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  1. It had been an interesting few days, Max had been trying some new spells she had learned, her room might not have been the best place to practice such spells, but she had managed to keep everything intact, except maybe for a pile of dirty clothes she had sorted to do laundry, a pile of clothes that were caught on fire but that Max was able to extinguish before it got any bigger. Her roommate seemed to be inside the trunk, it was perfect. Max got dressed quickly, she didn’t want her roommate to start asking too many questions, but she couldn’t also leave without saying anything. Max picked whatever she needed plus her violin. “I’m going to practice.” She dashed out the door before anyone could say anything. Did she need the violin? No, but she also didn’t want her roommate to come up and see the violin case, that would only make her taunt Max some more. The redhead found refuge someplace around the school, so she used the ring to be able to sneak into the Sturt’s dormitories. She smiled as she touched the ring on her finger, remembering the night Senan had given it to her, and the stupid joke she had made. She sighed in disappointment with herself, but she couldn’t stop feeling happy that she had it, perhaps even a little bit nervous about it. She smiled as she walked to her destination. Upon arrival she was able to sneak in when someone got inside, she was invisible not a ghost. She tried to follow the instructions and hopefully she wouldn’t get into the wrong room. She had found the room she wanted, now she just had to go in. Should she knock? Should she just go inside? What if he was inside and wasn’t decent? A faint red color invaded her cheeks, and once more she was disappointed at herself for even thinking something like that. She decided to knock. “Senan?” she spoke, only loud enough for him to hear as she knocked on the door. “It’s me…I’m going in.” she waited a while before opening the door and going inside closing the door behind her. The effect of the ring disappeared, and Max waved at the boy as she tried to make as little noise as possible. “Hey. I brought everything and my roommate won’t even suspect I told her I was going to practice.” She said showing the violin case while giving him a big bright smile. She put it on the ground, took off her footwear, putting it next to the violin case and took a few glasses out of a bag, along with the sunglasses she had previously mentioned. “I think these will do, it’s not as obvious as sunglasses.” She spoke as she approached him. “How are you?” she stared at him, still smiling, hopefully, she won't say anything stupid.
  2. Dull. That was the one word Chloe had to describe this extravagant event she was forced to attend, at the behest of her mother. Dull. The Sturt felt so out of place in that ball it was ridiculous. Having extricated herself from her date (how on Earth had she even gotten one?), the girl decided to cool off by an open balcony. She just needed a breather. A breather she would never get because a half-Veela decided to enter her immediate vicinity, and with her went Chloe's capacity to think, as usual. She watched as another girl seemed to be taking a break - she knew her from talking a few times before from past circumstances, but nothing beyond that. Most of the time, it was just the fact Chloe's gaze darted to the Bourke involuntarily, much to her chagrin. How she hated that attraction... Taking a deep breath, she attempted to steel her nerves. The bright smile she got on sight made it quite difficult. "Hey, Chloe!" Samantha greeted the Sturt. She was all too aware of what was going on in the older girl's mind; but, for once, it didn't actually bother her. This was because she knew Chloe wouldn't do a thing about it, and she actually looked bothered by the effect the passive charm had on her. "I didn't expect to see you here. You look good!" She complimented the choice of attire - a navy dress that hugged her frame nicely, and displayed the lean musculature of the woman. Even so, it wasn't that revealing. Whoever had picked it for her definitely went for the 'give just enough to want more' look, although it was disturbing to think someone would actually think that fit the girl's vibe. "...Thanks. You too." Awkward as she was, that was one social aptitude she did have. She then stood silently, having no means of pursuing a conversation; the ball was in Samantha's court. It was perhaps for the best, the Bourke was a natural. "Did you come here on your own?" Probably not. The headshake confirmed her suspicion. "Who did you come with?" "A friend of my sister's." He had invited her for some reason. Why hadn't he invited her sister instead? She'd never know. "What about you?" "Tyson McKennis." Chloe's eyes lit up in recognition. Samantha pointed him over in the crowd inside the hall, and waved at him. "He's leaving this year, so I figured I might as well go for a last hurrah, you know? I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to dance with him at a ball like this in my life, so I have to do it tonight." Tyson McKennis. That was an interesting choice - one she herself had considered prior to being asked to the event. Perhaps it was for the best that she didn't go through with it, as it granted Samantha the opportunity to do so. It didn't bother her that much either way; if anything, she just wanted to go back to the dormitories. "I'm assuming you're not going back inside for a while. Mind if I keep you company? It's getting a bit exhausting." Samantha leaned on the balcony. Chloe didn't protest, but she couldn't help but hope Sam's magnetic presence didn't end up attracting her fans to that little spot...
