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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 45 results

  1. Path of the Ancients: The First Step

    Caitlin Sullivan
    It had taken a little time to settle back into life after her return, even if it hadn't felt like any time had passed for her. Time had certainly changed a few things here, some of which she was still trying to catch up on. But now that she was back at work and Aisling was going to Tally after some tutoring from her mother on a few basics that she needed to know, Caitlin had finally been able to sit down and work out the process by which she would need to tackle some of the larger objectives that she'd already had before she went missing. Among those was being able to sit and talk to Dylan about all that had happened, which she had decided she would do today while she waited for Alex to come for the healing he required. As it stood, there were seemingly some wizards who already had a vendetta against the Sorceraic families - though perhaps more specifically Adele and her brood - but there were also others out there. Cate and Cassandra still had those who wanted them hunted down, and they didn't even know the extent of the women's genealogy either. And it would help Dylan to better protect them if he did know, the last thing anyone wanted was mistakes that could make things worse due to lack of communication. Having filled a teapot and got a few cups and some freshly baked cookies on a platter, the woman set it on the coffee table in her living room to pour herself a cup while she waited. The front door was open, which would be easily seen through the screen door, as was the door to the backyard, so that the cool spring breeze could flow through the house. Cate took a sip of her drink before setting her cup down and relaxing on the sofa. Perhaps she should have been concerned about telling Dylan too much, but her concern wasn't so much about him knowing, because she didn't believe he would ever harm her. But more that she didn't want to be a larger burden than she may already be. Especially with he having a brother here now that he was looking out for. Yet another thing that Caitlin had missed with her disappearance. She sighed softly, waiting for the knock at the door that would inevitably come, before calling out easily. "Door's open! I'm in the living room!"
  2. Fade

    How was it getting close to almost a year since she'd found out she was pregnant? Cassandra had found the time breezing by without warning, spotted with events big and small, and somehow among all of that her life was something completely different to what it had been only two years ago when she and her aunt had been packing to move halfway around the world. A rare Sunday afternoon to herself, the young woman had been given the offer to go jogging while Adele looked after the twins, who were down for a nap anyway. And with Caleb as their ever circling hawk guardian, she knew there was no need to worry if they woke up either. Either he would alert Adele, or Cass would receive a message from him. Yet another strange development was the connection to a boy who wasn't her blood relative, but may as well be ever since Thia spent herself in reviving him that fateful day. These were only a couple of thoughts that circled in her mind as she took her time to enjoy running through the bushland. Nature surrounded her, even responded to her strangely enough. Branches leaned just a little closer in her direction, animals watched her, the young woman could sense it all, much more keenly than she used to. Though, there was also a chill that crawled up along her spine, at the sensation of something or someone else watching her as well. It was a feeling she'd had for a few months now, and only seemed to get stronger gradually over time, to the point that she was looking over her shoulder semi-regularly, in a similar fashion to what she had before the move to Australia. Hunted. That was the feeling that haunted her, and the redhead wondered if maybe it was just that she was uneasy with all the changes and still trying to adjust. Or maybe some of the things that she'd learned hadn't been sitting right in her mind, or were still trying to settle. But nonetheless that feeling was still there. It caused her to pick up her pace a little as the wildlife paid more attention to her, her aura leaking out slightly through exertion and the growing sensation that there was something on her heels, regardless of the fact that she saw nothing whenever she glanced behind her. And then she found herself at a creek near the edge of town, the beginning of houses over the other side and through some more trees. Adele's house wasn't far away, but something had made Cass stop, and she couldn't quite place her finger on what it was. She was still for a few moments, and then her head turned sharply around, before glancing down at the shallow water, eyes widening as she saw there standing over her reflection, a shadowy figure. She told herself to move, but was frozen, arms in the reflection were wrapped around her, holding her in place, a dark hand covering her mouth. Panic began to grip her... and then was suddenly drained from her as she stared - transfixed - at her reflection and the spectre the seemed to exist only within it. Time seemed to pass with her stuck in the spot, and anyone who happened along the walking trail would simply think she a woman lost in thought. Though after a while, ever so gradually, the woman began to slowly become slightly transparent, though unaware of it herself, stuck as she was in a hypnosis of a sort. At home though, the twins were fussy with their mother having been gone for so long that they had already woken from their nap and were hungry. Definitely out of the ordinary for her to not be immediately sensing their needs and taking care of them.
  3. The Violet Eyed-Musician's Interview

