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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 5 results

  1. essential Filling Out Your Character Profile

    Alan Burdett
    Filling out your character profile Ready to create a character? Fantastic! This guide will step you through the process of locating and filling out the character profile, and how to let us know you're ready to be sorted. Remember, you'll need to do all of this from a character account (a new account that has your character's name) not your player account. If you have any questions, concerns, or need a bit of help---let us know! How do I find the application form? The application form is stored in the user profile. To access it, click the drop-down menu on the account name in the top-right corner of the board. You'll need to be logged into the character account, or accessing it through the Account Switch system to edit the correct profile. This menu will appear: Select "Profile". This will take you to the account's main profile page. Double-check which account profile you're seeing, as this is the one you will be editing. If it's the character account you want to create an application for, go on ahead and click "Edit Profile" in the top of the banner. If not, make sure you're logged in as the correct user and try again. (Note: You should only see "Edit Profile" on this screen. That's the one you want!") A new box will pop up with fields to fill out. This is where you'll put all of your wonderful character information! The in-character sections are labelled "Short Answer", "Traditional App Sections", "Freeform & Shipper Sections", "Optional Character Items" and "Avatars & OOC". What do I need to fill out? If it looks like a lot, don't worry! Not all of it is essential to get your character applied. Our application system uses a mix-and-match structure to help you write a character the way that makes the most sense to you. The purpose of the application is to describe your character as you know them now, and how they fit into the Tallygarunga setting. We understand that characters evolve and develop as they're played, so don't stress if the details are a little hazy still. There are no minimum counts on any section of the application, but as a general rule we find that 100-200 words in the larger sections (history, etc) provides enough information to get started. To submit a character application, the following fields must be filled: All fields in the "Short Answer" section (Year Level mandatory for students only, Occupation mandatory for adults with employment only. Play By is not mandatory.) Either "Appearance" or "Play By" (from the short answer section) Either "History" or "Freeform" If using "History", either "Personality" or the "Friends/Family/Lovers/Haters" fields (all four) The "Player" field in the "Avatars & OOC" section. For example, some application combinations might be: Short Answer + Player + History + Friends/Family/Lovers/Haters + Appearance Short Answer + Player + Freeform + Play By Short Answer + Player + History + Personality + Play By Short Answer + Player + Freeform + Appearance + Friends/Family/Lovers/Haters It's up to you! There are also other sections such as Secrets and General Knowledge, Wand, and so on that are there to provide more detail on your character if you wish. Most members fill these out after the character has been completed, approved, and running around in game. Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom of the form to save your character! You can come back and edit your character as many times as you need or like, and there's no limitation on how long you can spend working on your application. How do I submit my application? Got it all ready to go? Sweet! Now all you need to do is: Head on over to the Applications forum Fill out the form in this topic Post it as a new topic under your character account As always, if you make a mistake here---don't stress. We'll help you get it sorted. Once that topic is posted, one of our staff will review it as soon as we can! If we've got any questions or need more information on an aspect of your character, we'll contact you through the forum message system. Remember: We never deny applications here at Tally. Sometimes characters need a few adjustments to fit into the setting, but we're always willing to work with you to make changes that everyone is happy with. Guide to the character information sections Short Answer Full Name: This is your characters full name, including any second names (if applicable). Birthdate - Day: The date of the day your character was born. Eg. If their birthdate is March 17th 1987, this number will be 17. Birthdate - Month: The number of the month your character was born. Eg. If their birthdate is March 17th 1987, this number will be 3. Birthdate - Year: The full year your character was born. Eg. If their birthdate is March 17th 1987, this number will be 1987. Exact Age: This is for characters that may lie about, or even not know their precise age. If their exact birthdate is unknown, or if they habitually lie about their age, set the three birthdate fields to reflect how old they appear or claim they are, and set this field to "No". If their age is exact and they do not lie about their age, set this to "Yes". Birthplace: Where your character was born. This could be a country, or the town and country, eg. Narragyambie, Australia. Year Level: What year level the character is currently in (for student characters) Job Title: What job title the character currently holds (for employed characters) Species: What species the character is. Blood Status: Whether the character is pureblood, muggleborn, halfblood or other. Pronouns: What pronouns the character uses, eg. She/Her, They/Them and so on. Played By: The celebrity face claim for the character. (Not mandatory, can