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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 12 results

  1. Kai's Little Lies

    Marcus Carsen Species: Dhampir Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding Pureblood parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Marcus Carsen A bit about Marcus. . . He is a Journalist that is more focused on breaking through to the truth by investigating the facts and displaying them to the public that is able to read from his personal journal. He is from an Egyptian family that is primarily Pureblood and believes in keeping ones heritage as such when it comes to magic. They're purists not extremists so they are apart of no massive cult, just really big jerks. This makes Marcus a bit of a black sheep that has been excommunicated which explains his current situation and need to hide himself from most that he encounters. Part of his history is also within the undergrounds of Australia (Both Muggle and Magical), thus he's met various types of criminals and people that have helped with his transition into the new country. Marcus also runs pro-Non-Human/Half-Breed efforts to make sure that they hold a chance of having a good life and not to be ridiculed for who they are. In terms of what he is looking to get into. . . Really anything that could develop the character. Plans and idea are always accepted to hear and build on to see where it goes. Dylan Connell Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age:39 Gender: Male Dylan Connell A bit about Dylan. . . This Irishman holds a dark history both in heritage and in personal activity. Coming from a family of extremist about their Blood he had been taught and even in times acted out the same ferocious prejudice that landed his family to be apart of a Death Eater cult. This particular group hunted down the Sullivan family, which he personally had been part of both hunt and passively the murders. Reluctant to raise his wand against innocents he turned on his brotherhood and protected a Young girl and her niece. This painted a red target on to himself and he fled. Due to this he's traveled to various places but held an interest in France from his past for a bit before moving on towards other interests. He currently works in a small shop that affixes wands and deals with their maintenance along with supplies. He hides under the name Gilliam currently and does indeed 'Sell Wand and Wand Accessories.' Not propane. Often can be seen around Tallygarunga delivering wands of special order or to classes that require more on hand just because of how volatile it may end up being. As for what I'm willing to toss him into, same line as with Marcus as it would be with most if not all of my characters. I tend to not give myself a massive end goal as I'd want environment and interactions to shape the path of their stories and decisions as well as the growth. Alexander Winfield Species: Half-Sorceress Blood: Half-Breed Age: 19 Gender: Male Alexander Winfield A bit about Alexander. . . Every bit of mystery about Alexander is not from him trying to hide anything (exception being his chaotic implosions!) but rather ignorance of his own heritage in its full scope. In his mind he comes from a Wizarding family with a not so loving mother. The truth of the matter is that it goes much further and deeper and the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is about to entrap the young man hasn't even truly started yet. Due to the mixture in his blood there is a constant combat raging inside of himself that has him ill often to the point of coughing up blood most days. Though he does try to cover it up the best that he can given that he carries a white (Stained with crimson) handkerchief around for those pesky fits. Music is his passion so one could easily found him playing up a tune or even trying to gather a performance together, He is somewhat 'Famous' in a sense if one watched videos or covers where he'd play music on. Antics will most likely ensue. . . What he's looking for? Well, I suppose stability is one way of explaining it. Friends, Fans, people who've heard a bit of his music and oust him. Tyson McKennis Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 18 Gender: Male Tyson McKennis A bit about Tyson. . . Tyson is a young man who had been situated in House Bourke at Tallygarunga and like many of his housemates there is a determination and drive to stay active, to even be sporty. This alone isn't simply for the love of it but rather for a purpose within himself, as if to seek a sense of proof or worth within the activities that he tosses himself into. Aside from typical practicing the muggle art of Muay Thai, he also finds time with his light class schedule to engage in Quidditich as a Chaser which holds its own thrills for him aside from the usual impression. A fierce force in reaction though he is not easily angered the very ideal and meaning of loyalty is all the more important to him due to incidents involving his Parents. He currently attends VMU under scholarship towards playing on its Quidditich Team, an offer that the young man couldn't refuse given his situation of having no place to really go after Tallygarunga. Now, he's working on building up not only his future career but a future roof over his head by pushing himself to the very limits that he could go. A mixture of his discipline from his martial arts training and the love for the Wizarding sport that he holds. It remains to be seen if he will choose to see where he could go in the Sports world or if he will follow that dream of being an Auror, however, anything is possible to tip the various scales. What's in the cards for him? I'm looking to take the steps to see! Friends, Sportslike rivals to compete against as a way to better himself, he's a man who rises up to a challenge when presented it. Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 27 Gender: Male Derrick Ackers A bit about Derrick . . Recently hired as the Professor of Elemental Magic, Derrick is what one could consider quirky and fun with many aspects of his life. While often considered a sense of flighty that is more of a nature to want to travel and experience all that he could encounter. There is a clear talent and even borderline love for Fire and all of its application from a magical standpoint, there is a reason his nick name is 'Sparky' after all. There are a lot more to the hidden curves under the nearly whimsical manners, there is a lot of hurt and pain from his past from being a natural punching bag for his oldest sibling and being the constant protector for his youngest sister, Janet. There is a history of lost within the last few years from a woman he had fallen or as well which has ended much of his travelling and fueled him to take up a more stable position as a Teacher with his degree. What's he looking to do? Aaah, Let's just say a persons day will never be brighter with him around, literally sometimes. Extending out a network of friends to give himself a bit more reason to stay in Australia versus moving around like his nature screams out for him to do. Inspire some students that, Fire, is indeed, GOOD! Jonathan Azai Species: Half-Fae (Shadow) Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Jonathan Azai A bit about Jonathan . . While Jon is of Japanese descent his