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Found 80 results

  1. Invite Not Again

    It had caught her off guard. It was the same feeling she had with all three pregnancies, the uneasy stomach, the need to vomit at 10 am. She wanted Watermelon and Olives at the same time. It had not been a feeling of excitement but one of anxiousness. It had been hard adjusting to two children, Especially with how little she had seen her husband… That and Persephone wasn’t a year old yet. They had gone away to celebrate their marriage and they had not been as careful as they usually were She was anxious as she sat there in the bathroom, the small stick sitting on the sink as she waited- as she willed the stick to yield a negative result… The last thing they needed was another kid. At least not without a conversation. Silas had not been planned they had found out because someone had slammed their car into hers, nearly killing both her and the fragile life that she had not been aware of. Jason was not thrilled but once Silas came- he fell in love with the little boy. They had fought about having a second kid. It had been a bad fight- one that made her feel as though her wants in the marriage were not as important as her husband’s career. She looked at her hands. It was something she still felt from time to time. Jason had then wanted another, and they tried, they lost that baby, it had been devastating and Doe had never felt alone like she had in those moments. That something was wrong with her. Then came little {Persephone, she was perfect. Though she had spent a long time making her miserable as she spent most of the night tending to her, she cried all the time, she had been much sicker than Silas had been. Jason had also not been around, as often and he had been busier and busier as of late. Now it was quiet in the house the kids were napping. It was the only moments of peace she had at the moment. She looked up at the stick and stood from her spot on the side of the bathtub. Looking at it she felt her head swim a bit as she looked at the pink plus that stared up at her mockingly. The doorbell rang and she look confused for a moment and then remembered that she had invited Dylan over. It had been a while since she had seen her friend and she had in fact missed him. The mess with Orion and Frankie had taken over her life for a while, then she and Jason had gone to the Maldives. It had left little time for socializing and she was aware he had been rather busy himself. Attempting to put on her best face she shoved the stick in in the bathroom drawer and moved to get the door. She smiled as she spotted the tall Irishman and she pulled him into a hug. In the years that she had met Jason, and had children she had gotten far more affectionate, she also didn’t have Malcolm watching her. He would get jealous if any small amount of attention paid to someone else. It was rather challenging. ”Hello!” She said, though the idea of having another child stressed her out and she was happy to see Dylan. ”I have not started Lunch, I am so sorry, the kids are napping and I was doing something else and just got sidetracked…” It happened often with the kids. ”Come in, come in.” She ushered him into the kitchen. ”What about something Greek yes? Gyros?” She offered. That was always easy to put together.
  2. Invite hiding

    Violet Kalifa
    Seeing Tyson had become the highlight of Violets week. She was not sure that she should be doing this, but she was doing this. It was a choice she kept making. It was one she didn’t think she would stop making. At least not now. Tyson made her feel things that she had not felt in a long time, they were things she didn’t actually think she could stifle if she wanted to. That didn’t mean she was not nervous about the many consequences that were in play. However for now, things were better- she was happier, and she was lighter feeling. It was a good thing. It was all a good thing. Even if they had been rather safe about things… she wondered how much longer she could hold out. Spotting him she smiled as he approached. ”Damn what have you have been doing, you took long enough.” There was a smirk behind her word. There was a lot of fun in the way they would go back and forth. Not too many people could do that with her without losing their cool eventually. ”I swear I been waiting almost all day.” She teased as she bit her lip. ”The aurors get you?” She questioned. She didn’t know how bad things had been there… she hoped it had been a little bit easier for them… but she had not actually paid attention for a few reasons. Violet reached to take his hand. Squeezing it for a moment. The small bit of affection she could offer in the open.
  3. Invite how do I...

    Frankie Oliver
    The news of the pregnancy had led Frankie to run. Actually it had been a choice for the pair of them. Orion and Frankie ran. It had seemed like a decent idea at the time. They had made it pretty far… they had plans to just live and not deal with the fact they had managed to be teen parents. However what they had not expected was that they would be followed and then found by his father. She had not left much by way of notes, they had just ran, and she had not returned to school. It had not been the best idea, especially considering her family had decided she would not return to school. Not that she minded, she didn’t really want to return to school. The baby itself was a bit of an issue. She didn’t know how Tally would have handled it anyway. Like most things right now- it was for the best. That however, didn’t mean she was happy with the solution. Right about now she wanted to be asleep in her bed. She was tired all the time now. The only thing she was happy about was she could sit for right now. Orion had been sent to Greece to live with his grandparents. So he could focus on everything he needed to focus on. His sister and brother had been helpful to her however. His older sister often checked in on her and wanted her to know that she was welcome to visit anytime. She had even offered to take her in. Her father’s were not thrilled with her but they were not about to let her out of their sight again. She yawned as she stood behind the counter, it had been a relatively boring day- not too many customers, and those who came in had about everything to offer in way of advice or speculation of the baby’s, gender. She was just 5 months along at this point but the bump was starting to look more like a bump and not bloating. She missed Orion. Sher missed her friends, but she didn’t necessarily know how to talk to them about what happened. Where she went and why. she drew shapes on the counter absently. The bell chimed and she looked up to see a face she had not seen since April. She looked down to collect herself before she greeted him. ”Hi Alex.” She smiled. In spite of everything she was happy to see him. Even if he wasn’t happy to see her.
  4. if i tell myself

