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Found 141 results

  1. Complete Unhungry

    Sat out under a tree in the quiet garden, Cass' gaze shifted briefly to the small greenhouse that had appeared seemingly overnight around six months ago. Right after the unwedding party that had turned... well, strange. Since that day, no one had seen Lorelei, the strange young girl who seemed to have a fondness for Alex - then again, it seemed all the kids in his newfound family did. The thought made her snicker for a brief moment, before it died out and the redhead rested her head back against the tree trunk. That event was months ago, and still seemed like it was yesterday. Like so much else that had occurred. She played mindlessly with the rings on her left hand, the reminders of the trip to Las Vegas and what she and Alex had done, before her hand then lifted to brush through some of her hair, before holding it to the sunlight a little, watching the bright red shimmer. The secret that Cate and Alex - and probably a couple of other people - had been keeping from her had been long since revealed, and while it explained a few things, it still made her wonder why she was still at school. She didn't really belong in a wizarding academy. Not when she couldn't even used her wand anymore, when incantations proved useless. She was still going through whatever adjustment that was caused by age and belief of what she was. And something else was bothering her. It was there on the very edge of her mind, something like a presence. It felt so real that she thought if she spoke, it would hear her, maybe even respond, but that was silly. Was she just going crazy? Or was it a Fae thing? Either way, she didn't feel like going to the Great Hall. She wasn't hungry, at least she didn't think she was. She'd spaced out so much that she'd lost track of time, not realising that lunch was already over while she continued to sit there, lost in her own thoughts.
  2. Complete The Other Mirror

