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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 867 results

  1. Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    It struck Diana as odd that Gideon had picked an outdoor café to rest and indulge in some delicious local pastries - they were in the dead of Winter, and the nasty wind chill bit at their faces as they explored the enormous city in such a way that not even Diana's cloth warming charms fully helped the situation. Nevertheless the Bourke alumni complied to her brother's request. They sat down by a lone wooden table. The surrounding area was mostly vacant as people had rushed inside to shield themselves from the cold; it made it so things were quiet, just how Diana liked it. She didn't enjoy the outdoors too much outside of work, finding the loudness of the streets and their rowdiness to be a distraction in the worst way possible, but at that moment everything seemed to align with her comfort zone, sans for the cold - perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea. "Say, how has school been? We haven't discussed it in a while." She struck up the conversation with her little brother, a gentle smile fitting her lips as their orders were served. Her own statement served for an unnerving reminder: she didn't know too much about Gideon those days, did she? With all the running around and studying and working, the two never got much of a chance to sit down and get together for an extended period of time outside their Mildura days. She had to correct that mistake somehow, and it would start with that weekend. If anything, she owed him that effort after what she had done to him so many years before.
  2. To Spot a Dog

    Gideon Sharpe
    "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." What's the worst thing that could happen to anyone? Losing their pet. Not losing them in terms of a final departure, but them running off for one reason or another, leaving their owner alone and confused. And alone and confused was definitely a good way to describe Gideon, as he frantically looked around searching for his dog. One moment he was walking the Kookynie Halls with his dog Spot in tow, and after being distracted for a small moment, he heard the pitter patter of his feet far away from him, his visage disappearing completely. He wasn't sure what could have lead Spot to run away, but Gideon knew that it was often because of things that crossed his path. The dog was rather scatterbrain at times. In his quest, he eventually arrived at the Center Courtyard, his voice echoing across the area. He was becoming desperate, unsure on where he could have gotten. He was thinking of maybe asking a staff member to help him, but he was risking the trail of Spot going cold, and even if they know some sort of spell to help him, his mind was definitely not thinking straight, as he aimed to find the dog himself. "Spot! Spottie! Where are you boy!?" He called out, trying to whistle to get him to appear. He couldn't give up the search, but the concern kept doing nothing but escalate.
  3. Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    He should've known better. Those words kept repeating themselves in Ian's head ever since he's managed to cool down enough to regain a strand of coherent thought back in the Hospital Wing, having been sent by the day's Defense Against the Dark Arts lecturer to the nurse's office after the boy's panic attack in the middle of class. He had wanted to help - to gain the Flinders more points - but he had made a fool of himself instead, caused more trouble than he was worth, and possibly let things be revealed that would be best left untouched. To make matters worse, Olivia Teagarden had been the one tending to him once Meadow had dragged him all the way to her office - if she knew of what happened and how much it affected the young Dhampir, then Ian was certain that May would know eventually know by proxy, as both were close. That meant that he just gave his sister a million reasons to worry about him something that worked entirely against his own agenda. It had been a solid hour since he first had the panic attack, but he had calmed down since; eventually discharged from the Hospital Wing (even if told to take it easy), the Flinders boy quickly shuffled on back to the Kookynie Halls and to his dormitory. While he was mostly calm and rational, he could feel the aftermath of the event shaking him to his core as his knees and hands were still quite wobbly, even as he tried to sip a glass of sugar water. Setting the cup down on his nightstand, the boy sat down on his bed, rested his elbows atop his knees and brought his pale face to his hands, fingers burying themselves in the then unruly dark hair. 'I'm so screwed...'
  4. Down Memory Lane

