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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 8 results

  1. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Numb. That was the word that could most accurately describe the state of Laurie's mind throughout the month of September. With Max avoiding her occasional questions and the short girl having to stay away from Colette for the greater good, along with the impeding deadline looming over the horizon, Laurie's mind had to mostly go numb in order to survive the mounting stress. The month had been a blur and mostly on autopilot, to such a degree she'd say some of her present friendships suffered. Yet for the past couple weeks things seemed to take a turn that got through that layer of self protection. It started when Max had gotten into a particularly nasty accident over a gift for her boyfriend, something Laurie had to conceal when their room was searched. It took a full week for the redhead to go back to their newly fixed room, but apparently the stay in the hospital had given Max some sort of room to clear her mind about things because she was more forthcoming with answers upon her return. Not too long after, a prank hit the whole school, something she immediately recognized as Gwendoline's brainchild, having been the one that taught her to begin with, but it was a two person job - it was interesting to see the sisters letting loose after leaving Durmstrang behind. If only Laurie didn't have to go back. It all culminated just a couple short days after the school wide prank when Colette reached out through her via text, asking her to come visit her at her house. As Laurie read that message, it felt like an alarm had gone off to wake her up from a bad nightmare - she didn't exactly know if the outcome of the conversation was going to be positive at all, but the fact she was willing to grace the Spencer with her presence was a clear indicator of an opportunity to start anew. And, by Merlin, Laurie would take it if it was the last thing she'd do. Strolling along to the rich part of town, Laurie was greeted by the Auclairs. She figured that Colette had heard her arrive so she only made small talk prior to excusing herself, not wanting to keep the half-Veela waiting too much. She briefly wondered where Gwendoline was but ultimately shrugged to herself as it was unimportant. As she reached the same room she had been dragged to last time she had been in the house, she took a deep breath. The door was ajar. Her steps would've been heard as it was. "...Hey." She spoke once peeking her head through the opening, the side of it leaning on the door frame. "Mind if I come in?"
  2. Sticky troubles

