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December, 2018
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Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Found 101 results

  1. Invite It is not the first time, or the second, that your veins have appeased my thirst

    Night had well and truly fallen. The heat was excrutiating, and for Vladimir and his dhampiric nature he kept himself inside during the daylight hours as much as possible. The sun was no good to his skin, and when he was out and about, his blood had much work to do in order to keep himself in shape, and at full strength. It was taxing, and as Vladimir lay in bed that night, he could feel his thirst rising. He shut his eyes, attempting to blot out anything else from his senses, but all that served was to augment the hunger within him. Warm, sweet, energized blood. He ran his tongue over his fangs, taking a deep breath in, then out. Sitting up in bed, he knew he would not sleep this night. The heat and his thirst were too much for his mind and body to handle. Vladimir began to pace his room, glancing at his cello before he shook that idea from his mind. No, it was not the time for such - he did not want to alert the other denizens of the home to his presence, to his state of being right now. He let his hands comb through his hair, hold the side of his temples as he grit his teeth. He was stronger than his urges, of course, but that did not mean they were easy for him to fight off. He needed fresh blood, and he needed it soon. Putting on a robe to cover the boxers he wore, Vladimir tied the belt and escaped the four walls of his room that seemingly mocked him for his thirst. A true monster, wanting the taste of human sustenance, but he couldn't help himself. Still, he knew what he needed to do, who he needed to see, if she were awake and would have his company. She had made him promise to seek her out if he needed her help in this way, and he was ready to put himself in her hands. He trusted her. He bloody well loved her at this point, though he had yet to speak such words aloud. Approaching Améa's door, Vladimir gently knocked, and then spoke quietly, "Améa... may I see you, please?" And then, because it was the safer option, he called out through their telepathy, I need your help.
  2. Invite Motel Hell

    The anti-noise charm cast upon the walls and floor of Alex's room was certainly effective - she didn't even hear her brother slam the house's front door on the way out. Perhaps it was for the best, as he didn't hear her throw her copy of 'Branding: In Five and a Half Steps' across the room. It collided with her bed's headrest with a loud smacking sound before falling harmlessly onto her pillow. Jamie knew better than anyone that she needed to pull her own weight, or else she'd be back where she was back when they first moved to Narragyambie. The fact he frequently nudged her to do otherwise incensed her, more so during one of her infamous work stretches. One could argue the current one was misplaced and had gone for way too long, but she wouldn't listen. She wanted to pay for Christmas gifts for everyone out of her own pocket, and she wouldn't have her twin cover for it. Why was that so hard to understand? She used both hands to rub her own face, trying to calm herself down and spark some life into her system. She felt exhausted, having not slept well in ages, nor eaten properly. Time was of the essence. The more commissions she could get through, the more money she'd receive. The more money she'd receive, the more she'd have to spend on everyone's little treats. She grabbed her Wacom tablet again, as well as its pen, and got back to work. She would straight up refuse to attend the holiday celebrations if she couldn't get to her goal, and there was nothing Jamie could do about it. She'd just have to ignore her intense stomach rumbling, crippling exhaustion and burning eyes until she was done.
  3. Invite Break A Sweat

    As with every other time as of late that Chloe had gone to train in her mother's dojo, she was practically kicked out of the building as soon as practice (and changing, thank goodness) was over. She could tell it was one of her efforts to make the teenager more social than she was - if she were to get to the dormitories much earlier, she'd have more time to socialize with fellow Sturts and even her roommate before lights out. She didn't particularly concern herself with this that much, however, walking at a leisure pace up the Tallygarunga Road. There were still a few kilometers left in her path, but she was sure she could make it back to the campus proper before curfew. Good exercise until then anyway. She briefly wondered if she should go eat something before the long path, or eat at school and spend her detour time at the local hobby shop. Once remembering her birthday was soon and her father's tradition was to shower her with supplies, however, she opted for the former. Would most likely be a healthier option regardless. Entering a nondescript Muggle café just around a corner, she ordered an orange smoothie and a small blueberry muffin. After leaving a small tip and retrieving the little bread treat, she decided to sit at a corner booth by the window of the establishment so to wait for her smoothie to be prepared. The place seemed somewhat empty. Was it new? She hadn't seen it before, as her usual go to was near the hospital. Speaking of which, she started wondering if her father would be upset over her bringing business to their direct competition...
  4. Invite Let the Bad Times Roll

