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December, 2018
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Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Come and have a butchers.

    Ashkar Gastrell ● 44 ●Enrollment Officer ● Undercover IWP Agent ● Muggleborn Sassy, direct and oh so very British, Ashkar is a guy that has never pulled his punches. A former (but not reformed) criminal who was eventually caught and offered the option of Azkaban or working for the International Wizarding Police, he went for the later. Now working with another agent he is undercover at Tallygarunga, acting as protection for the children and staff alike. Ash is in a presumed relationship with Elektra. Aside from that, again I am open for anything. Interactions with staff, parents, children and just the general population Holly Bennett ● 24 ● Narrie Resident ● Single Mum / Radio Host ● Halfblood (Veela) Miss Bennetts been through a lot. The product of a week long affair with a man who until recently was unnamed. Losing her Mother at of 12 and then for year being cared for by her step-father who just couldn't cope. She was placed in foster care and for the remainder of her childhood has been through both good and bad homes. This has only caused the young girl to be driven though, studying hard at school. A single mum at sixteen made this much harder, but somehow she made her grades got into the VMU and a part time gig as a radio host to pay the bills. After a recent fight for her daughters life, Holly has dropped out of VMU, bought a house and decided to focus on her career on the wizarding wireless, her daughter and learning more about her biological father - Matthew Belmont. Cat McNeedleclaws ● 60+ ● Familiar (Cursed) ● Homeless ● Pureblood Most people would have run into Cat in the form she prefers, which is that of a black cat. Cursed by her family over sixty years ago because she fell in love with a muggle. The curse gave her the ability to take on the form of a cat and turned her magical powers inwards, causing her to become a almost reservoir of excess power. People who've come into contact with the black cat may have noticed an increase in their magical gifts when she's around. There is also a rumor that this cat can awaken powers in Squibs for short periods of time, but, who listens to rumors? Remi Cornfoot ● 17 ● Flinders ● Odd duck ● Half Blood If you are knocking about Tally, you've probably ran into - or been ran into by - this tiny pile of energy. Having spent the first sixteen years of her life within a Cult that beliefs would make the most open minded witch or wizard shake in their boots. She escaped (with the name of an unnamed relative) moved into her own caravan in a less savory part of Melbourne and started attending Tallygarunga. Optimistic, impressed by everything, curious just about everything and somewhat naive, she seems to be easy pickings for the harsher elements of school and real life; though she is not above defending herself or people she cares for with a wand or fist. In this first year of school she has found she has a natural talent at Potions and Dueling. Who knows what the second year of her school life will bring? Isolda Richards ● 27 ● Healer ● IWP Agent ● Pure Blood Perky, Sassy and very much a Bourke in her school days. Isolda is one of the daughters of a very pro blood purity family. A family her time at Tallygarunga made her come to dislike intensely, however, she used them to get herself through school, university and settled into her first job as a Healer. Then she walked away from those who raised her and their bigoted views, got a job with the International Wizarding Police and living her life the way she feels it should be lived. She is the half sister of Evelyn Parsons. Her most recent goal is rescue her sister Meadow Richards from the clutches of their family and wage a war of her roommate and IWP partner, Jasper or as she likes to call him The Spider King or Spider Man.
  2. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Ash was damn pleased that the average Wizard and witch considered Muggle ways of hiding things were beneath them, especially when it came to hiding money. He was always pleased about this but right then as he pushed his way into a small dirty pub in Melbourne he was damn near ecstatic about it. The DWP had access to most of the money he had made during his very active criminal career and as far as they were aware that was all the money he had possessed. They hadn’t learnt of that offshore Muggle account that he had for, well, financial security. He’d managed to get some money transferred into one of his other muggle accounts – that was conveniently under another name and then withdrew the maximum amount he could. That amount had managed to get him a rather decent room in a muggle hotel and enough that he could spend the night doing what the British were often considered as doing best. Pissing it up against the wall, he had never been someone who drank too the point of intoxication. That, however, was his single minded goal of that evening. Get absolutely pissed and end up shagging some faceless woman, or man, he wasn’t really in a picky mood. Hell, if he got really pissed he’d find a club and dance the night away in a dangerously intoxicated state. He might even feel like he was sixteen again if he did that. It was a thought like that made him wish he could turn back to time, go find his sixteen year old self and tell him a few things about the future. Sadly, it probably wouldn’t be advice like ‘stay on the straight and narrow kid’. This is really what his sixteen year old self should really have been advised to do. No, he would probably tell his sixteen year old self to be more selfish, more amoral and avoid blonde women from Europe. The fact was though, that he couldn’t go back in time and change the path his life had taken. He just had to deal with his own stupid choices, his own damn inconvenient emotions and well...drink. On entering the small bar that desperately cried out for a good cleaning spell, he spied a karaoke machine and knew that he’d end up there somewhere during the night. Karaoke was always fun when completely off ones face. But that was a drunken mistake he would make when drunk. Shrugging off the leather jacket her wore and folding it over his left arm, right hand quickly checking he knew where his wand was then moving to his money heavy wallet as he strolled over to the bar, stopping at one of the stools and giving it a quick brush off with his hand. He was planning to get drunk and make a fool of himself, yes, but that did not include thick dust covering the ass of his trousers. Once he’d decided that he wouldn’t leave a perfect ass print on the stool the wizard sat and caught the tender’s eye. “Double whiskey.” He said “Actually, leave the bottle.”
  3. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  4. Kai's Little Lies