  3. "Don't even think about it. I'm positive it's jinxed." Rachel looked up from the mistifying punch bowl - how stereotypical was that for a ball? - upon a familiar voice reaching her ears. Her gaze landed on Lisa Knotley, an acquaintance whom had just made herself comfortable by leaning back against the table that thing was resting on, arms crossed under her chest, and visibly surveying the area with little interest. Was the ball too boring an event for her? 'For someone who went outta their way to dress like that, ya'd think they'd be the life 'o the party.' "Jinxed? Huh." Did Tallygarunga have some sort of past with spiked punches? "Yes. I don't know if it's the bowl or the liquid itself, but if you want to start off the year without having detention for half of it, I'd suggest you leave it alone. It sucks --trust me, I know-- but it is what it is. There are always better ways to... influence, teenage minds anyway." The blonde suggested. A spell here and there would cause a bit of much needed chaos in that otherwise boring party. That, and, she'd be able to fully get rid of her handsy date. "Fine then." Letting go of her nefarious plan (for the time being), Rachel turned around and leaned back against the table as well. "No counter-curse or anything?" "I can't counter-curse a spell when I don't know which it is. I could find out, but that always takes a while. By then everyone will be back at the dorms." Bummer. "There are easier ways to meddle with the event that don't need alcohol anyway." "You got any ideas?" Rachel's fingertips tapped the underside of the table in a rhythm as she rested against it. Magic could be a hell of a trip, but they needed to be smart about it so not to get caught. "Get back to me later on that one. This party is so dull that it managed to slow my brain somewhat. I have to think on it."
  4. The scream ripped from her throat and carried around the comfortable three bedroom house rather easily, more so because Issy made sure that she had put a little magical boost behind the scream so that the other single occupant would hear her wail. The reason behind this was because she was going to blame said occupant for the thing that had made that scream depart her larynx. The thing she was screaming at had also made the young witch back into a wall as he scuttled it’s eight legged way too some kind of safety. The sad fact was said creature was probably more scared of a tall woefully under legged and under eyed thing that was screaming, than the thing itself. This thought, had it occurred to Isolda, might have made her laugh at her own cowardice, as she practically hyperventilated as the offending creature, which was nothing more than a common house spider. Once the beast had scuttled off to some kind of safety, Issy found her breath enough to push off of the wall and march out the bathroom, heading to where she knew the second occupant of the house was likely too be. She had made her mind up that somehow he new housemate was some kind of spider king. Before he’d moved into her home, her life had been largely spider free with the occasional interloper crawling in and landing on her face during the night. She could forgive the occasional spider getting passed the charm she had put up that was supposed to steer them too a different place, as opposed to the one she’d originally been offered which killed spiders that crossed the threshold of her abode. After all she was scared of spiders but she didn’t wish them harm; they were living creatures with any much right to live as everything else. She would just prefer it if they didn’t live within her vicinity. “Jasper!” she called as she walked down the corridor that connected the bathroom to the rest of the single story building. It had been a little over two weeks since he was assigned as her partner in the international wizarding police and moved into her home, since he needed ‘monitoring’. In that times the spiders had gone from the occasional ballsy interloper too a full of infestation, well, that was a bit over dramatic but she had noticed a steep increase in eight legged activity. Turning the corner and through one of the doors she finally found her far too attractive for his own good partner doing whatever attractive and trying to reform criminals did. She stood at the threshold of the room looking at him, a mildly annoyed look forming of her face. “I swear you are some kind of spider man or king.” she started, she had yet to explain this theory to him but was bloody well was going too right then “You’ve been here two weeks and in those two weeks I have seen more spiders than in my entire life and I live in Australia where they hide under the toilet seat!” arms crossed over her chest, knowing she looked and sounded ridiculous but still carrying on with her tirade “So whatever Arachnidtounge abilities you have, use it to make them leave.” then because she was raised with some kind of manners, she added the socially expected “Please.”
  5. Max could already sense the holidays just around the corner, they were already in late-March and it wasn’t that long before she could finally relax from the stress of classes, at least not during the holidays and she could enjoy the weather before winter decides to ruin most of her plans to walk around outside and do some exercise. Before the weather became more unstable Max thought it would be a good idea to hang in the Centre Courtyard, doing what, she wasn’t sure but it would be good to catch some fresh air after classes, perhaps even take her violin to practice, or perhaps her old sketchbook, it had been a while since the last time she made a fun doodle about classes and everyday events that life throws at people when they least expect. Upon arriving to the Centre Courtyard, she saw how other gathered there, it wasn’t such a good idea to just sit under a tree and do whatever she wanted, but after a few minutes of standing there like a fool most students left to go to class. She smiled as everyone left the scene, she could be in peace and quite doing whatever she wanted without having people staring at her. Some students seemed to be curious about the violin as they left, it didn’t bother her, they weren’t going to stay there and listen to her anyway. She made her way through the tables and sat in her favorite spot, on the grass under a tree. First thing she did was take out a sketch pad from her backpack to make a few doodles, simple things, not much technique was needed to make a small comic with an amusing everyday life event, the simple act of skateboarding and ending up taking a dive in a fountain was always funny and cute to draw. She looked at her violin, she was planning on practice a little, deciding against it shortly after sitting down under the tree.
