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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 12 results

  1. Flickering

    Adele DeVylissea
    Restless didn't even begin to describe how Adele felt these days. She was antsy to the point of physical discomfort, incapable of stillness and lacking the ability to focus on anything for any length of time. Luckily DJ was a good sleeper, and there were plenty of helping hands around to help her care for him. Améa was sitting in with the boys in her living quarters tonight, offering Adele the chance for a night to relax and look after herself. But she couldn't even decide what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go, even though her entire self was screaming to escape and keep moving she just didn't know to where. The frustration, fuelled by indecision, meant she had only so much as glanced into a few places in town before heading back to Tallygarunga and wandering aimlessly about the halls. Dressed as if she were for a night out, lost in body and soul. The first few hours of the night slipped away, she put some books away in the library. Wandered out to the memorial garden and laughed at the irony of it. Walked out by F3 and the West Wall, eventually heading back up to the staff room. It was empty, and dark. She lit a single candle, preferring the dramatic darkness. It seemed to suit her mood, the flickering candle doing the same dance as her mind as it flitted from one idea to the next, nothing ever satisfying enough to settle. She wanted everything and nothing. She was hungry, but no food existed to quell that deep hunger. Nothing was enough. Even a single space to stand wasn't right, and she paced around the staffroom table as the light from the candle played about her features. Alan would be furious if he saw her smoking indoors, which was exactly why she lit one up. That seemed to be the only real constant lately. She didn't even want the cigarette, nor did she really want the drink she poured herself. It was just something to do. Something to irk Alan. Something to make her feel more than just a plastic bag on the wind. Her ear pricked slightly as the staffroom door began to groan, signalling that it would open and Adele turned to face it. "Don't you go farting in here, Alan," she called, assuming it would be the headmaster. "You'll blow us all up."
  2. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    Lorelei Valentin-Blair
    It was something that had begun as barely anything. The girl hadn't considered it even just a couple of months ago. She'd began school like everyone else, but there were so many things that teenagers understood so much better than her, even though there were so many other things that she understood so much better than... well, most of the school. But there were things that were happening to her, with or without her intent or desire. She was aware enough to know that it had to be something to do with her growth spurt, that the hormonal changes which came with being a teenager would affect other parts of her, other than just physically. Mentally, emotionally, she was aware that there were sudden strange feelings, but she couldn't describe them or put them into some kind of understandable label. This was Travis' fault, surely. Well, no, she would liked to have blamed him, but he couldn't control what happened with her. That was just silly. What had caused this latest trip to the library to seek the knowledge of her grandmother though was the latest things she'd read in the Quillbook, which she had tossed into a drawer once she had written in it. She felt... hurt? Confused? Jealous, possibly? Mostly, she felt like she was lacking important knowledge that would allow her to understand better the things teenagers talked about. Dating, kissing, whatever else it was they did as boyfriends and girlfriends. Lei didn't even ring the bell at the librarian's desk, simply walking around it to the door which led to Adele's office and the living space attached to it. She did knock gently on the door before opening it and looking around with a small pout on her lips. Seeing no one, but knowing that her grandmother was just in the other room with Caleb for a moment, she moved to a chair and sat down, her expression contemplative as she waited for Adele to decide to see what she wanted.
  3. Thou Art Great

    ”You know well that your mother did not name you, except as an afterthought in her own mind.” Anna’s voice was gentle, almost soothing. It was possible to see now how the woman was a healer. “But neither did your father—your true father, the one who raised you as his own.” Bethianna’s hand lifted, an old and creased sheet of paper appearing between her fingers. She didn’t know if Alex himself had ever seen this, but given his predicament it seemed appropriate. Quietly she placed it face-up on the table, and pushed it across for Alex to view. It was the note he had been left with, a content baby in a basket on the doorstep. Ornate handwriting carried a simple message: His name is Alexander, for he shall conquer.
  4. Sibling Rivlary turned Deadly

    His nostrils flared from the indignation as his fingers curled into his palms tightly. "Pulling my hair and taking my guitar to hide it in some random closet is sibling fighting. Being highly suspicious of me like I am some form of criminal!? That is bordering something else en-freaking-tirely. "
  5. Window to the Sky