    Going to the party was something he thought for a long time about. He was not sure if he should go to the celebration. It seemed not that long ago, the mans wife was in his room talking about wanting him. Boaz shouldn’t have stopped her. Then again, given how things turned out- maybe it was better that he did stop himself. He was not dirty little secret, and he didn’t have to feel like a louse about lusting after someone’s wife. Well- he still felt like a louse, but he had at least not acted upon it. That was a good thing. At least for his peace of mind anyway. He also wondered if he should feel bad about feel disappointed the man woke up. He was happy for Kate, she loved the man, there was not too much he could fault her for. Boaz wanted to feel a little slighted but it was not for him to feel anything. He had no claim to the woman. He wondered if she even liked him, or if she was simply just entertaining herself out of boredom. When he looked at himself she was way out of his league. However, he still cared about her, he was still happy her husband was back and he was here to support his student and his friend while they rejoiced in having their father back. He smiled as he passed a familiar face, though they were engaged in conversation so he didn’t stop to talk to them. Looking around he decided he needed a bit of something to drink. It would be enough to get him through the night. He would show his face a bit, maybe see Kate, maybe not. He would figure it out as he got a better feel for the night. Ordering a beer he looked around. ”Not a bad turn out for the night.” he commented with a smile
  5. Invite The Ball & Chain

    Adele DeVylissea
    Adele was cleaning her house. Aggressively. She'd given up on having a butler years ago, wanting the "normalcy" of a settled married life, just a slightly bigger-than-average house in a nice neighbourhood for herself, husband, and son. Cleaning wasn't really an issue, it was a therapy. As she manually scrubbed the inside of the oven, the physical work released some of the building irritation and anger. It wasn't David's fault, he just always happened to be there when she needed a punching bag. Adele couldn't even remember what he'd said this morning that had made her scream at him, only that she'd refused to stop screaming until he left the house and gave her some space. He would be back later, apologise---she would apologise, it was her fault. Hormones and the situation with Lei were wrecking her head. Nothing felt safe. What the hell did they think they were doing, bringing another child into this? Oh, and the baby was another irritation. She could feel it now, kicking. She let it show, and it ruined the silhouette of all her favourite clothes. Some of her clothes didn't even bloody fit now, and even if she carried herself with that same elegance and eerie grace that was common of her family, she still felt like a whale. Caleb was only making things worse too, somehow he'd decided to blame David for Lei's situation, which made no logical sense. Then there was Alex and Cass, who... she had done her best to be calm and polite around, but... underneath she was still angry. Adele was angry about a lot of things. She hadn't even got around to telling her father the truth about how she had come to be here, just... ducked all questions about his sister. Or anything about her past. He'd escaped with David, the two of them had at least bonded. She was still mulling through all of the reasons she was disgruntled when she heard a knock at the door. They were back already? David had better have a damn good apology. For... whatever he'd done. Adele stood, wiping grease from the oven across her jeans. "Well?" she shouted toward the door. It was unlocked, which was probably stupid... but Adele had always been careless with security when she was the only one in the house. "Are you coming in, or are you going to hide behind that door all day?"
  6. Invite In The Second That The Hammer Hits

