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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 4 results

  1. and running, running

    Anthony Wolfe
    Most of the time Anthony was all too happy to remain on campus and do what ever work out that needed to be done during the day. However, something about the time of year always made him a little squirrelly. He always claimed it was “something” about spring weather but he knew it had to do with his wife. He knew it was just as hard on his daughter, but she had at least managed to make some friends and he was actually quite delighted to see her get back to her usual cheerful self. It had been a bit of a gamble when he moved them from their home in the states to someplace on a whim. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it had not backfired. That was at least a win in his book. He had helped the MLE here- which had been why he had gone into consulting in the first place. What he had not anticipated was making that shift into teaching. However, that had been the right thing for the family. His daughter was settled, more settled anyway. He had disrupted her life quite a bit already- he had not wanted to do so again. Though he was fairly sure that she was not too happy with the fact that her father was on campus and able to look over her shoulder when he wanted to. He did his best not to meddle, but it was damn near impossible. That and as she got older, she looked so much like her mother. It sometimes took the wind out of him when she turned the corner and he was not expecting it. However, it was a good thing, to see that their kid took more after her. It could have been terrible for her had she looked more like him. The thought made him chuckle. Tony had started running along the creek, it offered a few different challenges that he didn’t get on campus. The water, the pavement and the trails. Tony liked the way it felt to have the different challenges. He was a man too easily bored if he did not challenge himself. He had learned early on in his career he needed to keep his mind just as sharp as his body. Human behavior was complicated. You had to be able to predict some things… which was a whole hello of mess honestly. Tony slowed his pace to a walk his hands akimbo as he smiled. The feel of the burn, lactic acid build up… It was a good feeling. Walking towards the bench just ahead he took a swig of the water bottle he had in his hand. ”Mind if I use this piece of bench.” he questions propping his foot up for a moment to rest. ”Not a terrible day right?’ He said through pants.
  2. Law and Government 01 (Feb 11th '18)

    The start of the new term often left Anthony Feeling a bit hopeful and excited, he was always interested in seeing why they wanted to take the class, or what they planned on doing once they left. The text was simple. He anted this year to be straight forward and easy for them to make sense of when they were reading. Just enough information to spark a discussion. That would be the bulk of the classwork this year, the discussion. It was about how the law was carried out and part of that is discussing the law. There was theory and ethics and it could absolutely messy- but absolutely thrilling to talk about. He had always enjoyed the lively discussion in the bullpen. It was also how he had gotten into the cult tracking. He had enjoyed the discussions a figuring out he way to break a part the cells that popped up. It was amazing. Tracking was something he had loved, the thrill of the hunt. He smoothed the front of his robes as he walked into the class room. ”Good morning everyone.” Anthony was always cheerful. He walked to where his desk was and he smiled. ”I am Professor Wolfe, as in Big bad.” The joke was one he liked to tell often, his daughter thought it was a horrible joke. ”Welcome to Magical Law and Government. For those of you who don’t know, before teaching I had a career as an Auror that specialized in the make up and tracking of dangerous cults.” He had plenty of scars for his trouble too. ”I figure I will let you all introduce yourself. Tell me your name, year and what you hope to gain from this class.” He liked to know their expectations it was just as important as knowing what his were. (Anthony)
  3. Our House Heads!

    House Heads! We've looked through the current Professors and allocated four to be the Heads of each House. This is based part on experience in teaching, experience being at Tally in general, and who would best support and/or handle the general traits of those students who are assigned to each House based on the Professor's own personality and how they do things. This year, there are three new Heads, which shall be interesting for them and their charges! And our lovely nominated parties are... Professor Vladimir Valentin II (Alchemy) for Flinders: Big V has been teaching at the school for literally years, and has been the Head of Flinders for almost a decade. His calm demeanour helps maintain the calm with the Flinders students and he is quite skilled at confidence boosting the friendly over-thinking kiddos, not to mention he can answer all the questions they seem to come out with. Professor Anthony Wolf (Magical Law & Government) for Sturt: sometimes the hard headed Sturts need someone who knows how to deal with those hard heads and give them the raw logical facts and not be afraid of their occasional fierce moments. Anthony's dealt with rough Aurors, and had been with the school for a few years as well. Maybe he's just what Sturt needs to rally them and to be blunt with them when needed. Professor Flick Petrovna (Potions) for Bourke: though she is new to teaching at Tally, she did spend a couple of years as a student here, and has also gained a great deal of experience in working with students from all sorts of places and backgrounds. Her resilient and hard-working nature, as well as friendly and positive gusto, should allow her to connect with Bourke students as an effectve mentor to assist them. Professor Derrick Ackers (Elemental Magic) for Spencer: let's face it, when it comes to this House, they require a special kind of patience. Though young and recently returned from a break, he has intimate experience with Tally and Spencer House, as both a student and then student teacher while he was still in VMU, and is one of the very few who would likely actually be able to keep up with the Spencer students and hopefully influence them in a positive way. What does this mean? Basically, these four Professors will still mostly just be doing their jobs, as Professors, but there can also be times where a student may seek one out to discuss a problem they are having in their House. Or they may be sought out themselves if they have been disruptive or are causing their House to lose points because of their actions. They monitor the students in their assigned House, but unless the players want to do a thread about such things, there's not a big difference between playing a Head of House and a normal Professor. BUT, if one of the assigned people doesn't wish to have the role, please message me. We can find a replacement. What next? Who knows!! There are a lot of things that we had on the old version of Tally, and they will hopefully be re-introduced as Tally V.2 grows and prospers, and as we gain more students and teachers, including things like House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, and possibly even School Quidditch Matches! (For now, we can assume there is at least a school Quidditch Team, which I will be putting sign-ups for, along with the House Team positions, so keep an eye out for that!)
  4. Make the Apple Red (Dec. 18 '17)

    For Tony the end of the year meant lots of grading and lots of office hours for his students. The tasks always felt so daunting especially when it seemed everyone was on the look out for extra credit. It was not like Tony to not help his students but there had to be a line drawn somewhere. Though he was relatively pleased with the way the term was ending- and most students had managed decent grades with the effort they had put in during the year. Though there were those few who still wanted some help salvaging their grades. Tony always offered one end of term project that would allow them the ability to raise their grade. It was a case that he would give them to work as though they were aurors. The cases changed yearly at least they changed in the last three years It was a case he had worked and solved, they would have all the answers so long as they followed the clues and used the enchanted parchment correctly. They could work in groups of three and they would be able to ask him 2 questions each. So working together was better than alone. So far he had one group that had solved it. It was not a surprise they were some of his more impressive students. He smiled at the thought. It was reassuring that he was not a complete failure as a teacher. It was a career change and he was making the most of it. It was actually rather fulfilling- he chose not to put himself in the line of fire but he was still affecting the world by teaching those who would become Aurors. Tony had ben to the hospital wing to visit one of his student who had managed to blast his hand while practicing he wzs concerned about his exam and Tony had not minded going to assuage any fears he may have, that he would allow him the make up. He would need his hand for the exam. He chose a rather leisurely pace back to his office it was much easier to avoid the pile of parchment on his desk. The man was carrying a rather bright and shiny red apple- tossing the object into the air as she walked he was distracted by a glint and the apple fell to the floor and rolled to a stop at someone’s foot. He smiled sheepishly at them. ”Mind rolling it back?” he asked aware he would not being eating this apple today. (Anthony)
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