    Diana had very much been looking forward to that day - it was a rite of passage in the Wizarding World, the day one finally had the opportunity to acquire the various materials that would help them throughout the first school year; and, more importantly, the day when their first wand would be purchased. It was an important day in Gideon's life and she battled heaven and hell to be able to be present, despite her crippling schedule. It caught her off guard that the Fairgoods had requested her to bring Theodore along to purchase what he needed for his second year. Even if she didn't get along with the boy too much, she couldn't exactly deny the request: she lived in the couple's home after all, and to do so would be nothing short of rude. An Apparition to Narragyambie and some involuntary retching later on the part of the young boy, and they set off to pick up Gideon from the Whitlam Bilby dormitories. "Now, where should we start...?" Diana pondered aloud as the trio wandered down Tallygarunga Road. They had to go for Theodore's books, even if Gideon's were already covered for; it felt like where they should go first, if only to get the obnoxious young boy's things out the way and so she could properly focus on Gideon's big day. "Let's buy Ted's books first. You get to look around in the meantime, hm?" The blonde led the pair into such a store, and let Theodore go gather whatever it was she needed while standing near the entrance of the store. Wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulders as a simple gesture of affection, she smiled at him. "How are you feeling? Ready to start a new chapter of your life?" The mild pun brought a smile to Diana's own lips as she was a writer by trade.
  5. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been quite the busy week for Tallygarunga, or so Lisa had been told. There was the outcome of the Greyheme match, some sort of moving chairs prank plaguing campus, and even an overload of students flooding the Hospital Wing, yet the blonde had witnessed none of it - she had been in an induced coma up until that Saturday afternoon without even having so much of a choice to spectate from the sidelines. But outside of the pranking, defeats and misery that she had missed, something else bothered her more. It bothered her greatly. She had been told Aspen had been gravely injured in their bout against the all-male school. She couldn't remember most of the match for the life of her, and nothing specific past a great feeling of distress and mental anguish. As she was relayed what had gone on by the nursing staff, the Sturt managed to put two and two together. Aspen had gotten injured, Lisa didn't keep her cool consequently, and that ultimately led to the team's downfall. Yet, for once, it wasn't the defeat itself that stung. Lisa lightly clutched her head as a mild headache proved insistent that afternoon. Her forehead was encircled by a bandage - she had been told her skull cracked open at the side from an impact with a Bludger - and she was told she had to stay put, but the quietness of the ward was driving her nuts. Against all warnings the Captain sat up on the bed, put on a couple slippers and walked over to a nearby window to watch the campus. She knew someone had gone to warn Aspen that she was awake, but the wait was long enough for her to stew over how she felt nonetheless. The part that did sting the most was that she hadn't been there when her girlfriend needed her the most. She had failed her. She let emotion get the better of her and it led to her own injury. It seemed to be very bad, bad enough to knock her out for nearly a year and make a huge dent in her future prospects. Lisa couldn't even imagine what had been going through Aspen's mind with that, let alone along with the fact she had her partner laying unconscious on a hospital bed for a solid week. Her forehead came to lean on the window pane as she watched the students outside with irritation, brows furrowing as she crossed her arms. She had broken her promise. She promised to never fail Aspen, to never betray her in any way, yet she had. And she was going to pay for it in full for a change.
  6. Life changing story

    Bella had been slightly more anxious for the break, she hadn’t been paying too much attention in class either and she had been unable to get a decent night sleep after the encounter she had a few weeks ago with a fae. The story still seemed unreal, but she had obtained the photograph from her grandmother, she had actually taken the family album, that way would be a lot easier to see through all the photos throughout the years, and it would be a lot easier to carry than loose photographs. She sat on her bed and looked at the album, looking at the photos that had been taken long before she was born until the present day, her grandmother still liked to take photos. It was time to go, the longer she waited, the longer it would take for her to get all the information. “Alright Jester, it’s now or never.” she began getting ready, slowly, she was trying to relax, trying to see things in a positive way. Where the man lived wasn’t too far, she could easy arrive, however, while she was taking her time in order to calm down, it happened to have the opposite effect. Bella was getting more nervous and anxious with every passing minute. Several ideas kept showing in her mind as she thought if going was the right thing to do, as far as she was concerned, he could be lying to her . . . he didn’t look like he was, she was probably just being stupid as always. She stopped worrying too much about the situation. She left a note on the kitchen table, she didn’t know how long she was going to take, it was best if others wouldn’t wait for her. She finally left the house with the photo album, if she remembered correctly, the older man lived in Melbourne’s North, once she arrives there, she only needs to find the correct house. In a few minutes, Bella arrived at Melbourne’s North and looked at the address he had given her. She began walking, searching for the place, hoping that the walk would clear her mind and that would help her focus, she couldn’t start acting like a chicken who had its head cut off, she had to be calm about it, there was no point stressing over something that she doesn’t even know how it will end. Finally, she could see the right property. She looked at the paper and looked at the doorbell, she continued to look back and forth between the two before shoving the paper in her coat’s pocket. She was trying to delay touching the doorbell, she was sure she had a reason, a poor one, delaying would only make things worse. Finally gathering some courage, she rang the doorbell and waited for someone to pick up from the other side. “He-hello…I…I’m…I’m Isabella Mayfield.” She took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, all she wanted to do was turn around and go back home, but it took everything she had to stay. “I’m here to talk to Mr. Windum…”
  7. Fantavision

    That day would be the day Brooke's new project would be (mostly) realized. She had gotten herself a volunteer to help outfit an abandoned house, so to reshape it into a proper haunted manor! She would have done it herself if not for the fact she was just shy of fifteen years of age, and there was a pesky law and tracker in place to keep students from using magic outside of school campus. 'Hey, maybe I can use this place for my own birthday party next month... Though will they even let me bring John over...?' That volunteer had been Phoenix Aurora, the fellow Spencer she was presently leading through town in order to reach her new favorite location. She wasn't sure how old he was, but given he had offered, she assumed he was seventeen; if not, perhaps he could tap into some sort of magical source that simply wasn't tracked by the Ministry. In either case she didn't much care as she dragged the pretty boy along Calder Avenue towards their destination. They eventually came across what looked like a family home with two stories and an attic, as well as a vast yard. The girl lightly jogged up the stairs of the front porch before turning around, a roguish grin spreading across her face. "Ta-daa! Ain't she a beaut?" The girl boasted just as a few roof tiles slid off and came crashing down onto the grass near them. 'Maybe I should bribe some ghosts into haunting this place once we're done...' "We have to really let loose on this one, yeah?" A thick layer of dust over various pieces of furniture was very visible through the windows, as well as plenty of cobwebs. "Don't wanna let potential visitors down."
  8. Nature's Ally