    This had all come up way too fast. Alan stood in the lobby, bags packed at his feet. Tavi was very proud of her bright green suitcase, wheeling it behind her and asking random strangers to admire it. They did, because Tavi was adorable, and it was very hard to say no to her. This was going to be his longest Floo trip by far, and for all Audrey's reassurances, Alan couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong. They were going to get reassembled the wrong way at the other end, or something. Was this really safe for Audrey while she was pregnant? They had done all the research (mostly to shut him up) but in spite of hundreds of pages of proof that Floo travel was absolutely safe for pregnant women, Alan had read one article about a possible defect that had come about probably not because of Floo travel, but maybe it had. After all, how much did it really matter that there was a genetic mutation in the family that had caused the same defect in the child's father and grandfather, it was clearly and probably the Floo travel! This wasn't the only source of his worry. In about two hours, Rachel would be getting the divorce papers. That wasn't going to resolve itself quickly and quietly, when they came back (assuming they survived) there would be a fight to be had. Maybe death by Floo travel wasn't the worst-case scenario here? Alan really didn't want to face his estranged wife. That always got complicated. Didn't want to leave, sure didn't want to stay. Alan found in these situations it was just better to do as Audrey wanted---which in this case was going to a very cold place to talk to her parents (who probably didn't like him much) about a baby they probably wouldn't approve of. Fun.
  7. Invite Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    Home. . . Well, at least the Country, he hadn't expected to find himself back in Ireland with his current issues with family but, of course, he wasn't here to deal with the mystery of his bloodline. Rather, it was the company of someone he hadn't expected to be next to in the slightest even more than being in Ireland - Cate. She'd requested his presence on the trip and while part of him held reservations stepping into such dangerous territory for himself he was more than willing to oblige her, even with the vagueness of the reasons that they had been heading into the country. Let alone the quaint little town that held more of a 'back in time' appeal towards it. There were always rumors about those sorts of places but he also hadn't pushed the red-haired woman too much on the details not until they were well on their way towards their destination and curious piqued a bit too much to ignore for the man. "You've been quite tight-lipped about the full reason why we're here, Caitlin. We're no longer in earshot of those more crucial to your life in Australia so. . . What is the full reason we've need to traverse to such a place?" It couldn't be in reference to the fairy rumors could it? What purpose did such a thing hold for the woman and her family? It hadn't occurred to Dylan, perhaps, that she was of Fae descent? It wasn't unheard of especially with those of Irish bloodlines. Pureblooded Wizards of the Irish heritage often tended to be even more spiteful in those regards finding it a gross perversion of human nature being overcome. A rant that his Late Grandmother often rattled on about in order to poison the idea of Half-bloods and Breed's much deeper than most could have consider a young mind should take in. "I would have let this ride out and I also know you trust me enough to seek my presence. But you don't need to be dodgy with information, unless, it's something so sensitive that speaking it is more of an issue and habit of not doing for you?" That was a possibility in his mind which he couldn't blame the woman for with the sentiments witnessed through out different countries. While governmental 'Acceptance' of certain people have improved the views it hadn't quelled the stigma's and the prejudiced, truthfully, it had only enhanced and shined a light on them even more. Atrocities and hatred brewed in the darkest of hearts and the shadowy places of the Underworld where people dear not utter anything else but those dark desires. "At the very least, I would like to know what I am walking into in case I need to defend us or at least keep an ear and eye out." A hand grasped at the strap of his back as the path laid before them to head towards the town, it was best to not use vehicles considering the possible superstitious nature and at least experiencing the nature and atmosphere of Ireland was something he could take in once more at a leisured pace.
  8. Invite Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    The last month had been a bit hectic even for his own tastes, he liked crashing weddings as much as the next person but never to cast a spell that would put a wave of people to sleep. He to admit that was one thing that put him in a bit of a bad mood, mostly, because it reminded him of a crucial part within his life. As much as he tried to keep an optimistic front to it, it held a heavier weight on him. Which perhaps didn't help that he had recently then and even now considering the very idea that he had been trying to escape, what were he and Arti? They never classified things just. . . Happened, what they did, just happened. Not that he was complaining, she was fun and it was a good feeling and presence to have albeit the uncertainty was something he wasn't used to and even more so the constant thought of the fact it was even a present thing. Today was a primarily mild day in comparison to what the weather had been like and being near the lakeside offered up a much better breeze than being directly in the city which was comforting in its own way. A long sleeved shirt nestled on him which was covered by a light jean jacket as he stood directly at the waters edge just peering at the constantly bubbling and flowing stream that coursed through the area. As much as it had been his opposite in every way, it ironically offered a calm that gave him some time to reflect and consider the words that he needed to say and not sound like a bumbling idiot - or worse- have it fully Derrick-fied where it wouldn't even be said, it'd be entirely avoided by him with some kind of ploy. It was tough when you're the opponent to yourself where it all needed to count and you needed to stand up, there you were, slapping yourself down. His hand fished through his coat pocket to pull out his phone as his head tilted slightly, he had been waiting Arti to arrive, knowing that the place he told her to meet him at was something unorthodox to what they usually would do, where they'd usually go. Even to the point that a small little basket with picnic goods settled inside of it and its woven surface planted right next to his legs, not the best day for a picnic but who really wanted to sit in a drenching heat for that kind of stuff? Derrick leaned his head back to let his eyes gaze skyward and let out a gentle sigh - it had been a while since he actually had nerves like these that welled up within him. It seemed to stretch like a wave of heat and pressure against his skin that condensed its own form of perspiration. Like someone pressed a heavy fur coat over his entire body. "Come on, Sparky, you ain't 'fraid of nothing." A gentle whisper to himself.
  9. Invite Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    This trip had been one that started out as a partial joke after their first night of taking their physical relationship several steps forward. Though in light of it all they had agreed it was a pretty swell idea as long as they had the time and finances to make sure that it was possible for them to have a bit of fun with it but that had been on top of not letting people know where they were -actually- going. Limiting the amount of nosy busy bodies had been one reason for it the other being that, personally, he just wanted the time to spend with Cassandra without one drama filled event after another, if it hadn't been one of his friendship issues causing a bit of weight for the couple it was dealing with either his families secret talent for having just 'The most' drama possible or her own dealings with a darker past that seems to nip at both of their heels, little did they know just how much. Alexander at least left a few friends and all of his family enough information to know that he and Cass were heading out for a little couples vacation and with the months he had been having and those that knew even more depth about everything that surrounded him, could they blame him for wanting a moment to center his mind and strengthen himself? An excuse just to have fun and rock out with his- well, you know, out. They found themselves in Las Vega all the way in America after taking some time to get their passports in order and then taking a plane since using magic for such a long distance was just dangerous and foolhardy, at least conventional magic. The plane ride was pretty lengthy and they had to jump a few airports before getting to Nevada but at last they had found their way to the City of Sin. Quite the moniker for a city to hold amongst majority of the world's populace but if one were to see the tourist trap that had been setup to fully encompass this very idea it would hardly be a reason to wonder the 'why'. With a big slung over his shoulder and his hair actually drawn back into a ponytail for better ease of sight for everything in front of him his eyes shifted towards Cassandra with a mischievous grin that had a hidden fondness stitched on the inside of his eyes. "So, the plan! We find the hotel and then hope those 'Id's' of ours can stand up to scrutiny or at least a bit of ignorance on securities part, right?" That's right, these two younglings had decided to get fake identifications made to make sure that they could access the full breadth of what they wanted to do in this city with so much entertainment and craziness. They were probably asking for much more trouble than they would ever have thought but what was a bit of fun without the dragon by the cave guarding its juicy hoard?
  10. Invite The other side