  6. It seemed that every school was the same, kids were always getting hurt, but it seemed that in Tally is was more common than she had anticipated. Two days ago, she had someone who came to her with a broken nose, she didn’t even want to hear the story behind that one, and on the same day someone had shown up with a broken arm, what were these kids doing to get hurt? Trying to fly through walls? Earlier that day someone had actually tried to fly through a wall, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Her most common patients were Spencers and the Quidditch players, while some got hurt with their own pranks or the pranks of their fellow house comrades the others got injured during practice. The order was running a bit late, it was already later in the afternoon. She wasn’t in need of anything at the moment as the Hospital Wing was completely empty, she just wished that the delivery comes before kids start showing up with scraped knees and broken noses. She was starting to wonder if the order was late when it arrived. Live watched as the boxes were pilling on her desk. “Great.” She said with a smile on her face. As much as Liv hated seeing kids getting hurt, she had to keep the stock full, being in a school where students were prone to accidents was more complicated than she thought. Taking candy from her top drawer she happily began restocking the shelves and taking notes of what had arrived and what hadn’t. “Hmmm…I seem to be missing some ingredients…” she commented to herself, a bit upset that not all of her ingredients have arrived. Vials flew orderly out of the boxes and onto their respective places on the shelves, herbs did the same but to their correct containers as Liv watched and made an inventory of all the new items.
  7. Night had well and truly fallen. The heat was excrutiating, and for Vladimir and his dhampiric nature he kept himself inside during the daylight hours as much as possible. The sun was no good to his skin, and when he was out and about, his blood had much work to do in order to keep himself in shape, and at full strength. It was taxing, and as Vladimir lay in bed that night, he could feel his thirst rising. He shut his eyes, attempting to blot out anything else from his senses, but all that served was to augment the hunger within him. Warm, sweet, energized blood. He ran his tongue over his fangs, taking a deep breath in, then out. Sitting up in bed, he knew he would not sleep this night. The heat and his thirst were too much for his mind and body to handle. Vladimir began to pace his room, glancing at his cello before he shook that idea from his mind. No, it was not the time for such - he did not want to alert the other denizens of the home to his presence, to his state of being right now. He let his hands comb through his hair, hold the side of his temples as he grit his teeth. He was stronger than his urges, of course, but that did not mean they were easy for him to fight off. He needed fresh blood, and he needed it soon. Putting on a robe to cover the boxers he wore, Vladimir tied the belt and escaped the four walls of his room that seemingly mocked him for his thirst. A true monster, wanting the taste of human sustenance, but he couldn't help himself. Still, he knew what he needed to do, who he needed to see, if she were awake and would have his company. She had made him promise to seek her out if he needed her help in this way, and he was ready to put himself in her hands. He trusted her. He bloody well loved her at this point, though he had yet to speak such words aloud. Approaching Améa's door, Vladimir gently knocked, and then spoke quietly, "Améa... may I see you, please?" And then, because it was the safer option, he called out through their telepathy, I need your help.
  8. Tag: @Derrick Ackers Date: Just numbers OOC Notes: no comments without my lawyer She wondered why things in Australia were so different from some places she had been in, especially the weather, how it was summer in January? Whoever oversaw the weather should be fired, it was the season of snow and warming up next to the fire while waiting for spring to come along and bring it’s joy back into the world, but not in Australia, it was hot, she was sweating, and she was hating the weather. Andrea should be used to the weather by now but being a creature of habits, she would rather complain than to do anything about it. Andrea arrived at the school, she just hoped they had some air conditioner inside. One might ask why doesn’t she use her ability? Well, the answer is quite simple, she prefers complaining about the situation, besides, there are machines that do that. Once inside she wished she had a map or at least some sort of indication to where she was meant to go. She approached a board but there was nothing in it, next logical action, at least to her complicated self was to ask someone, why did she have to talk to people in her first time there? She was expecting things to go smoothly, but she should have expected something like this was going to happen. She approached someone and gently tapped them on the shoulder. "Excuse me, can you please tell me where I can find the school's layout? Or tell me which way is this classroom?" she asked, pointing at the name on the paper she had on her hand; hopefully this person wasn't some random idiot that didn't know where the classroom was.