    The seasons were about to change soon and though the environment by its nature should've been able to handle it the previous seasons had trampled on the various plants harshly and in a way that often made it regrowth difficult. Something that effected the entire ecosystem in an equally harsh way, from the smallest insect to the largest bird that soured through the sky. Phoenix found himself in the Bushlands for just a mild bit of maintenance, the hope that a few actions could cause a positive domino effect. Making his way through the various gnarled roots that seemed to curl along the ground, dragging the tips of his fingers along the edges with a gentle and intentional trace which started to slowly reinvigorate them. Not forcing it, rather adding the intended nutrients for it to give it a full bloom when the time would arrive for it. The shade of its surface growing an obviously healthier color compared its surrounding brethren. However, slowly, that same countenance started to spread to the surrounding area through the roots. As if it were sharing it with the others that could benefit from it and strengthening their own structure to be healthier. "And that's what it means to be touched by a true steward of land." He whispered lightly and chuckled to himself. Instantaneously his body shifted, to that of a bird - A somewhat medium-sized Thunderbird that held an obvious tattoo on its wing-span. Taking off into a flight as the sound of thunder throttled through the area, though a storm started to form it'd been maintained and situated over a small patch of area which generated only a bit of water for the surrounding foliage to drink up. Phoenix then landed some few ways closer towards the part of the Bushlands that led a bit further towards the Tally-Narrie road yet still some ways off and shifted back towards his original and human-like form. That should've shaken up things a bit in a positive manner, now he simply needed to find himself some good adventure or trouble to offset the 'good deed' of the day. Maybe there would be some unique Magical creature to tail?
  9. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    At last, there had been a break in the weather that afternoon. It was the opening MJ had been looking for - she had gotten home after school and grocery shopping, having brought Justice along, and she had been waiting for less rain to cover the little town ever since as she needed to walk their dear Samoyed before the sun set. As soon as the final droplets hit the ground, the blonde was already out the door for that particular endeavor, Steve in tow held safely by its collar. She did the normal trek that they used to do - go to Footy Park a few neighborhoods over, let the dog run around a bit and do what it had to do, then come home. As she crossed Koonyah again, however, she walked by her father's workplace: the cemetery. Feeling an all too common calling for it, she decided to go in against her better judgement to visit her mother. This detour proved fatal to her intentions of a water-free walk. As she was finally coming back home, it started pouring again; not having brought an umbrella along since she never intended to stay out for so long in the first place, MJ quickly shuffled over to the first location she could see that would provide some cover, which happened to be a nearby bus stop. She was still a few blocks away from home, and at that point, stranded. She couldn't call for her father, as he was asleep; and as far as she knew, Aspen was training. All she could do was sit on the surprisingly dry bench of the stop and try to distract Steve with petting and scratching at his fur, as he seemed all too eager to race back onto the street, not being half as concerned over the rain as she was. If only she had brought along that umbrella...
  10. A Place to Belong

    It had been nearly two months since Jamie had decided to leave the house and move to Narragyambie for who knows what reason, and a little longer than that since Cole had done the same. The anxiety Alex had been enduring over it didn't make much sense - they visited hear every other day and even had her come to them on the regular and she was practically as close to them then as she was before, if not closer due to the sudden onset responsibility the two had of not leaving her behind. Nevertheless, she felt it. It made her chest tighten and her limbs tremble whenever she considered that they might just stop visiting her. That they may find something of interest in Narragyambie that would make them toss her away like useless garbage, just like her father did. She knew it wouldn't happen, yet her mind was helplessly thrown into that type of disarray on a daily basis. And that was where Tyson McKennis came in. She wasn't sure which deity to thank for that chance encounter of theirs back in June but it had been a life saver in her perspective. A source of stability (if one could call their explosive adventures such a thing) had been what she needed, one that didn't make her want to jump off a cliff with stress like her job did. Road trips followed, as well as gaming and other various activities, and it all contributed to keeping the drummer's mind off of things that were driving her insane. The pair became friends rather quickly and it was a no brainer of whom to pick the moment Jamie finally conceded on letting her get a flat mate, if only to make the house less quiet all the time. "You'd think wizards moving stuff would go much more smoothly." She idly commented as she watched Tyson get to work. She had no problem getting Jamie agreeing to him moving in due to knowing each other, and it just so happened that the younger Quidditch player would be taking the room abandoned in August. 'Aww. Like passing down a torch or something.' "Need some help there or something?" Probably not. He had a wand. In fact, past letting Tyson into the house (something she was fairly positive he could've done anyway), she wasn't sure why she was there at all.
  11. Afternoon Soul