be used instead of completing the "Appearance" field.) Traditional Application Sections History: A rundown of events that have occurred in your character's life so far. This might include early home life, school life, jobs they've held, education they've undertaken, and any other aspects of your character's life up until this point that have made them who they are now. (Mandatory if not using the "Freeform" field) Personality: Who your character is, how they react and what drives them. What makes them angry, happy, what are they like around other people. (Mandatory if not using the "Freeform" or "Friends/Family/Lovers/Haters" fields). Appearance: What your character looks like, their sense of style, everything about the visual presentation of your character goes here. (Mandatory if not using a Play By) Freeform & Shipper Sections Freeform: This section allows you to describe all aspects of the character in a single section. It should touch on a little of the character's history and personality, and describe how they might fit into the Tallygarunga setting. (Mandatory if not using the "History" field) Friends: How the character behaves around and interacts with friends. (Mandatory along with Family/Lovers/Haters if not using the "Personality" or "Freeform" fields) Family: How the character behaves around and interacts with family. (Mandatory along with Friends/Lovers/Haters if not using the "Personality" or "Freeform" fields) Lovers: How the character behaves around and interacts with their significant others. (Mandatory along with Family/Friends/Haters if not using the "Personality" or "Freeform" fields) Haters: How the character behaves around and interacts with enemies. (Mandatory along with Family/Lovers/Friends if not using the "Personality" or "Freeform" fields) Optional Character Items Secrets: What secrets the character holds, anything about who they are that they don't want the world to know. (Not mandatory) General Knowledge: What is known about the character publicly. (Not Mandatory) Education: Any education that the character has completed. Though not mandatory, characters with high-level positions are likely to have something listed here. (Not mandatory) Wand: The wand your character uses. (Not mandatory) Patronus: The form of the patronus (if any) your character can summon. (Not mandatory) Avatars & OOC Player: Your player account. To link it, begin typing your player account name into this box, and select it from the drop-down when it appears. (Mandatory) Profile Avatar: Here you can upload a 250x400px image to be displayed alongside your character's posts and in the profile. (Not mandatory)
  2. How to Apply

    Welcome to Tally! Looking to join a community of crazy writers as we explore the magical hijinks of the Australian wizarding world? You've come to the right place! Tallygarunga is a no word count, relaxed and friendly roleplay forum. All the fun of the Harry Potter world, with some Aussie twists thrown in. You don't need to be Australian to play, in fact--most of us aren't! First up, a little bit of reading. All communities have rules, and Tally is no exception. Our Conduct and Expectations guide sets out what we expect from each other. But basically? Treat each other with respect. Ready to get registered? Awesome! When you register, you'll be given the option to select whether you're creating a Player Account or a Character Account. A Player Account belongs to you. This should be the first account you register here. Use the name you'd like us to know you by. A Character Account belongs to your character. For these, use the first and last name of the character. A note on emails and registration Our database requires that all email addresses be unique. This can be frustrating if you only have one email address, so email validation is turned off. Please use your real email address for your player account. If you're a gmail user, you can also use aliases to register multiple accounts using your one email. This awesome guide explains how aliases work. Getting your Player Account sorted Once you've registered your player account, let us know you're here! Post in the Introductions forum and say g'day! This is how we know you're not a robot, or at least---if you are, you're the friendly kind. A staff member will put your Player Account in the proper group when they say hello! Developing a character Here's where the fun really starts! Our creation guide is there to help you easily find information that may be useful during this process. If you love filling wanted character ads, our NPCs & Wanted Characters listing might be a great place to start! If you're looking to play a character that is not full human, please check out the relevant information in the species category. There's also information available about Tallygarunga Academy of Magic, and how wizarding society operates in Australia. You don't need to read everything, but the topics we recommend are marked with a "Recommended" tag. Stuck? Fear not! Our series of prompts will help generate some ideas to flesh out your character. How to apply your character We use a profile application system with a mix-and-match style form. A complete guide to locating the profile sections, what is required, and filling them out can be found in Filling Out Your Character Profile. If your character is complete and ready for review, head over to our Applications forum and post a new topic using the form in Ready for Review. This lets us know that the character is complete and that we should get there as soon as possible! Joining in the wider community Our Discord is open to members, lurkers, and guests alike. If you've got any questions about the application process, want to try and find some possible plots before you get started, or just want to kick around with a bunch of awesome nerds, feel free to jump in!
