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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 8 results

  1. Class HoM Term One: The Change Beneath Your Feet

    Topic: Tallygarunga's influence of Australian magical society Reading: History of Tallygarunga (Page 34) Assessment: Contribute productively to class discussion. The above was written in Adele's flawless cursive handwriting, an elegant script that seemed at odds with the irritable woman that sat at the desk below it. Watching the students filter in and take their places, she frowned grimly at them. A sharp finger pointed to the blackboard on occasion, as if to silently demand the students sit down, shut up, and open their books to the page listed. Adele didn't want to talk. Heck, Adele didn't want to teach. Alan had really pushed his luck this time, begging her yet again to fill in for History. Did she have better things to do? Not really. Being so early in the year, the library was in near-pristine condition and she'd almost reached the point of scrubbing the varnish off the shelves. Obsessively cleaning to keep her mind off reality? Probably. Was Alan throwing more work at her because he knew she would spiral fast without it? Very likely, but Adele didn't stop to consider that. The holiday season had been unbearably hard, even with Alex and the rest of the family around. As the room began to fill up, Adele rose from her seat, moved around to the front of the desk and leaned against it. Casually she took a cigarette and lit it, her gaze casting across the room and daring the students that were brave enough to meet it to say something about the cigarette. She did not care. The worst that could happen is Alan would remove her from the school and then what? She wouldn't have to bloody well teach History for him anymore. Useless lump that he was. No doubt she was here because he was insisting Audrey not do any work. Like getting another damn replacement teacher in. She looked up at the clock. It struck bang on the hour, and her free hand shot out to one side, a burst of magic slamming the door shut with an almighty crack. "Books. Open. Respectfully. Damage a single page and you'll wish you were never born," she snapped. "If you've not already read the material, I suggest you start now. If you have, and you've got something to contribute, put your hand up and wait your turn to talk." Adele barked the orders, clearly not in a mood to be messed with today. "The school you're at right now, Tally, had a significant impact on the Australian wizarding society. Why do you think that is? What ways has it changed society for the better? Or worse? How might wizarding Australia be different if Tally didn't exist? What makes Tallygarunga different from the rest of the magical education institutions?" (You don't need to wait for Adele to post to have your character answer, just assume that she does within your post and have your character offer their part of the conversation.)
  2. Class - They're Not Just Ancient Blocks, Okay?

    Tamara Lyell
    As she pushed open the broad doors which led into the lecture hall, Professor Lyell felt whatever nervousness migth've still been inside of her all morning slip away, vanishing like distant ghosts in the slips of time. She walked down towards the lectern table with a purposeful, no-nonsense stride, her flats echoing faintly on the tile floor as she scarlet-and-gold professorial robe flowed around her like a eagle protecting its' nest from attack from afar, while atop her head her fedora, the Springbok feather pointing straight up from the brim like a sentinel. Looking around a little, she counted over 20 students - most looking as though they were in the middle forms - and looking eager to learn; although she had the list of students by name in her hand, rolled up so that she could use it as a pointer, she always used the first one or two class days to get to know her students. It was one thing to know them on paper; it was quite another to tie the name to the face. Walking up onto the broad stage, the professor walked straight over to the table, atop which sat three rune stones, each as large as the textbooks the students had with them. Each one had ancient languages written upon them; it was Professor Lyell's way of introducing them to the study of ancient runes. After a few moments, she coughed quietly, took off her fedora and set it down on the table next to the runes. "Before you, on the lectern table before you here, are three stones. Ancient runes with a couple ancient languages on them; my question to you this first day is....which of these stones is real and which are fake?" she asked. For several minutes, the students - invited up to the lectern table by Professor Lyell - studied all three runes, examining them with sharp, quizzical eyes and bated breaths. Professor Lyell watched, noting which students took their time examining each of the three rune stones and which didn't...eventually, she called the students back to their seats. "Okay, which of you think its' the first rune stone?" After counting the number of students who answered, she repeated the question for the second and third rune stones, again writing down how many students answered for each of them. When she had the numbers tallied up, Professor Lyell spoke again. "For those who answered the second rune stone, congratulations! That stone was found near Bunratty Castle in southern Ireland almost two centuries ago and contains both Celtic and Pict language on it, both of which we'll study in this class. The other two....both are fakes; my question to you, ladies and gentlemen, is how do we know their fakes?" Pointing towards one student with her rolled-up paper, she said, "Yes?" "The languages," he replied. "And...?" Professor Lyell prompted. "The lack of languages on the other stones," the student asked, seemingly half-afraid. "That's right," Professor Lyell explained. "The forgeries contained symbology not regularly used by wizards and witches; the first one contained Egyptian hieroglyphics lifted from the Rosetta Stone, while the third stone contained Cambodian symbology found at the site of Angkor Kol Ker in northwest Cambodia. If these had been legit, they would've both had languages, scripts and symbols on them, not just symbols. But for those who answered one or three, don't fret; we've got all year to learn," bringing a light chuckle to the lecture hall. After a few moments, Professor Lyell continued. "Since I am new here to Tallygarunga, let me introduce myself. I'm Professor Tamara Lyell and I'll be your instructor in the study of ancient runes; by the end of this year, all of you here today will know just about everything there is to know about runes and their relationship to the wizarding world. But its' not just a classroom study; we'll do plenty of library work and - conditions permitting and permissions granted ahead of time - we may even go out into the field and search for runes for a couple days. The textbooks you have will provide the baseline for passing the course; how much you learn or choose to learn is up to you." After a few moments, she unfurled the rolled-up papers and began asking which students were which, the year having begun in earnest....
  3. Class Choose Wisely

