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Found 85 results

  1. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  2. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Ash was damn pleased that the average Wizard and witch considered Muggle ways of hiding things were beneath them, especially when it came to hiding money. He was always pleased about this but right then as he pushed his way into a small dirty pub in Melbourne he was damn near ecstatic about it. The DWP had access to most of the money he had made during his very active criminal career and as far as they were aware that was all the money he had possessed. They hadn’t learnt of that offshore Muggle account that he had for, well, financial security. He’d managed to get some money transferred into one of his other muggle accounts – that was conveniently under another name and then withdrew the maximum amount he could. That amount had managed to get him a rather decent room in a muggle hotel and enough that he could spend the night doing what the British were often considered as doing best. Pissing it up against the wall, he had never been someone who drank too the point of intoxication. That, however, was his single minded goal of that evening. Get absolutely pissed and end up shagging some faceless woman, or man, he wasn’t really in a picky mood. Hell, if he got really pissed he’d find a club and dance the night away in a dangerously intoxicated state. He might even feel like he was sixteen again if he did that. It was a thought like that made him wish he could turn back to time, go find his sixteen year old self and tell him a few things about the future. Sadly, it probably wouldn’t be advice like ‘stay on the straight and narrow kid’. This is really what his sixteen year old self should really have been advised to do. No, he would probably tell his sixteen year old self to be more selfish, more amoral and avoid blonde women from Europe. The fact was though, that he couldn’t go back in time and change the path his life had taken. He just had to deal with his own stupid choices, his own damn inconvenient emotions and well...drink. On entering the small bar that desperately cried out for a good cleaning spell, he spied a karaoke machine and knew that he’d end up there somewhere during the night. Karaoke was always fun when completely off ones face. But that was a drunken mistake he would make when drunk. Shrugging off the leather jacket her wore and folding it over his left arm, right hand quickly checking he knew where his wand was then moving to his money heavy wallet as he strolled over to the bar, stopping at one of the stools and giving it a quick brush off with his hand. He was planning to get drunk and make a fool of himself, yes, but that did not include thick dust covering the ass of his trousers. Once he’d decided that he wouldn’t leave a perfect ass print on the stool the wizard sat and caught the tender’s eye. “Double whiskey.” He said “Actually, leave the bottle.”
  3. Invite Break A Sweat

    As with every other time as of late that Chloe had gone to train in her mother's dojo, she was practically kicked out of the building as soon as practice (and changing, thank goodness) was over. She could tell it was one of her efforts to make the teenager more social than she was - if she were to get to the dormitories much earlier, she'd have more time to socialize with fellow Sturts and even her roommate before lights out. She didn't particularly concern herself with this that much, however, walking at a leisure pace up the Tallygarunga Road. There were still a few kilometers left in her path, but she was sure she could make it back to the campus proper before curfew. Good exercise until then anyway. She briefly wondered if she should go eat something before the long path, or eat at school and spend her detour time at the local hobby shop. Once remembering her birthday was soon and her father's tradition was to shower her with supplies, however, she opted for the former. Would most likely be a healthier option regardless. Entering a nondescript Muggle café just around a corner, she ordered an orange smoothie and a small blueberry muffin. After leaving a small tip and retrieving the little bread treat, she decided to sit at a corner booth by the window of the establishment so to wait for her smoothie to be prepared. The place seemed somewhat empty. Was it new? She hadn't seen it before, as her usual go to was near the hospital. Speaking of which, she started wondering if her father would be upset over her bringing business to their direct competition...
  4. Invite Something Happened