    The scream ripped from her throat and carried around the comfortable three bedroom house rather easily, more so because Issy made sure that she had put a little magical boost behind the scream so that the other single occupant would hear her wail. The reason behind this was because she was going to blame said occupant for the thing that had made that scream depart her larynx. The thing she was screaming at had also made the young witch back into a wall as he scuttled it’s eight legged way too some kind of safety. The sad fact was said creature was probably more scared of a tall woefully under legged and under eyed thing that was screaming, than the thing itself. This thought, had it occurred to Isolda, might have made her laugh at her own cowardice, as she practically hyperventilated as the offending creature, which was nothing more than a common house spider. Once the beast had scuttled off to some kind of safety, Issy found her breath enough to push off of the wall and march out the bathroom, heading to where she knew the second occupant of the house was likely too be. She had made her mind up that somehow he new housemate was some kind of spider king. Before he’d moved into her home, her life had been largely spider free with the occasional interloper crawling in and landing on her face during the night. She could forgive the occasional spider getting passed the charm she had put up that was supposed to steer them too a different place, as opposed to the one she’d originally been offered which killed spiders that crossed the threshold of her abode. After all she was scared of spiders but she didn’t wish them harm; they were living creatures with any much right to live as everything else. She would just prefer it if they didn’t live within her vicinity. “Jasper!” she called as she walked down the corridor that connected the bathroom to the rest of the single story building. It had been a little over two weeks since he was assigned as her partner in the international wizarding police and moved into her home, since he needed ‘monitoring’. In that times the spiders had gone from the occasional ballsy interloper too a full of infestation, well, that was a bit over dramatic but she had noticed a steep increase in eight legged activity. Turning the corner and through one of the doors she finally found her far too attractive for his own good partner doing whatever attractive and trying to reform criminals did. She stood at the threshold of the room looking at him, a mildly annoyed look forming of her face. “I swear you are some kind of spider man or king.” she started, she had yet to explain this theory to him but was bloody well was going too right then “You’ve been here two weeks and in those two weeks I have seen more spiders than in my entire life and I live in Australia where they hide under the toilet seat!” arms crossed over her chest, knowing she looked and sounded ridiculous but still carrying on with her tirade “So whatever Arachnidtounge abilities you have, use it to make them leave.” then because she was raised with some kind of manners, she added the socially expected “Please.”
  5. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Holly Bennett
    How much time had passed since that night that had changed her entire world view? Made her question not only how she lived her life at the time but also the choices she had made for others in her life. Choices that had she made differently, well, was there any point dwelling on what she could have done? The ‘what ifs’ didn’t bring back the young witch who lost her life for doing nothing more than taking care of Saffron. It didn’t bridge the gap of time that she had kept something from someone who should have been in Saffrons life from the word go. Though that specific person had not actually made any attempts to contact her since the night that he’d saved his own daughters life. Holly assumed that he had the information and decided to do nothing with it. After all this supposed child of his was seven, how was he supposed to know if she really was his? The young witch pushed that thought and many more aside. It wasn’t worth dwelling on. Jon had the information and it was his decision whether to act on it. Plus, right there and then it was the least of concerns. After that night in the warehouse Holly had reflected on the way she was living her life. This had led her to make the choice to drop out of university and focus solely on the career she had built up for herself and being a Mother. Saffron had often had to spent time with friends or babysitters whilst Holly juggled this busy life, perhaps always feeling like she was on the low end of her Mothers priority list. Now she was priority number one, their was less babysitters in her life and now she spent time at friends houses because it was fun and something she wanted to do. That was where the young girl was right at that moment, this allowed Holly time to unpack boxes and use magic to push furniture where she felt it should be. The other big thing that had happened since that night was that Holly had finally managed to collect enough money together too buy her and Saffron their first home. A small two bedroom house that contained a garden big enough for her to play in comfortably. In a nice area of Narragyambie. It was a warm enough day that she had the windows and doors open as she sorted through the box of random items she’s put on the kitchen table, a glass of water within reach. Saffie was having an extended sleepover at one of her school friends, allowing Holly time to get this new home set up for them both. A new beginning.
  6. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Ash was damn pleased that the average Wizard and witch considered Muggle ways of hiding things were beneath them, especially when it came to hiding money. He was always pleased about this but right then as he pushed his way into a small dirty pub in Melbourne he was damn near ecstatic about it. The DWP had access to most of the money he had made during his very active criminal career and as far as they were aware that was all the money he had possessed. They hadn’t learnt of that offshore Muggle account that he had for, well, financial security. He’d managed to get some money transferred into one of his other muggle accounts – that was conveniently under another name and then withdrew the maximum amount he could. That amount had managed to get him a rather decent room in a muggle hotel and enough that he could spend the night doing what the British were often considered as doing best. Pissing it up against the wall, he had never been someone who drank too the point of intoxication. That, however, was his single minded goal of that evening. Get absolutely pissed and end up shagging some faceless woman, or man, he wasn’t really in a picky mood. Hell, if he got really pissed he’d find a club and dance the night away in a dangerously intoxicated state. He might even feel like he was sixteen again if he did that. It was a thought like that made him wish he could turn back to time, go find his sixteen year old self and tell him a few things about the future. Sadly, it probably wouldn’t be advice like ‘stay on the straight and narrow kid’. This is really what his sixteen year old self should really have been advised to do. No, he would probably tell his sixteen year old self to be more selfish, more amoral and avoid blonde women from Europe. The fact was though, that he couldn’t go back in time and change the path his life had taken. He just had to deal with his own stupid choices, his own damn inconvenient emotions and well...drink. On entering the small bar that desperately cried out for a good cleaning spell, he spied a karaoke machine and knew that he’d end up there somewhere during the night. Karaoke was always fun when completely off ones face. But that was a drunken mistake he would make when drunk. Shrugging off the leather jacket her wore and folding it over his left arm, right hand quickly checking he knew where his wand was then moving to his money heavy wallet as he strolled over to the bar, stopping at one of the stools and giving it a quick brush off with his hand. He was planning to get drunk and make a fool of himself, yes, but that did not include thick dust covering the ass of his trousers. Once he’d decided that he wouldn’t leave a perfect ass print on the stool the wizard sat and caught the tender’s eye. “Double whiskey.” He said “Actually, leave the bottle.”
  7. Invite At Last

