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Found 3 results

  1. Alic Eron Interactions First Day Jitters @Keeley Monroe Taking Flight @Orion Arua-Karras Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That @Caldwell Hughes Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort @Viktor Valentin Classes Welcome to the Care of Magical Creatures @Iris Glauert @Alexander Winfield @Simon Bican @Cassandra Sullivan @Savannah Ryan @Theodore Spellman Care of Magical Creatures - Segment 2 @Alexander Winfield @Cassandra Sullivan @Savannah Ryan Events Great Festive Hall @Alexander Winfield @Cassandra Sullivan @Geraldine Richter @Amanda Lee @Iris Glauert @Lorelei Valentin-Blair
  2. The tall man hummed under his breath, having stripped down to his undershirt and pants. It was hot as balls, and he still wasn't used to Australia's heat. How did anyone put up with it? Besides, he had quite some time before students were supposed to show up; he'd gotten started long before he had any classes. Considering that only six or so students had signed up for his class, he'd decided to combine them. After all, it wouldn't make sense to have classes with just one or two students. Besides, it would be easier to have everyone in one class. He'd spend the previous night writing out a quiz; it wasn't anything hard, just basic questions about the subject, as well as 'get-to-know-you' questions. He didn't want to teach what the students already knew, but he also wasn't entirely sure what they knew, as it was his first year teaching. It was an unfairly hot day, so he was going around and setting up an area so the students wouldn't have heat stroke. He'd gotten permission from the Headmaster to hold the class in an unused hut, and had spent most of the day cleaning it out, and making sure the desks were functional. He'd applied several cooling charms to protect the students, as it was still really hot. The alarm he'd set went off, saying that the students would be along soon, so he tugged back on his uniform, making sure it was not wrinkled or messy. (Alic Eron)
  3. Alic took a deep, shaky breath. He'd admit it; he was nervous to all Hell. Thankfully, Summer School was in session, and even more thankfully, no one had to take Care of Magical Creatures this Summer. He didn't even know if a student could take Care of Magical Creatures as a Summer Course, considering it was an elective. Could kids take elective Summer Courses? He'd have to ask. In the rush, he hadn't had time to relax. He'd had to get a passport and a visa (thankfully the Ministry of Magic had managed to make that go so much faster), a Portkey, and pack all in a very short amount of time, to move into Tallygarunga after getting the job - and wasn't that a mouthful! He thought Hogwarts was bad! But now he was all unpacked, setup in his own quarters. He had a map of the school, and had been given a rather extensive tour. But it was several hours until dinner, and he was too keyed up to nap. So, finally, he'd grabbed the case of his violin, and headed out to the courtyard. The courtyard, to his luck, seemed to be empty and abandoned, so he'd found a shaded spot to set down his violin and sit on a bench. He'd pulled out his violin, quickly checking the strings of the instrument and the hairs of the violin, before rosining his bow. He quickly tuned the instrument (considering that it had gone through Floo, it had stayed tuned remarkably well) before beginning to play, the notes to Mazurka in A Minor echoing throughout the Courtyard. (Alic)
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