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Found 226 results

  1. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Vladimir had to admit, the miracle of Matthew Belmont was certainly a story for the ages. Not even the young dhampir would have thought coming free from a coma lasting five years was nigh on impossible. and yet there they were. What sort of magic was involved there, he wondered? His wonderment remained internal however, as he sat next to Améa within the Drunken Roo. Her family may have been nearby to help with the prison that was the energy, but her safety was still of utmost importance, especially to a man who had been tasked with being her guard. And, he had after all, made it clear that failure was not about to be an option. Vladimir nursed no drink, not yet - he wanted his mind to be clear. Nor did he have any desire to partake in anything alcoholic to begin with. Though the taste for vodka was imbued into his genetics, of course, it would do him no good. Not now. Perhaps never again. Vladimir glanced at the festivities before turning his attentions back to Améa once more. After the shared experience of expressing their failures and forlorn pasts on the porch of Stuart's mother's home, he knew that there was much more to Améa than could have ever met the eyes. Now, Améa also knew a bit more about the past that he kept buried away from the majority of the masses that were not his immediate family. This was supposed to be a celebration, but Vladimir's face remained as stoic as it usually was, the man seated almost stone still, sentinel, formal attire notwithstanding. "To express such emotions openly is a strange thing," Vladimir mused quietly to Améa. Once, a long time ago when Vladimir had been but a small boy, had he considered freely showing the world how its events effected him. Now? Hardly. "Is there anything you wish to do whilst we are here?"
  2. Turn A Blind Eye [Prem. JCINK]

    New Member Handbook - Requests - Advertise
  3. a map that sits on your doorway

    Though Kali had not been in Narrie for long she had taken the time to learn the players. For example the man who had been in a coma for years, he had woken and now they were throwing him party. Kali didn’t know the man and honestly she didn’t actually care about the miracle they were celebrating. It was not as though she knew any of the people involved. She just knew that they were important families and she wanted to see them in the flesh. This seemed like a decent way to observe them. They would be too concerned with the good news, and it would be a true show of what they were like. That and anything that she wanted to do would be hard to accomplish tonight. Most of the things Kali liked to do had been put on hold with the Auror’s crawling around. She was not going to put herself at risk to get caught with anything at this point and so she would indulge herself in the activities of the town she had moved to. The lithe veela walked into the bar tossing her dark sily locks over her shoulder as she did. She was rather casual, or casual for Kalliope, and she glanced around the room, getting a feel. The crowd was excited, happy and enjoying the night’s festivities. It was a good feeling she walked into. She sometimes felt as though she fed too much on the room to decide her own feelings for the night. She had been happy when she walked into the bar at least. The day had been successful, and she had enjoyed the passing hours. So at least the sense of contentment was not the reflection of the crowd tonight. Gliding to the bar she smiled as she ordered a vodka and soda with a cherry and orange garnish. She smiled at the person beside her. ”bonjour.” She said brightly. Taking on the cheerful tone of the evening. ”Have you been enjoying yourself?” She questioned. Casual conversation was something she enjoyed, figuring the other person out was always a treat.
  4. Hullo!

    Hey everyone! Nice to meet you, I typically go by Keel or Kayley. I've got a few jobs on the go at the moment such as waitressing, housekeeping, kitchen porter and babysitting along with attending college in the UK so I'm pretty busy, please forgive me if I'm late with replies or anything, I'll get back to you as soon as possible ;v; I've been RPing since I was 13/14 and I've just continued with it through the years, it's a great way to give me ideas for stories that I sometimes write on the side haha; I'm pretty open to most things so give me a heads up if you wanna chat at any point 😄 I'm pretty boring overall, I enjoy reading and baking as well as playing the violin and a little bit of singing. I'm a massive softy and adore animals, I'll spend hours sitting and petting an animal if I can get away with it. That's pretty much it about me, so again, nice to meet you all ❤️
  5. Where did "Mousie" go?

    Panic not! I'm still here - I've just changed my username. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but always felt that the name Mousie was too well associated with Tally to make a clean break. But I'm doing it anyway! I will probably still answer to Mousie, but from now on this shall be my username.
  6. Moon Called [JCINK PREMIUM]

  7. Lochland Grove[JCINK]

    PLOT & RULES | GETTING STARTED | WANTED ADSWe are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
  8. Fugue State [JCINK]

    JCINK Premium ♦ 2+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ 20+ speciesThere was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere.This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people.We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.SITE INFO -- SPECIES -- CLAIMS -- WANT ADS -- CANONS -- LINK BACK
  9. Finding Alexand-O!

