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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 8 results

  1. Invite Cornered

    Maxine Williams
    The protection charm didn’t work very well, or at least she thought it hadn’t, she had asked Laurie to bring it to her, she needed to test it. Ever since Max had broken into the office to check the records, she finally discovered Senan’s birthday, she wasn’t sure if it would be the first one, but it didn’t make sense to lie about it, did it? She wasn’t too sure of her abilities, her magic was weak and highly uncooperative half the time, but the spell seemed easy enough, and with the training she thought it was a good idea to try. She continued to wonder about the events that happened a couple of days ago, the spell went well, except when a random burst of energy threw Max across the room and destroyed half of it, after that, the young redhead had no idea what happened, only waking up in the Hospital Wing a few hours later. She used the charm on herself and stole a wheelchair from the nurses office, she was blending in into the scenery, as long as she didn’t talk to people they saw her, but they didn’t notice her, it was like she was as relevant as a chair, it was perfect. The spell was working with most of the staff members, and as soon as she took the charm off of her and wrapped it into a piece of cloth, the nurses started immediately to yell at her, sending her off to her bed. Max was taken to her bed once more to rest. Laying on the bed, she kept calling the nurses, either she was thirsty, either she was hungry, or cold and even one time asked for a book and then declined it that it wasn’t the one she wanted. She wasn’t just tormenting the nurses, she was driving them crazy and the worst was that she was doing on purpose, mostly because she had nothing else to do around the hospital wing. Hours later, Max calmed down, she laid on the bed, reading some random book that the nurses had given her. It wasn’t a bad book, a crime novel, not enough fantasy and adventure for her taste but it would have to do for the time being. Before she could call the nurse again, for some ridiculous question, she noticed the Counsellor entering the Hospital Wing, she quickly lowered her head and tried to use the charm. “Shit, shit, shit.” She thought as she was suddenly the one under the magnifying glass, she could feel the eyes on her, she felt cornered, there was no escape that interaction. When someone called her name, she tried to avoid it, but eventually the angry voice of the nurse made Max raise her hand. “I’m here, is someone there for me?” Obviously, the woman was there for her, why the fuck would she be there? Certainly, wasn’t to play cards with the nurses.
  2. Path of the Ancients: The First Step

    Caitlin Sullivan
    It had taken a little time to settle back into life after her return, even if it hadn't felt like any time had passed for her. Time had certainly changed a few things here, some of which she was still trying to catch up on. But now that she was back at work and Aisling was going to Tally after some tutoring from her mother on a few basics that she needed to know, Caitlin had finally been able to sit down and work out the process by which she would need to tackle some of the larger objectives that she'd already had before she went missing. Among those was being able to sit and talk to Dylan about all that had happened, which she had decided she would do today while she waited for Alex to come for the healing he required. As it stood, there were seemingly some wizards who already had a vendetta against the Sorceraic families - though perhaps more specifically Adele and her brood - but there were also others out there. Cate and Cassandra still had those who wanted them hunted down, and they didn't even know the extent of the women's genealogy either. And it would help Dylan to better protect them if he did know, the last thing anyone wanted was mistakes that could make things worse due to lack of communication. Having filled a teapot and got a few cups and some freshly baked cookies on a platter, the woman set it on the coffee table in her living room to pour herself a cup while she waited. The front door was open, which would be easily seen through the screen door, as was the door to the backyard, so that the cool spring breeze could flow through the house. Cate took a sip of her drink before setting her cup down and relaxing on the sofa. Perhaps she should have been concerned about telling Dylan too much, but her concern wasn't so much about him knowing, because she didn't believe he would ever harm her. But more that she didn't want to be a larger burden than she may already be. Especially with he having a brother here now that he was looking out for. Yet another thing that Caitlin had missed with her disappearance. She sighed softly, waiting for the knock at the door that would inevitably come, before calling out easily. "Door's open! I'm in the living room!"