    Marcus Carsen Species: Dhampir Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding Pureblood parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male A bit about Marcus. . . He is a Journalist that is more focused on breaking through to the truth by investigating the facts and displaying them to the public that is able to read from his personal journal. He is from an Egyptian family that is primarily Pureblood and believes in keeping ones heritage as such when it comes to magic. They're purists not extremists so they are apart of no massive cult, just really big jerks. This makes Marcus a bit of a black sheep that has been excommunicated which explains his current situation and need to hide himself from most that he encounters. Part of his history is also within the undergrounds of Australia (Both Muggle and Magical), thus he's met various types of criminals and people that have helped with his transition into the new country. Marcus also runs pro-Non-Human/Half-Breed efforts to make sure that they hold a chance of having a good life and not to be ridiculed for who they are. In terms of what he is looking to get into. . . Really anything that could develop the character. Plans and idea are always accepted to hear and build on to see where it goes. Dylan Connell Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age:39 Gender: Male A bit about Dylan. . . This Irishman holds a dark history both in heritage and in personal activity. Coming from a family of extremist about their Blood he had been taught and even in times acted out the same ferocious prejudice that landed his family to be apart of a Death Eater cult. This particular group hunted down the Sullivan family, which he personally had been part of both hunt and passively the murders. Reluctant to raise his wand against innocents he turned on his brotherhood and protected a Young girl and her niece. This painted a red target on to himself and he fled. Due to this he's traveled to various places but held an interest in France from his past for a bit before moving on towards other interests. He currently works in a small shop that affixes wands and deals with their maintenance along with supplies. He hides under the name Gilliam currently and does indeed 'Sell Wand and Wand Accessories.' Not propane. Often can be seen around Tallygarunga delivering wands of special order or to classes that require more on hand just because of how volatile it may end up being. As for what I'm willing to toss him into, same line as with Marcus as it would be with most if not all of my characters. I tend to not give myself a massive end goal as I'd want environment and interactions to shape the path of their stories and decisions as well as the growth. Alexander Winfield Species: Half-Sorceress Blood: Half-Breed Age: 19 Gender: Male A bit about Alexander. . . Every bit of mystery about Alexander is not from him trying to hide anything (exception being his chaotic implosions!) but rather ignorance of his own heritage in its full scope. In his mind he comes from a Wizarding family with a not so loving mother. The truth of the matter is that it goes much further and deeper and the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is about to entrap the young man hasn't even truly started yet. Due to the mixture in his blood there is a constant combat raging inside of himself that has him ill often to the point of coughing up blood most days. Though he does try to cover it up the best that he can given that he carries a white (Stained with crimson) handkerchief around for those pesky fits. Music is his passion so one could easily found him playing up a tune or even trying to gather a performance together, He is somewhat 'Famous' in a sense if one watched videos or covers where he'd play music on. Antics will most likely ensue. . . What he's looking for? Well, I suppose stability is one way of explaining it. Friends, Fans, people who've heard a bit of his music and oust him. Tyson McKennis Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 17 Gender: Male A bit about Tyson. . . Tyson is a young man whose been situated in House Bourke at Tallygarunga and like many of his housemates there is a determination and drive to stay active, to even be sporty. This alone isn't simply for the love of it but rather for a purpose within himself, as if to seek a sense of proof or worth within the activities that he tosses himself into. Aside from typical practicing the muggle art of Muay Thai, he also finds time with his light class schedule to engage in Quidditich as a Chaser which holds its own thrills for him aside from the usual impression. A fierce force in reaction though he is not easily angered the very ideal and meaning of loyalty is all the more important to him due to incidents involving his Parents. What's in the cards for him? I'm looking to take the steps to see! Friends, Sportslike rivals to compete against as a way to better himself, he's a man who rises up to a challenge when presented it. Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers Species: Human Blood: Muggleborn Age: 26 Gender: Male A bit about Derrick . . Recently hired as the Professor of Elemental Magic, Derrick is what one could consider quirky and fun with many aspects of his life. While often considered a sense of flighty that is more of a nature to want to travel and experience all that he could encounter. There is a clear talent and even borderline love for Fire and all of its application from a magical standpoint, there is a reason his nick name is 'Sparky' after all. There are a lot more to the hidden curves under the nearly whimsical manners, there is a lot of hurt and pain from his past from being a natural punching bag for his oldest sibling and being the constant protector for his youngest sister, Janet. There is a history of lost within the last few years from a woman he had fallen or as well which has ended much of his travelling and fueled him to take up a more stable position as a Teacher with his degree. What's he looking to do? Aaah, Let's just say a persons day will never be brighter with him around, literally sometimes. Extending out a network of friends to give himself a bit more reason to stay in Australia versus moving around like his nature screams out for him to do. Inspire some students that, Fire, is indeed, GOOD! Jonathan Azai Species: Half-Fae (Shadow) Blood: Half-Breed(Wizarding parent) Age: 26 Gender: Male A bit about Jonathan . . While Jon is of Japanese descent his roots are very much Australian being first generation from his Father's side. The family business isn't all gumdrops and rainbows as he is forced to work under the watchful presence of a Yakuza family that migrated to the land down under in order to expand their enterprises and connect with different antiquities that could be shipped towards Japan. What sets him apart from most others that work under his Father, Homura Azai, is the fact of his mother's heritage as a Shadow Fairy which had been properly 'bred' into him like a prized hound or careful planning. Some methods and beliefs never escape from ones heritage it seemed as his father saw only a benefit to the mixed blood. A weapon. He grew up faster than any child should and experienced horrors and crimes that are so etched in his mind that he often is lessened in impact when situations escalate to blood and gore. It's a lifestyle for him and expected that many things could go belly up within an instant. It doesn't mean he has no desire to escape rather that he feels there's no escape and so he must conform for the time being. Under legitimate terms he works as a man of 'Insurance', loans to be more specific and offers up a side subsidiary of Bodyguards if one needs them, another form of loan entirely. This is ran by the semi-well known 'Azai Corporation' which is regarded as small but successful in both financial practice and ethics, yet, a front is still a front for the darker side that is underlying its purpose. Money laundering, Illegal transports, most things that can be explained on paper fall under his legal purview. His job as far as the personal Family is concerned is that he is a hitman and make use of his natural affinity for the shadows to carry out his assignments. Very few ever see him before the strike and when they do it's much too late. He's often accompanied by what one could call his 'Loyal Dog', Mishima. To Jon, it'd be one of his closest friends who offered loyalty in the form of a life debt. It is through this kind of faith in him from a few that he feels bound to either escape for a better life or change everything that is an issue for a better benefit, profitable, but not as blood stained if necessary. I'm opened to talk about various things that can happen and past/future connections. Jon is designed to be a darker side of the track character in the sense that he's on the wrong side of the track. A character intended to be involved in various kinds of situations that may not always be what some would want. Anything extremely severe will require proper communication and drawing out an understanding. Just to be on the same page with things. There maybe a future adoptable of Mishima once I get an idea of how I want to write them and the deeper story is flushed out. Travis Franklin Species: Human (Werewolf) Blood: Halfblood Age: 17 Gender: Male A bit about Travis . . Travis has been at Tallygarunga since his First Year, a calm time for the most part considering that he is a Bourke. While he holds intense loyalty he isn't as sporty as others in his house. Mostly because he's unsure if his strength gives him an 'unfair advantage' in certain situations. It's also the best way for him to keep under the radar and not be targeted. While he is always opened to meeting people and speaking with them at length, never judging them for their actions it doesn't mean he trusts them. If someone manages to earn his trust they have a fierce guard and guide in more ways than they might expect. He's always willing to explore the dangers of things purely out of the nature within himself. What's he looking to do? It's more or less opened! More friends, scandalous entanglements, other less scandalous entanglements. People that he can learn to trust, maybe a couple of folks that don't take kindly to a trusting mutt. Vale Windum Species: Fae Blood: Pureblood Age: 242 Gender: Male A bit about Vale . . Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum is a man who is truly ageless, mostly because of his Fae capacity. He's met many people in his lifetime and none that he could truly consider a 'friend' or someone he'd depend on. Especially in the fleeting lifeline that comes from Humans, the time he arrives and spends hardly amounts enough to him that they earn a proper trust. He's a talented and well spoken man in many ways but his true gift lies in the ability of thievery and the use of his somewhat alien magical use of magic compared to what most Wizards are accustomed to. An edge that he's glad seems to persist even more so in the age where purists still seem to be at a heavy strength in voice. Though he is a criminal in secret he's also a man with a heart for the Humanitarian efforts, past experiences fuel the desire to supply and nurture those that could be productive. People that have been harmed accidentally or purposefully, those that can avoid being on the end of criminal activity. As his Criminal Persona most of the exposed traits melt away into a sheer rebellion. While he's still against out-right murder he would harm to defend himself, aiming to rather see someone jailed or maimed rather than killed in cold blood. Due to his already inherent mistrust of many people working with him is a hidden risk, a risk that he makes people aware of the moment he drops the Auror's on them and leaves away with the bounty. What's he looking to do? Old Criminal pals who managed to get out, Auror's that have it out to capture him in some way, Maybe some folks that could instill a sense of 'trust' for him - a difficult task. Any other plot ideas are welcomed as well. Cole Lin Species: Human Blood: Pureblood Age: 20 Gender: Male Cole is for the most part, an expressive young man who believes in there being no harm in letting people know the 'real you'. That is, unless, the real you is that you like them. Then it's probably the best course of action to see if there is really any kind of spark! That would just be his shyness speaking for him though on some level. He comes from a Pureblood family with deep roots and history, ones that he finds he's quite proud of representing. While he is an over-achiever of sorts it had little do with his love for learning and studying and entirely as an attempt to distance himself from a feeling that could be considered bad to other people. He's a generally nice person who is always willing to offer people a helping hand to see a smile curve at their face, though he's over-protective of his two cousins. The troubles that they go through and have gone through standing as a reason for him to feel as if he needs to be some form of barrier. What's he looking to do? Any form of plotting is up for grabs, Friendships, past dorm or school mates, current fellow VMU friends, people who question why he hasn't dated some potential interested ladies as of yet, someone to shake some stuff up. SHAKE IT UP LIKE BOGGLE! Senan Connell Species: Half-Fae (Light/???) Blood: Half-Breed Age: 16 Gender: Male A bit about Senan. . . Senan is a young man of secrets and for good reasons, stuck between a world where the thought had been Pureblood's held the only right to practice magic and the radical efforts of an individual to fight against those very ideals. These are core issues that whirl around inside of him, neither perceived as good or bad but merely a state of a much more chaotic world that others seem to ignore. He keeps everyone at an arms length to protect himself, primarily, from the fallout that could occur from the perceived betrayal of either group that seems to hold tight reigns since the day of his birth. The move to Australia has been a chance, a weakening of the links even if the individuals in play do not yet see it. There are people and factors that could influence the chances and choices that he makes if only he could see the benefit of being the type of individual to take that risky chance. He's also the Half-Brother of the elusive Dylan Connell, a fact that isn't known by the elder Wizard or many others beyond the family and recent radicals. A rude awakening that is bound to shake things up more than those involved truly will realize - until it's a bit too late. What is he looking for? Well, just to see where the winds take, honestly. There is potential adventure and extensive scuffles into other storylines that will have the chance of enhancing a good quality time for all around! Jasper Mitchell Species: Half-Veela Blood: Half-Breed Age: 32 Gender: Male A bit about Jasper. . . A self-focused criminal would be simplifying the many layers that describe the man. He holds a high respect for his self-preservation, which often leads to decisions or words that could be considered more cold than anything else. Living a life where he could only trust in his own skills, had to watch his own back, it's no wonder why such a mindset seems to be ideal in every situation. 'If you can trust yourself, you can't trust anyone.' is a motto he tries to hold himself by even in the precarious situation of being a coerced undercover agent for the IWP. His contacts in the underworld across the world run deep and those that know him well enough know that his talent of forgery in both mundane and magical are top tier developments that could make a trained eye a run for their money. This mean he has a much more studious and diplomatic approach towards his work and those that he gets himself involved with, finding violence to be at the very least a last resort where everything else has failed or escalated too far for simple witticisms. His past as a youthful criminal is lengthy and dark, who knows what kind of people he entangled himself with? Those who couldn't forgive the wily cons placed on them if they've managed to find out? What is he looking for? Like many of my characters I prefer the whim of the moments, the flow of how the story is untold. That being said, any connections to the past are welcomed as he's traveled quite often and has interacted with various circles of people.
  5. Let's have a chat

