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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 156 results

  1. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Holly Bennett
    How much time had passed since that night that had changed her entire world view? Made her question not only how she lived her life at the time but also the choices she had made for others in her life. Choices that had she made differently, well, was there any point dwelling on what she could have done? The ‘what ifs’ didn’t bring back the young witch who lost her life for doing nothing more than taking care of Saffron. It didn’t bridge the gap of time that she had kept something from someone who should have been in Saffrons life from the word go. Though that specific person had not actually made any attempts to contact her since the night that he’d saved his own daughters life. Holly assumed that he had the information and decided to do nothing with it. After all this supposed child of his was seven, how was he supposed to know if she really was his? The young witch pushed that thought and many more aside. It wasn’t worth dwelling on. Jon had the information and it was his decision whether to act on it. Plus, right there and then it was the least of concerns. After that night in the warehouse Holly had reflected on the way she was living her life. This had led her to make the choice to drop out of university and focus solely on the career she had built up for herself and being a Mother. Saffron had often had to spent time with friends or babysitters whilst Holly juggled this busy life, perhaps always feeling like she was on the low end of her Mothers priority list. Now she was priority number one, their was less babysitters in her life and now she spent time at friends houses because it was fun and something she wanted to do. That was where the young girl was right at that moment, this allowed Holly time to unpack boxes and use magic to push furniture where she felt it should be. The other big thing that had happened since that night was that Holly had finally managed to collect enough money together too buy her and Saffron their first home. A small two bedroom house that contained a garden big enough for her to play in comfortably. In a nice area of Narragyambie. It was a warm enough day that she had the windows and doors open as she sorted through the box of random items she’s put on the kitchen table, a glass of water within reach. Saffie was having an extended sleepover at one of her school friends, allowing Holly time to get this new home set up for them both. A new beginning.
  2. Invite Standstill

    The worst time of the year was approaching rapidly: school break. The time of the year where she was forced away from her friends, when she had to force herself to do piles and piles of homework as an excuse to avoid her parents. One would think that would be excellent motivation for Meadow to get out of her bedroom and have some fun, hang out with the people she cared about and have memorable moments to remember during the month and a half she'd be sulking in Melbourne. Yet instead she was cross-legged on her bed, quietly doing homework. As the sun set outside, she sipped on an orange juice bottle she had obtained outside, not feeling hungry enough to go out into the Great Hall just yet. She set it down on the nightstand and grabbed her pen once again, taking advantage of the silence of the room to scribble down the various answers she had for the questions the school's Arithmancy Professor had told the fifth year students to answer by the following week. There was no rush in doing them, and so a case for masochism could be made. Her back leaned against the wall as she flipped the page of her little notebook before placing it snugly against the middle of the open copy of 'Numerology and Grammatica' that she was presently studying. She disliked the subject heavily, but figured she might as well do the worst things first so to make the following subjects go that much quicker.
  3. Invite Hell's Whisper

    "Oh, damn. They weren't bullshitting me." 'Snowflake' was the password to her dorm room? Under that weather, somebody had quite the twisted sense of humor. It brought an amused smile to Laurie's lips once she was done chuckling about it, and sure enough, a small click reached her ears - the door had been unlocked. The short stack had just gotten to the school and things were already looking up - at least people knew how to pull jokes. In Durmstrang they had their broomsticks shoved so far up their asses she was sure she could see the end of them struggle in the inside of people's throats. Reaching for the doorknob, she twisted it and pushed the door open. As the room was slowly revealed to her eyes, she could clearly see two things: one, her roommate was in there; two, the fact that the room was unbelievably messy, and what looked like Laurie's bed-to-be was presently completely unusable from the sheer amount of crap on top of it. "...Uh." Awkward. "Wrong room?" She tried, even if she knew that wasn't the case. Was this girl not warned Laurie was meant to arrive that day?
  4. Invite What Hides in the Shadows