    "You want something?" Millea's voice rang out through the sparsely-decorated house. It wasn't much to look at, really, Millea never did have a taste for fine living. She had always leaned toward what was practical. Near everything was in dark greys or black, the few decorations she did own hadn't seen any dusting in decades. Lillian sighed, trailing a finger along a dark counter-top as she moved deeper into the home, a glossy black line in a sea of dust. "Polite company would offer a greeting before questioning the nature of a visit," Lillian said, pausing at the entry to what she assumed must be a living area. It appeared to be more a collection of junk spread across the floor, books and bits of metal. A small space in the corner where Millea possibly sat from time to time. Millea herself was crouched among the junk, assembling pieces of---goodness knew what. Evidently it wasn't working for her, and the parts tossed to the ground in frustration before she lifted her vibrant gold eyes to Lillian and stood up. "Polite company wouldn't barge in uninvited," Millea countered, crossing her arms. "Besides. I don't much care to know how you are. I certainly don't intend to welcome you into my home. So why are you here, what do you want, and how can I get you to leave?" Lillian closed her eyes a moment, taking a breath to steady herself against her sister's abrasive retorts. "I had a message for you," she said. "I tried sending you a letter." "I got it," Millea shrugged. "I got all of them." "And?" Lillian leaned forward. "And what?" "You never replied," Lillian's frown deepened. "Not to a single one." "I didn't want to," Millea picked her way back through the clutter of junk on the floor, lifting up a pile of dusty envelopes and extending it toward Lillian. "Did you come to fetch them back?" "No, I came for your answer," crossing her own arms, Lillian simply stared at the bundle of letters. None of them were opened. When it was clear that Lillian would not take them, Millea let them drop onto the floor. "Not interested. Are you satisfied yet?" Millea raised an eyebrow. "How can you know you're not interested when you've not even bothered to read them!" Lillian snapped. Millea had a gift for irritating her. It had always been so, though more recently it had become more troublesome as the rift between the sisters widened and grew more bitter. "I have a son, Lea. He means to take his acceptance. I hoped you would help." "You hoped wrong, Lian." Millea watched as Lillian's expression shifted from irritation to despair. "You didn't go and promise them that I would come to help, did you?" "No," Lillian murmured back. "Only that I was still trying to find you." "Ah, truthful as always," Millea barked a sour laugh. "And not one of them thought it odd that you, my twin, had misplaced me? In all these centuries have you ever not known precisely where to find me? Would that you could not know. You only make use of the information when you want something," "And you make use of it not at all," Lillian's retort came with some hurt. Millea only laughed. "Knowing where you are is not the same as wishing to be around you," she said smoothly. "Congratulations on the family you wanted so terribly. You can leave now." "Lea, he means to make use of Xavi!" the name was enough to get Millea's attention. Lillian knew it would be. She'd hoped not to have to use it. Though briefly off-balance, Millea caught herself well, and tried to shrug off the information. "Not while Thia breathes, I imagine." "From what I understand, it's Thia's idea," Lillian swallowed. Millea's expression only darkened further. "Is it? Or is it some design of your making, so complex your players believe they have the ideas of their own volition?" the words hissed out of her mouth. "First Neurie then Nharae, now Xavi too? And you would have this done, what----with Thia and myself also in attendance? I am not the fool you think, Lian. Your workings have the stench of a family reunion. I'll have none of it." "So you would have my son die, then?" "That is the natural way of it, yes," "And what of the barrier, Lea? You will ignore and let that perish too?" "Yes, Lian," Millea threw up her hands in frustration. "It is beyond time that happened." "Without that barrier, it will be only days before it is found," Lillian wanted to shake her sister. She had a feeling Millea felt much the same. "We gave them protection that they might survive, now you mean to take that from them?" "They did not need our protection. We intervened, we should not have," Millea tried to keep her tone calm. "Enough survived without us. Thrived without us. All we did is section them off from the world, and disallowed them the chance to progress with it. For what, Lian? So you could feel in your rightful place in guiding them? Even that did not satisfy you. You had to be among them. One of them." "Why is that so terrible?" "Because it is not our place, Lian," Millea sighed. "Even now you talk about your son, your legacies, as if they have some right to your power. What is it you aim for here, Lian? To build us a thousand-strong? We do not belong here. You mixed your blood with theirs and doomed them to a life unknown. You seek to reunite the six bloods, you cling desperately to a piece of land where your name and purpose is known and I ask you sister, what for? Surely you knew that there was never a place for us here? Our existence is against the natural law. Yet everything you do, you move to create what was left behind." "And wasting a life to find the way back is less foolish?" Lillian gestured to the junk and books across the floor. "This is our home now. It has been for centuries, it must continue to be. We left with reason, Lea, there is nothing to go back to." "Then you are determined, Lian? You will not cease your reckless assault on the balance of this world?" "I will do what must be done to find our place here, Lea," Lillian murmured. "You are similarly determined to return to what was lost long ago?" "I am," Millea replied firmly. "And we remain at an impasse." "I had hoped some years would put sense into you," Lillian frowned. "I had hoped the same of you," Millea shrugged. The fight was gone from both of them. Lillian looked away, though her expression would only betray what her mind already had. What she knew of Millea's mind also. Their goals had driven them apart, but their souls longed for the days where they had worked as one. She missed Millea, and knew Millea missed her as much. But neither would be commanded by that feeling, and held steadfast to their paths. Lillian turned, and began the quiet walk back to the door. "I hope your son survives," Millea called after her. Lillian paused, and looked back. "Me too," she said while fading out. "Me too."
  3. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Vladimir had to admit, the miracle of Matthew Belmont was certainly a story for the ages. Not even the young dhampir would have thought coming free from a coma lasting five years was nigh on impossible. and yet there they were. What sort of magic was involved there, he wondered? His wonderment remained internal however, as he sat next to Améa within the Drunken Roo. Her family may have been nearby to help with the prison that was the energy, but her safety was still of utmost importance, especially to a man who had been tasked with being her guard. And, he had after all, made it clear that failure was not about to be an option. Vladimir nursed no drink, not yet - he wanted his mind to be clear. Nor did he have any desire to partake in anything alcoholic to begin with. Though the taste for vodka was imbued into his genetics, of course, it would do him no good. Not now. Perhaps never again. Vladimir glanced at the festivities before turning his attentions back to Améa once more. After the shared experience of expressing their failures and forlorn pasts on the porch of Stuart's mother's home, he knew that there was much more to Améa than could have ever met the eyes. Now, Améa also knew a bit more about the past that he kept buried away from the majority of the masses that were not his immediate family. This was supposed to be a celebration, but Vladimir's face remained as stoic as it usually was, the man seated almost stone still, sentinel, formal attire notwithstanding. "To express such emotions openly is a strange thing," Vladimir mused quietly to Améa. Once, a long time ago when Vladimir had been but a small boy, had he considered freely showing the world how its events effected him. Now? Hardly. "Is there anything you wish to do whilst we are here?"
  4. It's not what it seems

