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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Found 220 results

  1. Hazel waved one last time, Adam closed the door, and they were gone. Kate had been dreading this moment since she woke up that morning, knowing that the weekend would leave her alone with her husband. Shouldn't this have been a good thing? A relief? A respite from the constant demand of looking after a busy child? They should be planning a special night in, a chance to be together properly and yet they wouldn't be. Kate would spend her weekend without the pleasant buffer Hazel provided from her frustrated and grouchy husband. Every time she thought about it, the pit of dread grew deeper. Kate told herself to be patient. He was still recovering. He was doing well in rehab, it was just slow. One day her Matthew would return and all of this will have been worth it. Gods, it had to be. Matt had been in a particularly down mood lately. Quiet. Jumpy. Every time she looked over he was lost in his thoughts, occasionally staring at her. Something wasn't right but she didn't know if she could even ask. Kate got the feeling that Hazel was the only thing holding them together now, and without her here for the weekend Kate could feel her life slipping out of her grasp. Maybe it would be better that way. Maybe. "It's good of them to take her out like that," Matt said from the couch, placing his game controller to one side. Kate froze. She hadn't expected him to speak. "Yeah. Adam and Cass have been wonderful," she replied uneasily. This wasn't a demand or a criticism or what she'd come to expect and now it felt suspicious. Matt cleared his throat, turning back to look at her. "Come sit down?" The three words struck fear into her heart. He sounded serious. He was asking her in the soft and reasonable tone she remembered from him. On shaking legs she brought herself over, leaving a good foot of space between them when she sat down. Had he decided he wanted out? Her eyes pricked with tears at just the thought, and the long pause as Matt found words to speak did not help her anxiety. "A young woman came to the Roo the other day," he started softly. "To find me. She's my daughter. I chose years ago to not be involved, I wasn't the sort of person who should be a father. Not then. I didn't think she would look for me, but she did. And... things are different now. I want to know her. And her daughter." Kate swalllowed the giant lump that had swollen in her throat. "You have... a daughter?" she repeated. He nodded in reply, and Kate took a moment to let this sink in. "And a granddaughter." Another nod. "I've been thinking a lot since she visited, and... you're the reason. You're why everything is different. You, and Hazel. Otherwise I would have stayed afraid of being my Dad, but..." Matt took another deep breath. Kate tensed. What now? "I want to get a proper carer. I want to increase my occupational therapy. I've been... stupid. This whole time. Really stupid, Katie. Especially to you. You deserve better than I've been giving you, and I don't deserve your loyalty after everything we've been through. I want to do better." Kate burst into tears. The revelation was one thing, but here and now he sounded like the Matthew she missed. Seeing her fall apart, he opened his arms, gestured for her to come in closer. She did. Snuggled herself in against his chest while he wrapped his arms as tight about her as he could. Just like the old days. He kissed the top of her head. She could her the fast, worried heartbeat drumming in his chest. "I can't believe you have a granddaughter." she managed eventually. Matt laughed, just a little. Shook his head. "No, Katie-Lou. We have a granddaughter."
  2. In the couple of weeks or so since hearing the news of David, Arti had been doing a mixture of trying to help Audrey out, trying to help her adopted father cope with his grief over losing his brother, and somehow also managing to keep her gallery running. She'd even spent some time with Mereditha, and gone to check up on Adele a few times. Though she hadn't taken a lot of time to think upon events herself. She knew if she did that then she would be reminded of those years back before she'd become a part of their family. It was easier to stay busy, to worry about everyone else. Of course, it also meant that she hadn't been able to spend much time with Derrick. Every time she received a message asking how she was, she replied that she was fine, but busy, which wasn't untrue. But she had to admit, she was missing the company and just the simpleness of enjoying the small things like the antics and laughs. She also knew that he'd stepped up to take over event planning, with Audrey being out of commission and unable to to her usual party organising. So it was that a small sugar glider waited patiently up high, for sight of the tall man, and as soon as she spied him she took off, gliding down through the air in order to land onto the back of his shoulder with the lightest touch that he almost wouldn't feel. At least until a moment later when that small marsupial changed shape into his short girlfriend who hung off his back in a piggyback style as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Bonjour," The young woman chirped lightly, "Missed me?" She offered a small grin and then sighed as she rested her chin on his shoulder, beside his head, "Sorry I have been so busy. There was much to take care of. How have you been?"
  3. The ball had come around at the perfect time, in his opinion. Or rather that he had handled the most pressing of his life determined concerns that made this kind of over-the-top celebration seemed proper and fit. While he didn't really want to be out and about for various reasons, one of them being that his body hadn't fully recovered as much as he'd expected it to. It felt as if much of his energy had been focusing on rejuvenating years of aches and pains, unused muscles, and still knitting all of it to be useful in this new state of his existence. But he could never resist a proper party and couldn't hold back the chance to take his wife out. He wore a cranberry coat and slacks set, white button-up shirt, thin black tie, and black wing tipped shoes. Hair had been fully free and let down though it'd been properly treated, combed, and styled to avoid the heavy frizz from the potential heat of the atmosphere. Alexander had expected between the constant movement of dancing, the amount of people that would be in the room, and the sheer heat that had been this time of year that he needed to be perfectly prepared. Arriving late to the ball, they'd only managed to miss perhaps a single song luckily not the entire set. That would have been an utter waste and he'd already been kicking himself for getting ready so late in the evening. He looped Cassandra's arm around his own and held it gingerly as he guided them through the hall and passing by the various students and tables that had been set up for refreshments. "Who would have thought the school staff actually knew how to throw a decent party. Not decent by -my- standards but decent enough to be recognized!" He nodded with a playful hum as he continued to appraise the various decorations, the position of the stage that had been setup to be in the most optimum area possible. Even with magic at ones disposal it had been important to place things in an area where it could reach the entire audience that it had intended to encompass. The Great Hall looked vastly different than when they'd thrown a party in it earlier within the year. Decorations fit the grandiose and classic design of it and even more so the lightning just seemed to simply fit with the classy flash that had been offered. His eyes finally drifted to the young woman that had walked at his side and he gave a fond smile. In recent days they've had their ups and downs and even disagreements on certain things of late but even then she still managed to pull a smile on his face. The arguments and irritations didn't last long for him and it was in the light that bathed around her that he'd been reminded of the sheer radiance of her. One of the many traits to her multi-layered beauty that he found admirable. "I don't know if I already told you this, but you look absolutely beautiful tonight, Love." His hand would lift hers up gently as he stepped back and started to spin her gently around in a flourish. "The Madam of Fancy has walked in and graced this place in pure style and class." Then he followed the same eased rhythm and pulled her closer to himself, an arm wrapped around her waist almost as if he needed to stake his claim over her. "Now, I know you pregnant ladies enjoy your food and drink. . . But is that what you want to do first? Or would you rather work up an appetite with a bit of foot work?" Alex had been trying to keep himself at least a modicum of 'tamed'. This night he wanted to enjoy and savor it, to have fun and just for a single moment let all of the stress and the built up frustrations or hurts flow away. To make this one of the many moments where it could feel as if it's just the two of them and nothing else around would seem to matter or even amount up to being a concern.