    Holly Bennett
    Music was playing as she wandered around the house. Holly didn’t often get free time, in fact, since she’d become a mother it was a rare thing. That was back when she was raising her daughter alone, juggling university and work on top of it. Life had changed so much in the past year that if she stopped and really examined it she’d be more amazed than she was at the present. After all, over a year ago she was a single mother and orphan trying to aim for her dream career whilst living in a flat that even rats refused to squat in. Now not only did Saffron have her Father actively in her life, she also had her own. She’d also discovered that she had a little sister, a sister that was around the same age as Saffron. She’d realized that she already had the career that she wanted and she had a house that rats would be happy to squat in. All that added with now that Saffron had more family Holly found herself with days where she didn’t have to watch every move of her precocious daughter. This is what had led to Holly playing music louder than she really should and dancing around bra-less and free. Her hair was un-brushed and sat around her face and shoulders in whatever way it damn well pleased and she danced around the living room, her wand making the vacuum suck up the last few crumbs on the carpet. Food was happily cooking in the oven and pillows were plumping themselves. So it wasn’t exactly the normal picture of freedom one would expect from a mid twenties witch who had a few days child free and off work, but, the house still needed to be clean. She’d spent the two days previously being much less house proud but since her child would be returning soon with her Father in tow it was a good idea to at least try and have a house that looked like the one single occupant hadn’t be a complete slob when left alone. A quick check of the clock ten minutes before had told Holly she had about thirty minutes more too dance around and clean before her hair would have to be brushed, her bra would have to be put on and so would some lower half clothes then food from her attempts at cooking could be put on the table and then the door would open and through it would come her Daughter and Jon. Something she was rather looking forward to, if she was completely honest.
  12. Depths of Right Now

    There had been many moments in her life when she had stopped and wondered why she did the things she did. She questioned her decisions; felt this was a natural process of things. Doubts were normal; questions were something that would eventually become answered. This moment, though, was not one she had never really assumed would arrive at her door. This moment when she questioned exactly why she had decided to follow the path of a Healer and then use those skills for something like the international wizarding police. This moment was being had at the front door of the building she now called home. Her hands out in front of her, her useless hands, hands of a healer that did not manage to heal. She used one of these useless hands to reach into her bag and get out her house keys. She could not stand outside the front door any longer, Jasper would no doubt already know she was back and the last thing she needed was too see him in the doorway. Isolda knew that if he did open the door she would fall into his arms and loose her side of their friendly war. A war she didn’t see the point of in that moment. Still she had to move onward and with this thought in her mind she wiped some of the seemingly endless tears off her cheeks and opened the front door. “I’m home.” She said, throwing her keys down on the table they used for keys and her bag to drop onto the floor as she headed for the kitchen. The kitchen was were the wine lived and right there and then she needed a large glass followed by a large bottle. Opening the fridge she pulled out one of the cheaper chilled whites and the largest wine glass she had. It was one of those glasses that held entire bottles of wine. Once the wine had made its escape from the bottle and settled in the glass, she left the now empty bottle on the counter. It wasn’t alone for long, as one that was done she pulled the band from her hair and threw it down. Now with loose hair and one incredibly large glass of wine she turned and headed back to the living room and curled up on the settee as tears still rolled down her cheeks.
  13. Ghosts That Bite

    Elektra Devereux
    Today the girls were home, which was fine with Elektra. It was the weekend, after all. She wasn't entirely certain where Ashkar was, but also didn't want to think too much about it. She was aiming for a day where she didn't think so much about the things that concerned or stressed or worried her. Just a nice chill day where she might not even find herself and Nina getting into an argument over something unnecessary. Though they were getting along much better than they had when they'd all been thrown together, teenage girls were still difficult at the best of times. Currently though, Elektra was smiling as she watched Elena playing with toddler building blocks in the backyard where the temperature was wonderful. They were like giant Lego, and the girl seemed to especially love putting the red ones together. She would occasionally bring some to Ele to also build up and the woman would comply easily enough. At one point, even Nina hung around for a time and played with her younger sister as well. The day was going swimmingly. Even when she heard the doorbell, Elektra didn't mind too much. After all, it was probably a hawker or someone just trying to spread the word of whatever religion they followed, and she could just gently direct them onward. Answering the door with her hair up in a messy bun, and wearing little more than a cropped shirt and denim shorts, the woman tilted her head at the stranger, assessing the man a moment, before offering a warm smile toward him. He didn't seem like either, but she could still be friendly. "Bonjour stranger, lovely day today," Ele figured they would explain why they were there, so she simply watched with an amused expression as she waited for him to do so.
  14. Fade