    Améa sat bolt-upright in bed, a hand clutched at her chest. The jolt of pain had been sudden, complete, a piercing of the soul that took the breath from her lungs in an instant. She swung her legs out of bed, jumping down to the floor before she could even fully recover. The worst had come and gone, but left a trail of agony to its distant source. Something had happened. Awkward, uneven footsteps clattered down the hall as she raced without her usual grace down to the far bedroom. There was so little she could do, and yet she still felt it all. How was this fair? What use was there in being the watcher, the keeper, if she could not act? But even were she not forcibly limited, this was difficult in and of itself. She had not the relationship to confront this agony, but she knew who did. "Mr Stuart!" she shouted, banging with both hands flat on his bedroom door. "Mr Stuart!" Without ceremony, she slammed the door open, not caring if the house heard the bang or herself as she sprinted to the side of his bed. In her panic, she noticed not whether he was awake, pushing roughly at his shoulder in her effort to rouse him. "Mr Stuart! Mr---Father! I am need you, mamiere is need you!" she said, words tripping over themselves in her haste to speak. The sharpness of Adele's sudden pain still echoed in her heart, twisting uncomfortably with each passing second. Améa had felt this before, but nowhere near so intense. She continued to push at Stuart's shoulder, so desperate in her effort to wake him she didn't realise if he already was. "Please. Nothing is I am can do, she is pain. You is help? Please you is help."
  5. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Ashkar Gastrell
    Sitting in the living room of the house in share with more than three females, if he included the two young cats it came to a total of five females. He sat in the most comfortable of the armchairs, the one that was more than slightly frayed, the one that the two felines had decided was their own personal scratching post, he had one leg bent resting his heel against the base of the seat cushion, his wand hanging limply between the fingers of the hand that attached to the wrist that belonged to the arm he had resting on top of his bent knee. An untouched glass of whiskey lay too his left, a very much touched bottle of whiskey making sure the glass wasn’t lonely. Recent events had led Ash, a man who only really drank for pleasure of an evening when he was strumming on his guitar or planning some criminal activity, to take up the hobby of day drinking and not as a way to relax but as a way to push away thoughts that were, in his own opinion, a taboo. His dark eyes traveled down to his wand and he fully contemplated the repercussions of what he was considering doing. The sad but true fact was that he wouldn’t miss his wand that much, for many wizards is was a vital part of their existence, another limb or a important life sustaining organ such a start. Ash viewed it as something akin to the appendix. After all, he could do most magic without the damn thing. He could manage most of the more complicated spells without a wand as a conduit. It was only things like the killing curse that needed that extra power boost from a wand to do and there were many more creative ways one could kill someone if they should desired too. Accio, was another spell that really needed a wand to do, but, he also viewed that as a spell for lazy bastards. If you wanted something that badly his opinion had always been get off your own fat ass and go get it. No, he wouldn’t miss his wand that much. One of the things he would miss sauntered across his eye line, quickly followed by the other. It was the cats, he’d bought them as kittens four months prior for the girls to have something to coo over. He’d been under the impression that the pirate resembling kitten had been a boy, but, a trip to a vet had squashed that notion. Pirate cat was actually a girl. He watched the two bundles for a moment, before finally turning too his untouched whiskey and knocking it back in one go, then refilling the glass. He knew Elektra would be back soon from where ever she’d gone too and then he would tell her about the decision he had made.
  6. Invite The Drop

    Alan Burdett
    There was no such thing as a sleep-in in the Burdett house. Alan was habitually an early-riser, and so too were the children. As Audrey got closer and closer to her due date, the family had also started pitching in more---Tavi had spent the night with her grandparents on a special sleepover, while Cam and Sarah had gone across the property early to help Steve and Baz with chores for the morning. This was all designed so that Alan and Audrey could have a little alone time together before the baby arrived, but relaxation was not something that he nor Audrey did well. They were both chronic nesters, and so the house had been turned around and perfected ready for the new arrival. And Alan was admiring his latest work, a change table he'd built himself without any use of magic, while eating second breakfast. He'd come a long way with his carpentry over the years. It was proving to be a more practical, and less destructive, hobby than his potion experiments that routinely destroyed his makeshift lab in the back paddock. No, this was actually useable. It even looked decent. Some might even say it was good. He had it set up in the kitchen, ready to surprise Audrey. They hadn't heard from Rachel since her late night visit, though a set of signed divorce papers had found their way to the lawyers. Alan hadn't expected the official dissolution of his marriage to be such a weight off his shoulders, and yet it was. No longer legally tied to Rachel, the future was theirs for the taking. Everything seemed to have fallen nicely into place, his life back on track, albeit many years after he'd hoped. You couldn't take back that time though, only make the most of what came next. His eye caught movement through the screen door, figures advancing down the long drive. Squinting, Alan picked up his gigantic bowl of cereal, carrying it with him to the porch as he tried to identify the group. Stuart was one, and the woman looked like Del---but not like her. He frowned. Did Stu have a new girlfriend he hadn't told anyone about? Why the heck would anyone date Adele's stunt double? Alan shrugged to himself. He'd find out soon enough. "Ey, Auds," he called back into the house. "Stu's bringin' us visitors."
  7. Invite A Stroll Through Bushes