    Alexander Winfield
    Sam Witch: Hey, Everyone and thank you for watching and even tuning in to 'Charm-U' for those that don't have a Television and are listening by radio - I am Sam Witch!. Today we've a guest that has found recent rising fame, some of you may even have heard some of his stuff! Please, Welcome Alexander Winfield! *A modest chorus of clapping echoes.* Alex: Thanks, Everyone! And thank you, Sam, for having me on your show! It's pretty cool to be here. SW: Manners with a laid back personality! Has anyone ever called you a modern happy? *The tone of her voice in a humorous inflection.* *A responding laughter from the crowd followed suit.* Alex: Ahahahaha, I may have been called that a few times, yea. I actually had one guy say, 'Hey, Kid, why don't cut your hair? You look ridikkulus.' and I just smirked and said, 'I didn't know your worse fear was not balding.' *General laughter resounds around from the obviously dry joke.* SW: So! You're a recent highlighting name and face on the scene but have been in Music for a while. I think the question on a lot of peoples mind is, How did you get started? Alex: Oh, the hard hitting stuff! Well something that a few people know is that I was actually a pretty sick kiddo. A lot of medical issues, one day I saw that Celebrity Jezebel singing. I just laid in the bed and thought, 'Dang, that's pretty awesome. I want to do -that-.' Against the better judgment of his ears, haha, I begged my dead to get me a tutor. Held the strings in my hand since I was five! SW: Dawh, you look like you're healthier now! It must feel pretty surreal being able to actually be on stage with the person that inspired you. Alex: The allure wears off with some of her pranks! Hahaha, no, it's great. She actually keeps dragging me to these really high-energy charity benefits for kids. *A picture of a few musicians in a picture pops up for those watching Television - wearing Power Ranger outfits.* SW: Oh, Merlin! Are you all dressed up like Power Rangers?! Alex: Haha, yeah. The kids love it, I usually going as the original White Tiger Ranger or the Green Ranger. Who doesn't want to be the guy who plays a knife-flute? SW: I'm fond of the ever flashy Yellow myself. Now, one of the biggest boggling things for people is hearing. . . 'Hey this Alex guy, He's married -and- has twins?' How did that even happen? Alex: Sam, I hope you're not asking me how that last one happened. *He laughs brightly, the crowd following in step.* Well, you know, at the time I was with Cassandra it'd been a rough part of my life. I did propose to her but it was one of those, 'When everything finishes'. But a few too much wine and we find ourselves eloping! Let's just say I got a very glaring scolding from my family. SW: Rumors say you actually have a pretty big family. Alex: Oh, yeah, a few nieces and a couple of nephews. Great nieces and nephews. . .Man, that makes me sound old! I swear I'm only twenty! I do have a Sister, though. Just the one, I think. She is my 'Overprotective Guardian' in a lot of ways, but she's definitely that person of 'My life wouldn't be the same without her' sort. SW: That's some love! I can't even stand my sister. I'm still holding a grudge from when she took my cupcake two years ago! Alex: Hahahaha! No, no. Though she can hold a grudge, I try to give my winning smile, the puppy dog pouting eyes. Hope it works! SW: That's going to wear out eventually! Getting towards the music again, you've this tour you're going on, an album coming out. Alex: Yup! It's the 'Shake your Heart, Shake your Spirit' tour. Just trying to spark that inspiration across Australia the best way we know how. I will be showcasing a few songs from that album too, 'Oasis' is the name of it. Make sure you pick up a copy, folks! *A jingle starts to play, the usual sound for when a segment ends.* SW: That's all we have time for today with this interview! Stay tuned for a treat at the end of the show, He's going to play one of his songs from the album, Oasis! If you need the schedule for his tour you can find the link right at our website!
  4. Kai's Little Lies

