where he could go in the Sports world or if he will follow that dream of being an Auror, however, anything is possible to tip the various scales. What's in the cards for him? I'm looking to take the steps to see! Friends, Sportslike rivals to compete against as a way to better himself, he's a man who rises up to a challenge when presented it. Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 27 Gender: Male Derrick Ackers A bit about Derrick . . Recently hired as the Professor of Elemental Magic, Derrick is what one could consider quirky and fun with many aspects of his life. While often considered a sense of flighty that is more of a nature to want to travel and experience all that he could encounter. There is a clear talent and even borderline love for Fire and all of its application from a magical standpoint, there is a reason his nick name is 'Sparky' after all. There are a lot more to the hidden curves under the nearly whimsical manners, there is a lot of hurt and pain from his past from being a natural punching bag for his oldest sibling and being the constant protector for his youngest sister, Janet. There is a history of lost within the last few years from a woman he had fallen or as well which has ended much of his travelling and fueled him to take up a more stable position as a Teacher with his degree. What's he looking to do? Aaah, Let's just say a persons day will never be brighter with him around, literally sometimes. Extending out a network of friends to give himself a bit more reason to stay in Australia versus moving around like his nature screams out for him to do. Inspire some students that, Fire, is indeed, GOOD! Jonathan Azai Species: Half-Fae (Shadow) Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Jonathan Azai A bit about Jonathan . . While Jon is of Japanese descent his roots are very much Australian being first generation from his Father's side. The family business isn't all gumdrops and rainbows as he is forced to work under the watchful presence of a Yakuza family that migrated to the land down under in order to expand their enterprises and connect with different antiquities that could be shipped towards Japan. What sets him apart from most others that work under his Father, Homura Azai, is the fact of his mother's heritage as a Shadow Fairy which had been properly 'bred' into him like a prized hound or careful planning. Some methods and beliefs never escape from ones heritage it seemed as his father saw only a benefit to the mixed blood. A weapon. He grew up faster than any child should and experienced horrors and crimes that are so etched in his mind that he often is lessened in impact when situations escalate to blood and gore. It's a lifestyle for him and expected that many things could go belly up within an instant. It doesn't mean he has no desire to escape rather that he feels there's no escape and so he must conform for the time being. Under legitimate terms he works as a man of 'Insurance', loans to be more specific and offers up a side subsidiary of Bodyguards if one needs them, another form of loan entirely. This is ran by the semi-well known 'Azai Corporation' which is regarded as small but successful in both financial practice and ethics, yet, a front is still a front for the darker side that is underlying its purpose. Money laundering, Illegal transports, most things that can be explained on paper fall under his legal purview. His job as far as the personal Family is concerned is that he is a hitman and make use of his natural affinity for the shadows to carry out his assignments. Very few ever see him before the strike and when they do it's much too late. He's often accompanied by what one could call his 'Loyal Dog', Mishima. To Jon, it'd be one of his closest friends who offered loyalty in the form of a life debt. It is through this kind of faith in him from a few that he feels bound to either escape for a better life or change everything that is an issue for a better benefit, profitable, but not as blood stained if necessary. I'm opened to talk about various things that can happen and past/future connections. Jon is designed to be a darker side of the track character in the sense that he's on the wrong side of the track. A character intended to be involved in various kinds of situations that may not always be what some would want. Anything extremely severe will require proper communication and drawing out an understanding. Just to be on the same page with things. There maybe a future adoptable of Mishima once I get an idea of how I want to write them and the deeper story is flushed out. Travis Franklin Species: Human (Werewolf) Blood: Halfblood Age: 17 Gender: Male Travis Franklin A bit about Travis . . Travis has been at Tallygarunga since his First Year, a calm time for the most part considering that he is a Bourke. While he holds intense loyalty he isn't as sporty as others in his house. Mostly because he's unsure if his strength gives him an 'unfair advantage' in certain situations. It's also the best way for him to keep under the radar and not be targeted. While he is always opened to meeting people and speaking with them at length, never judging them for their actions it doesn't mean he trusts them. If someone manages to earn his trust they have a fierce guard and guide in more ways than they might expect. He's always willing to explore the dangers of things purely out of the nature within himself. What's he looking to do? It's more or less opened! More friends, scandalous entanglements, other less scandalous entanglements. People that he can learn to trust, maybe a couple of folks that don't take kindly to a trusting mutt. Vale Windum Species: Fae Blood: Pureblood Age: 243 Gender: Male Vale Windum A bit about Vale . . Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum is a man who is truly ageless, mostly because of his Fae capacity. He's met many people in his lifetime and none that he could truly consider a 'friend' or someone he'd depend on. Especially in the fleeting lifeline that comes from Humans, the time he arrives and spends hardly amounts enough to him that they earn a proper trust. He's a talented and well spoken man in many ways but his true gift lies in the ability of thievery and the use of his somewhat alien magical use of magic compared to what most Wizards are accustomed to. An edge that he's glad seems to persist even more so in the age where purists still seem to be at a heavy strength in voice. Though he is a criminal in secret he's also a man with a heart for the Humanitarian efforts, past experiences fuel the desire to supply and nurture those that could be productive. People that have been harmed accidentally or purposefully, those that can avoid being on the end of criminal activity. As his Criminal Persona most of the exposed traits melt away into a sheer rebellion. While he's still against out-right murder he would harm to defend himself, aiming to rather see someone jailed or maimed rather than killed in cold blood. Due to his already inherent mistrust of many people working with him is a hidden risk, a risk that he makes people aware of the moment he drops the Auror's on them and leaves away with the bounty. What's he looking to do? Old Criminal pals who managed to get out, Auror's that have it out to capture him in some way, Maybe some folks that could instill a sense of 'trust' for him - a difficult task. Any other plot ideas are welcomed as well. Cole Lin Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age: 20 Gender: Male Cole Lin Cole is for the most part, an expressive young man who believes in there being no harm in letting people know the 'real you'. That is, unless, the real you is that you like them. Then it's probably the best course of action to see if there is really any kind of spark! That would just be his shyness speaking for him though on some level. He comes from a Pureblood family with deep roots and history, ones that he finds he's quite proud of representing. While he is an over-achiever of sorts it had little do with his love for learning and studying and entirely as an attempt to distance himself from a feeling that could be considered bad to other people. He's a generally nice person who is always willing to offer people a helping hand to see a smile curve at their face, though he's over-protective of his two cousins. The troubles that they go through and have gone through standing as a reason for him to feel as if he needs to be some form of barrier. What's he looking to do? Any form of plotting is up for grabs, Friendships, past dorm or school mates, current fellow VMU friends, people who question why he hasn't dated some potential interested ladies as of yet, someone to shake some stuff up. SHAKE IT UP LIKE BOGGLE! Senan Connell Species: Half-Fae (Light/???) Blood: Half-Breed Age: 16 Gender: Male Senan Connell A bit about Senan. . . Senan is a young man of secrets and for good reasons, stuck between a world where the thought had been Pureblood's held the only right to practice magic and the radical efforts of an individual to fight against those very ideals. These are core issues that whirl around inside of him, neither perceived as good or bad but merely a state of a much more chaotic world that others seem to ignore. He keeps everyone at an arms length to protect himself, primarily, from the fallout that could occur from the perceived betrayal of either group that seems to hold tight reigns since the day of his birth. The move to Australia has been a chance, a weakening of the links even if the individuals in play do not yet see it. There are people and factors that could influence the chances and choices that he makes if only he could see the benefit of being the type of individual to take that risky chance. He's also the Half-Brother of the elusive Dylan Connell, a fact that isn't known by the elder Wizard or many others beyond the family and recent radicals. A rude awakening that is bound to shake things up more than those involved truly will realize - until it's a bit too late. What is he looking for? Well, just to see where the winds take, honestly. There is potential adventure and extensive scuffles into other storylines that will have the chance of enhancing a good quality time for all around! Jasper Mitchell Species: Half-Veela Blood: Half-Breed Age: 32 Gender: Male Jasper Mitchell A bit about Jasper. . . A self-focused criminal would be simplifying the many layers that describe the man. He holds a high respect for his self-preservation, which often leads to decisions or words that could be considered more cold than anything else. Living a life where he could only trust in his own skills, had to watch his own back, it's no wonder why such a mindset seems to be ideal in every situation. 