    Though things were better, it was still work. Things didn’t just magically improve because they both said they were working on things. Jason still was not home every night by 6 but it was better than it had been and that was all that mattered. Doe had at least gotten a little more help around the house, she had hired someone to watch the kids when she was working. She had needed the time at the studio in order to feel as though things were normal for her. It was not perfect but it was better. Nothing in life was perfect. She had taken Frankie under her wing, she was carrying the next Karras and with Orion Banished to Greece she felt the young woman needed a little support from the family. Lot was supportive of the idea of helping Frankie and so Doe had been checking in on the girl. Having her over for dinner with the kids. Silas loved her. Silas was also excited about the prospect of another cousin. Another sibling had also been something he asked about. Declaring the boys needed to win again. Doe could only laugh at the logic and wonder how Jason would react when his son told him they needed another boy in the family. With the help, a third kid wouldn’t be terrible but she was not looking to add to the family so soon. She also didn’t think her husband was keen on another. He was, however, keen on keeping her happier than she had been since Persephone had been born. The trip to the Maldives had been a surprise. It was a place she had always wanted to go, and it seemed year 7 was the one that would get them here. They had their private cabana on the water and she had been truly enjoying the past day since they had gotten there. Tonight they were headed to dinner on the beach with the glowing algae and she was rather excited. She had finished getting ready but needed his help zipping her dress. ”Mi Amor?” She called to him. ”Can you get my zipper?”
  11. Invite It's not what it seems

    Zane Nedvidek
    The first month since the unwedding had been a rough one for Zane. He'd not been able to hear any news about the girl who had gone down from his spell. Zane wasn't sure if Lorelei was dead or not, and that bothered him down to his core. He would awake from a dead sleep to the sounds of the screams of Jezebel. The dreams weren't just the bad parts of it either. Thomas had been furious at Zane's failure, and his very obvious disobedience when he returned back to him after the party. Thomas believed that he had failed on purpose so that Améa would not be brought back to him. The first week Zane had been beaten down, strapped to a bed, and experienced the torture curse multiple times a day. It had taken affect on Zane's mind, and he was more jumpy than usual. His appearance had also changed. The once handsome features that Zane possessed were nearly gone. His hair was thinning, his face was sunken in, and there were dark bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep, and his skin had a yellowish tinge to it. As the time passed, and Thomas realized that they were safe where they were hidden away, Zane was transported to a different location. It was a storage building that had been converted into a studio apartment. Thomas had at least given him a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and a couch. However, there were no windows, and Zane could not leave. There were magical barriers to prevent him from leaving without Thomas' permission, along with the Imperious Curse that he was under. Still, he was at least pleased he did not have to endure the torture on a daily basis now. Thomas would stop in here and there, but he'd left him alone for a couple of days now. Perhaps he had gotten bored of it, or perhaps he was just making Zane feel as though he had a false sense of security. Whatever it was, though, Zane was relieved he hadn't seen his uncle, and had been given a break. Zane was asleep at the moment, and his mind began to wonder to Améa. It was one of the few thoughts that gave him happiness. He knew it wouldn't last. The screams would wake him up again, but for now, he could at least dream about Améa and children running around their yard.
  12. Cleaning up

