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Found 2 results

  1. Defense Against the Dark Arts with Caitlin Sullivan This class is designed to hopefully enlighten students on both the dangers that surround you in everyday life within the wizarding world, as well as to give you the tools with which you may be able to protect yourselve or those you care about from potential harm. Lessons will consist of class discussion as well as practise in various methods of dispelling hexes and curses, or simply resisting or fighting against such. Required Textbooks: The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts by Arsenius Jigger The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble (Other reading materials shall be provided by the teacher) Term 1: Class discussion - what classifies a Dark Art Class practical - the Patronus Charm Attendance Sheet: Arua-Karras, Orion / 7th Year : ■ - ● Collin, Ilia / 1st Year : ■ - ● Eros, Samhain / 6th Year : ■ - ● Glauert, Iris / 5th Year : ■ - ● Llewellyn, Siwan / 6th Year : ■ - ● McKennis, Tyson / 7th Year : ■ - ● Nakamura, Naoki / 7th Year : ■ - ● Ohara, Morgan / 3rd Year : ■ - ● Parata, Hine / 5th Year : ■ - ● Richter, Geraldine / 6th Year : ■ - ● Sullivan, Cassandra / 7th Year : ■ - ● Townsend, Mairead / 4th Year : ■ - ● Winfield, Alexander / 6th Year : ■ - ● ■ - Attended | ● - Participated □ ○
  2. The classroom was already organised before Caitlin had come in that day. She'd had it ready to go before a week ago even. Rather than the typical grid formation, the chairs were set in a semi-circle with three rows of chairs that sat spaced between others so everyone could see well, spaced decently for the students, and there were no desks for now. The desks were all set to the side of the room. There were reasons for this, but for the most part it simply meant that no one had any use for their books for this lesson. The central point that the partial circle was a small podium, behind which was the blackboard. The blackboard simply read for now: 'Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, with Caitlin Sullivan.' Having arrived well before the students, the woman had set her own materials on top of the podium and made sure that she had her attendance list as well as any other notes that she felt she needed for this class. She was perhaps a little nervous, but as the time drew nearer, that anxiety began to fade off, until the teacher who students would see upon arriving, was a calm red-haired woman, dressed in a pencil skirt and blouse, pumps with a small heel, and her hair loose over her shoulders but pinned at the sides with small clips. Smiling warmly as she watched them enter, Caitlin waited until the clock struck the time when her class was supposed to begin, and then stepped forward a little, so that she wasn't behind the podium, but instead slowly pacing in a casual manner as she spoke. "Hello everyone, and I'd like to welcome you all to your first lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts for this year. My name is Caitlin Sullivan, but you may feel free to call me Cate or Caitlin. This goes for inside and outside the classroom, I'd like you all to feel comfortable talking to me, whether it's to ask me a question, or to answer one. This is an open and respectful learning environment, and my hope is to be able to give you the tools to be able to protect yourself and those you care about from the potential dangers you could face as someone living in a world full of magic," She then lifted her wand and waved it in the direction of the board, where the writing changed. What do you personally feel causes something fall under the category of 'Dark Arts'? "Since this is our first lesson, there will be no need for your books or writing utensils, we're going to get to know one another, perhaps discuss a little about our opinions, what we'd like to gain from this lesson, both as a group and as individuals, and then we will be move on to a practical half of the lesson. Let's move around the room, from my left. Please offer your name, what you prefer to be called and a random fact about yourself that you'd like to share with us, what you think you'd like to gain as a group and an individual from this class... and then answer the question on the board for me please," The woman then nodded to the person who was in the very first spot as she halted in her casual pacing, in order to listen.
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