    Senan Connell
    Koonyah, while it'd been a residential district it hadn't been one with a good reputation and especially when the eve of night occurred, where the legitimate 'Freaks' come out. Those that had ill intent within their actions and that had just been on a casual night with the various break-in's that perhaps occurred more often than they should've. The extremely uncommon side for the lack of safety had been, unfortunately, directly connected to Senan and the couple that he walked with in what seemed to be an extremely decrepit house, it'd been clear that no one stayed within the residence for that time and that those who owned the property didn't care to truly fix it up. Graffiti littered the wall of it with various callsigns from their 'artists'. On the edge of the building, hidden with woven magic, had been a mark that acted as a signal. While it hadn't been one that would be counted as familiar to Australian Wizard's and Witches the design of it had quite the foreboding look. The first ones to showcase this sign had been two individuals, both cloaked from head to do in black clothing and hood, a slight gleam of a mask shined on the surface of their faces which hide their true identities. Grasped, one in each hand, had been the arm of a third individual that had been pushed inside roughly, a clear sign of some form of prisoner or someone being brought against their will at the very least. The third person wore several bruises that shown on their shoulders, arms, and exposed legs whenever the broken streetlamp nearby would flutter to actually cast its dimmed glare onto the street nearby the building. As the sign gleamed for a bit longer it eventually died down and had been hidden away from the normal sight of others, that had been the signal that Senan was waiting for to receive. Unlike the others he hadn't wore a mask, in fact, he waited just a bit more in case any members of the Auror Force showed. When it seemed that it wouldn't be the case he made his more, darting across the street as quick as he could and only pulling a hood up at the last moment when he reached the broken fence that surrounded the building. If someone had chosen to look through the window or through the door they'd find that there'd barely been any gleam of a light, except one focused on an individual who had obviously not been apart of the trio cloaked in black garments. The man had been scruffy and badly beaten, blood dripped from several wounds that had the signs of slashings from some form of bladed weapon and even one wound by the shoulder showed signs of being wounded by some source of concentrated fire. Hands had been bound behind his back with tight rope that had been hexed to keep his arms feeling numb and weak, avoiding any potential chance that he'd hold the strength to untie himself or break out from flimsy designed nylon. This had been an everyday thing in Senan's eyes, he'd been expected to see and witness, to take part in such cruelties which he had often tried to limit himself to as much as possible. Typically, one of the Fae resistance members would manage to get to their hideouts 'on-time' to save the victims but he found that the chances of it in a land where they hadn't been concentrated grew extremely slim. He needed to find a way out of this on his own occurred and he'd been without any form of options or insight on how he could manage it and actually get away clear and easy. Though he held his wand tightly within his grip the various scenarios that played within his mind all ended up in some unintended way and would nullify all of the hard work he'd done to place himself in the positions that he now held, even if it had been held in disdain. 'Just because he's a Half-Blood. . . I had nearly forgotten the kind of crusades these Pureblood's take upon themselves. Now I must act as if I am them when I know all too well the truth of that. . . And mother. . .' The woman could intervene, she could've done something far better than himself and yet she chose to stand far away and watch as if it'd been a movie that didn't include her hand in its design.
  5. Invite A song was heard

    It had been a while since Max had paid attention to a class and had answered a couple of questions, she was … proud? No that’s not the right word but it’s better than nothing. She left class and dropped her things back at her dorm, the whole thing to herself, she didn’t have a roommate that year, it was fantastic having a room all to herself, she could leave her things everywhere in the room. She took her violin and walked around school, first stopped by the library to pick a few books she had to read for one of her classes, better start paying attention if she wants out of that place and onto VMU, but she had to wait a whole year and try not to fail any classes, which was going to be the hardest part. She got to the courtyard and sat on the grass under a tree, she decided to rest before practicing, and it was when she was crawling with doubts, maybe she should have gone to the musiciary to practice, they did have a piano there. She leaned her back against the tree and closed her eyes for a few minutes to feel the soft summer breeze. Opening her eyes, completely motivated she began playing her violin, no dancing involved this time. The sound caused a few students to look at her, she wasn’t too pleased about the situation, but she wasn’t going to let them ruin her day, besides, the look on people’s face realizing a Spencer was playing the violin was priceless, wasn't that uncommon and it was a fairly common knowledge, but apparently it wasn't as common as she thought, seeing how some were looking at her, which amused her.
  6. Invite Accidental meeting

    Bella left the house earlier for classes, she had a lot to do on that day, besides delivering a draft of the story she had been writing she had to go hunt for a decent birthday present, something that didn’t involve some crocheted fingerless mittens and she could also get some supplies for herself. Once the class was over she tried her best to avoid people and she had successfully managed to avoid everyone that could start a conversation with her she took a bus to the central business district, hoping to find not only a quality gift and to deliver the draft. She visited shop after shop, there was nothing remotely appealing, she was about to give up when she came across something that could be perfect. Upon buying the desired gift It was time to get paid for her work. The story about Miriam the Mermaid was over, she could finally get paid in full for the work she had been doing for the past month, now all she needed was to be hired to write another story, it wasn’t going to be easy, Bella didn’t like to beg for anything but in this case, she needed the job. Upon seeing a small place to eat, discrete enough for her taste, she made her way to it, mostly avoiding everyone, but not everyone, as she walked, distracted by the papers on her hands she bumped into someone, she was able to maintain her balance and everything she was holding, but when she looked up at the stranger she couldn’t help but to feel slightly intimidated by the person. “S..so..sorry..I-I…a-are you alright?” she asked the stranger.
  7. Invite I think we're alone now

    Bella had the house all to herself, all of her housemates were in classes, doing whatever and she could do whatever the hell she wanted around the apartment. First, she began by baking some cookie, she had to make sure she left some for the only housemate she actually liked being around with, the other cookies she was going to eat them herself. She then would need to continue to write the children’s story she had started, she had no idea what to do with Miriam, the mermaid, but whatever she was going to do with the mermaid had to be wow. Her cookies on the oven, Bella grabbed Jester and was walking around, almost like dancing around the apartment with the snake around her neck while listening to the song ‘I think we’re alone now’. “Tell me, Jester, what do you think Miriam should do?” she asked the snake, aware that the little crawler wasn’t going to answer her. Sitting on the floor, with Jester around her neck and typewriter on the coffee table Bella continued the story about Miriam and her human friend as they traveled the underwater world, discovering beautiful corals of many colors and then the timer went off and it was time to check on those beautiful cookies. “So, Jester I may not have a cookie for you, but I have the most wonderful meal for you, just don’t tell anyone that I used the freezer okay?” she spoke to the snake, which wasn’t going to answer her for obvious reasons. Instead of going back to her writing, Bella decided to dance with Jasper until she heard a noise, she couldn’t tell if it was inside or outside the apartment. “SHIT SHIT SHIT!” she thought as she ran around like a headless chicken for a few seconds before sitting back down in front of her typewriter like she wasn’t doing anything else.
  8. Complete Enjoying The 'New World'