  9. Alrighty, here be the characters unfortunate enough to be written by me---Mousie! Alan Burdett 50 | Headmaster of Tallygarunga | Profile Aside from a few years studying in Melbourne, Alan has always lived in Narrie. Most people either know him, or know of him. Alan went to Tallygarunga, was sorted into Spencer, and completed seventh year as Head Boy to the great surprise of everyone who knew him. His love of potions (and explosions) got him through a teaching degree at VMU, and he went immediately to begin teaching at Tallygarunga in 1991. In 1996 he was promoted to "Head of Spencer", in 1997 he did double duty as Head of Spencer and Deputy Headmaster---and in 1999, Alan stepped into the role of Headmaster after the retirement of Philip Knightley at the end of the 1998 school year. Alan has six siblings, of which he is the eldest. His parents ran a dairy farm on the outskirts of Narrie, now a small hobby farm operated by his brothers Stephen and Barry. Marie and Laurie Burdett now live in town in a small house that Alan doesn't like. He's likely to know students past and present, his staff (obviously), and be familiar with ministry workers. Those who live in Narrie will certainly know him by reputation at least. Alan's lack of luck in love is also something of a town legend, although since he had to kick his unreliable wife out of the house for the sake of their children, it's not something anyone jokes about anymore. Adele DeVylissea 35* | Tallygarunga Librarian | Profile Adele came to Narrie in 2006, when her car ran out of fuel and she decided she might as well stay. She'd been driving blindly to escape her latest heartache (David had called it quits and left), and Narrie is just where she ended up. She met Alan at the bar of The Drunken Roo, he convinced her to apply for the History of Magic position that was open at Tally. He's regretted that conversation ever since. Adele is mostly known for who she used to be. Wild and irresponsible, Adele undermined Alan's authority any chance she got. When she could be bothered, Adele was an excellent teacher but for the most part she really didn't care. She's been through several tortured relationships, mostly with whoever will pay attention to her. She had a daughter (Lauren) with Alan, a son (Caleb) with another professor, used Keith Anderson when she felt like it, and married known-criminal Thomas Sollozzo. She did reunite with David, and the two were married for a while--but as always, she couldn't make it last. She also has twin daughters to Australian Minister of Magic Stuart Blair from an encounter long before her Narrie days. Adele is known to be sarcastic and intimidating, not afraid of spending money, loves a drink, has some serious parental issues, and still carries a bit of that wild reputation with her. Those who have only known her more recently are able to recognise that she has calmed in recent years, and is an extremely devoted mother to her son Caleb. And that she's also mostly sober these days. Adele's age is also a mystery. Somehow she seems to age backwards. These days she claims "thirty-five or thereabouts", though when married to David Tallenery she was willing to go as high as 47. She never gives a straight answer when asked her age. Katherine Belmont 48 | Headmistress of Penrose | Profile Kate has been the Headmistress of the Penrose School for Young Witches since 2006, a fact that makes her feel old as hell. A few years younger than Alan, she first met him at an inter-school event and thus began an on-again/off-again relationship that ended any time she felt like Alan was getting too serious about things. She was briefly married to Seth Rice, who she claims is the dullest human to ever walk the earth. But it made her elitist parents happy. Kate isn't often liked by those who knew Alan during their rocky relationship. She has a reputation for being snobby and ruthless, which is more attributed to the fact that she's a Penrose girl than anything Kate actually is. Kate is stand-offish around new faces, which doesn't help. Always impeccably dressed, Kate stands out in rural Narrie as a city-slicker. However, she did play a big part in the development of the Whitlam Bilby Wing at Tallygarunga, and since her marriage to Matt has become more of a familiar (and friendly) face in the town. Or at least was, until Matt's accident. After that she withdrew back to Melbourne and is only now starting to come back out. Améa Nedvidek (du Contiaea) 25 | Unemployed | Profile Améa went to Tally for a while, where she tried three times to complete fourth year before dropping out to move in with her husband. She was sorted into Sturt, and initially known for her eerie silence. Over time, Améa did begin to speak---but still only rarely. Even now, Améa's grasp of the English language is limited. She was also known for being the weird daughter of the rebellious professor and librarian Adele DeVylissea. Améa married Zane Nedvidek against the wishes of her family, and was kept almost entirely in his company alone for some years. Now she has returned to Narrie and is trying to re-make a life for herself with the support of her family. She is most likely