    It was an early Sunday morning in Australia. The sun peeked down onto the Earth's surface past the few clouds that bothered trying to shroud it - the blistering heat was making itself known through the quiet Spring day, letting everyone know Summer was just around the corner. It served as a good warning for one Chloe Stewart, certainly, as she didn't bother to dress in her school uniform that day, nor take a jacket along - linen pants, sleeveless shirts and sandals were the way to go. Outside of a mostly empty small messenger bag, she didn't seem to carry much on her either. All she aimed to do that day was to walk home, sit at her workstation, and airbrush her figures until sundown. As she left the campus, her phone buzzed and she retrieved it from her rather large pants' pocket. It was a newsletter report of a couple brand new master grade kit reveals from across the pond, and her eyes found themselves glued to the small screen. Her pace slowed but she didn't bother looking where she was going that much as the images of assembled kits revealed themselves, and she could feel her inner child be overwhelmed with glee at the potential new toys. She wondered if she could pre-order them; regardless, the seemed to be announced to come out just before the end of the year. Maybe she could grab them on site during the break trip? Provided her parents didn't object to the detour too much, of course. It took her a few minutes to unglue her gaze from the screen - and when she did, she realized she wasn't entirely aware of where she was. "Hm?" She clicked the button on the side of the screen, shutting it down, and pocketed the device. Looking around, she realized she was still in Tallygarunga's immediate vicinity; albeit in a quite green portion of it, as if in a pronounced rift from the main road. "At least I'm not too lost..." She mumbled to herself in her native language. She felt relatively safe despite detour, and didn't think she'd turn into chyme anytime soon. As she looked around she noticed a little pathway that was more colorful than the rest of the surroundings, covered with snapdragons that really drew in attention; and it seemed to lead into a fenced cottage that looked like a Herbologist's paradise. Curiosity took precedence and her feet found themselves drawn to it, and as she got closer, she managed to make out a warning sign sitting on the fence protecting that lodging. 'DO NOT ENTER -- CARNIVOROUS PLANTS' Any person with half an ounce of self preservation would take a hint, turn tail and leave; Chloe, however, wasn't such a person. Instead her curiosity enlarged. Good thing she was minimally careful - it wasn't her first rodeo with plants of the sort, and she was aware of safety distances. Standing just inside of that memorized 'safety zone', the Sturt peered at the greenery in hopes of seeing a thing or two whose existence she was unaware of. Her concentration was such that she would be entirely oblivious to any immediate approach, or someone watching her from a distance.
  8. Invite Torch The Moon

    Safely deposited in her bed, Améa found that even her intense exhaustion would not allow her to sleep. They had tried to be quiet on their way in, to not wake the other occupants of the house (though both Mea and Stu were certain that they were awake anyway, it still didn't seem polite to rouse them fully at this hour), finding Lauren a spare bed before heading off to grab what few hours of sleep remained before morning. Tomorrow would be difficult, and Améa didn't envy Stuart's task. It was difficult enough to comprehend that Lauren was alive knowing the curious nature of their family, Lauren's father would be blindsided by this news. It would be good for the girl, she hoped. There was a clear need for a stable life, and while Améa wasn't an massive fan of Alan even she could admit that he was reliable in that sense. She lay in her bed, waiting for sleep to come. How could she possibly be this tired, and still unable to rest? The events of the night had left her thinking, worried for what would come next. Améa chewed the inside of her lip, shifting restlessly. The darkness seemed so much more complete tonight. Sollozzo had made his move, and it would not end here. They were fools to think that it had been over. Quietly she sat up, and listened to the still of the house. Every small sound made her twitch, fed into the growing paranoia that Sollozzo would come here. That he would do something to harm Stuart or Mary. Or the animals. A lump grew in her throat, and she found herself on her feet. Awkward in a body she was no longer used to, she clicked the door open and padded past Lauren's sleeping form, down the hall to another door. Both hands and a cheek pressed to the solid wood, she knocked as quietly as she could. "Vladimir," she whispered. "Are you waking? Is it allowed that I come in?"
  9. Invite Not A Little Girl Anymore

    As Lillian returned them home, Jezebel gave the older woman a kiss on the cheek and thanked her softly. She'd expended much of her own energy, and it hadn't gone unnoticed. Then Lillian vanished and the mother and daughter were left inside the quite house, Jez pulling Lorelei in for another tight hug, simply glad to have her baby girl back, even if she wasn't exactly a baby anymore, and was apparently much more than she'd been before - from what she could tell would be much more than Jez or Adele or Mea in the years to come. She was still unsure how all this was going to pan out over time, but she would do her best to help Lei cope with this extra she had within herself. Of course, the house wasn't quiet for very long. The woman knew that the other girls would have been aware as soon as she and Lorelei arrived, and she could already hear the triplets yelling their sister's name as though they'd woken the moment they felt Lorelei's presence. Which was probably exactly the case. Whether Viktor was asleep or not, she knew that he wouldn't be far behind the children. Still, she wanted to hold Lei just a little longer. "Mamiere, you're going to make everyone fight to cuddle me," Lorelei huffed softly, though it only caused the both of them to chuckle quietly as they waited to be met by the rest of the tribe now that the triplets' yelling could have woken up the entire neighbourhood. Even the cats had come to say hello, circling around their ankles. "Lillian said rest," Jez mumbled against Lei's hair, "But I doubt we'll be able to until I've told your father about what happened tonight."
  10. Invite Let's have a chat

