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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 11 results

  1. Open Stack Overflow

    Brooke Outerbridge
    There had been an oppressive cloud looming over the entire town's heads for a little over a month at that point. At points Brooke had witnessed things get really awkward on campus among and against halfbreed students and the sentiment to speak up on both parties of the debate was gradually increasing, contributing to the less than pleasant environment, but unlike everyone else that Spencer wasn't one to be brought down by such events. In fact, she was quite cheerful. Her mind had decided to occupy herself with what was ahead of them instead. A reminder of that very event came into view as she walked such a poster announcing it, much like it had the year before: the End Year Ball was approaching. It was a great opportunity to break out her one good dress and forget all her academical troubles for one day, and to potentially drag a cute date along to boot. She should likely go through her mental notes to see who would best suit that role, something she had been admittedly shirking with the excess homework passed on to make up for all the revisions classes earlier years were forced to sit through for the sake of the survival of the sixth and seventh years. With that idle thought playing at her mind, the Spencer opened the door to the games room with her free left hand, as her right one was employing the use of her wand - she had been asked to carry a sizable stack of edutainment books for the sake of everyone's future perusal in the room. The stack neatly floated in front of her as she entered the area and eventually came down with a bit of a thud atop a plain table at the end of the room, the top of the stack threatening to topple over, standing taller than one with giant blood in their veins would. "They told me to bring it here, they didn't tell me to organize 'em." Brooke shrugged to herself as the spell came to an end, shoving her magical tool back in its holster. She turned around, but, as she prepared to leave, a loud snapping noise reached her ears. It was followed by a crash and the sound of sheets being ejected out of their books and soaring through the air. Brooke flinched, guessing what had just happened: the table's legs had snapped under the immense weight and all the books came tumbling down. She really didn't want to turn around and look...
  2. Open A Long Way Down

    Mark Sandoval
    For as much as Mark had deserved it, it wasn't a fun time to have gotten chewed out by Natasha the day before over disappearing without a trace when he should have come home for dinner. He worried her, Bella, Cole, and everyone whom had bothered to go through QuillBook at the time. Everyone was used to him turning up at random hours at home, yet it had been another thing entirely that he promised to make it at a certain hour and didn't; it was a wake up call. He had responsibilities. He shouldn't live as if he were alone in the world, because he wasn't. That alone brought a smile to his face. Yet, it was another day, and with that day came another adventure. His place of choice was the Murrigal Bushland, as usual - it was borderline criminal that he hadn't explored the area that much at all during his Tallygarunga days and his recent move to Narragyambie resuscitated his love for the area. He had promised he'd make it home for dinner that day as well, but at least it was a promise he actually intended to keep. He would Apparate if necessary as he brought no hiking equipment with him whatsoever, as it wasn't his goal at all. The man's feet dragged him all the way to Korrowi Creek, another place where he had gotten into trouble recently. At least, in his mind, he wasn't about to do something that could be misconstrued (or so he hoped). Strolling along the creek's shore for what felt like hours, he eventually came upon a waterfall section of it. Stepping towards the cliff, he peeked down past the edge at the ground and water below, which had various rocks protruding from the ground, guaranteeing a painful death if the impact didn't do him in. 'That's a long way down, isn't it?' Mark's eyes flicked upwards to the area in front of him. The view was breathtaking, even if the sunlight struggled to breach the thick foliage above the stream. Deciding it would be an excellent location to get his drawing fix from, the VMU student sat down on the damp grass, not minding much at all as his pants became progressively humid; with his legs dangling off the end of the cliff, he retrieved his drawing pad and a pencil and started sketching the amazing view before him, quickly losing track of time...
  3. Open It's In Your Hands

    Sometimes, just sometimes, going back to ones roots was liberating. This was one of those times as Isolda poured herself an extra strong coffee that she was feeling rather liberated. It had been only four hours since she had started this shift, a shift that she volunteered for too cover the normal staffing shortages that affected healthcare everywhere. In those four hours she felt she’d helped more people, saved a few homes from turmoil and even, possibly, saved a life than in the entire year in which she’d offered her services to the IWP. Logically, she knew this feeling was very far removed from the truth. It was just easier on her right there and then to be illogical in all aspects of her current job and the heightened emotions it always brought with it. The job that had put her in charge of another person and a person who made all sorts of emotions and feelings surge through her person. As the thoughts of her charge and roommate occupied her for a moment, she lent against one of the staff room walls and sipped her hot drink, allowing herself a few moments of fantasy about what life could be if she had met Jasper in completely different circumstances. A drink at a bar, a handsome Wizard with a checkered past would not have bothered her, she would not even have known. The whole thing would be simpler. Then again, when ever had her life been truly simple? It didn’t take as long as she would have liked to polish off the hot cup of coffee, take the cup too the sink and wash it. Resting the palm of her hands on the edge of the counter she looked up at the sign hung above it. The wagging finger of the Witch in the picture as she pointed to the sign that implored all staff to clean up after themselves was always caused a sense of amusement for her. Placing the newly washed cup on the side to drain before turning and heading out the door, her small break and pity party was done. Now she had work to do. Picking up the clip board she’d left at one of the stations the now chirpy blonde started heading towards the next patient on her rounds when a familiar voice leaked out through the crowd. A voice she’d not heard in so many years. A voice she damn well hoped to never hear again. Instinctively she looked up and towards the sound only to be met with the sight of her Father. It seemed as though the instinct went both ways as her eyes caught in and that moment felt like it lasted a whole lot longer than the few seconds in actually did. Pulling the clip board against her chest she pivoted on the ball of her heels and walked away as quickly, and hoping she appeared as calm and confident as she wanted to be, ducking into the next room she found. Shutting the door behind her and leaning against it. The day had just taken a turn.
  4. Open The Woeful Tale of Doubt.