to be known by those who were at Tally from 2008-2012. Aiden Longhurst 15 | Flinders Fifth Year | Profile Aiden is the younger half-brother of Matt Belmont, currently attending Tally as a Flinders student. Aiden's biggest struggle in life is the sense of powerlessness he feels when others around him are hurting, and this is driving him toward a career in magical medicine. Since Matt's accident, Aiden has devoted himself to finding a way to wake his brother up. Aiden lives with his other half-brother Adam, Adam's long-term partner Cass, and his younger sister Valerie. When he first started as a Bilby kid, Aiden was known as the "tragedy kid". The novelty wore off over the years, but Aiden still fights to be seen as something more than his awful past. Students currently attending Tally are likely to know him. Matthew Belmont 50 | Owner of The Drunken Roo | Profile Matt dumped his father's last name shortly after getting married to Kate, deciding he didn't want his children to bear the name. He took on "Belmont" instead, his mother's maiden name. He went to Tally alongside Alan Burdett and Stuart Blair, another Spencer---though he admits he probably shouldn't have been there at all. Matt's magical ability is almost zero, and he was the most not-Spencer-y Spencer in the history of the school. After Tally, he took on a job at The Drunken Roo, earning very little and working too much. When the owner died, he was shocked to discover the business had been left to him, and he renovated and re-built the place into what it is today. Matt's hard work made him a common name in Narrie, in both muggle and magical wizarding circles. In 2012, he was hit by a tram in Melbourne and has been in a coma ever since. Though Matt has been away for a long time, he isn't forgotten. Only those who are new to Narrie since 2012 are unaware of who he is, and what his situation is.
  10. Lisa

    Hey Hey Hey

    Hey. My name is Lisa. I'm from Ireland. I've been rping for around 3 to 4 years and really enjoy it. Other than Harry Potter, I enjoy video games, anime and j-drama. I like learning new Languages too.
  11. Hello people. I am a 30 year old Animation student. I live in the USA.
  12. The last thing that Senan had wanted to do had been the very thing that had been expected of him. To place himself into the society, meld in as a foreigner trying to get used to the culture and the way that the country had worked and act as a student would act. He should have aimed for a much lower scale of an attempt such as some kind of sports game or maybe waited until some kind of school pep rally hit the scene. However, the longer he waited the more difficult it would have been for him to complete the missions that had been expected of him to handle. So, he found himself at what the many locals called 'Australia Day' and luckily he didn't need to pretend to be blown away by the excitement that pooled from the crowd and how easily many just fell into the different activities that had been scattered around the grounds. It had been enough for his mouth to drop agape, an eyebrow to arch and his head tilted in bewilderment. 'I am not sure if I should consider this ridiculous or impressive. Ugh. . . Means I have to go and actually get involved in this too?' A sigh of partial disgust exhausted from his lips as his mind confirmed that that his involvement needed to be much more inclusive. As easy that thought pressed through his mind his demeanor shifted putting on a mask that befitted a person who had been amazed like a tourist that wanted to experience every aspect of the event. Like a Teenager, trying to find just anything to do to keep occupied and fun by his 'own' standards. He passed by the various BBQ stands, the need for hunger hadn't hit him and he hadn't wanted to risk the fact that some maybe using tools that could be more of an annoying itch to him due to his Fae heritage. Instead, he waited in line for a bit from one of the cold drink sellers and scored himself a bottle of water and rerouted to the lakeside. Silver-Greyish eyes followed the motion of the stream as the light of the sun glistened and his attention jumped from one person to the next - it seemed a few had been playing water polo and others had been chucking a series of water balloons at one another. Admittedly, the water polo shenanigans that had been played out grew enticing to him, though that meant that he needed to take the watery plunge and he wasn't sure if he wanted to be -that- inclusive with people. Senan glanced around once more and saw a collection of balloon's filled to full tightness and the urge had finally hit him to do something, anything, that would allow him to get on the right track. Taking up a purple balloon in hand gently he offered a light squeeze to get an idea of not only its weight but just how sturdy it'd been while being so compromised. 'Just as I expected. . . It's a balloon designed just to slip some water into. Pretty good.' He scanned the are smoothly trying to determine the perfect target that seemed as if they'd be in some form of water war already and then pulled his arm back and tossed the purple balloon through the air towards them.
