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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 156 results

  1. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Numb. That was the word that could most accurately describe the state of Laurie's mind throughout the month of September. With Max avoiding her occasional questions and the short girl having to stay away from Colette for the greater good, along with the impeding deadline looming over the horizon, Laurie's mind had to mostly go numb in order to survive the mounting stress. The month had been a blur and mostly on autopilot, to such a degree she'd say some of her present friendships suffered. Yet for the past couple weeks things seemed to take a turn that got through that layer of self protection. It started when Max had gotten into a particularly nasty accident over a gift for her boyfriend, something Laurie had to conceal when their room was searched. It took a full week for the redhead to go back to their newly fixed room, but apparently the stay in the hospital had given Max some sort of room to clear her mind about things because she was more forthcoming with answers upon her return. Not too long after, a prank hit the whole school, something she immediately recognized as Gwendoline's brainchild, having been the one that taught her to begin with, but it was a two person job - it was interesting to see the sisters letting loose after leaving Durmstrang behind. If only Laurie didn't have to go back. It all culminated just a couple short days after the school wide prank when Colette reached out through her via text, asking her to come visit her at her house. As Laurie read that message, it felt like an alarm had gone off to wake her up from a bad nightmare - she didn't exactly know if the outcome of the conversation was going to be positive at all, but the fact she was willing to grace the Spencer with her presence was a clear indicator of an opportunity to start anew. And, by Merlin, Laurie would take it if it was the last thing she'd do. Strolling along to the rich part of town, Laurie was greeted by the Auclairs. She figured that Colette had heard her arrive so she only made small talk prior to excusing herself, not wanting to keep the half-Veela waiting too much. She briefly wondered where Gwendoline was but ultimately shrugged to herself as it was unimportant. As she reached the same room she had been dragged to last time she had been in the house, she took a deep breath. The door was ajar. Her steps would've been heard as it was. "...Hey." She spoke once peeking her head through the opening, the side of it leaning on the door frame. "Mind if I come in?"
  2. Invite We are a special speck of dust

    Maxine Williams
    The past few weeks hadn’t been easy. Max wasn’t even sure if it was the right thing to do, considering he hasn’t even told her anything, but she was confident that the information she had about Senan’s birthday was correct. He could have lied in the admission and the birthday there would be a fake one, but it was the next best thing, it was the only date she had, and it was good enough for her, besides, it was just a date, right? It was the thought that counted. But, before they could delve into a celebration she did have things to tell him, the fact that the explosion had caught the attention of the counsellor wasn’t good, but she only needed to wait a few more months, if she got caught doing something she shouldn’t the chances of being trapped until her eighteenth birthday were high. She wasn’t going to worry about it, for now anyway. A small cake in hand she arrived at the house and stored it in the fridge, it had to be a surprise, a one-woman surprise but still a surprise. She opted to place the amulet on the counter before moving to the most important thing that house was missing, finishing that goddamn wall. She had started it but never really had the opportunity to finish it, especially the past days. Starting slowly with black paint, drawing a silhouette of a large tree, underneath the branches people sitting, staring at a large body of water, perhaps a lake. That was the easy part, but maybe if she had started with the background, instead of being an idiot, that job would have taken half the time than it took. She started by trying to illustrate a sunset, which she ultimately made it work, that was being admired by the ones sitting under the tree. At the end, she just needed to fix the missing bits of black paint from the silhouettes. Clearly, she didn’t prioritize things as she should have. Finishing the wall took her way too long, but at least it was done. Now she had to create an illusion that it was still the same old boring colour before Senan got her message to meet her at the house. There was still one last thing she had to do before he got there, she needed to clean the living room, store the paint and take a shower, she looked like she had bathed herself in paint. She left a note on the counter, making sure Senan would know where she was in case he walked into the house and she was still trying to take paint off her skin, and hop into the shower, hopefully he would be home by the time she was done.
  3. Invite Coming Clean

    Max left the Hospital Wing, it had seemed that her arm still wasn’t healed but considering how the nurses wanted her gone, Max was sent to her dorm quicker than she should have. Luckily for her Laurie was there to lend her a hand and to help her take everything she had down at the Hospital Wing up to her room. Eventually Max had to come clean with everything that had commented, the accident had been a wake up call for Max to start trusting Laurie’s judgement, Laurie wasn’t going to get herself in trouble, but if my any chance Max did, at least the exchange student would know the reason. The room was as good as new, they had done a great job fixing it, or so Max assume considering the blast might have been strong enough for almost everyone at the school to know that she had been involved in an explosion. She walked towards her bed and sat in it, it was soft and cosy, and she couldn’t feel the sprinkled of the mattress popping out, trying to stab her in the back. She was happy that she didn’t have to continue to sleep in the Hospital Wing, with those awful mattresses that hurt her back and only made everything worse. “Thanks Laurie.” She thanked her friend but there was something missing, she realized she couldn’t continue to worry Laurie like that. The secrets, dancing around the questions, she had to be honest if she really didn’t want Laurie to get into a dangerous situation. Max didn’t regret the situation she was in, far from it, but she chose it, she was the one that continued to move forward with it even knowing about the danger, unlike Laurie, who would most likely be nothing more than a bystander caught in the crossfire. Could Max really live with herself knowing that she got her friend in danger? “Hey, I’m sorry about everything, I didn’t mean to worry you.” She couldn’t forget that she would have to talk to Senan too. He was worried, she could see it in his eyes, how worried he was because her. Max couldn’t let them feel like that again, she wasn’t going to allow herself to be put in that situation once more. “How have things been during my absence? Created enough chaos?”
  4. Invite A Helping Hand

