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Found 16 results

  1. It felt quite weird to be on campus during a break. Even weirder taking into account that she was wearing street clothes, and even weirder than that the fact that she was carrying her training bag over her shoulder, rather than her beautiful, patch ridden school backpack. The Spencer quickly made her way to the Bourke Common Area without any detours, having done that same path very regularly in the past; however, once there, she took to the boys' dormitories rather than the girls. She wasn't there to visit Samantha. Oh, no. She was there to visit Travis Franklin. It felt like she was walking into a lion's den, a chamber full of teasing remarks that would prove inescapable, knowing how she usually react to them. Though, given the predicament she found herself in, it was perhaps for the best that she did decide to engage in such a private matter during the break - the halls of Tallygarunga were mostly empty, and you could practically hear a pin drop from how deserted they were. Less rumors could spring out of it, and hopefully the matter would be behind her back soon enough. Eventually, she reached the door she was led to believe was Travis', having never been there before. Raising her free fist, she knocked on the door a few times. "Ya there, Trav-in-a-box? It's me." She called out into the room. She couldn't ignore the nerves she was feeling, but was fortunate enough to be used to them; she could focus first on retrieving that damn portrait without getting too anxious, keeping herself under control.
  2. The longer that excruciatingly annoying day went on, the more Amber became convinced that Harvey the Creepy Bastard was an escape artist. She had lost sight of the pygmy puff more than once (quite humiliating for a Seeker!) - how could such a small, slow little fur ball be so crafty? That final time, she had lost the little animal near the exit of Tallygarunga. After extensive search, she found the creature in the Murrigal Bushland - atop a tree, no less, perched on a branch with its little beady eyes trained on the Spencer. "Is this an April Fool's joke outta season or somethin'...?" Samantha owed her big time for 'looking after' Harvey, she thought. As usual, there wasn't even so much of a squeak or twitch from the creature as she confronted it from ground level; and thus, she was faced with the task of having to go up to bring it to safety. Agile as she was, climbing the tree was no issue, nor was balancing herself on the branch. The challenge was not to make her prey jump off and escape after such a tiresome search. "I promise I'll feed you your bugs if you stay put, okay?" She called out to Harvey in a low tone as she crouched on the branch, inching closer and closer to it over time. The creature didn't move still, looking at her in the same blank manner as it always did. However, just as Amber was about to grasp its fuzzy body, it finally made its play and deliberately jumped off of the branch. "No!" The Spencer instinctively dropped down as well, fearing for its safety and taking a hold of it in mid air; though, it wasn't meant to go well, as her concern for Harvey's well being made her neglect her own. She didn't have time to fall properly as she held the pygmy puff up during the fall, and ended up crashing down onto the ground, free arm caught between the grass and her own body. She could practically hear her humerus crack upon impact, which made her cry out with the pain. Her body jolted with the sudden agony, causing Harvey to jump off of her head and land on the beanie-covered head triumphantly. "God damn it!" The girl hissed through gritted teeth as she pressed her forehead to the ground in a vain attempt of making the pain lessen, gripping the limb on reflex and inadvertently making it worse.