    This was one of the many locations she had come to call home. Well, sort of home. She didn’t really have a home anymore. Her last owner had decided they no longer wanted to have her around. Then again they had been old and had little use for a four legged creature that could turn into a two legged one that was rather vocal about their wants, needs and desires. Cat felt that since her mere presence boosted their magical abilities that actually it was a fair trade. The thoughts of her previous owner were pushed out of her thoughts as the door opened. Her ears swiveled at the sounds and she sat up slightly. Her favorite place in this particular location was the best. It did smell of the odd male dog-wizard that called this place called home, along with the several females he brought home and sometimes the different scents could be unsettling it didn’t stop her from making sure her own scent was mingled in with everything. It had taken her a few days of rubbing her scent on things so that the dog-wizard knew she considered it apart of her ever expanding territory. He didn’t seem to mind for the most part, though, she did wish he would stop washing the sleeping place so much. The sounds of footsteps caused Cat to yawn and slowly move onto her feet, stretching her front legs first before moving onto the back ones. Then with all the grace of her species she jumped off the bed and trotted out to meet the owner of the footsteps. Perhaps dog-wizard bought some good food for a change, she thought hopefully, as she rounded a corner with a loud meow too let him know she was present and demanded his attention.
  8. Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    A stack of textbooks sat at the leg of the bench that Travis had been sitting on, the presence of the sun beamed onto the roof garden. It was a comfortable feeling on his skin and it brought a small smile to his face. "Man, this feels so good." Even if the weather was mild just being able to bathe in the rays was a boost to the day for him. It also gave him plenty of light to work on his sketchpad, what had turned into an attempt to study ended up being flipped around as a means to draw. The flowers were in the state of starting to bloom and it was the kind of thing you only could catch by luck or if you were really into planting. The tip of his pencil glided along the blank pages and every so often a lifted gaze would stare at his subject and then drop back down to the paper. The visualization stayed within his mind unless the subtle change of the wind caused an unfinished portion to shift in which he'd rectify the drawing to fit more accurately towards that image. Something that could be considered ephemeral - caught and drawn in the moment. A difficult technique to manage if it wasn't already engraved within the minds eye. This is when he started to shift off of the bench and slide down to press his back firmly against it. Travis leveled himself to provide a newer angle which gave him a newer perspective, it seemed to be a bit more full in that regard too. Hands rose off of the pad and the wrists rested on the raised kneecaps. At this point he was just admiring the series of flowers and blooms that filled the section of the roof that had been chosen as his temporary haunt for the evening. It was rare that he was able to have such a quite moment, to enjoy the calm that even the current display of nature offered. It was a minor getaway from the constant studying he'd piled on since the start of the exams for the ending stretch of the year.
  9. Invite Time Out

    Matt was in another of his foul moods, which seemed to be his only mood now. Kate was at work, and Hazel was at school---which meant that Phil was left to keep him occupied in between managing the kitchen and bar of the Roo. Which had been fine during the busier lunch trade, when customer ears were lurking about, Matt managed to not say or do anything too unpleasant. But as trade dwindled off into the late afternoon, Matt's critical stares became critical comments, each more scathing than the last. Phil wasn't having any of that. Gathering some work that Matt might as well be doing, a pile of the bar's takings for the past few months and stock reciepts that needed to be approved, Phil wheeled Matt out to a pleasant table in the beer garden to get a better attitude. Dusting his hands off on his apron, he headed back inside to his now peaceful bar. Matt scowled at Phil as he left, but was unable to do anything about his situation. He still lacked the strength to move himself around much, and physical therapy earlier in the day had left his muscles weak. He settled for shouting abuse through the beer garden door, until Phil finally threatened to take him upstairs and leave him there, and he fell angrily silent. Fine. He might as well do the damn paperwork. No one else would do it right anyway.
  10. Invite Reflection & Seduction

    Vladimir had been surprised that morning after Sollozzo struck, when he had awoken to find Améa still sleeping in his arms, along with the small feline companion. Even more surprising still was the fact that after all that had happened, and with all the lingering doubts that whatever it was would die away with the morning light, Améa did not seem to harbour any rancour. Neither did Vladimir, of course, but in his case he knew it would go without saying. No, it was becoming painfully obvious to him as the days and weeks rolled by that her company wasn't just something he was obligated towards because of duty. He wanted to spend time with Améa. He wanted to watch her read, or study her expression whilst he played the cello, or as she tended to the animals. This was no longer a bond built solely out of duty and a promise. He simply wanted to be in Améa's company for the sake of her company. And, of course, mostly importantly for her. Damn it, Vladimir, what are you doing? He chose not to listen to the part of his brain that was questioning everything. There was to be none of that, and especially not today. Not when the home was oddly vacant for once, leaving only Vladimir, Améa, and the animals for a time. The man had promised Améa an afternoon with music, and so it was spoken - so it would be done. He trekked outside with his cello though he did not set up camp out on the lawn. No, he had other ideas, though he was certain the first time Stuart had caught him playing on the roof of the house, he had almost given the man a heart attack. "Améa," he greeted her outside on the lawns, extending his hand out and motioning with his head to the roof. "An afternoon of music I did promise, and I do not break those vows. Indulge me - it has been a while since I performed on the rooftop. Shall we?"
  11. Invite Charlie #3

