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Found 190 results

  1. A weekday was no day to get drunk. Keira could almost hear her sister barking those very words at her, if not for the fact she was alone late that night, sipping at an alcoholic beverage within the mostly empty confines of the Muggle bar 'The Tipsy Mozzie'. The cold had kept a lot of people in their homes and business was slow, leaving the journalist by herself by the far end of the establishment. She had never heeded such warnings and usually just drank when she pleased (one could even argue she was the catalyst of Diana Sharpe's recent liking of the very same liquid), but that day the alcohol was taking longer than usual to pass down her throat. The stress accumulated had been so great that even the simple act of working herself up to a mild buzz was quite the chore. While she was a workaholic by nature, even Keira had her limits, and she felt like they were about to be breached lest she have some sort of break. With her chin resting firmly in the palm of her hand, the half-Veela watched the 24/7 news channel that was put on blast in the corner of the ample room. Some sort of Muggle politician seemed to be making empty promises. "Yeah, sure you do..." She muttered to the figure in the TV prior to a sip, not actually paying active attention to what the man was saying. She needed something to inject a dose of energy in her, but what?
  2. While he was no Narrie resident there were very few things in the world that the young aspiring athlete couldn't ignore. A discount on food, given his situation, had been the largest godsend of it all and organized activities that had been geared towards most likely keeping a healthier lifestyle amongst the populace. Inspiring them and incentivizing, not unlike how some coaches managed their times in his opinion. Tyson could tell the difference between those that had been accustomed to the activities and those that had still had been learning, finding their place and mostly by how key individuals had been standing on the side assisting and teaching. As for himself, it hadn't been his first rodeo in engaging the war between the agility of man against the well placed design of the walls, often finding it as an opportunity to keep his body strength up in an extremely unique way even if it hadn't been done often. He made his way over towards one of the taller ones, something about it called to him, demanded that it be challenged by the young daredevil. What more could he do than oblige it of the call it seemed to sang in its imposing statue? That had been when he started to sit down onto the ground, hands checking along his sneakers, tightening the laces and affixed the footwear to settle around his ankle comfortably to avoid any serious injuries through inadequate safety. Then he started to pull finger-less gloves out of a sports bag, pulling them on to his hands and tightening the Velcro latches right against his wrists and firmly double tapped them into place with a smoothed rub that followed right after. The young man huffed to himself taking in the air and pushed himself up from the ground giving a free stretches to make loosen up his limbs, surely enough time to get his body prepared while he awaited for a good opportunity to approach the wall. It looked like it'd been a good turn out too, which seemed like a positive outcome in his books.
  3. Target practice. School breaks were always a bittersweet time in Ian's life. On the one hand he had more time in which he didn't have to study and could actually kick back and relax for a change, and even tend to his relationships properly in case he had inadvertently neglected them because of his studies; on the other hand, most students also took the opportunity to leave the school and go visit their families, leaving people like the Flinders boy quite lonely. It didn't help that those who stayed (or, at least, those whom he befriended) had been picking up jobs or other assorted extra responsibilities that made it difficult to gather. Target practice had been the answer to the sudden swell in free time, or, at least, the most efficient one he could find. It was a very productive thing for him to do with his time - he was obeying his sister's directives of pushing himself to be at his strongest at all times for the sake of self-protection, and practice certainly made perfect in the Wizarding world. In a way, he was helping someone out. And with that in mind, the Dhampir was more than happy to improve on his own. Grind the bottles to fine dust, reassemble, grind them to fine dust again. That had been what Ian had been doing for a portion of the afternoon, placing the targets on a variety of locations and hitting them successively wherever it was he stood. It was a risky process, as the spell in question incinerated everything it came in contact with; however, on the flip side, it could make for that much more of a challenge to repair something else struck by it...
  4. Bella had been slightly more anxious for the break, she hadn’t been paying too much attention in class either and she had been unable to get a decent night sleep after the encounter she had a few weeks ago with a fae. The story still seemed unreal, but she had obtained the photograph from her grandmother, she had actually taken the family album, that way would be a lot easier to see through all the photos throughout the years, and it would be a lot easier to carry than loose photographs. She sat on her bed and looked at the album, looking at the photos that had been taken long before she was born until the present day, her grandmother still liked to take photos. It was time to go, the longer she waited, the longer it would take for her to get all the information. “Alright Jester, it’s now or never.” she began getting ready, slowly, she was trying to relax, trying to see things in a positive way. Where the man lived wasn’t too far, she could easy arrive, however, while she was taking her time in order to calm down, it happened to have the opposite effect. Bella was getting more nervous and anxious with every passing minute. Several ideas kept showing in her mind as she thought if going was the right thing to do, as far as she was concerned, he could be lying to her . . . he didn’t look like he was, she was probably just being stupid as always. She stopped worrying too much about the situation. She left a note on the kitchen table, she didn’t know how long she was going to take, it was best if others wouldn’t wait for her. She finally left the house with the photo album, if she remembered correctly, the older man lived in Melbourne’s North, once she arrives there, she only needs to find the correct house. In a few minutes, Bella arrived at Melbourne’s North and looked at the address he had given her. She began walking, searching for the place, hoping that the walk would clear her mind and that would help her focus, she couldn’t start acting like a chicken who had its head cut off, she had to be calm about it, there was no point stressing over something that she doesn’t even know how it will end. Finally, she could see the right property. She looked at the paper and looked at the doorbell, she continued to look back and forth between the two before shoving the paper in her coat’s pocket. She was trying to delay touching the doorbell, she was sure she had a reason, a poor one, delaying would only make things worse. Finally gathering some courage, she rang the doorbell and waited for someone to pick up from the other side. “He-hello…I…I’m…I’m Isabella Mayfield.” She took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, all she wanted to do was turn around and go back home, but it took everything she had to stay. “I’m here to talk to Mr. Windum…”