    Marcus Carsen Species: Dhampir Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding Pureblood parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Marcus Carsen A bit about Marcus. . . He is a Journalist that is more focused on breaking through to the truth by investigating the facts and displaying them to the public that is able to read from his personal journal. He is from an Egyptian family that is primarily Pureblood and believes in keeping ones heritage as such when it comes to magic. They're purists not extremists so they are apart of no massive cult, just really big jerks. This makes Marcus a bit of a black sheep that has been excommunicated which explains his current situation and need to hide himself from most that he encounters. Part of his history is also within the undergrounds of Australia (Both Muggle and Magical), thus he's met various types of criminals and people that have helped with his transition into the new country. Marcus also runs pro-Non-Human/Half-Breed efforts to make sure that they hold a chance of having a good life and not to be ridiculed for who they are. In terms of what he is looking to get into. . . Really anything that could develop the character. Plans and idea are always accepted to hear and build on to see where it goes. Dylan Connell Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age:39 Gender: Male Dylan Connell A bit about Dylan. . . This Irishman holds a dark history both in heritage and in personal activity. Coming from a family of extremist about their Blood he had been taught and even in times acted out the same ferocious prejudice that landed his family to be apart of a Death Eater cult. This particular group hunted down the Sullivan family, which he personally had been part of both hunt and passively the murders. Reluctant to raise his wand against innocents he turned on his brotherhood and protected a Young girl and her niece. This painted a red target on to himself and he fled. Due to this he's traveled to various places but held an interest in France from his past for a bit before moving on towards other interests. He currently works in a small shop that affixes wands and deals with their maintenance along with supplies. He hides under the name Gilliam currently and does indeed 'Sell Wand and Wand Accessories.' Not propane. Often can be seen around Tallygarunga delivering wands of special order or to classes that require more on hand just because of how volatile it may end up being. As for what I'm willing to toss him into, same line as with Marcus as it would be with most if not all of my characters. I tend to not give myself a massive end goal as I'd want environment and interactions to shape the path of their stories and decisions as well as the growth. Alexander Winfield Species: Half-Sorceress Blood: Half-Breed Age: 19 Gender: Male Alexander Winfield A bit about Alexander. . . Every bit of mystery about Alexander is not from him trying to hide anything (exception being his chaotic implosions!) but rather ignorance of his own heritage in its full scope. In his mind he comes from a Wizarding family with a not so loving mother. The truth of the matter is that it goes much further and deeper and the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is about to entrap the young man hasn't even truly started yet. Due to the mixture in his blood there is a constant combat raging inside of himself that has him ill often to the point of coughing up blood most days. Though he does try to cover it up the best that he can given that he carries a white (Stained with crimson) handkerchief around for those pesky fits. Music is his passion so one could easily found him playing up a tune or even trying to gather a performance together, He is somewhat 'Famous' in a sense if one watched videos or covers where he'd play music on. Antics will most likely ensue. . . What he's looking for? Well, I suppose stability is one way of explaining it. Friends, Fans, people who've heard a bit of his music and oust him. Tyson McKennis Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 18 Gender: Male Tyson McKennis A bit about Tyson. . . Tyson is a young man who had been situated in House Bourke at Tallygarunga and like many of his housemates there is a determination and drive to stay active, to even be sporty. This alone isn't simply for the love of it but rather for a purpose within himself, as if to seek a sense of proof or worth within the activities that he tosses himself into. Aside from typical practicing the muggle art of Muay Thai, he also finds time with his light class schedule to engage in Quidditich as a Chaser which holds its own thrills for him aside from the usual impression. A fierce force in reaction though he is not easily angered the very ideal and meaning of loyalty is all the more important to him due to incidents involving his Parents. He currently attends VMU under scholarship towards playing on its Quidditich Team, an offer that the young man couldn't refuse given his situation of having no place to really go after Tallygarunga. Now, he's working on building up not only his future career but a future roof over his head by pushing himself to the very limits that he could go. A mixture of his discipline from his martial arts training and the love for the Wizarding sport that he holds. It remains to be seen if he will choose to see where he could go in the Sports world or if he will follow that dream of being an Auror, however, anything is possible to tip the various scales. What's in the cards for him? I'm looking to take the steps to see! Friends, Sportslike rivals to compete against as a way to better himself, he's a man who rises up to a challenge when presented it. Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 27 Gender: Male Derrick Ackers A bit about Derrick . . Recently hired as the Professor of Elemental Magic, Derrick is what one could consider quirky and fun with many aspects of his life. While often considered a sense of flighty that is more of a nature to want to travel and experience all that he could encounter. There is a clear talent and even borderline love for Fire and all of its application from a magical standpoint, there is a reason his nick name is 'Sparky' after all. There are a lot more to the hidden curves under the nearly whimsical manners, there is a lot of hurt and pain from his past from being a natural punching bag for his oldest sibling and being the constant protector for his youngest sister, Janet. There is a history of lost within the last few years from a woman he had fallen or as well which has ended much of his travelling and fueled him to take up a more stable position as a Teacher with his degree. What's he looking to do? Aaah, Let's just say a persons day will never be brighter with him around, literally sometimes. Extending out a network of friends to give himself a bit more reason to stay in Australia versus moving around like his nature screams out for him to do. Inspire some students that, Fire, is indeed, GOOD! Jonathan Azai Species: Half-Fae (Shadow) Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male Jonathan Azai A bit about Jonathan . . While Jon is of Japanese descent his roots are very much Australian being first generation from his Father's side. The family business isn't all gumdrops and rainbows as he is forced to work under the watchful presence of a Yakuza family that migrated to the land down under in order to expand their enterprises and connect with different antiquities that could be shipped towards Japan. What sets him apart from most others that work under his Father, Homura Azai, is the fact of his mother's heritage as a Shadow Fairy which had been properly 'bred' into him like a prized hound or careful planning. Some methods and beliefs never escape from ones heritage it seemed as his father saw only a benefit to the mixed blood. A weapon. He grew up faster than any child should and experienced horrors and crimes that are so etched in his mind that he often is lessened in impact when situations escalate to blood and gore. It's a lifestyle for him and expected that many things could go belly up within an instant. It doesn't mean he has no desire to escape rather that he feels there's no escape and so he must conform for the time being. Under legitimate terms he works as a man of 'Insurance', loans to be more specific and offers up a side subsidiary of Bodyguards if one needs them, another form of loan entirely. This is ran by the semi-well known 'Azai Corporation' which is regarded as small but successful in both financial practice and ethics, yet, a front is still a front for the darker side that is underlying its purpose. Money laundering, Illegal transports, most things that can be explained on paper fall under his legal purview. His job as far as the personal Family is concerned is that he is a hitman and make use of his natural affinity for the shadows to carry out his assignments. Very few ever see him before the strike and when they do it's much too late. He's often accompanied by what one could call his 'Loyal Dog', Mishima. To Jon, it'd be one of his closest friends who offered loyalty in the form of a life debt. It is through this kind of faith in him from a few that he feels bound to either escape for a better life or change