  4. Mid-90s Melbourne, autumn. A Friday night. The music was loud, the girls were moving, and the customers were happy. That was how she liked things. Sauntering through the main bar, she threw smiles left and right to her regulars, laughed. No---she wasn't working right now. No, they couldn't convince her to. It was early in the night yet, and she was ready to enjoy it. Cigarette to her lips, the smoke trailed behind her as she stepped out of the lights and noise, into the streets of Melbourne. Crowded, dark, the alleyway was full of graffiti. She knew every inch of it, had been here longer than some of the artwork. Proper jobs came and went, but this she always came back to. "Oi, you're out early." The voice made her pause, turn around. Blow exasperated smoke out her mouth and nostrils. She flicked ash to the ground, staring at the wretch in front of her. He'd made her a deal, was he here to deliver? The look on his face said no, and she wasn't interested in anything more. "What do you want, Ty?" she sighed. "Are you here to make more empty promises? Because I don't see her with you. It's beginning to feel like you can't find her." "I can, I just---I need more time. I'll get there, babe." Slowly he shuffled forward, toward her. She took a step back as he did. Shook her head. "I'm not your 'babe' anymore, I thought that was clear?" at the door, two of the bigger bouncers lurked. She knew they were there, and he did too. They weren't an idle threat, either. "You assaulted my client, Tyler. You reckon you can find Ameliana, excellent. Find her for me. But that is all. At least until you get this anger of yours in check." She looked back toward the door, gave the bouncers a subtle wave. Everything was fine here. Tyler was sober, more likely to burst into tears than lash out. The bouncers didn't move anyway, and she was grateful for that. "I promise, I'll be better, babe," pleaded Tyler. "I miss you. I don't care... about the other stuff. Just. Come home?" She shook her head. "Not yet," she said. "Go home, Ty. When you've proven you can keep your cool, let me do the things I need to do without getting jealous... maybe then I'll join you." The end of the cigarette came way too soon, she dropped the stub to the footpath and ground it out with the toe of her stillettos. She didn't stay to see what he did, just turned her back and walked on down the alley in search of a better night. That meant getting as far away from this district as she could. Familiar faces surrounded her here, she was the queen of this strip. No one would dare touch her here, she had powerful clients with a very loose attachment to the law. It was hardly somewhere she could relax, though. A better suburb, a brighter street. A bar on one of Melbourne's more iconic and well-reputed streets. She made her way there, let the unfamiliar crowd melt away her frustration at Tyler. She didn't like this side of him. The pathetic side. Once upon a time he'd thrilled her, challenged her, and then... it fell apart. As it always did. A long sigh, a drink ordered, held in one hand. She surveyed the crowd of well-dressed people. Was this a function of some sort that she'd walked into? At least she looked the part. More formal than the average nightwear, she always dressed to impress. You never knew who was out there with a wallet full of cash, after all. Another cigarette. That's what she needed. She found one and---where was her lighter? She had just had it. The bar was a wizard venue, yes, but... her wand had mixed results. Always had. Sometimes it worked, other times she set her eyebrows alight. Not ideal in a public venue. "I'm so sorry, sir," she tapped the shoulder of the nearest man. "Could I trouble you for a light? I seem to have misplaced my wand..."