  5. cont. from A playful game of tag Was she a romantic? Probably she was, she didn’t let it out often, but she was a romantic. It was strange that someone could through it, the choice of words or even what she wanted to believe, it kind of reminded her of someone she used to be, before she became bitter and afraid of getting hurt emotionally again, was it a sign to finally let things go? Travis had been helpful in that regard, listening, talking, he was a good friend. Liv smiled up at the young man, her thumb ran across his hand in a gentle motion. The word ‘heartbreak’ was still one she had trouble with, a reminder of how painful it could be, and it could physically hurt someone. Liv decided to stay quiet, only holding his hand. “Some people are worth it.” she stated with conviction. Travis was worthy of it, regardless of what he might think. Her eyes met his and a smile grew on her face as she looked at him. She was willing to get as close as he allowed her to. He didn’t seem to mind going to the lake, which was good in her opinion. If he couldn’t get sick there shouldn’t be a problem, she could easily warm up the place if any of them were cold. She still had energy, probably not as much as he did but she could still manage to go swimming, the worst that could happen if Travis having to carry her back because she was too tired to move. “I’m still good for a few rounds, I don’t have your energy, but I can still go for another game of tag if necessary.” She joked poking his cheek lightly. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, and your tongue is ticklish.” She chuckled as the memory of earlier in the day flooded her mind. It was a nice afternoon, a nice game, she wouldn’t mind doing it more often with him, he was fast, and it had been the best time she had in a few years, she couldn’t deny it. Liv got up and shook her head. “I don’t need a t-shirt or shorts, maybe after I will but I can still dry my own clothes after. You don’t need to worry about it.” she commented as she picked both his hands and held them tight to pull him up. -------------------------------------------To the lake they go------------------------------------------- As soon as they were both ready to go Liv apparated both of them to the lake and they both seemed to have arrived in one piece. Her hand was still holding onto Travis’ arm to make sure he didn’t stay behind. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but … first one to the water has to do the victory dance.” She let go of him and dashed to the edged of the lake, she knew she could never beat Travis in a land race, it was a pointless bet, but still a fun one. When she got to the edge of the lake, she removed her clothing, except her underwear. There was a light breeze, not too cold, but not warm either, nothing she couldn’t handle, and nothing that would make her sick either. She then proceeded to jump to the water, which was slightly warmer than it was outside.
  6. There was no better time to decide to take on the challenge of going up the wall set at the Lakes, or so Jo thought, it was her day off and she wanted to do something that didn’t involve being inside, while she enjoyed it, she had enough for the next couple of weeks, the punishment had been enough to make her dislike being inside for long periods of time. However, desk work had its perks, fewer hours, knowing all about the office gossip, knowing who was entangled with who, she could listen to the radio all she wanted, and she could even improve on her Origami skills, something she couldn’t do if she was on the field. Not everything was as bad as it seemed, aside from all the rules she had to follow, or at least implied rules of civilized people, meant she couldn’t steal food from the office fridge, or food that had a label on saying to who it belonged to. The Dhampir stopped by her house to get on some sun screen, just because it was winter didn’t mean she didn’t burn, her skin was still sensitive enough to make her look like a boiled lobster at the end of the day. Getting to the lakes was the easy part, climbing would be fairly easy too assuming she wasn’t going to break anything, because if she did, Ash will never stop mocking her about the time she ripped off something from the giant wall. First things first, Jo took a walk around the location, trying to get a sense of who was there and who wasn’t. Even in her day off Jo couldn’t stop doing what she did for a living, which was making sure everything was safe. It could be an instinct thing, she didn’t like to be caught off guard or to be surprised, things could get pretty violent if it was to happen something similar. Looking up at the wall, Jo gathered all the preparations to start climbing it, she would have gone with no support but she didn’t want to call too much attention to herself, she wanted to blend in with the rest of the people. She began climbing the wall like she did that on a regular basis, the support was pretty must useless for her, but she did use it as an excuse after she pulled one of the supports for the hands accidentally and let it fall to the ground before continuing to climb the wall.
  7. She knew she wasn't technically supposed to be on school grounds, and slipping around the Spencer areas of the school was stranger still---but there were Discussions that needed to be Had, and Améa was done with biting her tongue. So long she had been powerless, able to do little more than stand back and watch as her family went through one turmoil and the next, the very composition of what was family changing almost daily. Alexander and Lauren, Bethianna, Cassandra, Cate, what had once been the tiny creek of their bloodline and kind suddenly strengthening into a river. Caleb now, too, was learning a new world. Since her return to her own appearance, Améa was visibly stronger. Not the phantom that had returned to Narrie under Zane's controlling gaze, she moved with confidence and strength. There was a menacing quality to her movement, now, the position of every limb calculated for the most efficiency and power. Nothing was wasted. Where her mother and sisters moved with an eerie grace, Améa moved with an absoluteness that made her seem impossibly solid and terrifyingly strong. A movement more akin to that of Bethianna, if anyone. But also a movement entirely her own, Spencer students peeled out of her way as they saw her advancing. Some knew her name, some simply thought it was Adele come charging after overdue books, but either way she carved a pathway through the common area with ease. Améa looked neither left nor right, only moved forward in search of her target. She knew where he was, she could still feel that remainder of him that was part of them. She followed it like a scent, single-minded and barely a thought given to the obstacles and people that shifted around her. There. Her eyes narrowed further and she closed in on him. "Alexander," her voice was soft, but sharp. Low, but brooked no argument either. "We are must do talk. In the private."