    Viktoriya was on a mission. “I swear to God, Jamie, you better have a good reason for all of this,” she murmured as she left her house that morning and made the trek to Jamie and Alex’s apartment. Macho ladies’ and merch man Jamie was too weird. Of course Viktoriya knew that the whole PR thing was necessary, but this... this was too much. He couldn’t possibly want this, in Viktoriya’s estimation. There was no way. And the little dhampiressa was going to get answers outta him, oh yes. She’d tap into her retrocognition if she had to - granted she didn’t really want to have to invade his personal and private memories like that if she could help it. Something just wasn’t right though, and she needed to know. She had time now. She had a little time before her practicals began at uni, and she hadn’t yet been called to winter practice in Romania with the team. Now was the perfect opportunity. Alex wouldn’t be home, but Jamie would, and this would give her ample opportunity to engage her friend in a deep discussion. By the time she got to the door, there was a small frown etched onto her face where there was usually a ready and fanged smile. Knocking on the door, she waited for it to open up, looking up in the meantime, arms soon crossed over her chest. When the door did open, she said abruptly, “Jamie. You and I gotta talk.”
  11. Invite Surprise Visits

    Another evening to relax as his classes weren't on the schedule today. This left Cole with the fun of choosing what he'd wanted to do for the day and what better way to spend a day of relaxation than hanging out at home for a bit of rest? While part of him wanted to head out and see what the others had been up to, he opted that they probably were busy anyways. It was probably a better call to stay home so that he wouldn't tire himself out too much either with Exam's right on his horizon, he'd been more than caught up with the material and even got in a few practiced sessions with the current exam focus, Charms. It felt like child's play with him as he took to that particular school of magic easily. But getting complacent is often how a person messed up and that was a risk he couldn't afford getting this far in his student career. He grabbed hold of his phone to check for any missed calls or messages. It didn't seem anyone contacted him and no sudden gigs that popped up that needed someone underground to perform, which meant true freedom to sit back. Cole made his way towards the living room and sat down, mostly in just a T-Shirt and briefs. The remote wielded loosely in his hand as he flicked through the channels. "Nothing good on. . . Figures! The one time I have a day off." A sigh exhausted from him as he tossed the control onto an empty cushion on the couch. An old show had been on the tube, 'Hercules: The Legendary Journey's.'. At least it had some action and pretty hilarious moments. Eyes drifted towards the short collection of movies that stacked nearby as the thought pressed into his mind to put it in. But did he really feel like getting up after feeling semi-comfortable?
  12. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    Alexander Winfield
    Every now and then Alexander found himself within the Library that didn't entirely focus on the need for studying. Considering his recently established familial tie with the Librarian he found that it was almost always for personal reasons that he visited that particular part of the school. Even more so to step into the lair and try to act as if she was as grouchy as she'd often appear to be towards others. Woe on him if he ever let it slip that the woman had a fierce caring side that could rival the rumors that spread across Tallygarunga about her sharp gaze, quick witted tongue, and the occasional drinking habit. The other reason had been that he needed his eventual 'pick-me up' dose as his body had been feeling the aches, pains, and usual withdrawal that came about from the internal magic being drained out of him bit by bit. This left him looking a bit healthier and less pale than he'd recently been even with his attempt to try and hide that kind of particular fact. As he exited the background his hands grasped at a set of books that had lingered on the counter top of the librarian's booth. Then a gentle walk towards an empty table where he'd place the books down on top of it and slip his shoulder bag just across the top of the chair as a way to claim it for his temporary seat. Written on the face of the book had been 'Alchemy: Tinctures, Elixirs, and Oddities'. He needed to brush up just a bit more on his knowledge of the various effects of medicinal mixtures that could assist with the body and those that are often claimed to be a physical and spiritual 'renewal'. This particular angle had been more of a personal interest to him rather than just a simple curiosity for the sake of knowledge. Alex started to sit down as the tip of his fingers slide along the mouth of the book and opened it up with a smooth motion, pages began to be turned until he had gotten a few sheets into it and pulled out a notebook and pen. The notebook had already been prepared and opened as if to always be ready for a quick note or idea that may pop into consideration. "Now let's see how far I can get today. . ."
  13. Enjoying that bit of time