roots are very much Australian being first generation from his Father's side. The family business isn't all gumdrops and rainbows as he is forced to work under the watchful presence of a Yakuza family that migrated to the land down under in order to expand their enterprises and connect with different antiquities that could be shipped towards Japan. What sets him apart from most others that work under his Father, Homura Azai, is the fact of his mother's heritage as a Shadow Fairy which had been properly 'bred' into him like a prized hound or careful planning. Some methods and beliefs never escape from ones heritage it seemed as his father saw only a benefit to the mixed blood. A weapon. He grew up faster than any child should and experienced horrors and crimes that are so etched in his mind that he often is lessened in impact when situations escalate to blood and gore. It's a lifestyle for him and expected that many things could go belly up within an instant. It doesn't mean he has no desire to escape rather that he feels there's no escape and so he must conform for the time being. Under legitimate terms he works as a man of 'Insurance', loans to be more specific and offers up a side subsidiary of Bodyguards if one needs them, another form of loan entirely. This is ran by the semi-well known 'Azai Corporation' which is regarded as small but successful in both financial practice and ethics, yet, a front is still a front for the darker side that is underlying its purpose. Money laundering, Illegal transports, most things that can be explained on paper fall under his legal purview. His job as far as the personal Family is concerned is that he is a hitman and make use of his natural affinity for the shadows to carry out his assignments. Very few ever see him before the strike and when they do it's much too late. He's often accompanied by what one could call his 'Loyal Dog', Mishima. To Jon, it'd be one of his closest friends who offered loyalty in the form of a life debt. It is through this kind of faith in him from a few that he feels bound to either escape for a better life or change everything that is an issue for a better benefit, profitable, but not as blood stained if necessary. I'm opened to talk about various things that can happen and past/future connections. Jon is designed to be a darker side of the track character in the sense that he's on the wrong side of the track. A character intended to be involved in various kinds of situations that may not always be what some would want. Anything extremely severe will require proper communication and drawing out an understanding. Just to be on the same page with things. There maybe a future adoptable of Mishima once I get an idea of how I want to write them and the deeper story is flushed out. Travis Franklin Species: Human (Werewolf) Blood: Halfblood Age: 17 Gender: Male Travis Franklin A bit about Travis . . Travis has been at Tallygarunga since his First Year, a calm time for the most part considering that he is a Bourke. While he holds intense loyalty he isn't as sporty as others in his house. Mostly because he's unsure if his strength gives him an 'unfair advantage' in certain situations. It's also the best way for him to keep under the radar and not be targeted. While he is always opened to meeting people and speaking with them at length, never judging them for their actions it doesn't mean he trusts them. If someone manages to earn his trust they have a fierce guard and guide in more ways than they might expect. He's always willing to explore the dangers of things purely out of the nature within himself. What's he looking to do? It's more or less opened! More friends, scandalous entanglements, other less scandalous entanglements. People that he can learn to trust, maybe a couple of folks that don't take kindly to a trusting mutt. Vale Windum Species: Fae Blood: Pureblood Age: 243 Gender: Male Vale Windum A bit about Vale . . Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum is a man who is truly ageless, mostly because of his Fae capacity. He's met many people in his lifetime and none that he could truly consider a 'friend' or someone he'd depend on. Especially in the fleeting lifeline that comes from Humans, the time he arrives and spends hardly amounts enough to him that they earn a proper trust. He's a talented and well spoken man in many ways but his true gift lies in the ability of thievery and the use of his somewhat alien magical use of magic compared to what most Wizards are accustomed to. An edge that he's glad seems to persist even more so in the age where purists still seem to be at a heavy strength in voice. Though he is a criminal in secret he's also a man with a heart for the Humanitarian efforts, past experiences fuel the desire to supply and nurture those that could be productive. People that have been harmed accidentally or purposefully, those that can avoid being on the end of criminal activity. As his Criminal Persona most of the exposed traits melt away into a sheer rebellion. While he's still against out-right murder he would harm to defend himself, aiming to rather see someone jailed or maimed rather than killed in cold blood. Due to his already inherent mistrust of many people working with him is a hidden risk, a risk that he makes people aware of the moment he drops the Auror's on them and leaves away with the bounty. What's he looking to do? Old Criminal pals who managed to get out, Auror's that have it out to capture him in some way, Maybe some folks that could instill a sense of 'trust' for him - a difficult task. Any other plot ideas are welcomed as well. Cole Lin Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age: 20 Gender: Male Cole Lin Cole is for the most part, an expressive young man who believes in there being no harm in letting people know the 'real you'. That is, unless, the real you is that you like them. Then it's probably the best course of action to see if there is really any kind of spark! That would just be his shyness speaking for him though on some level. He comes from a Pureblood family with deep roots and history, ones that he finds he's quite proud of representing. While he is an over-achiever of sorts it had little do with his love for learning and studying and entirely as an attempt to distance himself from a feeling that could be considered bad to other people. He's a generally nice person who is always willing to offer people a helping hand to see a smile curve at their face, though he's over-protective of his two cousins. The troubles that they go through and have gone through standing as a reason for him to feel as if he needs to be some form of barrier. What's he looking to do? Any form of plotting is up for grabs, Friendships, past dorm or school mates, current fellow VMU friends, people who question why he hasn't dated some potential interested ladies as of yet, someone to shake some stuff up. SHAKE IT UP LIKE BOGGLE! Senan Connell Species: Half-Fae (Light/???) Blood: Half-Breed Age: 16 Gender: Male Senan Connell A bit about Senan. . . Senan is a young man of secrets and for good reasons, stuck between a world where the thought had been Pureblood's held the only right to practice magic and the radical efforts of an individual to fight against those very ideals. These are core issues that whirl around inside