  8. 7 months earlier... Upon arrival at the home, Stardust had paused and her expression had turned to concern even before entering. She had told Cassandra and Dylan that she felt a shift in the land around it. Something had happened, an opening had been created. It was through her they were able to witness an echo of events as Caitlin seemed to pour through books and drawers like a madwoman, searching for something. What it was they couldn't say, and they followed her frantic searching as she then ran outside into the back yard and than... simply vanished. "She opened a door... no... someone else did..." Had come the soft voice of the Fae woman, before she furrowed her brow. "We cannot follow." Immediately, an argument sparked from Cassandra, but Stardust simply looked at her and then pointed to her barely showing belly at the time. "You cannot risk losing them to Faerie, and I... I cannot remember how to return," This seemed to trouble the small Fae, who then offered her apologies and words that she would let Dylan know as soon as she felt another shift. If Caitlin returned. Today... At the shop, the Fae woman was in the midst of inspecting some new wands that had been crafted, when she paused, her head lifting and gaze staring into the middle distance. She dropped the wand in her hands and ran to the front desk, almost jumping on top of it in order to gain Dylan's attention as she stared at him. There was a mixture of concern, excitement, happiness, and yet fear in her eyes. "The door opened again..." Came the whisper from the dark-haired Fae, "She's returned." Elsewhere, Cassandra felt the shift as well as the familiar tug of her aunt's blood while she was feeding one of the twins and her breath halted for a moment as she looked up. Her chest tightened and relief flooded through her for a few moments. The babe she was feeding stopped, and both turned their strange-coloured gaze to her as though acknowledging that they had felt it too. A soft half-sob bubbled from her lips as she rested back in her seat. She needed to go see her though, and so she summoned the stroller from the hallway and began to settle the two girls in it while reaching out toward Alex with her mind, 'Did you feel it?' At the same time, Cass felt concern... because she didn't just feel the single thread that connected her to Caitlin, but another connecting one as well. In the backyard of the house which had only been maintained by family but otherwise untouched, The red-haired woman blinked, disoriented for a moment as she looked around the back of her home, before then toward the teenager who stood next to her, holding her hand as she fearfully studied the place. The last thing she remembered was that she had been searching for something, and then... then she opened her eyes and found herself here with Aisling. She knew her daughter, naturally, though she couldn't place any memories of her having been living here with herself or Cass. Bringing the girl in close, Caitlin held her while she tried to work out what was missing in her mind, though subconsciously she was aware that it was futile, at least at the moment. She was still dressed exactly the same as when she left, appeared no different, and yet, she knew she had gone somewhere. She didn't like that her garden had overgrown quite a bit, what had happened? "Let's go inside," Caitlin said softly, and then began to lead Aisling in, so that she could at least get them some tea or something, while she tried to straighten her mind which was clearly missing fragments of memory.
  9. "This is your kind of thing, right? The disciple becomes the master." The trio had agreed upon scheduling their little adventure up the Narrie Lakes' wall for a lazy Sunday afternoon, the one day of the week a certain bakery closed and allowed for a day off. It was hot enough that they weren't shivering with the cold of Winter, though they still had to wear a nice coat to warm up properly. The pair waited near the main event of "Just Do It June" for Samantha's friend, Max, whom had been the one requesting company for the climb in the first place. "Can't say I dislike the sound of that." Samantha giggled at her baking mentor. Eyes scanned up the wall as she analyzed it - it was likely something she could climb with no support, and even if she were to trip, her non-human physiology would make it easier to catch herself prior to hitting the ground. Even if she did, she'd likely be able to withstand a much greater height than a run of the mill human - she just hoped that there were no Muggles around to witness such a thing if it were to happen. "Is your friend going to take too long?" Natasha idly asked as her gaze perused the surrounding activities. They were truly all about getting active - it was fortunate that she had gotten into shape (somewhat) over the course of the past year through Judo, but that didn't change the fact she wasn't agile like a monkey. It was likely that the task would not be too easy, something that served as a bit of a downer; on the flip side, the company would likely keep her mind occupied enough for her not to notice the difficulty. "No, she should show up any minute now. I'll show you how to secure yourself to the wall in a bit." Samantha had picked up on how unsure the older woman seemed about the activity and gave her a wide smile. Natasha wrinkled her nose and stared up the obstacle as well. 'Why did I agree to this...?'