everything that is an issue for a better benefit, profitable, but not as blood stained if necessary. I'm opened to talk about various things that can happen and past/future connections. Jon is designed to be a darker side of the track character in the sense that he's on the wrong side of the track. A character intended to be involved in various kinds of situations that may not always be what some would want. Anything extremely severe will require proper communication and drawing out an understanding. Just to be on the same page with things. There maybe a future adoptable of Mishima once I get an idea of how I want to write them and the deeper story is flushed out. Travis Franklin Species: Human (Werewolf) Blood: Halfblood Age: 17 Gender: Male Travis Franklin A bit about Travis . . Travis has been at Tallygarunga since his First Year, a calm time for the most part considering that he is a Bourke. While he holds intense loyalty he isn't as sporty as others in his house. Mostly because he's unsure if his strength gives him an 'unfair advantage' in certain situations. It's also the best way for him to keep under the radar and not be targeted. While he is always opened to meeting people and speaking with them at length, never judging them for their actions it doesn't mean he trusts them. If someone manages to earn his trust they have a fierce guard and guide in more ways than they might expect. He's always willing to explore the dangers of things purely out of the nature within himself. What's he looking to do? It's more or less opened! More friends, scandalous entanglements, other less scandalous entanglements. People that he can learn to trust, maybe a couple of folks that don't take kindly to a trusting mutt. Vale Windum Species: Fae Blood: Pureblood Age: 243 Gender: Male Vale Windum A bit about Vale . . Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum is a man who is truly ageless, mostly because of his Fae capacity. He's met many people in his lifetime and none that he could truly consider a 'friend' or someone he'd depend on. Especially in the fleeting lifeline that comes from Humans, the time he arrives and spends hardly amounts enough to him that they earn a proper trust. He's a talented and well spoken man in many ways but his true gift lies in the ability of thievery and the use of his somewhat alien magical use of magic compared to what most Wizards are accustomed to. An edge that he's glad seems to persist even more so in the age where purists still seem to be at a heavy strength in voice. Though he is a criminal in secret he's also a man with a heart for the Humanitarian efforts, past experiences fuel the desire to supply and nurture those that could be productive. People that have been harmed accidentally or purposefully, those that can avoid being on the end of criminal activity. As his Criminal Persona most of the exposed traits melt away into a sheer rebellion. While he's still against out-right murder he would harm to defend himself, aiming to rather see someone jailed or maimed rather than killed in cold blood. Due to his already inherent mistrust of many people working with him is a hidden risk, a risk that he makes people aware of the moment he drops the Auror's on them and leaves away with the bounty. What's he looking to do? Old Criminal pals who managed to get out, Auror's that have it out to capture him in some way, Maybe some folks that could instill a sense of 'trust' for him - a difficult task. Any other plot ideas are welcomed as well. Cole Lin Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age: 20 Gender: Male Cole Lin Cole is for the most part, an expressive young man who believes in there being no harm in letting people know the 'real you'. That is, unless, the real you is that you like them. Then it's probably the best course of action to see if there is really any kind of spark! That would just be his shyness speaking for him though on some level. He comes from a Pureblood family with deep roots and history, ones that he finds he's quite proud of representing. While he is an over-achiever of sorts it had little do with his love for learning and studying and entirely as an attempt to distance himself from a feeling that could be considered bad to other people. He's a generally nice person who is always willing to offer people a helping hand to see a smile curve at their face, though he's over-protective of his two cousins. The troubles that they go through and have gone through standing as a reason for him to feel as if he needs to be some form of barrier. What's he looking to do? Any form of plotting is up for grabs, Friendships, past dorm or school mates, current fellow VMU friends, people who question why he hasn't dated some potential interested ladies as of yet, someone to shake some stuff up. SHAKE IT UP LIKE BOGGLE! Senan Connell Species: Half-Fae (Light/???) Blood: Half-Breed Age: 16 Gender: Male Senan Connell A bit about Senan. . . Senan is a young man of secrets and for good reasons, stuck between a world where the thought had been Pureblood's held the only right to practice magic and the radical efforts of an individual to fight against those very ideals. These are core issues that whirl around inside of him, neither perceived as good or bad but merely a state of a much more chaotic world that others seem to ignore. He keeps everyone at an arms length to protect himself, primarily, from the fallout that could occur from the perceived betrayal of either group that seems to hold tight reigns since the day of his birth. The move to Australia has been a chance, a weakening of the links even if the individuals in play do not yet see it. There are people and factors that could influence the chances and choices that he makes if only he could see the benefit of being the type of individual to take that risky chance. He's also the Half-Brother of the elusive Dylan Connell, a fact that isn't known by the elder Wizard or many others beyond the family and recent radicals. A rude awakening that is bound to shake things up more than those involved truly will realize - until it's a bit too late. What is he looking for? Well, just to see where the winds take, honestly. There is potential adventure and extensive scuffles into other storylines that will have the chance of enhancing a good quality time for all around! Jasper Mitchell Species: Half-Veela Blood: Half-Breed Age: 32 Gender: Male Jasper Mitchell A bit about Jasper. . . A self-focused criminal would be simplifying the many layers that describe the man. He holds a high respect for his self-preservation, which often leads to decisions or words that could be considered more cold than anything else. Living a life where he could only trust in his own skills, had to watch his own back, it's no wonder why such a mindset seems to be ideal in every situation. 'If you can trust yourself, you can't trust anyone.' is a motto he tries to hold himself by even in the precarious situation of being a coerced undercover agent for the IWP. His contacts in the underworld across the world run deep and those that know him well enough know that his talent of forgery in both mundane and magical are top tier developments that could make a trained eye a run for their money. This mean he has a much more studious and diplomatic approach towards his work and those that he gets himself involved with, finding violence to be at the very least a last resort where everything else has failed or escalated too far for simple witticisms. His past as a youthful criminal is lengthy and dark, who knows what kind of people he entangled himself with? Those who couldn't forgive the wily cons placed on them if they've managed to find out? What is he looking for? Like many of my characters I prefer the whim of the moments, the flow of how the story is untold. That being said, any connections to the past are welcomed as he's traveled quite often and has interacted with various circles of people. Phoenix Aurora Phoenix Aurora A bit about Phoenix. . . It's obvious that the young man isn't a native to Australia, his accent all but gives it away. Holding an inflection in his tone when enunciating and pronouncing certain syllables. Still, Phoenix manages to find a way to make it feel 'just like home' by means of always living within his own personal moment. Causing a bit of mayhem here and there, finding that his own brand is a higher notch than what most people tend to go towards. Adventure calls to him and he responds in kind every step of the way, whether it would be a cave or some place out in the bushlands he always seems to find his way somewhere. Oddly enough, he always seems to find his way back out too with 'being lost' never being an actual factor for him occurring. Be careful, however, inciting his 'wrath' so to speak would only lead to a very long drawn out war of pranks until he found it otherwise settled. For all of his Grandfather's attempt to straighten him out he's only been given a playground in his mind. What is he looking for? Well, let's see what comes. Friends will always be a welcomed talk and so would potential 'rivals' I suppose could be said! While he isn't a native to Australia he's been around for a few years so don't feel as if you can't have some form of connection in some way.
  5. Invite A song was heard