    Zane Nedvidek
    The first month since the unwedding had been a rough one for Zane. He'd not been able to hear any news about the girl who had gone down from his spell. Zane wasn't sure if Lorelei was dead or not, and that bothered him down to his core. He would awake from a dead sleep to the sounds of the screams of Jezebel. The dreams weren't just the bad parts of it either. Thomas had been furious at Zane's failure, and his very obvious disobedience when he returned back to him after the party. Thomas believed that he had failed on purpose so that Améa would not be brought back to him. The first week Zane had been beaten down, strapped to a bed, and experienced the torture curse multiple times a day. It had taken affect on Zane's mind, and he was more jumpy than usual. His appearance had also changed. The once handsome features that Zane possessed were nearly gone. His hair was thinning, his face was sunken in, and there were dark bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep, and his skin had a yellowish tinge to it. As the time passed, and Thomas realized that they were safe where they were hidden away, Zane was transported to a different location. It was a storage building that had been converted into a studio apartment. Thomas had at least given him a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and a couch. However, there were no windows, and Zane could not leave. There were magical barriers to prevent him from leaving without Thomas' permission, along with the Imperious Curse that he was under. Still, he was at least pleased he did not have to endure the torture on a daily basis now. Thomas would stop in here and there, but he'd left him alone for a couple of days now. Perhaps he had gotten bored of it, or perhaps he was just making Zane feel as though he had a false sense of security. Whatever it was, though, Zane was relieved he hadn't seen his uncle, and had been given a break. Zane was asleep at the moment, and his mind began to wonder to Améa. It was one of the few thoughts that gave him happiness. He knew it wouldn't last. The screams would wake him up again, but for now, he could at least dream about Améa and children running around their yard.
  5. The other side

    Though things were better, it was still work. Things didn’t just magically improve because they both said they were working on things. Jason still was not home every night by 6 but it was better than it had been and that was all that mattered. Doe had at least gotten a little more help around the house, she had hired someone to watch the kids when she was working. She had needed the time at the studio in order to feel as though things were normal for her. It was not perfect but it was better. Nothing in life was perfect. She had taken Frankie under her wing, she was carrying the next Karras and with Orion Banished to Greece she felt the young woman needed a little support from the family. Lot was supportive of the idea of helping Frankie and so Doe had been checking in on the girl. Having her over for dinner with the kids. Silas loved her. Silas was also excited about the prospect of another cousin. Another sibling had also been something he asked about. Declaring the boys needed to win again. Doe could only laugh at the logic and wonder how Jason would react when his son told him they needed another boy in the family. With the help, a third kid wouldn’t be terrible but she was not looking to add to the family so soon. She also didn’t think her husband was keen on another. He was, however, keen on keeping her happier than she had been since Persephone had been born. The trip to the Maldives had been a surprise. It was a place she had always wanted to go, and it seemed year 7 was the one that would get them here. They had their private cabana on the water and she had been truly enjoying the past day since they had gotten there. Tonight they were headed to dinner on the beach with the glowing algae and she was rather excited. She had finished getting ready but needed his help zipping her dress. ”Mi Amor?” She called to him. ”Can you get my zipper?”
  6. Kiru's Splotter