  10. Chloe couldn't figure out why it was that her maternal grandparents had decided to make the trip down under in the middle of June, nowhere near any break period for either her parents, herself or her student, and demand that all give them attention. They had been over for a week, having arrived the previous Sunday; Chloe had managed to avoid them for most of that period with school, training and work as an excuse, but that Saturday, she had no choice - she was forced to put up with them as her mother begrudgingly ordered her to come home from Tallygarunga for the weekend. The Sturt considered herself to be very tolerant of others in general, but in her book, her grandparents were absolutely insufferable. Her mother had told stories before about how strict and career-obsessed they were, but even her words couldn't do them any justice. Whenever the family visited Kagoshima she always made sure to drag her sister out of the house and avoid them as much as possible, but now that they had gone to her hometown instead, it proved to be too great a task. She was doomed to have her ears incessantly filled with interrogations pertaining her future, why she hadn't found a good man yet, what sort of education she intended to pursue in Muggle school (now that she thought about it, it was perhaps for the best they had no idea what magic was), how her hobbies were unbecoming of a young woman like her, so on and so forth. Near the end of the afternoon, however, she hit her limit. As dinner was served, Chloe excused herself with the pretense of feeling unwell. She was allowed to retire to her bedroom. After a gentle pet to Frost's head and an uttered apology, the girl proceeded to put her plan to action. She shoved various pillows under the sheets of her bed, so if anyone were to come in, they'd think of her as asleep. She then put on a hoodie jacket for warmth during the upcoming warm night, shoved the few clothes she had brought along with her the previous day in a backpack along with her phone and wallet, and opened the window to greet the chilly night. The sun set early as the Winter approached, and she knew that she still had a couple hours to make it back to Tallygarunga on foot before she'd be considered to violate curfew. She believed it to be more than enough time for the trek, even if she took the long way around, and perhaps she could even grab something to eat on the way. She hoisted herself up and over the window, hanging cleanly with a hand while the other held onto the backpack's strap. Her gaze met Frost's as the feline reclined in its temporary bedding for a nap - there was no point in bringing the cat along when her sister was around to watch for it, but she couldn't help being concerned over the fact he could also jump off the window she was about to leave open. Coupled with the fact that the sudden cold air would alert the inhabitants of the house that something was off, she made up her mind about alerting Lexi regarding the fact that she left. However, she had to escape first. Looking down from the first floor window, she lowered herself as much as she possibly could to minimize the length of the fall. Firstly, she threw her bag a ways away for it to fall on the grass of the backyard, mentally hoping to Merlin her phone would be in working condition afterwards. The second one to fall would be her. With her feet lightly pressed against the side of the building, she pushed herself off of it to a free fall, tucking and rolling as her body reached ground level. The slickness of the grass from earlier rain stained her clothes, and she took notice as she stood back up on her feet, her hands haphazardly cleaning off as much as she could of the greenery now on her clothes. Once she deemed it sufficient, the Sturt reached for her fallen backpack to verify the state of her mobile device - finding it in working order, she sent a text message to her sister wherein she was honest about her intentions. It didn't take Chloe too long to spot said girl coming up to the window she had just jumped over, and waved at her as it was closed. Escape successful. She doubled back around the house to ensure she wasn't spotted through windows on accident by going along the side of the dining room; as she jumped the fence and reached the street, she let out a sigh in relief in the dead of night. At least, until the following day, she could rest easy...
  11. Restless didn't even begin to describe how Adele felt these days. She was antsy to the point of physical discomfort, incapable of stillness and lacking the ability to focus on anything for any length of time. Luckily DJ was a good sleeper, and there were plenty of helping hands around to help her care for him. Améa was sitting in with the boys in her living quarters tonight, offering Adele the chance for a night to relax and look after herself. But she couldn't even decide what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go, even though her entire self was screaming to escape and keep moving she just didn't know to where. The frustration, fuelled by indecision, meant she had only so much as glanced into a few places in town before heading back to Tallygarunga and wandering aimlessly about the halls. Dressed as if she were for a night out, lost in body and soul. The first few hours of the night slipped away, she put some books away in the library. Wandered out to the memorial garden and laughed at the irony of it. Walked out by F3 and the West Wall, eventually heading back up to the staff room. It was empty, and dark. She lit a single candle, preferring the dramatic darkness. It seemed to suit her mood, the flickering candle doing the same dance as her mind as it flitted from one idea to the next, nothing ever satisfying enough to settle. She wanted everything and nothing. She was hungry, but no food existed to quell that deep hunger. Nothing was enough. Even a single space to stand wasn't right, and she paced around the staffroom table as the light from the candle played about her features. Alan would be furious if he saw her smoking indoors, which was exactly why she lit one up. That seemed to be the only real constant lately. She didn't even want the cigarette, nor did she really want the drink she poured herself. It was just something to do. Something to irk Alan. Something to make her feel more than just a plastic bag on the wind. Her ear pricked slightly as the staffroom door began to groan, signalling that it would open and Adele turned to face it. "Don't you go farting in here, Alan," she called, assuming it would be the headmaster. "You'll blow us all up."
  12. The longer that excruciatingly annoying day went on, the more Amber became convinced that Harvey the Creepy Bastard was an escape artist. She had lost sight of the pygmy puff more than once (quite humiliating for a Seeker!) - how could such a small, slow little fur ball be so crafty? That final time, she had lost the little animal near the exit of Tallygarunga. After extensive search, she found the creature in the Murrigal Bushland - atop a tree, no less, perched on a branch with its little beady eyes trained on the Spencer. "Is this an April Fool's joke outta season or somethin'...?" Samantha owed her big time for 'looking after' Harvey, she thought. As usual, there wasn't even so much of a squeak or twitch from the creature as she confronted it from ground level; and thus, she was faced with the task of having to go up to bring it to safety. Agile as she was, climbing the tree was no issue, nor was balancing herself on the branch. The challenge was not to make her prey jump off and escape after such a tiresome search. "I promise I'll feed you your bugs if you stay put, okay?" She called out to Harvey in a low tone as she crouched on the branch, inching closer and closer to it over time. The creature didn't move still, looking at her in the same blank manner as it always did. However, just as Amber was about to grasp its fuzzy body, it finally made its play and deliberately jumped off of the branch. "No!" The Spencer instinctively dropped down as well, fearing for its safety and taking a hold of it in mid air; though, it wasn't meant to go well, as her concern for Harvey's well being made her neglect her own. She didn't have time to fall properly as she held the pygmy puff up during the fall, and ended up crashing down onto the ground, free arm caught between the grass and her own body. She could practically hear her humerus crack upon impact, which made her cry out with the pain. Her body jolted with the sudden agony, causing Harvey to jump off of her head and land on the beanie-covered head triumphantly. "God damn it!" The girl hissed through gritted teeth as she pressed her forehead to the ground in a vain attempt of making the pain lessen, gripping the limb on reflex and inadvertently making it worse.