    It had been a while since Max had paid attention to a class and had answered a couple of questions, she was … proud? No that’s not the right word but it’s better than nothing. She left class and dropped her things back at her dorm, the whole thing to herself, she didn’t have a roommate that year, it was fantastic having a room all to herself, she could leave her things everywhere in the room. She took her violin and walked around school, first stopped by the library to pick a few books she had to read for one of her classes, better start paying attention if she wants out of that place and onto VMU, but she had to wait a whole year and try not to fail any classes, which was going to be the hardest part. She got to the courtyard and sat on the grass under a tree, she decided to rest before practicing, and it was when she was crawling with doubts, maybe she should have gone to the musiciary to practice, they did have a piano there. She leaned her back against the tree and closed her eyes for a few minutes to feel the soft summer breeze. Opening her eyes, completely motivated she began playing her violin, no dancing involved this time. The sound caused a few students to look at her, she wasn’t too pleased about the situation, but she wasn’t going to let them ruin her day, besides, the look on people’s face realizing a Spencer was playing the violin was priceless, wasn't that uncommon and it was a fairly common knowledge, but apparently it wasn't as common as she thought, seeing how some were looking at her, which amused her.
  6. Invite Unstoppable Life

    The ball had come around at the perfect time, in his opinion. Or rather that he had handled the most pressing of his life determined concerns that made this kind of over-the-top celebration seemed proper and fit. While he didn't really want to be out and about for various reasons, one of them being that his body hadn't fully recovered as much as he'd expected it to. It felt as if much of his energy had been focusing on rejuvenating years of aches and pains, unused muscles, and still knitting all of it to be useful in this new state of his existence. But he could never resist a proper party and couldn't hold back the chance to take his wife out. He wore a cranberry coat and slacks set, white button-up shirt, thin black tie, and black wing tipped shoes. Hair had been fully free and let down though it'd been properly treated, combed, and styled to avoid the heavy frizz from the potential heat of the atmosphere. Alexander had expected between the constant movement of dancing, the amount of people that would be in the room, and the sheer heat that had been this time of year that he needed to be perfectly prepared. Arriving late to the ball, they'd only managed to miss perhaps a single song luckily not the entire set. That would have been an utter waste and he'd already been kicking himself for getting ready so late in the evening. He looped Cassandra's arm around his own and held it gingerly as he guided them through the hall and passing by the various students and tables that had been set up for refreshments. "Who would have thought the school staff actually knew how to throw a decent party. Not decent by -my- standards but decent enough to be recognized!" He nodded with a playful hum as he continued to appraise the various decorations, the position of the stage that had been setup to be in the most optimum area possible. Even with magic at ones disposal it had been important to place things in an area where it could reach the entire audience that it had intended to encompass. The Great Hall looked vastly different than when they'd thrown a party in it earlier within the year. Decorations fit the grandiose and classic design of it and even more so the lightning just seemed to simply fit with the classy flash that had been offered. His eyes finally drifted to the young woman that had walked at his side and he gave a fond smile. In recent days they've had their ups and downs and even disagreements on certain things of late but even then she still managed to pull a smile on his face. The arguments and irritations didn't last long for him and it was in the light that bathed around her that he'd been reminded of the sheer radiance of her. One of the many traits to her multi-layered beauty that he found admirable. "I don't know if I already told you this, but you look absolutely beautiful tonight, Love." His hand would lift hers up gently as he stepped back and started to spin her gently around in a flourish. "The Madam of Fancy has walked in and graced this place in pure style and class." Then he followed the same eased rhythm and pulled her closer to himself, an arm wrapped around her waist almost as if he needed to stake his claim over her. "Now, I know you pregnant ladies enjoy your food and drink. . . But is that what you want to do first? Or would you rather work up an appetite with a bit of foot work?" Alex had been trying to keep himself at least a modicum of 'tamed'. This night he wanted to enjoy and savor it, to have fun and just for a single moment let all of the stress and the built up frustrations or hurts flow away. To make this one of the many moments where it could feel as if it's just the two of them and nothing else around would seem to matter or even amount up to being a concern.
  7. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    Alexander Winfield
    To say that the last few weeks had been a chaotic whirlpool of depression and sadness would be an understatement. Luckily, it wasn't ONLY a black abyss with the small bits of good news being heavy in quality in his opinion. Today being one of those days that would be one of pure light and goodness even if he needed to pull the very sun into the room at any cost. He'd risen up early, before the sun even would peak in a blinding light as he needed to prepare for Cassandra's birthday. There were plenty of preparations that needed to be done and it all had to be in place before her eyes opened up or else it all would have been a botched surprise to see a smile on that beautiful mug. Each movement intended to be that of a Ninja or his impression of a ninja as his gaze turned to the dozing red-haired woman. A single finger pressed to his lips. "Now you two need to work with me here, alright? No sudden motions or power jumps, okay? This is Mommy's day and it needs to be a perfect one. Operation: Happy Fairy is a go." It felt weird knowing that they could understand and feel, that they held enough awareness and control. But it worked in his favor in hoping that they'd behave themselves until the perfect moment to wake her up. Then he bolted out of the room on his tip-toes where he'd sneak towards the living room. It didn't feel weird with the new living arrangements but it meant that he needed to be even -more- stealthy and careful to not wake up a bunch of people. He pulled out a few presents out from the back closet where he had hid them for sometime a neat little trinket that had been enchanted as a form of camouflage on them. When he removed it a trove of them came into perfect view where he'd take each one and brought them back to their own room and strategically placed them in a winged form. Some on the left side of the door against the wall, some on the right arranged with the smaller presents at front and larger ones built up at the back like a series of sky scrappers. For the last few months he'd been saving up, pulling out more gigs in different parts of the city and different events to make this a memorable Birthday. It seemed that had been his gimmick, make birthdays memorable in their own way. Once he double checked to make sure each gift had been moved into the room he rerouted to the kitchen where he'd start to make up a Breakfast meal of unique variety. Hand prepared waffles in the shape of a well-crafted fish, crisp and crunchy edges along that ran in good consistency. On the side he made a batch of home fries, scrambled eggs with cheese, and topped off the waffle with Phis Food ice cream. A bit of an extra treat that he'd looked up in a recipe, usually it used something like Vanilla but a quick exchange had been easy enough. He took up a wooden tray and carried it along with everything placed neatly on a tray with a tall glass of super duper hot chocolate with marshmallows cascaded inside and already at a half-melted form while he made his way back to the room. Once inside he set the stand up, placed the tray on top of it neatly and clicked in a few straps to hold its edges down securely to allow it to take on a portable form. Both hands pressed against the wooden handles and he pulled the platter up and walked his way towards the Bed, the bright rays of the sun had already started to peer through the window in a warm greeting. "Okay girls, It's show time. Give mommy a gentle wake-up."
  8. Thou Art Great