    How was it getting close to almost a year since she'd found out she was pregnant? Cassandra had found the time breezing by without warning, spotted with events big and small, and somehow among all of that her life was something completely different to what it had been only two years ago when she and her aunt had been packing to move halfway around the world. A rare Sunday afternoon to herself, the young woman had been given the offer to go jogging while Adele looked after the twins, who were down for a nap anyway. And with Caleb as their ever circling hawk guardian, she knew there was no need to worry if they woke up either. Either he would alert Adele, or Cass would receive a message from him. Yet another strange development was the connection to a boy who wasn't her blood relative, but may as well be ever since Thia spent herself in reviving him that fateful day. These were only a couple of thoughts that circled in her mind as she took her time to enjoy running through the bushland. Nature surrounded her, even responded to her strangely enough. Branches leaned just a little closer in her direction, animals watched her, the young woman could sense it all, much more keenly than she used to. Though, there was also a chill that crawled up along her spine, at the sensation of something or someone else watching her as well. It was a feeling she'd had for a few months now, and only seemed to get stronger gradually over time, to the point that she was looking over her shoulder semi-regularly, in a similar fashion to what she had before the move to Australia. Hunted. That was the feeling that haunted her, and the redhead wondered if maybe it was just that she was uneasy with all the changes and still trying to adjust. Or maybe some of the things that she'd learned hadn't been sitting right in her mind, or were still trying to settle. But nonetheless that feeling was still there. It caused her to pick up her pace a little as the wildlife paid more attention to her, her aura leaking out slightly through exertion and the growing sensation that there was something on her heels, regardless of the fact that she saw nothing whenever she glanced behind her. And then she found herself at a creek near the edge of town, the beginning of houses over the other side and through some more trees. Adele's house wasn't far away, but something had made Cass stop, and she couldn't quite place her finger on what it was. She was still for a few moments, and then her head turned sharply around, before glancing down at the shallow water, eyes widening as she saw there standing over her reflection, a shadowy figure. She told herself to move, but was frozen, arms in the reflection were wrapped around her, holding her in place, a dark hand covering her mouth. Panic began to grip her... and then was suddenly drained from her as she stared - transfixed - at her reflection and the spectre the seemed to exist only within it. Time seemed to pass with her stuck in the spot, and anyone who happened along the walking trail would simply think she a woman lost in thought. Though after a while, ever so gradually, the woman began to slowly become slightly transparent, though unaware of it herself, stuck as she was in a hypnosis of a sort. At home though, the twins were fussy with their mother having been gone for so long that they had already woken from their nap and were hungry. Definitely out of the ordinary for her to not be immediately sensing their needs and taking care of them.
  15. Into the Further

    There had been something wrong, Lorelei had felt it but been unable to place a finger quite on it once she'd awoken during the night. She'd spent much of her morning then sorting images and videos distractedly on her laptop while she quietly sang to herself, having found singing to be another enjoyable pastime. She seemed to have inherited her mother's voice, thankfully, which also meant she wasn't really making anyone uncomfortable if they could hear her. It was past midday when she looked up, gaze narrowing as she sensed her mother approaching. From there, many things seemed to jumble together. Jezebel had asked Lorelei to go with her to see Stuart, and somehow Lorelei knew what it was about before she'd even been sat down. At least, a part of her knew. Neither knew quite how intimate she was with Travis, but Stuart was at least aware of her care and friendship toward the boy whose mother was discovered murdered. There was no question in her mind that Travis was not behind it, but that there was another. She recalled his mention of his father from when they were still getting to know one another, and couldn't help but wonder. In any case, the teen was wasting no time to sit and discuss about those things that parents always felt they needed to say when someone's dear ones had been through grief. She knew she needed to be there for him. Of course, she also expected they would say something about being careful too, but she had already left in order to search. It didn't take long, and somehow Lorelei didn't feel surprised to find Travis where she did. She appeared on the front porch, easily dodging any boards that were dangerously worn while she considered the place. Despite it being 'abandoned', she still knocked before carefully pushing open the door and glancing around. "Hello... It's just me," Of course, Travis would know that, would have known the moment she was outside the door, but she still felt it polite to announce herself before quickly making her way to where she could sense him. She didn't feel she needed to say anything else as she set her satchel down and pulled the other teen into a strong hug. What was there to say? She knew that there were no words that could ever truly comfort the kind of loss he had gone through, nor the situation it created for him. Though, she did feel a need to query on at least something. "What do you need? I wish to help however I can."
  16. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    That time was the most calm time of the day, where people had disappeared to their houses, only a few could be found on the street, a few like Jo, who preferred the night more than she preferred the day, besides, the night shift paid better and with less prying eyes meant there was a lot of things she could do without getting in trouble, or too much. She had spent a few days patrolling Narrie, but they had asked to do the same in Melbourne, she didn’t know why she was there, she had told them she had moved, but they still wanted her to work that shift in Melbourne. She didn’t argue with them, the money was useful now that the Estrada family had grown over the past couple of months, but she was confused about their choice. The night was quiet, so quiet that she took the time to sat on a bench and watch people as she put a lollipop in her mouth, she was starting to get the same habit as Dani had, sucking on a lollipop and surprisingly they weren’t as bad as she thought they were at first. The lollipops were quite tasty, no wonder Dani liked them. Jo was pleased at how it turned out, she did enjoy having the house full, but she was still upset she couldn’t turn the basement into a Jo Cave or something cool like that, maybe one day she gets to have her own dark cave, hopefully. The stillness was making her nervous, there was nothing to do, no one to hunt, where were all the criminals in that town? Even the muggle ones? She wanted to desperately tie someone to a flag post, but she couldn’t do it to an innocent bystander, the Ministry would have her head if she even tried such a thing. No, had to be a criminal, even a hooligan was enough to get her going. She got up from the bench and continued her walk, ending up in and alley, that had to be the place for some hooligans to jump her so she can hunt them down like the vermin’s that they were…but no, nothing, no one jumped her. “Shit.” She spoke in Spanish, turning around to go back to the place where she came from, maybe it wasn’t their time to leave their little holes to crawl around society?
  17. Company So Fowl