    Time to steal everyone's template. Also, I prefer Discord to discuss things, but you can always answer here. Beware the long text. Feel free to come up with any type of idea not mentioned, I don't mind any sort of plots whatsoever~ Chloe Stewart Human Muggleborn Witch | 16 | Sturt | Combat Sports Monster | Neeeeeeerd The daughter of two local business owners - her father owning a bakery and her mother a dojo -, Chloe is a somewhat shut in Sturt who cares way more about pursuing whatever strikes her fancy rather than socialize. She has obsessive tendencies over a select few subjects, making it so her skill in each thing rose exponentially over time, and is a great tutor to boot. Her social skills leave something to be desired. Out of respect for her mother she's trying to break out of her shell, but she can't say she cares for it much. But maybe you can help! Current ideas: Jamie Collins Human Halfblood Wizard | 21 | Australian National Quidditch Team Seeker | Living Merch Machine | Former Bourke Half the product of a Muggle cartoonist and a pureblood witch whom dropped everything to be with him, Jamie is ultimately the end result of a broken household (along with his sister). While his public image - as well as what most know of him - portray him as a smack talking bad boy/ladies man, he actually prefers to keep to himself and is a rather nice individual. He hangs out in both Narrie and Melbourne, depending on the day. Maybe your nerds should meet him! Current ideas: Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons Halfbreed Veela Witch | 28 | Corrupt Auror | Former Sturt | Tea Aficionado Continuing the legacy of a famed Pureblood family with deep ties to the Ministry of Magic, Evelyn has always been one not only to meet expectations, but to exceed them in spectacular fashion. Her sheer talent is well met by her Veela blood and interpersonal capabilities, making her a well respected member of the wizarding community. However, this is all but a front to hide the true intention behind her every move - consolidate power. Current Ideas: Samantha Hammond Halfbreed Veela Witch | Shy of 15 | Bourke | Cinnamon Roll | Mother Hen A very innocent yet friendly girl, she'll befriend you if you have a pulse. Bright and upbeat, she believes she exists to bring love and joy to the world, starting with you. She loves to hang out, have fun, care for people and go out on adventures with them. Unfortunately, she seems to be very susceptible to being manipulated and charmed, which might make people take advantage of her for kicks. But maybe your dorks should protect this cinnamon roll instead! Current Ideas: Alex Lin Squib | 21 | Drummer | Child Caretaker | Cartoonist Say hi to Jamie Collins' twin sister, Alex. She probably won't say hi back, but please bear with her. Past the obvious daddy issues, she's not half bad. She works really hard due to perceiving herself as having a disadvantage in comparison to Jamie, and if all goes well she'll have a few beers with you instead of punching you in the face. It's a bit of a gamble, but a worthwhile one! Rachel Ryan Human Pureblood Witch | Shy of 17 | Sturt | Asshole | Resident Tsundere A victim of childhood neglect and many uprootings, Rachel doesn't have a place she can call home, or someone she can see herself be close to. The lack of attention from her parents growing up led her to think she's worthless in the grand scheme of things, and thus she isolates herself for the greater good. The most effective way she found of doing so is being a jerk to everyone she meets. Will you get through this front or will you just be another victim of her sharp tongue? Current Ideas: Meadow Richards Human Pureblood Witch | 16 | Flinders | Aspiring Nurse | Sickly Meadow (or Amy, if you prefer) has a hard fought life. Sickly from the day she was born and treated as a burden by her parents ever since, she never had much happiness in her life until the point she joined Tallygarunga - which she adores. She was quick to socialize and befriend people and fit right into the academic setting - but, something is off. She looks like she's hiding something. Can your character be the first one to find out? Current Ideas: Shane Robbins Human Halfblood Wizard | 22 | VMU Student | Former Bourke | Bartender Shane is a fellow known equal parts for his music skills and bad luck. Looking way older than he should be, he has problems befriending people his age outside of his friends group. He tries to stay away from the wizarding world in general due to feeling inadequate, not liking his wand too much. His mother owns a bar in Melbourne and he frequently handles it himself. Appearances aside, he's actually a pretty friendly guy if you give him the chance. Maybe you should! Current Ideas: Keira Hammond Halfbreed Veela Squib | 26 | Political Pundit | Internet Sensation | Horror Buff The first of the four Hammonds of her generation, Keira never set the best of examples for her siblings, try as she might. Her chaotic mindset caused her to marry while still in school, have two children, do drugs despite having children, take on a very intensive job despite having children, divorce at the young age of 25, among other things. She is definitely hard to deal with, but she isn't harsh out of malevolence - rather, out of a need to educate others. Maybe your character can get past all that snark! Current Ideas: If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to mention them. I'd also like to come up with previously existing interactions/possible connections to gain a steadier ground here as things start. Thanks for reading