    Just one day after a rather exhausting conversation she'd had in her own home, Amber was practically forced to tackle another one - that time with her cousin, Ezekiel. The excuse had been, at first, for the two and Samantha to hang out; however, as they grew to need privacy, they ultimately dropped Samantha off at Keira's home so the pair could hang out (after some passive aggressive texts from the older women about never getting any visitors, of course). They retraced their steps to the park they had been in just half an hour before under semi-pleasant weather. Luckily they had no magpies to dodge on the way there. Silence had befallen them. It was awkward, and it was nagging at Amber's core. Even in her low points such as what she had been experiencing for a month silence bothered her quite a bit. She always lived for noises, spectacle and to have her attention ripped away from place to place. With that in mind, she cleared her throat after catching herself from lightly tripping on the gravel of the walkway within the park proper. "Shit." She grumbled before speaking up, disappointed at having lost her balance so easily. At least she didn't fall to the ground. "Well, let's not beat around the bush, eh, Ezekiel Bread? Just hit me with all ya got, already went through a round of 'the talk' yesterday anyway." She raised two fingers in each hand and curled them twice so to emphasize her displeasure for the notion.
  5. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Olivia Teagarden
    After asking May to stop by for dinner the next day, Liv had to make sure she wasn’t going to blow it out of proportion. The dinner was something simple but she didn’t bother to keep the new inhabitants of her house hidden, May shouldn’t have a problem dealing with Sigma and the kittens, they should all be adorable and cuddly as usual, unless they decided to hog Liv’s bed, which was also a possibility. She still wasn’t going to worry about them roaming around or doing whatever they wanted. She used magic to cook dinner, unlike other occasions it was just best if it went that way, last like she tried to cook she almost chopped off a finger by thinking too much about things she couldn’t change. May arrived and dinner was ready, they barely had anytime to chat before the food was waiting for them at the table, maybe they could talk while they eat? Maybe after? Liv wasn’t sure how to do that, it had been a while since she and May shared something like that, alone, away from prying eyes. It was an awkward situation, it brought some memories, all good ones, but then it came the bitter taste. Liv opted to ignore all that and just focus on the events of that night. At the dinner table, Liv smiled at May. “Sorry about the mess…just…it’s been hectic.” May probably knew that, Liv had talked to her the day before and the young Dhampir could see how it was affecting the half-veela, more than she would admit to anyone. She was alright, it wasn’t with her that people had to worry, it was about the young man who had lost his mother. “How are you? Since yesterday I mean.” It was getting a bit awkward, nothing they couldn’t push through. Liv started eating and the first part of the meal went by without a problem, but now it was time they started to chat about the real reason why they were both there, to brainstorm a plan to do something unthinkable. “So, how do you think we should start with the plan?” Liv wasn’t even sure if it was going to work out. What was she thinking? When the heat dissipated, she started to realize how deranged she looked, how she had reacted, but they still needed to get through the plan, regardless. “I was thinking, caging a werewolf isn’t easy and we’d need lots and lots of silver, do you think we can get it in time?”
  6. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin laughed at Jamie’s words a bit louder than she thought she would, she couldn’t really heard how it came out but the look of a lady that just peeked on their corridor told her everything she needed to know and she quickly covered her mouth once more so that she wouldn’t be reprimanded for making noise. She should have figured that he would enjoy some adrenaline rush, if she remembers correctly, he did some pretty dangerous stunts back in the day, nowadays shouldn’t be too different. If he wanted to do some free falling off the top of a waterfall down to a lake bellow, she was always in for it, and if anything went wrong the usage of magic could potentially save someone from getting seriously injured during their adventure. “I can read it later tonight, or we can use it as a guide.” Reading it while visiting the house would be great. She assumed there wouldn’t be too much details about it, at least not a whole chapter on the house, but if it was important for the community it should have at least more than just a couple of pages about it. Her hand stopped over the book and it opened where they wanted. The house was old and had a Victorian style, it had been rebuilt in the past decade by using the original blueprints which were a few centuries old. “Well, what do you say? Pick that survival book and shall we go then?” her smile grew as she looked at Jamie before walking to the reception to check her book out. Once they were ready, Robin searched for a secluded place so that she could apparate them both to the house in question. Landin in front of the house, she removed the key from her pocket and opened the book again. “I hope you’re ready for some spooks.” She said, slightly excited about the exploration of the house. She walked inside and waited for Jamie before she closed the door, she didn’t want people walking on by wondering what they were doing there. “This place is huge.” She looked up towards the ceiling. The Corridor lead to the kitchen, with a few locked doors and a long staircase lead to the other floors. “Where should we start?” she looked at Jamie as she did the same thing she had done at the library, opening the book on the house and its small history.
  7. Invite Torch the Moon