    ”You know well that your mother did not name you, except as an afterthought in her own mind.” Anna’s voice was gentle, almost soothing. It was possible to see now how the woman was a healer. “But neither did your father—your true father, the one who raised you as his own.” Bethianna’s hand lifted, an old and creased sheet of paper appearing between her fingers. She didn’t know if Alex himself had ever seen this, but given his predicament it seemed appropriate. Quietly she placed it face-up on the table, and pushed it across for Alex to view. It was the note he had been left with, a content baby in a basket on the doorstep. Ornate handwriting carried a simple message: His name is Alexander, for he shall conquer.
  9. Ways to Buy Hell

    "Or really, I usually always feel like hell. The look is just a brand new shine. It comes in the colors fed up, hate, and this life is just too much. Buy it at your local marts for only free-Ninety-Nine."
  10. Enjoying that bit of time

    Miracles - they happened everyday and in many cases in ways you wouldn't even expect it. He hadn't met the 'Man of the Hour' but there had been bits of information here and there which had only been due to whatever would slip out from the young man who had been dedicated time and energy to finding a cure. Whatever the true cause of the cure had been alluded Alexander and truthfully it was that perplexing state of affairs that had him sitting at the bar counter with a mocktail in hand, deciding to eschew from an actual drink. His hair had been pulled back into a pony tail, a somewhat formal white button up shirt with tan slacks were worn. That was, after all, the best he could do considering his time and energy had been focused towards other areas that were much more important for him than being fully dressed up. With a drink in hand he leaned against the counter and exhausted a brief and tired sigh. "Who would have thought a celebration like this would actually manage to take a bit out of me." It was lightly spoken, mostly intended for himself at the disbelief of it. Typically, he was a social butterfly, yet, today was different as it had been the last few days. While people were celebrating the continuation of life the knowledge of potential death stalked the back of his mind no matter the amount of effort that he had put into trying to redirect it. The people he still had to meet and talk with, the amount of preparation that still needed to be done for others to get ready to cope with the inevitable. "Maybe. . . I should get an -actual- cocktail. . .? Nah. Getting plastered probably isn't the best choice in any situation." A light chuckle pressed outwards as his eyes shifted to gaze at the cobalt blue acoustic guitar that leaned against the lower wall of the bar, then the gaze traced towards the stage then back towards the instrument. "To play for the crowds or not to play for the crowds - the ever lasting question of a musician on break." He hadn't been paying too much attention to the surroundings, the place was packed and there had been an equal chance that he would run into someone he knew or a new face to him entirely.
  11. Potential Cat Fight

    "BITCH, WHAT?!" Cass's gaze flared with rage at the sheer lack of empathy or care. No matter who this man was, blood father or not, he'd been Alex's Dad, and here she was stating that he wasn't related by blood as though that would just make Alexander feel any better, "What is your damage, woman?! What I'd heard about you was pretty bad, but no one mentioned you were a pure sociopath!"
  12. "Motherly" Guidance

    "Oh, dear boy." she said, her tone the very sound of sympathy. "I am sorry that today is hard for you, but you mustn't be so sad. He was not your true father after all."
  13. A Gift Ungiven

    "He should have waited... I could have gotten someone knocked up, gave him a grand kid." He tried to laugh it off weakly and shook his head lightly afterwards.
  14. V-Day Serenade

    "Morning to you too, Kitty McHotstuff. Happy Valentines Day. I hear usually you bring flowers or candy but all I have is a guitar and a possible song." He grinned at her while trying to relax his breathing to circulate more resistance against his own bodies response towards his usual problem.
  15. Parental Signals

    "Between stick to your passions and go clean your room I kind of get crossed signals. Cleaning my room is not a passion." His smile stretched as his final words were more of a jest at the 'typical parent' scenario that comes up for most people.
  16. Sparks of Romance

    "I can't help I make you weak in the knees. Don't worry I got you." Alex let that cheeky comment of his slip in until her own seemed to come back, though on a different track. He chuckled and then spoke, this time in less of his snark and in a more. . . Affectionate way. "I'll feel you up anywhere and moment you want me to, all you ever need to do is ask." Still cheeky.
  17. Anything but those Songs!

    "I'm always opened for requests! I know a nice collection of music. Rock, Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country - I even delve into a bit of kids songs depending on what you're interested in. Just. . . For my sake, don't make me sing the Wiggles again."
  18. Sibling Rivlary turned Deadly

    His nostrils flared from the indignation as his fingers curled into his palms tightly. "Pulling my hair and taking my guitar to hide it in some random closet is sibling fighting. Being highly suspicious of me like I am some form of criminal!? That is bordering something else en-freaking-tirely. "
  19. Those Awkward Memories