  3. Lily's Lovelies

    Lily's Characters Always up for plotties and connections and threads, PLEASE THROW IDEAS AT ME BELOW! ❤️ Jez (Amiradysébelle Blair) 26(ish?) | Actress, Princess, and Supermum | Melbourne Jez would be recognisable from her former role in Neighbours as well as a few movies, though more commonly known around Narrie as the eldest of Stu's brood of Blair kids. She's also a popular musician and singer, and tries to do a lot of charity type events. She has certainly gained a small brood of her own so far. She's happy-go-lucky and loves her family and making friends. She was also the Queen of Spencer in her last few years at Tally, would have made lots of friends with others who were at school then. Could use: friends (lots of friends), stalkers fans, other mums, family members (I have a Blair family tree, ask if you want to see it!), rivals, and well... any other plot ideas. Auds (Audrey Adagathguarde 27 | The Headmaster's Assistant and Fiancee/Babymomma (and the one who really organises Tally) | Narragyambie This British-born gal came over to Narrie around 8-9 or so years ago, and has won the hearts of a lot of its residents since, especially in the past few years, during which she has kept the Headmaster of Tally more organised than he's ever been and helped take care of his children in the absence of their birth mother, not to mention she is known for throwing the best parties in town. Not surprisingly, she spends so much time organising Alan, especially now that they are officially together and have their own child, but she seems oddly content. Though bouncy, full of energy, and fairly carefree, there is a very scary side of the woman that rarely shows itself, the protective matriarchal side who will take on anyone who hurts those she cares about. Could use: friends, troublemakers, past terrible/bad choice boyfriends/dates, awkward buddies, people who love fun, co-workers, other mums, . Arti (Artemisia Bellerose) 23 | Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner | Melbourne Having toured Europe and other parts of the world with her popular combination of music and art magic, prior to that Arti was the solemn girl who arrived at Tally in her Fifth year with the French accent, who ended up being abused by her father and was adopted by the former Deputy Headmaster and his wife. Recent years, she's come into her own as an accomplished artist, and has set up a Gallery Cafe in the city, where she gets quite a lot of business and admirers of the arts, and where she also hosts local musical talent now and then. She also works part-time as one of the Musiciary teachers. Could use: friends, an art gallery partner, the musically or art inclined, troublemakers, a traumatic ghost from her past (ask for details if interested), and so on. Siby (Sibylla Townsend) 250 (license says 32) | Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker | Narragyambie Sib has settled into life in the country town over the past few years or so, and has been a reliable local doctor, as well as on call for St Ringo's. In between work, she tends to travel a bit, studying strange and obscure medical conditions and eccentric and rare ways of healing and artifacts involved with such. She's still hurting about the loss of her daughter, which makes her very protective of her remaining family, and she is dedicated to her support group for non-humans and making sure the same doesn't happen to others. Though most of her work is known to the Ministry, she does also have an underground network and connections for those who have been wrongly accused, unjustly treated, or are hunted for crimes they did not commit. Could use: friends, patients, other non-humans for the support network, blasts from the past, perhaps a dangerous person who doesn't like non-humans (for plot reasons to do with her daughter's murder). Adoption opportunity: Siby's teenage daughter, Mairead (15-16) is totally up for grabs. Just message me for details. Stu (Stuart Blair) 52 | Federal Minister of Magic, Co-owner of The Drunken Roo, Owner of Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve | Narragyambie and Melbourne Since all his children have grown up and moved out of home, Stuart tends to work a lot more, so that he doesn't end up with too much time up his sleeve to wallow in the misfortunes of recent years. He also tends to concentrate more on other peoples' problems and currently provides support for his two best friends, Alan and Kate. He's been diagnosed with depression, which he keeps to himself and which one wouldn't even pick up on by just being around him due to his upbeat nature among others. He doesn't want to worry people, and seems to have given up on the idea of dating or relationships. Of course, a lot of quality time spent with babymomma to his first children has been changing that a little. Could use: friends and drinking buddies, people with young kids (for when he's babysitting his grandkids), Ministry folk, a line of swooning women, old rivals (or boyfriends that he's pissed off just by being him), teens in the sports that he coaches (cricket, basketball, AFL), or people who may know his mother who manages a reserve for endangered wildlife and magical creatures (that is now owned under Stuart's name). Adoption opportunity: The Blair Triplets, who are a year younger than Jezebel (mid-20s), they can be found under NPCs & Wanted Characters Cate (Caitlin Sullivan) 121 (license says 38) | Counselor, Psychologist, Profiler, Private Investigator, Author | Narragyambie and Melbourne This lady's had a pretty difficult life when it comes to the people she cares about, having lost most of her family while a teenager (at least, according to the memories she was given), when things were beginning to