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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 2 results

  1. Personal Journal Crash and Burn, Fatherhood Tale

    I'm not even going to go the route of asking, 'How', I know 'HOW' I want to know -WHY-?! Not why she's pregnant, why would some twisted fate think it would be every remotely a good idea that I would end up as a father? Okay, yea, I'm probably the coolest guy around, hands down, no competition. But there'd been nothing shown in me, nothing in my mind or my heart or even my very personality that would ever suggest that I could be considered a viable father. Maybe once upon a time, when I was less insan- Well, I don't think I've ever been truly sane, let me be completely transparent here. I'm far more 'Man-Boy' than I ever want to acknowledge and now placed in the position that I somehow, in some twisted way, need to be a 'Man-Man'. It's fine, no one else needs to get that, it's my own words and my own head after all. It's not something to miss either, I know Arti is scared. She's probably thinking the same thing about herself that I think about myself just the more broken and messed up angle than the actual, 'I'm just bad because I'm mentally a terrible fit' road that I'm on. Though, if I were her? I'd doubt me entirely up and down. The fact I'm even a Professor still manages to blow my mind each and everyday, most of the times not even sure if things are retaining in the kids heads. Most of them don't even want to learn they want to goof off more than anything which makes them think my class has nothing to offer. How do I know my own kid won't think the very same thing? If it hadn't been the fact that I have too high of an opinion on responsibility that a person creates well. . . I'd have probably packed up and left, really. I know how cowardly that sounds but running, that's what I know. For all my bravado, all my posturing, the one thing I've always done from my problems had been to run. No solution ever truly reached, no completion of things that could make me satisfied. I ran from Australia, from my friends and family, I ran from the pain that happened to Eleza which I have yet to actively confront. That could be part of it too, I did have this plan once upon a time, to relax and settle down, to actually build some kind of family with someone I cared for deeply. Now it isn't so different, I do care for Arti greatly, vastly, I could even argue it runs deeper than Eleza's own flare and she'd been a full Veela with those addictive hormones of hers. But messing up sometimes seems to be the angle I end up twisting towards. No idea what to do, how to do it, as much as I have people around me I'm not even sure if most of them are actual supports I lean on. Hell. . . What even is leaning on someone when you've always had to push ahead and try to make a difference for yourself? For those that relied on you? My sister keeps giving me the 'Talk' that it's time to get more serious, to think about actively settling roots for the child and for the mother so she doesn't run all crazy and amok in her own mind or guesses. I hate when she's actually right about something. . . I guess I'll have to grow up sometime and actually consider that I'm in this situation and it isn't just my own problem, my own issue, it's a couples issue and problem that would need to be confront by myself and Arti.
  2. Personal Journal Twister of Change