    Luka stood there silently for a moment, looking out the door both ways and nodding. He was going to be judged so hard should anyone find out what he was about to do. Taking his place at the front of the class he grabbed his stereo and put in his favorite cd, the Fantasia Sound Track, now was time to do one of his favorite cleaning past times. The moment the song started up his hands were raised, brooms flew from cupboards and seemed to dance about, sweeping in time to the music. This was a guilty pleasure of Luka's cleaning to Fantasia, it gave him a chance to recreate one of his favorite scenes in the movie, his favorite movie...honestly, one of only a handful of movies he's seen. He danced about, directing the brooms with flourishes of his hands, humming to the music, the man oblivious to the world around him. He knew it was dangerous to do it in school but this one time, the only time he's done it here, should be safe he rationalized. Hoping beyond hope in the back of his mind that no one walked in he kept cleaning, getting mops and buckets out now.
  13. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    The last few weeks had been... odd. Aiden couldn't even process what had happened at the Unwedding, it had all been so surreal. Even if he could have explained it, he'd been quite severely warned by Adele not to breathe a word of anything he'd seen until he was explicitly given permission to do so. All that was really known was that Lorelei was... not okay. And his own connection to her? He still hadn't told anyone about that. Was there a point? She was probably gone forever. He'd lost all the wheels off his wagon now, and he felt lost. Adam and Cass had noticed that things were off, questioned him about it several times---but all Aiden had managed to do was snap and walk away. He just couldn't explain. If he told them he was bummed about Lorelei's situation, they would want to know more. How did he know her? When had he become attached to a child like that? He lay on the grass, staring up at the sky. He was dreaming about her too. Lorelei and his mother, but pleasant dreams. He slept well, in spite of his worry and underlying anger. Aiden had brought a textbook with him, but he didn't feel like studying. He just... wanted to lie here. And be angry. Or sad. Or both.
  14. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic was in a truly horrible mood. He was, to be frank, out for blood. At first, he'd been excited. He'd managed to get a small herd of Hippogriffs together to show off to his students, and had been damn proud of it. Aside from cats, they were some of his absolute favorite creatures, ranking only below Kneazels Magickal wise. They were large and beautiful, proud and strong, and none looked exactly the same. He'd been feeding them, trying to ignore the students skulking around - after all, he would've done the same when he was their age. It wasn't every day you get to see a Hippogriff, especially not a herd of them. Even if they were staked down, to keep them from wandering. They couldn't fly, after all, the breeder whom had allowed him to borrow them had had their wings clipped as foals, and had been careful to make sure they stayed as such. He'd turned his back for only a few seconds, and it had all gone to hell. There had been a tug at his waistband, and he'd spun, seeing the robes of a student go whipping out of sight. His wand was laying a few paces away, and he stepped over to grab it, stooping over. And that's when he heard something snap. And then another something, and another. He'd only a moment to turn around before seeing the herd of Hippogriffs charging his way. "Aw hell!" Unable to grab his wand in time, he couldn't think of anything else other than to dive to the ground, curling into a ball and wrapping his arms over his head. The Hippogriffs stampeded over him, sharp hind talons digging into his flesh and tearing at his robes. He gasped, tensing further in on himself, feeling a rib crack, and yep, there was a broken arm. Definitely. Ow. His head throbbed as a hoof made rather hard contact with it, eyes crossing. Ow. Only when he felt very sure that all of the Hippogriffs had passed did he begin to unfurl, a stream of words that should not be repeated around students pouring from his mouth. He stumbled to his feet, grabbing his wand and looking around. The Hippogriffs seemed to be long gone, and a quick wave of his wand informed him that they were off of Tally grounds, far enough away that he wouldn't worry about the students health. Thank Salazar the breeders had put tracking charms on the damned beasts which, he decided, were no longer his favorites. Alic looked around, but the culprits were long gone, leaving only the frayed ropes dangling from their stakes. He bit out curses as he limped up to the buildings, heading towards the building that held the Hospital Ward. Any students in his way leaped clear out of the way upon hearing his snarled curses and seeing him with torn up robes, covered in blood, the usually cheerful and friendly teacher's face terrifying with rage. He swept into the Hospital ward, wine-red eyes darting this way and that as he looked for one of the Healers.
  15. Invite Rainy Days

    4th of May Winter felt very different in the countryside, the colours were brighter and while there was a lot of mud, everything smelled so much fresher than the wet streets of Melbourne. Iggy had found a bench beneath a sail which kept him safe from the rain. He was wrapped in a school cloak, the wool bunched up around his ears and pooled in his lap. There was a large stack of books beside him from a variety of subjects. Most were second hand textbooks from at least half a dozen classes. There was also a large writing folder on top, which he had been using to take notes. There was so much to catch up on, so many assignments to complete before the next term started. But for now he was taking a break. His latest project in his lap, with a bag of fabric scraps sitting beside him. He was making a quilt with scraps of yellow and blue, with some red accents. He doubted that it would be ready for winter, but it would be nice in the warmer months. Both his parents had donated shirts to the cause, so there was something to remind him of home. Iggy adjusted his glasses as they slipped down his nose, measuring the edge of a square against his ruler. If it wasn’t straight he’d have to unpick the whole thing and start again. Did he cut a crooked piece?
  16. Let the Games Begin