  5. Marcus Carsen Species: Dhampir Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding Pureblood parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male A bit about Marcus. . . He is a Journalist that is more focused on breaking through to the truth by investigating the facts and displaying them to the public that is able to read from his personal journal. He is from an Egyptian family that is primarily Pureblood and believes in keeping ones heritage as such when it comes to magic. They're purists not extremists so they are apart of no massive cult, just really big jerks. This makes Marcus a bit of a black sheep that has been excommunicated which explains his current situation and need to hide himself from most that he encounters. Part of his history is also within the undergrounds of Australia (Both Muggle and Magical), thus he's met various types of criminals and people that have helped with his transition into the new country. Marcus also runs pro-Non-Human/Half-Breed efforts to make sure that they hold a chance of having a good life and not to be ridiculed for who they are. In terms of what he is looking to get into. . . Really anything that could develop the character. Plans and idea are always accepted to hear and build on to see where it goes. Dylan Connell Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age:39 Gender: Male A bit about Dylan. . . This Irishman holds a dark history both in heritage and in personal activity. Coming from a family of extremist about their Blood he had been taught and even in times acted out the same ferocious prejudice that landed his family to be apart of a Death Eater cult. This particular group hunted down the Sullivan family, which he personally had been part of both hunt and passively the murders. Reluctant to raise his wand against innocents he turned on his brotherhood and protected a Young girl and her niece. This painted a red target on to himself and he fled. Due to this he's traveled to various places but held an interest in France from his past for a bit before moving on towards other interests. He currently works in a small shop that affixes wands and deals with their maintenance along with supplies. He hides under the name Gilliam currently and does indeed 'Sell Wand and Wand Accessories.' Not propane. Often can be seen around Tallygarunga delivering wands of special order or to classes that require more on hand just because of how volatile it may end up being. As for what I'm willing to toss him into, same line as with Marcus as it would be with most if not all of my characters. I tend to not give myself a massive end goal as I'd want environment and interactions to shape the path of their stories and decisions as well as the growth. Alexander Winfield Species: Half-Sorceress Blood: Half-Breed Age: 19 Gender: Male A bit about Alexander. . . Every bit of mystery about Alexander is not from him trying to hide anything (exception being his chaotic implosions!) but rather ignorance of his own heritage in its full scope. In his mind he comes from a Wizarding family with a not so loving mother. The truth of the matter is that it goes much further and deeper and the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is about to entrap the young man hasn't even truly started yet. Due to the mixture in his blood there is a constant combat raging inside of himself that has him ill often to the point of coughing up blood most days. Though he does try to cover it up the best that he can given that he carries a white (Stained with crimson) handkerchief around for those pesky fits. Music is his passion so one could easily found him playing up a tune or even trying to gather a performance together, He is somewhat 'Famous' in a sense if one watched videos or covers where he'd play music on. Antics will most likely ensue. . . What he's looking for? Well, I suppose stability is one way of explaining it. Friends, Fans, people who've heard a bit of his music and oust him. Tyson McKennis Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 18 Gender: Male A bit about Tyson. . . Tyson is a young man who had been situated in House Bourke at Tallygarunga and like many of his housemates there is a determination and drive to stay active, to even be sporty. This alone isn't simply for the love of it but rather for a purpose within himself, as if to seek a sense of proof or worth within the activities that he tosses himself into. Aside from typical practicing the muggle art of Muay Thai, he also finds time with his light class schedule to engage in Quidditich as a Chaser which holds its own thrills for him aside from the usual impression. A fierce force in reaction though he is not easily angered the very ideal and meaning of loyalty is all the more important to him due to incidents involving his Parents. He currently attends VMU under scholarship towards playing on its Quidditich Team, an offer that the young man couldn't refuse given his situation of having no place to really go after Tallygarunga. Now, he's working on building up not only his future career but a future roof over his head by pushing himself to the very limits that he could go. A mixture of his discipline from his martial arts training and the love for the Wizarding sport that he holds. It remains to be seen if he will choose to see where he could go in the Sports world or if he will follow that dream of being an Auror, however, anything is possible to tip the various scales. What's in the cards for him? I'm looking to take the steps to see! Friends, Sportslike rivals to compete against as a way to better himself, he's a man who rises up to a challenge when presented it. Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 27 Gender: Male A bit about Derrick . . Recently hired as the Professor of Elemental Magic, Derrick is what one could consider quirky and fun with many aspects of his life. While often considered a sense of flighty that is more of a nature to want to travel and experience all that he could encounter. There is a clear talent and even borderline love for Fire and all of its application from a magical standpoint, there is a reason his nick name is 'Sparky' after all. There are a lot more to the hidden curves under the nearly whimsical manners, there is a lot of hurt and pain from his past from being a natural punching bag for his oldest sibling and being the constant protector for his youngest sister, Janet. There is a history of lost within the last few years from a woman he had fallen or as well which has ended much of his travelling and fueled him to take up a more stable position as a Teacher with his degree. What's he looking to do? Aaah, Let's just say a persons day will never be brighter with him around, literally sometimes. Extending out a network of friends to give himself a bit more reason to stay in Australia versus moving around like his nature screams out for him to do. Inspire some students that, Fire, is indeed, GOOD! Jonathan Azai Species: Half-Fae (Shadow) Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male A bit about Jonathan . . While Jon is of Japanese descent his roots are very much Australian being first generation from his Father's side. The family business isn't all gumdrops and rainbows as he is forced to work under the watchful presence of a Yakuza family that migrated to the land down under in order to expand their enterprises and connect with different antiquities that could be shipped towards Japan. What sets him apart from most others that work under his Father, Homura Azai, is the fact of his mother's heritage as a Shadow Fairy which had been properly 'bred' into him like a prized hound or careful planning. Some methods and beliefs never escape from ones heritage it seemed as his father saw only a benefit to the mixed blood. A weapon. He grew up faster than any child should and experienced horrors and crimes that are so etched in his mind that he often is lessened in impact when situations escalate to blood and gore. It's a lifestyle for him and expected that many things could go belly up within an instant. It doesn't mean he has no desire to escape rather that he feels there's no escape and so he must conform for the time being. Under legitimate terms he works as a man of 'Insurance', loans to be more specific and offers up a side subsidiary of Bodyguards if one needs them, another form of loan entirely. This is ran by the semi-well known 'Azai Corporation' which is regarded as small but successful in both financial practice and ethics, yet, a front is still a front for