of him, neither perceived as good or bad but merely a state of a much more chaotic world that others seem to ignore. He keeps everyone at an arms length to protect himself, primarily, from the fallout that could occur from the perceived betrayal of either group that seems to hold tight reigns since the day of his birth. The move to Australia has been a chance, a weakening of the links even if the individuals in play do not yet see it. There are people and factors that could influence the chances and choices that he makes if only he could see the benefit of being the type of individual to take that risky chance. He's also the Half-Brother of the elusive Dylan Connell, a fact that isn't known by the elder Wizard or many others beyond the family and recent radicals. A rude awakening that is bound to shake things up more than those involved truly will realize - until it's a bit too late. What is he looking for? Well, just to see where the winds take, honestly. There is potential adventure and extensive scuffles into other storylines that will have the chance of enhancing a good quality time for all around! Jasper Mitchell Species: Half-Veela Blood: Half-Breed Age: 32 Gender: Male Jasper Mitchell A bit about Jasper. . . A self-focused criminal would be simplifying the many layers that describe the man. He holds a high respect for his self-preservation, which often leads to decisions or words that could be considered more cold than anything else. Living a life where he could only trust in his own skills, had to watch his own back, it's no wonder why such a mindset seems to be ideal in every situation. 'If you can trust yourself, you can't trust anyone.' is a motto he tries to hold himself by even in the precarious situation of being a coerced undercover agent for the IWP. His contacts in the underworld across the world run deep and those that know him well enough know that his talent of forgery in both mundane and magical are top tier developments that could make a trained eye a run for their money. This mean he has a much more studious and diplomatic approach towards his work and those that he gets himself involved with, finding violence to be at the very least a last resort where everything else has failed or escalated too far for simple witticisms. His past as a youthful criminal is lengthy and dark, who knows what kind of people he entangled himself with? Those who couldn't forgive the wily cons placed on them if they've managed to find out? What is he looking for? Like many of my characters I prefer the whim of the moments, the flow of how the story is untold. That being said, any connections to the past are welcomed as he's traveled quite often and has interacted with various circles of people. Phoenix Aurora Phoenix Aurora A bit about Phoenix. . . It's obvious that the young man isn't a native to Australia, his accent all but gives it away. Holding an inflection in his tone when enunciating and pronouncing certain syllables. Still, Phoenix manages to find a way to make it feel 'just like home' by means of always living within his own personal moment. Causing a bit of mayhem here and there, finding that his own brand is a higher notch than what most people tend to go towards. Adventure calls to him and he responds in kind every step of the way, whether it would be a cave or some place out in the bushlands he always seems to find his way somewhere. Oddly enough, he always seems to find his way back out too with 'being lost' never being an actual factor for him occurring. Be careful, however, inciting his 'wrath' so to speak would only lead to a very long drawn out war of pranks until he found it otherwise settled. For all of his Grandfather's attempt to straighten him out he's only been given a playground in his mind. What is he looking for? Well, let's see what comes. Friends will always be a welcomed talk and so would potential 'rivals' I suppose could be said! While he isn't a native to Australia he's been around for a few years so don't feel as if you can't have some form of connection in some way.
  2. Personal Journal Crash and Burn, Fatherhood Tale

    I'm not even going to go the route of asking, 'How', I know 'HOW' I want to know -WHY-?! Not why she's pregnant, why would some twisted fate think it would be every remotely a good idea that I would end up as a father? Okay, yea, I'm probably the coolest guy around, hands down, no competition. But there'd been nothing shown in me, nothing in my mind or my heart or even my very personality that would ever suggest that I could be considered a viable father. Maybe once upon a time, when I was less insan- Well, I don't think I've ever been truly sane, let me be completely transparent here. I'm far more 'Man-Boy' than I ever want to acknowledge and now placed in the position that I somehow, in some twisted way, need to be a 'Man-Man'. It's fine, no one else needs to get that, it's my own words and my own head after all. It's not something to miss either, I know Arti is scared. She's probably thinking the same thing about herself that I think about myself just the more broken and messed up angle than the actual, 'I'm just bad because I'm mentally a terrible fit' road that I'm on. Though, if I were her? I'd doubt me entirely up and down. The fact I'm even a Professor still manages to blow my mind each and everyday, most of the times not even sure if things are retaining in the kids heads. Most of them don't even want to learn they want to goof off more than anything which makes them think my class has nothing to offer. How do I know my own kid won't think the very same thing? If it hadn't been the fact that I have too high of an opinion on responsibility that a person creates well. . . I'd have probably packed up and left, really. I know how cowardly that sounds but running, that's what I know. For all my bravado, all my posturing, the one thing I've always done from my problems had been to run. No solution ever truly reached, no completion of things that could make me satisfied. I ran from Australia, from my friends and family, I ran from the pain that happened to Eleza which I have yet to actively confront. That could be part of it too, I did have this plan once upon a time, to relax and settle down, to actually build some kind of family with someone I cared for deeply. Now it isn't so different, I do care for Arti greatly, vastly, I could even argue it runs deeper than Eleza's own flare and she'd been a full Veela with those addictive hormones of hers. But messing up sometimes seems to be the angle I end up twisting towards. No idea what to do, how to do it, as much as I have people around me I'm not even sure if most of them are actual supports I lean on. Hell. . . What even is leaning on someone when you've always had to push ahead and try to make a difference for yourself? For those that relied on you? My sister keeps giving me the 'Talk' that it's time to get more serious, to think about actively settling roots for the child and for the mother so she doesn't run all crazy and amok in her own mind or guesses. I hate when she's actually right about something. . . I guess I'll have to grow up sometime and actually consider that I'm in this situation and it isn't just my own problem, my own issue, it's a couples issue and problem that would need to be confront by myself and Arti.