  3. Why did everyone in Tallygarunga keep on losing their pets on the regular? Amber had never been a pet owner, and thus couldn't exactly sympathize with that plight. She had always figured people would have to take care of them as much as one would a child. Yet there she was, making a fool of herself in the library after volunteering to aid her cousin in the endeavor of finding her pink, fuzzy pygmy puff: Harvey. It had escaped (it was the second time it happened, as far as the Spencer was aware) and the ever so influential Bourke had wiggled her contacts to cover the whole school. For some logic defying reason, the Library had been the chosen place for Amber, of all people, to look. She hated the Library. She was fairly positive it was one of the first few times she had ever walked into it, let alone explore it; she didn't even know where to look. As time went by in her search, the wrestler adjusted her beanie prior to lowering her head to the ground, deciding to explore the small opening beneath the various shelves to see if the little bugger had scurried off under them. With a full prone body and an eyeball peeking at the small space, she snuck her wand into the gap and let light erupt from its tip, illuminating the awkward investigation. She couldn't see a thing, but it was hard to move her head to search the whole area when the space she could look through was so small. "Ugh... C'mon, ya furball..." The girl whispered, painfully aware she couldn't be loud in the Library as she nearly got kicked out of the place more than one time in the past several minutes. After a few moments of fruitless attempts, the girl had an idea. Extricating herself from the awkward position and sitting up, she retrieved a pen from her backpack and used her magic to transfigure it into a metal wire. She wrapped a portion of it around the wand itself, and had the rest jut out forwards, in the same direction the magical instrument was pointed. "Now, what do pygmy puffs eat...?" She muttered to herself, having no idea; but, taking inspiration from one of her friends, she decided on meat. It wasn't something she ate, but perhaps the universally loved food would be of help. She took a rubber from her backpack and enchanted it to have the scent of grilled bacon (one that made her mouth water, despite her recent bout of vegetarianism) and stuck the rubber to the free tip of the wire prior to going right back to the previous position, side of her face firmly pressed down on the floor as she scoured the bottom of the shelves for anything that may indicate Harvey was there.
  4. It's Amber's birthday! Go pinch her cheeks.
  5. There was a special place in hell for those who demanded a certain Spencer to be in the Tallygarunga campus during a lovely (yet somewhat cold) Saturday afternoon - even if that person happened to be the cinnamon roll that was Amber's cousin, Samantha. The Bourke had picked up a double shift in the bakery she worked at, and given the lack of a present roommate, she had to ask someone to take care of little Harvey; Amber couldn't possibly understand why Samantha had chosen her, of all people, yet there she was, sitting on a bench with the creature's creepy black bead-like eyes staring up at her. Its sheer amount of fur protected it nicely from the cold as it seemed mostly unaffected. Nearby was a tupperware container with a small pincer-like tool laying atop its closed lid. Why did it have to be bugs? "Hey, weirdo. Can't ya eat something better, like meat? 'N that's me sayin' it." The wrestler spoke to the creature, as if expecting some sort of reply. Instead, her words were met with deafening silence, stare unbroken. One could hear a pin drop with the pygmy puff's lack of reaction. Amber wasn't quite sure why, but over time the fur ball's presence went from overwhelmingly cute to nightmarish. She could swear she could feel the cold, impenetrable gaze stare at her at various points throughout her day, and even when she went to sleep. Almost as if the foul beast had implanted its consciousness in her mind. "No? Nothing?" The Spencer outstretched a finger to gently prod the creature. Its body swayed accordingly but there wasn't so much as a blink. A few moments of silence passed, and there was finally movement - Harvey very slowly walked onto her hand, crossed it and proceeded to make its way up her arm at an incredibly slow rate, comparable to baby steps. She watched it incredulously, eyes squinting as her limb became a path for the animal. "...You're a creepy little bastard, aren't ya...?" Throughout its ascent, eye contact was never broken still. It sent a shiver down her spine as those small eyes watched her. Analyzed her. Judged her.