    It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Narragyambie when Natasha had finally been let go from her shift at The Sweet Tooth bakery. It was a bit earlier than she was used to, but it was because she took over a fellow baker's second half of a shift the other day. It was time for that favor to be repaid and the quarter Fae allowed herself to roam the town, not wanting to go home just yet - she'd probably be the one to cook dinner for the whole crew but she wanted to have some time for herself before being handcuffed to the kitchen for the rest of the day. Her feet wound up taking her to a simple café down Tallygarunga road. Why not get something to please her stomach before she hit the shopping district and blew through her savings? Blake Stewart would have a stroke even thinking that she'd give business to another establishment but she didn't intend to have her boss know anyway. Taking the opportunity that it wasn't raining nor it was awfully windy the baker took her order to the tables outside, sitting by herself and leaning back on her chair while she used a coffee spoon to stir her beverage. 'This town's upside down lately. Sad.' 'I don't really care, I just wish these folks would drop more crumbs.' Natasha's ear twitched mildly as those words reached her ears - not as English-spoken words, or any other language, but rather as animal sounds her brain interpreted. She fidgeted uncomfortably, hating it when it happened. Hopefully she could just ignore it, finish her meal and leave as quickly as possible. 'Check that one out. That's a cake if I've ever seen one.' 'She should just drop half. Considering to go peck at it, honestly. She looks like she shouldn't even be eating any of that anyway.' "What did you say?!" Natasha suddenly snapped at the two pigeons not too far away from her, locking eyes with the pair. A few seconds went by with complete silence, Natasha glaring at them, before the two little birds freaked. 'SHOOT! SHE CAN HEAR US!' 'GET AWAY, GET AWAY!' The birds stumbled away a few steps before spreading their wings and flying off. As Natasha's anger simmered down, she came to realize she had spoken to birds in public; hoping to all that was holy that nobody had heard her in that bustling street, she could feel herself sink into her seat nonetheless. 'Please just blow over, please just blow over...'
  18. The Bad Old Days

    Katherine Belmont
    Once again she was terribly early to pick Hazel up, so Kate had snuck herself away to a far corner of the Bilby Oval. Far enough that hopefully Alan wouldn't wander out here and catch her sneaking a cheeky cigarette. She only had the odd one now and then, especially now that Matt was back and everything was better---but being here, on Tally grounds. It brought back memories. A younger self up to no good at all. Those had been the days. She smoothed down her skirt and straightened her scarf. Kate always got looks when she came here, so obviously in the Penrose staff uniform. Her 'Headmistress' badge perfectly shined, and why was her daughter here?? they all wanted to know. Why didn't the snobby woman give her daughter a private education, if Penrose really was "all that". Lately Kate wasn't so sure that it was. Hazel was definitely happier in the Bilby program. The more she thought about it, the more Kate felt that the strict and perfectionist world of Penrose would never be a good fit for her chaotic daughter. How had that happened? How had she and Matt created this whirlwind of a creature? Kate loved her daughter, of course, but the wild spirit was so far from anything she and Matt were. It was refreshing and wonderful but also damn confusing. Kate sighed, looked around to be sure none of the Tally staff were in view, and lit up. Her father had requested an audience too, which was another whole thing. What to do about that? He wanted to meet Matt. He wanted to meet Hazel. She hadn't even told Hazel that she had grandparents, she and Matt had agreed on that from the start. She didn't need to know about John, about Pearl. She didn't need to know Margaret and Vince were alive. It was better that way, right? There was nothing good to be gained by going back to all of that. Besides, just thinking about the minor heart attack her father would have over her smoking on Tallygarunga grounds made her smile. Screw him. She'd do what she wanted.
  19. The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Most people would attribute it to complete lunacy that Chloe had chosen the middle of the final week of the third term to sit down in the school's Library for a good old fashioned study session. In her mind, it was perfectly justified - she knew that she wouldn't have as much time during the next term as most others to study for the SPIDER exams due to effectively having two jobs (and some things just demanded that type of sacrifice), so she might as well get some preemptive material done with. At least her grandparents were no longer in the country to bother her. Her mother had, fortunately, granted her leave for that day from Muay Thai. She told the woman she was to stay at school, and didn't give much detail as to why - she was fairly suspicious over Aneko only ever agreeing to it because she was under the belief it was some sort of social event. At the same time she managed to dodge Lexi, whom would most certainly drag her away from books if she were to see the Sturt. Fortunately, that day also coincided with the LARP Club meeting she was so fond of attending so ducking her sister's line of sight didn't prove to be too difficult. Though, despite that isolation, she wasn't alone. With her came Frost, a white cat, whom presently sat atop the lone table she had taken for her own within the deeper confines of the library. Knowing the creature to be somewhat loud at times she decided to stay away from others whom could be using their free time to study as well; and, right on time, the cat started mewling for her attention. "Hm?" The girl looked up from her Arithmanncy book, her gaze falling upon the cat. Frost quickly approached the girl's forearm and rubbed its head against it, as it stood upright so to hold her chin with its palm. Knowing that to be an indicator of territory marking along with its usual call for attention, Chloe set her pencil down upon the open book she was studying and reached to lightly scratch at the area behind the critter's ears. This earned a continuous purr, as well as the faintest of smiles from the otherwise borderline robotic reserve trainee. "I have to study, you know." She muttered as if the cat could understand her, although not exactly expecting it to - it was just something Frost had always enjoyed.
  20. Breaking the Same Old Ground

