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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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Found 8 results

  1. Open Engine Failure

    Samantha Hammond
    One of the washing machines in The Sweet Tooth bakery had some sort of mechanical failure, causing the whole place to be flooded with water. Samantha wasn't much help when it came to the little predicament - unable to use magic to clean the place up and lacking the technical know-how to fix the issue to begin with, she was let go for the day by the owner of the establishment. Last she heard of it, Natasha had been getting rid of the water, but they still very much required some Muggle to come fix the machine: something that cost money, and unfortunately for the business, time. It was the first time in a while Samantha had a free afternoon, not counting with the recent break (during which she had been forced to take a week off). All that was left for the girl to do was for her to return to the Tallygarunga campus. Crossing Footy Park as she went, the Bourke purchased a simple orange juice cup from a nearby stall, quietly sipping through its straw every now and then as she walked down the beaten path. Feeling herself mentally slowing down, she ultimately decided to take a seat on a nearby bench. She had never come to that realization before, but it seemed that she had little else going in her life at the moment other than baking - at least, anything that made her feel fulfilled. Usually school work kept her distracted enough not to notice, but with the long hours of nothingness ahead of her, Samantha's mind was quickly drawn to her own insecurities which she always strove to shove down under a thin layer of cheerfulness and verbal diabetes. The moment she managed to gather her thoughts, she noticed she had already sent out a notification to the masses through QuillBook pertaining her state of mind - or, at least, alluding to it. Wrinkling her nose in frustration, she clicked the screen of her smartphone shut and leaned back on the bench, resigning herself to people watching as she tried to clear her mind. Was her life truly that much of a void?
  2. Open Cold Reality

    While the reasoning behind her actions left a lot to be desired, there was something that Keira had been doing a lot the past few weeks - asking Evelyn for a room to stay in, she'd have her cousin Apparate her to Narragyambie once the Squib's show had finished being uploaded late Friday afternoon, and then she'd be returned to her home on Sunday night. Rogers the hamster was in good hands as Shreya cared for it (or so she hoped), leaving the political pundit free to explore the small town. She was more of a city person and couldn't understand why most of the magical people she knew had a severe bias towards Narragyambie. Was it the magical concentration in itself? As far as she knew Melbourne had a vibrant wizarding scene as well, which served to be all the more confusing. At least she did have things to do in the town - she spent time with the Parsons, paid Jo a visit, visited her children, cousins her little sister - all in the span of a day. As it drew to a close, she found herself with very little to do beyond walking back to the McCarthy manor and retire for the day. Strolling out of the path to the school proper and walking into the more bustling part of town, the commentator watched as people moved about during that early night. Perhaps she had misjudged the town - it proved to be fairly active despite the chilling cold, though she figured that would be because it wasn't dinner time just yet and shops were closing, prompting people to rush to them in hopes of getting whatever item they needed prior to them shutting their doors. She eventually came across a store that didn't seem to make any effort towards closing, or at least, not just yet. While Keira didn't walk in, she stood by the window, perusing the various artifacts and objects behind it with mild curiosity - as it turned out, it was a magical items shop. "Wish I could go 'what does this button do' on these..." She muttered to herself, lamenting the fact she couldn't use magic.
  3. Open Oil Blue

    Jamie didn't understand what it was about Narragyambie that drew him in so much. Was it his family? Was it the quietness? The nature? The memories? Or perhaps an amalgamation of all of those things? His frequent complaint that he needed something to do with his free time from training manifested in the man visiting the small town in what he could picture his twin sister argue being an unhealthy amount of times. That particular Sunday, he had decided to visit his mother on her day off after requesting an Apparation trip from Shane, whom soon teleported back to Melbourne, leaving the Seeker on his own. His mother and other relatives weren't, however, the only people or general attractions to him in that area, as it turned out. Once sufficiently satisfied with the time he spent with his family members, the Quidditch star headed out for a walk through town - take the sights in, greet a few friends, perhaps even check out one of the myriad of houses for sale in the region, as he planned to move. His feet eventually led him to the main street of the town, Tallygarunga Road, and he walked down it at a leisure pace. Strangely, what caught his attention that afternoon hadn't been Zoom's Brooms; rather, it was a simple Muggle art supply shop standing at a corner. Drawn to the window with the various supplies visible, the former Bourke glanced over the various items, not understanding a thing. It was an odd feeling to realize that he didn't know that much about his sister's career path. He knew that she had the same issue, being a Squib, but at least she had tried to support him a few months ago by offering him new goggles. Perhaps it was time he gave her the same type of help. Though, he was faced with an issue - he didn't know what was what. Why were pencils graded differently? Why were there so many different types of paper? Why were there so many versions of a color that looked the exact same? What were those utensils he's never heard of? "...Now I know how she feels..." The man muttered in defeat as his eyes squinted at the various items. What should he buy for a cartoonist?
  4. Open A spot of frog catching

    Kairi Taylor
    It might have seemed a bit odd to be outside while it was raining, but Kairi didn't care. It cleared his mind sometimes, and others, well he just liked the smell that came with this sort of weather. He was still trying to figure out what his parents expected him to do and what they meant by not drawing attention to himself. With a sigh, Kairi placed his hand into the pocket of his heavy winter coat and pulled out a jar. It was probably a bit of an off-handed thing for a fifteen-year-old to be looking for frogs, but he had always been interested in the little creatures. Plus, what was the harm in just catching them to look at them for a bit and then put them back? After making sure that his gloves were secure in his pocket, he pushed up his sleeves before getting absorbed in his task. If someone were to sneak up on him, it would be pretty unlikely that he would notice, because of his general focus on the matter at hand. "Whenever you are feeling lonely and afraid, the time will pass away on you, so many times you feel like losing to the pain, and you try to fade away..." Kairi hummed along to the song that played through his adapted mp3 player, which resided in an inner pocket of his coat where it was safe. Since the holidays he had been listening to all the songs that he had been missing for a while and he was just rediscovering his love for music the same way he was rediscovering his love for frogs.
  5. Open A Small Start