go down at Hogwarts, living through the battle itself, and then losing her brother some years later as well, becoming the guardian of her niece. Not that anyone in her new home would know much of that, only that she's worked with the Ministry in the UK and is a bestselling author. She's friendly if perhaps a little quiet, will help someone if they look like they need it, and tends to mother younger people a bit. The past year she found her real mother, only to lose her, discovered more about her heritage, and started becoming romantically involved with a man she probably shouldn't be with but it is what it is. More concerning is the fact that she disappeared for 6 months at the start of 2019 with no memory of where she was, and returning with a teenage daughter. Could use: friends, colleagues, awkward encounters, probably to be dragged out to have fun every now and then,, enemies or past criminals she's helped put away, HER BROTHER WHO SHE IS GOING TO WAKE UP (PM me for juicy plot details).. Cass (Cassandra Sullivan) 19 | Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of VEGE Productions, Rising Vocal Star, Mother of twins | Narragyambie Being the niece and charge of her aunt, she naturally had to move to Australia with her (of course, being in danger back home was another good reason to move). She's seen her own fair share of tragedy, but tries to concentrate on the positives in life, as well as the fact that she intends to be someone who will help others, like her aunt has done for years. Flirty, boisterous, fun-loving and good-natured, she tends to brighten a room when she walks in. Though she's had a rather usual couple of years when it comes to friends, as well as discovered her true identity as a sidhe fae (and an Heir), she is able to be happy with the good things that had happened, including an impromptu marriage to fellow Spencer student Alexander, as well as their unplanned twins and the realisation that she has more 'relatives' than she thought. Could use: friends (just one really good friend would be nice), partners in mischief, victims of her wiles, bullies to antagonise, someone who really gets her, HER FATHER (see Cate), a potential bad dude for dramatic plots (PM me for deets). Gem (Gemini Demetra) 24 | Performer, Main Guitar and Vocals for her band, Fire-struck | Melbourne A single mum with an attitude, it generally depends on what the other person around her is like as to whether said 'tude is good or bad. She's pretty easy going and free-spirited, feeling like stress is for people who don't know how to enjoy what they have. She faces her problems head on and pretty bluntly. Though despite her generally relaxed nature, she has a scorching temper if someone presses the wrong button. Recently having discovered her daughter's father isn't actually dead, there have been rising issues,e specially with the media, due to his fame and her own rising popularity. Could use: friends, past flings, band mates (see NPCs & Wanteds), other mums to chill with, fellow entertainers, people who enjoy some good music. Ele (Elektra Devereux) 33 | IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist at Tallygarunga | Melbourne A former Quidditch star and champion, who has retired from the sport now that she has the custody of her twin sister's daughters and is struggling with learning how to be a parental figure. She also just happens to be an agent for the IWP who is currently working undercover in the area. She did start off as the Quidditch instructor for Tallygarunga, but has since shifted to a Receptionish position since an unfortunate incident mid-2018 which she doesn't talk about. Currently living in a house with her sister's former partner in crime, but who is now Ele's IWP partner who tends to frustrate her to no end, but is better with the kids than she is. Could use: friends, admirers and fans, someone to make Ashkar jealous, other Quidditch enthusiasts, old friends/contacts from her Quidditch days. Adoption opportunity: Nina (15) is Ele's oldest niece and started at Tally this year. She's had a rocky start with her aunt, but is slowly warming to her. She thinks Ashkar is the best. Message me for more details. Lei (Lorelei Valentin-Blair) 16(?) | Sturt Student (not sure for how long), Amateur Photographer/Videographer and Singer | Narragyambie & Melbourne A strange life could not even begin to describe what Lorelei has lived, and there is much of it that even her own family are still trying to understand. But what is at least known publicly, is that she is related to the Blairs, though few if any bother to wonder in what capacity. She mostly keeps to herself, though there are moments where she can't help but be mischievous, and she does enjoy a good joke or prank. She cares deeply for those she considers friends and family and is loyal to a fault, and also displays an uncanny intelligence well above her apparent age. Currently dating, but that is a secret to all but maybe one or two. Could use: friends, awkward friends, antagonists, curious people, both good and bad influences. Dusty (Stardust) Ancient (assumed youngish unless age/power is sensed) | Sidhe, Owner of Will o' The Wisp Wandshop | Narragyambie There is not much known about this woman at all publicly, aside from what those who visit the shop or see her around town can see for themselves. Bright, cheery, has a love of animals of all kinds, the wand shop often full of small critters that run around. She is open about her status as Fae, and her appearance makes it rather obvious. But no one can quite remember the exact date of when she came to Narrie, or how. They know she hasn't always been there, and some remember a time before she was, but everything around her arrival is just... something no one