    Another day, another lecture. It irked Evelyn somewhat that she had been called on by the school yet again to fill in for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - she didn't mind the classes themselves, as it was as good of an excuse as any to see her younger family members, but it got under her skin that it was generally believed her schedule was so flexible. It had already become quite chaotic ever since the hunt for Mr. Sollozzo had begun, but as of two months at that point they also had to deal with the Franklin situation. It was something that put people such as herself and Jo in a great deal of pressure from the force, and it was quite rough juggling duties with sucking up to their boss so not to get lumped in with the halfbreed prejudice mounting over the incident. 'Why not just throw classes into that cocktail?' Yet, she didn't complain. Evelyn took on the responsibility with a kind smile and a seemingly cheerful take on the activity despite inwardly resenting it, sticking to whatever it was the Professor had left for her (which often wasn't that much at all, and she had to wing it). Though, she wasn't so naive as to think her work was done as the bell announcing the end of the class rang out and students proceeded to leave the classroom; no, she still had to add points to the House points counter, and she still had to correct the papers she had the students do. It had been a more theoretical class, after all, and because of the Professor's decision Evelyn would pay the price. She was fairly sure they had decided that deliberately. The quicker she got through with it all, the quicker she could return to the station. The blonde sat down at a lone corner of the staff room, hoping that Miss Riverpond wouldn't come over to distract her too much - something she wouldn't actually mind, given how entertaining her friend normally was - and got herself busy with the various assignments, going through each at a steady pace and correcting them as necessary. Tuning out most of the noise around her, she was getting some work done fairly quickly...
  21. Watch Your Step

    Amber Cross
    The longer that excruciatingly annoying day went on, the more Amber became convinced that Harvey the Creepy Bastard was an escape artist. She had lost sight of the pygmy puff more than once (quite humiliating for a Seeker!) - how could such a small, slow little fur ball be so crafty? That final time, she had lost the little animal near the exit of Tallygarunga. After extensive search, she found the creature in the Murrigal Bushland - atop a tree, no less, perched on a branch with its little beady eyes trained on the Spencer. "Is this an April Fool's joke outta season or somethin'...?" Samantha owed her big time for 'looking after' Harvey, she thought. As usual, there wasn't even so much of a squeak or twitch from the creature as she confronted it from ground level; and thus, she was faced with the task of having to go up to bring it to safety. Agile as she was, climbing the tree was no issue, nor was balancing herself on the branch. The challenge was not to make her prey jump off and escape after such a tiresome search. "I promise I'll feed you your bugs if you stay put, okay?" She called out to Harvey in a low tone as she crouched on the branch, inching closer and closer to it over time. The creature didn't move still, looking at her in the same blank manner as it always did. However, just as Amber was about to grasp its fuzzy body, it finally made its play and deliberately jumped off of the branch. "No!" The Spencer instinctively dropped down as well, fearing for its safety and taking a hold of it in mid air; though, it wasn't meant to go well, as her concern for Harvey's well being made her neglect her own. She didn't have time to fall properly as she held the pygmy puff up during the fall, and ended up crashing down onto the ground, free arm caught between the grass and her own body. She could practically hear her humerus crack upon impact, which made her cry out with the pain. Her body jolted with the sudden agony, causing Harvey to jump off of her head and land on the beanie-covered head triumphantly. "God damn it!" The girl hissed through gritted teeth as she pressed her forehead to the ground in a vain attempt of making the pain lessen, gripping the limb on reflex and inadvertently making it worse.
  22. Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    Nighttime had finally arrived that Friday, which meant it was time for the first Astronomy class of the term. With the ongoing events in the town, coupled with the school exams looming over everyone's heads, Luke had decided to make it a bit of a light lesson for everyone to get back into the routine - it was the last class of the week and he wanted to give the students some relief, to have them go to bed for the weekend without a complicated lesson driving them insane until they were accustomed to it all once again. He didn't bother setting up the telescopes to look at the night sky that evening, as he never planned to use them. The class plan was to discuss what could be perceived with the naked eye and the various issues that came with it. He did leave the glass of the tower clear high above them for a clear view of the night sky, as he wanted the students to point out a few things from it nonetheless, but for the time being the lights in the room remained on which dimmed the visibility of the spectacle coloring the sky. "Good evening, everyone." He greeted with a smile as he leaned back on his desk located at the center of the room. As per usual he was surrounded by the chairs and telescopes though they didn't seem to be pointing anywhere in particular, a clear signal he didn't intend to have them use the instruments. "Please, take a seat. Let's enjoy ourselves some light material, shall we? And for once, you can bring your leftovers from dinner in. Just don't tell anyone else." He chuckled a bit at himself. He usually minded it when students brought a drink from their usual feast or even part of their dessert on over due to rushing to the late class, but given the minimized danger of tampering with the equipment that evening he let it go. It wasn't something a little magic couldn't fix regardless, and he needed to establish a casual vibe anyway if that was what the class was meant to be. "Firstly, a belated welcome back. I wish you all the best for this final term. It goes without saying that, if the sixth and seventh years have any questions regarding their exams and the material, you can come to me whenever you see fit. Secondly, to get started, I would like if someone could tell me what is the most ancient method with which space observations have been made, if you would. For Wizards and Muggles alike, of course, although I'm sure we've all come to the conclusion it's never that different when it comes to this particular subject."
  23. Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira sat on the floor with one of his school books balanced on his knees. Of course, he had some form of manga hidden behind it. His weekly subscription of Shounen Jump had arrived with a note from his mother telling him about all the news from home and all the sweets that he could eat in a week. This time it was something funny that the neighbours dog had done to Antou. But the boy wasn't overly interested in this since he had something new to read and a few sweets to snack on, though he didn't exactly want to spoil his dinner. The now twelve-year-old wasn't normally to be found in the library on a Saturday, but it was the only quiet place that he could find at the moment. If his mother found out about this, then she would have more than a few choice words for him. Akira wasn't finding life at the school all that bad, though it had taken a little bit of getting used to. He had never lived out of home before, so often wondered if this had been the same for Antou and Chuusan when they had started attending Mahoutokoro as full-time students. You couldn't really take the curiosity out of him to some extent.
  24. Highly Suspect