'If you can trust yourself, you can't trust anyone.' is a motto he tries to hold himself by even in the precarious situation of being a coerced undercover agent for the IWP. His contacts in the underworld across the world run deep and those that know him well enough know that his talent of forgery in both mundane and magical are top tier developments that could make a trained eye a run for their money. This mean he has a much more studious and diplomatic approach towards his work and those that he gets himself involved with, finding violence to be at the very least a last resort where everything else has failed or escalated too far for simple witticisms. His past as a youthful criminal is lengthy and dark, who knows what kind of people he entangled himself with? Those who couldn't forgive the wily cons placed on them if they've managed to find out? What is he looking for? Like many of my characters I prefer the whim of the moments, the flow of how the story is untold. That being said, any connections to the past are welcomed as he's traveled quite often and has interacted with various circles of people. Phoenix Aurora Phoenix Aurora A bit about Phoenix. . . It's obvious that the young man isn't a native to Australia, his accent all but gives it away. Holding an inflection in his tone when enunciating and pronouncing certain syllables. Still, Phoenix manages to find a way to make it feel 'just like home' by means of always living within his own personal moment. Causing a bit of mayhem here and there, finding that his own brand is a higher notch than what most people tend to go towards. Adventure calls to him and he responds in kind every step of the way, whether it would be a cave or some place out in the bushlands he always seems to find his way somewhere. Oddly enough, he always seems to find his way back out too with 'being lost' never being an actual factor for him occurring. Be careful, however, inciting his 'wrath' so to speak would only lead to a very long drawn out war of pranks until he found it otherwise settled. For all of his Grandfather's attempt to straighten him out he's only been given a playground in his mind. What is he looking for? Well, let's see what comes. Friends will always be a welcomed talk and so would potential 'rivals' I suppose could be said! While he isn't a native to Australia he's been around for a few years so don't feel as if you can't have some form of connection in some way.
  4. Invite More Than You Thought

    It had been a few days, and the anxiety that something wasn't right hadn't left Cassandra. She'd gone by Cate's house, and it looked like her aunt hadn't been there recently. She knew that she didn't always stay there, but surely she did go to check on things. The mailbox was full, and the younger woman took her aunt's mail inside, and then looked around for any kind of clue as to the whereabouts of Caitlin. The older woman's handbag and ID were all sitting in the kitchen... strange. It didn't look like there'd been a struggle, nor that anything was really amiss at all, except for the absence of the other, and while Cass was considering trying to summon Lillian to see whether she knew anything, she felt that she should ask at least one other person first, about what they knew. So it was that the young woman with the blood red hair stood outside the shop for a moment, something about the place set her on edge. Again, it was something odd, something she felt like she should know, but was barely eluding her. What she did know, however, was that the man who worked here had been dating her aunt. Caitlin thought that Cass didn't know, that she was hiding her secret very well. But Cassandra knew, she knew a lot more than what the older woman thought. Stepping inside, Cass looked around easily. There was a strange feeling that surrounded the air inside the quaint place, and it didn't just come from the small animals that seemed to poke their heads out before hiding again. She wandered through, a self-conscious hand pulling her top over her belly which had begun showing a slight bump, and looked for the man she knew she would find here. Perhaps he would have some idea, and if he didn't, then at the least he would probably be able to at least help her search for the missing woman. At least, Cassandra hoped so. On the other hand, she was also worried that he might have betrayed the woman, so she wasn't certain how smart it was to take this chance. She supposed she would just have to wait and see.
  5. A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    Caitlin Sullivan
    The call from the Auror department had been unexpected, given that she had heard nothing from them since the move to Australia. Certainly, Caitlin had offered to assist should her expertise be needed, but she had come to think that finally she'd found some kind of peace and escape from the world of crime, murder and horror. It seemed not to be the case, as the call had proven. The murder of a local Narragyambie man, whose family had been threatened before by a murderer and criminal whose list of crimes and ability to escape the law meant that even she had heard of him and followed the various cases surrounding him for a time. Cate had not thought that she would be called in to find out if he was involved in something here in Australia though. It was a dangerous territory, but she knew confirmation was needed, that it could prove the difference between more people being hurt or not. Still, it had unnerved her, and so the woman had traveled across town to a place where she would feel safer. She used a key given to her some time ago to enter the house, and moved straight to the alcohol cabinet, pouring herself a glass of scotch and taking a sip before sighing as she realised Dylan wasn't home right now. To that end, she simply sat down on the sofa and put some music on, soon enough lying down and drifting off.