the darker side that is underlying its purpose. Money laundering, Illegal transports, most things that can be explained on paper fall under his legal purview. His job as far as the personal Family is concerned is that he is a hitman and make use of his natural affinity for the shadows to carry out his assignments. Very few ever see him before the strike and when they do it's much too late. He's often accompanied by what one could call his 'Loyal Dog', Mishima. To Jon, it'd be one of his closest friends who offered loyalty in the form of a life debt. It is through this kind of faith in him from a few that he feels bound to either escape for a better life or change everything that is an issue for a better benefit, profitable, but not as blood stained if necessary. I'm opened to talk about various things that can happen and past/future connections. Jon is designed to be a darker side of the track character in the sense that he's on the wrong side of the track. A character intended to be involved in various kinds of situations that may not always be what some would want. Anything extremely severe will require proper communication and drawing out an understanding. Just to be on the same page with things. There maybe a future adoptable of Mishima once I get an idea of how I want to write them and the deeper story is flushed out. Travis Franklin Species: Human (Werewolf) Blood: Halfblood Age: 17 Gender: Male A bit about Travis . . Travis has been at Tallygarunga since his First Year, a calm time for the most part considering that he is a Bourke. While he holds intense loyalty he isn't as sporty as others in his house. Mostly because he's unsure if his strength gives him an 'unfair advantage' in certain situations. It's also the best way for him to keep under the radar and not be targeted. While he is always opened to meeting people and speaking with them at length, never judging them for their actions it doesn't mean he trusts them. If someone manages to earn his trust they have a fierce guard and guide in more ways than they might expect. He's always willing to explore the dangers of things purely out of the nature within himself. What's he looking to do? It's more or less opened! More friends, scandalous entanglements, other less scandalous entanglements. People that he can learn to trust, maybe a couple of folks that don't take kindly to a trusting mutt. Vale Windum Species: Fae Blood: Pureblood Age: 243 Gender: Male A bit about Vale . . Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum is a man who is truly ageless, mostly because of his Fae capacity. He's met many people in his lifetime and none that he could truly consider a 'friend' or someone he'd depend on. Especially in the fleeting lifeline that comes from Humans, the time he arrives and spends hardly amounts enough to him that they earn a proper trust. He's a talented and well spoken man in many ways but his true gift lies in the ability of thievery and the use of his somewhat alien magical use of magic compared to what most Wizards are accustomed to. An edge that he's glad seems to persist even more so in the age where purists still seem to be at a heavy strength in voice. Though he is a criminal in secret he's also a man with a heart for the Humanitarian efforts, past experiences fuel the desire to supply and nurture those that could be productive. People that have been harmed accidentally or purposefully, those that can avoid being on the end of criminal activity. As his Criminal Persona most of the exposed traits melt away into a sheer rebellion. While he's still against out-right murder he would harm to defend himself, aiming to rather see someone jailed or maimed rather than killed in cold blood. Due to his already inherent mistrust of many people working with him is a hidden risk, a risk that he makes people aware of the moment he drops the Auror's on them and leaves away with the bounty. What's he looking to do? Old Criminal pals who managed to get out, Auror's that have it out to capture him in some way, Maybe some folks that could instill a sense of 'trust' for him - a difficult task. Any other plot ideas are welcomed as well. Cole Lin Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age: 20 Gender: Male Cole is for the most part, an expressive young man who believes in there being no harm in letting people know the 'real you'. That is, unless, the real you is that you like them. Then it's probably the best course of action to see if there is really any kind of spark! That would just be his shyness speaking for him though on some level. He comes from a Pureblood family with deep roots and history, ones that he finds he's quite proud of representing. While he is an over-achiever of sorts it had little do with his love for learning and studying and entirely as an attempt to distance himself from a feeling that could be considered bad to other people. He's a generally nice person who is always willing to offer people a helping hand to see a smile curve at their face, though he's over-protective of his two cousins. The troubles that they go through and have gone through standing as a reason for him to feel as if he needs to be some form of barrier. What's he looking to do? Any form of plotting is up for grabs, Friendships, past dorm or school mates, current fellow VMU friends, people who question why he hasn't dated some potential interested ladies as of yet, someone to shake some stuff up. SHAKE IT UP LIKE BOGGLE! Senan Connell Species: Half-Fae (Light/???) Blood: Half-Breed Age: 16 Gender: Male A bit about Senan. . . Senan is a young man of secrets and for good reasons, stuck between a world where the thought had been Pureblood's held the only right to practice magic and the radical efforts of an individual to fight against those very ideals. These are core issues that whirl around inside of him, neither perceived as good or bad but merely a state of a much more chaotic world that others seem to ignore. He keeps everyone at an arms length to protect himself, primarily, from the fallout that could occur from the perceived betrayal of either group that seems to hold tight reigns since the day of his birth. The move to Australia has been a chance, a weakening of the links even if the individuals in play do not yet see it. There are people and factors that could influence the chances and choices that he makes if only he could see the benefit of being the type of individual to take that risky chance. He's also the Half-Brother of the elusive Dylan Connell, a fact that isn't known by the elder Wizard or many others beyond the family and recent radicals. A rude awakening that is bound to shake things up more than those involved truly will realize - until it's a bit too late. What is he looking for? Well, just to see where the winds take, honestly. There is potential adventure and extensive scuffles into other storylines that will have the chance of enhancing a good quality time for all around! Jasper Mitchell Species: Half-Veela Blood: Half-Breed Age: 32 Gender: Male A bit about Jasper. . . A self-focused criminal would be simplifying the many layers that describe the man. He holds a high respect for his self-preservation, which often leads to decisions or words that could be considered more cold than anything else. Living a life where he could only trust in his own skills, had to watch his own back, it's no wonder why such a mindset seems to be ideal in every situation. 'If you can trust yourself, you can't trust anyone.' is a motto he tries to hold himself by even in the precarious situation of being a coerced undercover agent for the IWP. His contacts in the underworld across the world run deep and those that know him well enough know that his talent of forgery in both mundane and magical are top tier developments that could make a trained eye a run for their money. This mean he has a much more studious and diplomatic approach towards his work and those that he gets himself involved with, finding violence to be at the very least a last resort where everything else has failed or escalated too far for simple witticisms. His past as a youthful criminal is lengthy and dark, who knows what kind of people he entangled himself with? Those who couldn't forgive the wily cons placed on them if they've managed to find out? What is he looking for? Like many of my characters I prefer the whim of the moments, the flow of how the story is untold. That being said, any connections to the past are welcomed as he's traveled quite often and has interacted with various circles of people.