    Ashley Estrada
    Jo was preparing something. Ashley could feel it in her bones. She would face repercussions for her prank (or, more accurately, lack thereof) sooner rather than later, as the forever present war in the Estrada household continued - except, at that point, with a few innocent bystanders. The woman couldn't help finding it deeply ironic that she ended up as the unofficial guardian to four different girls over the course of a year, and most of which weren't even her fault: only Caroline had been, and fortunately, the girl had her head set on straight and was giving her best both in school and college. The rest? She owed it all to Jo. Renee had been a problem ever since the Auror met her, and she pressured Ashley into giving the troublemaker access into the family warehouse. And, as of a few months, the Dhampir adopted Danielle and Faith. It was quite the ironic adoption - not only did Ashley take care of those two more efficiently than her beloved sister did, but she was starting to grow fairly certain that Danielle was the adult in the house. She didn't partake in the shenanigans between the Estrada sisters and was fairly responsible, and such factors were what ultimately led Ashley to entrust the Bourke with the house that night as she headed out for a drink. Sitting at the far end of the counter, she ordered a drink and kept to herself, chin resting upon her fist as she lightly sipped at the alcoholic beverage. It wasn't the first time she had found herself in the Drunken Roo since the adoptions. With Jo away at work most of the responsibilities fell on Ashley, something she was used to, yet she did need relief from the workload every now and then. Surely Faith was in good hands, with Danielle insisting they placed Tallygarunga-grade protections around the home; Ashley had earned a little time for herself...
  25. Fixing a Problem

    It was odd timing for Danielle to decide on doing what she was about to do. She could have done so upon arrival in town, or even at any time throughout the several months she'd spent at Tallygarunga up to that point. But, at that moment, something called on her to do so. Unlike most Wizards on Earth, she never had the opportunity to purchase a wand for her own use or have one custom made for her. Instead, she used her mother's wand ever since she passed on. It was fortunate that she took to it like a fish to water but the Dhampir would still very much enjoy having something she could consider to be her own rather than a remembrance. She wasn't so lucky with her father's wand. It refused to work with her regardless of expertise with any kind of magic. It was, to her, the main reason why she wanted to go to the local wand shop - she was hoping an expert could enlighten her in how to win its favor, or to tell her to her face that it was impossible to do so. Either way, despite its lack of use at that point, it very much served as a lucky charm. She wasn't the superstitious sort but it was comforting to carry it with her within its holster in difficult situations (and, lately, constantly), and the possibility of danger recently made her wish she could give it more use than just being a glorified placebo. The weather was changing as the Winter slowly shifted to Spring in Australia, although it was still cloudy and chilly. Expecting such changes, however, Danielle decided to wear a hooded jacket with her getup that day so to be able to shield her head from sun rays if the clouds were to ever part above her head. Her hair was neatly arranged in a ponytail precisely to aid in pulling up the cloth if needed. Hopefully she wouldn't be out of the Estrada household that Sunday long enough for it to get too hot for her tastes but it was a risk the Dhampir was willing to take. Taking a deep breath, Danielle opened the door to Will o' the Wisp Wands, a store she had gone by many times before on the way to Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store. Clearing her throat as she stepped in and closed the door, she looked in to see if she could spot anyone. "Excuse me?" She called out evenly as her nose picked on a scent - she most definitely wasn't alone.
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