    Miracles - they happened everyday and in many cases in ways you wouldn't even expect it. He hadn't met the 'Man of the Hour' but there had been bits of information here and there which had only been due to whatever would slip out from the young man who had been dedicated time and energy to finding a cure. Whatever the true cause of the cure had been alluded Alexander and truthfully it was that perplexing state of affairs that had him sitting at the bar counter with a mocktail in hand, deciding to eschew from an actual drink. His hair had been pulled back into a pony tail, a somewhat formal white button up shirt with tan slacks were worn. That was, after all, the best he could do considering his time and energy had been focused towards other areas that were much more important for him than being fully dressed up. With a drink in hand he leaned against the counter and exhausted a brief and tired sigh. "Who would have thought a celebration like this would actually manage to take a bit out of me." It was lightly spoken, mostly intended for himself at the disbelief of it. Typically, he was a social butterfly, yet, today was different as it had been the last few days. While people were celebrating the continuation of life the knowledge of potential death stalked the back of his mind no matter the amount of effort that he had put into trying to redirect it. The people he still had to meet and talk with, the amount of preparation that still needed to be done for others to get ready to cope with the inevitable. "Maybe. . . I should get an -actual- cocktail. . .? Nah. Getting plastered probably isn't the best choice in any situation." A light chuckle pressed outwards as his eyes shifted to gaze at the cobalt blue acoustic guitar that leaned against the lower wall of the bar, then the gaze traced towards the stage then back towards the instrument. "To play for the crowds or not to play for the crowds - the ever lasting question of a musician on break." He hadn't been paying too much attention to the surroundings, the place was packed and there had been an equal chance that he would run into someone he knew or a new face to him entirely.
  14. Invite An Uncomplicated Life

    Alan Burdett
    It was a little after midnight, and Alan couldn't sleep. He'd managed a little earlier in the night, an hour--maybe more--dreaming that he was teaching Lauren to ride a quad bike. Silly girl just refused to wear a helmet, because it would trap her hair. Waking up to reality tore him apart as it always did after those dreams, and left him restless. Not wanting to disturb Audrey, Alan stopped by the fridge to grab a beer before heading outside to sit on the porch. Max the ever-loyal corgi, looked up in surprise as Alan closed the screen door gently as he could. "Easy, old boy," Alan murmured, but the elderly dog pushed himself up in spite of his arthritis and hobbled over to sit at Alan's feet all the same. "Gunna have to get you a skateboard or something soon, eh? Help you get around?" Alan knew it was silly, and he knew that for a long time, every day he had with Max was an unexpected gift. He couldn't imagine it, though. Coming out here to see the old boy's bed empty. The very thought put a twist in his chest. Alan opened the stubbie, tossing the bottle cap into a nearby bin, and pouring a small puddle on the ground next to Max. It was bad form to come out to have a beer, and not share. Sinking back in his seat, he watched Max lick up the beer puddle, and drank his own in quiet contemplation. The sadness of the dream was still heavy in his heart, but it was the only real sadness he had these days. It was a sadness he would always carry with him, no matter how perfect life might become. Here he was, ten years later. He couldn't complain. Three perfect kids, another on the way, and Audrey in his life. Aside from the impossible wish that Lauren could be here too, he was content.
  15. Invite A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    Caitlin Sullivan
    The call from the Auror department had been unexpected, given that she had heard nothing from them since the move to Australia. Certainly, Caitlin had offered to assist should her expertise be needed, but she had come to think that finally she'd found some kind of peace and escape from the world of crime, murder and horror. It seemed not to be the case, as the call had proven. The murder of a local Narragyambie man, whose family had been threatened before by a murderer and criminal whose list of crimes and ability to escape the law meant that even she had heard of him and followed the various cases surrounding him for a time. Cate had not thought that she would be called in to find out if he was involved in something here in Australia though. It was a dangerous territory, but she knew confirmation was needed, that it could prove the difference between more people being hurt or not. Still, it had unnerved her, and so the woman had traveled across town to a place where she would feel safer. She used a key given to her some time ago to enter the house, and moved straight to the alcohol cabinet, pouring herself a glass of scotch and taking a sip before sighing as she realised Dylan wasn't home right now. To that end, she simply sat down on the sofa and put some music on, soon enough lying down and drifting off.
  16. Invite Do what's good

    She wouldn't describe herself as popular, or even someone who was a social butterfly, but Siwans habit of observing meant that she saw quite a bit, knew a lot of people if not by name, then by face. Oh and the things that she figured out because she remained quiet and absorbed in her own work. For a while now, she had noticed one of her housemates had seemed down. His habits of intense study and research had dropped off. brought on by something obviously, but she wasn't gonna pry. Instead, she had heard about some summer internships at the hospital where her father worked. Siwan wasn't quite ready to commit to that, let alone tell her dad that she was indeed going to pursue the medical field. So she brought the information packet that he had in his office back to school with her and carried it around waiting for a good opportunity to slide it to him. A break between classes seemed to present that opportunity as she sat down across form him at the same table.
  17. Invite Both Sides Now