  6. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    Home. . . Well, at least the Country, he hadn't expected to find himself back in Ireland with his current issues with family but, of course, he wasn't here to deal with the mystery of his bloodline. Rather, it was the company of someone he hadn't expected to be next to in the slightest even more than being in Ireland - Cate. She'd requested his presence on the trip and while part of him held reservations stepping into such dangerous territory for himself he was more than willing to oblige her, even with the vagueness of the reasons that they had been heading into the country. Let alone the quaint little town that held more of a 'back in time' appeal towards it. There were always rumors about those sorts of places but he also hadn't pushed the red-haired woman too much on the details not until they were well on their way towards their destination and curious piqued a bit too much to ignore for the man. "You've been quite tight-lipped about the full reason why we're here, Caitlin. We're no longer in earshot of those more crucial to your life in Australia so. . . What is the full reason we've need to traverse to such a place?" It couldn't be in reference to the fairy rumors could it? What purpose did such a thing hold for the woman and her family? It hadn't occurred to Dylan, perhaps, that she was of Fae descent? It wasn't unheard of especially with those of Irish bloodlines. Pureblooded Wizards of the Irish heritage often tended to be even more spiteful in those regards finding it a gross perversion of human nature being overcome. A rant that his Late Grandmother often rattled on about in order to poison the idea of Half-bloods and Breed's much deeper than most could have consider a young mind should take in. "I would have let this ride out and I also know you trust me enough to seek my presence. But you don't need to be dodgy with information, unless, it's something so sensitive that speaking it is more of an issue and habit of not doing for you?" That was a possibility in his mind which he couldn't blame the woman for with the sentiments witnessed through out different countries. While governmental 'Acceptance' of certain people have improved the views it hadn't quelled the stigma's and the prejudiced, truthfully, it had only enhanced and shined a light on them even more. Atrocities and hatred brewed in the darkest of hearts and the shadowy places of the Underworld where people dear not utter anything else but those dark desires. "At the very least, I would like to know what I am walking into in case I need to defend us or at least keep an ear and eye out." A hand grasped at the strap of his back as the path laid before them to head towards the town, it was best to not use vehicles considering the possible superstitious nature and at least experiencing the nature and atmosphere of Ireland was something he could take in once more at a leisured pace.
  7. Blending In

    Being new to Australia held many benefits aside from not being 'truly known', the first being that whatever persona you crafted up, that would be how others viewed you. In this setting, he was no longer 'Dylan Connell' it was a name that held no meaning or impact for most that would know of him in Narrie. Especially those of the magical community in academics who needed their Wands handled or taken of at the beginning of the year or throughout it. Here, in this moment, He was simply Gilliam the Wand Craftsman - an Adept Apprentice to the ever so jittery and giggly Stardust. He found himself here as a way to drum up further press and awareness for the shop, more clientele, as his fae of a boss placed it. Really, he expected that she wanted more money to feed her addiction of bringing in random pets that were kept in the back. At any rate he found a rather gentle taste in the cocktail as he opted not to trick his taste buds with a faux drink. The glass left his lips and had been settled down onto the table top as he watched the various people interact and take the joyous bounty that had been the Roo's owner's recovery. "So, this is what it is like when people adore you and have been waiting for a proper revival." A stern chuckle vibrated from him as his hand slightly cocked to the side in amusement. It was the kind of welcome and merriment that he would never expect or even desire for himself, but some people, were just naturally charismatic and loved by their community. "Hopefully, the host will need a new wand after all that time laying asleep. Might be a new mentality due to that experience. . . Could be the kind of business Dusty would desire." Dylan spoke towards himself as he rose up a hand to rub at his beard in consideration. Maybe not the best time to go asking about it, but maybe in time. Many faces were familiar to him, either from visiting the shop or just on his various routes when delivering wands to those that couldn't pick them up personally.