  6. Lily's Characters Always up for plotties and connections and threads, please post below with ideas! ❤️ Jez (aka: Amiradysébelle Blair) 25(ish?) | Actress, Princess, and Supermum | Melbourne Jez would be recognisable from her former role in Neighbours as well as a few movies, though more commonly known around Narrie as the eldest of Stu's brood of Blair kids. She's also a popular musician and singer, and tries to do a lot of charity type events. She has certainly gained a small brood of her own so far. She's happy-go-lucky and loves her family and making friends. Could use: friends, stalkers fans, other mums, family members (I have a Blair family tree, ask if you want to see it!), rivals, and well... any other plot ideas. Auds (aka: Audrey Adagathguarde 26 | The Headmaster's Assistant and Girlfriend/Babymomma (and the one who really organises Tally) | Narragyambie This British-born gal came over to Narrie around 7 or so years ago, and has won the hearts of a lot of its residents since, especially in the past few years, during which she has kept the Headmaster of Tally more organised than he's ever been and helped take care of his children in the absence of their birth mother, not to mention she is known for throwing the best parties in town. Not surprisingly, she spends so much time organising Alan, especially now that they are officially together and have their own child, but she seems oddly content. Could use: friends, troublemakers, past terrible/bad choice boyfriends/dates, awkward buddies, people who love fun, people who like to take advantage of others. Arti (aka: Artemisia Bellerose) 22 | Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner | Melbourne She's been touring Europe for the past couple of years or so, but prior to that Arti was the solemn girl who arrived at Tally in her Fifth year with the French accent, who ended up being abused by her father and was adopted by the former Deputy Headmaster and his wife. Recent years, she's come into her own as an accomplished artist, and has set up a Gallery Cafe in the city, where she gets quite a lot of business and admirers of the arts, and where she also hosts local musical talent now and then. Could use: friends, an art gallery partner, the musically or art inclined, troublemakers, a traumatic ghost from her past (ask for details if interested), and so on. Siby (aka: Sibylla Townsend) 249 (license says 32) | Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker | Narragyambie Sib has settled into life in the country town over the past few years or so, and has been a reliable local doctor, as well as on call for St Ringo's. In between work, she tends to travel a bit, studying strange and obscure medical conditions and eccentric and rare ways of healing and artifacts involved with such. She's still hurting about the loss of her daughter, which makes her very protective of her remaining family, and she is dedicated to her support group for non-humans and making sure the same doesn't happen to others. Could use: friends, patients, other non-humans for the support network, blasts from the past, perhaps a dangerous person who doesn't like non-humans. Adoption opportunity: Siby's teenage daughter, Mairead (15) is totally up for grabs. Just message me for details. Stu (aka: Stuart Blair) 51 | Federal Minister of Magic, Co-owner of The Drunken Roo, Owner of Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve | Narragyambie and Melbourne Since all his children have grown up and moved out of home, Stuart tends to work a lot more, so that he doesn't end up with too much time up his sleeve to wallow in the misfortunes of recent years. He also tends to concentrate more on other peoples' problems and currently provides support for his two best friends, Alan and Kate. He's been diagnosed with depression, which he keeps to himself and which one wouldn't even pick up on by just being around him due to his upbeat nature among others. He doesn't want to worry people, and seems to have given up on the idea of dating or relationships. Could use: friends and drinking buddies, people with young kids (for when he's babysitting his grandkids), Ministry folk, a line of swooning women, old rivals (or boyfriends that he's pissed off just by being him), teens in the sports that he coaches (cricket, basketball, AFL), or people who may know his mother who manages a reserve for endangered wildlife and magical creatures (that is now owned under her son's name). Adoption opportunity: The Blair Triplets, who are a year younger than Jezebel (mid-20s), they can be found under NPCs & Wanted Characters Cate (aka: Caitlin Sullivan) 37 | Counselor, Psychologist, Profiler, Author | Narragyambie and Melbourne This lady's had a pretty difficult life when it comes to the people she cares about, having lost most of her family while a teenager, when things were beginning to go down at Hogwarts, living through the battle itself, and then losing her brother some years later as well, becoming the guardian of her niece. Not that anyone in her new home would know much of that, only that she's worked with the Ministry in the UK and is a bestselling author. She's friendly if perhaps a little quiet, will help someone if they look like they need it, and tends to mother younger people a bit. Started becoming romantically involved with a man she probably shouldn't be with earlier in the year, but it is what it is. Could use: friends, colleagues, awkward encounters, probably to be dragged out to have fun every now and then. Cass (aka: Cassandra Sullivan) 18 | Seventh Year student (2018), Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of Danger Kitty Productions | Narragyambie Being the niece and charge of her aunt, she naturally had to move to Australia with her (of course, being in danger back home was another good reason to move). She's seen her own fair share of tragedy, but tries to concentrate on the positives in life, as well as the fact that she intends to be someone who will help others, like her aunt has done for years. Flirty, boisterous, fun-loving and good-natured, she tends to brighten a room when she walks in. Though she's had a rather usual year when it comes to friends, as well as discovered her true identity as a pureblooded sidhe fae, she is able to be happy with the good things that had happened, including an impromptu marriage to fellow Spencer student Alexander. Could use: friends (just one really good friend would be nice), partners in mischief, victims of her wiles, bullies to antagonise, someone who really gets her. Gem (Gemini Demetra) 23 | VMU Student, Performer, Main Guitar and Vocals for her band Franklin Struck Gold | Melbourne A single mum with an attitude, it generally depends on what the other person around her is like as to whether said 'tude is good or bad. She's pretty easy going and free-spirited, feeling like stress is for people who don't know how to enjoy what they have. She faces her problems head on and pretty bluntly. Though despite her generally relaxed nature, she has a scorching temper if someone presses the wrong button. Could use: friends, past flings, band mates (see NPCs & Wanteds), other mums to chill with, fellow VMU students, people who enjoy some good music. Ele (Elektra Devereux) 32 | IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist at Tallygarunga | Melbourne A former Quidditch star and champion, who has retired from the sport now that she has the custody of her twin sister's daughters and is struggling with learning how to be a parental figure. She also just happens to be an agent for the IWP who is currently working undercover in the area. She did start off as the Quidditch instructor for Tallygarunga, but has since shifted to a Receptionish position since an unfortunate incident mid-year which she doesn't talk about. Currently living in a house with her sister's former partner in crime, but who is now Ele's IWP partner who tends to frustrate her to no end, but is better with the kids than she is. Could use: friends, admirers and fans, someone to make Ashkar jealous, other Quidditch enthusiasts, old friends/contacts from her Quidditch days. Adoption opportunity: Nina (11) is Ele's oldest niece and started at Tally this year. She's had a rocky start with her aunt, but is slowly warming to her. She thinks Ashkar is the best. Message me for more details.