    She knew she wasn't technically supposed to be on school grounds, and slipping around the Spencer areas of the school was stranger still---but there were Discussions that needed to be Had, and Améa was done with biting her tongue. So long she had been powerless, able to do little more than stand back and watch as her family went through one turmoil and the next, the very composition of what was family changing almost daily. Alexander and Lauren, Bethianna, Cassandra, Cate, what had once been the tiny creek of their bloodline and kind suddenly strengthening into a river. Caleb now, too, was learning a new world. Since her return to her own appearance, Améa was visibly stronger. Not the phantom that had returned to Narrie under Zane's controlling gaze, she moved with confidence and strength. There was a menacing quality to her movement, now, the position of every limb calculated for the most efficiency and power. Nothing was wasted. Where her mother and sisters moved with an eerie grace, Améa moved with an absoluteness that made her seem impossibly solid and terrifyingly strong. A movement more akin to that of Bethianna, if anyone. But also a movement entirely her own, Spencer students peeled out of her way as they saw her advancing. Some knew her name, some simply thought it was Adele come charging after overdue books, but either way she carved a pathway through the common area with ease. Améa looked neither left nor right, only moved forward in search of her target. She knew where he was, she could still feel that remainder of him that was part of them. She followed it like a scent, single-minded and barely a thought given to the obstacles and people that shifted around her. There. Her eyes narrowed further and she closed in on him. "Alexander," her voice was soft, but sharp. Low, but brooked no argument either. "We are must do talk. In the private."
  8. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    Lorelei Valentin-Blair
    It was something that had begun as barely anything. The girl hadn't considered it even just a couple of months ago. She'd began school like everyone else, but there were so many things that teenagers understood so much better than her, even though there were so many other things that she understood so much better than... well, most of the school. But there were things that were happening to her, with or without her intent or desire. She was aware enough to know that it had to be something to do with her growth spurt, that the hormonal changes which came with being a teenager would affect other parts of her, other than just physically. Mentally, emotionally, she was aware that there were sudden strange feelings, but she couldn't describe them or put them into some kind of understandable label. This was Travis' fault, surely. Well, no, she would liked to have blamed him, but he couldn't control what happened with her. That was just silly. What had caused this latest trip to the library to seek the knowledge of her grandmother though was the latest things she'd read in the Quillbook, which she had tossed into a drawer once she had written in it. She felt... hurt? Confused? Jealous, possibly? Mostly, she felt like she was lacking important knowledge that would allow her to understand better the things teenagers talked about. Dating, kissing, whatever else it was they did as boyfriends and girlfriends. Lei didn't even ring the bell at the librarian's desk, simply walking around it to the door which led to Adele's office and the living space attached to it. She did knock gently on the door before opening it and looking around with a small pout on her lips. Seeing no one, but knowing that her grandmother was just in the other room with Caleb for a moment, she moved to a chair and sat down, her expression contemplative as she waited for Adele to decide to see what she wanted.
  9. Invite Wild At Heart

    Though she had tried to ignore the strange feeling which she didn't like, it was difficult for Lorelei when she had to attend the same classes, and sense where a person was that she was trying to avoid. The only way so far that she was able to relax and collect her thoughts these days was when she could wander off to her hiding spot in the bush. A little grove that was near impossible to get through due to overgrowth around it, but easy for her because she could simply teleport there at will. With a small pond that was joined to the Korrowi Creek, and a comfortable grassy patch and good shade, she was able to find some peace on her own without her body and emotions being affected by whatever strangeness was going on. She just needed time. That was all. Lorelei was certain that if she just had some time to think over the possibilities of what troubled her, and how she could prevent them, or even be rid of the feelings that she didn't like, then she would be able to return to normal soon and not feel like she had to avoid someone everywhere that she went in the school. Of course, she had an inkling that it might be noticed. Where she had used to bump into him around the school just to say hi, she had been instead sensing where he was and making sure she wasn't there at the same time. She didn't sit next to him in class. She hid away during lunch... like right now. It seemed like a good plan to her. At least until she could sort herself and not be overcome by what she assumed were silly teenage feelings or hormones or whatever it was that flustered her when she remembered Australia Day, or made her feel a lump in her throat at reading some of the QuillBook messages that she'd seen recently. And so, the teenager sat near the pond, on a small grassy knoll, with a book in hand and singing softly in a language that few people in the world even knew existed outside of the small hidden island she'd been born on. Like her mother, she was gifted in vocal talent. She was gifted in a number of talents, but was still struggling to work out what was hers. And that was made only more difficult by the distraction that had been created by a boy. Still... she sighed softly in between verses. She did miss spending time with him and she couldn't help but wander what he was doing with his time. Likely getting himself checked in for tonight. The thought caused a small frown. She's acquired Wolfsbane, but hadn't been able to tell him yet because of the silly way she was feeling. Maybe next month.
  10. Invite Heart's Bore in this War part II

    Maxine Williams
    Continuing from Heart's Bore in this War She shook her head, he shouldn’t apologize for it, even if she was fine, she was grateful that he was taking the time to see if she had been injured in any other way, it was sweet, the side of him she got to see more often, and she enjoyed it. Max had to admit that if she was in his position, she would have done the same thing, trying to be sure that no one was injured, with so many things destroyed that night something could have hit them. She looked at him, still worried about what had happened to him, she had to talk to him once they leave that awful place. “I’m not going to let you sleep on the floor.” she spoke staring at him, her voice was firm. She wasn’t going to let him give up his own comfort because of her, they could share it. It wasn’t going to be uncomfortable sharing a bed with someone, especially not him considering they had already fallen asleep together watching the movie. This time shouldn’t be too different, the only difference now was that they were both aware of how they felt, perhaps it would be a little awkward at first. “You deserve it more than I do. You look alright but…” She walked alongside him to exit the warehouse as he explained where the house was; the location was one of the best locations in Narrie and where the wealthy lived. She nodded as he mentioned his father. It was probably a wise choice considering it’s easier to move around when one has money, but now there was a problem they probably hadn’t anticipated. “But won’t people be suspicious of how those two aren’t around anymore?” if anyone in the neighborhood had seen them, it meant that Senan would have to come up with a plan to explain what he’s doing in that house. Soon they should be able to relax and by tomorrow Max was sure everything would be alright, but she probably wasn’t going to classes that day. He wasn’t wrong, Australia was a dangerous country. “We Australians do like to live dangerously, haven’t you heard? Freefall awaits the brave.” She looked at him with a cheeky smile before winking. Before she could do or say anything else, they found themselves in the Astley Walk. The couldn’t wait to get her apparition license to stop using these things, she should be used to them, but she still felt dizzy whenever they arrived at the destined location, almost losing her balance.
  11. Invite The Room Where It Happens.