    The last thing that Senan had wanted to do had been the very thing that had been expected of him. To place himself into the society, meld in as a foreigner trying to get used to the culture and the way that the country had worked and act as a student would act. He should have aimed for a much lower scale of an attempt such as some kind of sports game or maybe waited until some kind of school pep rally hit the scene. However, the longer he waited the more difficult it would have been for him to complete the missions that had been expected of him to handle. So, he found himself at what the many locals called 'Australia Day' and luckily he didn't need to pretend to be blown away by the excitement that pooled from the crowd and how easily many just fell into the different activities that had been scattered around the grounds. It had been enough for his mouth to drop agape, an eyebrow to arch and his head tilted in bewilderment. 'I am not sure if I should consider this ridiculous or impressive. Ugh. . . Means I have to go and actually get involved in this too?' A sigh of partial disgust exhausted from his lips as his mind confirmed that that his involvement needed to be much more inclusive. As easy that thought pressed through his mind his demeanor shifted putting on a mask that befitted a person who had been amazed like a tourist that wanted to experience every aspect of the event. Like a Teenager, trying to find just anything to do to keep occupied and fun by his 'own' standards. He passed by the various BBQ stands, the need for hunger hadn't hit him and he hadn't wanted to risk the fact that some maybe using tools that could be more of an annoying itch to him due to his Fae heritage. Instead, he waited in line for a bit from one of the cold drink sellers and scored himself a bottle of water and rerouted to the lakeside. Silver-Greyish eyes followed the motion of the stream as the light of the sun glistened and his attention jumped from one person to the next - it seemed a few had been playing water polo and others had been chucking a series of water balloons at one another. Admittedly, the water polo shenanigans that had been played out grew enticing to him, though that meant that he needed to take the watery plunge and he wasn't sure if he wanted to be -that- inclusive with people. Senan glanced around once more and saw a collection of balloon's filled to full tightness and the urge had finally hit him to do something, anything, that would allow him to get on the right track. Taking up a purple balloon in hand gently he offered a light squeeze to get an idea of not only its weight but just how sturdy it'd been while being so compromised. 'Just as I expected. . . It's a balloon designed just to slip some water into. Pretty good.' He scanned the are smoothly trying to determine the perfect target that seemed as if they'd be in some form of water war already and then pulled his arm back and tossed the purple balloon through the air towards them.
  9. Shhhh

    In the short time Maddison had been attending the University the library had quickly become a safe haven from the busy campus. City life was not treating her well, she was over cautious at all times, unless she was in her room or situated with her back to a wall. Much like she was now. It hadn’t taken her long to find a desk in a corner of the library, where most didn’t venture to. It was nice, almost like her secret space. She had numerous textbooks spread out on the table, a notebook filled to the brim in front of her and earphones plugged into both ears playing music through her magical adjusted music player that she was humming lightly to. Maddison planned to spend a couple of hours here before heading home. As much as she didn’t mind her roommate, the other girl made it hard to study in peace there. Those plans quickly came crashing down around her when she felt another’s presence take up the other side of the table. Slowly she raised her head from her work to decide if this person was worth fleeing from.
  10. Invite At Last

    This was one of the many locations she had come to call home. Well, sort of home. She didn’t really have a home anymore. Her last owner had decided they no longer wanted to have her around. Then again they had been old and had little use for a four legged creature that could turn into a two legged one that was rather vocal about their wants, needs and desires. Cat felt that since her mere presence boosted their magical abilities that actually it was a fair trade. The thoughts of her previous owner were pushed out of her thoughts as the door opened. Her ears swiveled at the sounds and she sat up slightly. Her favorite place in this particular location was the best. It did smell of the odd male dog-wizard that called this place called home, along with the several females he brought home and sometimes the different scents could be unsettling it didn’t stop her from making sure her own scent was mingled in with everything. It had taken her a few days of rubbing her scent on things so that the dog-wizard knew she considered it apart of her ever expanding territory. He didn’t seem to mind for the most part, though, she did wish he would stop washing the sleeping place so much. The sounds of footsteps caused Cat to yawn and slowly move onto her feet, stretching her front legs first before moving onto the back ones. Then with all the grace of her species she jumped off the bed and trotted out to meet the owner of the footsteps. Perhaps dog-wizard bought some good food for a change, she thought hopefully, as she rounded a corner with a loud meow too let him know she was present and demanded his attention.
  11. Invite The Sabotage Within