  8. Tasty's Troops

    David Gourdeau A Cajun student all the way from Lafayette itself. David is a mixture of cocksure flirt, adventurous rebel with a heart of gold. As a Dhampir he prefers to use his charismatic and seductive powers for mischief than getting a girl home; a task he prefers to attempt with his own natural witty charm. Or so he thinks. With a care-free attitude David attends VMU as a second year student of Magical Law & Practice. Be it on his motorbike, moonbathing on the beach or attempting rather death-defying stunts on a broomstick he's one for the adventure and tends to gel well with other extroverts. Given his interest in becoming an Auror David also likes those who teach related studies or even have a law enforcement career. Looking for: Friends, On-off relationships, a girl to bring him into line, rivals, criminals to chase! David's Profile
  9. Cheers!

    Howdy. I'm Kiru (or whatever you wanna call me I suppose), and I'm from Portugal. My RP experience is 12 years young and this isn't my first HP rodeo, though I'm admittedly very rusty. Read all the books, watched all the movies, don't remember much of the specifics. Welp, time to dive right in~
  10. Out of spoons

    I feel terrible for putting up another away. However I’ve been sick and injured and my grandfather passed. I’m not feeling very musey
  11. Ey Boss

    Hullo! Tis I; Tastyhaggis. As you might have guessed I'm a Scottish lad looking to get involved. Lily dragged me in here so I figured I'd give it a go and try my best at the magical RP. Not really good at talk about myself but I figured I'd give it a go!
  12. Lochland Grove: Real Life, Town, Mystery

    PLOT & RULES | GETTING STARTED | WANTED ADS We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
  13. hey moon resources

    a resource site for roleplayershome • rules • advertise
  14. Confronting the Faceless [PB]