  7. As with every other time as of late that Chloe had gone to train in her mother's dojo, she was practically kicked out of the building as soon as practice (and changing, thank goodness) was over. She could tell it was one of her efforts to make the teenager more social than she was - if she were to get to the dormitories much earlier, she'd have more time to socialize with fellow Sturts and even her roommate before lights out. She didn't particularly concern herself with this that much, however, walking at a leisure pace up the Tallygarunga Road. There were still a few kilometers left in her path, but she was sure she could make it back to the campus proper before curfew. Good exercise until then anyway. She briefly wondered if she should go eat something before the long path, or eat at school and spend her detour time at the local hobby shop. Once remembering her birthday was soon and her father's tradition was to shower her with supplies, however, she opted for the former. Would most likely be a healthier option regardless. Entering a nondescript Muggle café just around a corner, she ordered an orange smoothie and a small blueberry muffin. After leaving a small tip and retrieving the little bread treat, she decided to sit at a corner booth by the window of the establishment so to wait for her smoothie to be prepared. The place seemed somewhat empty. Was it new? She hadn't seen it before, as her usual go to was near the hospital. Speaking of which, she started wondering if her father would be upset over her bringing business to their direct competition...
  8. Ash was damn pleased that the average Wizard and witch considered Muggle ways of hiding things were beneath them, especially when it came to hiding money. He was always pleased about this but right then as he pushed his way into a small dirty pub in Melbourne he was damn near ecstatic about it. The DWP had access to most of the money he had made during his very active criminal career and as far as they were aware that was all the money he had possessed. They hadn’t learnt of that offshore Muggle account that he had for, well, financial security. He’d managed to get some money transferred into one of his other muggle accounts – that was conveniently under another name and then withdrew the maximum amount he could. That amount had managed to get him a rather decent room in a muggle hotel and enough that he could spend the night doing what the British were often considered as doing best. Pissing it up against the wall, he had never been someone who drank too the point of intoxication. That, however, was his single minded goal of that evening. Get absolutely pissed and end up shagging some faceless woman, or man, he wasn’t really in a picky mood. Hell, if he got really pissed he’d find a club and dance the night away in a dangerously intoxicated state. He might even feel like he was sixteen again if he did that. It was a thought like that made him wish he could turn back to time, go find his sixteen year old self and tell him a few things about the future. Sadly, it probably wouldn’t be advice like ‘stay on the straight and narrow kid’. This is really what his sixteen year old self should really have been advised to do. No, he would probably tell his sixteen year old self to be more selfish, more amoral and avoid blonde women from Europe. The fact was though, that he couldn’t go back in time and change the path his life had taken. He just had to deal with his own stupid choices, his own damn inconvenient emotions and well...drink. On entering the small bar that desperately cried out for a good cleaning spell, he spied a karaoke machine and knew that he’d end up there somewhere during the night. Karaoke was always fun when completely off ones face. But that was a drunken mistake he would make when drunk. Shrugging off the leather jacket her wore and folding it over his left arm, right hand quickly checking he knew where his wand was then moving to his money heavy wallet as he strolled over to the bar, stopping at one of the stools and giving it a quick brush off with his hand. He was planning to get drunk and make a fool of himself, yes, but that did not include thick dust covering the ass of his trousers. Once he’d decided that he wouldn’t leave a perfect ass print on the stool the wizard sat and caught the tender’s eye. “Double whiskey.” He said “Actually, leave the bottle.”
  9. It had caught her off guard. It was the same feeling she had with all three pregnancies, the uneasy stomach, the need to vomit at 10 am. She wanted Watermelon and Olives at the same time. It had not been a feeling of excitement but one of anxiousness. It had been hard adjusting to two children, Especially with how little she had seen her husband… That and Persephone wasn’t a year old yet. They had gone away to celebrate their marriage and they had not been as careful as they usually were She was anxious as she sat there in the bathroom, the small stick sitting on the sink as she waited- as she willed the stick to yield a negative result… The last thing they needed was another kid. At least not without a conversation. Silas had not been planned they had found out because someone had slammed their car into hers, nearly killing both her and the fragile life that she had not been aware of. Jason was not thrilled but once Silas came- he fell in love with the little boy. They had fought about having a second kid. It had been a bad fight- one that made her feel as though her wants in the marriage were not as important as her husband’s career. She looked at her hands. It was something she still felt from time to time. Jason had then wanted another, and they tried, they lost that baby, it had been devastating and Doe had never felt alone like she had in those moments. That something was wrong with her. Then came little {Persephone, she was perfect. Though she had spent a long time making her miserable as she spent most of the night tending to her, she cried all the time, she had been much sicker than Silas had been. Jason had also not been around, as often and he had been busier and busier as of late. Now it was quiet in the house the kids were napping. It was the only moments of peace she had at the moment. She looked up at the stick and stood from her spot on the side of the bathtub. Looking at it she felt her head swim a bit as she looked at the pink plus that stared up at her mockingly. The doorbell rang and she look confused for a moment and then remembered that she had invited Dylan over. It had been a while since she had seen her friend and she had in fact missed him. The mess with Orion and Frankie had taken over her life for a while, then she and Jason had gone to the Maldives. It had left little time for socializing and she was aware he had been rather busy himself. Attempting to put on her best face she shoved the stick in in the bathroom drawer and moved to get the door. She smiled as she spotted the tall Irishman and she pulled him into a hug. In the years that she had met Jason, and had children she had gotten far more affectionate, she also didn’t have Malcolm watching her. He would get jealous if any small amount of attention paid to someone else. It was rather challenging. ”Hello!” She said, though the idea of having another child stressed her out and she was happy to see Dylan. ”I have not started Lunch, I am so sorry, the kids are napping and I was doing something else and just got sidetracked…” It happened often with the kids. ”Come in, come in.” She ushered him into the kitchen. ”What about something Greek yes? Gyros?” She offered. That was always easy to put together.