  8. Invite An Awkward Romance (Feb. 14th '18)

    Early in the day. . . This had been an awkward start to an even more awkward 'Holiday'. After being pressured by his friend, Eudoxia, to finally give in and ask the 'Pretty Novelist' out for Valentines Day, Dylan, made his way towards the school. He left to make it their early purposefully to avoid the red-haired woman, perhaps at an attempt to be romantic or even the fact that certain habits were hard to break. As the day begun a new for the school and it's very classes he swung in under his hidden guise as 'Gilliam the Wandmaker' proclaiming that he had a few spare wands for the DADA class and was shown the direction towards there. While it wasn't a lie there had been an ulterior motive for the Irishman. As he stepped into the classroom he found that Caitlin had not yet arrived which did wonders for him. He lowered a well made chest next to the desk and then left a small rose with a note on top of the desk that would be hard to miss the moment she'd walk into it. He could only hope that this kind of gesture could be considered as some form of step. The note would read: 'Dear Caitlin Sullivan, I am not entirely used to these kind of requests in person, so this is the best I could manage within my limited talents and experience. To ask you to meet me at the Italian restaurant, Vincente's, at eight o' clock tonight. If you don't show up I'd understand but I will be there waiting, formal-casual dress code.' He wanted her to feel pretty but also at her own pace, in what she felt comfortable wearing. Once he had felt it was properly placed in an easy to see position he'd quickly leave from the school grounds and make his way back towards the Wandshop. He had already informed Stardust that he'd be leaving early for 'Prior engagements.' but it was hard to hide what it really was considering what the day's intention had been. When the hours rolled closer to the meeting time he departed and went straight to his home to prepare himself in some of his finest clothing. He had no idea why he decided to heed such a request but he already set it in motion and needed to see it through. He decided that he'd wear a black long button shirt with an emerald vest that seemed to accent it along with an emerald colored tie that slipped just under it and give a more presenting apparel, the slacks were also a smooth black color and he choose to wore brown brogue's. A way to show a bit of his Irish heritage in how he chose to look, a bit of respect for both of their heritages really to some degree. In truth he wasn't sure how this night would go in particular but things were already tense between the two of them even though they were in the phase of just trying to get used to one another. Dylan just couldn't get over the attraction that he's always felt for the woman. At Vincente's. . . Dylan chose to wait outside for her with his hands curled along one another and settled against his abdomen. The reason he didn't opt to pick her up was mostly in consideration of her Niece not knowing about him in the first place, but also that he was trying to court her aunt. Most importantly, it needed to feel like it was her choice and not strong armed by him showing up which could add an odd presence of pressure. Not that he expected her to feel that way, but courtesy was what he had been trying to offer. He raised an arm up to look at his watch and kept his eyes opened and peeled for the woman. For all the things he had been able to face and conqueor, the arena of romance was something that he could never fully beat and with this particular opponent that he had hoped would arrive well. . . For someone who had been so new to it once more he had chosen one who'd be the greatest challenge within his entire life.
  9. Complete Friends in Dark Places (Feb. 8 2018)

    Dylan Connell
    Dylan had not expected for the friend card to be called in so soon but it also seemed like Doe had been a bit. . . Distressed. At the very least it sounded as if she just needed someone to listen in on something that struck a dangerous chord within. The door was left ajar purposefully almost as if to invite whom ever decided to walk on in which was usually against his policy but this also was very extenuating circumstances. The house had been custom designed to hold a form of homely feeling. The walls were coated in a cool blue with well designed and absorbent carpets. The dining set was of maple wood and kept pristine as one would expect as a severe man like Dylan to hold. There were just standards that he had to live by even at home and it was always about a presentation of who he was, an immaculate and overly-calculating individual. It also just helped him to know that not everything in his life had been a mess hence the obsession with everything needing to have a crisp and clean outlook. The living room set was no exception with a curved sectional couch bathed in a very dark leather that complimented the walls of the house. If he needed to live under a false alias it also simply had to be something no one would expect an ex-murderer to live within but most importantly where his enemies would most likely avoid. Someone on the run would often be in the slums, not living it up in such a high class place. On the table were two wine glasses with a single bottle of wine in the center of it already uncorked and waiting. He had been sitting at the table with his legs crossed over one another while a book was cracked opened. It had been the first installment of Caitlin Sullivan's crime novel. An arched eyebrow the entire time that his eyes scanned the pages. "I surely hope this isn't how she views me. . . I seem like such a creeper."
