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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 6 results

  1. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Stuart Blair
    When Stuart had spoken with Adele last, and she asked him if they could have a family dinner in the near future, the man had to admit he was a little surprised. The history of family dinners with the L'Arine folk had a history of being... well, colourful, if resulting in some awkwardness or mild disaster. But she'd hinted at something important that she needed to tell the children, and so he was only happy to set aside an afternoon, as well as host it at his place. Adele was still avoiding her own house, and the school wasn't exactly the most private setting for telling one's family some important news. About halfway through the day, the man had decided it would be a perfect evening for a barbecue as well, and so had set about making up the shopping list, and taking Améa out with him to get the things they'd need to make up a couple of salads, as well as get some steaks and chicken wings and skewers, and of course the ingredients for his amazing home-made burger patties. Améa was gradually beginning to look healthier again. Her complexion had colour in it, and her eyes had brightened slightly and hair was slowly regaining some of it's gloss. He had no doubt that a lot of it contributed to the time she had been getting to spend with the triplets, and Nika in particular, when Jezebel brought them to visit - which was almost every day. Mary had also been spending time getting to know the granddaughter she'd never got to meet. Currently, the man was setting out the patties, ready to cook, while looking over the counter to see if there was much else that needed to be prepared, while reaching for his bottle of beer to take a sip as Faireth circled his ankles. The place felt lived in again, with the arrival of Améa there, and he had to admit he enjoyed having the company. He'd assured her that he could handle the rest after the salads were done, and that she could do whatever she wanted while they waited for the others to arrive. Cecil wasn't hanging around the island counter, which meant the Border Collie was probably following her around, having taken to her quickly. Making sure the food was covered, the man then opened the sliding door to the patio and made sure that there were plates and cutlery set on the tables set under the shade, before counting the chairs to make sure there were enough. Adele had said to have an extra. Though Lorelei had then said a couple of days ago when he saw her that there should be two. He went with the latter, better safe than sorry. Admittedly, it was nice to have been able to spend at least half the day in a t-shirt and jeans as well. As much as he liked the feel of a well-cut suit, sometimes it was good to be able to relax. Jezebel had been trying to convince Améa to change up her wardrobe a little as well, though she didn't pressure her sister, only gave her the optional clothing styles so that they were there if she did want to try them. All in all, they'd just been trying to make Améa feel a part of the family, and in a way try to make up for what she'd missed out on for so long. The man really hoped that they were at least giving her something. About to take another swig of his beer, the man then heard the doorbell, and raised his brows. That wasn't Jezebel and Viktor, they'd have just let themselves in. Which meant it was probably Adele, he supposed, and he turned and headed back through the house to answer the door. "Welcome to the den of no return!" The man bellowed as he slowly opened the door, clearly trying to be funny, before properly opening it with a large grin on his features, to greet the arrivals.
  2. Communication Améa Nedvidek (Feb 10th '18)

    Zane Nedvidek
    My dearest Améa, It is killing me not hearing from you. When will you be returning home? I miss you. It's so lonely in this empty home. Please come back as soon as you can. Love always, Zane.
  3. Complete To Live For

    After their further discussion on how this would happen, in the end it seemed that this was the only place where they could guarantee safety. Theirs, Améa's, the children's. Jezebel hadn't been certain about it, but even she felt the call of the place where she was born, and had ended up arriving early with her four children, and spending some time in the town - no longer a secret Princess, her identity had been revealed over the years - before then sitting in the garden of the palace for a while as the children played. A long flowing dress, a blue so light that it was almost white, fell down along her figure, a royal blue sash across it that denoted her position. The children themselves were also in more formal wear of white dresses for the girls, royal blue ribbons in their hair, and Erian in a white shirt with a blue silk scarf tied at the collar neatly, and black pants. Lorelei wore a sash, like her mother, and appeared perhaps the most at home here, as she looked out for Flora, the strange girl who seemed to have a place and was considered her best friend. When it neared the time that Adele should be arriving with Améa, however, the children had quieted down as the family moved back inside. Veronika was now in Jezebel's arms, small hands clinging to her mother as she trembled with slight anxiety. Her mother and grandmother had both promised that she would be safe, that her wishes would be most important, but it was still a scary thing to face the one who had conceived her, who had allowed such horrible things to happen to them. "It will be alright," Jezebel's voice murmured softly, reaffirming that promise as her hand soothed over the girl's hair and back. "I will never let anyone harm you or any of our family, I promise," Lorelei spoke, sounding far older than she rightfully should have, more authoritative. Jezebel wondered when it was her daughter had grown so much, but in all honesty it felt like she'd always been more adult than child, even when she was playing. Stood diligently to the right side of Jezebel, while the other two children stood to the left, and thus closer to their womb sister, Lei then tilted her head, "They are here." Jezebel had felt it as well, and inhaled a deep breath before breathing gently outward, preparing herself as well. This wasn't only nerve-wracking for Nika. But it was something that needed to happen, and so it was that she stood proudly with her brood of children, in wait for Adele and Améa to come meet with them.
  4. Complete The Other Life (Nov 24 2017)