    Viktoriya was on a mission. “I swear to God, Jamie, you better have a good reason for all of this,” she murmured as she left her house that morning and made the trek to Jamie and Alex’s apartment. Macho ladies’ and merch man Jamie was too weird. Of course Viktoriya knew that the whole PR thing was necessary, but this... this was too much. He couldn’t possibly want this, in Viktoriya’s estimation. There was no way. And the little dhampiressa was going to get answers outta him, oh yes. She’d tap into her retrocognition if she had to - granted she didn’t really want to have to invade his personal and private memories like that if she could help it. Something just wasn’t right though, and she needed to know. She had time now. She had a little time before her practicals began at uni, and she hadn’t yet been called to winter practice in Romania with the team. Now was the perfect opportunity. Alex wouldn’t be home, but Jamie would, and this would give her ample opportunity to engage her friend in a deep discussion. By the time she got to the door, there was a small frown etched onto her face where there was usually a ready and fanged smile. Knocking on the door, she waited for it to open up, looking up in the meantime, arms soon crossed over her chest. When the door did open, she said abruptly, “Jamie. You and I gotta talk.”
  6. Invite Slipstream

    Samantha Hammond
    "Yo, Samsung!" Came the boisterous greeting, forcing Samantha to look up from her copy of 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection' to see who was the invader of her personal space. She recognized her cousin instantly as the Spencer plopped down on the grass before her, crossing her legs and looking quite bored. "You're running out of creativity? I've heard that one before, not even from you." Samantha couldn't help but tease the girl, watching as her nose scrunched up in frustration. A few seconds passed before a look of brilliant realization was transparent in her face, excitement quickly defeating frustration. "Oh, I know! Samsonite!" Amber exclaimed, pumping her fist in victory. It prompted Sam to giggle, covering her mouth for a short period before nodding in acknowledgement. "Okay, okay, you win. To what do I owe your company?" The Bourke lightly bent the corner of the page she was on before closing the school book. Amber glanced at it, scooting over just enough so she could better read the upside down title of the cover. "Whatcha readin'?" She asked. "Defense Against the Dark Arts? You're studying when there's such fantastic weather outside? When it's a weekend?!" Amber almost looked offended. Indeed, the sun was shining, and it was hot enough for the school-mandated uniforms to start getting slightly uncomfortable. It wasn't the weekend just yet, but a Friday afternoon still counted as such, right? Plus, Samantha just plain studied too much - grades notwithstanding, of course. "You're probably the last person I'd ask to evaluate my studying habits." The half-Veela replied as she placed her book back in her backpack before letting the bag rest on its own under the tree her back was pressing to. "No offense, of course." "Fair enough."
  7. Event What's a Party Without Music?