    Alexander Winfield
    Everything feel so much different now. The way the world feels and my very presence within the atmosphere around me almost as if I finally fit in the world much more than I had originally. It was strange, being in between Life and Death or in the middle of a chaotic maelstrom of magic against magic. When your entire body is a battlefield against itself you tend to have a very skewered view of how magic -should- feel. It's no wonder that now, partially put together, that I can feel the sensory of the world as if it were one of my senses finally gaining some clarity or cure towards being blocked for so long. Crisp and fresh, A clear air that brushes through and warps through my entire being. Even if I am not quite out of the woods yet I am enough out of it that it has nothing to do with two parts of me choking what little vitality rested on the inside of this frail shell. There is still that tear inside of my soul that causes my energy to flood out of me and it's even more pronounced that I can feel it and at times? It feels as if it actually hurts me physically simply by thinking on it for too long. Here I am, though, free enough from the shackles that magic is in my grasp and it feels amazing and unforgettable. It doesn't sputter or spasm, it doesn't cause mayhem that could make me doubt the efficacy of my talents - All the learning that I had put into understanding how to cast as a Wizard is worthless in its full weight but much of it is still something that I can utilize in concept. Willpower. These chains weren't broken without costs and without revelations which the latter I'm still trying to comprehend even in this moment; So far along in the days since learning of them and they boggle the mind. I lost the woman who had been my caretaker and mentor, Inspiration and One I had aspired to emulate on some level, A Mother and Guide. Bethianna, I don't think I would have ever fully understood what went through or mind but I knew enough that I could pick out what drove her and that had only been due to her own willingness to share part of herself and her history with me. She put much of whom she was into me and I don't mean that in the sense that most mentor's do - She literally pushed her energy into me and the fragment that connected two Soul Siblings into me. Even as I stare in mirrors and see the change in my eyes I can hardly believe that I survived and that she held such a slim faith in it all. But things weren't designed to go smoothly; Never in my life had anything ever been seamless and I was a fool to think that this moment would be any different. I held no awareness of what went down but the moment that Caleb connected with my writhing form I knew instantly who it was and when Thia moved from me I felt the absence immediately. As she gave herself to save Caleb from being turned into dust I held the all too fresh memories of the moment my adoptive Father, Darryl, passed away in that hospital room. Despair. Broken. Alone. Unfulfilled. Forgotten. She was the woman that instilled the want and desire to be a Healer and a Doctor, to find the true point of weaving the wound that grows into every male born as a Sorceraic bloodline. No one can truly understand the dark door that is other than a Man and oddly enough? Her. That was the connection I held, because of her connection to the Violet she could feel and understand and instinctively I believe I picked up on that. None of my family save for Caleb can truly comprehend the physical pain that is tortured onto the body and to be honest? Part of me holds great dislike that someone would willingly put MORE on me without even a second thought just for a chance at survival. I try not to let that bitterness bite at me but it's difficult. . . Either way I'm not sure where to go from here. The person I would want to teach me, to learn from, is no longer physically present. I felt more complete in knowing that at the end of the road that I walked I would be greeted by Nyx herself and ushered into the underworld and that had been before finding out more about my heritage. Meeting with my maternal family I have been met with happiness and an equal amount of confusion. I felt found and lost all at the same time and even now I wonder if I truly fit or maybe even -more- now I wonder if I am even a fitting piece. That's only on top of the fact that this entire time Cassandra's heritage had been connected to Bethianna - I'm not sure if I should feel amazed or setup. It doesn't dull the feelings that I have for the woman but it does make me wonder if it had been more of a choice or had someone been weaving the pieces intentionally? Easing us on some level to connect and grow closer. How twisted is it that none of them had remembered one another and all this time Thia had been doting on me, watching and keeping me juiced up from dropping dead like a ragdoll? That's something I'm still unsure on with my thoughts and what all of this would mean now moving forward. It's as my Adoptive Father has said in the past, "Life isn't something that you can control. You're giving what you get and all that's left for you is to take the punches and roll with it." I wonder if that had been in philosophy before picking me up? Now that I think on it I don't know much about his past and he didn't talk much on it at all. Almost avoiding it like Adele avoided telling me of our true Father's heritage; I hope I'm not some kind of double prince. That would just be too messed even for -my- life. Maybe uncovering those bits would help me gain better clarity? To. . . Find my path again after it had been darkened. I'm sure I can get away for a moment without anyone worrying too much. Of course, now there is one major hiccup. . . I was given the shard of an original Sorcerer which means that I'm connected to someone and that someone is Caleb. Or maybe Bethianna too if she ever returns. . .? I don't know how it fully works but he'd be more privy to things than anyone else because of this new connection we have. I have yet to truly hone blocking part of myself from him on that level and I don't think it will suddenly come along which means I will just need to learn to contain myself as best as possible with the feelings that are fed towards the little guy. If the Acceptance is any indication; if things turn out bad then he'd probably bolt right towards me or demand that his Mother to do so. And out of anyone? I'm more afraid of what Adele -could- do if I was ever in danger.
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