    Adele DeVylissea
    Weakness did not sit well with Bethianna. She had settled herself into an elegant, if older, version of her usual appearance---grey streaking through the intense copper of her hair, her skin looser and her lips thinner. It hadn't taken her pride, though. Her shoulders back, she still carried herself with the same determined strength, like a grandmother on a mission. Which she was, she supposed---Bethianna was a grandmother several times over, most faded into history and none of which she could really say she cared for. Unremarkable beings, every last one of them. The mission, however, was important. She'd asked Alexander to meet her here, by means of a small note left at his bedside table. How it got there was her own secret, and though she hadn't signed the bottom she felt he would know who it was from. Adele and her husband would be working, Améa was with the Blairs, and Caleb would be with his mother at the school. The McEwen Lane house would be empty, so Bethianna let herself in. By residential standards it was big, but to Bethianna it felt small and suffocating. Leaving the front door open for Alex, she wandered through various rooms as she waited for him to arrive. The kitchen seemed to be the place with the most light and air, so she settled there, perched on a chair at the dining table. In an attempt to make Alexander more comfortable, she had opted for casual clothes. A soft knit jumper in green, over grey slacks. It was so far removed from her usually ornate and costume-like wear that she felt almost naked. Perhaps he would not come, but Bethianna felt she knew him better than that. His curiosity, if nothing else, would bring him here.
  6. Invite Ain't No Second Prize

    Adele DeVylissea
    She'd got Alex's message, and the news about his father. The poor kid couldn't catch a break. Now, she figured that she--and the rest of their clan--were his only reliable family, and that meant she had to step in here and do... something. Adele didn't really know what, but Alex had mentioned alcohol, so that seemed like a step in the right direction. About alcohol, she had a lot of big sister-ly wisdom to impart. Adele had assembled a selection of her favourites for Alex to try, curiosities in a variety of colours and most in ornate bottles. Bitter winters on the island had spurred her people to brew ever more potent elixirs to fight away the frost, and the results were mostly flammable---often worked as paint stripper, and made the regulated spirits available in stores look like harmless lollywater. Caleb slept in the room next to her office, still clutching his guitar. She hadn't been able to peel it out of his hands from the day he got it, and it was refreshing to watch as the very serious boy began to express himself with music. He couldn't play anything yet, but he tried with such a passion that Adele couldn't help but feel proud of even the hideously wrong notes. "Door's open," she called softly as she heard footsteps through the library, and pausing on the outside of her office door. Was she ready to emotionally support someone at a difficult time like this? Adele didn't really know. Her relationship with her adoptive father had broken down very early in life, and she'd never known her father before he died. She had no personal insight that she could offer to Alex, and she'd reached instead to the good old books... which were proving also useless. Why wasn't there a manual on how to do this stuff? Quietly she shoved the book away, stashing it under her desk and retrieving two glasses. Maybe she just had to do this her way. Not... what most people would recommend, but it was all she knew.
  7. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Stuart Blair
    When Stuart had spoken with Adele last, and she asked him if they could have a family dinner in the near future, the man had to admit he was a little surprised. The history of family dinners with the L'Arine folk had a history of being... well, colourful, if resulting in some awkwardness or mild disaster. But she'd hinted at something important that she needed to tell the children, and so he was only happy to set aside an afternoon, as well as host it at his place. Adele was still avoiding her own house, and the school wasn't exactly the most private setting for telling one's family some important news. About halfway through the day, the man had decided it would be a perfect evening for a barbecue as well, and so had set about making up the shopping list, and taking Améa out with him to get the things they'd need to make up a couple of salads, as well as get some steaks and chicken wings and skewers, and of course the ingredients for his amazing home-made burger patties. Améa was gradually beginning to look healthier again. Her complexion had colour in it, and her eyes had brightened slightly and hair was slowly regaining some of it's gloss. He had no doubt that a lot of it contributed to the time she had been getting to spend with the triplets, and Nika in particular, when Jezebel brought them to visit - which was almost every day. Mary had also been spending time getting to know the granddaughter she'd never got to meet. Currently, the man was setting out the patties, ready to cook, while looking over the counter to see if there was much else that needed to be prepared, while reaching for his bottle of beer to take a sip as Faireth circled his ankles. The place felt lived in again, with the arrival of Améa there, and he had to admit he enjoyed having the company. He'd assured her that he could handle the rest after the salads were done, and that she could do whatever she wanted while they waited for the others to arrive. Cecil wasn't hanging around the island counter, which meant the Border Collie was probably following her around, having taken to her quickly. Making sure the food was covered, the man then opened the sliding door to the patio and made sure that there were plates and cutlery set on the tables set under the shade, before counting the chairs to make sure there were enough. Adele had said to have an extra. Though Lorelei had then said a couple of days ago when he saw her that there should be two. He went with the latter, better safe than sorry. Admittedly, it was nice to have been able to spend at least half the day in a t-shirt and jeans as well. As much as he liked the feel of a well-cut suit, sometimes it was good to be able to relax. Jezebel had been trying to convince Améa to change up her wardrobe a little as well, though she didn't pressure her sister, only gave her the optional clothing styles so that they were there if she did want to try them. All in all, they'd just been trying to make Améa feel a part of the family, and in a way try to make up for what she'd missed out on for so long. The man really hoped that they were at least giving her something. About to take another swig of his beer, the man then heard the doorbell, and raised his brows. That wasn't Jezebel and Viktor, they'd have just let themselves in. Which meant it was probably Adele, he supposed, and he turned and headed back through the house to answer the door. "Welcome to the den of no return!" The man bellowed as he slowly opened the door, clearly trying to be funny, before properly opening it with a large grin on his features, to greet the arrivals.
  8. Communication Stuart Blair