    Ash had only come to Australia for the same reason he had taken a teaching job at this school, he’d been told too. The DWP were not used to being told no when they scooped you out of a lengthy time in prison and set you about working for them. So, though he had resisted at first, he came to Australia and took up the post of teacher, teaching health and healing to a bunch of young Australian witches and wizards. He argued that he would have been better at Magical Theory but, no, the idiots that were the international wizarding police wanted him teaching a more hands on subject. It really didn’t need to be said that he was the worst teacher any school had ever seen. He openly told his students that if they didn’t want to learn that sitting there and doing whatever the hell they wanted were fine with him. Hell he’d brought food and drink into the first glass because that at least would stop the kids from bothering him too much. Sadly that class had brought him a new problem, one he refused to acknowledge when taking the class and that was a young girl who he considered his niece, the daughter of his closest friend during his Hogwarts years. The daughter of the wizard who was almost is opposite in every way two people could be different. He hadn’t seen either of them for years and so too see Siwan sitting in his classroom had been a shaking he did not need. However, life was never something that allowed you to deal with one situation at a time. Just as he was finding away too deal with Siwan head on when the attack happened, leading to Elektra almost being killed and him causing some rather serious injuries to her attackers. That event naturally had a knock on effect for everything the pair had been doing. One of the effects was that she was removed from teaching and was now working at something in the schools offices. A job much better suited for his lack of interest in everything that was going on around him. He occasionally dealt with complaints, sorted out kids rotas and fields questions from over concerned parents and even was dealing with one student who was transferring over from one of the snobby girls school, Penbush or whatever it was called. The thought of Siwan and the clash of something from his past with his present were furthest from his mind at that moment as she scanned through the paper work for the transfer, trying desperately to fight the urge to correct some of the spelling and grammar filled out. A cup of coffee steaming happily next to him.
  18. if i tell myself

    Going to the party was something he thought for a long time about. He was not sure if he should go to the celebration. It seemed not that long ago, the mans wife was in his room talking about wanting him. Boaz shouldn’t have stopped her. Then again, given how things turned out- maybe it was better that he did stop himself. He was not dirty little secret, and he didn’t have to feel like a louse about lusting after someone’s wife. Well- he still felt like a louse, but he had at least not acted upon it. That was a good thing. At least for his peace of mind anyway. He also wondered if he should feel bad about feel disappointed the man woke up. He was happy for Kate, she loved the man, there was not too much he could fault her for. Boaz wanted to feel a little slighted but it was not for him to feel anything. He had no claim to the woman. He wondered if she even liked him, or if she was simply just entertaining herself out of boredom. When he looked at himself she was way out of his league. However, he still cared about her, he was still happy her husband was back and he was here to support his student and his friend while they rejoiced in having their father back. He smiled as he passed a familiar face, though they were engaged in conversation so he didn’t stop to talk to them. Looking around he decided he needed a bit of something to drink. It would be enough to get him through the night. He would show his face a bit, maybe see Kate, maybe not. He would figure it out as he got a better feel for the night. Ordering a beer he looked around. ”Not a bad turn out for the night.” he commented with a smile
  19. Cleaning up