    Prelim note: This is a kind of interactive thread, though not for the usual socialising with other people at the party. More like one where people can post their character requesting songs, either by asking Arti who will be near the stage most of the time, or by calling out to Gem. Otherwise, I'll be posting periodically to list a few songs at a time that will be played, rather than posting up a full play list in one go, so to make it more like they're switching things up and trying to insert some requests among the set. Please try not to spam requests either, that would be like shouting twenty songs at a musician at once. Haha. ------------------ Before the doors opened, there had been a playlist of songs playing over the speakers while the band set up how they wanted the stage to be. As diverse as their musical range of songs that they played, and given the requests that could be made, they needed a lot of freedom to swap and change around, often enough a few of the band members had to swap instruments out for different ones, not to mention provide extra vocals on different songs. Dean was making sure he had his drums and other percussion instruments set around him for easy use, while Trev and Arti set up keyboard and sound mixer, and various string instruments, and Alison checked on her guitars. Even though Artemisia wasn't an official member of the band, she had been the one to ask Gem if the band would play for the school. She also lent her skill often enough that they figured she'd probably be up here a few times during the night at least. It wasn't as though Gemini was really going to give the other woman a choice. She'd also managed to acquire a list of some of the musically inclined students, for her own amusement during the night. Gemini, meanwhile, made sure the microphones were properly situated, as well as her own guitars in a safe but easy to reach place for changeovers or when she wasn't using one. She had tested the mics earlier on to make sure they were all working fine. The real change that the band had undergone though was the change in name. After the news of her former boyfriend's apparent discovery to not be dead at all was officially confirmed, the entire band had decided together that they weren't keeping the name, and it had been changed to GemStruck, mostly against Gemini's preference. Sadly she'd lost the vote to call it FrankStomp. They waited until the hall was at least bustling a little with students before they finally began to take the stage properly though, the playlist volume dying down as Gemini finally spoke. "Welcome Tally students of 2018! It's the end of the year, and that means it is time to let loose and have the best time you can! To assist in that, we have Dean on drums and percussion, Alison on base and occasional lead guitar, and back-up vocals, Trev on too many instruments to list as well as vocals, and myself on lead guitar and doing most of the singing tonight. We are GemStruck, and will also be featuring throughout the night on occasion the wonderfully talented Artemisia, a fellow alumni like myself," Gemini began to strum her guitar a little as she grinned at the young crowd. "We will be playing a mixture of songs, young to old, and will also take requests tonight. You can leave some with Arti when she's not playing, or call them out when I ask for any. Pop, rock, jazz, alternative, country, metal, pretty much anything but Jpop. Anyone who requests that will be made to come up here and sing it themselves, you have been warned," The woman's brows waggled as she grinned wickedly as some of the laughter, "Now, let's start off with a classic or two and something to dance to. Do not be ashamed to sing along." With that, the band started into the first few songs for the night:
  8. Fugue State [JCINK]

    JCINK Premium ♦ 2+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ 20+ speciesThere was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere.This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people.We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.SITE INFO -- SPECIES -- CLAIMS -- WANT ADS -- CANONS -- LINK BACK
  9. Open On the way Out

    Tyson didn't want to give the whole 'Ball' thing an actual chance, if he'd made the choice himself without any form of sway it'd probably be spent in his room or trying to find a way off of campus to spend it in another way. He coughed roughly while a finger slide along the collar of his button-up shirt while he loosened the grip it held at his throat. Wearing a jacket with his assembled had been out of the question, that just would have been too much for him to want to deal with. Instead he decided to skirt around the 'Formal' by wearing deep purple vest over a crisp and white button-up shirt. The black slacks had been the obvious choice given that it had been the only thing he could get on such short notice. This would be the last time he'd have any form of party in the halls of Tallygarunga, when the next year would come he'd already be moved on out, graduated and starting a much more adult life. At least a step towards that direction, he wasn't out of that bracket just yet but in due time he would be. As he walked further into the hall his eyes lifted up to first spot the twinkling of the spheres that sat as if to showcase their gleam in the center of the massive room. It had nearly reminded him of the party that happened earlier in the year, of course, he skipped out on that for many reasons. Maybe he did owe the school one final showing for that ditch effort? There were still people coming in, some with dates and others in the similar situation as him, going stag. "Can't believe I let her talk me into actually showin' up." He remarked towards himself and posted up at one of the table to grab himself a fizzy refreshment. Something that could ease the dryness within his throat and simultaneously ease the bubbling nervousness that took place in the pit of his stomach. He'd never been comfortable with handling that feeling, when it should have been an issue it never was, only when he didn't fully want to commit to an idea. An idea like showing up to a ball for a promised dance. He could stay long enough until that dance, right? Afterwards no one could blame him for leaving right after that if he needed to do that. In the mean time he just turned his sights on the various decorations, the attempt that had been made for the sake of the Students and Staff alike. He still stood by the premise the Elemental Magic Professor had been a certifiable loon, but at least the work put into the event looked as if it would seemingly payoff.
  10. Event Call to Party

    The hall had been directed from ceiling to floor, it held the banners of the four houses and the color scheme had been very much an ode to the combined efforts of the Houses. He'd wanted to make sure that everyone knew it wasn't in honor of a specific houses efforts or that certain individual's had raised an entire bar on their own. As a school they'd went through the change of having official Auror's walk and stalk the halls and even under the wonderment on if a strike or attack would occur they still kept forward with their studies. Even for the Professor's it'd been potentially rough trying to keep students on task, to have their eyes and thoughts wander more towards the school work than the ever watchful eyes and gazes that had peeked around corners ever so obviously. Derrick took his wand to officially set up the tables with a neutral color cloth of white to add more of a formal flair towards things, the Elves that had been employed as cooks brought out a various number of things. Whether it had been for the need of a snacking, a drink, or even a much more filling meal, everything had been provided for a memorable night for those that would attend. He took the extra step to centralize the stage for the eventual performers that would come to add towards the environment. It reminded him of the effort that many people had gone through to plan for the decorations and meeting with certain contacts to enhance this moment to the levels that the Headmaster's Assistant would have designed it. It may not have been on point, he was no Audrey, but if he'd known the woman as he thought he did then it had come close enough that she wouldn't give him too much of a hard time. With a flick of his wrist and wand every door in the hall widened opened and had been held open for those that had arrived early and for the ones that would eventually arrive. It wasn't a mandatory event, people had the choice whether they wanted to show up. But it had been the hope that they wouldn't waste the opportunity for a bit of fun to be offered on the School's expense and effort. Then he made his way towards the stage and affixed the flashy jacket he'd donned. A typical color of black with a blood red shirt, black slacks, and shoes that had a bit of a shine towards them. His tie that hung had been decorated with a rising flame that started at the tail of it, constantly moving as if it had been a motion picture of a fireplace. It had to be given the Sparky style of approval. "Heya there people out there! I know what you maybe thinking, this overly flashy display must have taken a lot of work, yea? Well, you'd be right. But that doesn't matter, what matters is this a night for everyone to finally be able to breath. Tests? You handled that, no need to think on them. The things that happened earlier in the year? A weight of your shoulders, they don't have any place this night." His arm raised up the tip of his wand traced through the air as several luminescent orbs that hung at the center of the Great Hall's ceiling pulsated with a light and began to shine with a glimmering twinkle to add a fanciful accent. "This is the time of year to be merry and reminded of the hard work you've done through the year. To remind you all that you're still the height of your High School lives or moving towards University or whatever choice you've made after the school for you older ones. So, live it up, have some fun and enjoy it all."
  11. Finite Incantatem