    Waylon and Edmund had offered to drive Brinley to school--all the way from Melbourne, which would have been a hell of a feat even if it hadn’t involved them closing their shop for a full day. Brinley assured them that he was fine to go alone--he wouldn’t run off, and he wasn’t so violent that he couldn’t be trusted in a cab by himself. In the end they’d agreed, though Waylon had seemed reluctant as he packed Brinley’s trunk into the boot of the cab. He’d handed Brinley a few coins--for lunch, he’d said--as if Brinley didn’t already have a sizeable pursefull on his person--and then he’d given Brinley what had to be the most awkward half-hug on the planet before finally letting him leave. Brinley spent the cab ride reading the potions quarterly that had arrived the evening prior, and barely noticed the distance until he felt the distinct rumbling of gravel beneath the vehicle. He sat up then, peering out the window at the trees that flicked past as they made their way up the dirt road. This couldn’t be right. This was his new school? His distaste only grew when the cabbie finally stopped in front of a weather-worn building that looked more like a farmhouse than a proper educational establishment. Brinley’s nose wrinkled slightly in distaste. Having spent the past nine months in a proper castle, he couldn’t imagine that this was what his life had fallen to--a shabby collection of mismatched buildings. Even as he thought it, he forced himself to lean forward and hand the cabbie a tip through the partition before pushing open the side door and stepping outside. It was cool outside--not cold, exactly, but cooler than it would have been in England this time of year--and he was grateful he’d chosen his thick outer robe in lieu of his thinner school uniform. There would be plenty of time to change. He hauled his trunk out of the boot and waved the cabbie off. Only when the cabbie had left did Brinley allow himself to wonder what he was supposed to do. Was he supposed to meet someone? Go somewhere specific? His hand went automatically to the pocket-knife he kept sequestered in his robes, and his skin began to crawl with a familiar itch, but he pushed the sensation away. Later, perhaps, when he learned the location of his dormitories and had a bit of privacy. He spotted someone walking by, and as much as it pained him to admit his ignorance he stepped towards them. “Pardon? My apologies for the interruption. I’m a transfer student, and I haven’t received entirely clear instructions as to where I’m supposed to go first. Any ideas?”
  17. Invite Lost and Found

    Brinley Grisham
    Brinley hadn’t been looking to play delivery-boy Saturday morning. He’d started the morning quietly nibbling a bit of English muffin and jam at the breakfast table while reading the latest potions quarterly, his every gesture a wall against the students around him, and his master plan for the day had been to do a few loops around the pitch to keep himself fit and then perhaps to spend the afternoon in the library finishing his schoolwork—nothing social in the least. As he packed his journal into his satchel, however, he noticed a battered envelope on the floor nearby. He hadn’t seen anyone drop it--just the envelope itself--so it was impossible to know if a student had been irresponsible or if an owl had managed to mislay it in the rush of the morning post. Frowning, Brinley stooped and collected the envelope. He flipped it, reading the name on the front—Scarlett Fate—and vaguely recognizing it as belonging to a blonde girl he shared most of his core classes with. He sighed heavily, resigning himself to a morning searching for some girl he barely knew, and was preparing to tuck the envelope into his satchel when another name—this time on the return address—caught his eye. Rosemarie Langloire. It was a name he recognized even more than Scarlett’s name. Langloire had been in his year at Hogwarts—Slytherin to his Ravenclaw, though not a terrible sort as Slytherins went. They hadn’t been friends or anything, but they’d tackled a couple of group projects together and gotten on well enough. What in the world was Langloire doing communicating with someone all the way over here? Curiosity piqued, Brinley set out with more energy to find Scarlett. He took a moment to remember her house—green crest, house Spencer—located a prefect, and finally got pointed in the direction of the Games Room in Southern Cross. Her blonde hair was impossible to miss. Brinley crossed to her, stepping into her view so as not to startle her. ”Pardon,” Brinley said. ”You’re Scarlett Fate, right?” He slid his satchel towards his hips and extracted the envelope he’d stowed so carefully less than an hour prior. ”I found this and thought you might appreciate the return.” He waited for her to take it before clearing his throat again. ”I… apologies if this comes across as forward, but I couldn’t help but notice the return address… Is that the same Rosemarie Langloire currently in attendance at Hogwarts? I don’t mean to pry, only… Well, I went there myself for the past two semesters, and I couldn’t help but wonder…” His voice trailed, and he ducked his head, embarrassed by his own impropriety but too curious not to have asked.
  18. Invite The Many Uses of Salt

    Leander Hue
    Sunday night was not the best night to hold extra, non-credited theory sessions for students since it was the night students scrambled to finish off all the homework they’d put off all week that was due in the morning. Also, Leander had realized last semester as he waited for someone to join him, he should also maybe not advertise that he was basically a giant loser – preferring to study advanced potions theory with students than to go out and do something “interesting” during his weekend. But Lee had discovered he liked the quiet Sunday nights to himself in the potions classroom where he could work on his own projects as he waited for no one to show up. At this point it was a guaranteed time in his schedule that no one would bother him. So when Lee heard a noise by the entryway into the classroom at the appointed time of the advanced potions and potion theory session he was surprised out of deep contemplations of choosing the best emulsifier for the next potion experiment he was going to attempt. He was sitting at the demonstration table with a well-worn and used notebook in front of him that was open to a spread of a table comparing the pros and cons of different ingredients. There was a pot of tea to his side and various foodstuffs around him that could have been potion ingredients or snacks. The first few sessions for advanced potions and potion theory he’d planned out months ago were tucked into the bottom drawer of the demonstration table. “Can I help you with something?” he inquired to the student. The student looked young enough to be lost, but also vaguely familiar. Certainly unlikely to be interested advanced potions and potion theory.
  19. Invite Firebugs gotta stick together