  13. Another day for most. Another day for Stuart too, really... at least a few years down the track. Except that it wasn't, nor would it ever be. The 9th of July would always be associated with the tiny stillborn girl that he had held for only a short time. Certainly, he wasn't the only one to have lost a child in the town, or even among his friends or family. It's why he never spoke about it with others, even when they needed to speak about the ones they'd lost. He still had the rest of his children, and their children even. And the mother of this one... had never wanted to be a mother. Not that he ever blamed her. Despite her fears, she still accepted it was going to be. It wasn't her fault that she was being hunted, or that she'd been found. Or that she had been attacked, right before Stuart had turned up and - in his rage - did something he never would have done normally. It had been called self-defense, but the creature hadn't even been after him. He didn't even like calling it a creature. The werewolf that had killed his unborn daughter had been a person as well. But they were as evil in their human form as what many people considered their kind to be regardless. And the mother... she had survived, by some miracle, but they had never been the same again. Perhaps it had been for the best. She had been almost half his age, after all. Of course, that was some years ago now. How long? Seven years? He closed his eyes tightly, trying to push the number away. He didn't want to think that there could be a cute seven year old girl living with him, who played with her cousins and many half-siblings, and nieces and nephew. Every year he came here alone, he never reminded anyone the day, though suspected that at least Jez remembered. People had enough of their own worries, to be bothered by him. And so he sat at the foot of the grave and smiled gently at the name, 'Annabelle Maree Blair'. "Well... I guess it's about time I updated you on the weird and wonderful, Belly Bear?" Stuart spoke quietly, before then beginning to go over some of the details of what had been happening over the past year, since he last visited.
  14. It was something that had begun as barely anything. The girl hadn't considered it even just a couple of months ago. She'd began school like everyone else, but there were so many things that teenagers understood so much better than her, even though there were so many other things that she understood so much better than... well, most of the school. But there were things that were happening to her, with or without her intent or desire. She was aware enough to know that it had to be something to do with her growth spurt, that the hormonal changes which came with being a teenager would affect other parts of her, other than just physically. Mentally, emotionally, she was aware that there were sudden strange feelings, but she couldn't describe them or put them into some kind of understandable label. This was Travis' fault, surely. Well, no, she would liked to have blamed him, but he couldn't control what happened with her. That was just silly. What had caused this latest trip to the library to seek the knowledge of her grandmother though was the latest things she'd read in the Quillbook, which she had tossed into a drawer once she had written in it. She felt... hurt? Confused? Jealous, possibly? Mostly, she felt like she was lacking important knowledge that would allow her to understand better the things teenagers talked about. Dating, kissing, whatever else it was they did as boyfriends and girlfriends. Lei didn't even ring the bell at the librarian's desk, simply walking around it to the door which led to Adele's office and the living space attached to it. She did knock gently on the door before opening it and looking around with a small pout on her lips. Seeing no one, but knowing that her grandmother was just in the other room with Caleb for a moment, she moved to a chair and sat down, her expression contemplative as she waited for Adele to decide to see what she wanted.
  15. It was the last day of the, not so, glorious break and Lexi wanted to stay away from home as much as she could, she felt that every time she walked into that house, she had her grandparents’ eyes judging her every move like she was some common criminal, they already labelled as a criminal, but at least could have put some effort into not considering her ‘common’ she was much better than that. Lexi wasn’t going to be able to get rid of Satan & Satan so soon, which meant staying on campus was the safest place for her to be, at least there she won’t be bullied. As classes started the next day and begging her mother to stay that one night on campus, Lexi decided to spend the day at the grounds with a fake warrior helmet, a foam sword and her Spencer uniform. She could have gotten a more appropriate attire for such an activity, but she wasn’t sure how the school would think if someone was walking around pretending to be a 16th century knight, at least that way they could tell she was a student there. Lexi jumped on a bench, and from that state forward she jumped to a table, all while pretending she was fighting something that somehow only, she could visualize. Everyone that walked past her tried to ignore her, either by leaving or trying to avoid eye contact as they sat in the other tables. Lexi continued to jump from table to bench while carrying the sword in one hand and adjusting the helmet with the other, stopping halfway through her little act to take notes. At least it looked like she was practicing for acting, however she was testing how well her new moves would work during a LARP session. The young Spencer kept playing with the sword until it flew out of her hand, landing on a nearby table, luckily, it seemed that no one was hit.
  16. Robin sat on the roof of the house looking down at the backyard and her mother’s small garden, almost everything remained as when they acquired the house, an empty pool full of junk, dirt and dead plants, possibly a couple of dead animals too, by now they would be mummified with all the junk there was on the pool, a few dead bushes, a rundown shack, even the front gate was still broken. Perhaps her mother was too superstitious about having the twins around the house and would like most of it to remain the same the woman tried to change as little as she could about the house, scared it would make it dull like all the houses in the neighbourhood. It had been a really boring day for Robin, today was one of those days where she didn’t go to the reserve nor did she had any projects to work on, it was winter and it was cold and she didn’t like it at all, there was however a little event in Melbourne that she wanted to attend, while she could show off her skills, as a photographer, able to show how rich and amazing animal photography could be, this year she just wanted to enjoy the moment and see what others had to offer, maybe even get a sweet deal on something. Robin only needed to take her camera to photograph the event, while she wasn’t there on work, she still wanted to retain the memories of it, and because her mother wouldn’t be able to attend and would most likely would enjoy watching the photos. The young redhead quickly arrived in Melbourne. Everything was lovely, there were people on the streets, going in and out of shops and stores, there were even some street performers, she was pretty sure she had seen a metamorphmagus on the corner entertaining the children, someone using magic while a violin played with no one touching it, she was sure the man was doing magic to the sound of it. She also little girl who was perhaps a bit too tall for her age. Robin loved the diversity, everyone was so different and it somehow made her feel at home as she continued to walk through the area, paying attention to everything on display, except where she put her feet.