    [align=center][ PLOT ] [ RULES ] [ DIRECTORY ] [ APPLICATION ] [ AD/AFF ]Finite Incantatem is an AU, non-canon (OC's only) roleplay based around the magical world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in near-present day, the foundation of our plot stems from real-life world events and political happenings, all of which have affected the wizarding and Muggle worlds, alike.The current year is 2023. Following an attack on the city of Paris, France almost two years ago, non-magic folk are on high alert, under the guise that the perpetrators behind the violence are terrorists. The true masterminds behind the plot, however, are a group of up-and-coming anti-muggle wizards calling themselves the "Death Eaters." As the underground group has infiltrated the French Ministry of Magic and local media, blaming the chaotic, politically-divided Muggle world has never been easier, and pushing their anti non-wizarding agenda on the rest of the wizarding world to gain sympathizers is child's play.France is feeling this pressure more than the rest of the world. People have gone missing or died under mysterious circumstances that the Ministry blames on anti-wizard muggle acts. Families have been separated as Beauxbatons has been locked down under Ministry protection. While the Ministry assures the people that they are taking steps to protect them, the Death Eaters are plotting ways to expand their hold on the wizarding community. But all this isn't going completely unnoticed by the rest of the wizarding world. The British Minister and the American President, as well as those in their governments that they trust, have their suspicions and are investigating strange happenings in their own countries and abroad. And there are whispers of a group tied to no government rising from the ashes of these attacks. This Order of the Phoenix is operating in the shadows still, but growing every day as new victims and revolutionaries alike are brought into the fold to fight back against a darkness they don't have a name for yet. Will the Death Eaters prevail, or will those that rise against them come together in time to stop them? Only time will tell...Discover the magic today!Who we are & what we offer:✦ Now on Jcink Premium!✦ All-inclusive: age, gender identity, LGBTQ+ friendly - RPers and characters alike!✦ Two active, friendly admins with years of admin/mod experience across a variety of platforms (Avidgamers, Acornrack, Spleafnet, Invisionfree, Proboards, Jcink)✦ Open and active since August 2016, and still going strong with no plan on slowing down!✦ A sandbox plot - we've provided the foundation, and now we want OUR MEMBERS to determine what happens next, thanks to their characters and plots!✦ Original characters only - no canons allowed. We do, however, have a long list of fun and exciting member-created adoptables up for grabs! Jumpstart yourself with an instant plot with another character's family member, friend, romantic interest, classmate, etc.!✦ A load of popular FC's and coveted roles and positions of power up for grabs!✦ For the students: four schools to choose from and play at, with a long list of sports, clubs, and activities to choose from. And if we don't have it? Create it! We love suggestions!✦ For the adults: all of the wizarding communities around Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny...and then some! Tons of careers to choose from. Want to be a Potions Maker? No problem. Rockstar more your style? Do it![/align]
  12. Open Cramp, Push and Take It Easy!

    Amber Cross
    Feet dragged along the dirt road in Footy Park as Amber struggled to make her way through the location, gym bag in hand, aiming to return to the Townsend household after a full afternoon of pro wrestling practice. Her back couldn't stand upright and pain was very visible in her expression - in fact, she looked like she could fall flat on her face at any given moment. Four hours prior to that moment, she had been in Melbourne, carefully helping other members of the crew in the laborious task of setting up the ring for the following day's show. Once it was mostly secure a new trainee asked the head honcho regarding how to take a powerbomb properly. Amber was asked to demonstrate as the larger man performed the move on her. The moment her back collided with the mat, all air was sucked from her lungs and she was hardly able to breathe for thirty minutes straight, being completely gassed out and suffering from intense back pain. And this is why you should always warm up first, kids. On top of that, she had to suck it up and finish the ring assembly work, and endure three hours of training and bumping on top of it. She managed to put on a strong face, knowing she would be teased mercilessly (and perhaps even punished) if she let the absurd strain show, but the moment she was left by herself near the gym in Narrie that she usually works out in, she felt like her very soul had been sucked out by an invisible Dementor. 'Can't... go... more...' Her motivation was completely shot. She spotted a park bench and collapsed onto it once reaching it, lying down on her stomach. The bag fell clumsily down to the ground, barely hooked to her fingers by the holding strap. She closed her eyes to rest for just one moment. Out like a light. A little drool fell from the corner of her mouth and onto the wooden bench as the sound of light snores could be heard in her vicinity. Time passed, and she was in danger of missing curfew the longer the nap went...
  13. Open Aqua

    The quietness of Korrowi Creek that night was rudely interrupted as a loud crack echoed through the area. Evelyn didn't particularly like how loud Apparating could be at times, but fortunately it was night time - there would be nobody around to hear her at the time, in all likelihood; it was also good that the Bushland was dense enough to deafen sound past a certain distance. The Auror let the very welcome cold breeze of the late evening greet her face as she walked through the clearing in which she had Apparated in towards the trees along the shoreline. She took a seat under one such tree, facing the rapid water, letting her posture relax for once as she pressed her back to the trunk and stretched out her legs in the cool grass, gaze fixated on the liquid rushing down the creek. That particular area was one she held dear to her heart, one she visited when she needed to think, and the one area on Earth where she truly felt at peace with everything. It was there that she had spread her mother's ashes after her father passed away. She felt in her heart that it's what she would have wanted, and her remains were one with nature from that point on as they were sprinkled onto the water. "Ten years..." She muttered to herself, not talking to anyone in particular. A decade to the day she had done such a thing, and from then on she had visited the Creek semi-regularly; although, it had become a less frequent venture through the years as she felt more and more removed from her own nature, and more in sync with that which she detested. It took her a few minutes before she moved just enough to be able to lie down under the same tree. Her gaze fell momentarily on the cloud of leaves before her, the near-full moon peeking between between the little holes of sky that the foliage didn't manage to cover. After a few moments she glanced at her right hand instead, after lifting it off the ground. Could she reconnect with her nature? Could she make her mother proud? Air combusted around her hand as Evelyn's pyrokinesis manifested, fingers set ablaze. It didn't seem to burn her. The flames danced along the hand as she observed them and pondered on her life situation. It was the one thing she had from her mother (past the natural charm, of course), yet, for once, she felt like she didn't deserve it. She was going down the same path Seth did, and wasn't entirely sure if she even wanted to go back to begin with.
  14. Open Halls of the Damned

    The end of the world was approaching and all Keira Hammond could do was sit by herself at a bar, drink some fine whisky, and hope she'd get drunk enough to forget about it until the time came. It was Christmas season at last. The political pundit had mostly forgotten about it until she got a reminder for herself, along with her sister, to remember to go to the McCarthy manor in Narragyambie to spend the holiday vacations there until January rolled around. It was the second Christmas she'd spend with her family in a row, given all the ones before were with the Sherman family; but it was the first she'd face with their ongoing little predicament. Samantha was going to be there. She would be in close proximity with the girl for an extended period of time, all the while trying to control minute details of her body language so not to let anything bad on for her to latch on to. And if she miraculously succeeds in this endeavor, then the sibling she lives with would have to accomplish the exact same. The odds were most definitely stacked against them, and the fact it was a huge house didn't make her feel any less uneasy. But that was tomorrow Keira's problem. That day, she feasted on alcohol. She sipped the beverage while hanging out by the counter of The Tipsy Mozzie, keeping mostly to herself. Setting the glass back down on the wood, she idly spun it around with her fingers while her gaze was distracted by the melting ice within the cup. She would be as good as dead the following day. She desperately needed the liquid encouragement.
  15. The End Year Ball/Bash