    Maks stood in front of the door to the office and wasn't sure if he should actually knock. He could just pretend that he was busy, or he'd forgotten, but he was pretty sure that Papa wouldn't let him get away with something like that. Papa had arranged this whole thing in the first place, and if there was one thing that little Maks feared, it was Papa being mad at him. The hardest part was making his way through the underground hallway. In all of Maks' adventures around Tally - which totally happened not when he was escaping from the Bilby area, no sir - the underground hallway was the least explored. What if he was actually in trouble? Papa had said Mr. Ackers could help him understand his fire powers and be someone he could talk to when he wasn't at home and Mama wasn't around to help him. But Mr. Ackers was a teacher! That was scary enough. But, Maks was a Valentin! And Valentins were brave and fierce and loyal and everything awesome in the world. Plus maybe Mr. Ackers could be a cool teacher and maybe sort of help him find new ways to escape the Bilby area. Knocking on the door, Maksim called out, "Hello? Mr. Ackers? It's me, Maks!" Wait, no, manners! Right. "I mean. Maksim! Maksim Valentin! Papa-" Wait, formal speech, like Papa always talked about. "Mr. Valentin told me to come see you."
  20. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    School Break meant no more classes, no more books, and no more teacher's dirty looks! At least, if he weren't still living on the school ground for one more year. It wasn't all bad though since the break meant he was given a lot of freedom and able to travel through the city as long as he made it back safe and sound which was always a benefit, he couldn't hate wanting to actually be safe. Today, though, wasn't the time for him to be safe but enjoy the company that would soon be coming - keeping in contact with Violet since they had met at the gym he found himself easily drawn to the woman and the talks that they would have, the way they joked around when they could. At the same time, at least for him, he found he had to hide his phone and other things that went on while on school ground for the obvious reasons that might bring attention were he wouldn't like for it to. On one hand, his coach might find it an unethical thing in terms of sports but there had also just been the sheer situation of their age which hadn't escaped him it just wasn't a thing he wanted to be a concern. Even if others held a concern for it he was old enough and aware of himself enough to know he wasn't being manipulated or used, his mind wasn't being warped or tricked. The woman was genuine and that is something he respected along with her dedication to the game and her devotion towards the players that she trained. He sat at that place where she had taken him before, the establishment ran by the Friend that had known her father. Outside was a lovely day today and she had been right, the man treated him like family and made the visit all the more worth it. Not to mention the food was top notch like a Mom and Pop jewel waiting to be discovered by the much larger world looking for cooking here people often put their heart into it all. A Newspaper was sprawled out in front of him as his jaw clenched reading over the fact that the one known as 'Thomas' was still at large and vigilance was necessary. A hand rubbed at the top of the table as he shook his head since it meant that the Auror's at Tally were expecting a hit of some kind or someone to sneak in and start a bout of serious chaos along the grounds. That didn't sit well with him at all.
  21. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Salt stumbled into the club, knocking a stool over as she headed to the bar. She'd had that stupid dream again the night before, and she'd spent the whole day counting down the hours until she finished work. Salt normally loved her job, but the days Leo hung over her like a bad smell made everything suck. She picked up the stool and set it back on its legs. Salt was grateful for her seat at the bar. It wasn't just the alcohol, it was the atmosphere, the community. She didn't have any close friends, except her sister, and she didn't really count. It was nice to sit and chat with a bunch of friendly strangers and a drink. Bars were shelter from bad memories. People in bars had fun and seemed happy, even if most of them were doing exactly the same thing as Salt - shutting it out. Work had been rough and it showed on her face. She'd trekked the reserve for hours looking for a lost kanga and when she'd finally found him he'd put up a hell of a fight before she'd got him tranquilised and ready to move. He was miles from where he should've been, hopping about on a dodgy leg. She'd got a Patronus from the reserve vet just as she was leaving. The kanga was doing all right but he wouldn't be leaping about any time soon. With a sigh, Salt rested her head on in her hand and waited for the bartender to take her order. @Kay
  22. Invite drinks with Vivaldi