    Another failure, Bertie thought ruefully, as she sat crossed legged in an old bathroom one of her experiments laid shattered in front of her. She’d been working on this particular idea since the end of fifth year. It was one of her more outlandish ideas that, if she was being honest with herself, would never likely bear fruit. It did, however, make one hell of a mess when it exploded. Bits of glass, metal and general colorful splashes covered the floor she was sat on, parts of her face and it had defiantly changed one side of her hair an offensive pink color. Sighing after five minutes of staring at the mess of her experiment she reached too her left and picked up her discarded wand, giving it a flick and a incantation that put the item itself back into it’s not quite normal spiral shape. It was pretty with the colorful fluid inside and would have made something as simple as a nice ornament. Picking up the glistening spiral she gently tucked it into her bag, noticing the fluids had also got onto her hand. The young Spencer watched for a moment as the goo on her hand changed from a nice purple until the color of troll bogeys. Lovely, it likely spoiled outside the container she was trying to hold it in. Reaching back into her liquid splashed bag, she pulled out a small bound book and a somewhat dented pen and quickly jotted that observation down. The next thing she checked was the time. She’d have to get home in the next couple of hours to make sure her mother had somehow got herself out of bed, washed, dressed and maybe eaten something. The next thing the young witch grabbed was her mirror; this allowed her to get a good look at the damage on her person done by the exploding experiment. The horrible pink side of her hair, a bruise on her left cheek that was crowned by a color changing smudge; looking down her clothes and arms hadn’t fared much better in the explosion. Luckily, she had chosen an abandoned bathroom where the plumbing still worked. Thinking she was unlikely to be disturbed, the young witch quickly abandoned her clothes, throwing them every which way around the bathroom and made a quick run for the shower. It didn’t take her long to get it working and jump in.
  12. Invite Damned If You Do

    There was a bit of a nervous knot in the pit of Meadow's stomach as the hours went by in the Ball day. It wasn't because she was about to go with a handsome man to the ball; it wasn't because those events made her uneasy. Oh, no. It was because she had the unshakable feeling that something bad was about to happen. That, and, the last Divination class had her read that 'not everything will go as you plan' from the tea leaves examinations. Did some sort of public humiliation await her? "...I'm ready, I think." Meadow commented for her roommate to hear as she gave the finishing touches to the makeup Samantha had made her promise she'd wear earlier in the day, to go with the effort the younger Bourke put in when it came to ensuring the youngest Richards looked her best. Meadow didn't exactly agree with that assessment, not sharing the thought that she could look good to begin with, but she couldn't deny that Sam had quite the sense of style. She was rather fond of that violet dress she was wearing. It was miraculous that she even got to acquire it - turns out your blood supremacist parents go out of their way to ensure your happiness when you lie about going to the ball with a pureblood young man. She was forgetting something, she could feel it. That made the nerves worse. As she paced back and forth in the dormitory bedroom she and Remi occupied, the girl waited impatiently as the inner turmoil and agitation grew stronger by the second, threatening to get the better of her.
  13. Invite Heart's Bore in this War