  17. As the woman lifted the glass of wine to her lips, her fingers played with the piece of paper she had just read, and which caused a fire to burn within her gaze. It was not something she wanted to deal with it, but was something she had dealt with ever since Gemini was still in school, not long after she had moved to Australia. Something that Sibylla dealt with personally, not wanting the younger woman to have to weather the stress from such a conflict. Curtis Dean had ever been a persistent one, however, and he and Sibylla had clashed a number of times over the past years, though he had gone quiet for a time after Franklin had been believed deceased. She wondered how much he had known... whether he was perhaps behind what had occurred back then. It mattered not. What did matter was that he was attempting to force his hand once again, though this time it wasn't over his son or his son's decisions on what he wanted, but it was over the granddaughter that he didn't even know. The girl that he had not once contacted, though perhaps that was in part due to the legal threats that Sibylla had made back then. She would not let him touch her granddaughter, or great-granddaughter, or any others that were hers. The legal letter was something she would have to deal with, hopefully without it getting to a point where Gemini or Gabby would be dragged into it. In that case, it might befall Gem to try and reason with the man who was on the birth certificate of her daughter, in relinquishing any kind of guardianship to someone else. But that could even cause more grief, having to appeal to him. Sib somehow doubted they would get any contact via long-distance. Placing the letter back into the envelope, she issued a heavy sigh before finishing her glass and tapping the bar to order another. For now, she would have to find another way to relieve her own tension, though had a feeling her evening would end up as it usually did, back home and worrying about something else to take her mind off things. Or taking care of her tension herself. Either were probably better options than any of the leering men who were here for their after work drinks because they had nothing else to go home to.
  18. Since that evening a few moon cycles ago, Lorelei had wanted to continue the conversation that they had been having before it became clear that it would be dangerous for Travis to stay out longer in his state. He had taken such a risk to find out her reasons for having avoided him, and it had almost cost him a great deal. There was guilt that hung heavy within Lei for that. And though they hadn't picked up that conversation again, she had made an effort to not be as awkward, she had still sat with him in classes when she showed up, talked casually with him, even when she still managed to say something that might have been a little strange or awkward. But, despite her talk with her grandmother on what she should do, she hadn't been able to bring herself to try and pull the conversation back to what had bothered her about his word games with the other girls. And then, by the worst timing possible, Lorelei had decided to try and approach him one day, and had put her 'feelers' out to see if she could determine where he was... only to discover that not only was he not alone, but was most definitely not in a state for company like hers. In fact, it seemed like he already had what he needed there at the time. After that the girl had decided to sit with her parents and speak of whether there was a point to her going to Tallygarunga. The classes were not structured for her kind. While she understood the importance of things like history and society, they were things she could study easily enough on her own. And it wasn't as though she couldn't be social with others her age. They spent as much time hanging out in town or in the city as any other teenager, and she was the same. But she hadn't been able to even look at Travis without feeling pained, which only made her frustration over being at a school where the magical rules were different to her own kin's. In the end, her parents agreed that she could cut down to the classes that could actually be relevant to her, but she did have to continue study at least for now. It was enough. Lorelei wasn't forced to be at the school all the time. Just for a couple of classes, and could spend time with Lauren or Alex if she wanted. She was still trying to wrap her head around the idea of sharing part of a soul with another girl too, something that still hurt her slightly, despite understanding the reasoning. But it also meant, undeniably, that Lorelei was much stronger in her power than others like her had been. Already, she had managed to break the hold on her power that had been placed, but she dared not use it. Not yet. She had too many questions, required too many answers to the multitude of things going on around her, but struggled with feeling unable to be fully truthful or open about herself with anyone. And so, the teenager had resolved with herself that she would at least try to get a few answers during the school holidays. Even if they were just to the most normal of things like a young girl's unrequited crush. That resolve didn't make it any easier as she stood at the door to the house where Travis lived though. His mother was at work, that much she knew, and the strange cat they had was out as well. It was just him here, and she had been at the door for a minute now, so he would probably be able to smell her soon if he walked past, so she inhaled deeply and knocked on the door a few times before teeth ran over her red bottom lip as she bit it. Dressed in a deep blue coat with a fluffy collar and cuffs, just long enough to cover the dress beneath it which must have only reached her thighs. Thick black tights ran the length of her legs, along with black boots with a small heel. Her raven tresses were free to frame her fair features, bright eyes awaiting the answer to her knocking.
  19. It felt quite weird to be on campus during a break. Even weirder taking into account that she was wearing street clothes, and even weirder than that the fact that she was carrying her training bag over her shoulder, rather than her beautiful, patch ridden school backpack. The Spencer quickly made her way to the Bourke Common Area without any detours, having done that same path very regularly in the past; however, once there, she took to the boys' dormitories rather than the girls. She wasn't there to visit Samantha. Oh, no. She was there to visit Travis Franklin. It felt like she was walking into a lion's den, a chamber full of teasing remarks that would prove inescapable, knowing how she usually react to them. Though, given the predicament she found herself in, it was perhaps for the best that she did decide to engage in such a private matter during the break - the halls of Tallygarunga were mostly empty, and you could practically hear a pin drop from how deserted they were. Less rumors could spring out of it, and hopefully the matter would be behind her back soon enough. Eventually, she reached the door she was led to believe was Travis', having never been there before. Raising her free fist, she knocked on the door a few times. "Ya there, Trav-in-a-box? It's me." She called out into the room. She couldn't ignore the nerves she was feeling, but was fortunate enough to be used to them; she could focus first on retrieving that damn portrait without getting too anxious, keeping herself under control.