  13. It unfortunately took Diana nearly a whole month to be able to visit her brother again in school, a fact she chastised herself for. What kind of sister was she? It didn't matter if she got proverbially buried by work and people of interest that she had to follow through on, she actually needed to make an effort to be there for the kid at every step of the way. Even if it had been years, Merlin knew what kind of damage she had caused to his psyche after yanking him away from their parents without consent; the least she could do would be to actually be there for him and ensure he'd never feel isolated again. Isolation. That was something she needed in copious amounts. She felt like she talked enough to people for a lifetime over the course of February, but at the moment, that had to wait. Her school sources (what an odd thing to call them) had informed her that an old friend managed to attain a job in its premises; in the Hospital Ward, no less, wherein she was presently walking, heading straight for the nurse's office. Her former roommate and close friend made her grand return to Narragyambie and hadn't informed her. That couldn't stand! She was the last person she had to meet before swiping left on the demanding realm that was socialization. It was almost unlike Diana to feel so giddy about surprising someone like this - but to be fair, she hadn't seen the girl in years. And that long wait was about to end! The journalist opened the door to the office silently, peeking her head out from behind it and surveying the room, having a look-see to find Olivia.
  14. Attention, Students & Professors! Term One is ending soon! Please finalise your class threads and ensure any applicable homework and/or house points adjustments are submitted by April 5, 2019. You can find a list of active classes by checking the Active Classes list. For more information about how classes are roleplayed at Tallygarunga, check out the How Classes Are Played and Studying at Tallygarunga threads.
  15. In the short time Maddison had been attending the University the library had quickly become a safe haven from the busy campus. City life was not treating her well, she was over cautious at all times, unless she was in her room or situated with her back to a wall. Much like she was now. It hadn’t taken her long to find a desk in a corner of the library, where most didn’t venture to. It was nice, almost like her secret space. She had numerous textbooks spread out on the table, a notebook filled to the brim in front of her and earphones plugged into both ears playing music through her magical adjusted music player that she was humming lightly to. Maddison planned to spend a couple of hours here before heading home. As much as she didn’t mind her roommate, the other girl made it hard to study in peace there. Those plans quickly came crashing down around her when she felt another’s presence take up the other side of the table. Slowly she raised her head from her work to decide if this person was worth fleeing from.
  16. So just a couple of ideas for possible character plots/threads. I’m completely open to tossing characters into any situation as I think that is the best way for characters to grow and for great story-lines to happen 😊 I’m probably more reachable on discord (Raven#2335 aka Bella) but I will try to check the site at least every couple of days if you tag/message me here. Maddison Brown Muggleborn Witch * 19 * VMU Student * Veterinary Healing Maddison was raised with her younger brother on their family’s dairy farm, she is the only one in the family that has magic. As such the family faces it with anxiety and caution. Maddison is a quiet and private person and it can take her a long time to trust new people enough to open up and let them see what she keeps behind her walls - she is a loyal and caring friend to those she trusts. Her determination and passion is centred around helping animals of all kinds and it’s her dream to work in a field that will let her do this. Ideas:
  17. Humiliation was not a feeling Lisa was particularly fond of, but it was something she had to subject herself to for the greater good of the interschool team. It wasn't the first time she had gone through such a thing; in fact, from the moment she took up the mantle of Captain of both teams she was a part of, such events seemed to stack up pretty quickly, by coincidence and otherwise. That afternoon was doomed to be one of them. But, at least, she wouldn't be caught dead complaining about her responsibilities, opting to face them head on instead. She had requested a fellow Captain of another team, as well as a Chaser under her in the interschool team - Aspen Clarke - to meet up with her at The Drunken Roo a little while after their regular training session ended. There was a big problem Lisa was contending with that could use the advice of an upperclassman as to how to handle it - she couldn't raise the morale of either of her teams. A portion of the people working with her complained the training sessions she put together were too harsh, and, unfortunately, few seemed as focused on playing and winning as she was. A thorn on her side, certainly, and she didn't plan to let up; if they had a problem, they could go play for another team. What she could do, however, was motivate them to give their best somehow. And that would be where Aspen would come in. Lisa hadn't waited to walk together to the bar (which was fortunately old enough to visit). She had already sat down at a booth, crossed her legs under the table and ordered a simple watermelon slush, which she lightly sipped from the straw caught between her lips. Despite how sore her body was from two back-to-back training sessions that day (Sturt, and Interschool teams), her composure didn't seem affected at all by it as she still exuded an aura of superiority without much issue. She glanced out the window to distract herself as she waited for the senior Bourke, trying not to contend with thoughts that would inevitably make her frustrated and exacerbate the humiliation she was about to endure.