    With the recent bumpy road Eudoxia had been down she was glad to have a little time to spend with her friends. One of them being Igor. Many might have questioned her friendship with the man. It was not something she was too worried about honestly. He had been one of the few who she could enjoy the Ballet with. She knew Jason was not a huge fan, and she was not about to make him go. Not only that she hated when he had to get up and leave… It was something she understood but that didn’t make les embarrassing when he did get up and leave. Doe smiled as she checked her reflection. Lot had the kiddos for the night, he and Lilah each had a guest room. She liked when they stayed over, the kids were happy and she was happy to have any and all time she could with her brother. Tonight she was simply meeting Igor for drinks, to catch up. It had been quite a while and she had missed him. She also wanted to see if he would be up for consulting on her recent show. If nothing else she hoped he would at least come to see it. Since she had taken over the studio she had changed a lot of things. It was good for her, it was good for the studio and she had to admit she was fairly proud of the progress she had made, even if having a baby derailed her a bit. She turned to get a better angle in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. It had felt like so long since she was able to get dressed up a bit. She had picked one of the new bars in the business district. It had really great reviews. She was excited. Letting out a small smile she left the house and made her way. It had taken a moment to get a parking spot but as soon as she found one she was inside the bar. It seemed Igor had not made it yet and so she picked a high top table in the corner. It was not long before he arrived she smiled. ”Igor!” She greeted him standing to hug him. ”How are you… I have missed you!” S
  23. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    The last time that they had traveled in a group like this had been when they all decided to head out to the zoo - or really - take Gabby to the Zoo while Gem and Himself explored the more 'Animalistic urges' of the atmosphere in their own shameless way. This time, that wasn't the intention, this time they were going to explore the place that both he and his mother, Layla, once knew as home. A different country with its own harshness of environment and a rich history that many remembered across the world, if not only, for the fact Media decided Egypt was a prime place to base things within. It was a casual walk through the airport where Marcus took the liberty of moving ahead to gather up the luggage and remove them from the conveying belt that swept through, counting out each bag that he memorized just before getting on the plane and storing them. As he settled all the bags in a circular form for the others to grab their things he stayed his hand in case the ladies needed a bit more help in holding something, more so, his mother due to her more frail nature and the lengthy trip by flight which perhaps had them all a bit jet lagged. Showcasing this a brief yawn formed from him. "At least I managed to get a good cat nap on the flight. . . But that still doesn't beat the good rest I'll be looking to get into." His hand pressed into his pockets as he pulled out his phone and turned it on as he watched it build up with missed notifications - several calls being missed a few businessmen and clients, but also one from Lapis. Which ushered a brief sigh not in particularly good headspace to deal with that list of questions and prodding that would come from her, especially after this long of a time apart. "Alrighty, crew, find your stuff and we'll try to find our 'Taxi'. I use the word very loosely. . . But hey, at least we have someone willing to put us up so less money to spend on a Hotel." He shrugged. Layla shambled towards the collection of bags taking a brief seat on a nearby bench. "My. . . You act as a tourist like you've never been here before. . . Take a breather." It was her way of saying she needed to take a brief break herself before pressing onwards. Hands shifted through her purse as she dug deep into it to grab her own cell phone. "I figure you won't call back so I'll do it in your stead!" And. . . It began. The overriding, Marcus poked his lips out with a protested frown at the last portion but waved his hands lightly. "Alright, alright, we can take a brief break. And don't make calls in my name! I'm going to have a rough time as it is anyways with a bunch of nutcases in the same room. At least let me keep my sanity for a few more hours. Speaking of nutcases. . ." A Playful smirk shifted onto his face as he turned his gaze towards Gemini and Gabby, both of his arms woven across one another to press them firmly against his chest. "How are you two doing? Need a break too? A quick pit-stop at the ladies room before we hit the road?"
  24. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  25. Invite The Things We Say & Do [13th May]

    Cate had been gone for a week, and while it might have helped her sleep easier if she went to the house in Narrie, Cass didn't like being there on her own. Nor did she like making Alex go back and forth all during the week. And so they'd stayed there on the weekend, and come back to the school to sleep in their own dorms on Sunday night. And, like clockwork these days, Cassandra had woken up feeling awful. She didn't know what it was about staying here overnight that was affecting her sleep, but she knew she wasn't looking forward to the rest of today's classes. Alex was in something right now, that she didn't take this year too, so that left her to her own devices. And her thoughts. Her physical health wasn't the only think bothering Cass either. She knew there was something that the people closest to her weren't telling her, but they dodged around any potential inquiry she might make and it was leaving her just a bit frustrated, as well as concerned. So it was that she would spend those moments she had alone thinking and wondering and feeling as though she might burst. It didn't help that there were still the odd few snide people around the school, who were happy to poke fun at her and Alex's decision. In fact, as the redhead sat beneath a tree with her back against the trunk - for some reason she didn't feel like being near the metal benches lately either, maybe some weird phase - she could overhear a gossiping pair who had cast looks her way before speaking quietly, but not at all quietly enough for her to not overhear. "I bet she's pregnant." "Oh my Merlin, you're probably right. Think she did it on purpose?" "Maybe. I mean Alex could do so much better, but now he's stuck with her." Cass didn't want to care, in fact the first few weeks back at school she hadn't. But already feeling as awful as she did, she didn't even have the energy to call them out on being a pair of jealous bitches, and so instead she simply closed her eyes and brought her knees up to her chin as one hand searched her pocket for her phone and headset.