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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 6 results

  1. Invite to eris, with love

    Atlas Karras
    Atlas had found, in the last few years, that being humble was sometimes a better way to approach things. Though he was often a victim of his own hubris… something that would have angiered the Gods on Olympus, but luckily those who were nots gods or goddesses tended to be forgiving. The last thing he needed was a nemesis. It would however be a nice addition to the Greek Tragedy that was his life… There was love, loss, betrayal, lots and lots of sex and more children than he knew what to deal with. Hedone and Algea would fare rather well in this passion play of his life. Though he would have to admit he saw himself as a Christ like figure, which… he was not by anyone’s standards. Though he supposed Christ hung out with the same sorts Atlas had hung out with. He could make an argument for it if he needed to he supposed. However, that still did not make him a man who knew the ins and outs of Runology. Which had never been his better subjects while he was in school. His Runes expert had recently gotten rather sick and needed time off. As much as Atlas hated the fact he was without one of h is oldest employees for a bit, he was glad the man was getting treatment for his conditions. The sea was not always kind to sailors… even less so those who were made to share their knowledge on land. Atlas was going to offer him early pension. The last thing he wanted was to see his friend get sicker. He had sent him and his family a few things in Greece. It was rather useful that his son was attending Tally, and thus Atlas had the ability to get a consult from another talented expert. Though Atlas had not met Ms. London, he knew her name based on his Son’s classes. He had managed to request a consultation on the item in question. It was often that Atlas took to Authenticating items for clients. He knew the who and the what for these things. This however was a rather sudden need. He was just glad she had agreed to meet him in the office he was leasing on Oliphant. Calixta was out for the day, she was completing an inspection of some of the items that they were a little worried about. The woman from the temp agency let him know she was here and Atlas smiled. ”Ah Ms. London, I am glad you could make it, I have some things I would like you to look at. A Client had inherited a few things. I wish to learn if this will cause a problem in shipping.” He said as he offered her the seat across from his desk. ”I am hoping you can help me with this- they are also concerned about the items authenticity.” he said. The item was in his vault but he wanted to talk a bit first.
  2. Invite Keep On Trying (Feb 3, '18)

    Atlas Karras
    Dropping Orion off had been a bit of a chore. Not because he had not wanted to, but Orion had not made it easy for him. Atlas supposed he understood. Then again he had been just as angry about the fact Orion had been kept from him as Orion was that he was now, at his father’s insistence, attending a magical school with accreditation. For Atlas he believed the education his children received would be the most important thing he could possibly give them. That was why he had been so adamant about them attending schools. He had however rented a room and planned on staying there a little longer. His daughter had been in Greece trying to smooth things over with his family. He knew that it changed things. He had not really wanted to think about how much it would change things. He had made the changes to the structure of the company. He wondered if Orion would want to be part of the shipping company or if he would much rather deny all things that his father had touched. He had spent most of the day with a Surly teen. He supposed if he was with the others they would have likely been the same… but Hogwarts had the train and you didn’t really get to go with them on the train. It was one of the nice changes with attending this school, he could be nearby. Something he had not desired to do before… Of course he could claim his grandchildren had been the change but he felt it was deeper than that. Atlas when he took stock of his life, realized that those kids were the best thing he had done. It was something he had not wanted to admit to himself but he had to at some point come to terms with a life that had been wasted a bit. However, while he was here, he was going to make the most of it. The woman he had met a few weeks ago had come to mind when he thought about the tart of the new year. She had mentioned she worked at Narrie General and he knew that Lot wouldn’t want to come see him while he was here, so he figured he could at least find company with someone who did not hate him. And they had good reason. However the Drunken Roo had been someplace he had stopped many times. He waited just outside the door. He was a little early- he didn’t like to be late. It was something that he felt showed others he was not respectful of their time, not to mention in shipping- late was bad for business. Looking up as he spotted the familiar blonde approaching him he smiled. ”Hello.” he said. ”It’s nice to see you again.” he said with a smile.
  3. Complete Fatherly (Dec. 9 2017)