    Mid-90s Melbourne, autumn. A Friday night. The music was loud, the girls were moving, and the customers were happy. That was how she liked things. Sauntering through the main bar, she threw smiles left and right to her regulars, laughed. No---she wasn't working right now. No, they couldn't convince her to. It was early in the night yet, and she was ready to enjoy it. Cigarette to her lips, the smoke trailed behind her as she stepped out of the lights and noise, into the streets of Melbourne. Crowded, dark, the alleyway was full of graffiti. She knew every inch of it, had been here longer than some of the artwork. Proper jobs came and went, but this she always came back to. "Oi, you're out early." The voice made her pause, turn around. Blow exasperated smoke out her mouth and nostrils. She flicked ash to the ground, staring at the wretch in front of her. He'd made her a deal, was he here to deliver? The look on his face said no, and she wasn't interested in anything more. "What do you want, Ty?" she sighed. "Are you here to make more empty promises? Because I don't see her with you. It's beginning to feel like you can't find her." "I can, I just---I need more time. I'll get there, babe." Slowly he shuffled forward, toward her. She took a step back as he did. Shook her head. "I'm not your 'babe' anymore, I thought that was clear?" at the door, two of the bigger bouncers lurked. She knew they were there, and he did too. They weren't an idle threat, either. "You assaulted my client, Tyler. You reckon you can find Ameliana, excellent. Find her for me. But that is all. At least until you get this anger of yours in check." She looked back toward the door, gave the bouncers a subtle wave. Everything was fine here. Tyler was sober, more likely to burst into tears than lash out. The bouncers didn't move anyway, and she was grateful for that. "I promise, I'll be better, babe," pleaded Tyler. "I miss you. I don't care... about the other stuff. Just. Come home?" She shook her head. "Not yet," she said. "Go home, Ty. When you've proven you can keep your cool, let me do the things I need to do without getting jealous... maybe then I'll join you." The end of the cigarette came way too soon, she dropped the stub to the footpath and ground it out with the toe of her stillettos. She didn't stay to see what he did, just turned her back and walked on down the alley in search of a better night. That meant getting as far away from this district as she could. Familiar faces surrounded her here, she was the queen of this strip. No one would dare touch her here, she had powerful clients with a very loose attachment to the law. It was hardly somewhere she could relax, though. A better suburb, a brighter street. A bar on one of Melbourne's more iconic and well-reputed streets. She made her way there, let the unfamiliar crowd melt away her frustration at Tyler. She didn't like this side of him. The pathetic side. Once upon a time he'd thrilled her, challenged her, and then... it fell apart. As it always did. A long sigh, a drink ordered, held in one hand. She surveyed the crowd of well-dressed people. Was this a function of some sort that she'd walked into? At least she looked the part. More formal than the average nightwear, she always dressed to impress. You never knew who was out there with a wallet full of cash, after all. Another cigarette. That's what she needed. She found one and---where was her lighter? She had just had it. The bar was a wizard venue, yes, but... her wand had mixed results. Always had. Sometimes it worked, other times she set her eyebrows alight. Not ideal in a public venue. "I'm so sorry, sir," she tapped the shoulder of the nearest man. "Could I trouble you for a light? I seem to have misplaced my wand..."
  12. Invite Standstill

    The worst time of the year was approaching rapidly: school break. The time of the year where she was forced away from her friends, when she had to force herself to do piles and piles of homework as an excuse to avoid her parents. One would think that would be excellent motivation for Meadow to get out of her bedroom and have some fun, hang out with the people she cared about and have memorable moments to remember during the month and a half she'd be sulking in Melbourne. Yet instead she was cross-legged on her bed, quietly doing homework. As the sun set outside, she sipped on an orange juice bottle she had obtained outside, not feeling hungry enough to go out into the Great Hall just yet. She set it down on the nightstand and grabbed her pen once again, taking advantage of the silence of the room to scribble down the various answers she had for the questions the school's Arithmancy Professor had told the fifth year students to answer by the following week. There was no rush in doing them, and so a case for masochism could be made. Her back leaned against the wall as she flipped the page of her little notebook before placing it snugly against the middle of the open copy of 'Numerology and Grammatica' that she was presently studying. She disliked the subject heavily, but figured she might as well do the worst things first so to make the following subjects go that much quicker.
  13. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    Brought back to the school by her grandfather, Lorelei had tried to explain that she hadn't tried to hide anything, she just hadn't known how to approach them about everything, especially her grieving grandmother. She'd tried to do the right thing, but in the end it seemed she'd only made everyone angry. And so, dejected, she returned to her dorm and curled up on the bed, hugging her pillow tightly. She had closed most of her link to Lauren, not wanting the girl to sense how upset she was, nor wanting to give her more reasons to be angry with Adele, and tried to go to sleep, but she couldn't. She still wasn't used to being here, despite how often she had visited. It was different when she was expected to sleep here and adhere to the school rules. And it wasn't long before she was already breaking them for the second time that day, once it got to evening. She waited for everything to be quiet, before sneaking out silently and making her way through the school. She wanted someone to talk to, who wouldn't get angry or pick on her or probably tell her that she needed to get back to her room. Though the latter was probably to be expected from anyone that she might run into. Alex and Cassandra stayed at Adele's all the time now, though she didn't want them to be angry about her correspondence with Zane either. And she knew talking to Lauren would lead to the girl being angry at Adele more. That left perhaps one person who might talk to her. At least, she hoped they would. She crept through the dorm of the apparent rival house (they were all rivals, right?), slipping along as though a part of the shadows, until she made it to the bed of the person she was hoping might spare her some time. Leaning over him closely, Lorelei then tapped the boy lightly on the shoulder, and hoped that he wouldn't yell or do something to wake up anyone else. "Aiden..." Came her whisper in the dark, "Aiden... I am needing someone who can talk with me. Will you? Please?" Her features formed a pout that was entirely too dangerously endearing on her matured features as she remained near to his face. She hoped he wouldn't send her away, she had already been sent off by enough people that day.
  14. Invite Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    Zane Nedvidek
    Zane wasn’t sure if Adele would show, but he had at least made the effort. He had to speak to her himself. Lorelei, while a great asset, would not be able to truly express what Zane needed to say. All of this pain and suffering that their family had endured for this long, Zane felt, was all his fault. He had not been strong enough to act against Thomas for so long. That all ended now. This was the first act, so to speak, in the demise of Thomas Sollozzo. Lorelei revealing to Zane he had a daughter in the prelogue of this saga had awakened something in Zane. The strength he needed. It had taken time for the strength to manifest, but now that it had, Zane knew the time was right. Everyone just had to be on a unified front. Zane knew that Adele, and the rest of the family, had every right to be skeptical of Zane. He felt as though this meeting was the only way. He felt that perhaps Adele would be able to see for herself the torture Zane had gone through. So, Zane sat in the arm chair of the living room that he and his wife had shared together. The once handsome features he had exhibited were gone. His face was sunken in. He was obviously malnourished. His skin was pale due to being locked away on a windowless room for so long. Zane’s hair, which at one time had been full, and well maintained, was brittle and dry. He hoped Adele would show. He knew it was possible she may not, and he also knew it was possible a team full of Aurors could come bursting through the door to take him in. It was, however, a risk he was willing to take.
  15. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    Two weeks had passed since that call from his sister which had let to a much larger problem. His falling out with Elektra, if it could be called that. He’d essentially told her everything he knew that she didn’t then walked out. It wasn’t so much walked out as he decided that space was something that was required. The time was going supposed to be few days perhaps a week, but that week at stretched into the two. It didn’t help that he was also actively not doing everything he should be. He was a convicted criminal and had duties he was supposed to meet for the International Wizarding Police. Needless to say he’d not been too any of the contact points, had avoided going to Tallygarunga and had pretty much been living off the the magical grid for those weeks. This had not stopped one of his precocious nieces from finding him though. He’d come home earlier that day to find Nina sat on his door step, a packed bag at her feet. His first desire had been too pull the young girl into a tight hug, but, instead had gone with the second one which was to ask her dryly if she’d run away. The young blonde hadn’t run away, in fact she’d simply told her Aunt that she was staying over a friends that night and had got that friend to cover for her as she made her way here. So after letting her in the house, putting her bag away and a deep conversation over his absence, the pair had come to the conclusion that there was only one way to rebuild their own battered bridge. That was apparently Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping in England. So the pair had caught a port key and done just that. A few hours had been sent looking around London, stopping in shops and getting presents for Elena, school friends and even Elektra got one or two from her niece. They had then moved on to the cities of Bath and Birmingham. Then finally, exhausted, full of food and weighed down with more bags than they needed the pair caught the original port key back to Australia. It was just as they were walking down the path towards the current place he was staying that Ash noticed a familiar figure standing beside the door. “Shit! came the voice of the young witch next to him. “Seems like your mate folded.” he replied, stopping next to where his Niece stood. “Like a cheap suit.” Nina added. “Like a very fucking cheap suit.” he said placing a hand on the girls back “Don’t worry too much, she’ll blame me anyway.” and with that said, the pair strolled down the path as he fumbled for the front door keys. “Evening.” he said to Ele as he opened the door and took some bags from Nina, then using his body to hold the door open as the young girl darted over the threshold “Coming in?” he asked Elektra, waiting for her to make her decision.
  16. Invite Unbreakable