    Months had passed since David's death. Adele had been a dutiful and attentive mother. They had made plans for Sollozzo, gone over and over the possibilities. They had one shot at this, it was important to get it right and yet she was frustrated. By the lack of momentum, by the ordinary mundanity of her days. Thoughts, not good thoughts, ticked across her mind like news tape. One by one she dismissed them. Returned to her sons. Reached out to her daughters. Spent evenings with her brother and his wife, and still it was... empty. A gigantic hole where David had been, and for all the love her family gave her---it echoed in her soul, reverberating upon itself until the sound of the nothing was deafening. Cass and Alex had offered to take the boys for a night. This time she didn't refuse, made sure they were set with food and clean pyjamas, gave the usual rundown (though both Alex and Cass knew the routine backwards, she did this anyway), dressed herself in painfully high heels, a shimmering dress---and she left. She didn't say exactly where, only a vague mention of the city. Her eyes had a wild and desperate look to them, Adele slipped out the door before she could be questioned further. A place she once knew, but different now. How many times had it changed hands? More than she could count. Same old clientele, though. Standing at the bar, she knew she was drawing looks. She returned some of them. Others she ignored. A muggle bar, it was now. All the better. One got brave enough to approach, offered a drink. She accepted, feigning shyness. Ice broken, others began to edge in. They thought themselves hunters, each eager to outdo the other for her favour. They had no idea they were prey. She played them against each other, favouring one and then the other. A battle royale of seduction, she kept a mental score. There would be a winner. That was the point. She wanted to see them fight, first. Adele wanted to remember who she was. How she had been. Before she had settled into this middle-aged housewife life, and even the toey teenagers had forgotten she was a woman. Before she had lost the love of her life, before she had been thrown into an endless well of pain. This was the only way she knew to climb back out. Find a new one. Forget the old one.
  12. Invite Heatwaves and BBQ Days

    The sound of laughter rang through the air, various voice clamored together and rivaled the level of the music that had been set-up by the current group that had went up to start their series of sets for the day. A multitude of stands spread out across the and had been filled with lines and they weren't going to get shorter any time soon. It had also been the same situation for the lake with the different water sports that were being played and the people that had decided that they just -needed- to take a dip because of the sweat that started to build up at the brow or in other less comfortable places. Seeing this kind of a sign brought a smile to Travis' lips finding it a much comfortable environment than the usual draw of dances or balls, there had been more of a spark of life and the real core of what it meant to be constantly socializing with people that you knew and some that you've never even encountered. For him, though, today had been one where he'd spend some time with someone he'd befriends a short while back. After all, he'd promised that she could pick any day and he'd be there with full attentions offered. There had been a suspicion that the two of them needed to probably get out more for the summer too especially with the school year only hop, jump, and a skip away from starting up. This could be seen as the big-mega relax-o-rama in his book before he started the exhaustive Seventh year, that had been a thought he wanted to avoid thinking about for the time being. Travis waited for sometime in one of the BBQ stands until it'd finally had been his turn to make the orders: A few meat skewers, couple of Hamburgers, and a few chilled drinks to try and beat back the heat of the sun that threatened to beat down upon them. Normally carrying so many things could be consider the idea of trying the balancing act for other people which included a few plants and napkins for the food to avoid dropping them or having the need to just hold them in hand. But he had decided that in such a crowded place no one would actually be looking to him and there had been way too many people that he felt a bit safer putting to use the full effort of his ability for balance and well-maintained strength. However, as he continued further there seemed to be fewer people that passed by him and only amounted to a few stragglers trying to catch up to their parties. He came upon a much more secluded place which had been surrounded by a enough vegetation to hide away behind but offered an elevation where the festivities could be viewed clearly, if one sought distance but still wanted to enjoy the band and people-watching? This had been the area to do it. "Hehe, those lines are insane. I can't even remember how long ago it was that I had to do something like that, kind of fun." His head lifted up towards the person he'd been talking to and he held out the grouped skewers towards her. "Here, I'll need at least one hand to make the climb."
  13. Invite An Ordinary Abnormality

    Samantha Hammond
    Christmas was Samantha's favorite time of the year. Ignoring the tremendous proximity to her own birthday, she very much enjoy the emphasis on family, friendship, camaraderie - and yes, even romance - that the holiday seemed to instill upon people. Every bond was important and worth being celebrated and cherished. It usually took the form of a material gift; Sam didn't care for this so much, but she could understand why it was. But more importantly, it was the time of the year where she could just shower everyone she knew with affection and they'd just have to sit and deal with it. Not only that, but Tallygarunga was throwing a Christmas/Graduation dance! Filled with glee at the prospect of such a day, the Bourke immediately offered to place the flyers all over school for an announcement. She didn't mind the looks exchanged before her due to her tendency of failing such simple tasks, and her determination won out in the end. Surprisingly things went without a hitch as she went around the various rooms and buildings in school, placing the flyers on the various walls on campus. And at last, she reached the final room of her itinerary - the Games Room, in the Southern Cross Tower. As soon as she got there, she withdrew her wand from her pocket, wordlessly directing the sheets to various carefully picked spots in the room and had the paper stick itself to the surface every time. She grinned as her work was complete, and was about to walk out when she caught something in the corner of her eye. One of the papers was upside down. Her mood deflated momentarily - of course something had to go wrong. But she wasn't about to be defeated by that rogue flyer! She made her way to the upside down announcement, and pried at the pesky little thing with her fingers. Luck wasn't on her side as she couldn't even get a nail under the paper, given how strong the magical glue spell was. "Uh...? How...?" She muttered to herself. She didn't exactly know a spell to undo it all, and thus she had no choice. After a significant amount of time, Samantha managed to slide a fingertip under each of the bottom corners of the flyer, and decided to hold onto it with her thumbs as well. Placing her foot on the wall, she leaned back and tried to pry it forcefully, to no avail. "Ngh... Come on...!" Her face scrunched up with the effort. Did the spell itself get botched as well?
  14. Invite Time Out