  20. Laurie had honestly been surprised that nobody had come up with such an idea in the time she had spent on campus at that point. Did Tallygarunga students have no sense of humor? Despite the sheer amount of freedom the students were allowed in comparison to Durmstrang, they managed to somehow seem more strict than them at times. With so many people bending themselves backwards over school points and high grades, the newly minted Spencer figured it was high time -- in a literal sense -- that she'd do something about it and instilled some fun, and potential horror, in the local denizens. The Quidditch field would be ideal to put her plan to action. She had stolen a 'Dolores' mannequin from the Wandless Magic's teacher's room with disappointing ease (Why the hell did the Professor call it that? Was it some reference?), having used the old party trick of transmogrifying it into something smaller so to leave the premises free of suspicion. Arriving at the empty pitch, as students rarely trained when the break rolled around due to a distinct lack of bodies to fill the positions, the brunette walked all the way to the center of it and placed the doll there, upright, and took a few steps back. Looking around, she could see that there was enough space in all directions for her to conclude the final part of her plan without too much structural damage past destroying the grass under her feet. But, before she could bring about the true magnitude of her prank, she had to decorate the vessel for her wicked ways. But what should she do? "Hm... You need more color." The Spencer mused out loud. With a flick of her wand, she cast a spell that turned the entire dummy into an eye-catching golden color, rather than just tan. "Too many clothes." Another wand movement and the clothing covering the model came flying off, carelessly left discarded on the ground. Taking the tip of her wand to her chin, she mused what sort of makeover she should apply to what would eventually become her puppet, thinking it looked far too human for her tastes. Maybe she should make it look more like a monster? Or a robot? If only Max had been there to brainstorm with ideas and not ran off with Senan, she thought.
  21. Music was playing as she wandered around the house. Holly didn’t often get free time, in fact, since she’d become a mother it was a rare thing. That was back when she was raising her daughter alone, juggling university and work on top of it. Life had changed so much in the past year that if she stopped and really examined it she’d be more amazed than she was at the present. After all, over a year ago she was a single mother and orphan trying to aim for her dream career whilst living in a flat that even rats refused to squat in. Now not only did Saffron have her Father actively in her life, she also had her own. She’d also discovered that she had a little sister, a sister that was around the same age as Saffron. She’d realized that she already had the career that she wanted and she had a house that rats would be happy to squat in. All that added with now that Saffron had more family Holly found herself with days where she didn’t have to watch every move of her precocious daughter. This is what had led to Holly playing music louder than she really should and dancing around bra-less and free. Her hair was un-brushed and sat around her face and shoulders in whatever way it damn well pleased and she danced around the living room, her wand making the vacuum suck up the last few crumbs on the carpet. Food was happily cooking in the oven and pillows were plumping themselves. So it wasn’t exactly the normal picture of freedom one would expect from a mid twenties witch who had a few days child free and off work, but, the house still needed to be clean. She’d spent the two days previously being much less house proud but since her child would be returning soon with her Father in tow it was a good idea to at least try and have a house that looked like the one single occupant hadn’t be a complete slob when left alone. A quick check of the clock ten minutes before had told Holly she had about thirty minutes more too dance around and clean before her hair would have to be brushed, her bra would have to be put on and so would some lower half clothes then food from her attempts at cooking could be put on the table and then the door would open and through it would come her Daughter and Jon. Something she was rather looking forward to, if she was completely honest.
  22. There had been many moments in her life when she had stopped and wondered why she did the things she did. She questioned her decisions; felt this was a natural process of things. Doubts were normal; questions were something that would eventually become answered. This moment, though, was not one she had never really assumed would arrive at her door. This moment when she questioned exactly why she had decided to follow the path of a Healer and then use those skills for something like the international wizarding police. This moment was being had at the front door of the building she now called home. Her hands out in front of her, her useless hands, hands of a healer that did not manage to heal. She used one of these useless hands to reach into her bag and get out her house keys. She could not stand outside the front door any longer, Jasper would no doubt already know she was back and the last thing she needed was too see him in the doorway. Isolda knew that if he did open the door she would fall into his arms and loose her side of their friendly war. A war she didn’t see the point of in that moment. Still she had to move onward and with this thought in her mind she wiped some of the seemingly endless tears off her cheeks and opened the front door. “I’m home.” She said, throwing her keys down on the table they used for keys and her bag to drop onto the floor as she headed for the kitchen. The kitchen was were the wine lived and right there and then she needed a large glass followed by a large bottle. Opening the fridge she pulled out one of the cheaper chilled whites and the largest wine glass she had. It was one of those glasses that held entire bottles of wine. Once the wine had made its escape from the bottle and settled in the glass, she left the now empty bottle on the counter. It wasn’t alone for long, as one that was done she pulled the band from her hair and threw it down. Now with loose hair and one incredibly large glass of wine she turned and headed back to the living room and curled up on the settee as tears still rolled down her cheeks.