    Alan Burdett
    Alan's apparition skills were passable. They got him from one point to the next, but he lacked the finesse that Audrey was likely used to. Alan much preferred more muggle modes of transportation, he apparated when he had to. This was one such moment, and Audrey's wishes weren't to be ignored for his personal comforts. He held her tight, murmuring soft reassurances to her as they arrived in the foyer of the wizarding ward at Narragyambie General Hospital. To get here, you either had to apparate, or know which of the broom closets on which hallway of the regular hospital to go poking around in. Even in Narrie there wasn't enough need for a fully dedicated wizarding hospital, and most of the wizarding staff had a grounding in muggle medicine as well---they worked on both sides. But Alan didn't have time to marvel at the neat interaction of muggle and magical worlds here at the hospital, he was busy getting Audrey checked in, following doctors, and not letting go of her hand as she was brought further into the hospital for assessment. Someone brought him a seat, sat it beside the bed---but he remained standing. One hand firmly holding hers, the other stroking her hair. Repeating over and over, the only promise that he could give: I'll be here no matter what. Even as he tried to keep Audrey calm, he wasn't immune to the worry himself. What if there was something wrong? What if their little dream was doomed for a tragic end? Perhaps it was something genetic that Meri and Audrey shared, perhaps it was just terrible luck, he knew it would crush Audrey absolutely, and he feared that more than anything. His own grief he could bear. Had done for years. It would rot him from the inside out, and he would never be the same, but even so---to watch Audrey go through it would be worse. To know he had done this to her, put her in the way of getting so horribly hurt... could he live with that? He had to. He'd promised. He wasn't going anywhere. The doctors promised answers soon, and left the room. A quiet moment. Time went too fast and too slow. "You doing alright?" he asked her. "The doctors will be back soon. We'll know what's happening soon."
  17. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    The teenager couldn't possibly convey how relieved she was that she and her twin had only been thrown into school so close to the end of the year. It meant that they generally just received some assessments to decide whether they were intelligent and mature enough to be moved on to Sixth Year and then just had to attend a few end of year time-wasting classes. Something that she could handle, even if she was a little shy of the other students in said classes. The school end of year ball was in a couple of days though, and she wasn't certain how she felt about going to that. At least she knew some of the people who would be there, so maybe she could just stick with them? But now, it was the end of school, and like any other teenager Lorelei was given the freedom to ignore the last few days that were pretty much days of doing little to nothing anyway and do mostly what she felt like to bide away her time. This week, she was out at Narrie, where much of her extended family lived. But as most of them had a few things they needed to do with Christmas around the corner, and she just wanted to have a little time to herself, she'd decided to go for a walk. Thus she found herself wandering around Murrigal, until she found a tree that looked like a nice place to sit in, with strong looking branches up high. She'd climbed it easily enough, despite her wondering whether she still had enough power to be able to teleport up there, and made herself comfortable on a branch, resting her back against the tree trunk for a moment... until she felt an annoyance in the bra clasps that stuck into her spine. Who invented these things? The girl was still quite confused as to why her mother insisted that she wear one, and it had taken a lot of practise to even be able to put one on without taking ten minutes just to find the clasps behind her back. They were tight, uncomfortable, and very restrictive. And she still didn't know what good they actually provided. However, her mother had told her they were important, especially when she was going out and was going to be running around or even just hanging out with other people. Why? After some more wriggling and trying to get comfortable though, Lorelei had enough. She pulled her arms into her t-shirt and then twisted and stretched as she freed herself of the torture device with a sigh. She pushed her arms back through her sleeves, one hand holding the stupid white implement of her discomfort and she frowned at it, before then tossing it away. With a relaxed breath, the teen then finally relaxed back against the tree trunk high up on her cozy branch, without having to worry about a bra digging into her back, without even a thought to the possibility of the offending garment landing on a poor passerby or something.
  18. Invite Not A Little Girl Anymore

