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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 6 results

  1. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Alexander Winfield
    Was he even ready for this? He imagined this had been the palpable feeling that soldiers held just before the eve of a battle. It felt as if the fear and uncertainty inside held a life of their own, had anyone truly been fully satisfied in saying that they were ready to meet the very gates of death itself? He sat down in the living room, taking that moment to arrive a bit of schedule with the guitar Sapphire grasped in his hand. In any moment of his life where he had a mountain that seemed almost unable to be traversed there had always been a guitar in hand. A tune in his heart that had fought against the emotions as if to calm the spirit itself. That had been the beast of emotions in all of its complexity, even when the deed needed to be done there had been that ever present fight to try and back out of it. Alexander made his way towards the couch and sat down on it and positioned the guitar on his lap and pressed it against his abdomen while he started to tune it. The metallic surfaces were slippery and it had everything to do with the intense sweat that soaked at the surface of his hands. He shakily breathed out heated air from his lips and the full presence of his trembling resonated through from his shoulders towards the tips of his fingers. All the talk that he had amounted up to ease others, to lie to himself about it not being something to fear had almost been consumed by the fear inside of himself on saying goodbye to this world, to those that he had started to get close to and build a solid foundation on. At this rate it would win out on his mind and it was now that he couldn't afford that to happen. He took in a deep course of air through his nostrils and strummed the chords of the guitar in a slow motion. It held no rhythm, a simple build up from low to high as he tried to tune the inside of himself to the vibrations that had struck through his body from holding the instrument so closely. The hand that held at the neck of the guitar slid smoothly in an ascending motion as it tested the various adjusted sounds that would coo from his long-term friend. It had been no different than when he'd been in the hospital, when he'd been bed-ridden at home in his younger years and tried to avoid the encroaching pain that wracked through the body then. As such, Alex began to actively strum the guitar with a more organized set. Slowly his mind started to become more devoid to the atmosphere around him, taking no other notice as if the world had dissolved entirely for that moment and his voice started to eases out to sing along with what had been played here. A song that fit for a self proclaimed war cry of personal dedication to survival. After the song had ended his eyes kept closed and he soaked in that feeling that it left with him, maybe not hope itself but a will and desire not to simply see it through but the willingness to live and survive for himself. Pains and aches were just a prelude to this moment that would be what he would consider his victory for his want to survive, to live a full life. The edge of his thumb slide along the siding of the guitar as his eyes opened up slowly still gazed at the instrument. Whatever the time had been by now it had no longer been a concern on his mind. "Had to make sure we did one more rodeo, Old gal. We'll both have bigger futures after this. That much I'm going to push ahead for." Though he spoke to the instrument it had been more as a reaffirmed bolster for himself. Today would be when he chose life but would he be Accepted into life or death?
  2. Potential Cat Fight

    "BITCH, WHAT?!" Cass's gaze flared with rage at the sheer lack of empathy or care. No matter who this man was, blood father or not, he'd been Alex's Dad, and here she was stating that he wasn't related by blood as though that would just make Alexander feel any better, "What is your damage, woman?! What I'd heard about you was pretty bad, but no one mentioned you were a pure sociopath!"
  3. "Motherly" Guidance

    "Oh, dear boy." she said, her tone the very sound of sympathy. "I am sorry that today is hard for you, but you mustn't be so sad. He was not your true father after all."
  4. Sibling Rivlary turned Deadly