  6. Time to steal everyone's template. Also, I prefer Discord to discuss things, but you can always answer here. Beware the long text. Feel free to come up with any type of idea not mentioned, I don't mind any sort of plots whatsoever~ Chloe Stewart Human Muggleborn Witch | 16 | Sturt | Combat Sports Monster | Model Kit Enthusiast The daughter of two local business owners - her father owning a bakery and her mother a dojo -, Chloe is a somewhat shut in Sturt who cares way more about pursuing whatever strikes her fancy rather than socialize. She has obsessive tendencies over a select few subjects, making it so her skill in each thing rose exponentially over time, and is a great tutor to boot. Her social skills leave something to be desired. Out of respect for her mother she's trying to break out of her shell, but she can't say she cares for it much. But maybe you can help! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Jamie Collins Human Halfblood Wizard | 22 | Australian National Quidditch Team Seeker | Living Merch Machine | Former Bourke Half the product of a Muggle cartoonist and a pureblood witch whom dropped everything to be with him, Jamie is ultimately the end result of a broken household (along with his sister). While his public image - as well as what most know of him - portray him as a smack talking bad boy/ladies man, he actually prefers to keep to himself and is a rather nice individual. He hangs out in both Narrie and Melbourne, depending on the day. Maybe your nerds should meet him! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons Halfbreed Veela Witch | 28 | Corrupt Auror | Former Sturt | Tea Aficionado Continuing the legacy of a famed Pureblood family with deep ties to the Ministry of Magic, Evelyn has always been one not only to meet expectations, but to exceed them in spectacular fashion. Her sheer talent is well met by her Veela blood and interpersonal capabilities, making her a well respected member of the wizarding community. However, this is all but a front to hide the true intention behind her every move - consolidate power. Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Samantha Hammond Halfbreed Veela Witch | 15 | Bourke | Cinnamon Roll | Mother Hen A very innocent yet friendly girl, she'll befriend you if you have a pulse. Bright and upbeat, she believes she exists to bring love and joy to the world, starting with you. She loves to hang out, have fun, care for people and go out on adventures with them. Unfortunately, she seems to be very susceptible to being manipulated and charmed, which might make people take advantage of her for kicks. But maybe your dorks should protect this cinnamon roll instead! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Alex Lin Squib | 22 | Drummer | Child Caretaker | Cartoonist Say hi to Jamie Collins' twin sister, Alex. She probably won't say hi back, but please bear with her. Past the obvious daddy issues, she's not half bad. She works really hard due to perceiving herself as having a disadvantage in comparison to Jamie, and if all goes well she'll have a few beers with you instead of punching you in the face. It's a bit of a gamble, but a worthwhile one! Current Opens: Nasty Habits Fish Out of Water Current Ideas: Rachel Ryan Human Pureblood Witch | 17 | Sturt | School & Sturt Quidditch Team Beater | Resident Tsundere A victim of childhood neglect and many uprootings, Rachel doesn't have a place she can call home, or someone she can see herself be close to. The lack of attention from her parents growing up led her to think she's worthless in the grand scheme of things, and thus she isolates herself for the greater good. The most effective way she found of doing so is being a jerk to everyone she meets. Will you get through this front or will you just be another victim of her sharp tongue? Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Meadow Richards Human Pureblood Witch | 16 | Flinders | Aspiring Nurse | Sickly Meadow (or Amy, if you prefer) has a hard fought life. Sickly from the day she was born and treated as a burden by her parents ever since, she never had much happiness in her life until the point she joined Tallygarunga - which she adores. She was quick to socialize and befriend people and fit right into the academic setting - but, something is off. She looks like she's hiding something. Can your character be the first one to find out? Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Shane Robbins Human Halfblood Wizard | 22 | VMU Student | Former Bourke | Bartender Shane is a fellow known equal parts for his music skills and bad luck. Looking way older than he should be, he has problems befriending people his age outside of his friends group. He tries to stay away from the wizarding world in general due to feeling inadequate, not liking his wand too much. His mother owns a bar in Melbourne and he frequently handles it himself. Appearances aside, he's actually a pretty friendly guy if you give him the chance. Maybe you should! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Keira Hammond Halfbreed Veela Squib | 27 | Political Pundit | Internet Sensation | Horror Buff The first of the four Hammonds of her generation, Keira never set the best of examples for her siblings, try as she might. Her chaotic mindset caused her to marry while still in school, have two children, do drugs despite having children, take on a very intensive job despite having children, divorce at the young age of 25, among other things. She is definitely hard to deal with, but she isn't harsh out of malevolence - rather, out of a need to educate others. Maybe your character can get past all that snark! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Natasha Roberts Quarter Fae Witch | 19 | Former Flinders | Talented Baker | Dueling Teacher The daughter of an Indian Muggle and a witch, Natasha had her family be split apart when she was very young - her brothers lived in Narrie with her father, while she moved to Melbourne with her mother. She was always very sheltered and pushed harder than she'd like, but now that she's finished her studies and moved out of her mother's house rebellion is starting to sprout. Maybe you can help her with that! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Mark Sandoval Human Halfblood Wizard | 22 | Former Flinders | Parselmouth | Nature Nerd An orphan that was taken under the wing of Whitlam Bilby's and Tallygarunga's staff, Mark never lacked parental figures despite the lack of an official relative. He doesn't know where he's from or who spawned him, but isn't too keen on finding out. A socially awkward guy whom is a bit too nice for his own good, people will find it either very easy to befriend him or step over him. Which will you do? Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Danielle Haynes Halfbreed Dhampir Witch | 16 | Bourke | Tinkerer | Hardline Pacifist This girl doesn't know what a mundane life is. She's been on the run since she was born, lost the vast majority of people she was ever close to, and was eventually exiled in Australia along with her little sister. It's widely known she's a Dhampir and she keeps mostly to herself, distrusting people and disliking open areas. She really needs someone to tell her it's okay. Will you be it? Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Lisa Knotley Human Halfblood Witch | 16 | Sturt | School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser | Sturt Dueling Club Captain A girl who's made some very bad decisions in her life but either doesn't seem to realize it or doesn't show it. Lisa is an orphan enrolled in Tallygarunga, and her deepest desire in this world is to be better than you - a desire she devotes every single second of her time to. Whether it be in grades, skill, looks or anything else, she refuses to give up and always pushes past her own limits. Maybe she needs someone to help her cool off. Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Amber Cross Human Halfblood Witch | 15 | Spencer | School & Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker | Pro Wrestler She's the daughter of a pro halfbreed rights couple whom perished during a lynching. She seems very proud of them and to be following in their footsteps. She has been adopted by Sibylla Townsend and now lives in Narrie. She has a deep dark secret she keeps from everyone - even if she doesn't necessarily go to great lengths to cover it in the first place. Maybe your nerd should find out about it! Current Opens: Creepy Little Bastard Current Ideas: Diana Sharpe Human Muggleborn Witch | 25 | Former Bourke | Journalist for The Mage Newspaper | Amateur Photographer If by miracle you seem to notice Diana's presence and engage her in conversation, you'll soon realize that behind the kind smile lies a shy girl with a nebulous past. She doesn't like attracting too much attention to herself (unless it's about her job) and feels nervous around new people, but fortunately is nice enough to make it so almost any engagement is pleasant. She might need some help in being more engaging, and you might just be what she needs. Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: MJ Clarke Human Halfblood Witch | 15 | Flinders | Ghost Whisperer | Bootleg MacGyver A friendless girl with a mostly undeserved reputation, MJ is the quiet type. The less waves she makes, the easier her day will be - not that she actually has the capacity to catch people's attention, or so she believes. In her past lies tragedy aplenty, but she doesn't seem to like talking about it; hell, she's not very good at the whole 'talking' endeavor in general unless she's close to whoever she's speaking to. But perhaps those who don't get fooled by the 'creepy graveyard keeper's daughter' reputation and give her a shot regardless are in for a pleasant surprise... Current Opens: My Kingdom For An Umbrella Current Ideas: Laurie Kempf Human Halfblood Witch | 15 | Spencer | Durmstrang Institute Exchange Student | Pranking God Meet Laurie, a girl hailing from the Durmstrang Institute. She hates it there. She really does. She couldn't be more relieved to be in Tallygarunga, even if it wasn't her first choice! Fresh off the boat, she's looking to explore the area, try new things, and thoroughly enjoy a level of freedom she never got to experience before - whether it is for better or worse, she doesn't care. Maybe your character can show her around town, and get a few Dark Arts lessons in exchange. Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: May Bowen Halfbreed Dhampir Witch | 26 | Former Bourke | Bounty Hunter | Walking Mystery More popular than she gives herself credit for, May is a bit of an accidental social butterfly whom isn't actually that talkative at all - she's just really good at paying attention to other people's needs, giving them advice and potentially acting in their best interest. Of course, at least until the point she thinks they're prodding at her own life too much, at which point she moves on. A heiress of a criminal family in Perth, for the longest time she's been raised to evade that title, only to make the conscious decision of keeping the family business alive, even if indirectly. It's made more than a few ripples throughout her life and has made her more wary of any kind of potential relationships from that point on. Maybe your nerd can tear at that shell! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: Ian Travers Halfbreed Dhampir Wizard | 15 | Flinders | Martial Artist | Helping Hand May Bowen's youngest brother, Ian has been through a lot. Despite having a solid and happy upbringing back in Perth, things turned very bad, very quickly. Losing most of what was dear to him, he was sent to Narragyambie under a new identity to start anew. Taking like a fish to water to this situation while stifling his grief, Ian soon became obsessed with helping everyone - not one person has seen him with anything less than a smile on his face and a kind word to impart. But someone's niceness can only go so far, right? Maybe your character should learn how to push his buttons! Current Opens: N/A Current Ideas: If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to mention them. I'd also like to come up with previously existing interactions/possible connections to gain a steadier ground here as things start. Thanks for reading
  7. Another day, another excruciating training session - but at least Amber's back was (mostly) intact, and she could walk home by her own two feet without any injury making her pass out in that same park again. It had been a particularly exhausting three hours, even for someone with her conditioning, making it so Amber really wasn't in the mood to even look to be somewhere in the cheerful spectrum that late afternoon. It wasn't that she was unhappy. Oh no, not at all; rather, her muscles were screaming so much that she was afraid she'd pull something if she tried to smile minimally. It was certainly a strange sight to behold. No smile, no hat (how blasphemous), soaked up hair clinging to the back of her T-shirt from the quick shower she had taken prior to coming back to Narragyambie, and no energy to show. She had her sports bag slung over her shoulder and earbuds shoved into her ears, music blaring out and blocking everything else. On occasion she'd hum or sing along in a low tune as she walked down the mostly empty Footy Park, though that came to a halt, and so did she, when she spotted what looked like a terrified kitten up a rather tall tree, looking down at the ground. "...Really? Now?" She muttered. She could easily climb the tree and retrieve it, but her limbs really didn't want her to; she couldn't help but curse the fact she was only 15 years old as well, as a quick use of her wand would make things that much easier. But no. Instead, she locked eyes with the scared creature, and sighed to herself, wanting to postpone climbing the tree for as long as possible. "...Where's Sam the Disney Princess when you need her...?"
  8. It was nothing short of a miracle. Amber had made it across Footy Park after a few hour long detour (thanks to her need to nap and the familiar stranger). It only took what it felt like an eternity as the agony irradiating along her spine and dorsal muscles made it very difficult to stand up, or sit down, or lie down, or anything for that matter; let alone actually walk all the way home. The sun was setting in the distance, indicating it was way past dinner time. Oh boy. That wasn't good. Her feet slowly, painfully dragged themselves along the pavement as she walked to the front porch of the Townsend household, more akin to baby steps than anything else. Climbing the little set of stairs in front of the entryway was oddly easier to accomplish when compared to having walked all the way from the gym by her own foot - at least she had the side railing to lean on for support. Sweat dripping from her forehead and down her face, the Spencer finally made it home. Now, to be stealthy. If she was caught, she'd have to explain the whole thing; and if she did, she was dead. She and her wonderful niece/co-conspirator. The only thing that was left to do was to sneak in, collapse, hope she wasn't found, and sleep it off. It couldn't be that serious, right? She was known for her endurance, for crying out loud! It was probably just some sort of temporary trauma soreness, to an extreme degree. If push came to shove she could always duck into Tallygarunga's nurse's office the following day and ask for some potion to numb the pain or something. Painstakingly reaching for her set of keys from within her pants' right pocket --did her shoulders have to hurt so much too?!--, she retrieved them and slid them into the little slit in the lock from the outside as silently as she could, slowly turning the key until she opened the door. Baby step by baby step, she moved into the house. Pulling the deadbolt back so not to make any noise when closing the door, she released a mute sigh of relief with the success. She was quite talented at being loud; it was time to see if she could be quiet. Pain notwithstanding, she could barely breathe as she struggled through the path that led to her bedroom. 'Please don't hear me, please don't hear me, please don't hear me...' The girl clung to the walls for support. It didn't make the pain go away one bit, but it certainly made it easier to move around without wanting to scream out with the torturous agony.