    Leander Hue
    No one wanted class first thing Monday morning, students or professors alike. Leander was still so new that he didn’t get the best class times to pick from and here it was, double potions before lunchtime on Mondays. And while his students might complain they had to show up to class before they were properly awake, Lee had to show up earlier for set-up and lesson-planning as well as a check in on his personal projects. It was honestly a minor miracle nothing had gone significantly wrong so far, with all the sleepy teenagers and often exhausted professor in a classroom surrounded by things that could go boom. With the cauldrons set out, the ingredients set up and a coffee in hand, Lee was ready. For a nap. However, it was time to start class. Thankfully there was going to be a bit of extra wine at the end of class. Leander let the students enter him classroom at their own pace and arrange themselves and their belongings as they wanted around the room before he started the lesson. “Today we have a test.” He sipped his coffee after the unpleasant statement. “You all should remember the draught of LinsLann we made last term?” he continued without really pausing long enough for the students to confirm or deny. “You are going to be making it from memory today. Books away, please. You can work in pairs if that makes it easier, but you won’t get that chance at the end of the year finals.” Leander leaned against the demonstration table and surveyed the students assembled in front of him. With the hand that held his coffee, he indicated the two large clear glass bowls of different coloured liquid on the table to his right. One was labelled ‘1963 Chardonnay’ and the other ‘Octopus Ink’. “As always, you first need to start with the basics which means you need a base for your potion. If you can’t remember, there’s two choices laid out for you. Choose wisely.”
  4. Class Care of Magical Creatures - Segment 2

    The students enrolled in Tallygarunga's Care of Magical Creatures class would walk out to their Common Rooms to find a Patronus waiting for them. It was a Puma, one could tell, sitting up prim and proper, tapping tail wrapped around its paws. Once they had approached, they would find it dropping its jaw, Alic's voice issuing forth, telling them to meet in the Field for today's lesson, instead of the hut. The usually friendly Professor Eron was in a horrible mood. That was obvious from the moment anyone approached. His lips were curled down into a sour scowl, his brow furrowed. His right arm was hung up in a sling, and his normally fitted robes bulged in odd places. Anyone who approached him was given a dark look that made his eyes seem more red than brown, and if they tried to speak he'd tell them to take their seat. He stood in front, and slightly to the side of, a chalkboard, which had the student's names listed out on them for roll-taking and point-taking purposes. Some distance from him was a small menagerie - dogs, tied down with leashes attached to stakes, cats in a pen, some owls in an enclosure. Rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small rodents were all in their own, separate enclosures, kept well away from the others. There were several picnic tables set out, inlaid with cooling charms to protect their future occupants from the burning heat. He'd experimented with some covers, but all either didn't work, were too flimsy, or startled the animals, and so he was given no choice but to go with the charms and hope they worked. On each picnic table, several cups were stacked, along with a pitcher of ice-water, kept cool by more cooling charms.
  5. Class Health and Healing 01