    Have you seen the Blue-Eyed Spencer with his ever so stringy companion?! Neither have I! Since the start of the recent Term it's been said the 'Younger Brother of the Scary Librarian' hasn't been seen in any of his classes - barely on campus! Sickness? Death? On the run? Messed up one too many times in class and got the boot? Too many rumors going about on the reason, typical, Teenager's can never get the facts straight - Can they?!
  10. Good Day

    A little bit back I was hanging out in ya'll's Discord, not sure if you remember me. I'm a friend of @Chromatic who was considering joining. At the time, real life and some creative issues stepped in the way. Both those things have let up a little so I've returned, and am actually going to join this time. So what is there to say about me, um. . . let me see, the first thing I always do on a site is preface anything with the following: I'm someone who deals with chronic pain/illness. I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis(JRA), Sleep Apnea, as well as a whole host of other nonsense. What this means is that sometimes I have rough periods. I don't have any control over this, of course. During these rough periods sometimes I get slow with activity/posting. I just want people to know in advance cause of thread interactions and plot things. I will let people know what is up though. Now, onto the rest of my introduction (and I apologize cause I'm not great at these lol), I use Athelney as my OoC but my name is Tabs. I spend most of my time reading, writing, listening to music, and binge-watching a lot of tv shows/films(on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc). I also spend it playing video games(usually Overwatch or Dragon Age: Inquisition or FFXI and/or FFXIV Online or Crash Bandicoot though I play/have played other games too). When I'm not doing those things, or sometimes when I am, I'm hanging out with my boyfriend, Sam, or my brother as we have similar interests in games, tv/film, etc. And on the outdoor thing, which is a newer thing for me(I blame the boyfriend lol), it's often spent by the lake or creek, or at the park by the river, while he fishes and I read or take walks. Otherwise we go an hour away to two places to hang out, shop, hit up B&N and Starbucks, and eat — where we live is a small town where everything closes at 8pm generally. Mostly my family lives close so I also end up spending time with them for family dinners, etc. I'll end this on the obvious: The boyfriend and I, and my brother too, are all big HP fans, but I'm the only one that does online roleplay. . . So, that's why I'm here lol
  11. City At War

    [align=center] HOME // LINK BACK[/align]
  12. much-needed

    It had been a long time since Lot had a moment out of the house without his daughter. It was a much-needed break as well. The baby sitter had been easy to find. Lilah was a bit of a doll and people often wanted to spend more time with her. Sometimes he worried about leaving her but then he had to remember that he was not off running for months at a time now, he had a normal schedule and he was not a fugitive any longer. That was one of the many things that he needed to remember. He could be out in the public, he could enjoy himself now without being the man who was being hunted. Though he still felt relatively uncomfortable with as many law enforcement officials out and about. He wondered if Jason was out tonight he should have seen if Doe was up for going out like they used to when neither of them were parents. However he and his sister had grown up quite a bit since that time. he looked around the street as he crossed it to enter the Roo. Inside people were happy and cheerful and they seemed to be enjoying the welcoming atmosphere. It was not something he was unfamiliar with these days. He was a man who used to find himself in the seediest establishment in hopes of hiding and now he purposely entered a crowded bar with the intention of having a decent night. He moved to sit at the bar. Looking around. It was quite the scene. He was glad whatever they were celebrating was so joyful for those around them. he smiled as he ordered a beer. ”Quite the celebration.” he said to the person seated beside him.
  13. Relaxing in the Brush

    Luka had to sneak away from the grounds, he was feeling cooped up and the students weren't helping, many wanting extra lessons and tips to be better at wandless magic. He was a professor yes, but the man could only take so much. Now he was sitting on a large rock out near Korrowi Creek, shirtless, paint smeared over his body, a didgeridoo playing loud droning notes. To Luka this was a relaxing afternoon, getting in touch with his blood, feeling at one with the earth. He had a weird feeling though, that there was something out there, or someone. With a deep breath he focused his magic into the notes he was playing, weaving them into a relaxing tone, trying to dispell the feeling of unease. When that failed he set the instrument down and looked about. He didn't see anyone, bushes, trees, and the creek yeah, not a person in sight. "Oi, Bunji, if you're out there come on, I'm not mad, not bothered, but I am getting annoyed...I have some jerky I can share, maybe some water if you're lost." His voice was smooth, no sign of anything but a relaxed man. Standing Luka stretched wide, "So come on, I don't got all day, I should be returning to the grounds soon...less you're here looking for me for that reason, than maybe I was already heading back....did I have a class today?" He added as an after thought, "Don't think I did."