    Atlas Karras
    The house was relatively quiet. His daughter had pushed herself too hard and he had caught her nearly pass out in the kitchen. It worried the older Greek man. She had the baby just a few weeks ago and she had already pushed herself in the studio, not to mention she was up with the kids and he was not sure how much he had seen her eat. She had asked him to let it go so long as she went to sleep earlier. He then took the baby monitor from her room and was up in the kitchen with it. Doe was not one to let things go so easily but he would make a big deal of it, he had a feeling it would happen again. She was too stubborn for her own good. So Atlas had taken on the role of waiting for Jason to come home. It had been a late night. Not too uncommon for the head of the MLE once in a while. Atlas was looking over the homes that the realtor had sent him. He was looking for something in the area but thus far nothing had gotten his attention. The one he was looking at now looked promising. He sent a note back to her, he wanted to see it. He smiled at the house and heard the door. Looking up over his cup of tea that was now lukewarm he nodded. ”Jason.” He said quietly. He was not sure of he would want to stay up for a bit and eat or go to bed. ”I have put all three of them to bed, and there is some leftover in the fridge for you. We had Gyros for dinner.”He said with a smile. ”How was work?” Atlas was always conversational and he had become fond of his son in law over the years.
  4. Complete In A Day (Dec. 18 2017)

    Atlas Karras
    It had been a long day and it was only noon. Atlas had been out looking at homes, and though he had an idea of what he wanted, he had not been able to get what he wanted. The man was considering having one built to his specifications, but he did not want to impose of his daughter and son in law any longer than he had to. He had already gotten into it with Jason and he was sure that with any given moment he could easily wear out his welcome with his daughter- her temper, while it had lessened over the years, was still rather famous among the family. She and Lot had the same anger Atlas always carried around with him. He let out a small smile as he thought about a few things. He wanted to be able to welcome his entire family all at once. So it would need to be big. Not to mention it would need a backyard for the grandchildren. He had three already and though he was not expecting more from his eldest two he had three more who would have the possibility of more children. He smiled for a moment at the thought. He had talked to a medium once who promised him that he would have a life full of love and laughter and he was starting to see that come to fruition. Letting out a small smile. He had found a rather nice café and had taken a seat by the window. It had gotten crowded. It must have been a popular place. He placed the once sheet of the house he had been looking at on the table and rubbed hi temple for a moment. This was becoming slightly exhausting. He only hoped that he would be able to find something soon. The house nearby was the closest but still not quite what the older Greek wanted or needed. However, maybe with some renovations? He thought about it and shook his head. With the crowd in the café filling most of the seats he found himself moving the empty chair across from him to show it was open to someone walking by who seemed to be looking for some place to sit. ”You are free to sit here” he said with a smile.
  5. Complete Run of the Mill (Dec. 2 2017)

    Atlas Karras
    It had been a log time coming- the move itself was something he had not seen coming honestly. Not that Silas and Lilah had been perfect angels, but something about little Persephone had finally tipped the scales for him. With most of his children in Australia he figured it was the best move, not to mention his son had been at Tally and had spoken highly of it. He only hoped that the latest addition, would be well received and enjoy it. There had been that weirdness in deciding just how to tell his family, then again he had no idea this child had existed for the past 13 years either. It was a matter of just how to tell them. He would figure it out he supposed. For now he had other things on his agenda. The first of which was to buy a home. He had enjoying staying with his daughter and son in law, but he imagined at some point they would want their home back. Though he could find himself content to stay there. It had been a surprise when his daughter had brought someone like Jason home but only because of how different he was from Malcolm. It was a much-needed improvement. That and he made his daughter happy, so long as he continued to treat her well he had no issues with the man. He had met with the realtor earlier in the morning but nothing had quite caught his eye. He also knew if he was going to satisfy his current girlfriend he couldn’t live with his daughter forever. Though he didn’t quite care if she was happy or not, the fit she had thrown had been rather telling and he had honestly written her off then. He let out a small yawn as he walked down the street. He paused a ice cream vendor to order and smiled. ”And whatever my friend behind me would like as well.” In a generous mood today he smiled to step aside for the person behind him to order.
  6. Communication An Invitation (Jan 25th '18)

    Atlas Karras
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