    Colette couldn’t believe her luck, she though that the Spencers learnt their lesson but no, they didn’t learn and now she was glued to some guy she didn’t know, and she wasn’t even sure what was going on. At first her situation was complicated, she even assaulted the young man after a joke, she was annoyed at everything and no matter how many spells she used to break free she couldn’t, and the boy was weird too, he somehow didn’t seem to be too worried about it, he even seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening. He had to be the perpetrator for the other prank, the one that turned her into a glow stick, but she more she looked at him the more she doubted it could be him. It was a smart prank, it was impressive, even trying to get rid of it was hard, nah, it couldn’t be him. They had to learn to compromise with one another and it wasn’t an easy task, given Colette’s inability to do so, but it shouldn’t be for long, however, she couldn’t believe that he wanted to go to the Bushland, who in their right mind would want to go to such a filthy place? She honestly would go, if she had someone to go with her, not that she would admit it to anyone, so in a way he might have done her a favour, but once more, she wasn’t just going to let him know that, at least not for the time being. “Why are we here?” she growled lightly as walked next to him. Her anger was mostly fake, but she wasn’t going to let him know that she was okay with being there, she needed to create a reputation, one that could tell people not to mess with her. She continued to walk without protesting, unsure where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do. “You seem to come here often…” she said, not as aggressive as before, maybe being aggressive wasn’t the way to go, but she wasn’t going to do what he wanted, he would have to do what she wanted. These goddamn Spencers needed to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, they needed to get off their high horse and should start being more mature. She pulled, with a bit more strength than usual, at that point she didn’t care if he knew she was a halfbreed or not, as long as she could get out of there, but it didn’t seem to be the case, they just seemed to be venturing deeper and deeper into the Bushland.
  3. Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    It had been a night of silent reflection for Laurie. Max had displayed some worry about her, but the younger Spencer shrugged it off and told her not to concern herself with it as she always did (the irony of which didn't escape her). Not a month and a half before it started to sink in that she may have grievously wronged the Auclair sisters, they both show up in Narragyambie. What were the odds? It threw Laurie for a loop. She had originally intended to wait it out and solve their problems during next year's Durmstrang Summer break, but she had ran out of luck. She either had to face the music now or suffer the permanent consequences later, as she was unlikely to return on a consistent basis once December rolled around. She wasn't so idiotic so as to take on both at once. She decided to take on the easiest task first - Gwendoline - to survey the field and get a feel for how difficult things would be with Colette. To her surprise, the youngest of the sisters seemed quite chipper in their initial meeting, something scheduled over direct messaging in QuillBook without Colette's knowledge. "Look who it is! Damn, I'm taller than you now!" Came the familiar German words, along with a pat to the head to emphasize how short Laurie was. She didn't seem too bothered by the treatment, and decided to spend some time with the blonde so to catch up and show her around. It took Laurie a few hours until she decided to bring up the elephant in the room. "So... Where's your sister?" The older Spencer asked as they walked down a street, hands loosely tucked into magically loosened pockets. Gwendoline tilted her head in confusion at the framing of the question. "Going straight for the kill, huh? Not even asking how she's doing." "I think I have a pretty good idea." "Fair enough." They were (or had once been) best friends after all - and, if she recalled correctly, Laurie had alluded to Colette's ignoring of her existence was to be expected the day before on the wizarding social media platform. "You want me to take you to her, don't you?" "Probably for the best." "Mm." Gwendoline had already tried to beat Colette over the head with the matter but got rebuffed astoundingly quickly; remembering her compromise to at least considering listening to Laurie if she talked to her of her own volition, the taller girl gave Laurie a nod. "Alright. Follow me." It took them a little while to make the trek from Calder Avenue to the rich side of town, and McEwen Lane in particular. They were living large, courtesy of their Ministry-related savings, and Laurie let out a low whistle so to compliment exactly that. "You can come over whenever you want, y'know? You've always been family." "Something tells me I should probably stay away for a while. After this little meetup anyway. You know where to find me though." Gwendoline nodded, understanding what she meant. It would be nothing short of awkward if Laurie were to inhabit the house to an extent while Colette was under the same roof and not at all comfortable with it. Entering the house, Gwendoline didn't bother showing Laurie around, taking her hand and quickly guiding her upstairs to Colette's bedroom, where she hoped the half-Veela would be. Letting go, she knocked a few quick times on the wooden door. "Special delivery!" She spoke loudly for Colette to hear from within the room. That could mean anything; at least, it would hopefully trick the girl into opening the door before a possible complete disregard for Laurie's existence.
  4. School visits

    The blonde was hopping that this day would turn out better than the previous one. After the prank she wasn’t quite in the mood for anything, and she did manage to remove most of the glowing substance, with the help of her father, who seemed to have had some trouble with it. She only glowed a bit, mostly on her neck, a spot on her forehead and some of her arm, nothing too extreme, and something that could potentially go unnoticed, unless people would stare or if someone pointed them out, like her sister had done a few times after the majority of the glowing had disappeared. She was going to attend one of the classes, Cruel & Unusual Geography, and interesting yet easy subjected, considering that that she had a great tutor at home. There was nothing else interesting in the area, minus some students who seemed to be going to classes. Her uniform was … awful, the lack of fashion in that school was horrible, why couldn’t they just wear whatever they want? Why did it have to be these stupid, ugly uniforms? The dress was the ugliest thing, but also the only piece of clothing that could help her withstand the temperatures. She had a feeling when Summer comes, she was going to turn into a puddle. The class had gone by quickly. Did they call that a class? It was a joke, they barely learnt anything. What kind of school was that? She hopped that other classes weren’t lacking like this one was, or when the new school year starts, she wasn’t even going to bother to study, she could easily ace all the classes with this barely mediocre teaching. She existed the class, her face showing a certain superiority, as if she was smarter than everyone in the classroom, including the Professors. That school was a joke and shouldn’t be eligible to teach, who were they trying to trick? She exited the classroom and hung around the area, maybe there will be another class worth going to, a class where the Professor wasn’t a waste meat suit walking around pretending to teach.
  5. Feel The Glow