    Celebrate the SUCCESS!! It's been a rough year all-around! As the year stirs to a close many of you will be saying fair well, moving on to a new life! There is also the acknowledgment of the hard work many of you had gone through for your exams! This is why a grand Ball will be held in your honor for your exit and acknowledge that work! THE END YEAR BALL! A Formal Event so bring in your best wear, if you don't have any don't be shy to ask one of the Chaperones! Signed - Professor Ackers aka Sparky! Date: December 20th, 2018 Time of Day/Length: 6:30PM - 11:30PM Location: Tallygarunga, Great Hall Who can Attend: Students, Tallygarunga Staff, Performers Dress Code: It's a ball, get fancy with it. OOC Notice You can create threads in this Forum freely, no need for prompting what so ever! Whether it's a personal moment or an open moment to encounter people. It's supposed to be a Ball to give many characters in the same area a chance to interact and encounter one another! As long as it pertains to the Great Hall and the Ball it belongs right here! If the characters begin to move away from the Great Hall area feel free to make a continuation of the Thread in the proper forum area! Keep eyes out for anything with the [EVENT] Tag! This is going to be our way as a community to know what may potentially effect the entire ball! So, if you have a troublemaker who just put explosive slime in the batch of finger sammiches? Slap an Event tag on it so people know to check it out and some potential effects! You're a performer? Then we definitely need to know what kind of music is being jammed on! The time is there just in case you're like me and end up getting some details mixed up and find time stamping a threads desc. to be helpful! NOW BE OFF, HAVE FUN, GET THE DANCE AND AWKWARDS ON!
  16. i like pokemon and over the garden wall

    I came from the RPG-Directory after Sadrienne posted in a thread of mine. In short, Tumblr had a new policy change and I’m hoping to find a few new places to call home as a roleplayer. Tally definitely looks like a place that interests me! My character from the Harry Potter series is Newt Scamander and I’m a Gryffindor. [ finger guns ] I hope you have a good day.
  17. Open Kingdom of Tea

    Evelyn had never been much of an uniform fan, so it was quite refreshing to spend a whole day out of the Auror mandated set of clothing. She could finally opt for a simple yet modest floral sundress which was more her style by far. Not only that, she could actually have a few moments for herself. That's what she was enjoying that morning. A few moments of solitude in Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store, reading the newspaper and enjoying the air conditioner's breeze as people roasted outside. Heat itself had never been that big of a deal to her at all - being of Veela descent she actually had a far greater tolerance to temperature than fellow humans, but she couldn't deny the air circulation felt rather pleasant as well. Evelyn was there at the repeated behest of her cousins, whom found it appalling that someone as well versed in tea as herself had never tried something called 'Mrs. Kempsey's milktea' before. Specifically, bubble tea. Perhaps her own elitism kept her from doing so thus far, she couldn't tell exactly why, but that day would be the day for her to fulfill the promise she made to the girls and try out the beverage that seemed to be 'in' with the younger crowd those days. As the drink was served, she crossed her legs under the table a little ways away from the entrance of the milkbar and her gaze flitted over the most recent issue of The Mage's newspaper's pictures and text and she ingested the news of the day. Without giving it much thought at first, her hand grasped the tea container and brought the straw to her lips, and she lightly sipped the drink. The lightest of flinches came through her facade. Too sweet. She wasn't one to enjoy strong flavoring, but the taste certainly explained most people's obsession with it. Then again, now that she had paid, might as well consume the whole thing...
  18. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Ashkar Gastrell
    Australia was a shit hole, well, that was Ash’s less than pleasant feelings at that moment as he stood in the window and watched the gnomes swelter in the heat. It wasn’t the first time he’d wondered at the wisdom of the International Wizarding Police. It seemed entirely possible that they had sent him here hoping that under more heat than his raised in the rainy country of England body could handle that he would crack and spill all his secrets. If this was the case they were not entirely wrong. At this moment he’d tell them that he wet the bed and masturbated to unicorns if they would allow him to go somewhere with a better weather system. Neither of these things were true, well, he did masturbate but not to unicorns. The uncomfortable weather was not helped by the fact that tension in the house was still high. Ash had not yet corrected his earlier behavior and revelations that he was considering going to Azkaban to repent for his sins and become a free man and the several other things he’d said in that exchange. In this he did not include the point where he pointed out that sex with Elektra would be desirable but at the time very much beyond his capabilities. That statement he stuck by, though, had not said as much to Ele herself. Once again he found himself in the house with just the other adult and two cats, all of whom seemed to be avoiding him enough that he had the time to study melting Gnomes. As one of the Gnomes in question noticed him looking then decided to use that moment to lazily flip him a middle finger, the British born Wizard decided that perhaps, just perhaps, he should stop putting off the inevitable conversation and turned too go find the Ele. That was when his laptop started a merry tune. A tune he’d not heard for a long time and not one he was expecting. A sigh escaped him and for a moment he considered ignoring the call but he also knew it was futile, she would just keep calling. So with another sigh he walked over and planted himself in front of his computer and clicked the answer button. “Hello Meera, to what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked dryly, leaning against the top of the computer desk and looking into the annoyed face of his older sister. “You said you we’re in Australia on some business with your lot.” started the very annoyed looking woman on the screen, scoffing when he answered in a affirmative “You are lying, Ashkur.” she cut him off as he went to respond “We know you are in Australia, Little Brother, but we also know now that you have been arrested, tried and are working for some wizarding police. We also know you are currently on the run after having kidnapped a woman! Kidnapped, Ashkur, you must release this woman right now and hand yourself back in...” “Woah, woah, I have not fucking kidnapped anybody. The rest of what you said is true though. The fuck...who told you this?” “A nice girl named Estelle Devereaux, I think. She visited Mum and told her all these stories about you. Stories that have our very disturbed Mother even more disturbed. She punched one of the nurses Ash! Punched! Why are you looking like that? Why aren’t you saying anything? Askur Rames Gastrell, you tell me what’s going on now!” “Meera, listen to me carefully. Move Mum too another home, if Estelle shows up again you are to ask that she is removed from the building...do you know understand? Meera! I’m serious...” then he turned around the chair and saw the person he really didn’t need to see standing nearby. “I have to go, Meera. I love you.” he then cut her off before she could respond before turning back to the person behind him. “How much of that did you hear?”
  19. +.LostGirl's Splotter

    Kelton Salter Human Halfblood ǀ Thirteen ǀ Third Year ǀ Spencer ǀ Asa Butterfeil Being the youngest of 4 Kel is always looking for people who want to be friends with him not his siblings. It also doesn't help that his brother is an up and coming star of the Quidditch world. He loves to hang out with friends even if its just studying in the library or running around the school. Kel isn't that into sports well playing them anyways, he loves watching his brother and his house play but that's about it. Kel is always willing to be the shoulder to cry on of anyone who needs it.
  20. Complete A Stroll Through Bushes