    Luka stood there silently for a moment, looking out the door both ways and nodding. He was going to be judged so hard should anyone find out what he was about to do. Taking his place at the front of the class he grabbed his stereo and put in his favorite cd, the Fantasia Sound Track, now was time to do one of his favorite cleaning past times. The moment the song started up his hands were raised, brooms flew from cupboards and seemed to dance about, sweeping in time to the music. This was a guilty pleasure of Luka's cleaning to Fantasia, it gave him a chance to recreate one of his favorite scenes in the movie, his favorite movie...honestly, one of only a handful of movies he's seen. He danced about, directing the brooms with flourishes of his hands, humming to the music, the man oblivious to the world around him. He knew it was dangerous to do it in school but this one time, the only time he's done it here, should be safe he rationalized. Hoping beyond hope in the back of his mind that no one walked in he kept cleaning, getting mops and buckets out now.
  20. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    The last few weeks had been... odd. Aiden couldn't even process what had happened at the Unwedding, it had all been so surreal. Even if he could have explained it, he'd been quite severely warned by Adele not to breathe a word of anything he'd seen until he was explicitly given permission to do so. All that was really known was that Lorelei was... not okay. And his own connection to her? He still hadn't told anyone about that. Was there a point? She was probably gone forever. He'd lost all the wheels off his wagon now, and he felt lost. Adam and Cass had noticed that things were off, questioned him about it several times---but all Aiden had managed to do was snap and walk away. He just couldn't explain. If he told them he was bummed about Lorelei's situation, they would want to know more. How did he know her? When had he become attached to a child like that? He lay on the grass, staring up at the sky. He was dreaming about her too. Lorelei and his mother, but pleasant dreams. He slept well, in spite of his worry and underlying anger. Aiden had brought a textbook with him, but he didn't feel like studying. He just... wanted to lie here. And be angry. Or sad. Or both.
  21. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic Eron
    Alic was in a truly horrible mood. He was, to be frank, out for blood. At first, he'd been excited. He'd managed to get a small herd of Hippogriffs together to show off to his students, and had been damn proud of it. Aside from cats, they were some of his absolute favorite creatures, ranking only below Kneazels Magickal wise. They were large and beautiful, proud and strong, and none looked exactly the same. He'd been feeding them, trying to ignore the students skulking around - after all, he would've done the same when he was their age. It wasn't every day you get to see a Hippogriff, especially not a herd of them. Even if they were staked down, to keep them from wandering. They couldn't fly, after all, the breeder whom had allowed him to borrow them had had their wings clipped as foals, and had been careful to make sure they stayed as such. He'd turned his back for only a few seconds, and it had all gone to hell. There had been a tug at his waistband, and he'd spun, seeing the robes of a student go whipping out of sight. His wand was laying a few paces away, and he stepped over to grab it, stooping over. And that's when he heard something snap. And then another something, and another. He'd only a moment to turn around before seeing the herd of Hippogriffs charging his way. "Aw hell!" Unable to grab his wand in time, he couldn't think of anything else other than to dive to the ground, curling into a ball and wrapping his arms over his head. The Hippogriffs stampeded over him, sharp hind talons digging into his flesh and tearing at his robes. He gasped, tensing further in on himself, feeling a rib crack, and yep, there was a broken arm. Definitely. Ow. His head throbbed as a hoof made rather hard contact with it, eyes crossing. Ow. Only when he felt very sure that all of the Hippogriffs had passed did he begin to unfurl, a stream of words that should not be repeated around students pouring from his mouth. He stumbled to his feet, grabbing his wand and looking around. The Hippogriffs seemed to be long gone, and a quick wave of his wand informed him that they were off of Tally grounds, far enough away that he wouldn't worry about the students health. Thank Salazar the breeders had put tracking charms on the damned beasts which, he decided, were no longer his favorites. Alic looked around, but the culprits were long gone, leaving only the frayed ropes dangling from their stakes. He bit out curses as he limped up to the buildings, heading towards the building that held the Hospital Ward. Any students in his way leaped clear out of the way upon hearing his snarled curses and seeing him with torn up robes, covered in blood, the usually cheerful and friendly teacher's face terrifying with rage. He swept into the Hospital ward, wine-red eyes darting this way and that as he looked for one of the Healers.
  22. Invite Rainy Days

    4th of May Winter felt very different in the countryside, the colours were brighter and while there was a lot of mud, everything smelled so much fresher than the wet streets of Melbourne. Iggy had found a bench beneath a sail which kept him safe from the rain. He was wrapped in a school cloak, the wool bunched up around his ears and pooled in his lap. There was a large stack of books beside him from a variety of subjects. Most were second hand textbooks from at least half a dozen classes. There was also a large writing folder on top, which he had been using to take notes. There was so much to catch up on, so many assignments to complete before the next term started. But for now he was taking a break. His latest project in his lap, with a bag of fabric scraps sitting beside him. He was making a quilt with scraps of yellow and blue, with some red accents. He doubted that it would be ready for winter, but it would be nice in the warmer months. Both his parents had donated shirts to the cause, so there was something to remind him of home. Iggy adjusted his glasses as they slipped down his nose, measuring the edge of a square against his ruler. If it wasn’t straight he’d have to unpick the whole thing and start again. Did he cut a crooked piece?
  23. Let the Games Begin

