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Found 3 results

  1. Complete Let's Get It Started In Here

    Theodore Spellman
    Having managed to make the place significantly more clean and orderly with the help of Alex, Teddy smiled at their success. F3 was in tip-top shape, in fact, it was probably in the best shape it had been in decades. Quite beside himself, he told Alex, "Seems like we're ship-shape, mate. Now we just have to get everything together." He smiled even wider after saying this because this was indeed the easy part. After spending the previous weekend mending the classroom and this whole day gathering bits and pieces like the speakers, setting up the music and the soundproofing charms, and making sure that all of the decorations were in place, getting the food and beverages out of the cooler they had levitating alongside them on the way there, seemed a simple feat. Teddy made several complicated wand movements and suddenly the lid to the cooler popped off and the food and beverages magicked themselves into their proper places. "Now that this is done all we have to do is check on the billywigs to make sure they are alright and then wait for people to show up," he thought aloud to Alex. So, he went over to the formerly terrifying cupboard they magically repaired and opened its door revealing three jars with one billywig in each of them. They seemed a bit displeased, but not nearly as much as they were before. Closing the cabinet, he turned to Alex, who seemed to be working with the sound system. "I think we've properly set everything up, all we need now is our guests and some fun music. How is that coming along?" They worked really hard to put together the best playlist for the party and Teddy wanted to be sure that it would end up being played so that everyone could enjoy it. It seemed like everything was coming together. This was definitely going to be a party to get them through the term, that was for sure.
  2. Complete Might As Well Be Walkin' On The Sun (Dec 15, '17)

    Cassandra Sullivan
    Holy crap, why had they decided that Australia would be a good place to live, far enough away from all the stuff back home? It was a land of scorching desert heat. It was with great relief that Cassandra had found the school's games room, and then found out that it had fantastic air conditioning. She sighed as she slouched back in a beanbag beneath one of the vents, and closed her eyes, sunglasses lazily resting over them. Her shoes were kicked off, and she was wearing a cropped shirt and short denim shorts, because when she'd woken up at 5am when the sun was almost rising, she realised it was going to be a gross day. To be fair, the young woman knew she could have stayed home, where she knew it would be wonderful and cool all day. But that's what she'd been doing a lot of since the move down under, and since Caitlin was going to be at the school doing a little prep work for the coming school year, well Cass figured she could scope the place out. So it was that the girl lazed, since there appeared to be no one else in the room at the moment. Apparently most kids had already gone to their respective homes since it was the last week and the classes were basically filler stuff. She couldn't decide whether it was a good or bad thing. Then again, it would be nice to have someone to play pool with. The pool table was one of the first things that her gaze had fallen upon when she entered the room, surprised to see it there. But that was hella cool. No way she was going outside though, she was pretty sure the sun would burn her to a crisp within moments, on the inside and outside. She quite liked not being cooked, thanks. That thought in mind, she rested her head back again, and started humming to herself.
  3. Complete To The World I Close My Eyes To See (Jan 3 2018)

    It’d been almost a week since he last saw the charismatic redhead, though it wasn’t like Clyde had been counting the days, because he hadn’t. He was perfectly busy with his new quidditch regimen, and it was only now that he’d finally found time to take his new friend out for a spin around the neighborhood. He totally hadn’t been looking forward to this, cause she was just someone who went to the same school as him and knocked into him and apparently strung him on his toes the last time they’d met in the games room. Nah, he could do better without her teasing. Yeah right. He had scribbled a note and owled her a few nights ago to ask if she was free today. Her reply came back quickly enough and that’s how they ended up on a strange power pole next to the local bakery shop, which, quite frankly, was just a cover-up as a platform to muggle eyes. They really didn’t wanna see people attempt what they would be doing in a few minutes. It was both ridiculous and exhilarating at the same time, and if you hadn’t tried Bush Telegraph, you haven’t been to Australia. Well it’s time to break her in and show her how it’s done. Oh yeah, he could remember the skepticism when he had first heard of this type of transportation, believing whole-heartedly that failed attempts were more often than not and the person falling stupidly from the sky would have broken their thick skull with a resounding ‘splat’ on the pavement. Yeah, didn’t fancy that for himself. But here he was, three years later, wired coat hanger in hand with the other gripping the power pole as he readied himself for impact and initiation of a new bush telegrapher. Absofuckinglutely brilliant! “Now just do what I do and zip down the power cable with your coat hanger. You shout out ‘Majorca Building’ about halfway through and hopefully we’ll see each other on the other side!” grinning cheekily, the beater hooked his coat hanger to the cable, purposefully standing backwards to face the redhead that was looking at him like he’d grown another head. Yeah, he had that effect on people sometimes. With an excited whoop, the kangaroo kicked off from his standing point and zipped down the cable backwards, feeling the wind whipping past his back as he gained momentum. “Majorca Building!” and with a shout, he was zapped into the cable and on his way o their destination. Hopefully zipping down backwards didn’t mean he would be reassembled backwards as well.