    "...This is embarrassing..." Jamie didn't remember the last time he'd gone to a library. Not even during school time - his grades were naturally decent and he never felt the need to increase them, and as such he never bothered to study much past the books already included in the school curriculum. Yet, there he was - in the middle of one of the many aisles of Narragyambie's local wizarding library, mortified as he gauged the sheer amount of books before him. He had agreed to join Robin in the Reserve every now and then; only after he left had Jamie realized he didn't know a thing about magical creatures. It would likely be quite dangerous for him to dive into things without knowing heads from tails of possibly deadly creatures. While he was a bit of a daredevil himself, he didn't want to place his friend in danger, nor did he wish to cause her to lose access to the area. "Where do I even start...?" He muttered to himself as his eyes consumed the titles of a myriad books pertaining to the topic, scratching the back of his head in confusion while doing so. Should he just pick a random book and get on with it? Should he opt for the humiliating path of starting with a first year book and go from there? What was he to do?
  6. Open Questions with no answers

    Aspen Clarke
    Meetings with recruiters was always complicated. After the last match Aspen had been approached by several recruiters, all from different teams and she wasn’t sure which one would be the best choice. More money or more benefits? Perhaps one with a better working environment? She really couldn’t decide what was best. Meeting after meeting everyone seemed to be interested in her, but she still couldn’t decide what she wanted and who she wanted, she only knew she wanted to stay as close as possible, Melbourne or Narrie. Not wanting to feel even more pressured to choose Aspen decided that a walk around town would do her some good, maybe even check out the muggle stores, maybe they had something interesting, however, Aspen didn’t end up in a muggle store, she ended up in a store filled with equipment for Quidditch, which reminded her, she could get something for Lisa, there were a few things that the Sturt was in need of, or at least some quality things. While Aspen still didn’t have money, she had her savings and whatever she got, it would be a good present. She walked around the store quietly, she knew Lisa had the best broom one could ask for, but she could use a new kit for it, it was inside Aspen’s budget and she could even get her something else that wouldn’t make her work extra hard. As she walked around the place, trying not to knock everything to the ground, Aspen noticed a new pair of goggles, unfortunately they were expensive, if she had accepted one of the offers, she could have, but she still hadn’t decided on anything. It was getting hard to get something decent for Lisa, aside the broom kit, perhaps when she decided she can give her something nicer. Aspen paid for her items and left the shop and continued her walk towards the school, she still needed to think. Once Aspen got to the school the first and only place where she could think of was the Quidditch pitch. She walked slowly towards it and once she got there, she placed her things on the benches and looked at it, it was serene without practice, no one was yelling and she could think straight, which offer should she take? Should she even decide on her own? She didn’t want to leave her family behind, and that included Lisa. She took a deep breath followed by a scream, which seemed to have calmed her down, hopefully no one would come running to see what was wrong.
  7. Open Killing Time

    Ashley Estrada
    It had been a particularly busy day in Charm-Me-Not. With the new school term in full swing, they were in season for the student clientele to hit the establishment in droves; exhaustion nagged at the former Sturt's body as she closed up shop for the day once Caroline had left to go home herself. Once again she was by her lonesome, and it was a feeling that left her somewhat uncomfortable. Jo was busy with an overnight shift in the local Auror station, meaning Ashley had the whole night by herself - something she was never too keen on. It fed into the idea of her walking home that night instead of just Apparating: it would postpone the fact she had to face off with the reality of a mostly boring evening by herself, even if just for a few minutes due to how close work was from her home. 'Maybe I should get a cat.' Wrapping her long coat around herself snugly, she sniffled with the biting chill hitting her face before slowly making her way along the crosswalk, low heels clicking against the pavement as she went. The streets were mostly empty - it was dinner time and most people would be indoors in that small town, the cold weather contributing to people's unwillingness to step outside. She wasn't entirely sure of how it happened, but instead of walking home, Ashley's legs brought her to The Drunken Roo. Standing outside with a puzzled look on her face once she realized the fact, she let out a sigh of defeat - she could use a drink. Stepping into the bar, she sat at the counter and ordered the usual. It wasn't like a beverage would hurt...
  8. Open Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira sat on the floor with one of his school books balanced on his knees. Of course, he had some form of manga hidden behind it. His weekly subscription of Shounen Jump had arrived with a note from his mother telling him about all the news from home and all the sweets that he could eat in a week. This time it was something funny that the neighbours dog had done to Antou. But the boy wasn't overly interested in this since he had something new to read and a few sweets to snack on, though he didn't exactly want to spoil his dinner. The now twelve-year-old wasn't normally to be found in the library on a Saturday, but it was the only quiet place that he could find at the moment. If his mother found out about this, then she would have more than a few choice words for him. Akira wasn't finding life at the school all that bad, though it had taken a little bit of getting used to. He had never lived out of home before, so often wondered if this had been the same for Antou and Chuusan when they had started attending Mahoutokoro as full-time students. You couldn't really take the curiosity out of him to some extent.
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