  18. Though she had tried to ignore the strange feeling which she didn't like, it was difficult for Lorelei when she had to attend the same classes, and sense where a person was that she was trying to avoid. The only way so far that she was able to relax and collect her thoughts these days was when she could wander off to her hiding spot in the bush. A little grove that was near impossible to get through due to overgrowth around it, but easy for her because she could simply teleport there at will. With a small pond that was joined to the Korrowi Creek, and a comfortable grassy patch and good shade, she was able to find some peace on her own without her body and emotions being affected by whatever strangeness was going on. She just needed time. That was all. Lorelei was certain that if she just had some time to think over the possibilities of what troubled her, and how she could prevent them, or even be rid of the feelings that she didn't like, then she would be able to return to normal soon and not feel like she had to avoid someone everywhere that she went in the school. Of course, she had an inkling that it might be noticed. Where she had used to bump into him around the school just to say hi, she had been instead sensing where he was and making sure she wasn't there at the same time. She didn't sit next to him in class. She hid away during lunch... like right now. It seemed like a good plan to her. At least until she could sort herself and not be overcome by what she assumed were silly teenage feelings or hormones or whatever it was that flustered her when she remembered Australia Day, or made her feel a lump in her throat at reading some of the QuillBook messages that she'd seen recently. And so, the teenager sat near the pond, on a small grassy knoll, with a book in hand and singing softly in a language that few people in the world even knew existed outside of the small hidden island she'd been born on. Like her mother, she was gifted in vocal talent. She was gifted in a number of talents, but was still struggling to work out what was hers. And that was made only more difficult by the distraction that had been created by a boy. Still... she sighed softly in between verses. She did miss spending time with him and she couldn't help but wander what he was doing with his time. Likely getting himself checked in for tonight. The thought caused a small frown. She's acquired Wolfsbane, but hadn't been able to tell him yet because of the silly way she was feeling. Maybe next month.
  19. According to Olivia, there was some sort of fan of his life's work in Tallygarunga that she'd like him to meet. He wasn't sure why she wanted to give that girl such a kindness - anyone wanting to go pro would pay attention to the rosters and games of the league and national team - but nonetheless Jamie agreed to it. It wasn't one of those crazed fans that his management was so fond of spawning, from what he could gather; he'd take a respite like that over some lame photo op or autograph signing any day. Plus, it was Sunday. There was no training to be had. He stood in his friend's office in Tallygarunga, waiting for the girl to be brought in. He was told beforehand that he could help himself to some candy resting within one of the top drawers; it took him a couple tries to find the right one, and once he did, he took out a small wrapped candy. Leaning on his friend's desk and looking out the window, he nimbly discarded the wrapping of the candy and placed it in the nearby trash bin. "Been a while since I've tried this..." He muttered to himself as he eyed the piece of candy. Not hearing the door nearby opening, he flicked the candy into the air, aiming his head under it to try and catch it with his mouth; it hit him square on the forehead instead. As the candy slid down his face he managed to catch it, using the other hand to rub the little sore spot the projectile had left on his skin. "Ow..." He could almost hear his sister pointing and laughing at him for that little mishap.
  20. This was one of the many locations she had come to call home. Well, sort of home. She didn’t really have a home anymore. Her last owner had decided they no longer wanted to have her around. Then again they had been old and had little use for a four legged creature that could turn into a two legged one that was rather vocal about their wants, needs and desires. Cat felt that since her mere presence boosted their magical abilities that actually it was a fair trade. The thoughts of her previous owner were pushed out of her thoughts as the door opened. Her ears swiveled at the sounds and she sat up slightly. Her favorite place in this particular location was the best. It did smell of the odd male dog-wizard that called this place called home, along with the several females he brought home and sometimes the different scents could be unsettling it didn’t stop her from making sure her own scent was mingled in with everything. It had taken her a few days of rubbing her scent on things so that the dog-wizard knew she considered it apart of her ever expanding territory. He didn’t seem to mind for the most part, though, she did wish he would stop washing the sleeping place so much. The sounds of footsteps caused Cat to yawn and slowly move onto her feet, stretching her front legs first before moving onto the back ones. Then with all the grace of her species she jumped off the bed and trotted out to meet the owner of the footsteps. Perhaps dog-wizard bought some good food for a change, she thought hopefully, as she rounded a corner with a loud meow too let him know she was present and demanded his attention.
  21. It had been a few years since her sister Vivian disappeared and when it was nearing the day of her sister’s disappearance Aspen was not only impatient she was mostly angry, she was angry at everything and everyone, feeling an overwhelming feeling of sadness whenever she thought of her sister, the feeling of ignorance on the subject didn’t make things any easier, was Vivian live or not? If she is still alive, is she suffering? All this time in the dark about her sister situation has been eating Aspen alive, the feeling of helplessness always by herself whenever she thought of Vivian, which was constantly. Aspen walked to the graveyard as she always did when she needed some advice, being the eldest meant she always needed to have the answer for everything. She found her mother’s grave and sat in front of it. Aspen looked at the gravestone for a few minutes, she wasn’t thinking anything she was just there looking at it. She was sure if their mother was still alive none of that would have happened, they would all be safe. “Do you think she’s still alive?” she asked her mother, who she was sure wasn’t going to answer her back, somehow, she wished it was possible. Aspen had very little memories of her mother, she was still young when she passed away but that didn’t mean all the memories were lost to her. “I don’t know what to do? I'm graduating this year and should I put my life on hold? I don't want the same to happen to Mary or Justice.”