thinks about. She clearly means no harm and her cheer is rather infectious. Could use: friends of all kinds, Fae types to interact with, potential trouble, possible love interests, someone to investigate her hazy past with her. Ash/Ashlinn (Aisling Sullivan) 16(?) | Spencer Student, Sidhe, New girl in the mortal realm, Utterly lost, funny and adorably friendly | Narragyambie As far as anyone outside of her family's friends know, she was taken as a child and has recently been found and recovered and now lives with her mother. In reality, this girl has spent her life (however long that might be) living in a Fae realm, and returned with Caitlin when her mother reappeared after having been missing for six months. Now, she's trying to find her place in a new world where she knows little to nothing about the technology, history, people, and so many other things. She's learning, slowly, but it's still taking some adjusting. Could use: friends, partners in mischief, peers, crushes, helpful people, not so helpful people, good influences, bad influences, other Fae to connect with. Rosa (Rosaera Dawnstar) 24 | Lost sister #1, bartender, part-time groundskeeper, guarded | Narragyambie WIP info. Keira (Keirana Dawnstar) 22 | Lost sister #2, full time groundskeeper, lively and adventurous | Narragyambie WIP info. Leia/Amala (Amaleia Dawnstar) 19 | VMU student, artsy, space cadet | Narragyambie WIP info.
  4. A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    Caitlin Sullivan
    The call from the Auror department had been unexpected, given that she had heard nothing from them since the move to Australia. Certainly, Caitlin had offered to assist should her expertise be needed, but she had come to think that finally she'd found some kind of peace and escape from the world of crime, murder and horror. It seemed not to be the case, as the call had proven. The murder of a local Narragyambie man, whose family had been threatened before by a murderer and criminal whose list of crimes and ability to escape the law meant that even she had heard of him and followed the various cases surrounding him for a time. Cate had not thought that she would be called in to find out if he was involved in something here in Australia though. It was a dangerous territory, but she knew confirmation was needed, that it could prove the difference between more people being hurt or not. Still, it had unnerved her, and so the woman had traveled across town to a place where she would feel safer. She used a key given to her some time ago to enter the house, and moved straight to the alcohol cabinet, pouring herself a glass of scotch and taking a sip before sighing as she realised Dylan wasn't home right now. To that end, she simply sat down on the sofa and put some music on, soon enough lying down and drifting off.
  5. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    Home. . . Well, at least the Country, he hadn't expected to find himself back in Ireland with his current issues with family but, of course, he wasn't here to deal with the mystery of his bloodline. Rather, it was the company of someone he hadn't expected to be next to in the slightest even more than being in Ireland - Cate. She'd requested his presence on the trip and while part of him held reservations stepping into such dangerous territory for himself he was more than willing to oblige her, even with the vagueness of the reasons that they had been heading into the country. Let alone the quaint little town that held more of a 'back in time' appeal towards it. There were always rumors about those sorts of places but he also hadn't pushed the red-haired woman too much on the details not until they were well on their way towards their destination and curious piqued a bit too much to ignore for the man. "You've been quite tight-lipped about the full reason why we're here, Caitlin. We're no longer in earshot of those more crucial to your life in Australia so. . . What is the full reason we've need to traverse to such a place?" It couldn't be in reference to the fairy rumors could it? What purpose did such a thing hold for the woman and her family? It hadn't occurred to Dylan, perhaps, that she was of Fae descent? It wasn't unheard of especially with those of Irish bloodlines. Pureblooded Wizards of the Irish heritage often tended to be even more spiteful in those regards finding it a gross perversion of human nature being overcome. A rant that his Late Grandmother often rattled on about in order to poison the idea of Half-bloods and Breed's much deeper than most could have consider a young mind should take in. "I would have let this ride out and I also know you trust me enough to seek my presence. But you don't need to be dodgy with information, unless, it's something so sensitive that speaking it is more of an issue and habit of not doing for you?" That was a possibility in his mind which he couldn't blame the woman for with the sentiments witnessed through out different countries. While governmental 'Acceptance' of certain people have improved the views it hadn't quelled the stigma's and the prejudiced, truthfully, it had only enhanced and shined a light on them even more. Atrocities and hatred brewed in the darkest of hearts and the shadowy places of the Underworld where people dear not utter anything else but those dark desires. "At the very least, I would like to know what I am walking into in case I need to defend us or at least keep an ear and eye out." A hand grasped at the strap of his back as the path laid before them to head towards the town, it was best to not use vehicles considering the possible superstitious nature and at least experiencing the nature and atmosphere of Ireland was something he could take in once more at a leisured pace.