    Adele DeVylissea
    Stuart! You might have heard by now, but David is coming home. We’re going to try and work things out, for the both of us—and the baby too. Now that Caleb is opening up a bit more, maybe he will even warm to Dave. I hope so. I really want us to be a family. Properly. Anyway, it means that we’ll be moving back to our place in town. I’ve got to get it cleaned up again and all, but with all that’s going on with Améa I might need you to arrange those wards for the place. We’ve got some security already, but more won’t go astray. Also, I wanted to say thank you. For making sure I didn’t completely lose it while he was gone. It’s really not that often that someone says they’ll be there for me and then proves it, so—thank you. If only I’d seen that before I ran off on you, might not be as screwed in the head as I am now, haha. But also wouldn’t have met Dave. So there’s that. Anyway. Thank you. I might have done some dumb stuff, but I don’t know if I could have picked a better father for our girls. Love, Del.
  9. Miss Piggy Del

    "What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll explain you changing into a cute little piggy to all the kids!"
  10. Unwavering Faith

    "Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die."
  11. Complete Parental Advisory (Dec. 8th '17)

    Ah, the quaint charms of the Drunken Roo. Adele had spent more days and nights here than she cared to recall, but she had a deep fondness for the place. It had gone downhill since Matt's accident, that made her sad. Rumour had it though, that a new part-owner was breathing new life into the old place. Adele wondered why she hadn't thought of that herself. She was doing her part. Drinking the high-priced liquor that she knew she was paying too much for... but it was all for a good cause. Adele hadn't had a good drinking session in a long time. She was actually starting to feel a little tingly from it. The beer garden was a nice place to be, anyway. No one else came out here, and she could smoke all she liked. Adele had invited Stuart Blair to come join her, they had... a lot of things to talk about. Not least of all their prodigal daughter, and Jezebel's suggestion that perhaps Stuart could provide some help in taming Caleb. Their chats were always good. Adele enjoyed Stu's company, they caught up as often as they could. Christmas was around the corner too, so they would need to collaborate on suitably excellent gifts for the grandchildren. The kids were spoiled, but... Adele didn't care. They were kids. Kids deserved mountains of toys. (Adele)
  12. Complete Royal In The Afternoon (Nov 28, '17)

    Améa Nedvidek
    The wave of rebellious confidence was beginning to wane in Amea, and by the time they returned to Narrie soil she was questioning every moment that had led to them being here. Was it really so wise to bring him back near her family? Especially after he'd threatened them? But he was watching, so she played strong. If he knew she was having doubts, whatever ground she'd gained today would be gone in an instant. Despite the heat, gloves covered the damage to her palm. Her ability to heal was weak, and her eyes had faded back to a watery blue. "Nothing here has changed." she said, looking around. Not that she expected it to have changed much, but it felt sometimes like Narrie was in a whole other time dimension. Like they had left yesterday and come back to everything exactly as it was. "We are back." Amea took a deep breath, and looked at Zane. "What is it that you like to do first? We should meet with others, or house to settle?"
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