    Senan Connell
    'This is it. ..' Senan thought to himself. Most of the break had been contributed towards designing different kinds of items, potions, and as many failsafe uses for other environmental things in the area but they couldn't be too sure any of it would work. It would certain catch their intended enemies off guard, If only for a moment. It'd been rare for Wizard's to fight in the fashion that both he and Maxine planned to. However, he had faith that it'd been far more of an edge even with the limited amount that they were able to produce. There could be no careless mistakes, this needed to be far more calculating than either of them had been before in their lives and they needed to take any chance and opening that had been opened to them. It was life or death, it was war. His fingers curled around the eight and a half inch Yew wand that had bonded with him through various trials of his life since his first time holding it. The two of them couldn't expect any form of assistance from anyone, that hadn't been the plan, at least not for him. As he learned more about Max, began to legitimately fall for her, there came to be the realization that he would broke no threat to survive that could harm her. Every necessity would be taken on his part to ensure that those that pose a threat to her existence would find their own only a hair away from being tossed off the edge and into the abyss of death. A scary thought, that he could hold such a protective nature for anyone but there in he found that purpose. The Warehouse had been quite large, enough for them to maneuver around many of the decrypt machines, various boxes and materials that had been left behind with a few of them already obviously scavenged by those that found the place far before they did. The ceiling hung high with various chains that drooped low, indicating much larger machine that once were bound by them, the ceiling had been fractured with obvious wear and tear where it looked as if the slightest bit of force could cause it to tumble down. Something that could be used to their advantage or against them, awareness of their battlefield had been a prudent thing and may have spelled the difference between victory and defeat. Entering the building his eyes cased the area in caution, making sure there hadn't been any surprises that awaited them. That their place of an ambush hadn't been peaked out, it didn't take much for him to spread the news in the underworld that Max had not only been the girlfriend that changed him from the grasp of his Father, but also that a lie had already been placed out that she'd meet Senan alone at the warehouse for some 'Secrecy' that the school couldn't give. Which meant that they didn't have much more time, they were probably going to end up arriving at any moment and they needed to get into place. Using her as bait, that still didn't sit well with him but they'd gotten this far and there'd been no better plan. He handed her the glasses that had been charmed to resist extremely blinding glares and wrapped around her torso, a potion-bandolier. This held a various types of potions that they'd made together and some that he actually spent the previous night until the morning crafting to making sure she held a utility of things that could be used given the situation of underaged magic. A hand reached out as he touched her cheek gently, the edge of his finger stroking in an affectionate motion. "Don't get nervous, okay? I won't be far." Though usually he'd take the time to try and stare into her eyes that wouldn't be happening, not now. The usual demeanor that he wore around her had melted away, there'd been no softness on his features but rather the mask of someone whom had a mission. His hand gently fell away from her and his silver eyes shifted towards the entryway of the building and then he started to move away from her, at first backing away and then fully turning where he started to try the highest altitude that he could get to perch upon and watch from above, wand grasped tightly and ready for the proper cue.
  14. Invite The Price of Memories

    May Bowen
    With the arrival of the Fall, May finally felt more comfortable moving around outside. It meant that the sun would set earlier, and she didn't have to care so much for her skin not cooking up so much that she'd become a live advertisement of a barbecue. Even so, she decided not to head out too late in the day - she had to drop by a dear friend's house, and she didn't want to run into them having dinner on accident. That was just bad form. And so, late in the afternoon, as the sun made its slow descent down the horizon, the Dhampir made her way down to the rich part of town after covering herself with copious amounts of sunscreen. With a messenger bag hanging from a shoulder, she calmly strolled down McEwen Lane, taking in the sights of the life of the wealthy. She had acquired a similar house for herself recently in the outskirts of town, even if obtained with blood money; for the few days she had been in it, she wasn't sure if it was the kind of lodgings that appealed to her in the long term, even if it had once been a dream of hers to have such a thing. Her feet led her towards a house not quite like the others. While most houses in the area looked posh, pretty and pristine, the one she was looking for looked like something out of a horror movie. Not that looked bad at all, no; it just looked tremendously out of place. Despite its luscious and well cared for garden, there was a broken gate and the liveliness of the plants didn't translate into the dullness of the property itself. May couldn't help but smile a bit in amusement at the sight of the gate. It had always eluded her why the thing hadn't been fixed by the owners after so many years, but ultimately it wasn't any of her business. She opened it and walked past, carefully pushing it near-close. Not that it would actually keep any potential trespassers (such as herself) at bay, of course. Her nose detected the familiar scent of two beings in the house, indicating she could ring the doorbell without awkward silence ensuing. Jogging up the steps of the porch, she reached the front door and rang the bell three times in quick succession. The meetup she had with a friend in the day before hadn't been too pleasing; hopefully this one would end up better.
  15. Invite Adventures of Any Other Kind

    Returning back to campus in the middle of the break hadn't been part of his original, in fact, it'd been by far the largest distance from the intention that had been established that he found himself with far more free time than usual when it came to this part of the school year. Between the talk he held with Meadow and the words of the school's Nurse still racketing around his mind there'd been far more confusion stuffed within the already crowded mind of his. That meant only one thing that he needed to get out of his head and get on the pages and so he brought not just a single sketchpad but about three. Not that he expected to fill all of them in one sitting but each had its own purpose, things that would be incorporated within them as a way to offer himself more perspective about his situation. Which had been: People - Which meant both portraits and crowds, Plants - because there'd been really beautiful magical plants housed on Tallygarunga grounds, and Animals. The last one he felt he didn't explain to himself too much on the reason, there were always animals around and seeing their primal nature reflected on his own might offer far more insight than ignoring it or letting it run rampant. Travis walked over towards the nearest tree and sat under it, the weather had been growing mild which meant that he wouldn't get as many dirty looks for wearing a long-sleeved shirt as he did year round. Whatever that could be done to hide those scars of his? It'd been complimented with a jean jacket being worn as well so it offered up a bit of variety as the weather started to grow far more nicer than beating down a heat of death that made it a bad idea. He places two sketchpads down on to the ground, their covers held stenciled words that marked their usage. With the singular one in his hand reading 'People' on the cover of it as he opened it up and flipped through the various sketches that he'd done so far that were finished first, there were several that needed to be handed to the proper owners. Some were actually colored as well to add a far more warming atmosphere to the drawings other than black and white. "When your own hobby puts you in a worse place. . . That's just great." Spoken softly towards himself as he sighed and shook his head and started to flip towards an unmarked page and folded the pad for a comfortable padding. Then raised his head up to scan the area around him. There seemed to be a few more people than usual staying at the school during the break than going home, even a few that had been playing as a group or others just hanging out with someone. Yet, none of them, seemed to spark the inspiration for him to draw them. Nothing seemed to pop out in an obvious way for him to truly give a proper depiction of the type of people they seemed to be to him.
  16. Somebody Stop The Music