  10. Complete Familiar (Jan. 11th '18)

    With Jason being as busy as he was, Doe had both kids and ws attempting to run errands and deal with the studio as best she could. It was becoming harder and harder and she found herself wondering. She understood the demand in his schedule and the need for her to be supportive… she didn’t know she just felt odd. She felt as though she saw him less and less. Her father had offered to give her a bit of a break today. She was glad he had stuck around, he had been a huge help and the kids loved him. Today she had needed to get the wand that her son had snapped in half. Silas had been playing with things he shouldn’t have been playing with. She had fallen asleep in the chair, Persephone had been having a hard time sleeping through the night so doe had a hard time sleeping through the night. After a nice long shower she had managed to feel like herself again. It was not much longer before she was dressed and out the door. She had also spent the last two month getting back to the pre baby body and she had finally gotten to the point she was able to fit into her clothes like before. There had been a million other things on her mind and she missed being able to talk to her husband about them. With Nicole having transferred she didn’t have anyone else she had trusted enough to share her thoughts with. Lot had his own things going on. Not to mention. Atlas being here made him a little weird. She may have accepted her father’s apology but Lot had not. She frowned as she thought about it. It had only been complicated at the fact Atlas had told them they had a fifth sibling. One they had not met, and one he had not known about. Another thing she had not had time to talk to her husband about. The Greek sighed as she found the wand shop. She had heard that it was the place to go in order to get things fixed and she walked in the lilting of the bell announcing her as she moved to the desk. Going through her bag she grabbed the pieces of the wand and looking up. ”Oh.” The familiar face caught her off guard… ”Hi.” she placed her hand on the counter. ”wow…” (Eudoxia)
  11. Complete Eater's and Author's (Dec. 19 2017)

    Dylan Connell
    A humble book store that did business within Oliphant Lane, often it stocked up on wizarding authors not entirely for magical means. After all, there were academicals and life experiences that everyone who had been a writer wanted to share. Whether it was the Muggle world or Wizarding world everyone had a bit of something to pass on for others to read. Dylan found this an interesting concept though if he had to be frank, Australia seemed to be much larger in concepts of interest than he was accustomed to experiencing. There just seemed to be less things focused on in this part of the world than back home and definitely much more than back at the United Kingdom where blood ties ruled ones every day life and view in their world. As the man allowed for his eyes to gaze at the various selections one caught his eye that caused his eyebrow to curve upwards in curiosity and partial amusement. "What's this. . .?" The tone of voice was low but strong while a hand grasped out to the books binding to examine it closely. "So the little Hufflepuff is actually a novelist. That is. . . Shocking but perhaps expected?" As he pressed the book back into place it seemed several of them had been lined up in a form of series, each one preceded the other in proper order. "I am curious. . ." He had watched her time as an investigator and he wondered how much of the behind the scenes did she notice? The things that she romanticized on about her time against criminals? Had she noticed those that still wanted her dead following her? The Dark Avenger that ended their lives just so she could have one aside from the danger she willingly invited? Though that was the major picture for him, none should be forced to deal with danger they never asked or anticipated on getting into but life was hardly ever so kind as to leave a person out from such a life rocking existence. The deeper secret was that he admired her for the strength and resolved she had built up. Even after losing most of her family she pushed herself through school and at the loss of her brother and his wife she even managed to take on watching the other child he managed to save. . . Albeit at a stroke of guilt rather than him being a good person. Slowly he started to collect the novels that had 'Sullivan, C.' printed on the edge of the binders that related to the crime novelist as he made his way towards the front of the shop and gently placed them onto the counter. "How much do I owe you?" The accent of his still held a hint of the Irishman that he was but the years and travel had dulled most of it away. "Oh! It seems you've been 'Sullivanized!'" The Shop Keeper responded almost as if to nod at the good taste in the choice. Dylan, however, arched his eyebrow once more caught off guard completely by the fan-boy before him. "I. . . Beg your pardon?" The much younger man than himself nodded again as a nearly starry eyed glaze shifted over his pupils. "Oh yeah, man! There's like. . . This massive net cult following of all her stuff. You should see the fan writings based on her work! I uh. . . Do a little myself!" What else could the red-haired man do but blink several times in bewilderment? He knew people tended to be a bit. . . Crazy with their fan fictions and their knack for forum roleplay's but to think that one would actually do that about something that had loose real-life encounters? That was probably a bit too much under his own personal opinion. "That's nice. ..? No, I'm not 'Sullivanized'. Just. . . Ah, call it a form of curiosity. I am just wondering what kind of content could have an expanding series." It'd be too weird to say he knew her, perhaps even had been one of the reasons she started to write and get into the field she did, which in this circumstance wasn't something to brag about anyways. The fact he had blood on his hands would never leave his mind and his hands would always feel dirty no amount of 'good tidings' he had given to others in the past years.
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