    Ash had arrived at his classroom earlier than intended. He had intended to arrive after the students, wait long enough for them to get comfortable and start doing student like things. Then burst in and take points from them all. He paused briefly at what was now his desk, allowing himself to drink in the pleasure that would be completely screwing everyone over by constantly taking points from every single student. He really was going to have to watch himself; he could get drunk on the power of being a professor. Well, an imposter professor. He really should put robes on, he thought, looking down at his basic t-shirt and jeans attire. He shrugged off that moment of pause and set about setting up the classroom for the students that soon would be invading. --- He sat on his desk as the first few students started filtering in, he proceeded to ignore them, and his eyes remaining on what he was reading until the people stopped filtering in. Then, with a sigh, he put the book down and flicked his hand at the entrance to the room closing the door with a bang. “Welcome to Health and Healing.” He said, gripping the edge of his desk as he lent forwards slightly “I ‘am Professor Gastrell, for the really stupid members among your number I am the guy that’s teaching this class.” Standing up, he gestured to the tables that he had set up around the room “As you can see there is food and drink around the edge of the room for you. In this class you can drink, eat, put your feet on the table and even take off your ties.” “However, you piss me off and you won’t be passing. So, once everyone has collected what they want, settled back their seats then we’ll begin with a few rather boring things. Things such as your name, why you are taking this class and even, if you feel the desire too, an interesting thing about your life.” He looked around at the faces of the students “Sounds good? Good, disperse.” ((occ: Have your students get food then do the introductions bit, please J))
  6. Class Homework Bin

    Care of Magical Creatures Homework is to be posted here.
  7. Class Ancient Runes 01

    Kiera London
    Kiera wasn't feeling anxious at all. She was sitting in her classroom, staring at nothing in particular. Her sigil was still sitting on the corner of her desk, right where she had set it that morning. For luck, she'd told herself. Teaching was not something that was new for her, but nobody would have expected the mousy ex-Spencer student to actually become a teacher. Nobody would have expected much from her aside from being a librarian or something boring. She just wanted to share what she loved about runes with others. Maybe someone else would find the subject just as useful as she did. It was only a few minutes before the next bell rang. Her first class was soon. She carefully poured her tea into her glass and sat, wrapping her frigid hands around the warmth of the cup. Even with the Australian heat, she was cold. It wasn't a rare thing, either. No, she figured as she sipped the bitter liquid, it was something she had grown accustomed to. It didn't matter where in the world she wandered. She was always a little cold. There were tables in the classroom that faced her and the massive board behind her. As students started wandering in, she continued sipping her tea. It was liquid courage, she figured. Not that kind that made her blather on like an idiot, either. As more continued, she finally set her tea down and faced them. "Welcome, welcome. Please, seat yourselves." As she crossed to the front of the desk, she took up the small sigil and held it in her hands. For luck. Moments before the bell tolled, she gestured to the board behind her. It was the alphabet for their term and the first part of her first lecture. "All right, now that you're all here, my name is Kiera and I am here to broaden your mind to think outside the English language. I know it may be daft, but there are languages out there that have significant meanings in magic. I am here to teach at least one of these to you. Now, as you are all unfamiliar to me, I ask that you give me your name and also identify yourself with the first letter of your name with one of these letters behind me. My corresponding letter is Kenaz. Taken literally, it means a beacon or a torch. And now, it's your turn." f u t a r k Fehu (f) Uruz (u) Thurisaz (t) Ansuz (a) Raidho ( r ) Kenaz (k) g w h n i j Gebo (g) Wunjo (w) Hagalaz (h) Nauthiz (n) Isa (i) Jera (j) y p z s t b Eihwaz (ei/y) Perthro (p) Algiz (z) Sowilo (s) Tiwaz (t) Berkano ( b ) e m l n d o Ehwaz (e) Mannaz (m) Laguz (l) Ingwaz (n) Dagaz (d) Othala (o) ((click here if runes did not load for image)) .shell { width: 500px; margin: auto auto; } @font-face {font-family:'Elder Futhark'; src:url("http://www.neverwalk.com/font/RUNE.eot?") format("eot"),url("http://www.neverwalk.com/font/RUNE.woff") format("woff"),url("http://www.neverwalk.com/font/RUNE.ttf") format("truetype"),url("http://www.neverwalk.com/font/RUNE.svg#") format("svg");font-weight:800;font-style:normal;} .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family: 'Pontano Sans', sans-serif; font-size:16px;font-color:#00055a;padding:10px 10px;border-style:double;border-width:2px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal; font-weight:800; text-align:center;} .tg th{font-family:'Elder Futhark'; font-size:20px;font-color:#00055a;padding:10px 10px;border-style:double;border-width:2px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;font-weight:800;} .tg .tg-yw4l{vertical-align:center;} .textme { font-family: font-family: 'News Cycle', sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #101044; line-height: 15px; text-align: justify; margin-top: 10px; }
  8. Manus Magia: Beginning Wandless Magic (Jan. 25 2018)