  9. When the phone went off with a Taungurong elder's crooning dialect growling, "Get your bathers on and get in the damn catchment.", Nox just knowingly rolled out of bed, zipped on a full knee racing suit and prepped their main gear: a waterproof housed smartphone and magical SLR camera, a handle tray to hold both devices, and spare film and lenses, which were all zipped up into magically extended swimsuit pockets—even though one of those "pockets" was just between the front zipper and extra layer of fabric stretching over the useful (yet excessive) cleavage the metamorph woke up with. After strapping on a shoulder harness for their wand and machete and after grabbing their ranger clothes, Nox soon found themselves submerged near the mouth of a torrid river emptying into the Narrie Lakes. It only took a moment of shapeshifting some gills and fins to feel the problem: Low oxygen. Something they should have expected with all their ranger managers complaining about algae and fish die-offs exarcerbated by poor water management and drought. But with a cut in funding and with how much potential magic could be in the area, there weren't any resources to spare for an environmental survey—unless all the resources you needed were two cameras, some second-nature shapeshifting, and a bit of magic. And so Nox found themselves swimming around most of the day and taking videos with their phone and pictures with their camera while making plenty of adjustments with magical infrared and color filters to get the right shot in all the murky waters. The day was pretty uneventful, until they began to focus on hunting down carp breeding grounds, where their shots started to get photobombed by a hungry, hardhead duck, snatching up fish eggs and baby carp. Nox could only assume the duck thought their fish-eye lens camera made them look like a giant duck blowing a bubble, or the waterfowl caught on to junior ranger making frequent stops where food was, (or both). Either way, the bird was messing up their shots and needed to find something else to do. So Nox swam to the shallow lake edge and stood up… only to find they stood up where the duck had swam, which was right on top of their head. And now there was a duck contently sitting in their updo. Perfect. The gilled swimmer's gaze was then drawn towards two people standing on the bank, doing who knows what, but maybe they could lend a hand. "'Ey!" Nox called out, with one hand holding the tray of cameras they had the other jab a finger towards their (live) feathery headpiece, "Either you two need a duck?"
  10. Feet dragged along the dirt road in Footy Park as Amber struggled to make her way through the location, gym bag in hand, aiming to return to the Townsend household after a full afternoon of pro wrestling practice. Her back couldn't stand upright and pain was very visible in her expression - in fact, she looked like she could fall flat on her face at any given moment. Four hours prior to that moment, she had been in Melbourne, carefully helping other members of the crew in the laborious task of setting up the ring for the following day's show. Once it was mostly secure a new trainee asked the head honcho regarding how to take a powerbomb properly. Amber was asked to demonstrate as the larger man performed the move on her. The moment her back collided with the mat, all air was sucked from her lungs and she was hardly able to breathe for thirty minutes straight, being completely gassed out and suffering from intense back pain. And this is why you should always warm up first, kids. On top of that, she had to suck it up and finish the ring assembly work, and endure three hours of training and bumping on top of it. She managed to put on a strong face, knowing she would be teased mercilessly (and perhaps even punished) if she let the absurd strain show, but the moment she was left by herself near the gym in Narrie that she usually works out in, she felt like her very soul had been sucked out by an invisible Dementor. 'Can't... go... more...' Her motivation was completely shot. She spotted a park bench and collapsed onto it once reaching it, lying down on her stomach. The bag fell clumsily down to the ground, barely hooked to her fingers by the holding strap. She closed her eyes to rest for just one moment. Out like a light. A little drool fell from the corner of her mouth and onto the wooden bench as the sound of light snores could be heard in her vicinity. Time passed, and she was in danger of missing curfew the longer the nap went...