    As Lillian returned them home, Jezebel gave the older woman a kiss on the cheek and thanked her softly. She'd expended much of her own energy, and it hadn't gone unnoticed. Then Lillian vanished and the mother and daughter were left inside the quite house, Jez pulling Lorelei in for another tight hug, simply glad to have her baby girl back, even if she wasn't exactly a baby anymore, and was apparently much more than she'd been before - from what she could tell would be much more than Jez or Adele or Mea in the years to come. She was still unsure how all this was going to pan out over time, but she would do her best to help Lei cope with this extra she had within herself. Of course, the house wasn't quiet for very long. The woman knew that the other girls would have been aware as soon as she and Lorelei arrived, and she could already hear the triplets yelling their sister's name as though they'd woken the moment they felt Lorelei's presence. Which was probably exactly the case. Whether Viktor was asleep or not, she knew that he wouldn't be far behind the children. Still, she wanted to hold Lei just a little longer. "Mamiere, you're going to make everyone fight to cuddle me," Lorelei huffed softly, though it only caused the both of them to chuckle quietly as they waited to be met by the rest of the tribe now that the triplets' yelling could have woken up the entire neighbourhood. Even the cats had come to say hello, circling around their ankles. "Lillian said rest," Jez mumbled against Lei's hair, "But I doubt we'll be able to until I've told your father about what happened tonight."
  19. Invite Spit

    It made sense, moving in during a late Friday afternoon. A good portion of the students would have departed to spend the weekend with their families by then and there would be a little less chaos when moving a Dhampir into the Bourke dormitories. Danielle certainly appreciated the tact of the timing. She found that she didn't like crowds too much as of late, and was starting to worry about how she'd handle the more populated classes she had to endure come 2019. Even so, it seemed that they had been alerted to their arrival. Did some sort of information leak? That made her feel somewhat uneasy - fortunately, no one actually went out of her way to antagonize or attack her just yet, and all she had gotten thus far was the simple scornful look that usually came towards her. It didn't bother her that much. If anything, she could relate. She could feel herself develop a mild prejudice against her own kind given her past, and it wasn't like she could be blamed for it to begin with. What did bother her, immensely so, was the fact that she and her sister were separated for the first time since the latter's birth - at least, the first time for an extended period. Danielle was taken for thorough examinations of her magical ability privately (which she blew out the water, and was warned to rein it in), and then sorted to the Bourke house. Her sister had gone through the same examinations but then was taken to something called 'the Whitlam Bilby wing'. Danielle had been told it was a wing for people not old enough to get into Tallygarunga proper, and that she could visit the following day if she'd like. She would, of course, but that meant being well over a dozen hours apart from the girl whom was probably scared to death and all alone. Eventually, she was left to her devices. There wasn't much more she could do. Regardless of prejudice, her new temporary roommate had provided her with a very basic book on Muggle Studies upon request. Unfortunately, as she tried to read it, that same roommate had a few friends over. Something about planning for a 'Christmas ball'. The sound was disturbing her, so Danielle excused herself and left, book in hand and blood-flavored lollipop stick poking out past her lips. She settled down in a couch in the mostly empty Bourke Common Area. She wasn't used to such comforts and found herself willing to indulge, slipping out of her shoes and curling up on the sofa, the book being carefully perched on her knees. Danielle could feel the hostility in the room directed at her but did her best to ignore it. It wasn't worth her energy. At least they hadn't spat on her or anything, that was more progressive than half the places she had been in.
  20. Invite An Ordinary Abnormality

    Samantha Hammond
    Christmas was Samantha's favorite time of the year. Ignoring the tremendous proximity to her own birthday, she very much enjoy the emphasis on family, friendship, camaraderie - and yes, even romance - that the holiday seemed to instill upon people. Every bond was important and worth being celebrated and cherished. It usually took the form of a material gift; Sam didn't care for this so much, but she could understand why it was. But more importantly, it was the time of the year where she could just shower everyone she knew with affection and they'd just have to sit and deal with it. Not only that, but Tallygarunga was throwing a Christmas/Graduation dance! Filled with glee at the prospect of such a day, the Bourke immediately offered to place the flyers all over school for an announcement. She didn't mind the looks exchanged before her due to her tendency of failing such simple tasks, and her determination won out in the end. Surprisingly things went without a hitch as she went around the various rooms and buildings in school, placing the flyers on the various walls on campus. And at last, she reached the final room of her itinerary - the Games Room, in the Southern Cross Tower. As soon as she got there, she withdrew her wand from her pocket, wordlessly directing the sheets to various carefully picked spots in the room and had the paper stick itself to the surface every time. She grinned as her work was complete, and was about to walk out when she caught something in the corner of her eye. One of the papers was upside down. Her mood deflated momentarily - of course something had to go wrong. But she wasn't about to be defeated by that rogue flyer! She made her way to the upside down announcement, and pried at the pesky little thing with her fingers. Luck wasn't on her side as she couldn't even get a nail under the paper, given how strong the magical glue spell was. "Uh...? How...?" She muttered to herself. She didn't exactly know a spell to undo it all, and thus she had no choice. After a significant amount of time, Samantha managed to slide a fingertip under each of the bottom corners of the flyer, and decided to hold onto it with her thumbs as well. Placing her foot on the wall, she leaned back and tried to pry it forcefully, to no avail. "Ngh... Come on...!" Her face scrunched up with the effort. Did the spell itself get botched as well?
  21. Invite Unstoppable Life