  3. Complete Getting lost is a superpower

    Tag: @Derrick Ackers Date: Just numbers OOC Notes: no comments without my lawyer She wondered why things in Australia were so different from some places she had been in, especially the weather, how it was summer in January? Whoever oversaw the weather should be fired, it was the season of snow and warming up next to the fire while waiting for spring to come along and bring it’s joy back into the world, but not in Australia, it was hot, she was sweating, and she was hating the weather. Andrea should be used to the weather by now but being a creature of habits, she would rather complain than to do anything about it. Andrea arrived at the school, she just hoped they had some air conditioner inside. One might ask why doesn’t she use her ability? Well, the answer is quite simple, she prefers complaining about the situation, besides, there are machines that do that. Once inside she wished she had a map or at least some sort of indication to where she was meant to go. She approached a board but there was nothing in it, next logical action, at least to her complicated self was to ask someone, why did she have to talk to people in her first time there? She was expecting things to go smoothly, but she should have expected something like this was going to happen. She approached someone and gently tapped them on the shoulder. "Excuse me, can you please tell me where I can find the school's layout? Or tell me which way is this classroom?" she asked, pointing at the name on the paper she had on her hand; hopefully this person wasn't some random idiot that didn't know where the classroom was.
  4. Invite Over Your Head

    In the couple of weeks or so since hearing the news of David, Arti had been doing a mixture of trying to help Audrey out, trying to help her adopted father cope with his grief over losing his brother, and somehow also managing to keep her gallery running. She'd even spent some time with Mereditha, and gone to check up on Adele a few times. Though she hadn't taken a lot of time to think upon events herself. She knew if she did that then she would be reminded of those years back before she'd become a part of their family. It was easier to stay busy, to worry about everyone else. Of course, it also meant that she hadn't been able to spend much time with Derrick. Every time she received a message asking how she was, she replied that she was fine, but busy, which wasn't untrue. But she had to admit, she was missing the company and just the simpleness of enjoying the small things like the antics and laughs. She also knew that he'd stepped up to take over event planning, with Audrey being out of commission and unable to to her usual party organising. So it was that a small sugar glider waited patiently up high, for sight of the tall man, and as soon as she spied him she took off, gliding down through the air in order to land onto the back of his shoulder with the lightest touch that he almost wouldn't feel. At least until a moment later when that small marsupial changed shape into his short girlfriend who hung off his back in a piggyback style as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Bonjour," The young woman chirped lightly, "Missed me?" She offered a small grin and then sighed as she rested her chin on his shoulder, beside his head, "Sorry I have been so busy. There was much to take care of. How have you been?"
  5. Explaining why you can't do Christmas Dinner

    "Now, see, if Adele didn't have that very eerie steely glare that is ever so lovely and common to her? I maybe wouldn't mind too much! But that's enough to break even the Sparkster!
  6. Complete Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    The last month had been a bit hectic even for his own tastes, he liked crashing weddings as much as the next person but never to cast a spell that would put a wave of people to sleep. He to admit that was one thing that put him in a bit of a bad mood, mostly, because it reminded him of a crucial part within his life. As much as he tried to keep an optimistic front to it, it held a heavier weight on him. Which perhaps didn't help that he had recently then and even now considering the very idea that he had been trying to escape, what were he and Arti? They never classified things just. . . Happened, what they did, just happened. Not that he was complaining, she was fun and it was a good feeling and presence to have albeit the uncertainty was something he wasn't used to and even more so the constant thought of the fact it was even a present thing. Today was a primarily mild day in comparison to what the weather had been like and being near the lakeside offered up a much better breeze than being directly in the city which was comforting in its own way. A long sleeved shirt nestled on him which was covered by a light jean jacket as he stood directly at the waters edge just peering at the constantly bubbling and flowing stream that coursed through the area. As much as it had been his opposite in every way, it ironically offered a calm that gave him some time to reflect and consider the words that he needed to say and not sound like a bumbling idiot - or worse- have it fully Derrick-fied where it wouldn't even be said, it'd be entirely avoided by him with some kind of ploy. It was tough when you're the opponent to yourself where it all needed to count and you needed to stand up, there you were, slapping yourself down. His hand fished through his coat pocket to pull out his phone as his head tilted slightly, he had been waiting Arti to arrive, knowing that the place he told her to meet him at was something unorthodox to what they usually would do, where they'd usually go. Even to the point that a small little basket with picnic goods settled inside of it and its woven surface planted right next to his legs, not the best day for a picnic but who really wanted to sit in a drenching heat for that kind of stuff? Derrick leaned his head back to let his eyes gaze skyward and let out a gentle sigh - it had been a while since he actually had nerves like these that welled up within him. It seemed to stretch like a wave of heat and pressure against his skin that condensed its own form of perspiration. Like someone pressed a heavy fur coat over his entire body. "Come on, Sparky, you ain't 'fraid of nothing." A gentle whisper to himself.