  6. Invite An Awkward Romance (Feb. 14th '18)

    Early in the day. . . This had been an awkward start to an even more awkward 'Holiday'. After being pressured by his friend, Eudoxia, to finally give in and ask the 'Pretty Novelist' out for Valentines Day, Dylan, made his way towards the school. He left to make it their early purposefully to avoid the red-haired woman, perhaps at an attempt to be romantic or even the fact that certain habits were hard to break. As the day begun a new for the school and it's very classes he swung in under his hidden guise as 'Gilliam the Wandmaker' proclaiming that he had a few spare wands for the DADA class and was shown the direction towards there. While it wasn't a lie there had been an ulterior motive for the Irishman. As he stepped into the classroom he found that Caitlin had not yet arrived which did wonders for him. He lowered a well made chest next to the desk and then left a small rose with a note on top of the desk that would be hard to miss the moment she'd walk into it. He could only hope that this kind of gesture could be considered as some form of step. The note would read: 'Dear Caitlin Sullivan, I am not entirely used to these kind of requests in person, so this is the best I could manage within my limited talents and experience. To ask you to meet me at the Italian restaurant, Vincente's, at eight o' clock tonight. If you don't show up I'd understand but I will be there waiting, formal-casual dress code.' He wanted her to feel pretty but also at her own pace, in what she felt comfortable wearing. Once he had felt it was properly placed in an easy to see position he'd quickly leave from the school grounds and make his way back towards the Wandshop. He had already informed Stardust that he'd be leaving early for 'Prior engagements.' but it was hard to hide what it really was considering what the day's intention had been. When the hours rolled closer to the meeting time he departed and went straight to his home to prepare himself in some of his finest clothing. He had no idea why he decided to heed such a request but he already set it in motion and needed to see it through. He decided that he'd wear a black long button shirt with an emerald vest that seemed to accent it along with an emerald colored tie that slipped just under it and give a more presenting apparel, the slacks were also a smooth black color and he choose to wore brown brogue's. A way to show a bit of his Irish heritage in how he chose to look, a bit of respect for both of their heritages really to some degree. In truth he wasn't sure how this night would go in particular but things were already tense between the two of them even though they were in the phase of just trying to get used to one another. Dylan just couldn't get over the attraction that he's always felt for the woman. At Vincente's. . . Dylan chose to wait outside for her with his hands curled along one another and settled against his abdomen. The reason he didn't opt to pick her up was mostly in consideration of her Niece not knowing about him in the first place, but also that he was trying to court her aunt. Most importantly, it needed to feel like it was her choice and not strong armed by him showing up which could add an odd presence of pressure. Not that he expected her to feel that way, but courtesy was what he had been trying to offer. He raised an arm up to look at his watch and kept his eyes opened and peeled for the woman. For all the things he had been able to face and conqueor, the arena of romance was something that he could never fully beat and with this particular opponent that he had hoped would arrive well. . . For someone who had been so new to it once more he had chosen one who'd be the greatest challenge within his entire life.