    Dull. That was the one word Chloe had to describe this extravagant event she was forced to attend, at the behest of her mother. Dull. The Sturt felt so out of place in that ball it was ridiculous. Having extricated herself from her date (how on Earth had she even gotten one?), the girl decided to cool off by an open balcony. She just needed a breather. A breather she would never get because a half-Veela decided to enter her immediate vicinity, and with her went Chloe's capacity to think, as usual. She watched as another girl seemed to be taking a break - she knew her from talking a few times before from past circumstances, but nothing beyond that. Most of the time, it was just the fact Chloe's gaze darted to the Bourke involuntarily, much to her chagrin. How she hated that attraction... Taking a deep breath, she attempted to steel her nerves. The bright smile she got on sight made it quite difficult. "Hey, Chloe!" Samantha greeted the Sturt. She was all too aware of what was going on in the older girl's mind; but, for once, it didn't actually bother her. This was because she knew Chloe wouldn't do a thing about it, and she actually looked bothered by the effect the passive charm had on her. "I didn't expect to see you here. You look good!" She complimented the choice of attire - a navy dress that hugged her frame nicely, and displayed the lean musculature of the woman. Even so, it wasn't that revealing. Whoever had picked it for her definitely went for the 'give just enough to want more' look, although it was disturbing to think someone would actually think that fit the girl's vibe. "...Thanks. You too." Awkward as she was, that was one social aptitude she did have. She then stood silently, having no means of pursuing a conversation; the ball was in Samantha's court. It was perhaps for the best, the Bourke was a natural. "Did you come here on your own?" Probably not. The headshake confirmed her suspicion. "Who did you come with?" "A friend of my sister's." He had invited her for some reason. Why hadn't he invited her sister instead? She'd never know. "What about you?" "Tyson McKennis." Chloe's eyes lit up in recognition. Samantha pointed him over in the crowd inside the hall, and waved at him. "He's leaving this year, so I figured I might as well go for a last hurrah, you know? I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to dance with him at a ball like this in my life, so I have to do it tonight." Tyson McKennis. That was an interesting choice - one she herself had considered prior to being asked to the event. Perhaps it was for the best that she didn't go through with it, as it granted Samantha the opportunity to do so. It didn't bother her that much either way; if anything, she just wanted to go back to the dormitories. "I'm assuming you're not going back inside for a while. Mind if I keep you company? It's getting a bit exhausting." Samantha leaned on the balcony. Chloe didn't protest, but she couldn't help but hope Sam's magnetic presence didn't end up attracting her fans to that little spot...
  17. Invite Music is in everything

    After dealing with the usual paper logistics that came along with fully authorizing it to be an official club, he went through the steps of setting up the Musiciary room into a more casual setting. Double checking the different instruments had been donated from various people he'd encountered that had more than enough or even the few that wanted to see something more positive taken placed in the school as a whole. What had been more positive than investing in the refinement that came along with music and what it could pull up? There had been various instruments setup from the ever so loud Drums to the ever elegant Violin, types that could fit various palettes and be tested by those that are still just simply looking to see if they held a bit of the spark. The room's wards for sound had already been pre-checked ahead of time as it was used for the actual class that focused on such efforts. One less thing off of his list to actually worry about to making this experience come together in a nice knitted fashion. They did have Teacher sponsors, two of them in fact but he hadn't been sure if they'd be able to make the First Meeting of the Club. It shouldn't be that big of a deal they were perhaps much more laid back than most club advisors, it wasn't as if they were doing dueling club which meant less likely to be any kind of accident. "Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something. . .?" Alex closed his eyes for a moment and pressed both hands onto his waist in thought while his head inclined slightly. He gave a carefree shrug. "Oh well, if it pops up I can address it pretty easily, I think." For the time being all he could do had been to wait to see if there were any truly dedicated members that would show up, he didn't expect everyone capable of showing up but those that would meant they'd take the steps in the right direction of keeping the club going and interesting. He made his way over towards the piano that had been in the room and sat down on the bench that had been settled close it and began to play it as a way to pass the time, playing the song, 'River Flows in You'.
  18. Invite The Great Escape

    Nervousness welled up in the pit of Meadow's stomach as she geared herself to meeting her (much) older sister for the first time in a few years. Close as they were, their parents disapproved of their connection; exchanges were mostly limited to literal written mail. But that day was different. The Flinders finally had enough courage to step out of her safety bubble and request a meeting, after being prompted by Isolda. The longer she had to wait, the worst she felt, but that was on her for reaching the meeting place a tad too early. As she paced back and forth along the dirt path in front of Tallygarunga as means to distract herself, she couldn't help but wonder: would Isolda even recognize her? For what felt like a lifetime, Meadow had looked like no more than just a kid. Only late in the year prior had puberty hit her like a truck, and Meadow looked much different than the last time they met. It didn't help that the younger of the two wasn't particularly fond of photography and refused to put any pictures of herself on QuillBook whatsoever. As she walked back and forth, she couldn't keep her eyes from scanning every nook and cranny of her surroundings, as if expecting her parents or their minions to jump out and reveal her transgression. 'Calm down, girl, you'll get Apparated out of here in no time...'
  19. Invite Art of the Entrance