    Matt was in another of his foul moods, which seemed to be his only mood now. Kate was at work, and Hazel was at school---which meant that Phil was left to keep him occupied in between managing the kitchen and bar of the Roo. Which had been fine during the busier lunch trade, when customer ears were lurking about, Matt managed to not say or do anything too unpleasant. But as trade dwindled off into the late afternoon, Matt's critical stares became critical comments, each more scathing than the last. Phil wasn't having any of that. Gathering some work that Matt might as well be doing, a pile of the bar's takings for the past few months and stock reciepts that needed to be approved, Phil wheeled Matt out to a pleasant table in the beer garden to get a better attitude. Dusting his hands off on his apron, he headed back inside to his now peaceful bar. Matt scowled at Phil as he left, but was unable to do anything about his situation. He still lacked the strength to move himself around much, and physical therapy earlier in the day had left his muscles weak. He settled for shouting abuse through the beer garden door, until Phil finally threatened to take him upstairs and leave him there, and he fell angrily silent. Fine. He might as well do the damn paperwork. No one else would do it right anyway.
  15. Invite we can listen to the dark side of the moon

    She missed the time they had alone in the Maldives, It had felt like so long ago and yet, she wanted to go back. She tapped her manicured nail on the counter as she checked the baby monitor. It was hard to believe that Persephone was damn near a year and half at this point. At least both kids slept through the night now, it had gotten easier with them both. It was not easy by any means but she spent most of her days chasing her kids around the house. She had lost her baby weight and then some. She looked at the clock, she was waiting up for her husband to get home. She had not been thrilled with the hours, but then Doe was never very happy about his hours. She understood and he was trying. she couldn't discount that. he was trying. She took the red wine out of the cabinet and poured herself a glass. She could use one after the day she had. Atlas had located Orion and it had been a horrible fight that had ensued between the family. she was s till rather heated about the whole thing and that had been why she had wanted to wait up for Jason. She wanted to talk about how Atlas was horrible and controlling. It had not gone well the tempers of Karras family prevailed quite often and she sighed hearing the door. "In here my love." She said from the kitchen. "Wine?" She asked him as she took a sip.
  16. Invite The Panic Storm

    Amber Cross
    It was nothing short of a miracle. Amber had made it across Footy Park after a few hour long detour (thanks to her need to nap and the familiar stranger). It only took what it felt like an eternity as the agony irradiating along her spine and dorsal muscles made it very difficult to stand up, or sit down, or lie down, or anything for that matter; let alone actually walk all the way home. The sun was setting in the distance, indicating it was way past dinner time. Oh boy. That wasn't good. Her feet slowly, painfully dragged themselves along the pavement as she walked to the front porch of the Townsend household, more akin to baby steps than anything else. Climbing the little set of stairs in front of the entryway was oddly easier to accomplish when compared to having walked all the way from the gym by her own foot - at least she had the side railing to lean on for support. Sweat dripping from her forehead and down her face, the Spencer finally made it home. Now, to be stealthy. If she was caught, she'd have to explain the whole thing; and if she did, she was dead. She and her wonderful niece/co-conspirator. The only thing that was left to do was to sneak in, collapse, hope she wasn't found, and sleep it off. It couldn't be that serious, right? She was known for her endurance, for crying out loud! It was probably just some sort of temporary trauma soreness, to an extreme degree. If push came to shove she could always duck into Tallygarunga's nurse's office the following day and ask for some potion to numb the pain or something. Painstakingly reaching for her set of keys from within her pants' right pocket --did her shoulders have to hurt so much too?!--, she retrieved them and slid them into the little slit in the lock from the outside as silently as she could, slowly turning the key until she opened the door. Baby step by baby step, she moved into the house. Pulling the deadbolt back so not to make any noise when closing the door, she released a mute sigh of relief with the success. She was quite talented at being loud; it was time to see if she could be quiet. Pain notwithstanding, she could barely breathe as she struggled through the path that led to her bedroom. 'Please don't hear me, please don't hear me, please don't hear me...' The girl clung to the walls for support. It didn't make the pain go away one bit, but it certainly made it easier to move around without wanting to scream out with the torturous agony.
  17. Invite More Than You Thought

    It had been a few days, and the anxiety that something wasn't right hadn't left Cassandra. She'd gone by Cate's house, and it looked like her aunt hadn't been there recently. She knew that she didn't always stay there, but surely she did go to check on things. The mailbox was full, and the younger woman took her aunt's mail inside, and then looked around for any kind of clue as to the whereabouts of Caitlin. The older woman's handbag and ID were all sitting in the kitchen... strange. It didn't look like there'd been a struggle, nor that anything was really amiss at all, except for the absence of the other, and while Cass was considering trying to summon Lillian to see whether she knew anything, she felt that she should ask at least one other person first, about what they knew. So it was that the young woman with the blood red hair stood outside the shop for a moment, something about the place set her on edge. Again, it was something odd, something she felt like she should know, but was barely eluding her. What she did know, however, was that the man who worked here had been dating her aunt. Caitlin thought that Cass didn't know, that she was hiding her secret very well. But Cassandra knew, she knew a lot more than what the older woman thought. Stepping inside, Cass looked around easily. There was a strange feeling that surrounded the air inside the quaint place, and it didn't just come from the small animals that seemed to poke their heads out before hiding again. She wandered through, a self-conscious hand pulling her top over her belly which had begun showing a slight bump, and looked for the man she knew she would find here. Perhaps he would have some idea, and if he didn't, then at the least he would probably be able to at least help her search for the missing woman. At least, Cassandra hoped so. On the other hand, she was also worried that he might have betrayed the woman, so she wasn't certain how smart it was to take this chance. She supposed she would just have to wait and see.
  18. Donut Wednesday