  15. Not Again

    It had caught her off guard. It was the same feeling she had with all three pregnancies, the uneasy stomach, the need to vomit at 10 am. She wanted Watermelon and Olives at the same time. It had not been a feeling of excitement but one of anxiousness. It had been hard adjusting to two children, Especially with how little she had seen her husband… That and Persephone wasn’t a year old yet. They had gone away to celebrate their marriage and they had not been as careful as they usually were She was anxious as she sat there in the bathroom, the small stick sitting on the sink as she waited- as she willed the stick to yield a negative result… The last thing they needed was another kid. At least not without a conversation. Silas had not been planned they had found out because someone had slammed their car into hers, nearly killing both her and the fragile life that she had not been aware of. Jason was not thrilled but once Silas came- he fell in love with the little boy. They had fought about having a second kid. It had been a bad fight- one that made her feel as though her wants in the marriage were not as important as her husband’s career. She looked at her hands. It was something she still felt from time to time. Jason had then wanted another, and they tried, they lost that baby, it had been devastating and Doe had never felt alone like she had in those moments. That something was wrong with her. Then came little {Persephone, she was perfect. Though she had spent a long time making her miserable as she spent most of the night tending to her, she cried all the time, she had been much sicker than Silas had been. Jason had also not been around, as often and he had been busier and busier as of late. Now it was quiet in the house the kids were napping. It was the only moments of peace she had at the moment. She looked up at the stick and stood from her spot on the side of the bathtub. Looking at it she felt her head swim a bit as she looked at the pink plus that stared up at her mockingly. The doorbell rang and she look confused for a moment and then remembered that she had invited Dylan over. It had been a while since she had seen her friend and she had in fact missed him. The mess with Orion and Frankie had taken over her life for a while, then she and Jason had gone to the Maldives. It had left little time for socializing and she was aware he had been rather busy himself. Attempting to put on her best face she shoved the stick in in the bathroom drawer and moved to get the door. She smiled as she spotted the tall Irishman and she pulled him into a hug. In the years that she had met Jason, and had children she had gotten far more affectionate, she also didn’t have Malcolm watching her. He would get jealous if any small amount of attention paid to someone else. It was rather challenging. ”Hello!” She said, though the idea of having another child stressed her out and she was happy to see Dylan. ”I have not started Lunch, I am so sorry, the kids are napping and I was doing something else and just got sidetracked…” It happened often with the kids. ”Come in, come in.” She ushered him into the kitchen. ”What about something Greek yes? Gyros?” She offered. That was always easy to put together.
  16. how do I...

    Frankie Oliver
    The news of the pregnancy had led Frankie to run. Actually it had been a choice for the pair of them. Orion and Frankie ran. It had seemed like a decent idea at the time. They had made it pretty far… they had plans to just live and not deal with the fact they had managed to be teen parents. However what they had not expected was that they would be followed and then found by his father. She had not left much by way of notes, they had just ran, and she had not returned to school. It had not been the best idea, especially considering her family had decided she would not return to school. Not that she minded, she didn’t really want to return to school. The baby itself was a bit of an issue. She didn’t know how Tally would have handled it anyway. Like most things right now- it was for the best. That however, didn’t mean she was happy with the solution. Right about now she wanted to be asleep in her bed. She was tired all the time now. The only thing she was happy about was she could sit for right now. Orion had been sent to Greece to live with his grandparents. So he could focus on everything he needed to focus on. His sister and brother had been helpful to her however. His older sister often checked in on her and wanted her to know that she was welcome to visit anytime. She had even offered to take her in. Her father’s were not thrilled with her but they were not about to let her out of their sight again. She yawned as she stood behind the counter, it had been a relatively boring day- not too many customers, and those who came in had about everything to offer in way of advice or speculation of the baby’s, gender. She was just 5 months along at this point but the bump was starting to look more like a bump and not bloating. She missed Orion. Sher missed her friends, but she didn’t necessarily know how to talk to them about what happened. Where she went and why. she drew shapes on the counter absently. The bell chimed and she looked up to see a face she had not seen since April. She looked down to collect herself before she greeted him. ”Hi Alex.” She smiled. In spite of everything she was happy to see him. Even if he wasn’t happy to see her.
  17. hiding

    Violet Kalifa
    Seeing Tyson had become the highlight of Violets week. She was not sure that she should be doing this, but she was doing this. It was a choice she kept making. It was one she didn’t think she would stop making. At least not now. Tyson made her feel things that she had not felt in a long time, they were things she didn’t actually think she could stifle if she wanted to. That didn’t mean she was not nervous about the many consequences that were in play. However for now, things were better- she was happier, and she was lighter feeling. It was a good thing. It was all a good thing. Even if they had been rather safe about things… she wondered how much longer she could hold out. Spotting him she smiled as he approached. ”Damn what have you have been doing, you took long enough.” There was a smirk behind her word. There was a lot of fun in the way they would go back and forth. Not too many people could do that with her without losing their cool eventually. ”I swear I been waiting almost all day.” She teased as she bit her lip. ”The aurors get you?” She questioned. She didn’t know how bad things had been there… she hoped it had been a little bit easier for them… but she had not actually paid attention for a few reasons. Violet reached to take his hand. Squeezing it for a moment. The small bit of affection she could offer in the open.
  18. Just Because You Can