  15. Black Clover RP

    ♣ HOME ♣ LINK BACK ♣
  16. Mistborn of Scadrial [JCINK]

    [align=center]Plot | Rules | Species/Ranks | Magic System | Wanted | Advertise3-3-3 RatingNo word countIn a world where the sun is red, plants are brown, and ashes fall from the sky, the Lord Ruler controls his empire with a tight fist. The society is divided into noblemen and the enslaved skaa, and mysterious creatures roam the land alongside the humans. The koloss, gigantic blue monsters with a thirst for blood, and the kandra, who can take the shape of any person. The world has long feared the mysterious mists that come out at night, but the rumors are coming alive as the mists begin to take lives.[/align]
  17. Cleaning up

    Luka stood there silently for a moment, looking out the door both ways and nodding. He was going to be judged so hard should anyone find out what he was about to do. Taking his place at the front of the class he grabbed his stereo and put in his favorite cd, the Fantasia Sound Track, now was time to do one of his favorite cleaning past times. The moment the song started up his hands were raised, brooms flew from cupboards and seemed to dance about, sweeping in time to the music. This was a guilty pleasure of Luka's cleaning to Fantasia, it gave him a chance to recreate one of his favorite scenes in the movie, his favorite movie...honestly, one of only a handful of movies he's seen. He danced about, directing the brooms with flourishes of his hands, humming to the music, the man oblivious to the world around him. He knew it was dangerous to do it in school but this one time, the only time he's done it here, should be safe he rationalized. Hoping beyond hope in the back of his mind that no one walked in he kept cleaning, getting mops and buckets out now.
  18. I'm here for the party

    "The fun is here~" Derrick proclaimed with his arms raised in the air as if he were the mail ordered clown. Whether people wanted it or not, he often found a way to have some fun - spice up the party even a little bit. Sometimes, it was a literal spicing of fire and crazy shenanigans that you could only remember in hazes after several drinks being imbibed. As he passed through the various crowds of people he knew from his past and those he met in the present his hand would extended out giving quick high fivers and shoulder pats. "Come on, people! Look alive even better! Just because we're a bit dressed up doesn't mean we can't spark up a good ol' time." A winning smile beamed brightly as he walked over towards the bar counter and lightly tapped on it. "Let's start out with this mocktail, really, I'm just curious and trying to be -slightly- good. Still need to grade papers late- . . . Oh, come on, Mish, don't look at me like I'm talking out my ass. Honest! I'm going to be a star role model! . . . Today." It was a hard sell even if it was the truth but he had to at least show by action. As he finally grasped his prepared drink he'd turn around to face the room with his back pressed against the edge of the counter. Then he took a quick sip, tasting the contents of the liquid and giving a playful smacking of his tongue from the tangy aftertaste that was left behind along with the high fizzy kick that came along with it. "Gah, tastes like a fruit drink! Needs more of a punch behind it - knock my mind off its feet." He had considered asking Mish for something a bit more complicated but he knew this wasn't that kind of party, unfortunately for his designs of fun. "I wonder if Aus or Arti will grace the presence here. . . That could really get a party starting." He had already been formulating ways to make the evening just a bit more exciting for people.
  19. Rika's Plotter

    Savannah Ryan - Profile Link: 15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho Wants: I am all for basically anything at this time, especially since she's so far into her studies as a 5th year student! She does enjoy animals be it magical or not. You can see from her profile she loooves horses, so stuff with animals is a good start! Since she is 15 I am unsure how I'd handle a romance plot with her. I really don't know what else to do at this time, but anything posted you may wanna do is fine. . Magical Creature encounters, normal animal encounters, and stuff like that is a big one I know. She is a bookworm, loves the history of magic, and is a smart girl. Basically I want her to make friends and such, maybe romance down the line as long as it's organic. Nothing beyond the old hugging, kissing, cuddling due to her age though! Don't Want: I don't want plots that involves triggering content such as abuse, rape, non-con, and all of that. She is 15, and know she'd not see most of this but still it's a no-no even for if I make adult characters. I don't want romance that's not organic as I don't like rushing my romance plots/threads. Dalton Chang 28 [ Prof of Defense Against The Dark Arts [ Christopher Larkin Wants: Plottings with students of his, romance things like fluff, dating, or whatever. Maybe we can have some drama too? I really think he's open for anything right now. Don't Wants: abuse, rape, non-con, and all of that. I don't want romance that's not organic as I don't like rushing my romance plots/threads. I want to take time with romance with my characters.
  20. Rifters [ Jcink]

    [align=center] BEGINNER'S GUIDE // PLOT // RULES // CANONS // WANTED // ADVERTISE [/align]
  21. Once Upon a Full Moon