    Adele DeVylissea
    The race was on. No one knew how the tradition had started. According to Alan Burdett, it had been a thing when he was in school. Adele didn't give a damn how or why or when it started, only that it was. It was Donut Wednesday, and she was damned if she was going to miss out on all the good donuts. At the stroke of eleven, she was out from behind her library desk, murmured a quick farewell to Caleb (made him promise not to leave the office and go wandering off down the road, though he had Sapphire with him so it was unlikely he would anyway), and high-tailed it out of the library and down to the Gawler Building with DJ cradled in one arm. Some of the few students that had remained over summer moved aside to let her pass, but they weren't surprised or confused by her fast walk. Across the school, professors and school staff were walking as fast as they could, each with the same goal. Alan had the shortest walk of all of them and you knew that he could sink five or six donuts before anyone even got near the door. Hopefully he would be too busy and distracted with his new baby to race to the staffroom, but they'd been wrong about that before. Adele sure wasn't letting DJ be a distraction. Donut Wednesday was one of the few good, pure, and truly untainted things in the world. Around her was misery and drama and chaos, but Donut Wednesday was immune to all of that. Adele quickened her step as she got into the Gawler Building, noticing that Alan's office door was ajar (as always) and Alan was still behind his desk. That was unexpected. Finding Alan doing his work at any point in time, let alone when there were perfect rings of sugary deliciousness to be had... Adele knew she had to sieze the advantage. Sneaking a chair from a nearby empty office, she caused Alan's office door to swing shut as if by the wind---and jammed the chair under the handle. Sure, magic was great for locking someone inside a room... but in the end, you really couldn't go past a genuine physical obstruction. That done, she raced up the stairs and into the staffroom. "We did it, DJ," she said, breathless with wonder at the giant pile of sweet rewards that sat in the middle of the staffroom table. "We're first." And without further ado, the librarian heaped herself a small plate worth and found her favourite chair. Who would be next? Would Alan ever escape? Had she accidentally locked his children in the office with him? She would find out soon enough.
  19. Invite Don't Upset the Rhythm

    Nox Ntonni
    When the phone went off with a Taungurong elder's crooning dialect growling, "Get your bathers on and get in the damn catchment.", Nox just knowingly rolled out of bed, zipped on a full knee racing suit and prepped their main gear: a waterproof housed smartphone and magical SLR camera, a handle tray to hold both devices, and spare film and lenses, which were all zipped up into magically extended swimsuit pockets—even though one of those "pockets" was just between the front zipper and extra layer of fabric stretching over the useful (yet excessive) cleavage the metamorph woke up with. After strapping on a shoulder harness for their wand and machete and after grabbing their ranger clothes, Nox soon found themselves submerged near the mouth of a torrid river emptying into the Narrie Lakes. It only took a moment of shapeshifting some gills and fins to feel the problem: Low oxygen. Something they should have expected with all their ranger managers complaining about algae and fish die-offs exarcerbated by poor water management and drought. But with a cut in funding and with how much potential magic could be in the area, there weren't any resources to spare for an environmental survey—unless all the resources you needed were two cameras, some second-nature shapeshifting, and a bit of magic. And so Nox found themselves swimming around most of the day and taking videos with their phone and pictures with their camera while making plenty of adjustments with magical infrared and color filters to get the right shot in all the murky waters. The day was pretty uneventful, until they began to focus on hunting down carp breeding grounds, where their shots started to get photobombed by a hungry, hardhead duck, snatching up fish eggs and baby carp. Nox could only assume the duck thought their fish-eye lens camera made them look like a giant duck blowing a bubble, or the waterfowl caught on to junior ranger making frequent stops where food was, (or both). Either way, the bird was messing up their shots and needed to find something else to do. So Nox swam to the shallow lake edge and stood up… only to find they stood up where the duck had swam, which was right on top of their head. And now there was a duck contently sitting in their updo. Perfect. The gilled swimmer's gaze was then drawn towards two people standing on the bank, doing who knows what, but maybe they could lend a hand. "'Ey!" Nox called out, with one hand holding the tray of cameras they had the other jab a finger towards their (live) feathery headpiece, "Either you two need a duck?"
  20. Cramp, Push and Take It Easy!