    Alexander Winfield
    Every now and then Alexander found himself within the Library that didn't entirely focus on the need for studying. Considering his recently established familial tie with the Librarian he found that it was almost always for personal reasons that he visited that particular part of the school. Even more so to step into the lair and try to act as if she was as grouchy as she'd often appear to be towards others. Woe on him if he ever let it slip that the woman had a fierce caring side that could rival the rumors that spread across Tallygarunga about her sharp gaze, quick witted tongue, and the occasional drinking habit. The other reason had been that he needed his eventual 'pick-me up' dose as his body had been feeling the aches, pains, and usual withdrawal that came about from the internal magic being drained out of him bit by bit. This left him looking a bit healthier and less pale than he'd recently been even with his attempt to try and hide that kind of particular fact. As he exited the background his hands grasped at a set of books that had lingered on the counter top of the librarian's booth. Then a gentle walk towards an empty table where he'd place the books down on top of it and slip his shoulder bag just across the top of the chair as a way to claim it for his temporary seat. Written on the face of the book had been 'Alchemy: Tinctures, Elixirs, and Oddities'. He needed to brush up just a bit more on his knowledge of the various effects of medicinal mixtures that could assist with the body and those that are often claimed to be a physical and spiritual 'renewal'. This particular angle had been more of a personal interest to him rather than just a simple curiosity for the sake of knowledge. Alex started to sit down as the tip of his fingers slide along the mouth of the book and opened it up with a smooth motion, pages began to be turned until he had gotten a few sheets into it and pulled out a notebook and pen. The notebook had already been prepared and opened as if to always be ready for a quick note or idea that may pop into consideration. "Now let's see how far I can get today. . ."
  20. Unhungry

    Sat out under a tree in the quiet garden, Cass' gaze shifted briefly to the small greenhouse that had appeared seemingly overnight around six months ago. Right after the unwedding party that had turned... well, strange. Since that day, no one had seen Lorelei, the strange young girl who seemed to have a fondness for Alex - then again, it seemed all the kids in his newfound family did. The thought made her snicker for a brief moment, before it died out and the redhead rested her head back against the tree trunk. That event was months ago, and still seemed like it was yesterday. Like so much else that had occurred. She played mindlessly with the rings on her left hand, the reminders of the trip to Las Vegas and what she and Alex had done, before her hand then lifted to brush through some of her hair, before holding it to the sunlight a little, watching the bright red shimmer. The secret that Cate and Alex - and probably a couple of other people - had been keeping from her had been long since revealed, and while it explained a few things, it still made her wonder why she was still at school. She didn't really belong in a wizarding academy. Not when she couldn't even used her wand anymore, when incantations proved useless. She was still going through whatever adjustment that was caused by age and belief of what she was. And something else was bothering her. It was there on the very edge of her mind, something like a presence. It felt so real that she thought if she spoke, it would hear her, maybe even respond, but that was silly. Was she just going crazy? Or was it a Fae thing? Either way, she didn't feel like going to the Great Hall. She wasn't hungry, at least she didn't think she was. She'd spaced out so much that she'd lost track of time, not realising that lunch was already over while she continued to sit there, lost in her own thoughts.
  21. Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    This trip had been one that started out as a partial joke after their first night of taking their physical relationship several steps forward. Though in light of it all they had agreed it was a pretty swell idea as long as they had the time and finances to make sure that it was possible for them to have a bit of fun with it but that had been on top of not letting people know where they were -actually- going. Limiting the amount of nosy busy bodies had been one reason for it the other being that, personally, he just wanted the time to spend with Cassandra without one drama filled event after another, if it hadn't been one of his friendship issues causing a bit of weight for the couple it was dealing with either his families secret talent for having just 'The most' drama possible or her own dealings with a darker past that seems to nip at both of their heels, little did they know just how much. Alexander at least left a few friends and all of his family enough information to know that he and Cass were heading out for a little couples vacation and with the months he had been having and those that knew even more depth about everything that surrounded him, could they blame him for wanting a moment to center his mind and strengthen himself? An excuse just to have fun and rock out with his- well, you know, out. They found themselves in Las Vega all the way in America after taking some time to get their passports in order and then taking a plane since using magic for such a long distance was just dangerous and foolhardy, at least conventional magic. The plane ride was pretty lengthy and they had to jump a few airports before getting to Nevada but at last they had found their way to the City of Sin. Quite the moniker for a city to hold amongst majority of the world's populace but if one were to see the tourist trap that had been setup to fully encompass this very idea it would hardly be a reason to wonder the 'why'. With a big slung over his shoulder and his hair actually drawn back into a ponytail for better ease of sight for everything in front of him his eyes shifted towards Cassandra with a mischievous grin that had a hidden fondness stitched on the inside of his eyes. "So, the plan! We find the hotel and then hope those 'Id's' of ours can stand up to scrutiny or at least a bit of ignorance on securities part, right?" That's right, these two younglings had decided to get fake identifications made to make sure that they could access the full breadth of what they wanted to do in this city with so much entertainment and craziness. They were probably asking for much more trouble than they would ever have thought but what was a bit of fun without the dragon by the cave guarding its juicy hoard?
  22. Window to the Sky

    Adele DeVylissea
    Weakness did not sit well with Bethianna. She had settled herself into an elegant, if older, version of her usual appearance---grey streaking through the intense copper of her hair, her skin looser and her lips thinner. It hadn't taken her pride, though. Her shoulders back, she still carried herself with the same determined strength, like a grandmother on a mission. Which she was, she supposed---Bethianna was a grandmother several times over, most faded into history and none of which she could really say she cared for. Unremarkable beings, every last one of them. The mission, however, was important. She'd asked Alexander to meet her here, by means of a small note left at his bedside table. How it got there was her own secret, and though she hadn't signed the bottom she felt he would know who it was from. Adele and her husband would be working, Améa was with the Blairs, and Caleb would be with his mother at the school. The McEwen Lane house would be empty, so Bethianna let herself in. By residential standards it was big, but to Bethianna it felt small and suffocating. Leaving the front door open for Alex, she wandered through various rooms as she waited for him to arrive. The kitchen seemed to be the place with the most light and air, so she settled there, perched on a chair at the dining table. In an attempt to make Alexander more comfortable, she had opted for casual clothes. A soft knit jumper in green, over grey slacks. It was so far removed from her usually ornate and costume-like wear that she felt almost naked. Perhaps he would not come, but Bethianna felt she knew him better than that. His curiosity, if nothing else, would bring him here.
  23. Invite Studying here, Studying There [April 26th, 2018]