    It was an early Sunday morning in Australia. The sun peeked down onto the Earth's surface past the few clouds that bothered trying to shroud it - the blistering heat was making itself known through the quiet Spring day, letting everyone know Summer was just around the corner. It served as a good warning for one Chloe Stewart, certainly, as she didn't bother to dress in her school uniform that day, nor take a jacket along - linen pants, sleeveless shirts and sandals were the way to go. Outside of a mostly empty small messenger bag, she didn't seem to carry much on her either. All she aimed to do that day was to walk home, sit at her workstation, and airbrush her figures until sundown. As she left the campus, her phone buzzed and she retrieved it from her rather large pants' pocket. It was a newsletter report of a couple brand new master grade kit reveals from across the pond, and her eyes found themselves glued to the small screen. Her pace slowed but she didn't bother looking where she was going that much as the images of assembled kits revealed themselves, and she could feel her inner child be overwhelmed with glee at the potential new toys. She wondered if she could pre-order them; regardless, the seemed to be announced to come out just before the end of the year. Maybe she could grab them on site during the break trip? Provided her parents didn't object to the detour too much, of course. It took her a few minutes to unglue her gaze from the screen - and when she did, she realized she wasn't entirely aware of where she was. "Hm?" She clicked the button on the side of the screen, shutting it down, and pocketed the device. Looking around, she realized she was still in Tallygarunga's immediate vicinity; albeit in a quite green portion of it, as if in a pronounced rift from the main road. "At least I'm not too lost..." She mumbled to herself in her native language. She felt relatively safe despite detour, and didn't think she'd turn into chyme anytime soon. As she looked around she noticed a little pathway that was more colorful than the rest of the surroundings, covered with snapdragons that really drew in attention; and it seemed to lead into a fenced cottage that looked like a Herbologist's paradise. Curiosity took precedence and her feet found themselves drawn to it, and as she got closer, she managed to make out a warning sign sitting on the fence protecting that lodging. 'DO NOT ENTER -- CARNIVOROUS PLANTS' Any person with half an ounce of self preservation would take a hint, turn tail and leave; Chloe, however, wasn't such a person. Instead her curiosity enlarged. Good thing she was minimally careful - it wasn't her first rodeo with plants of the sort, and she was aware of safety distances. Standing just inside of that memorized 'safety zone', the Sturt peered at the greenery in hopes of seeing a thing or two whose existence she was unaware of. Her concentration was such that she would be entirely oblivious to any immediate approach, or someone watching her from a distance.
  21. Kiru's Splotter

    Time to steal everyone's template. Also, I prefer Discord to discuss things, but you can always answer here. Beware the long text. Feel free to come up with any type of idea not mentioned, I don't mind any sort of plots whatsoever~ Chloe Stewart Human Muggleborn Witch | 16 | Sturt | Combat Sports Monster | Model Kit Enthusiast The daughter of two local business owners - her father owning a bakery and her mother a dojo -, Chloe is a somewhat shut in Sturt who cares way more about pursuing whatever strikes her fancy rather than socialize. She has obsessive tendencies over a select few subjects, making it so her skill in each thing rose exponentially over time, and is a great tutor to boot. Her social skills leave something to be desired. Out of respect for her mother she's trying to break out of her shell, but she can't say she cares for it much. But maybe you can help! Current Ideas: Jamie Collins Human Halfblood Wizard | 21 | Australian National Quidditch Team Seeker | Living Merch Machine | Former Bourke Half the product of a Muggle cartoonist and a pureblood witch whom dropped everything to be with him, Jamie is ultimately the end result of a broken household (along with his sister). While his public image - as well as what most know of him - portray him as a smack talking bad boy/ladies man, he actually prefers to keep to himself and is a rather nice individual. He hangs out in both Narrie and Melbourne, depending on the day. Maybe your nerds should meet him! Current Ideas: Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons Halfbreed Veela Witch | 28 | Corrupt Auror | Former Sturt | Tea Aficionado Continuing the legacy of a famed Pureblood family with deep ties to the Ministry of Magic, Evelyn has always been one not only to meet expectations, but to exceed them in spectacular fashion. Her sheer talent is well met by her Veela blood and interpersonal capabilities, making her a well respected member of the wizarding community. However, this is all but a front to hide the true intention behind her every move - consolidate power. Current Ideas: Samantha Hammond Halfbreed Veela Witch | 15 | Bourke | Cinnamon Roll | Mother Hen A very innocent yet friendly girl, she'll befriend you if you have a pulse. Bright and upbeat, she believes she exists to bring love and joy to the world, starting with you. She loves to hang out, have fun, care for people and go out on adventures with them. Unfortunately, she seems to be very susceptible to being manipulated and charmed, which might make people take advantage of her for kicks. But maybe your dorks should protect this cinnamon roll instead! Current Ideas: Alex Lin Squib | 21 | Drummer | Child Caretaker | Cartoonist Say hi to Jamie Collins' twin sister, Alex. She probably won't say hi back, but please bear with her. Past the obvious daddy issues, she's not half bad. She works really hard due to perceiving herself as having a disadvantage in comparison to Jamie, and if all goes well she'll have a few beers with you instead of punching you in the face. It's a bit of a gamble, but a worthwhile one! Rachel Ryan Human Pureblood Witch | 17 | Sturt | House Quidditch Team Beater | Resident Tsundere A victim of childhood neglect and many uprootings, Rachel doesn't have a place she can call home, or someone she can see herself be close to. The lack of attention from her parents growing up led her to think she's worthless in the grand scheme of things, and thus she isolates herself for the greater good. The most effective way she found of doing so is being a jerk to everyone she meets. Will you get through this front or will you just be another victim of her sharp tongue? Current Ideas: Meadow Richards Human Pureblood Witch | 16 | Flinders | Aspiring Nurse | Sickly Meadow (or Amy, if you prefer) has a hard fought life. Sickly from the day she was born and treated as a burden by her parents ever since, she never had much happiness in her life until the point she joined Tallygarunga - which she adores. She was quick to socialize and befriend people and fit right into the academic setting - but, something is off. She looks like she's hiding something. Can your character be the first one to find out? Current Ideas: Shane Robbins Human Halfblood Wizard | 22 | VMU Student | Former Bourke | Bartender Shane is a fellow known equal parts for his music skills and bad luck. Looking way older than he should be, he has problems befriending people his age outside of his friends group. He tries to stay away from the wizarding world in general due to feeling inadequate, not liking his wand too much. His mother owns a bar in Melbourne and he frequently handles it himself. Appearances aside, he's actually a pretty friendly guy if you give him the chance. Maybe you should! Current Ideas: Keira Hammond Halfbreed Veela Squib | 26 | Political Pundit | Internet Sensation | Horror Buff The first of the four Hammonds of her generation, Keira never set the best of examples for her siblings, try as she might. Her chaotic mindset caused her to marry while still in school, have two children, do drugs despite having children, take on a very intensive job despite having children, divorce at the young age of 25, among other things. She is definitely hard to deal with, but she isn't harsh out of malevolence - rather, out of a need to educate others. Maybe your character can get past all that snark! Current Ideas: Natasha Roberts Quarter Fae Witch | 18 | Former Flinders | Talented Baker | Dueling Teacher The daughter of an Indian Muggle and a witch, Natasha had her family be split apart when she was very young - her brothers lived in Narrie with her father, while she moved to Melbourne with her mother. She was always very sheltered and pushed harder than she'd like, but now that she's finished her studies and moved out of her mother's house rebellion is starting to sprout. Maybe you can help her with that! Current Ideas: Mark Sandoval Human Halfblood Wizard | 21 | Former Flinders | Parselmouth | Nature Nerd An orphan that was taken under the wing of Whitlam Bilby's and Tallygarunga's staff, Mark never lacked parental figures despite the lack of an official relative. He doesn't know where he's from or who spawned him, but isn't too keen on finding out. A socially awkward guy whom is a bit too nice for his own good, people will find it either very easy to befriend him or step over him. Which will you do? Current Ideas: Danielle Haynes Halfbreed Dhampir Witch | 15 | Bourke | Tinkerer | Hardline Pacifist This girl doesn't know what a mundane life is. She's been on the run since she was born, lost the vast majority of people she was ever close to, and was eventually exiled in Australia along with her little sister. It's widely known she's a Dhampir and she keeps mostly to herself, distrusting people and disliking open areas. She really needs someone to tell her it's okay. Will you be it? Current Ideas: Lisa Knotley Human Halfblood Witch | 16 | Sturt | House Quidditch Team Chaser | House Dueling Club Captain A girl who's made some very bad decisions in her life but either doesn't seem to realize it or doesn't show it. Lisa is an orphan enrolled in Tallygarunga, and her deepest desire in this world is to be better than you - a desire she devotes every single second of her time to. Whether it be in grades, skill, looks or anything else, she refuses to give up and always pushes past her own limits. Maybe she needs someone to help her cool off. Current Ideas: Amber Cross Human Halfblood Witch | 15 | Spencer | House Quidditch Team Seeker | Pro Wrestler She's the daughter of a pro halfbreed rights couple whom perished during a lynching. She seems very proud of them and to be following in their footsteps. She has been adopted by Sibylla Townsend and now lives in Narrie. She has a deep dark secret she keeps from everyone - even if she doesn't necessarily go to great lengths to cover it in the first place. Maybe your nerd should find out about it! Current Ideas: Diana Sharpe Human Muggleborn Witch | 24 | Former Bourke | Journalist for The Mage Newspaper | Amateur Photographer If by miracle you seem to notice Diana's presence and engage her in conversation, you'll soon realize that behind the kind smile lies a shy girl with a nebulous past. She doesn't like attracting too much attention to herself (unless it's about her job) and feels nervous around new people, but fortunately is nice enough to make it so almost any engagement is pleasant. She might need some help in being more engaging, and you might just be what she needs. Current Ideas: If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to mention them. I'd also like to come up with previously existing interactions/possible connections to gain a steadier ground here as things start. Thanks for reading
  22. Ready for Review?