    Amber Cross
    Feet dragged along the dirt road in Footy Park as Amber struggled to make her way through the location, gym bag in hand, aiming to return to the Townsend household after a full afternoon of pro wrestling practice. Her back couldn't stand upright and pain was very visible in her expression - in fact, she looked like she could fall flat on her face at any given moment. Four hours prior to that moment, she had been in Melbourne, carefully helping other members of the crew in the laborious task of setting up the ring for the following day's show. Once it was mostly secure a new trainee asked the head honcho regarding how to take a powerbomb properly. Amber was asked to demonstrate as the larger man performed the move on her. The moment her back collided with the mat, all air was sucked from her lungs and she was hardly able to breathe for thirty minutes straight, being completely gassed out and suffering from intense back pain. And this is why you should always warm up first, kids. On top of that, she had to suck it up and finish the ring assembly work, and endure three hours of training and bumping on top of it. She managed to put on a strong face, knowing she would be teased mercilessly (and perhaps even punished) if she let the absurd strain show, but the moment she was left by herself near the gym in Narrie that she usually works out in, she felt like her very soul had been sucked out by an invisible Dementor. 'Can't... go... more...' Her motivation was completely shot. She spotted a park bench and collapsed onto it once reaching it, lying down on her stomach. The bag fell clumsily down to the ground, barely hooked to her fingers by the holding strap. She closed her eyes to rest for just one moment. Out like a light. A little drool fell from the corner of her mouth and onto the wooden bench as the sound of light snores could be heard in her vicinity. Time passed, and she was in danger of missing curfew the longer the nap went...
  21. Invite That's No Mild Sore

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox should have known their day was going to be a mess the moment their phone buzzed them awake at zero dark thirty in the morning with the urgent voice of their ranger manager from Cape Horn.There was apparently a rare magical creature sighting up north and, with how the manager was "needing" Nox to come through and help with their "experience" and "shapeshifting", the metamorph caught on with a calm, "If 'dis is 'dat magical croc cousin of dugbogs, just say it's 'dere so none of us need to do nuttin'." That response resulted in their being threatened with little-to-no field work and tons of paperwork, so Nox rolled their butt out of bed and threw on something to support their chest before magically gearing up and taking the Narry Bush Telly to Cape York. Once they were there and adapted to the dark, murky water of the mangroves, it didn't take long for the rangers to find the reptile. Or it didn't take long for the massive reptile to find a ranger's limbs dangling over the boat railing. While the speed that Nox outswam the magically-resistant lumbering log of a creature and shove said ranger back behind the railing (with their filming gear) felt like quite the fete, the only thing they could do for what happened next was brace themselves with some rough-and-ready shapeshifting as they got dragged back into the waters. Nox should have known today would start out like an underwater Jurassic wrestling match. By time dawn arrived, Nox had been patched up with bone-mending potions and healing salves, (all of which felt more comfortable with the unconcious body switch of a flatter chest,) but the metamorph was still sore. Whether it was from the haphazard shapeshifting or fighting the jaws of the reptile? They weren't really sure. So, rather than join the other Sturts in getting ready for classes, they walked through the brick and glass door entrance of Tarnagulla Centre and beelined straight for the Hospital Wing. "You in 'dere doc?" Nox's lilting voice called out as they pulled their color block hoodie over their head and walked their well-worn ptah over to the nurse's station. "I got into a likkle bind earlier—" finally, the hoodie came off and bruises peaked out from discolored bandages hugged their dark skin, wrapping around their right shoulder and pecs while more wrapped around their left hand and forearm. They then bent down to pulled up their left pant leg, which revealed another bandage around their thigh. "—and I'm gonna need a clean slate for when I go into Care of Magical Creatures today." Nox then used their free hand to pull back their fiery blend of fuschia and indigo locs and shot Teagarden a bright, warm smile—as if they were just coming in after a nasty fall off a broom.
  22. Invite Into the Wilds