    The ball had come around at the perfect time, in his opinion. Or rather that he had handled the most pressing of his life determined concerns that made this kind of over-the-top celebration seemed proper and fit. While he didn't really want to be out and about for various reasons, one of them being that his body hadn't fully recovered as much as he'd expected it to. It felt as if much of his energy had been focusing on rejuvenating years of aches and pains, unused muscles, and still knitting all of it to be useful in this new state of his existence. But he could never resist a proper party and couldn't hold back the chance to take his wife out. He wore a cranberry coat and slacks set, white button-up shirt, thin black tie, and black wing tipped shoes. Hair had been fully free and let down though it'd been properly treated, combed, and styled to avoid the heavy frizz from the potential heat of the atmosphere. Alexander had expected between the constant movement of dancing, the amount of people that would be in the room, and the sheer heat that had been this time of year that he needed to be perfectly prepared. Arriving late to the ball, they'd only managed to miss perhaps a single song luckily not the entire set. That would have been an utter waste and he'd already been kicking himself for getting ready so late in the evening. He looped Cassandra's arm around his own and held it gingerly as he guided them through the hall and passing by the various students and tables that had been set up for refreshments. "Who would have thought the school staff actually knew how to throw a decent party. Not decent by -my- standards but decent enough to be recognized!" He nodded with a playful hum as he continued to appraise the various decorations, the position of the stage that had been setup to be in the most optimum area possible. Even with magic at ones disposal it had been important to place things in an area where it could reach the entire audience that it had intended to encompass. The Great Hall looked vastly different than when they'd thrown a party in it earlier within the year. Decorations fit the grandiose and classic design of it and even more so the lightning just seemed to simply fit with the classy flash that had been offered. His eyes finally drifted to the young woman that had walked at his side and he gave a fond smile. In recent days they've had their ups and downs and even disagreements on certain things of late but even then she still managed to pull a smile on his face. The arguments and irritations didn't last long for him and it was in the light that bathed around her that he'd been reminded of the sheer radiance of her. One of the many traits to her multi-layered beauty that he found admirable. "I don't know if I already told you this, but you look absolutely beautiful tonight, Love." His hand would lift hers up gently as he stepped back and started to spin her gently around in a flourish. "The Madam of Fancy has walked in and graced this place in pure style and class." Then he followed the same eased rhythm and pulled her closer to himself, an arm wrapped around her waist almost as if he needed to stake his claim over her. "Now, I know you pregnant ladies enjoy your food and drink. . . But is that what you want to do first? Or would you rather work up an appetite with a bit of foot work?" Alex had been trying to keep himself at least a modicum of 'tamed'. This night he wanted to enjoy and savor it, to have fun and just for a single moment let all of the stress and the built up frustrations or hurts flow away. To make this one of the many moments where it could feel as if it's just the two of them and nothing else around would seem to matter or even amount up to being a concern.
  22. Invite Over Your Head

    In the couple of weeks or so since hearing the news of David, Arti had been doing a mixture of trying to help Audrey out, trying to help her adopted father cope with his grief over losing his brother, and somehow also managing to keep her gallery running. She'd even spent some time with Mereditha, and gone to check up on Adele a few times. Though she hadn't taken a lot of time to think upon events herself. She knew if she did that then she would be reminded of those years back before she'd become a part of their family. It was easier to stay busy, to worry about everyone else. Of course, it also meant that she hadn't been able to spend much time with Derrick. Every time she received a message asking how she was, she replied that she was fine, but busy, which wasn't untrue. But she had to admit, she was missing the company and just the simpleness of enjoying the small things like the antics and laughs. She also knew that he'd stepped up to take over event planning, with Audrey being out of commission and unable to to her usual party organising. So it was that a small sugar glider waited patiently up high, for sight of the tall man, and as soon as she spied him she took off, gliding down through the air in order to land onto the back of his shoulder with the lightest touch that he almost wouldn't feel. At least until a moment later when that small marsupial changed shape into his short girlfriend who hung off his back in a piggyback style as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Bonjour," The young woman chirped lightly, "Missed me?" She offered a small grin and then sighed as she rested her chin on his shoulder, beside his head, "Sorry I have been so busy. There was much to take care of. How have you been?"
  23. Invite The Monsters Within