    Pregnancy sucked. Especially when you were trying to do it "right". The sight of Adele waddling into the pub on David's arm was comical, elegant as she looked in a maternity dress it was still a far cry from her usually graceful figure. Stifled giggles, especially from those who were glad to see her looking a little awkward, filtered through the room. Adele greeted the gigglers with a deep scowl. "Don't mind them, babe," was all David could say. What else was there to say? Her feet were swollen and everything hurt, she wasn't "allowed" to drink and this baby seemed downright determined to stay where it was. According to her mother, this wasn't a problem. Adele felt differently. She wanted this to be over, she wanted her body back. Irritably, she sent David on a mission to fetch drinks, and made her way out to the beer garden where fewer eyes would mock her. With a groan, she sank herself into a chair. The baby kicked in protest at the movement, making her wince. "Stop it," she grumbled. The winter chill wasn't enough to stop her from feeling overheated, she was glad that this time she wasn't pregnant in summer. That had been horrible. Small mercies. This was bad enough, though. After checking around to see where Dave was at (still lined up at the bar), she slid a cigarette out from a pocket, and twirled it between her fingers. She could probably finish it before he got back... but should she?
  19. if i tell myself

    Going to the party was something he thought for a long time about. He was not sure if he should go to the celebration. It seemed not that long ago, the mans wife was in his room talking about wanting him. Boaz shouldn’t have stopped her. Then again, given how things turned out- maybe it was better that he did stop himself. He was not dirty little secret, and he didn’t have to feel like a louse about lusting after someone’s wife. Well- he still felt like a louse, but he had at least not acted upon it. That was a good thing. At least for his peace of mind anyway. He also wondered if he should feel bad about feel disappointed the man woke up. He was happy for Kate, she loved the man, there was not too much he could fault her for. Boaz wanted to feel a little slighted but it was not for him to feel anything. He had no claim to the woman. He wondered if she even liked him, or if she was simply just entertaining herself out of boredom. When he looked at himself she was way out of his league. However, he still cared about her, he was still happy her husband was back and he was here to support his student and his friend while they rejoiced in having their father back. He smiled as he passed a familiar face, though they were engaged in conversation so he didn’t stop to talk to them. Looking around he decided he needed a bit of something to drink. It would be enough to get him through the night. He would show his face a bit, maybe see Kate, maybe not. He would figure it out as he got a better feel for the night. Ordering a beer he looked around. ”Not a bad turn out for the night.” he commented with a smile
  20. The Ball & Chain

    Adele DeVylissea
    Adele was cleaning her house. Aggressively. She'd given up on having a butler years ago, wanting the "normalcy" of a settled married life, just a slightly bigger-than-average house in a nice neighbourhood for herself, husband, and son. Cleaning wasn't really an issue, it was a therapy. As she manually scrubbed the inside of the oven, the physical work released some of the building irritation and anger. It wasn't David's fault, he just always happened to be there when she needed a punching bag. Adele couldn't even remember what he'd said this morning that had made her scream at him, only that she'd refused to stop screaming until he left the house and gave her some space. He would be back later, apologise---she would apologise, it was her fault. Hormones and the situation with Lei were wrecking her head. Nothing felt safe. What the hell did they think they were doing, bringing another child into this? Oh, and the baby was another irritation. She could feel it now, kicking. She let it show, and it ruined the silhouette of all her favourite clothes. Some of her clothes didn't even bloody fit now, and even if she carried herself with that same elegance and eerie grace that was common of her family, she still felt like a whale. Caleb was only making things worse too, somehow he'd decided to blame David for Lei's situation, which made no logical sense. Then there was Alex and Cass, who... she had done her best to be calm and polite around, but... underneath she was still angry. Adele was angry about a lot of things. She hadn't even got around to telling her father the truth about how she had come to be here, just... ducked all questions about his sister. Or anything about her past. He'd escaped with David, the two of them had at least bonded. She was still mulling through all of the reasons she was disgruntled when she heard a knock at the door. They were back already? David had better have a damn good apology. For... whatever he'd done. Adele stood, wiping grease from the oven across her jeans. "Well?" she shouted toward the door. It was unlocked, which was probably stupid... but Adele had always been careless with security when she was the only one in the house. "Are you coming in, or are you going to hide behind that door all day?"
  21. Scarce for a bit