  22. Months had passed since David's death. Adele had been a dutiful and attentive mother. They had made plans for Sollozzo, gone over and over the possibilities. They had one shot at this, it was important to get it right and yet she was frustrated. By the lack of momentum, by the ordinary mundanity of her days. Thoughts, not good thoughts, ticked across her mind like news tape. One by one she dismissed them. Returned to her sons. Reached out to her daughters. Spent evenings with her brother and his wife, and still it was... empty. A gigantic hole where David had been, and for all the love her family gave her---it echoed in her soul, reverberating upon itself until the sound of the nothing was deafening. Cass and Alex had offered to take the boys for a night. This time she didn't refuse, made sure they were set with food and clean pyjamas, gave the usual rundown (though both Alex and Cass knew the routine backwards, she did this anyway), dressed herself in painfully high heels, a shimmering dress---and she left. She didn't say exactly where, only a vague mention of the city. Her eyes had a wild and desperate look to them, Adele slipped out the door before she could be questioned further. A place she once knew, but different now. How many times had it changed hands? More than she could count. Same old clientele, though. Standing at the bar, she knew she was drawing looks. She returned some of them. Others she ignored. A muggle bar, it was now. All the better. One got brave enough to approach, offered a drink. She accepted, feigning shyness. Ice broken, others began to edge in. They thought themselves hunters, each eager to outdo the other for her favour. They had no idea they were prey. She played them against each other, favouring one and then the other. A battle royale of seduction, she kept a mental score. There would be a winner. That was the point. She wanted to see them fight, first. Adele wanted to remember who she was. How she had been. Before she had settled into this middle-aged housewife life, and even the toey teenagers had forgotten she was a woman. Before she had lost the love of her life, before she had been thrown into an endless well of pain. This was the only way she knew to climb back out. Find a new one. Forget the old one.
  23. The sound of laughter rang through the air, various voice clamored together and rivaled the level of the music that had been set-up by the current group that had went up to start their series of sets for the day. A multitude of stands spread out across the and had been filled with lines and they weren't going to get shorter any time soon. It had also been the same situation for the lake with the different water sports that were being played and the people that had decided that they just -needed- to take a dip because of the sweat that started to build up at the brow or in other less comfortable places. Seeing this kind of a sign brought a smile to Travis' lips finding it a much comfortable environment than the usual draw of dances or balls, there had been more of a spark of life and the real core of what it meant to be constantly socializing with people that you knew and some that you've never even encountered. For him, though, today had been one where he'd spend some time with someone he'd befriends a short while back. After all, he'd promised that she could pick any day and he'd be there with full attentions offered. There had been a suspicion that the two of them needed to probably get out more for the summer too especially with the school year only hop, jump, and a skip away from starting up. This could be seen as the big-mega relax-o-rama in his book before he started the exhaustive Seventh year, that had been a thought he wanted to avoid thinking about for the time being. Travis waited for sometime in one of the BBQ stands until it'd finally had been his turn to make the orders: A few meat skewers, couple of Hamburgers, and a few chilled drinks to try and beat back the heat of the sun that threatened to beat down upon them. Normally carrying so many things could be consider the idea of trying the balancing act for other people which included a few plants and napkins for the food to avoid dropping them or having the need to just hold them in hand. But he had decided that in such a crowded place no one would actually be looking to him and there had been way too many people that he felt a bit safer putting to use the full effort of his ability for balance and well-maintained strength. However, as he continued further there seemed to be fewer people that passed by him and only amounted to a few stragglers trying to catch up to their parties. He came upon a much more secluded place which had been surrounded by a enough vegetation to hide away behind but offered an elevation where the festivities could be viewed clearly, if one sought distance but still wanted to enjoy the band and people-watching? This had been the area to do it. "Hehe, those lines are insane. I can't even remember how long ago it was that I had to do something like that, kind of fun." His head lifted up towards the person he'd been talking to and he held out the grouped skewers towards her. "Here, I'll need at least one hand to make the climb."
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    Hello! Not really sure what to say so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m Bella and I have been RPing in one form or another for about ten years. I’m looking forward to playing in a setting of which I have personal experience as I am an Aussie. I work full time as a early childhood teacher so I will probably be quiet during week days. If I’m taking too long to respond, best to just poke me on discord. Looking forward to meeting everyone and creating some IC drama!
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