    Alexander Winfield
    The library was often Alex's 'haunt' of sorts though not for the reason of studying, more often than not, he was visiting the resident Grump-brarian, Adele. At least in public he had to make it seem as if she were always that way but he knew her a bit better than that. There was a bit more information he needed for personal and academic reasons and as such he found himself at a table with a collection of books surrounding not only Ancient Runes but Dead Language's as well, hoping that maybe a civilization of the past held a key that could unlock some form of 'cosmic knowledge'. Chances were slim considering that he wasn't at an actual site where he could investigate thoroughly and truthfully he didn't have the entire skill set to make major breakthroughs just yet. Alexander's fingers curled around a quill that settled near an ink well preferring the much more mundane feel that it came about writing as such as if it kept him closer to nature itself in some odd way. A notebook wide opened with many different scribblings etched inside varying into words and then stopping short with a potential glyph that held a word just under it and the various applications and meanings that surround that particular ruin before further going on a descriptive extension in the writing about the probable variations one could position it in to gain a form of 'Enhancement' or power magically, without having it counteract against other runes. That was perhaps the most important step of all and consideration. "Alright. . . So~ opposites probably won't attract in this kind of scenario - need seamless energy flow that could concentrate and keep something contained." The edge of the quill's feather danced along his lower chin as he leaned back into the chair in thought. "Maybe something in the Fae language and belief might actually benefit there? They have a pretty high energy supply and if that's the case..." The gears had been turning around within his head but it abruptly stopped short as something else crossed his mind and caused him to lightly shake his head. "Bah, I hate all these 'maybes' and subjective... But the lack of proof here is -really- hurting me badly." His shoulders shrugged looking around for a moment to see if he could find anyone to chat with a bit, maybe having a peer in scholarly considerations could help his brain juices churn at a higher rate.
  24. Invite A Promise is a Promise

    There had been so much going on with the young man that all of his important promises in his life had to take a temporary back seat, but never forgotten. He went through the proper paperwork but most importantly had been working with a few of the office Administrator's to make this kind of trip work out as long as he followed a stricter curfew than usual for himself as well as ensuring the young girls safety and the safety of magic's exposure. Which was fine for him because at the moment the last thing he wanted to deal with was any form of magic unless it was absolutely necessary - it had been quite the enemy for him this month in one way or another. This was an outing that was necessary for him as well to remind him of the good moments in life but also to remind him what the point of experiencing everything was, to give himself more incentives to make his will stronger. Sapphire strapped onto his back tightly not sure when he'd ever need to pull out his instrumental campaign in order to ease himself or someone else but she was always a good friend to have around in most moments. As his odd blue hues turned towards the young girl, Amy, whom he walked along with a smile pressed along his face since he had promised her that they'd go out for ice cream and he had to admit the frosty treat sounded -really- good at the moment. Almost like heaven in a cone waiting to take a dip in the comforting formation of his stomach. There had been white gold thick band on his ring finger that was woven around the center of it in the formation of a branch and a series of Emerald and Sapphires embedded into the surface of the gleaming jewelry. "Mrs. K's shop has some pretty good choices in right now. Not sure how long she was going to have her ice cream selection out but I figured we may as well grab it while we can before Winter decides it wants to roll in like a party pooper." Alex's arms rested at his side until they made it to the door of the Corner store and his hand pressed against the glass of the door to push it opened waiting for Amy to step through it. "And~ We can get a couple of pieces of candy that we can stash back at the school! Sounds pretty neat, eh?"
  25. Invite three little kittens

    Frankie Oliver
    Being sick was absolutely, 100%, the worst. On top of that, her friends had been rather insistent that she get checked out. Which she had promised she would… for fear of being dragged into the hospital wing kicking and screaming. She had let them know she would go this morning if she was not feeling better. When she woke up she felt the same, tired, and she ended up getting sick a few times… on top of that they had eggs for breakfast which only turned her stomach and she had thrown up, in the great hall during breakfast. Not her best moment but she had slunk away to the hospital wing, mostly out of embarrassment than wanting to see the school nurse about it. Orion had been noticeably absent but that was not unusual. She hadn’t expected to see him until lunch anyway. At least the cots were comfortable. She had been pleased to curl up on one. The nurse had been pushing fluids, which she needed, she had felt a little dizzy and she was not keeping much down… not to mention she never really did well with taking care of herself to begin with. She was frequently being told that Cheetos, while delicious, were not actually nutritious… which she felt was a crock… they had cheese which was dairy and they were made of delicious. Though right now, she didn’t want Cheetos, she just wanted to stop getting sick in the middle of the dining hall... She let out a sigh as she closed her eyes for a moment. Maybe she should have come in earlier… she was starting to feel better… for now. She sat up for a moment. It was rather boring by herself, and she was looking for just about anything else to keep her occupied and so she pulled out the potions text she was supposed to study for her dads. They had been sending her a few things, stuff for Alex and then stuff she needed to know. She wouldn’t take the shop over right away but the goal was for her to be able to start her apprenticeship, so she could start learning the business and then take it over. She settled back on the bed and flipped to the potions she had been studying. They were more about the way you could adjust with some potions to treat other things. TI was actually very cool, and very all consuming. Swallowing she took a deep breath and closed her eyes to close out a wave of nausea. However when she opened them she looked up and spotted Alex. ”hey.” She said and then shifted. She wondered if he had seen her, or heard about her exorcist impression this morning. Or worse… her forehead netted in concern. ”Are you feeling sick? My dads wanted to try a new potion…” She said as she sat up a little bit better. ”Or- is it worse than I thought and everyone knows about how much I don’t like eggs?” She said her nose wrinkled a bit.
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