  11. The summer was less than one week away but the heat had been making itself known for a while, in between bursts of rain and storms. That day was one of those blistering hot days when even dung beetles thought it was too much for them and sought shelter. Amber Cross, however, wasn't half as bright as those little critters. She headed out without even bothering to put sunscreen on. It was was her official rest day - as such, she had no sports activities scheduled, not even her regular upkeep. However, just because it was a rest day, it didn't mean that Amber knew how to stop. In her brilliance (or lack of self preservation) she decided that, despite her aching muscles, it was time for a good cardio workout - swimming. She decided to make her way to Korrowi Creek. She knew a place that was deep enough to dive into without much trouble, and since it had been raining lately it was probably at a high water level for a change. For once in her life, her complete disregard for common sense paid off. The water looked inviting and the area was deserted in general. Setting her bag down under a tree right by the shore of the creek, the girl proceeded to remove her bracelets and her cap, along with everything else until she was down to her swimwear. After a last glance at the water she smirked confidently to herself, having yet another reckless idea. She could be seen nimbly climbing up the same tree's trunk - it was a rather thick specimen, with strong branches stretching out just above the creek itself. With trained balance she perched herself over one such branch, and after a moment she carefully made her way to the end of it - at least, to the furthest part that could still hold her weight. At that point she stood up, looking at the water below. "Here goes nothing. Woohoo!" The daredevil jumped off of her high ground, tucked her legs and cannonballed herself into the water, causing a loud, wide splash on impact. 'Hell yeah, cool water!'
  12. Amber forgot her cousin was a New Year baby. Amber forgot about something so crucial to one of the most important people in her life. Ultimately, Amber forgot about how to be a productive member of society, and most importantly her family, by being an absolutely disgusting human being and forgetting the birthday of a cinnamon roll. And this machine was her penance. The Spencer had spent the better part of the last half hour obsessing over a crane game in a little arcade in town that took full advantage of Narragyambie being a campus town. She couldn't forgive herself over getting Samantha a Christmas gift, but nothing for her birthday. Given that they lived out in the sticks it was too late to actually go and order something due to how long it'd actually take anything to arrive; so, instead, she had to get something locally. Something she dreaded. After wracking her brain when trying to figure out what else to get to the girl that would like a T-shirt straight out of the trash if you gave it to her, Amber ultimately decided on a plush for the sheer irony of it - the whole festivity had been a giant joke over a girly plush given to Amber, and she felt like she had to repay the 'favor' (but make it a good one). She ultimately found a nice little Rowlet plush stuck inside a crane game machine, and given that the little Pokémon reminded her of the happy-go-lucky Bourke she decided to just go for it. What she didn't plan on, however, was to run out of quarters so quickly. Attempt after attempt after attempt, she failed every time. She could swear the thing was rigged, but it was no time to complain - she was down to her last quarter. The game was on. "...I'm not gonna have anything to give to her, am I...?" She muttered to herself, all too hesitant to put the coin in the machine to start it up again. She sucked at these things...
  13. Another day off of training. At least Amber had made a full recovery and was throwing herself off of high places again, and embodying what a bumping technician should be (as put by one of her idols, Mayu Iwatani). But much to her chagrin, as the break ended, everybody was moving on with their lives. Mairead and Alyona were busy with their school things, Meadow was obsessing over the distant SPIDER exams, Samantha apparently got a job (and, of course, she forgot about Travis again)... It wasn't like she could ask Gem or Keira to hang out in the middle of a work day either. She had to find someone who would put up with her that cloudy afternoon. It's not like her parents would have a choice, right? They were dead and buried, they'd just have to deal with it. Amber sat by the headstone of her parents' graves, whom were put to rest side by side. It read 'Fisher and Elisa Cross - Always stood for what was right'. A few nice little words for two people whom perished defending rights that weren't their own without being too obvious and confusing Muggles about it. The Spencer crossed her legs, not seeming too sad about the little encounter. "Heya. Been a while. My bad." She spoke with a little more pep in her voice than someone in a graveyard would normally have. "Sorry, been kinda busy with a dead back. I'd cut it off, but, y'know, I don't think I could flip without a spine." She couldn't help but chuckle at her own little joke, but a prolonged silence followed. She could tell them about all the things she had gone through lately, as usual - meeting that weirdo pretentious chick in Tally, destroying her back with a bad bump, Keira and Evelyn double teaming to make her Christmas celebration absolutely miserable, the adventure in the lakes, bringing cats to class... There were so many things she could bring up, but one stood out the most. "...Am I too childish?" Her tone lowered ever so slightly as she spoke, almost as if she was ashamed of admitting it. She wanted an answer she knew she wasn't getting, for better or worse - she knew that to be the case, but she didn't exactly want to have it confirmed. Instead, she wanted to be reassured it was a normal thing. With everybody moving on with their lives and her being stuck to pop culture and pro wrestling like nail to flesh, there was no other logical conclusion - she needed to move on as well somehow. But it felt wrong. It didn't feel like she'd be becoming someone that she wanted to be. "Pretty funny of me to ask this of people who are gone for their beliefs, eh? I bet you don't regret it one bit." Even so. She was tired of being treated like a child. How could she possibly become a grown up in other people's eyes? Would she ever? She let the topic simmer in her brain, gaze cast to her crossed legs.