  10. Ashkar Gastrell ● 44 ●Enrollment Officer ● Undercover IWP Agent ● Muggleborn Sassy, direct and oh so very British, Ashkar is a guy that has never pulled his punches. A former (but not reformed) criminal who was eventually caught and offered the option of Azkaban or working for the International Wizarding Police, he went for the later. Now working with another agent he is undercover at Tallygarunga, acting as protection for the children and staff alike. Ash is in a presumed relationship with Elektra. Aside from that, again I am open for anything. Interactions with staff, parents, children and just the general population Holly Bennett ● 24 ● Narrie Resident ● Single Mum / Radio Host ● Halfblood (Veela) Miss Bennetts been through a lot. The product of a week long affair with a man who until recently was unnamed. Losing her Mother at of 12 and then for year being cared for by her step-father who just couldn't cope. She was placed in foster care and for the remainder of her childhood has been through both good and bad homes. This has only caused the young girl to be driven though, studying hard at school. A single mum at sixteen made this much harder, but somehow she made her grades got into the VMU and a part time gig as a radio host to pay the bills. After a recent fight for her daughters life, Holly has dropped out of VMU, bought a house and decided to focus on her career on the wizarding wireless, her daughter and learning more about her biological father - Matthew Belmont. Cat McNeedleclaws ● 60+ ● Familiar (Cursed) ● Homeless ● Pureblood Most people would have run into Cat in the form she prefers, which is that of a black cat. Cursed by her family over sixty years ago because she fell in love with a muggle. The curse gave her the ability to take on the form of a cat and turned her magical powers inwards, causing her to become a almost reservoir of excess power. People who've come into contact with the black cat may have noticed an increase in their magical gifts when she's around. There is also a rumor that this cat can awaken powers in Squibs for short periods of time, but, who listens to rumors? Remi Cornfoot ● 17 ● Flinders ● Odd duck ● Half Blood If you are knocking about Tally, you've probably ran into - or been ran into by - this tiny pile of energy. Having spent the first sixteen years of her life within a Cult that beliefs would make the most open minded witch or wizard shake in their boots. She escaped (with the name of an unnamed relative) moved into her own caravan in a less savory part of Melbourne and started attending Tallygarunga. Optimistic, impressed by everything, curious just about everything and somewhat naive, she seems to be easy pickings for the harsher elements of school and real life; though she is not above defending herself or people she cares for with a wand or fist. In this first year of school she has found she has a natural talent at Potions and Dueling. Who knows what the second year of her school life will bring? Isolda Richards ● 27 ● Healer ● IWP Agent ● Pure Blood Perky, Sassy and very much a Bourke in her school days. Isolda is one of the daughters of a very pro blood purity family. A family her time at Tallygarunga made her come to dislike intensely, however, she used them to get herself through school, university and settled into her first job as a Healer. Then she walked away from those who raised her and their bigoted views, got a job with the International Wizarding Police and living her life the way she feels it should be lived. She is the half sister of Evelyn Parsons. Her most recent goal is rescue her sister Meadow Richards from the clutches of their family and wage a war of her roommate and IWP partner, Jasper or as she likes to call him The Spider King or Spider Man.
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  13. Vladimir had been surprised that morning after Sollozzo struck, when he had awoken to find Améa still sleeping in his arms, along with the small feline companion. Even more surprising still was the fact that after all that had happened, and with all the lingering doubts that whatever it was would die away with the morning light, Améa did not seem to harbour any rancour. Neither did Vladimir, of course, but in his case he knew it would go without saying. No, it was becoming painfully obvious to him as the days and weeks rolled by that her company wasn't just something he was obligated towards because of duty. He wanted to spend time with Améa. He wanted to watch her read, or study her expression whilst he played the cello, or as she tended to the animals. This was no longer a bond built solely out of duty and a promise. He simply wanted to be in Améa's company for the sake of her company. And, of course, mostly importantly for her. Damn it, Vladimir, what are you doing? He chose not to listen to the part of his brain that was questioning everything. There was to be none of that, and especially not today. Not when the home was oddly vacant for once, leaving only Vladimir, Améa, and the animals for a time. The man had promised Améa an afternoon with music, and so it was spoken - so it would be done. He trekked outside with his cello though he did not set up camp out on the lawn. No, he had other ideas, though he was certain the first time Stuart had caught him playing on the roof of the house, he had almost given the man a heart attack. "Améa," he greeted her outside on the lawns, extending his hand out and motioning with his head to the roof. "An afternoon of music I did promise, and I do not break those vows. Indulge me - it has been a while since I performed on the rooftop. Shall we?"
  14. Had a silly little idea, might as well go with it. Post a reply to the question above you pertaining to your own character roster, and then make a new one for others to follow! I'll start. Who is most likely to... fall asleep at work/during class?