    Is your new character ready for review? Fantastic! Before we continue, quickly check that all the "required" fields in your character profile have been filled out. If you've had it sitting as a work in progress, it can be easy to forget to go back and edit those fields in! All good? Alright! Let's do this! All you need to do now, is post a new topic in the Applications forum, using this form. This lets us know that your character is complete and ready for us to sort! And that's it! While you're waiting (it shouldn't take long! Our aim is to have all applications reviewed within 24 hours!) there are some suggestions in our I'm A Member, Now What? thread that can get you started on the OOC side of the community. We're looking forward to having you (and your amazing characters!) in our community. Welcome!
  23. Enjoying that bit of time

    Miracles - they happened everyday and in many cases in ways you wouldn't even expect it. He hadn't met the 'Man of the Hour' but there had been bits of information here and there which had only been due to whatever would slip out from the young man who had been dedicated time and energy to finding a cure. Whatever the true cause of the cure had been alluded Alexander and truthfully it was that perplexing state of affairs that had him sitting at the bar counter with a mocktail in hand, deciding to eschew from an actual drink. His hair had been pulled back into a pony tail, a somewhat formal white button up shirt with tan slacks were worn. That was, after all, the best he could do considering his time and energy had been focused towards other areas that were much more important for him than being fully dressed up. With a drink in hand he leaned against the counter and exhausted a brief and tired sigh. "Who would have thought a celebration like this would actually manage to take a bit out of me." It was lightly spoken, mostly intended for himself at the disbelief of it. Typically, he was a social butterfly, yet, today was different as it had been the last few days. While people were celebrating the continuation of life the knowledge of potential death stalked the back of his mind no matter the amount of effort that he had put into trying to redirect it. The people he still had to meet and talk with, the amount of preparation that still needed to be done for others to get ready to cope with the inevitable. "Maybe. . . I should get an -actual- cocktail. . .? Nah. Getting plastered probably isn't the best choice in any situation." A light chuckle pressed outwards as his eyes shifted to gaze at the cobalt blue acoustic guitar that leaned against the lower wall of the bar, then the gaze traced towards the stage then back towards the instrument. "To play for the crowds or not to play for the crowds - the ever lasting question of a musician on break." He hadn't been paying too much attention to the surroundings, the place was packed and there had been an equal chance that he would run into someone he knew or a new face to him entirely.
  24. A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    Caitlin Sullivan
    The call from the Auror department had been unexpected, given that she had heard nothing from them since the move to Australia. Certainly, Caitlin had offered to assist should her expertise be needed, but she had come to think that finally she'd found some kind of peace and escape from the world of crime, murder and horror. It seemed not to be the case, as the call had proven. The murder of a local Narragyambie man, whose family had been threatened before by a murderer and criminal whose list of crimes and ability to escape the law meant that even she had heard of him and followed the various cases surrounding him for a time. Cate had not thought that she would be called in to find out if he was involved in something here in Australia though. It was a dangerous territory, but she knew confirmation was needed, that it could prove the difference between more people being hurt or not. Still, it had unnerved her, and so the woman had traveled across town to a place where she would feel safer. She used a key given to her some time ago to enter the house, and moved straight to the alcohol cabinet, pouring herself a glass of scotch and taking a sip before sighing as she realised Dylan wasn't home right now. To that end, she simply sat down on the sofa and put some music on, soon enough lying down and drifting off.
  25. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    Adele DeVylissea
    A month felt like centuries, and it felt like minutes. It was as if David was a memory from a long time ago, and had only just left the room all at once. Adele couldn't make sense of it. She'd never grieved this completely before, never let herself care that much before. Not for someone who wasn't her family. Lauren was the only exception, and that had been so different. Neither the loss of Lauren nor David was a pain she wanted to feel again, and it hadn't taken long for her defensive modes to kick into ultra. Protect what she loved. Push everything else away. Caleb and baby David were never allowed more than a few steps from her, she watched Alex and Rheldor with a protectiveness that bordered on aggressive. She had become overbearing, and unbearable to be around. Caleb had wanted to practice in his room, alone, and Adele's angry insistence that he remain in eyesight had been the latest in a series of irrational conflicts in the house. Rheldor had picked up the baby, calmed Caleb down, and insisted that he take them out for a few hours. That wasn't allowed either, but then her mother had stepped in and removed them all from the house before she could protest. Cheat. Rheldor hadn't been exactly happy with Lillian's company, but Adele knew at least that Lillian wouldn't allow any harm to come to Rheldor. Which meant protecting Caleb and baby David too. There was just the matter of what to do with the house to herself. David's funeral had been a small thing, close friends and family, and plenty of alcohol. He would have liked it, she felt. Except she hadn't had a drop. She hadn't felt like it. For the first time in her life, Adele had been in too much pain to bother blocking it out. It wasn't some newfound strength she had. It wasn't even for the sake of the baby. This hurt was hers, she didn't deserve to be free from it. If she hadn't been so stupid, Dave would still be alive. At least. She had felt that way until now. Sitting here alone, realising how controlling and awful she was being. Rheldor was right, the kids did need space, but how could she? How could she just let them out of her sight like she had with David? Adele sank against one wall, flicking the drinks cabinet door open. It was time. But she had also made promises. And so before opening the first bottle, she took a moment to pen and send a simple note of just one word. Stuart would understand. Drinks.