    Now that the truth about who was and what he did too earn a living was out to the person that should have been in the loop but wasn’t Ash felt this sudden rush of freedom. Freedom that could be somewhat dangerous if he let it go to his head, which was something a much younger him would have done without as much as a sideways glance at the consequences. That was why it was really fortunate he wasn’t that young reckless man he used to be. Instead, he was a much older, somewhat wiser and a lot less reckless. That didn’t mean he wasn’t prone to doing things that were considered a good move. His current task was one such move. This move was preceded by a meeting with his superior in his actual job; this meeting was simply a whole fuck tone of talking and paperwork trailing. Someone within the International Wizarding Police had managed to find and dispense his personal file too Elektra, the person who was now in a deeper loop than she needed to be in. He and his superior had spent several hours checking more paperwork than he really cared to look at which was still significantly less than what was expected within their department – or any department, really. More than a few hours passed before the leak was tracked down. Ashkar was allowed to leave once that was discovered, his part in that was done. The leak would be dealt with and it was something he could be within an inch off. It was just as he was packing up the paper work too return to the correct filing system that his Superior asked other thing of him, something that he could do since his convicted criminal cover had only been blown with one person, but, would need to be blown with higher ups pretty soon. This, he was told, was an away to get something out of the blow. The task was to walk into the cold case room within the ministry of magic and see if he could uncover the file of one Cecilia Doubt. So he did just that. He’d straightened his hair, put on a suit that blended it with all the other ministry employees and made his way into the building. It was lucky that he knew exactly where he was doing, but, that was because most places keep their files in the basement of the building. This was no exception it seemed, especially for the cold case files. He pushed a few cobwebs out of his way as he walked through the door; clearly no one had been down here in a while – including the cleaners. Using the aid of a ball of light he conjured, Ash walked down fair to many shelves and old files before finding the one he needed. A picture of Cecilia moved along the front of the file, cursed at him and stormed off in a huff when the light illuminated his face for her too look at. He let out a soft huff like laugh when saw one of her big bug like eyes peeping around the edge of the frame before opening the folder, leaning against one of the metal shelves and started reading.
  5. Open Here Kitty Kitty

    Dessa Bloom
    Dessa didn’t like not knowing where her property was. She was known to freak out if she couldn’t find even the most unimportant thing that belonged to her. Her brother Ryou found it hilarious when this happened and would occasionally deliberately hide her things for that very reason. He would naturally get into trouble when they were home from their mother but so would Dessa as her mother also found it ridiculous that she fly off the handle over something so insignificant. The problem this time was that it wasn’t insignificant and it definitely wasn’t a little thing. It was her cat Jojo and Jojo was the largest domesticated cat in the world, a Savannah. Of course Dessa knew that Jojo was not like a quill or a piece of parchment but a living breathing thing that was able to move around. She was also aware that cats were known to be independent and curious creatures but still she didn’t like not knowing where her pet was. She had searched the Spencer Common rooms and naturally asked around but no-one had seen the large spotted cat anywhere. So here she was roaming the grounds hoping that Jojo hadn’t gone too far or gotten herself into much trouble. She wondered if Professor Appleyard’s was out and about with his Labrador. Jojo liked to hang out around the dog though Dessa didn’t really see the appeal. The cat also liked high places so that was why Dessa had headed for the West Wall thinking that Jojo might be stalking round along the wall. In her usual get up of bright colours, pig tails, cat ears and holding toy mouse Dessa was getting a lot of strange looks for the other students but Dessa didn’t mind. “Jojo where are you?” she wailed
  6. Open Unexplored