  7. I'm here for the party

    "The fun is here~" Derrick proclaimed with his arms raised in the air as if he were the mail ordered clown. Whether people wanted it or not, he often found a way to have some fun - spice up the party even a little bit. Sometimes, it was a literal spicing of fire and crazy shenanigans that you could only remember in hazes after several drinks being imbibed. As he passed through the various crowds of people he knew from his past and those he met in the present his hand would extended out giving quick high fivers and shoulder pats. "Come on, people! Look alive even better! Just because we're a bit dressed up doesn't mean we can't spark up a good ol' time." A winning smile beamed brightly as he walked over towards the bar counter and lightly tapped on it. "Let's start out with this mocktail, really, I'm just curious and trying to be -slightly- good. Still need to grade papers late- . . . Oh, come on, Mish, don't look at me like I'm talking out my ass. Honest! I'm going to be a star role model! . . . Today." It was a hard sell even if it was the truth but he had to at least show by action. As he finally grasped his prepared drink he'd turn around to face the room with his back pressed against the edge of the counter. Then he took a quick sip, tasting the contents of the liquid and giving a playful smacking of his tongue from the tangy aftertaste that was left behind along with the high fizzy kick that came along with it. "Gah, tastes like a fruit drink! Needs more of a punch behind it - knock my mind off its feet." He had considered asking Mish for something a bit more complicated but he knew this wasn't that kind of party, unfortunately for his designs of fun. "I wonder if Aus or Arti will grace the presence here. . . That could really get a party starting." He had already been formulating ways to make the evening just a bit more exciting for people.
  8. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Things had taken a bit of a turn for the 'worse' in Sparky's view. Considering a first things and in order of worse to least worse? Had been the topic of teaching Water, the killer of his ambitions. Why did this even have to be an element? It was a thought that crowded into his mind! But he had to deal with it and eat that for breakfast considering he had chosen this post in the first place. At least he wasn't bad with using any of the elemental magic and transmogrifications of spells so that was something. Of course, the initial plan that had been set into mind had quickly been deterred due to the red alert dealing with what seemed to be Auror's at every single corner. Nearly, he could see some pretending to be groundskeepers peaking into the class every five seconds during some kind of false clean up inspection. A sigh exhausted from his as he shook his head and at least he managed to sling enough weight to have Lucy check in on him every so often just for fun and giggles. This kind of sequester was going to be a killer for his intentions with the class. As such he had to get a bit more creative than going off towards the river side bank and having people get intimate with the idea and knowledge of what water could provide and interact with plus the fact that it had been such a major compound in many things, everyday or not. The bell rang and he sat on his desk with both hands pressed on the edges of the desk, the attire he wore had actually been a long cooling robe that not only had the markings of a Professor on them but one who was named as the Head for Spencer due to his affiliation in the past and the fact he knew every trick in the book. Someone had to make sure no one got hurt too badly but still allowed for his alma mater to do what they do best. In the center of the classroom would be a well crafted system of an aqueduct of sorts pieced together with hard-plastic and other magical enmities to keep it flowing in a mystical appeal. This could be considered the height of watching life itself flow through various tubes, spheres, squares, and other kinds of shapes to emphasize the unique talent that the element of water held all of it culmination for it to rise up through another tube and crashing down like a waterfall and turning into a water cyclone that emptied out to begin the process anew, life begets life in the wake of destruction. "Come on in! Take a seat, relax! But not too much we're going to have some kind of fun today!" If he had anything to say about it, he knew this class would be an escape for many students to shake off the weight of the presence of Authority stalking about like zombies or special forces. As well as the reason that they had been placed on School Grounds in the first place. "As you sit down take a look at this here water display that I worked extremely hard on!" At least with help of his resident 'Not really a girlfriend but we're doing stuff' companion, Arti, who had been an art genius in his opinion and made this idea of his possible. "I want you all to get a good look and kind of say what comes to mind when you consider the element of 'Water', what it does, what it can do, the purpose that it holds and most importantly? The various things that it contributes towards."