  3. Beta Testing

    Hey guys! Welcome to the new-look Tally! With a new look comes a new method of submitting your character. This guide is... quick and dirty, we'll get a better one up as soon as we can! Some notes: You will need a unique email address for each account. This is an annoyingly unavoidable part of the software. But there are workarounds! Use a fake email. I've turned email validation off, so it will go through. Please use your proper email for your user account! Use gmail aliases. If you already use gmail, this is ideal as you can use the same email address with different aliases. For example, if your email address is regretnothing@gmail.com you can create an alias by adding +whateveryoulike between your main email name and @gmail.com - so it could be regretnothing+mousie@gmail.com, or regretnothing+pooisdelicious@gmail.com. I will only be sending global emails to player accounts, so if you do use gmail aliases you won't be flooded. When registering, you can select whether the account is designed to be a "player account" or a "character account". For player accounts, the process will be the same as before -- a post in Introductions will let us know that you're here as a player, and the account will be sorted. For character accounts, the process is different! I promise it's not scary. Instead of utilising the user profile system, we've created a purpose-built database to handle characters. These are filterable and generally just sexy. First, you want to check out the Characters tab. You can see here the category listings and the shiny sidebar with all it's numbers and filters and such. If you're registering a Tallygarunga student character, you want to navigate to New Student Enrollment. If you're registering any other sort of character, you want to navigate to New Adult Registration. No matter which one you're in, you'll see a button that says "Add Record". Clicking that will take you to the new character profile form. Fill out the fields. You won't be able to submit the profile until all the REQUIRED fields are complete. Note that the proper Editor has been enabled for block text fields, so you can use proper formatting! Go mad with lists, bold, underline stuff. Have fun! When you're done, hit submit. This will send a post straight through to the applications forum and let us staff know that there's something to look at. Once it's posted, it will format itself to be beautiful. You can check out Cass's profile as an example. I'd like to know how you went navigating this process. It's a bit different to basically anything I've seen done, but it's very flexible and the potential to take data from the custom fields held there and manipulate them as I like is... quite awesome. Other things to do while you're exploring: Check out the Activity tab. I love this thing. You can find the main one, and some other options listed under the "What's New" button in the header. You can also set up and save activity streams according to content that interests you. Make a status update! Reply to a status update! You can do this through the user profile. If it's not automatically enabled for your account, let me know and I'll show you where the toggle is. Check out the new-look Tallypedia. This is where all documentation will go. I'll be writing more/better guides and making these easier to find, but this replaces the old Essentials/etc forums. Have fun. Try and break the board. Let me know if you do. And let me know any issues you have when setting up character registration, things that you feel could be made easier etc. Love you guys! M
  4. Essential Creation Guide

    Creation Guide Tallygarunga offers a wide range of character opportunities across the board. This is a guide to the different character types, plus some links to information you may find useful while developing your character. If you're not sure what to create, and would like to fill a gap here at Tally, check out our What Tally Needs topic and Wanted Characters listing. You can also find out how blood status and species prejudice works in the Blood, Species & Prejudice topic! Tallygarunga staff Tallygarunga staff come in two varieties: teaching, and non-teaching. Teaching staff are expected to hold one in-character class thread per school term (total of four per year), or more if they choose to. Non-teaching staff fill functional positions in the school, such as librarian, groundskeeper, administrative and medical staff. Useful information for prospective Tally staff: Positions Available - a full list of school positions. Studying at Tallygarunga - a guide to the school, classes, and exam system. How Classes are Played Not Australian? - a guide to Australian wizards and culture. Tallygarunga students Technically Tallygarunga is two schools: the Whitlam Bilby wing (students aged 5-10) and Tallygarunga Academy of Magic itself (students aged 11+). Once accepted into the school, students are sorted into a house that best suits their temperament. Although Tallygarunga has a full boarding/dormitory system available, students that have family in Narragyambie (or who are willing to travel) may attend as day students. Day students are still involved in the house system, and have a bed allocated in their house area for use when they require. Useful information for prospective Tally students : Studying at Tallygarunga - a guide to the school, classes, and exam system. How Classes are Played Houses of Tallygarunga - a description of Tally's houses. Positions Available - a full list of school positions. Narragyambie residents Narragyambie is loosely-based on the real-world town of Nagambie in Victoria, Australia. At the same time, it's an amalgamation of remote, small towns that can be found across Australia. It is a town where wizards live "in plain sight" among muggles, and the nearby school Tallygarunga is assumed to be some specialised school for children with destructive tendencies. Members are encouraged to have their characters start up a business in Narrie. For this reason, only a few positions are listed as "open", new positions will be created as members implement them. Useful information for prospective Narrie residents: Positions