    Colette Auclair
    What was that crap all about? Who had been the asshole that decided to prank the Sturt Quidditch team? They should be locked in a cage like a rabid animal. She thought Australia would be better, but it seemed to be full of idiots. Who was showing her around had gotten the biggest portion, making them even brighter than her. Colette gathered a her cool, she couldn’t even visit campus in peace without falling victim of a juvenile prank. It reminded her of how annoying her sister could be, with the difference that her sister probably wasn’t smart enough to pull this, maybe in a few years. She was slightly impressed, not that she would ever admit it to anyone, and whoever confronts her about it, will receive a cold stare that will most likely chill their spine. Whoever did it was going to pay dearly for making her look like a walking glow stick. Who even does that? Who in their right mind pulls a prank like this? “I swear whenever I catch the bastard that did this, I’m freezing their sorry ass.” She thought to herself as her fingers touched her forehead, massaging it a little. She wasn’t even planning to unto the prank, to stop looking like a firefly, what was the point? It was going to disappear soon enough. The blonde left the Quidditch player go wherever they needed to go, just like her they were probably annoyed at the situation. First few days in that school and she had already been caught in a prank, that probably wasn’t even meant for her. Walking down the halls, arms crossed, she tried to make sense of where she was, and to where she needed to go. Where were the maps to that fucking place? Maybe she should have requested some assistance like her sister did, but she wasn’t going to admit that Gwen had done something right. Muttering something under her breath, she walked towards a few tables and benches and sat down, leaning her back on the table and crossing on leg over the other as her chin rested on the palm of her hand. She looked like she was ready to hold someone’s neck and break it, she was still upset over the fact that she was now a glow stick, even if temporarily. She remained quiet, waiting for the time to pass, and hoping to avoid people as much as she could, during classes that sounded a perfect location.
  6. New acquaintances

    Despite the school being a horrible place to learn, at least in that condition and with those teachers, the Common Room wasn’t so bad, it was cosy, and it felt good to be surrounded by those who had potential to challenge her in an intellectual level, which was pretty hard to do so. She wondered how all these people who seemed to grasp the concept of education had fallen in such a poor school, wasn’t anything better out there? Or were all the teachers in Australia this bad? Maybe it was a country issue and not an institution issue? That would explain why half the teachers were incompetent and why the other half had a limited knowledge on their subjects and were very lenient with the students. She took a deep breath and wandered across the Common Room. It was magnificent, she could see people playing chess, reading and engaging in somewhat interesting debates. That was where she felt comfortable. She looked for a place to sit, to enjoy the quietness of the room until she stopped a young man who seemed as boring as a blank sheet, but at least he was quiet and was probably meditating. She approached the couch and with a fake smile she passed by him. “Hello.” She greeted him. She tried to be polite, but that didn’t mean she had to be nice, yet, she tried. She tried to get across to the other side, and quietly made her way through. She sat down and removed a book from her bag, she crossed one leg over the other and opened a book in German. German was so much easier than English, the world flow better. She slowly looked over at her couch companion, nope, no matter how many times she looked at him face he was still going to look as boring as a white paper sheet. It was then that she thought she could always ask him if the school had always been like this. “Excuse me, but I have a question.” She turned towards him, closing her book but leaving her index in the middle not to lose track of the page she was on. “Why does this school lack competent teachers? Or has it always been like this?”
  7. Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline Auclair
    "What the?" Confusion struck the bespectacled teenager that lazy Saturday afternoon, as she engaged in a video game whose rating far exceeded her age while keeping company to her older sister whom preoccupied herself with a book, as per usual. With the game paused, Gwendoline glanced down at her smartphone as it vibrated twice after the last message she sent out to the masses of QuillBook; one from that same sister, and another from a long lost friend. What bothered her was not whom had sent the messages, or their contents. Rather, it was what the messages lacked. "Hey." Shutting her smartphone's screen and carelessly tossing it aside, having it land face first on the couch of the younger girl's room, the geek turned to face Colette with bewilderment clearly etched on her face. The pair argued plenty - out in the public at least - but indoors, it was far less frequent; yet, for once, her sister's inaction bothered Gwendoline enough to try to start a confrontation behind closed doors nonetheless. "What's with the ignoring? Can't you shove that reputation of yours aside for just a minute?" The French words escaped out of sheer habit. QuillBook was a public forum - her sister had always been one to act a certain way in front of others, and so that was possibly what was going on. Yet, it bothered her greatly: it was still about a long lost friend of theirs after all.
  8. Colette Auclair's Birthday

    It's Colette's birthday. Don't remind her about it.
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