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    Well! Hello everyone! You may call me Shine! Over time, some of you may find that you've known me by other names as I tend to get around the net a lot. Buuut, more on that some other time! For now, greetings and let's have fun, yeah?
  16. The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  17. Hey guys! I would like to get this going again, and I need your help to do so! Featuring quotes and snippets of different threads is something we've done since... well basically ever. Submitting Thread quotes: Unfortunately I don't get to read through as many threads as I used to, so to make sure that we get a good spread across the board, I gotta ask you all to submit anything that you think is amusing, feelsy, dramatic, fun, or just otherwise worth capturing! To submit quotes, simply head over to the Thread Highlights database: https://www.tallygarunga.com/highlights/ You don't need to supply an image, but if you did -- that would be awesome. I'll make an image otherwise! That's easy done. If you have any ideas of what the image could or should be, let me know. Submitting Adoptables to feature: I also want to advertise some of our adoptables that we have available. With these, the more information is available, the better (eg. name, age, position, etc). If you have a potential PB that also helps, but they don't have to be set in stone. If you want your adoptables included, post to this announcement topic with: A link to the adoptable's page Their name (or a suggested name) Their PB (or a suggested PB) Their position (or a general idea of what they might do) A 1-2 line description of plot ideas you have for this character. Submitting threads to feature: If you just want to feature a thread (an open thread, class, event, etc) without submitting a highlight, post to this announcement topic with: A link to the thread The thread type (open, class, event, etc) A short 1-2 line description of what the thread is/could be about, and/or a quote from the first post.
  18. Being known as a Chase in Bourke House for Tallygarunga, it's been no wonder that recent offers have flooded in for Tyson McKennis. Often characterized as 'Discipline and Focused', it's drawn the home Quidditich Team's attention. Rumors even state that with him enrolling into VMU they've taken the approach of seeing how he'd maintain on the University level before giving a final offer, even with the various counter-offers given to them. There's been no word on his full thoughts on the matter except, "Ya' Gotta' do, what ya' Gotta' do. Simple as that, man."
  19. Rumors say, even with the obvious issues of messing up in almost every practical magic class, the recently skyrocketing musician, Alexander Winfield has yet to actively move out of the dorm! Hushed whispers and a few 'sources' saying the obvious move for the slightly older student would be to take an equivalency, combative whispers say there is another reason entirely that the young man plans to potentially stay and try to finish out the year. (As if we really need more classrooms catching on fire or a sudden accident with this Maj-Klutz.) One person even said, from the guys mouth, 'He's staying to help out his family.' Whatever that means, but they did mention that he has new contacts! That guy can't seem to keep to a single eye color!
  20. It's no secret that the soon to be Upper Classmen Bourke, Travis Franklin, is a bit of a smooth fellow. But. . . Has anyone ever actually seen the man kiss a girl? Or even hold ones hand? That's pretty strange for a habitual flirter! Drags out the question, is it just a hobby? Is he afraid? Or is there some kind of deeper reason behind the need to be so socially connected with someone? You didn't hear it from me, but it looked as if he's being more social with the approach of the eventual new year!
  21. Ol' Madge knows where to get her information, whether it's in the light or deeeep in the dark! There's been talk of foreigner's making a bit of a mess in the undergrounds. A series of Half-Breed's and Non-Human's being kidnapped and forced to tell information, only stumbling out with hazed memories and jumbled words that have those that find them a bit baffled. 'Hoods! So many hoods!', that's usually a bad sign for people. What's even worse is that they seem to have a target in mind making their efforts seem somewhat desperate and their methods more cruel by the months. Are they on some kind of timetable? Those heartless jerks. What's increasingly strange is that those kidnapped aren't escaping on their own, they speak of 'Grey Eye's releasing, bright lights'. Does anyone ever make sense anymore?
  22. In the last couple of months there's been the interesting rumor that someone around could 'Get you nearly anything you need.' Probably an exaggeration, right? Needless to say, there are a number of people finding those needs met with elaborate paintings, jewelry, even the occasional magical item that offers mostly just fanfare and maybe a bit of status depending on the kind of circles a person roams. It's said one needs to make contact at an odd house in the Melbourne Western Suburbs and say the password 'The Black Rabbit made the White Rabbit Late'. That's pretty seedy, but people have been walking away happy so maybe it isn't all bad?
  23. The arrival of a Philanthropist working with various organizations that support the care and housing of the disenfranchised Half-Breeds and Non-Human's hits the scene! When cash moves people in the right places notice and after some cooing lips in front of ol' Madge, it seems a Benefit is in the works. A very daring venture with the climate being on the level where the right faces could make the wrong statements. It's a public event which holds no definitive date but the word is that the young man plans to put and raise as much as possible to take care of those that are in the most need of it. That's a weight off the shoulders of some and maybe a bit of an issue for others that have been intentionally oppressing those people! What a shake up it will cause!
  24. Didja' hear? In the last few months while Authorities have been focused on finding and locating the mean ol' Wizard, Maj-Yakuza's have been taking the opportunity to expand their efforts and fronts! If their 'legit' dirty laundry wasn't bad enough, the bird on the street is that there's been a bit of an issue seeing 'eye to eye' on this expansion. With various 'factions' breaking off on the inside, business that were used as fronts are switching hands faster than a High School Couple! Already a few bodies of known or assumed associates are found in back alleys or old buildings. What kind of problem does this mean for folks?!
  25. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello; found the board through running into Tallygarunga's Twitter account. Spent a few days knocking about, just looking around and thought, "I'll give it a go," and decided to join. It is kind of weird, though; the first forum I ever joined - NewsOnF1 - back in May 2005 was an Australian-based forum (in fact, if I remember correctly, the admin there hailed from around Epping, NSW) so in a sense it feels as though the forum circle is coming complete so...but like I said, I came across the board, it caught my interest and here I am. *tips the fedora towards the board* Anyway, see you all around the forum!