    James Almoor
    James stood naked out in the grass lands, he was ready, did every precaution he could think of...He had been unable to get the potion brewed, a few of the ingredients were a bit hard to come by at the moment. So, here he stood, watching the sun set, ready for the inevitable. James was against this, but from what he read the bush was the safest place for him to transform, very little foot traffic, almost no one living out here, and a few wild animals. The moon rose now, his eyes locked wearily on it, "I always hate this sensation." He griped as the first spasm hit him, wracking his entire body in pain. The crunching of the bones elongating, his face distorted as he fell to all fours. It took only a matter of minutes for the transformation to full come upon him, a few minutes for hours of pain. When the was fully transformed he lost his senses of being human, the night was his now. Running wildly through the bush he ambushed a few wild animals, rending them, the small human part of him left knew they would be able to tell it was a werewolf. The animal in him didn't care, it just wanted destruction, to feed. He stopped, nose raised to the air, meat...fresh, human...he smelled it, he wanted it. A loud howl ripped from his mouth as he prepared for the hunt. Bent low, smelling the air as he moved, eyes adjusted to the night allowing him to see better in the dark than any human. Water, he smelled it, maybe it was near the water. He followed it, better than animal, human...bite, rip, tear...
  22. Black Clover Rp

    ♣ HOME ♣ LINK BACK ♣
  23. Blending In

    Being new to Australia held many benefits aside from not being 'truly known', the first being that whatever persona you crafted up, that would be how others viewed you. In this setting, he was no longer 'Dylan Connell' it was a name that held no meaning or impact for most that would know of him in Narrie. Especially those of the magical community in academics who needed their Wands handled or taken of at the beginning of the year or throughout it. Here, in this moment, He was simply Gilliam the Wand Craftsman - an Adept Apprentice to the ever so jittery and giggly Stardust. He found himself here as a way to drum up further press and awareness for the shop, more clientele, as his fae of a boss placed it. Really, he expected that she wanted more money to feed her addiction of bringing in random pets that were kept in the back. At any rate he found a rather gentle taste in the cocktail as he opted not to trick his taste buds with a faux drink. The glass left his lips and had been settled down onto the table top as he watched the various people interact and take the joyous bounty that had been the Roo's owner's recovery. "So, this is what it is like when people adore you and have been waiting for a proper revival." A stern chuckle vibrated from him as his hand slightly cocked to the side in amusement. It was the kind of welcome and merriment that he would never expect or even desire for himself, but some people, were just naturally charismatic and loved by their community. "Hopefully, the host will need a new wand after all that time laying asleep. Might be a new mentality due to that experience. . . Could be the kind of business Dusty would desire." Dylan spoke towards himself as he rose up a hand to rub at his beard in consideration. Maybe not the best time to go asking about it, but maybe in time. Many faces were familiar to him, either from visiting the shop or just on his various routes when delivering wands to those that couldn't pick them up personally.
  24. Where the Breeze Blows

    Derrick stood outside of the main building of the school in an opened space waiting for the students to arrive, each one given prior notice that the Term three and Four classes would have cause to be more 'exploratory' due to their potential volatile nature even compared to fire which could be contained. The element of Air was a wild horse of sorts - a mare that couldn't be so easily tamed and thus often always wrecked havoc when things were let loose. Something that he had been dealing with on some students, some more prominent in the 'screwed up AGAIN' category more than others. Due to the colder weather he found himself a bit bundled up in a jean jacket with fur stitched on the inside, both of his hands within his pocket while standing within a withered field with his eyes looking about the area for a moment. A nod followed through with a positive assessed grunt "This looks as good a place as any! Hopefully no one will conjurer up a house from the wind to drop on some wicked witch - Naaah - no one will have that kind of freak accident happening." Though other things could be much more likely with the things that had planned and managed to set up. This run there were two types of 'Dummies', targets, that he had in place for each student, the first had been a well-stabilized make-shift windmill. Each was constructed with strong materials to keep it in place in the ground but to also have a durable windmill attached onto it in hopes that it'd be able to withstand against the potential throttling air-spells that could be produced from just about any kind of talented individual. The second target was much more dangerous to the point he had to bury part of its stand deeper into the ground than he had expected using an Earth spell. It was in the shape and make of an Archery target except made fully of durable metal that were known to be conductive to electricity - A dangerous effort for sure but he had promised a full scope and understanding of the Elements in all of its terrible glory. Informed students were better equipped to handle their magic rather than avoiding the elephant in the room after all. As he turned around to give a usual greeting to the students that would start to arrive, his hand rose up lightly with a light. "Hey there folks! Glad to see you this lovely and cold day! Hope you're ready to get your adrenaline pumping because this lesson will be much more active than the last two we were messing around with - We're travelling into some intense territory with Air magic today."
  25. color coded speak

    [align=center]index. canon list. face claim. wanted ads. link back. [/align]