  7. Invite Am I Not Pretty Enough (Jan 5, '18)

    Matthew Belmont
    Is my heart too broken? He couldn't get the song out of his non-corporeal head, it was driving him nuts. Of all the things Matt had hoped he would lose while outside of his own body, it was the damned earworm that was Kasey Chambers. He'd hated it enough when he had proper ears to hear it, now it was bent on tormenting him for the rest of... well, whatever he had here. Do I cry too much? Because it wasn't a life. And it wasn't a death. He just was. The days passed in mundane isolation. In the early days, he'd stayed in contact with the people who could see him---but that had only made them hang on more. So Matt had faded out of view, hoping to fade out of memory, and perhaps then they would be able to let his body go. Am I too out-spoken? Matt didn't want to die. He just didn't know what his other options were. He'd tried to "climb" back into his body with no success, it all seemed very hopeless. Matt had been stuck on the sidelines, watching Kate grieve and waste away her own life. Dragging Hazel through this same limbo, and that hurt. He'd watched Kate this morning, putting on her make up as she usually did. She was beautiful even when she was sad. She was always sad now. He wanted her to be free. If he couldn't come back and wipe that sadness away, she needed to be free. Don't I make you laugh? Which meant there had to be an End. One way or the other, an End or a Return. For her, and for Hazel, and Aiden, Adam, Valerie and Cass. For the damned pub which had only just escaped bankruptcy. Because of what? The desperate hope that he would come back. Maybe he just... couldn't. It would have been different, he supposed, if Kate could see him. Their relationship would be undoubtedly changed, but perhaps he could have soothed some of these hurts. Been there, at least, in some form. Encouraged her directly to move on, to not be alone. He wanted---so much---just to talk to her. Should I try it harder? But she couldn't see him. Hear him. Refused to believe anyone when they said he was there. She'd thought it was some cruel joke, and he'd figured it best in the end if she just believed that. Believed he was locked in a prison of his own body. Asleep. But she hadn't moved on. He needed to fix this. He needed someone to help her. Someone to convince her it was okay to let him go. Alan and Stuart had both failed though, so... who? By reflex, Matt tried to scratch his ghost head with a ghost hand. At least the lake was pretty. That... was something, he supposed. Why do you see right through me?
  8. Complete Eater's and Author's (Dec. 19 2017)

    Dylan Connell
    A humble book store that did business within Oliphant Lane, often it stocked up on wizarding authors not entirely for magical means. After all, there were academicals and life experiences that everyone who had been a writer wanted to share. Whether it was the Muggle world or Wizarding world everyone had a bit of something to pass on for others to read. Dylan found this an interesting concept though if he had to be frank, Australia seemed to be much larger in concepts of interest than he was accustomed to experiencing. There just seemed to be less things focused on in this part of the world than back home and definitely much more than back at the United Kingdom where blood ties ruled ones every day life and view in their world. As the man allowed for his eyes to gaze at the various selections one caught his eye that caused his eyebrow to curve upwards in curiosity and partial amusement. "What's this. . .?" The tone of voice was low but strong while a hand grasped out to the books binding to examine it closely. "So the little Hufflepuff is actually a novelist. That is. . . Shocking but perhaps expected?" As he pressed the book back into place it seemed several of them had been lined up in a form of series, each one preceded the other in proper order. "I am curious. . ." He had watched her time as an investigator and he wondered how much of the behind the scenes did she notice? The things that she romanticized on about her time against criminals? Had she noticed those that still wanted her dead following her? The Dark Avenger that ended their lives just so she could have one aside from the danger she willingly invited? Though that was the major picture for him, none should be forced to deal with danger they never asked or anticipated on getting into but life was hardly ever so kind as to leave a person out from such a life rocking existence. The deeper secret was that he admired her for the strength and resolved she had built up. Even after losing most of her family she pushed herself through school and at the loss of her brother and his wife she even managed to take on watching the other child he managed to save. . . Albeit at a stroke of guilt rather than him being a good person. Slowly he started to collect the novels that had 'Sullivan, C.' printed on the edge of the binders that related to the crime novelist as he made his way towards the front of the shop and gently placed them onto the counter. "How much do I owe you?" The accent of his still held a hint of the Irishman that he was but the years and travel had dulled most of it away. "Oh! It seems you've been 'Sullivanized!'" The Shop Keeper responded almost as if to nod at the good taste in the choice. Dylan, however, arched his eyebrow once more caught off guard completely by the fan-boy before him. "I. . . Beg your pardon?" The much younger man than himself nodded again as a nearly starry eyed glaze shifted over his pupils. "Oh yeah, man! There's like. . . This massive net cult following of all her stuff. You should see the fan writings based on her work! I uh. . . Do a little myself!" What else could the red-haired man do but blink several times in bewilderment? He knew people tended to be a bit. . . Crazy with their fan fictions and their knack for forum roleplay's but to think that one would actually do that about something that had loose real-life encounters? That was probably a bit too much under his own personal opinion. "That's nice. ..? No, I'm not 'Sullivanized'. Just. . . Ah, call it a form of curiosity. I am just wondering what kind of content could have an expanding series." It'd be too weird to say he knew her, perhaps even had been one of the reasons she started to write and get into the field she did, which in this circumstance wasn't something to brag about anyways. The fact he had blood on his hands would never leave his mind and his hands would always feel dirty no amount of 'good tidings' he had given to others in the past years.
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