  23. There had been a feeling of impatience in the air lately when it came to one Lisa Knotley, and the longer time went on, the thicker that aura felt, almost as if one could cut it with a knife. The break was approaching and the blonde waited for classes with bated breath, needing some sort of task or activity to keep herself from going insane after a few weeks of sitting on the sidelines. Although, despite her workaholic tendencies, not all was bad. Throughout the break, her schedule did find itself quite busy - that had been Aspen Clarke's full responsibility, and something the Sturt was quite grateful for. They had spent nearly every day of the break together, for hours on end; and, on occasion, multiple times in the same day. There had even been a day where she had gone to visit Lisa at night on her request, and the Sturt figured they could pull a second round of it all to bid goodbye at their little vacations. Just like the last time, it had been quite the simple affair to sneak the girl in; unlike that time, however, the blonde had ideas unbecoming of teenagers like them - she took to alcohol to make the seconds more tolerable. It had taken a bit of convincing, but she eventually got Aspen to agree to that little activity (much to Lisa's surprise). The conversation flew back and forth easily during the first few swigs they shared from one of the few bottles she had found over the past year laying around the school premises. However, as time went on and a potent buzz solidified in each of the girls, things turned south and the room grew distinctly quiet, devoid of laughter and amusing conversations. They sat against the headrest of Lisa's bed, dressed as if ready to go to sleep, leaning against each other in the somewhat uncomfortable silence. Not because of one another's presence or proximity, but because of what was going through their minds. At some point, the Sturt had handed the beverage to Aspen; to occupy her now idle hand, she pulled her friend's leg up to a bent position gently, if a bit clumsily, and found herself resting that hand on the top of her thigh, with a thumb running back and forth within its range. Despite her eyes being cast down towards the active finger, her gaze was anything but focused as the thoughts in her mind threatened to suffocate her at the drop of a hat. "...This is the part where I tell you to stay away, I think..." She muttered, breaking the silence, gaze stuck to the perpetually moving finger. Despite her words, no part of her body made a move to get away and escape the personal bubble of the friend she had grown so fond of. "I've come to really care about you, so... I don't want to end up screwing you over too at some point." It was remarkable how easily Aspen had broken through every barrier Lisa had so carefully built for a little over two years; and in a way she had betrayed the Bourke already by her very inaction at nipping the friendship in the bud the moment she noticed it was blossoming. She had wanted to feel close to someone again, she realized, but ultimately she knew she had been setting both up for failure and dooming the Bourke to the pain Lisa always seemed to inevitably cause. "That stuff you heard about me... From the Dueling Club. That's barely scratching the surface..." Her phrases dragged on as the alcohol took effect. She was conscious of the fact she was talking too much, but lacked the concern over what her words could end up doing to herself; the care for her friend dominated. "You already know I'm a lousy friend. I'm also, let's see... Lousy daughter, lousy sister, lousy girlfriend... S'just pick your poison at this point, really." She let out a deep exhalation. If only she knew how to stop herself. "I guess... I just don't want you to be next on the list." As her speech slowed to a halt, she decided to reach over with her free hand to take the bottle out of Aspen's hands, her head inadvertently pressing harder against the Bourke's with the leaning before she managed to return to her previous position; she then took a rather large swig in a vain attempt to forget her plights.
  24. It had been a while since Robin had so much work, it was starting to get harder and harder to find time between schedules to deliver orders, but also the number of works she had was increasing at an alarming rate, it was that time of the year where she could use someone’s help, not only to take photos but to also do some delivery services. She was sure how she wanted to call attention to the community, she wanted someone who knew its way around Narrie, and the best people to do that young be young students searching for their first paying job. Coming up with the best flyer was complicated, it had to be appealing enough to have people pay attention to it, preferably a school kid in need of some extra money. Robin wasn’t cheap, she paid relatively decently for the hour, depending on her earnings, so she was hopping she could get some attention with that alone, assuming she could get people to look at the flyer in the first place. The best location to put it up was on the Tallygarunga Road, or at least in some of the stores directed at young wizards that they had, she wasn’t too eager to work with adults, while they were mature enough to do the job, they often argued that such a young person as herself shouldn’t be telling them what to do, even if they were the ones working for her, she wanted people who did the job they were supposed to do. The board sitting outside barely had any space to pin anything, but with a bit of time and patience, Robin was able to pin the paper requesting for help, along with the job’s description and the payment, which would be done according to her own, the bigger the job the bigger the payment. Once the flyer was pinned and in a good position to be viewed by most people Robin hung around the board for a while by leaning close by, hopping that someone would read it and if they seemed interested she could talk to them right there on the spot and would avoid the whole meeting situation that she so desperately wanted to avoid.
  25. Another holiday break, another parent who was annoyed about how their student wasn't going to be back at school until a couple weeks after the others next term. Ele could practically hear them through the door as she waited outside the office. Her own mind was distracted partially anyway, which dimmed some of the droning from the unhappy parent, while she thought on things that were going on, things that she should have been getting on top of but was worried about for one reason or another. Actually, no, there was really only one big reason that had kept her from reaching out... and that was the one very deranged sister that no one still had any idea where she was. Nina was playing with Elena in the reception area, the girls were safe where they were. And Ele really just felt a little silly upon only just recently realising that one of her half-sisters was a student here and she had likely seen her a number of times and yet, neither of them knew one another. She wasn't sure how to feel toward the girl, truth be told, protective maybe? Did she have a right to feel that way? Probably not. Everything about it all was so awkward. The situation between she and Ash certainly hadn't changed much, except for some extra tension between them. Or was there? Maybe she was imagining it. He had never reacted to her own admission of feelings toward him, so she had to wonder. Finally, the parent stormed out of the office, muttering something that Ele didn't hear or really care to. She stood and stepped inside, lifting a brow and tilting her head at the man behind the desk. "Sounds like someone who wasn't happy with what you told them... so a normal day then. Good thing you don't have to come here every day of the holidays, hm?"
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