    I’m going to be making myself scarce for a bit (I have been for a bit, and some of you know why.) Feel free to hit me up on discord or if you have my number.
  22. weddings and hurricanes

    My lovely sister is getting married I will be leaving Friday morning- I will be back sometime next week... I have left it open because i honestly do not think i will be back to posting before Saturday ❤️ I also have no clue what Florence is going to do to us out here, you all know anytime we have Severe weather my internet/power goes out so who knows what will happen lol- im hoping for nothing who knows i may end up staying with Chromie if i come back to no power!
  23. running over

    Keeley never needed a reason to do much of anything. She was relatively pleased with herself today however. She had managed to break through to a relatively difficult horse. It was a small break through but it was something. Not quite the same as finding a place for one of the magical creatures she cared for, she found herself wanting a moment to celebrate. She had not had much company at the Ranch, she figured it had more to do with he escaped convict than anything else. It was harder to get people to leave their comfort zone. Keeley was not too worried however. She was not on anyone’s radar. Which was a nice thing. Though the lack of visitors often left the young woman a little lonely. There had been talk that there would be some sort of party at the Roo, again Keeley never needed an excuse to drink but she was more than happy to celebrate her break through and the apparently miraculous event of the comatose owner of the Roo waking up. That seemed like some sort of crazy story on the muggle Lifetime channel but it seemed to have actually happened to this man. His family had to be pretty happy. She had made the long trek from her ranch on the outskirts to the Roo. She smiled as she ordered a drink. Something simple and absolutely perfect. She backed up and bumped into another body she spun around with a sheepish smiled. ”Oye Sorry!” She said as she sipped the beer to prevent it from spilling over the sides of the glass. ”It’s a bit crowded yea?”
  24. Keaka Ka’aukai

    Keaka Ka’aukai
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  25. In The Second That The Hammer Hits

    This had all come up way too fast. Alan stood in the lobby, bags packed at his feet. Tavi was very proud of her bright green suitcase, wheeling it behind her and asking random strangers to admire it. They did, because Tavi was adorable, and it was very hard to say no to her. This was going to be his longest Floo trip by far, and for all Audrey's reassurances, Alan couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong. They were going to get reassembled the wrong way at the other end, or something. Was this really safe for Audrey while she was pregnant? They had done all the research (mostly to shut him up) but in spite of hundreds of pages of proof that Floo travel was absolutely safe for pregnant women, Alan had read one article about a possible defect that had come about probably not because of Floo travel, but maybe it had. After all, how much did it really matter that there was a genetic mutation in the family that had caused the same defect in the child's father and grandfather, it was clearly and probably the Floo travel! This wasn't the only source of his worry. In about two hours, Rachel would be getting the divorce papers. That wasn't going to resolve itself quickly and quietly, when they came back (assuming they survived) there would be a fight to be had. Maybe death by Floo travel wasn't the worst-case scenario here? Alan really didn't want to face his estranged wife. That always got complicated. Didn't want to leave, sure didn't want to stay. Alan found in these situations it was just better to do as Audrey wanted---which in this case was going to a very cold place to talk to her parents (who probably didn't like him much) about a baby they probably wouldn't approve of. Fun.