    It could be that she misread things. It could be that Travis was just joking. But Meadow didn't like that sort of passive aggression at all, especially in an issue so near and dear to her heart. The fact she could not spend as much time as she wished to with Travis (and most of her friends) due to a situation far beyond her control was something that gave her a lot of grief; to have her friends potentially be hurt over it was absolutely unacceptable. It was no longer a matter of whether she was brave enough to face the facts or not. If she read things correctly, Travis was hurt. As such, she had to make things right. "It's me! Open the door." The Flinders knocked on the boy's dorm room door, not caring for the glances she got as she uncharacteristically barged into the Bourke Common Room. Rumors didn't really matter at the moment, all that did was putting that pain to a full stop.
  20. Better Sorry Than Safe

    "Don't even think about it. I'm positive it's jinxed." Rachel looked up from the mistifying punch bowl - how stereotypical was that for a ball? - upon a familiar voice reaching her ears. Her gaze landed on Lisa Knotley, an acquaintance whom had just made herself comfortable by leaning back against the table that thing was resting on, arms crossed under her chest, and visibly surveying the area with little interest. Was the ball too boring an event for her? 'For someone who went outta their way to dress like that, ya'd think they'd be the life 'o the party.' "Jinxed? Huh." Did Tallygarunga have some sort of past with spiked punches? "Yes. I don't know if it's the bowl or the liquid itself, but if you want to start off the year without having detention for half of it, I'd suggest you leave it alone. It sucks --trust me, I know-- but it is what it is. There are always better ways to... influence, teenage minds anyway." The blonde suggested. A spell here and there would cause a bit of much needed chaos in that otherwise boring party. That, and, she'd be able to fully get rid of her handsy date. "Fine then." Letting go of her nefarious plan (for the time being), Rachel turned around and leaned back against the table as well. "No counter-curse or anything?" "I can't counter-curse a spell when I don't know which it is. I could find out, but that always takes a while. By then everyone will be back at the dorms." Bummer. "There are easier ways to meddle with the event that don't need alcohol anyway." "You got any ideas?" Rachel's fingertips tapped the underside of the table in a rhythm as she rested against it. Magic could be a hell of a trip, but they needed to be smart about it so not to get caught. "Get back to me later on that one. This party is so dull that it managed to slow my brain somewhat. I have to think on it."
  21. Invite How dreary to be somebody

    Imogen was walking into town, deciding not to waste a good day with apparition. The sun was a siren to her, calling her out to enjoy it while she could. Since she'd moved in the middle of the school year, she'd now go without a summer, and going from winter to fall and winter again was nearly a tragedy to her. Still, here she was truly living for herself, rather than according to her mother's wishes. Hence the move, and now, the decorating of her Astronomy tower for class. I could have just ordered from a catalog and picked up my things, she mused fifteen minutes into her travels. However, she knew she would rather take the time , enjoy the open air, and look in both the muggle and magical markets for items to assist with the theoretical part of her class. It would also give her a chance to find more out about the town she now lived near, as well as potentially some of the more troublesome students she may encounter, since she was more nervous about teaching her first class than she would ever admit to. So she walked, straw hat upon her head, which she imagined looked quite silly, but she'd heard horror stories on the way from Melbourne about new people and their skin burning from the sun. So she'd bought the hat, which had quite a wide brim to shield her shoulders as well. It wasn't that she was vain; it was simply sun blisters sounded terrible, and usually the potions to remedy any situation usually tasted worse than the blisters felt. Imogen began humming as she walked, a simple drinking song she'd heard before she'd left Ireland. It amused her as she passed the time, being a drinking song sung by a woman who didn't often drink. "Rolled him up in a nice clean sheet,and laid him out upon the bed; a gallon of whiskey at his feet- a barrel of porter at his head..." She began singing it, an amused tone to her voice as she moved along the trail between the school and Narragyambie. But despite her efforts to remain on the road and therefore on time with her mental to do list, she'd gotten distracted by something fluttering in her peripheral. The woman became curious, tried to follow it until it suddenly disappeared, and now she was lost. Imogen hadn't the faintest idea how it was possible to be lost with simple directions as she'd memorized before her venture, but she'd managed all the same. Looking around, she rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed, mumbling under her breath. "I can't even get supplies without this happening." Everything looked quite the same to Imogen, dirt and brush and trees. Becoming increasingly frustrated, she let out a deep breath through her nose, and tried not to rub at the contacts in her eyes.
  22. On the way Out

    Tyson didn't want to give the whole 'Ball' thing an actual chance, if he'd made the choice himself without any form of sway it'd probably be spent in his room or trying to find a way off of campus to spend it in another way. He coughed roughly while a finger slide along the collar of his button-up shirt while he loosened the grip it held at his throat. Wearing a jacket with his assembled had been out of the question, that just would have been too much for him to want to deal with. Instead he decided to skirt around the 'Formal' by wearing deep purple vest over a crisp and white button-up shirt. The black slacks had been the obvious choice given that it had been the only thing he could get on such short notice. This would be the last time he'd have any form of party in the halls of Tallygarunga, when the next year would come he'd already be moved on out, graduated and starting a much more adult life. At least a step towards that direction, he wasn't out of that bracket just yet but in due time he would be. As he walked further into the hall his eyes lifted up to first spot the twinkling of the spheres that sat as if to showcase their gleam in the center of the massive room. It had nearly reminded him of the party that happened earlier in the year, of course, he skipped out on that for many reasons. Maybe he did owe the school one final showing for that ditch effort? There were still people coming in, some with dates and others in the similar situation as him, going stag. "Can't believe I let her talk me into actually showin' up." He remarked towards himself and posted up at one of the table to grab himself a fizzy refreshment. Something that could ease the dryness within his throat and simultaneously ease the bubbling nervousness that took place in the pit of his stomach. He'd never been comfortable with handling that feeling, when it should have been an issue it never was, only when he didn't fully want to commit to an idea. An idea like showing up to a ball for a promised dance. He could stay long enough until that dance, right? Afterwards no one could blame him for leaving right after that if he needed to do that. In the mean time he just turned his sights on the various decorations, the attempt that had been made for the sake of the Students and Staff alike. He still stood by the premise the Elemental Magic Professor had been a certifiable loon, but at least the work put into the event looked as if it would seemingly payoff.
  23. Invite It is not the first time, or the second, that your veins have appeased my thirst