  14. New Year's Eve. January was coming, and with it, the isolation from most of her family. Amber wasn't at all looking forward for the Hammonds to go back to Melbourne - even if could visit whenever - because it was extremely inconvenient to her not to be able to drag people along whenever she saw fit to do so; she needed something to do for the coming month. One could argue she could just play guitar all day, but could her fingers really withstand such a workout? And it was not like she could do an actual workout, her back was still messed up from the bad bump she took earlier in the month and she didn't exactly want her guardian to scream bloody murder at her for making it worse. She'd give her fingers a different type of workout - video games. The heat seemed to be soaring again, albeit slowly, but she didn't particularly care - she went out smack dab in the middle of the afternoon, no sunscreen, cap turned towards the back of her head rather than shielding her face from the incoming UV rays. The reckless girl carelessly made her way through Tallygarunga Road until she came across her destination of choice, the only games shop she knew about in the area. As she entered she waved at the Muggle attendant whom she was a bit too familiar with (a painful reminder of just how often she visited that place), and soon the Spencer disappeared into one of the few aisles inside of the small shop, out of view from the Muggle - but not from security cameras, of course. She wound up in front of the Nintendo Switch stand. She had already bought the console, so what drew her attention was the game being advertised in the bottom row, directly below the consoles - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She had never gotten around to purchasing it due to a mixture of exams, accidents and celebrations. It was time to correct that mistake! She knelt down and grabbed a copy, flipping the case to confirm it was a full price title. After a mental 'yikes' at the tag and deciding to take the new game home with her anyway, she froze. She couldn't get up. Try as she might, it was too painful to get up on her own. It was as if her muscles knew the exact moment to lock up in place to strike and humiliate her as much as possible. Of course, she refused to go down with just that - pride overflowing, the girl clumsily gripped one of the upper shelves (which were, fortunately, tightly bolted to the wall) and tried to pull herself up from her precarious position. "...C'mon... God damn it...!" She grit to her teeth as her arms shook under the force applied to the sturdy shelf, doing her best to no avail. Oh, how she wished Samantha was there...
  15. "Yo, Samsung!" Came the boisterous greeting, forcing Samantha to look up from her copy of 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection' to see who was the invader of her personal space. She recognized her cousin instantly as the Spencer plopped down on the grass before her, crossing her legs and looking quite bored. "You're running out of creativity? I've heard that one before, not even from you." Samantha couldn't help but tease the girl, watching as her nose scrunched up in frustration. A few seconds passed before a look of brilliant realization was transparent in her face, excitement quickly defeating frustration. "Oh, I know! Samsonite!" Amber exclaimed, pumping her fist in victory. It prompted Sam to giggle, covering her mouth for a short period before nodding in acknowledgement. "Okay, okay, you win. To what do I owe your company?" The Bourke lightly bent the corner of the page she was on before closing the school book. Amber glanced at it, scooting over just enough so she could better read the upside down title of the cover. "Whatcha readin'?" She asked. "Defense Against the Dark Arts? You're studying when there's such fantastic weather outside? When it's a weekend?!" Amber almost looked offended. Indeed, the sun was shining, and it was hot enough for the school-mandated uniforms to start getting slightly uncomfortable. It wasn't the weekend just yet, but a Friday afternoon still counted as such, right? Plus, Samantha just plain studied too much - grades notwithstanding, of course. "You're probably the last person I'd ask to evaluate my studying habits." The half-Veela replied as she placed her book back in her backpack before letting the bag rest on its own under the tree her back was pressing to. "No offense, of course." "Fair enough."
  16. 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