    The weekend marked an optimal time for a hike through areas of the Murrigal Bushland Mark was yet to uncover. The temperatures were soaring (and they were expected to hit a balmy 30 ºC the upcoming week, no less), making it so he could finally wear a t-shirt without being far too cold, yet it not being hot enough for him to melt with the sheer sweat coming out of his pores after five minutes of walking. He didn't bother taking a whole lot of equipment with him at all, aiming to be back home by dinner time. Of course, he wasn't counting on getting lost. It was the consequence of walking through a mostly unknown area without some sort of map to aid him, not that he think there was anything of the sort to begin with. As far as he was concerned, it was uncharted land. The man could very easily Apparate out of the area, of course, but curiosity got the best of him and he proceeded through the new area like a kid in a candy store. As the sun set, he found a cliff formation with a cavern digging into it. He decided to set up 'camp' (if one could call it that), using magic to make himself a fire as he sat under the ceiling of the cavern, warming up his hands. He didn't have much in the way of food past a few energy bars but didn't feel awfully hungry just yet. He limited himself to enjoy the warmth of the fire and looking out to the stars, not having a hint of concern for his current state; the same likely couldn't be said for his house mates as they tried calling him, only to be told his number is out of service due to a lack of reception...
  7. Open With Dignity and Grace

    This was the right place, she was fairly certain of it. Aisling had only visited the school a couple of times, with Caitlin, so that she could take a look around, as well as meet the Headmaster. She didn't even really understand the concept still. She was certain that she had grown up just being taught what she needed to know by a couple of mentors, and hardly surrounded by other young people. Could she even recall the face of another that had been her own age? It felt like the harder she tried, the more blurred everything was from before her emergence in the mortal realm with her mother. It was still strange, a little daunting, but she felt at least confident enough that she could handle it. It was an adjustment, that was all. That included learning to translate between the written language she knew and English and vice-versa. She had been receiving a lot of tutoring from Cate for that, thankfully. Still, it never hurt to study a little extra, and she'd been told that those who were in the group she'd been assigned could gather in this place underground near their sleeping quarters. Aisling didn't have a dorm herself, for obvious reasons. But she had made a note of where they were, and the communal area near it. And so she had made her way here while she had some free time. No class right now, and Cate was busy, so she made her way toward one of the couches in the room with her translation book, set on being able to at least read English properly, even if writing was a task. Except the teenager hadn't expected that as soon as she sat down on the cushion, she would suddenly be launched straight out of it a small ways, to land on her rear. She blinked as she looked around. Which pixie was responsible for that?? She furrowed her brow and looked at the chair again as her lips pursed. She would not be put off, this was one seat that would be tamed. And so she dove at it, jumping and landing on her knees on the cushion, intent to grab a hold, except the back reclined before the seat launched her once again, the redhead landing on her rear gracelessly once again.
  8. Open Seasons of Change

    Haven Monroe
    Haven dreaded the coming summer though admittedly it probably wouldn't be that bad here. Yes, it would probably get pretty hot, especially if the mercury decided to rise into the late 30 or early 40 but it would also be followed with a very cool change where the woolies will be pulled out, even for the briefest of times. Victoria was known for its mercurial weather after all. She was glad that she lived in the south and not up north. Haven shuddered just thinking of residing in Brisbane let alone Townsville or Cairns. Luckily the sun was hiding behind the clouds at the moment and it was warm enough that you could just wear a t-shirt or if you were particularly daring or didn't feel the cold a singlet. Haven, however, was wearing a three quarter pencil skirt, knee high boots and blousy top and a tan coloured trench coat. She looked like most women did who worked in the city of Melbourne who worked in the many offices within the CBD. Of course she wasn't just any woman but it suited her to be just that. Coming across a little café and feeling like a coffee and maybe a piece of cake Haven took a seat and waiting for a waiter to come and take her request. She placed her camera on the table and took her notebook and pen that reviewed the notes she had taken for the piece that she was writing. Haven nose twitched due to the pollen and dust in the air and she then sneezed. The nose twitched reminded her of the TV program that used to be on television when she was younger, Bewitched, and how the witch used her magic by twitching her nose. Haven giggled to herself at how silly muggles could be.
  9. Open Saturate