    "So, Ms Demetra, how do you feel about the news that Franklin Dean is alive and well and looking to be getting married soon?" . . . The question had thrown the young woman off during her intermission break from singing in order to have a couple of drinks. Her band was playing a set at one of the bars, a rather decent gig for a business Christmas party, and for whatever reason there had been a journalist for some gossip rag there. She'd simply strolled up, known who Gemini was and asked the question. Of course, there were a few people who knew, the news of her relationship with the popular Frankie Dean had been rather prominent years ago, especially so when they had their daughter. But now... she'd barely managed to finish the gig. Alison had overheard at the time, and pushed the woman off telling her to get the hell out, before apologising to Gemini and saying that she didn't want her to find out like that. Apparently, it had been big news over in the US, though Ali hadn't been able to confirm it herself yet. Once they'd finished for the night, the two women sat down and the blonde said that she had heard the rumour and was planning to go over to see for herself, but had wanted to know more before telling Gemini. As for the brunette, she was simply stunned. Gem didn't know what to think, how to feel. She'd grieved for him, raised their daughter without him, telling her such wonderful stories. But the idea that he'd been alive the entire time, that he'd been well and not once contacted her, it made her sick to her stomach. After a number of drinks, Alison had called a cab for Gemini and almost had to roll the other woman into it, letting the cab driver know where to go. Gem was certain she'd passed out at least once or twice, because before she knew it she was outside Marcus' house. Why had Alison sent her here? Aside from the fact that Layla had been minding Gabby tonight. Gem wasn't sure if she wanted to be around anyone. Though... Marcus was a journalist, right? Had he known? With the thought in her mind, the woman tapped her card to pay for the cab, and then stumbled out of it and toward the house, where she fumbled with the key in the door, loudly enough that someone likely had to have heard her and her mutterings mixed with curse words. It had to be some kind of stupid joke, right? If not... then... she didn't know what, to be honest.
  24. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Alexander Winfield
    Was he even ready for this? He imagined this had been the palpable feeling that soldiers held just before the eve of a battle. It felt as if the fear and uncertainty inside held a life of their own, had anyone truly been fully satisfied in saying that they were ready to meet the very gates of death itself? He sat down in the living room, taking that moment to arrive a bit of schedule with the guitar Sapphire grasped in his hand. In any moment of his life where he had a mountain that seemed almost unable to be traversed there had always been a guitar in hand. A tune in his heart that had fought against the emotions as if to calm the spirit itself. That had been the beast of emotions in all of its complexity, even when the deed needed to be done there had been that ever present fight to try and back out of it. Alexander made his way towards the couch and sat down on it and positioned the guitar on his lap and pressed it against his abdomen while he started to tune it. The metallic surfaces were slippery and it had everything to do with the intense sweat that soaked at the surface of his hands. He shakily breathed out heated air from his lips and the full presence of his trembling resonated through from his shoulders towards the tips of his fingers. All the talk that he had amounted up to ease others, to lie to himself about it not being something to fear had almost been consumed by the fear inside of himself on saying goodbye to this world, to those that he had started to get close to and build a solid foundation on. At this rate it would win out on his mind and it was now that he couldn't afford that to happen. He took in a deep course of air through his nostrils and strummed the chords of the guitar in a slow motion. It held no rhythm, a simple build up from low to high as he tried to tune the inside of himself to the vibrations that had struck through his body from holding the instrument so closely. The hand that held at the neck of the guitar slid smoothly in an ascending motion as it tested the various adjusted sounds that would coo from his long-term friend. It had been no different than when he'd been in the hospital, when he'd been bed-ridden at home in his younger years and tried to avoid the encroaching pain that wracked through the body then. As such, Alex began to actively strum the guitar with a more organized set. Slowly his mind started to become more devoid to the atmosphere around him, taking no other notice as if the world had dissolved entirely for that moment and his voice started to eases out to sing along with what had been played here. A song that fit for a self proclaimed war cry of personal dedication to survival. After the song had ended his eyes kept closed and he soaked in that feeling that it left with him, maybe not hope itself but a will and desire not to simply see it through but the willingness to live and survive for himself. Pains and aches were just a prelude to this moment that would be what he would consider his victory for his want to survive, to live a full life. The edge of his thumb slide along the siding of the guitar as his eyes opened up slowly still gazed at the instrument. Whatever the time had been by now it had no longer been a concern on his mind. "Had to make sure we did one more rodeo, Old gal. We'll both have bigger futures after this. That much I'm going to push ahead for." Though he spoke to the instrument it had been more as a reaffirmed bolster for himself. Today would be when he chose life but would he be Accepted into life or death?
  25. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    Alexander Winfield
    To say that the last few weeks had been a chaotic whirlpool of depression and sadness would be an understatement. Luckily, it wasn't ONLY a black abyss with the small bits of good news being heavy in quality in his opinion. Today being one of those days that would be one of pure light and goodness even if he needed to pull the very sun into the room at any cost. He'd risen up early, before the sun even would peak in a blinding light as he needed to prepare for Cassandra's birthday. There were plenty of preparations that needed to be done and it all had to be in place before her eyes opened up or else it all would have been a botched surprise to see a smile on that beautiful mug. Each movement intended to be that of a Ninja or his impression of a ninja as his gaze turned to the dozing red-haired woman. A single finger pressed to his lips. "Now you two need to work with me here, alright? No sudden motions or power jumps, okay? This is Mommy's day and it needs to be a perfect one. Operation: Happy Fairy is a go." It felt weird knowing that they could understand and feel, that they held enough awareness and control. But it worked in his favor in hoping that they'd behave themselves until the perfect moment to wake her up. Then he bolted out of the room on his tip-toes where he'd sneak towards the living room. It didn't feel weird with the new living arrangements but it meant that he needed to be even -more- stealthy and careful to not wake up a bunch of people. He pulled out a few presents out from the back closet where he had hid them for sometime a neat little trinket that had been enchanted as a form of camouflage on them. When he removed it a trove of them came into perfect view where he'd take each one and brought them back to their own room and strategically placed them in a winged form. Some on the left side of the door against the wall, some on the right arranged with the smaller presents at front and larger ones built up at the back like a series of sky scrappers. For the last few months he'd been saving up, pulling out more gigs in different parts of the city and different events to make this a memorable Birthday. It seemed that had been his gimmick, make birthdays memorable in their own way. Once he double checked to make sure each gift had been moved into the room he rerouted to the kitchen where he'd start to make up a Breakfast meal of unique variety. Hand prepared waffles in the shape of a well-crafted fish, crisp and crunchy edges along that ran in good consistency. On the side he made a batch of home fries, scrambled eggs with cheese, and topped off the waffle with Phis Food ice cream. A bit of an extra treat that he'd looked up in a recipe, usually it used something like Vanilla but a quick exchange had been easy enough. He took up a wooden tray and carried it along with everything placed neatly on a tray with a tall glass of super duper hot chocolate with marshmallows cascaded inside and already at a half-melted form while he made his way back to the room. Once inside he set the stand up, placed the tray on top of it neatly and clicked in a few straps to hold its edges down securely to allow it to take on a portable form. Both hands pressed against the wooden handles and he pulled the platter up and walked his way towards the Bed, the bright rays of the sun had already started to peer through the window in a warm greeting. "Okay girls, It's show time. Give mommy a gentle wake-up."