    Améa Nedvidek
    Amea lived by the clock. The clock imposed a schedule, a daily routine that had to be fully completed by the time Zane returned from work. She knew with one glance at that clock how far she was behind, or whether she would have time left over to be with herself. Today was one of the good days. Today she was ahead. She'd learned to cook in her time as a dutiful wife. The girl who once couldn't tell the difference between sugar and salt now prepared small feasts every day. She'd done as much as she could for the night's meal, the rest she would have to start at the exact right moment so it would be ready when Zane stepped through the door. He liked that. He liked coming home to a ready meal and her willing embrace. She liked when he was happy. She liked the moments where he praised her efforts. Lived for that. Amea was certain that today, she would be ready. The house would be ready. Dinner would be ready. And he would smile for her. But she had some time to wait. Time enough to investigate the broad, flat parcel she'd found on the doorstep some days before. Her name hand-written on it. She knew that writing, and it struck fear deep into her heart. Amea had hidden the package as soon as it arrived, but it called to her still. Walking down the hall, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Frowning, she walked closer. Lines were encroaching around her eyes, her hair had lost its shine. The once-long locks had become brittle and broke easily, leaving tangles of hair through the house. She cut it short a few months back, but it still looked tired. Amea rubbed her eyes, trying to summon that pale beauty that had once been hers. It wouldn't hold. No matter how hard she tried, her abilities were too weak. Even her eyes weren't right anymore. A grey watery blue. She turned away from the mirror. Retrieving the parcel from it's hiding place, she sat on the couch. Her fingers traced Jezebel's handwriting on the surface, before gently tearing the paper away. She had a few hours. The clock said so. Under the wrapping, an album. Hand decorated, with vibrant pictures of... her family. Caleb --- he was so big now. Lorelei and the triplets. Jezebel smiling at her. And a note, simply saying she was loved and missed. Amea bit her lip. She couldn't resist looking further through. Even her mother seemed happy. As she flipped through the album, her eyelids grew heavy. She yawned. And--slipping down into the softness of the couch, with the album clasped against her chest--she fell asleep.
  5. Complete Rainbows In The Storm (Dec. 12 2017)

    Améa Nedvidek
    Seeing her mother and sister again had been weird. Very weird. Her skin still crawled where their energy had tried to fill her, a creeping sensation she just couldn't seem to shake. Had it always felt like that? Améa didn't remember. It had been so long since she'd felt anything so powerful. Her hand lifted to the still-deepening bruise on her cheek bone, trying to soothe the damaged skin. Perhaps it had just seemed pointless, but how long had it been since she'd bothered to heal herself? How long since she'd so much as tried? Again, she couldn't remember. Everything about her life seemed so distant and grey, and tonight had been the tiniest glimpse of colour she'd had in years. The grey surrounded her again now. She waited at the doorstep for Zane. The house was his, he would have the honour of re-opening their home. It would need airing and cleaning and so much dust would have gathered in their time away, Améa was already not sure that she would be able to catch up with her family any time in the near future. But maybe, now that they were here, things would be different. Maybe she would live life in colour with Zane. This thought buoyed her spirits a little. Perhaps they could finally be like the loving couples on the TV shows she watched when he was at work. Everything was so carefree and effortless on those shows. Maybe she wouldn't have to hide watching them anymore.
  6. Complete Royal In The Afternoon (Nov 28, '17)

    Améa Nedvidek
    The wave of rebellious confidence was beginning to wane in Amea, and by the time they returned to Narrie soil she was questioning every moment that had led to them being here. Was it really so wise to bring him back near her family? Especially after he'd threatened them? But he was watching, so she played strong. If he knew she was having doubts, whatever ground she'd gained today would be gone in an instant. Despite the heat, gloves covered the damage to her palm. Her ability to heal was weak, and her eyes had faded back to a watery blue. "Nothing here has changed." she said, looking around. Not that she expected it to have changed much, but it felt sometimes like Narrie was in a whole other time dimension. Like they had left yesterday and come back to everything exactly as it was. "We are back." Amea took a deep breath, and looked at Zane. "What is it that you like to do first? We should meet with others, or house to settle?"
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