    Waylon and Edmund had offered to drive Brinley to school--all the way from Melbourne, which would have been a hell of a feat even if it hadn’t involved them closing their shop for a full day. Brinley assured them that he was fine to go alone--he wouldn’t run off, and he wasn’t so violent that he couldn’t be trusted in a cab by himself. In the end they’d agreed, though Waylon had seemed reluctant as he packed Brinley’s trunk into the boot of the cab. He’d handed Brinley a few coins--for lunch, he’d said--as if Brinley didn’t already have a sizeable pursefull on his person--and then he’d given Brinley what had to be the most awkward half-hug on the planet before finally letting him leave. Brinley spent the cab ride reading the potions quarterly that had arrived the evening prior, and barely noticed the distance until he felt the distinct rumbling of gravel beneath the vehicle. He sat up then, peering out the window at the trees that flicked past as they made their way up the dirt road. This couldn’t be right. This was his new school? His distaste only grew when the cabbie finally stopped in front of a weather-worn building that looked more like a farmhouse than a proper educational establishment. Brinley’s nose wrinkled slightly in distaste. Having spent the past nine months in a proper castle, he couldn’t imagine that this was what his life had fallen to--a shabby collection of mismatched buildings. Even as he thought it, he forced himself to lean forward and hand the cabbie a tip through the partition before pushing open the side door and stepping outside. It was cool outside--not cold, exactly, but cooler than it would have been in England this time of year--and he was grateful he’d chosen his thick outer robe in lieu of his thinner school uniform. There would be plenty of time to change. He hauled his trunk out of the boot and waved the cabbie off. Only when the cabbie had left did Brinley allow himself to wonder what he was supposed to do. Was he supposed to meet someone? Go somewhere specific? His hand went automatically to the pocket-knife he kept sequestered in his robes, and his skin began to crawl with a familiar itch, but he pushed the sensation away. Later, perhaps, when he learned the location of his dormitories and had a bit of privacy. He spotted someone walking by, and as much as it pained him to admit his ignorance he stepped towards them. “Pardon? My apologies for the interruption. I’m a transfer student, and I haven’t received entirely clear instructions as to where I’m supposed to go first. Any ideas?”
  24. Invite Lost and Found

    Brinley Grisham
    Brinley hadn’t been looking to play delivery-boy Saturday morning. He’d started the morning quietly nibbling a bit of English muffin and jam at the breakfast table while reading the latest potions quarterly, his every gesture a wall against the students around him, and his master plan for the day had been to do a few loops around the pitch to keep himself fit and then perhaps to spend the afternoon in the library finishing his schoolwork—nothing social in the least. As he packed his journal into his satchel, however, he noticed a battered envelope on the floor nearby. He hadn’t seen anyone drop it--just the envelope itself--so it was impossible to know if a student had been irresponsible or if an owl had managed to mislay it in the rush of the morning post. Frowning, Brinley stooped and collected the envelope. He flipped it, reading the name on the front—Scarlett Fate—and vaguely recognizing it as belonging to a blonde girl he shared most of his core classes with. He sighed heavily, resigning himself to a morning searching for some girl he barely knew, and was preparing to tuck the envelope into his satchel when another name—this time on the return address—caught his eye. Rosemarie Langloire. It was a name he recognized even more than Scarlett’s name. Langloire had been in his year at Hogwarts—Slytherin to his Ravenclaw, though not a terrible sort as Slytherins went. They hadn’t been friends or anything, but they’d tackled a couple of group projects together and gotten on well enough. What in the world was Langloire doing communicating with someone all the way over here? Curiosity piqued, Brinley set out with more energy to find Scarlett. He took a moment to remember her house—green crest, house Spencer—located a prefect, and finally got pointed in the direction of the Games Room in Southern Cross. Her blonde hair was impossible to miss. Brinley crossed to her, stepping into her view so as not to startle her. ”Pardon,” Brinley said. ”You’re Scarlett Fate, right?” He slid his satchel towards his hips and extracted the envelope he’d stowed so carefully less than an hour prior. ”I found this and thought you might appreciate the return.” He waited for her to take it before clearing his throat again. ”I… apologies if this comes across as forward, but I couldn’t help but notice the return address… Is that the same Rosemarie Langloire currently in attendance at Hogwarts? I don’t mean to pry, only… Well, I went there myself for the past two semesters, and I couldn’t help but wonder…” His voice trailed, and he ducked his head, embarrassed by his own impropriety but too curious not to have asked.
  25. Invite The Many Uses of Salt

    Leander Hue
    Sunday night was not the best night to hold extra, non-credited theory sessions for students since it was the night students scrambled to finish off all the homework they’d put off all week that was due in the morning. Also, Leander had realized last semester as he waited for someone to join him, he should also maybe not advertise that he was basically a giant loser – preferring to study advanced potions theory with students than to go out and do something “interesting” during his weekend. But Lee had discovered he liked the quiet Sunday nights to himself in the potions classroom where he could work on his own projects as he waited for no one to show up. At this point it was a guaranteed time in his schedule that no one would bother him. So when Lee heard a noise by the entryway into the classroom at the appointed time of the advanced potions and potion theory session he was surprised out of deep contemplations of choosing the best emulsifier for the next potion experiment he was going to attempt. He was sitting at the demonstration table with a well-worn and used notebook in front of him that was open to a spread of a table comparing the pros and cons of different ingredients. There was a pot of tea to his side and various foodstuffs around him that could have been potion ingredients or snacks. The first few sessions for advanced potions and potion theory he’d planned out months ago were tucked into the bottom drawer of the demonstration table. “Can I help you with something?” he inquired to the student. The student looked young enough to be lost, but also vaguely familiar. Certainly unlikely to be interested advanced potions and potion theory.