  9. Even we need a break [May 9th, 2018]

    Since the start of the term there had been a sense of tension in the atmosphere, part of him expected it had more to do with the wedding fiasco than the actual school itself. But it did make sense that they'd place this many Auror's in light of what had occurred. A hand weaved through his hair as he sighed since either way he was getting a break from all of it even if it was for a few minutes to sit down and just relax. A chair was spotted in Derrick's view and he quickly took a seat on it with a heavy bounce that followed soon after and not long behind that a sigh of pure relief. "This feels so~ much better than a stern wooden chair that threatens to make every movement comfortable. I am about to use some of this stuff to make padding. . ." That was probably a thought he should consider keeping to himself. A hand rose to scratch at his beard while his eyes gazed around the empty room, it was way too quiet. All this time he had wanted a secession, briefly, from the students and chaos that came in the wake of having patrolling guards through the halls. . . It all was starting to hit how he enjoyed being in the thick of chaos. There was always something to do and it wasn't something boring but perhaps not the most ideal situation for his particular brand of fun. Reaching into the bag that he had brought in with him his hand would rummage through it, digging deeper until he had reached the bottom. Rustling sound of a plastic bag echoed within the leather case and once his hand had a bag of animal crackers nestled in the depth of his palm. No time was wasted with him peeling it open to access the baked goodies left on the inside of the bag. Picking a single cracker between his fingers and tossing it into his mouth giving a hefty chomp that echoed a crunch within his ears. The man gave a wide smile enjoying it a lot more than he probably should have been, like a child finally able to get that long desired snack after being trapped in the prison that is school. Then his hand slipped to the side of the bag to pull out what seemed to be a small bottle that had some water inside of it as he popped it opened and drank from it lightly. "Okay, this is the very idea of relaxing. A drink, crackers, now all I need is to watch a bonfire." His eyes squinted to see if he could remember a place that would actually fit that criteria in the moment. "Nope, I'm out of luck with such a short time on my plate. Merlin's balls."
  10. Invite Ever Danced With The Devil? [March 07, '18]

    The petite brunette still wasn't entirely certain how this situation had come about, but somehow she had ended up getting all dressed up in a small black dress and heels, and blow drying her hair into a nice natural wave before applying bombshell make-up, while she was having a status 'battle' with Derrick. It had begun as simple back and forths, taunting and picking on one another. Truth be told, Arti had ended up having a really good time when they'd been thrown together by Audrey, even after being kicked out of the Japanese place. They'd grabbed some pizza, ended up talking a whole lot more, and then stole a couple of street signs because they were the Tally House names. Those same street signs were now sitting on her bookshelf as she made sure the string that held her dress up at the front was tied properly at the back of her neck, her back exposed, and a low cut front. It was a cocktail dress, something that one might wear to a wedding or some other grand event. They'd joked, but if Derrick thought that she wouldn't have the guts to crash someone's wedding, boy did he have another thing coming. Not to mention, she was even going commando, due to that challenge set forth as well, and she had to wonder if he was brave enough to really pull through. According to his last couple of texts, he was apparently going to be there any moment. Since he'd briefly visited her place after their evening hanging out, when he'd turned out to be gentlemanly enough to escort her home, then he actually would be able to apparate there now. Only Apollo was here today, the phoenix watching his charge as she prepared for whatever may or may not happen. It was the phoenix's screech that warned her of the arrival, however, and Arti smirked as she glanced in the mirror once again before turning to greet the man who was supposed to apparently whisk her away for fun. "See, did I not tell you that I was all ready to go?" Arti gave a small pose for the man, before then nodding toward her phoenix companion, "This is Apollo. He decided to adopt me while I was traveling Europe," The brightly coloured firebird meanwhile, simply glared at the man like a father who was assessing him before taking his little girl out on the town. "He is a little protective, do not mind him too much."
  11. Our House Heads!

    House Heads! We've looked through the current Professors and allocated four to be the Heads of each House. This is based part on experience in teaching, experience being at Tally in general, and who would best support and/or handle the general traits of those students who are assigned to each House based on the Professor's own personality and how they do things. This year, there are three new Heads, which shall be interesting for them and their charges! And our lovely nominated parties are... Professor Vladimir Valentin II (Alchemy) for Flinders: Big V has been teaching at the school for literally years, and has been the Head of Flinders for almost a decade. His calm demeanour helps maintain the calm with the Flinders students and he is quite skilled at confidence boosting the friendly over-thinking kiddos, not to mention he can answer all the questions they seem to come out with. Professor Anthony Wolf (Magical Law & Government) for Sturt: sometimes the hard headed Sturts need someone who knows how to deal with those hard heads and give them the raw logical facts and not be afraid of their occasional fierce moments. Anthony's dealt with rough Aurors, and had been with the school for a few years as well. Maybe he's just what Sturt needs to rally them and to be blunt with them when needed. Professor Flick Petrovna (Potions) for Bourke: though she is new to teaching at Tally, she did spend a couple of years as a student here, and has also gained a great deal of experience in working with students from all sorts of places and backgrounds. Her resilient and hard-working nature, as well as friendly and positive gusto, should allow her to connect with Bourke students as an effectve mentor to assist them. Professor Derrick Ackers (Elemental Magic) for Spencer: let's face it, when it comes to this House, they require a special kind of patience. Though young and recently returned from a break, he has intimate experience with Tally and Spencer House, as both a student and then student teacher while he was still in VMU, and is one of the very few who would likely actually be able to keep up with the Spencer students and hopefully influence them in a positive way. What does this mean? Basically, these four Professors will still mostly just be doing their jobs, as Professors, but there can also be times where a student may seek one out to discuss a problem they are having in their House. Or they may be sought out themselves if they have been disruptive or are causing their House to lose points because of their actions. They monitor the students in their assigned House, but unless the players want to do a thread about such things, there's not a big difference between playing a Head of House and a normal Professor. BUT, if one of the assigned people doesn't wish to have the role, please message me. We can find a replacement. What next? Who knows!! There are a lot of things that we had on the old version of Tally, and they will hopefully be re-introduced as Tally V.2 grows and prospers, and as we gain more students and teachers, including things like House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, and possibly even School Quidditch Matches! (For now, we can assume there is at least a school Quidditch Team, which I will be putting sign-ups for, along with the House Team positions, so keep an eye out for that!)