    Kasey Wilmington
    Manus Magica: Beginning Wandless Magic by Sylvestre Chevalier Introduction This text is built so that you can begin to understand the basics of how to perform magic without the Western instrument known as a "wand" or other tools used to hone and direct magic. We provide you with different skills, techniques, and theoretical information that help you get started in performing magic without the use of tools and instead with the use of your hands, an art that requires precision and practice, as the slightest mistake could cost you very much. The text will include features with real life examples, spells to be practiced in the classroom, theoretical information to help you comprehend what you must do, and helpful tips to help you to execute the proper methodology to cast a spell without any kind of tool. It is the goal of this text to help you begin the study of wandless magic with the basic tools that you will need so that moving forward you can begin to understand more complex concepts and become a more proficient user of wandless magic. Therefore, we will cover all of the aspects of wandless magic using spells that can help you to master them, including mental elements, gestures, direction, physical movement, and the combination of these elements. Some spells require only direction, willpower, and focus. Others are much more complicated. Here is where your journey there begins. Chapter 1: Mind and Spirit The mind and spirit are essential in all forms of magic and should be a matter that have been discussed in your previous studies. Performing magic without a wand is no exception to this. In fact, it is often the case that without magic one must have better handle on the mental and spiritual elements of spellcasting. In this chapter we will explore the connections between the mind, spirit, and magic that are made in order to perform magic without the implement of a magic-honing implement. In order to do this we will use the example of the Summoning Charm, a spell typically taught in mid-level charms courses with a wand that makes good use of mental an spiritual capacities. When casting the Summoning Charm, there are many elements of the spell that move beyond the spiritual and mental elements being discussed today, namely the gestures and movement and incantation. In the case of the Summoning Charm, as you may know from previous studies, the spell is cast using the incantation "Accio", the Latin for "I call" or "I summon." When using a wand, one is expected to swish their wand using their wrist in an arch from left to right to cast this spell. This is replicated in wandless magic by swishing one's index and middle finger using their wrist in the direction of the object being summoned. The ins and outs of these elements of wandless magic will be covered more in depth in other chapters by examining other spells. The first and most important element of casting any spell with or without a wand is willpower. Willpower is the means by which one places intention upon magical energy, guiding magic to give the proper effect. Without willpower a spell is likely to fizzle out and will not give the desired effect. In the case of the Summoning Charm, the way one enacts willpower is to truly desire the object they are summoning with their mind and spirit. It is also crucial to concentrate in the case of many spells. Concentration is required by some spells to maintain them over time and by others to ensure the spell is cast upon to the correct target. In the case of the Summoning Charm, one must concentrate clearly upon the object in mind while clearly visualizing it until it has arrived. This can be more difficult the longer the distance between the caster and the target, but according to British Minister for Magic, Hermione Granger, the spell is easily cast if someone has the proper amount of concentration and clarity in visualizing the object. Direction is a subject unique to magic without a wand, but built upon understandings of how to exert willpower with a wand in spellcasting. Directing magical energy is the process of extending magical energy from one's self to the target of one's spell. This process requires more energy and attention without some kind of tool to guide and refine ones magic. When casting a summoning spell without a wand, it is important to have a general idea of where the object is and how far it is, because one must exert their magical energy to the right location in order to summon the object. Without a wand or other tool with which to direct magic, it can be difficult to cast a spell for many because it takes a lot more exertion of the mind and spirit to engage in concentration, willpower, and direction. With practice this becomes easier, but for those new to the craft of wandless magic, balancing all three of these mental and spiritual elements can be exhausting and zap one of their energy.
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