    Night had well and truly fallen. The heat was excrutiating, and for Vladimir and his dhampiric nature he kept himself inside during the daylight hours as much as possible. The sun was no good to his skin, and when he was out and about, his blood had much work to do in order to keep himself in shape, and at full strength. It was taxing, and as Vladimir lay in bed that night, he could feel his thirst rising. He shut his eyes, attempting to blot out anything else from his senses, but all that served was to augment the hunger within him. Warm, sweet, energized blood. He ran his tongue over his fangs, taking a deep breath in, then out. Sitting up in bed, he knew he would not sleep this night. The heat and his thirst were too much for his mind and body to handle. Vladimir began to pace his room, glancing at his cello before he shook that idea from his mind. No, it was not the time for such - he did not want to alert the other denizens of the home to his presence, to his state of being right now. He let his hands comb through his hair, hold the side of his temples as he grit his teeth. He was stronger than his urges, of course, but that did not mean they were easy for him to fight off. He needed fresh blood, and he needed it soon. Putting on a robe to cover the boxers he wore, Vladimir tied the belt and escaped the four walls of his room that seemingly mocked him for his thirst. A true monster, wanting the taste of human sustenance, but he couldn't help himself. Still, he knew what he needed to do, who he needed to see, if she were awake and would have his company. She had made him promise to seek her out if he needed her help in this way, and he was ready to put himself in her hands. He trusted her. He bloody well loved her at this point, though he had yet to speak such words aloud. Approaching Améa's door, Vladimir gently knocked, and then spoke quietly, "Améa... may I see you, please?" And then, because it was the safer option, he called out through their telepathy, I need your help.
  24. Invite Hunger

    Evelyn had taken her sweet time showing Andrea around that morning, as well as grilling her with all manner of teases, as was customary of her. She introduced her to places that could be of use, people that she could befriend, among other things; but it was time to the main event. Uncharacteristically enough, she took the long way around to McEwen Lane, wanting to milk every second of torture. Eventually they reached the McCarthy manor, her place of residence, standing tall within the affluent neighborhood. The sun being high above their heads indicated it was roughly noon. A good thing, as she was getting rather hungry. "Here we are." She declared as they walked past the gates. There was no staff in sight, and nobody at all came to greet them - Alyona was at school, and her husband at work. It all worked out for the best. She slowly made her way up to the front porch, unlocking the door to the house and motioning the woman in. "By all means, make yourself at home, dear."
  25. Invite What Hides in the Shadows Part 2

    Senan Connell
    ( Part 1: What Hides in the Shadows ) The two teens had arrived at the School, Senan had to admit that the use of the Bush Telegraph to get most of the way there had been disorienting and mostly because of the experience they'd just held. Battle had always been a weary ordeal and the adrenaline of it had started to recede from him a lot later. It'd been a stealth operation, get in and get out, luckily he'd already preplanned for the necessity to get back onto the school ground as he reached into his pocket and removed what seemed to be a silver ring that he slipped onto a finger to the hand that still had Maxine's held. This sparked an enchantment on the object which started to cast an illusory effect around the both of them by use of Fae crafters, they would be unseen for only a limited time which meant they needed to move to their destination quickly. He estimated that they had enough time, but he preferred not to take the chance and kept the original pace of speed up as he lead the way towards the West Wall and then traversed closely along it towards the F3 building. While approaching the structure his pace finally slowed down and shifted to gentle steps then approached the siding of it, a brief lean and gaze through the window to check if there had been any others inside making use of it for their 'Recreational' activities. It seemed they were in the clear on that front but it also seemed that some couple had made use of it not long ago with the way certain desks were adjusted and articles of clothing that had been left behind. A soft sigh escaped his lips, they were going to have to stand to avoid touching anything that might gross them out. Moving towards the door of the building he pressed his hand against the handle of it and turned it to push it open then passed through lightly guiding Max inside with him and then shutting the door tightly. As he released her hand the illusions that had been stitched around her would fall away and then he'd remove the ring allowing for the same to occur and pocketed the jewelry. "Artefacts, Always a good thing to have even though many Wizard's don't carry them around." Granted they didn't actually need to unless there'd been a legitimate reason other than research and testing. Senan reached to his side and removed his wand and gave a gentle wave of it several times as he started to press a spell on the door to make it heavy to avoid someone suddenly barging in and the walls to reduce the chance of sound by passing them. Things needed to be kept secret and it had already been bad that he had to break it in order to appraise Maxine of the situation she rolled herself into. The windows he simply just pulled the dusty curtains over them, if anyone from the outside didn't see movement they may not think twice about it unless they've constantly looked towards the building each patrol with detail. "There, we should have some privacy at least for a bit longer."
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