  12. My Dear of Blaze

    It's been years. . . Yet even tonight the thoughts can't even escape from me. Another restless night, another vivid dream. Sometimes I wonder what I could have done that would have been different. Even slightly different. In the end nothing seemed to dawn on me as a difference in decision, the outcome would have been worse or the same - You shouldn't have done it. You had the time to run yet. . . - Nightly Musings of Derrick July 20th, 2010 - United Kingdom Derrick had found himself out on another night with Eleza, since the two had met at the beginning of the year they'd managed to travel a large breadth of the world with the help of magic. Even being a Veela of a well defined age she found a measure of fun in the ever so spontaneous human and the fact that they held an affinity towards the element of fire only seemed to be a puzzle perfect kind of a match. The moon stretched high in the sky in a quarter-crescent while the cool air breezed through the night, the two locked hand in hand together while Eleza's head leaned gently on Derrick's shoulder. "Oh come on, that's such a cheap thing to do! Skydiving? You have wings when you want to, what do I get?" The man grinned towards what seemed to be a platinum haired blonde who had quite the height on her, equaling Derrick's own. "You have a wand. That's good enough isn't it, Sparky? You don't expect a delicate angel like -myself- to carry you, do you?" Her eyes seemed to flutter a bit as if to suggest that it was a ludicrous idea. Derrick's hand lifted up and gently wagged at her in a playfully scolding manner. "I keep forgetting you have that edge on me, that's not cool. Using your wiles, all I have is my amazing good humor and the fact everyone just loves me. Uncontested fact." Their hands laced together and clutched as they continued their discussion on the next big thing that they had planned for their week in the UK. The UK had always been hectic and crazy and due to the high end of Pureblood heritages that seeped through some of the magic community it meant that both himself and Eleza were targets for the larger bigots and purists. Yet, the woman had been confident that between the two of them things were well handled for the most part. "As if I would ever need to use my full charms with you. All I have to do is say fire~. . . Pyro~. . . And you go completely glossy-eyed for me." There had been a slight spark of a light up in his eyes as she mentioned the words and he playfully nudged his cheek against the top of her head. "Oh, think you know me that well? Just for that we're jumping over into some water. Let's see if you can swim~! That or we can settle with me just tossing a glob of oats in your face tomorrow morning. I haven't decided yet." He offered up a shrug as the both of them laughed lightly while shaking their head. This was a kind of blissful happiness neither of them had ever expected to gain, in Eleza's case, it had been quite a while since she found someone she could feel comfortable about all of her. Derrick, however, had never allowed himself to get so engrained into another person feeling obligated to take care of Janet. But, his sister had been older, she needed to fight and fend for herself which meant someone else needed his attention. "Just you wait, when we get back to Australia you're going to meet all the crazy crew. I think you'll really like Net and Addy. Cool people." Those were the major players in his life, not that he didn't keep in contact with Jezebel from time to time. But she had a life, even if they're friends now the last thing she needed was an old boyfriend around. "Ooo~? Meeting the 'people', You -are- taking this serious! You drag me half way across the world to different places and only now you decide we can visit your home? " There she went with that teasing that always managed to get to him. As the two spoke, carelessly at that, they had passed by what seemed to be a group of Wizards that had been taking too much drink into their systems. The kind of wizards that were purebloods with a chip to pick at the changes to the laws that put their ideals on the side of being attacked. A simple signal was given with just a joust of their head as two of the four walked around through an alley as a shortcut and popped out just in front of Derrick and Eleza while the other two made a purposeful scuffle of their shoes behind the couple. "Oh, hey, can I help you gentlemen? If you're looking for the nearest store for some water. . . It's that way." He used a hand to point all the way towards the right of him self where it had mostly been an empty lot. Pretty much telling them to get lost. Eleza's positioning seemed to shift a bit to a more stern and readied stand while keeping to Derrick's side. "Now that ain't anyway to speak to good tax paying folk." A man spoke up with a bit more authority while the others seemed to chuckle as if what had been said was funny. This was the clear ringleader of the group. He seemed to go on. "Done heard you had 'feathers', eh? Flying? What, ya' one of those Veela trashes? Shouldn't ya' be in some kind of mountain leaving humans away? Snaring another man away for your Siren's meal?" There had been a slight irritation in Derrick's mind just by the way the man spoke and the accusation and insults only seemed to make his eye twitch further. Eleza, however, had been stern and daring as stone - confidence in living long had grown such. "Ignorant and insufferable. . . You elitists always tend to get in way over your head that you aren't worth sweating." Her hand swept at her hair not the least be worried and more so trying to keep her angered contained from the petty insults. In a chorus of movements the four thugs pulled out their wands which were of various designs and lengths. Nothing too uniformed. Derrick groaned lightly as he shook his head and unlatched his own wand which was nine-inched and made of Spruce. "So. . . I guess it's kind of -too- late to suggest we all just walk awa-" He didn't get a chance to actually respond as one of the thugs lifted up their wand to fling Derrick towards the side near the street to separate him from Eleza. The man rolled along the paved ground with a grunt