    His nostrils flared from the indignation as his fingers curled into his palms tightly. "Pulling my hair and taking my guitar to hide it in some random closet is sibling fighting. Being highly suspicious of me like I am some form of criminal!? That is bordering something else en-freaking-tirely. "
  5. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Foreword: This is a ,for the most part, fun party event. Anyone who knows the bride or groom or their families is welcome to come along, but it's being held in an open location anyway. It will be a short-post, non-ordered, rapid-fire type thread... which basically means, post when you think it's suitable for your character/s to do so, you don't have to bunch them in one post, but may do so if you wish, and there's no pressure for long posts, even a paragraph or two for a character is fine, you can post as quickly and often as you like, no having to wait for a post order. Feel free in the first post, to do a little background for their Easter day prior to arriving, but they'll have Easter activities in the party too. Note: There will be a part of the event, where every attending character will be affected by a spell for a brief time. They will not be harmed or forced to do anything, aside from agreed upon characters, but I'm just letting you all know. It is part of a mini-plot, and also involves the Sollozzo plot a bit. The theme is Wonderland/Fairytale Enjoy! * * * * * It had been, for the most part, a typical Easter morning, the children had got up early and run around excited for a few moments, until they realised that they couldn't find any chocolate goodies. In fact, there were no goodies. What was this?? They'd asked their mother, who had solemnly looked them in the eyes and informed them that sadly... the Easter Bunny had been hit by a car, and Easter had been cancelled... forever. She hadn't quite expected just how upset the kids would get, minus Lorelei who hadn't fallen for the ruse, and so she had caved on her April Fool's trick on them, and told them where they could find their goodies. And so they'd all pigged out on chocolate and had some family fun in the morning, before then preparing for the real event. The party that... was really just a party to celebrate the fact that she and Viktor weren't getting married yet... still. It didn't matter to Jezebel. It was a great excuse for one, and she'd decided on dressing as the Queen of Hearts, because what better costume could there possibly be for her on her day? Despite the irony of it all. Victoria Reserve had been chosen simply because it was spacious, outdoors, plenty of space for games and an egg hunt. And besides, she didn't even have to do the decorations. By the time the family had arrived there, the triplets wearing adorable mouse costumes to match each other, and Lorelei deciding to be the one and only Alice herself, Thomas and Timothy had created a veritable Wonderland within what almost looked like a hedge maze, but was really just a hedge border that was maze-like only for a couple of levels. In the centre of it was a full Wonderland tea party setting, huge and colourful and glorious, and Jezebel almost cried at the sight of it. The party getting underway as others arrived, Jez could barely contain herself as she began to greet people.
  6. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Stuart Blair
    When Stuart had spoken with Adele last, and she asked him if they could have a family dinner in the near future, the man had to admit he was a little surprised. The history of family dinners with the L'Arine folk had a history of being... well, colourful, if resulting in some awkwardness or mild disaster. But she'd hinted at something important that she needed to tell the children, and so he was only happy to set aside an afternoon, as well as host it at his place. Adele was still avoiding her own house, and the school wasn't exactly the most private setting for telling one's family some important news. About halfway through the day, the man had decided it would be a perfect evening for a barbecue as well, and so had set about making up the shopping list, and taking Améa out with him to get the things they'd need to make up a couple of salads, as well as get some steaks and chicken wings and skewers, and of course the ingredients for his amazing home-made burger patties. Améa was gradually beginning to look healthier again. Her complexion had colour in it, and her eyes had brightened slightly and hair was slowly regaining some of it's gloss. He had no doubt that a lot of it contributed to the time she had been getting to spend with the triplets, and Nika in particular, when Jezebel brought them to visit - which was almost every day. Mary had also been spending time getting to know the granddaughter she'd never got to meet. Currently, the man was setting out the patties, ready to cook, while looking over the counter to see if there was much else that needed to be prepared, while reaching for his bottle of beer to take a sip as Faireth circled his ankles. The place felt lived in again, with the arrival of Améa there, and he had to admit he enjoyed having the company. He'd assured her that he could handle the rest after the salads were done, and that she could do whatever she wanted while they waited for the others to arrive. Cecil wasn't hanging around the island counter, which meant the Border Collie was probably following her around, having taken to her quickly. Making sure the food was covered, the man then opened the sliding door to the patio and made sure that there were plates and cutlery set on the tables set under the shade, before counting the chairs to make sure there were enough. Adele had said to have an extra. Though Lorelei had then said a couple of days ago when he saw her that there should be two. He went with the latter, better safe than sorry. Admittedly, it was nice to have been able to spend at least half the day in a t-shirt and jeans as well. As much as he liked the feel of a well-cut suit, sometimes it was good to be able to relax. Jezebel had been trying to convince Améa to change up her wardrobe a little as well, though she didn't pressure her sister, only gave her the optional clothing styles so that they were there if she did want to try them. All in all, they'd just been trying to make Améa feel a part of the family, and in a way try to make up for what she'd missed out on for so long. The man really hoped that they were at least giving her something. About to take another swig of his beer, the man then heard the doorbell, and raised his brows. That wasn't Jezebel and Viktor, they'd have just let themselves in. Which meant it was probably Adele, he supposed, and he turned and headed back through the house to answer the door. "Welcome to the den of no return!" The man bellowed as he slowly opened the door, clearly trying to be funny, before properly opening it with a large grin on his features, to greet the arrivals.
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