    The level of the heat that had been present the past few days grew to be a concern of his for various reasons and mostly because part of him had found more kinship in animals and their ecosystems. Without a little bit of assistance and proper stewardship many would face a struggle that they wouldn't be prepared to maintain or fight against, incapable of an expedited adaptability. Even the magical creatures that had hidden themselves through out the bushlands were at the same risks and those were creatures with a much higher capability in survival though not by much he'd surmised from his personal view. Each step through the area he had made had been carefully calculated, as if he'd been stalking a prey while his eyes pinned on a small animal only a few meters ahead of him and his lips pressed against together and made a soft hushed sound. He hadn't been too mindful of the surroundings to listen for other potential human beings or anything of the similar relation. Nostrils expanded as he took in the air of the environment and then slowly started to hunch lower and crept with his fingers and hands while reaching out to the creature and stroked his hand from its head to the back. "Hehehe, You're a bit ways from your home aren't you little pup dude?" As expected from him, it hadn't reacted threateningly to his presence which allowed for Travis to take a much more personal approach and picking up the animal gingerly and setting it onto his lap. "It's been pretty hot too. I bet you've been looking for some water to get into, am I right? I don't blame you. I'd probably be doing the same dang thing, let's be honest here." He removed his bag and settled it on the ground and opened it up slowly to rummage through it. There had been a few items; foods such as Nuts, Berries, the various kinds of leaves and herbs the creatures could find in their habitat if it had been producing. Travis pulled a small bottle of water along with a miniature bowl where he'd begin to pour some of it inside and settled it in front of himself and then set the creature down while watching it stare down the offered nourishment and lapping it up. He rubbed at his chin for a moment in thought, he couldn't provide any real food for it to feast on and truthfully part of him had been extremely wary of even trying to offer it to an animal that had been slightly closer to him in certain aspects. "Best I can do is make sure you're whistle is wet. Can't really take you home. . . Don't have space or that much cash around." He picked his bag up to avoid any chance of it suddenly being raided by the wily canine and just stood there waiting for it to finish with the water so that he could pick the bowl back up instead of just leaving it there. It was in this moment that he lifted his head up and started to take more notice and awareness of his surroundings, the area had been a bit dry for his liking. A hand ran along the side of his pants where he had his wand stowed away and out of sight more than aware that this had been a trail that people often traversed through: Wizards and Muggles alike on the better days. He really wasn't expecting anyone to willingly be out in this sweat storm but he'd been surprised before by the actions of other people too. Suddenly being surprised wouldn't do well for him if he'd been using magic or even ended up using the full extent of his more physical talents other than approaching the thirst-starved wandering puppy. "You better get going little guy - I may have some work I need to do here. Makes this place nice and less well... Lacking of water." A conversation being carried out with the creature as if it understood him or rather as if he understood it.
  23. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox Ntonni
    The night sky was sprinkled with constellations that squeezed the bright balls of Venus and Jupiter between Scorpius and Ophiuchus on the Southeast horizon. Only the occasional wispy cloud passed over the view as a fresh breeze blew through the busy streets and brightly lit shops of Tallygarunga road. Among those walking along the road, was Noxolo Ntonni, completely barefoot and looking like they had just gotten out of bed. Their long, dark locs hung down their baggy, color-block hoodie, which hid any and all curves above their thighs, and they wore of pair of baggy shorts that stopped just below their knees—a wardrobe that should probably draw a few stares at this time of night. But no one ever looked their way. After all, this place wasn't quite what it seemed and Nox just came here to relax and think. Eventually, the barefoot wix dragged and drummed their fingers along a brick wall, which rang out with the chipper chimes of a steel drum before flipping into an aerial aú and landing on a nearby bench with the deep gong of a hang drum. If anyone here was actually becoming aware of Nox's nonsense, the capoeirista certainly hadn't noticed yet. So the capoeirista just turned to face the Southeastern horizon and then tilted their head onto their right shoulder—as if that was the proper way to view the sky—as they decided whether or not they should keep goofing around or do something productive.
  24. Kingdom of Tea

    Evelyn had never been much of an uniform fan, so it was quite refreshing to spend a whole day out of the Auror mandated set of clothing. She could finally opt for a simple yet modest floral sundress which was more her style by far. Not only that, she could actually have a few moments for herself. That's what she was enjoying that morning. A few moments of solitude in Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store, reading the newspaper and enjoying the air conditioner's breeze as people roasted outside. Heat itself had never been that big of a deal to her at all - being of Veela descent she actually had a far greater tolerance to temperature than fellow humans, but she couldn't deny the air circulation felt rather pleasant as well. Evelyn was there at the repeated behest of her cousins, whom found it appalling that someone as well versed in tea as herself had never tried something called 'Mrs. Kempsey's milktea' before. Specifically, bubble tea. Perhaps her own elitism kept her from doing so thus far, she couldn't tell exactly why, but that day would be the day for her to fulfill the promise she made to the girls and try out the beverage that seemed to be 'in' with the younger crowd those days. As the drink was served, she crossed her legs under the table a little ways away from the entrance of the milkbar and her gaze flitted over the most recent issue of The Mage's newspaper's pictures and text and she ingested the news of the day. Without giving it much thought at first, her hand grasped the tea container and brought the straw to her lips, and she lightly sipped the drink. The lightest of flinches came through her facade. Too sweet. She wasn't one to enjoy strong flavoring, but the taste certainly explained most people's obsession with it. Then again, now that she had paid, might as well consume the whole thing...
  25. Toy Boy

    Amber Cross
    The summer was less than one week away but the heat had been making itself known for a while, in between bursts of rain and storms. That day was one of those blistering hot days when even dung beetles thought it was too much for them and sought shelter. Amber Cross, however, wasn't half as bright as those little critters. She headed out without even bothering to put sunscreen on. It was was her official rest day - as such, she had no sports activities scheduled, not even her regular upkeep. However, just because it was a rest day, it didn't mean that Amber knew how to stop. In her brilliance (or lack of self preservation) she decided that, despite her aching muscles, it was time for a good cardio workout - swimming. She decided to make her way to Korrowi Creek. She knew a place that was deep enough to dive into without much trouble, and since it had been raining lately it was probably at a high water level for a change. For once in her life, her complete disregard for common sense paid off. The water looked inviting and the area was deserted in general. Setting her bag down under a tree right by the shore of the creek, the girl proceeded to remove her bracelets and her cap, along with everything else until she was down to her swimwear. After a last glance at the water she smirked confidently to herself, having yet another reckless idea. She could be seen nimbly climbing up the same tree's trunk - it was a rather thick specimen, with strong branches stretching out just above the creek itself. With trained balance she perched herself over one such branch, and after a moment she carefully made her way to the end of it - at least, to the furthest part that could still hold her weight. At that point she stood up, looking at the water below. "Here goes nothing. Woohoo!" The daredevil jumped off of her high ground, tucked her legs and cannonballed herself into the water, causing a loud, wide splash on impact. 'Hell yeah, cool water!'
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