Available - a list of positions open in Narrie. Not Australian? - a guide to Australian wizards and culture. Melbourne residents Melbourne is based in the real-world city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the home of two private wizarding schools (Penrose and Greyheme), Victoria Magical University, the Victorian Ministry of Magic, and the Australian Ministry of Magic. Most characters living and working in Melbourne will have some tie back to Narragyambie. Eg: friends, family, work obligations. Members are encouraged to have their characters start up a business in Melbourne. For this reason, only a few positions are listed as "open", new positions will be created as members implement them. Useful information for prospective Melbourne residents: Positions Available - a list of positions taken in Melbourne. Not Australian? - a guide to Australian wizards and culture. VMU students & staff As with Tallygarunga, VMU staff may be teaching or non-teaching. Teaching staff are expected to hold one lecture per school term (four per year) if sufficient students are enrolled into their study area. Non-teaching staff fill functional roles across the campus, and include administrative staff. VMU is also the training facility for the Australian and Victorian Auror forces, as well as offering research programs. Useful information for prospective VMU students & staff: Studying at VMU - a guide to faculties and the university calendar. Positions Available - a full list of school positions. Government employees Two branches of government can be found in Melbourne. The Victorian Ministry of Magic oversees wizarding concerns across the state of Victoria, and can be found by requesting to view the "extremely rare and delicate" section in the State Library of Victoria. The Australian Ministry of Magic is located beneath the city loop train system, and is largely responsible for the magical interference that causes mobile phone reception to be spotty in the tunnel. The Ministry is accessed by travelling down the terrifyingly steep escalators at Parliament station, and dropping down the free-fall shaft hidden behind a disused door. From there, it's only three minutes of falling in pitch-black before you land in the Ministry lobby. Useful information for prospective government employees: Positions Available - a list of positions available and occupied. Magical Government - a guide to wizarding government and departments within the Ministry of Magic. Not Australian? - a guide to Australian wizards and culture. Visitors Visitor characters are those brought onto the board for the purpose of a plot, or those who do not fit into any other category. Mostly they are not permanent characters on the board, though they can be upgraded to any of the above member groups as needed. Useful information for prospective visitors: Not Australian? - a guide to Australian wizards and culture.
  5. Essential Conduct & Expectations

    Welcome to Tally! At Tally, we work hard to create a fun, safe, and inclusive space for all our players. The following rules set the standard we expect, but don't worry---it's mostly common sense! Registering If you're new to the board, register a player account first. You will be able to add your character accounts as sub-accounts. Your player account is pretty much just the name that we will get to know you by! Register your character accounts with a proper first and last name. If you get this wrong, don't stress! PM a staff member and we'll fix it pronto! Applying To get your player account sorted, start a thread in the introductions forum. This is how we know you're not some crazy spambot. More information on how to apply is contained in our Application Guide. Playing Usual roleplay rules apply: you may not control another player's character without permission, and while we don't have an official word count requirement, respect the effort that has been put into the posts others have written for you. Remember the line between OOC and IC. A hateful character is not the same as a hateful player. Characters that are bigoted and awful are sometimes the most fun to play and to play with. The rating of this board is above M15+, content of a sexual and graphic nature is allowed, but a disclaimer must be placed in the thread description. HTML has been enabled, and you are welcome to use post templates. However, please keep font sizes above 11px and fonts clear and readable for members with vision difficulties. Activity We have no character limit, though if you seem to be struggling with the number of characters you are currently playing, we may suggest not applying for any more. Our activity system is automated, and you can find all the details (along with what is deemed "inactive", and how to come back) detailed in our activity policy. Images & Play-bys A play-by is a representation of your character. We accept real-life models, celebrities, and other well-known personalities with pictures publicly available. Try to keep the pictures used in your graphics as close to the visual age of your character as possible. Along with human play-bys, you may also use original art of your character in your avatar and signature. You may have a celebrity play-by in addition to using original art. Note: all art used must be with the permission of the creating artist, no exceptions. Nudity, gore, and other graphic imagery is not permitted in signatures and avatars, nor on the general forums. Behavior Respect each other. No content of a racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise hateful nature is to be posted on the OOC sections of this board. If you've got drama with someone, keep it off the board. We're here to have fun, not to fight. If you feel that someone is harassing you... please take it to the staff. Advertising Guest advertising is enabled in the advertising forum. Please keep all links to boards outside of Tally to that forum. This includes links in signatures, references in CBox and anything in the chatting forum. You are allowed to advertise Tally wherever you go, but please only do so with respect to the rules of the site you are on.
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