as his skin peeled at the hands from the impacting and rolling. "Ugh. . . So yes. . .?" His hand pressed against the ground to try and expedite his rise back onto both feet. Meanwhile, Eleza had flung a quickly formed fireball at one of them which impacted and set the coat ablaze. The thug that had been aimed at flailed about screaming at the top of their lungs until they dropped to the ground rolling around on it to douse the flames. Eleza kissed the tips of her fingers as a sly smile grew on her lips. "Too hot to touch. " The Veela had only begun to get warmed up until the ring leader started to step up and flicked his wand in a much more trained motion as a single bladed knife had been conjured up and pierced into the woman's left arm. The first blood had been officially shed and a wrathful grunt escaped from her. "Ngh. . . You shouldn't have done that!" Her anger switch had been flipped and that meant it was only going to grow from there as she flung another orb of fire this time at the ring leader and then grasped at the knife in her arm and tossed it the thug that had rolled to the ground to try and douse the flames. The other two that remained just behind her had started to wind up their own wands finally until a stream of fire coursed right in front of them to gather their attention towards the street. "I'm hurt, really hurt, that you forgot about me. Don't worry I like to make an intense introduction!" Derrick flicked his wand once more this time to send a pulse that disarmed the two he had managed to distract before giving another quick succession flick to pulse out a stream of water that would impact against their bodies and knock them down onto the ground with a heavy thud that knocked the wind out of them. Their heads smacked against the pavement to at least daze them for quite sometime. "Two biggots down! It reminds me of our time back in the States!" He had started to turn around to see how well Eleza was doing and it seemed only the ring leader had been left to deal with at least until he had noticed he was staring down the end of a wand. Well, that looked like a semi-checkmate but it had been leveled to two against one, what more could this man do had been a passing thought for Derrick. "Even if I get taken out here I'll make sure this Veela trash gets all the blame one way or another!" As the thug leader's wand whipped through the air it was a motion that Derrick recognized as cursed under his breath at his slowness. Even as he tried to lift up his arm a wave of arrows ejected from the tip of the wand and their piercing points aimed to take every vital opening possible - that was until a raging scream enveloped through the air and the sense of fire expelled out to burn only the first half of the arrows, Eleza needed time to be bought as she sprouted wings from her arms, and a beak seemed to elongate from her very face with talons growing into a razor sharp point. One wing extended out as a shield with a painful screech that followed afterwards while using the rest of her body to cover Derrick's from any form of damage. Arrows littered through the shoulder, a few within her spine and lower back. "Eleza-?!" A single arm wrapped around the falling woman while his hand gripped his wand tightly. He made a quick tracing motion and then aimed his wand's point right towards the offending thug. "Expulso!" A pressure expelled out and impacted into the Thug with a massive boom and propelled him right into the wall with a harsh collision. Enough that his wand had dropped and his body slumped over onto the sidewalk. "Hey. . . Hey! Come on! Eleza, we need to get you to a hospital or something - somewhere!" The woman's head shook defiantly as she raised a hand to gently cup at Derrick's cheek. "You need to go. . . Sparky. . . You can't be. . . Implicated in this. I'd just drag you down so go. . .!" Her hand pressed along his shoulder to push him aside with what remaining physical strength had been within. Then finally her hand reached out to place an objected into his pocket and to weave a presence of magic around Derrick to forcibly apparate him towards another part of the world that the two had been, purposefully smacking his wand away in the process to make it more difficult for him to return to the area. "Wa-!?" He tried to call out to stop her and yet already felt the presence of his entire body being condensed and pushed away with this new force of magic. Disarmed, he'd have a much more difficult time even gathering up a pinpointed way back to that particular spot. Everything had moved so fast he didn't have time to consider where the surroundings had been either way. When his senses had come back he had glanced around to find himself in an entirely new part of the United Kingdom rolled out on some form of grass. "Crap. . . CRAP! Eleza!" Derrick tried to remember, where, when, how. But performing apparition wandless was a tricky bit and not even within his talent to get done without taking an extremely major hit. He closed his eyes to think of landmarks and from there he started to travel by a form of tram. It took him until morning and there had already been a gathering of people and a team of Auror's on site. His cheek had been bitten into a bit until he noticed out of the corner of his eye that they had managed to miss something - His wand. Derrick walked a few bits away from scene and traced in the air 'Accio Wand'. Calling back what had rightfully belonged to him, coated in blood at that. Her blood. His teeth bit even tighter against his lower lip and began a strategic retreat to avoid anyone noticing him fully as someone that had been there. The necklace that Eleza had stuffed into his pocket just before she sent him away had been clutched within his palms enough to cut the skin. He had lost a piece of himself, something that could have been prevented and all from him not being prepared enough - getting himself into a position where someone had to take a deadly blow for his life to go one. I awaken every night with this pain, this knowledge, that maybe. . .Just maybe. .. It could have been slightly different. Nearly eight years later and I still can't move on.
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