    Mark Sandoval
    Moving back to Narragyambie was possibly one of the better decisions Mark had made in his life. He could have travelled back and forth easily with the help of Apparition but the convenience of proximity put things in perspective - now he was far more likely to explore the bushland than he had been in the past, and lately he had gone nearly every day to the area. At that point, he could argue he knew every nook and cranny of it much like he knew the back of his hand. That late afternoon was one such day. He had decided to do some underwater exploration and brought along with him a backpack, headed to Korrowi Creek. He had initially considered doing so over at the Narrie Lakes, but given how they're frequently visited by Muggles Mark quickly realized it was a bad idea. As he reached the shore of the creek, he put his bag down and proceeded to strip down to his boxer shorts. "Chilly..." The man muttered under his breath as he rubbed his hands on his bare arms in an attempt to temporarily warm them up. He proceeded to retrieve a wetsuit from his very much full bag, quickly slipping into it and zipping it up. Once properly insulated, the man retrieved a camera with a large strap, placing it around his neck; after an easy enchantment, it became fully water proof. Finally, he retrieved a small portion of slimy Gillyweed which he quickly gobbled up. Leaving his belongings out in the open, the man quickly dove in to accomplish the daunting task of taking a picture of a group of Plimpies so he could draw them later on. It didn't take him too long to get it done, although it was a bit of a kerfuffle - when he finally managed to resurface (just in time for his Gillyweed's effects to run out, no less) the man was absolutely covered from head to toe in freshwater algae. He didn't seem to mind his new decorations as he re-approached the shore, the recently set moon's light menacingly shining upon the plants, inadvertently making him look like some sort of beast climbing out of the creek...
  10. Open To See The World The Way I Do

    Amaleia Dawnstar
    The young woman had heard of the cafe that was close enough to the University that she wouldn't get too lost while going there, though when she had been told that it was a gallery cafe, she hadn't expected it to actually be a proper art gallery. Stepping inside, her eyes widened in wonder as she looked around, making her way from one piece to another as each distracted her with something else here and there. She forgot that she was even hungry or thirsty for the time being, her large art satchel hanging from her hand as though a part of her while she marvelled at the displays. Finally though, her nose caught the scent of pastries and other baked goods, and her stomach reminded her while she had come here in between classes in the first place. She found her way toward the cafe area only mildly distracted and in a bit of a world of her own after that, and when she finally made it there, she ended up having difficulty deciding on exactly what she wanted, there were too many choices! Deciding to trust a recommendation of the current employee who was working behind the counter, she agreed to something called a foccacia, which appeared to be a toasted roll with some spiced chicken and salad and an interesting sauce, and a Chai latte. They would be delivered when they were ready, so she looked for a place to sit, and couldn't resist the adorable outdoor garden area though the glass sliding doors. There it was that she made her way and sat down gently in her long dress. Due to the cool breeze, she still wore a cardigan, but the cut at the front of the dress was still low enough that the scarring could be seen easily, which meant the cardi was buttoned almost right to her neck. Once sat, she looked around with a gentle smile on her lips, as though struck by wonder. She reached down into her satchel and pulled out a small fold-out easel and paints, and a blank canvas - it was a good thing her sisters had insisted on a satchel with an extension charm - before she began painting right away without thought, hand moving fast as though she had to capture it as quickly as possible. It steadily appeared she was painting the garden, but there were strange and wonderful creatures hidden among plants and around corners. So caught in her art was she, that she didn't even notice when her food was set down, simply continuing on, occasionally staring at various spots around her with a bright smile.
  11. Open Dance like a Butterfly

    In all honesty, Rosa was actually very glad that she and her sister had been able to get work at the school. Sure, she wasn't here nearly as much as Keira, spending a lot of time bartending and waitressing, but at the school they were close to the small farm where they were all living, and vastly out of the eye of the public and all the questions that they might get if they were known to be working in the city or anywhere else that was easily accessible by reporters. The school offered them just a bit of a buffer in that regard, and she didn't mind young people, even the ones who pulled tricks or mischievous pranks. She'd grown up with a trickster sister after all. Right now though, felt utterly quiet and peaceful as she sat atop the roof of the Astronomy tower. She'd been cleaning out dust, dirt and leaves, and other gunk that had built up in the gutters over a number of years. It hadn't been requested, but she was glad she had done it. There were a few spots that looked like they would need repairing in the near future. And besides, it offered the best view of the surrounding area. She cast her gaze around, though once it reached the direction of Reedy Lake, she shuddered as a chill ran down her spine, and decided it was time to hop down. Easier done than she'd thought as well, it seemed. As soon as Rosa neared the edge, a loose tile slipped from beneath her foot and her eyes widened as she fell with a surprised shriek, hitting her back on the lip of the roof, her cardigan catching on it and resulting in the garment being pulled up and over her head as she dropped down onto the balcony that circled the Astronomy classroom, landing on her rear with a thud that reverberated along her spine and she dropped onto her back to close her eyes a moment, heart thundering in her chest. That was close, the woman lucky that there was only a small drop to the balcony rather than the entire fall to the ground. It also meant she would need to get up there and check out the rest of the roof, since she was rather certain that there were students who climbed up there - whether they were allowed or not. She didn't have to look to know her cardi was latched onto a sharp edge above her, though her torso was too numb to notice that her shirt was almost pulled up to her armpits as well as she lay there a few more moments. It's not like there was a class on right now, she just had to take a minute or two to recover before getting to her feet.
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