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  1. Invite Torch The Moon

    There was a smile in response, and though it was weak and in sorrow, it was still a smile. Sensitive ears caught the breath she let out, and Vladimir’s did his best to keep his smile on his face. The more Améa began to vocalize, however, the more the wheels turned within his mind as things began to fall into place. He remembered the song that Améa had thought of when he had played the cello for her months ago. The look in her eyes spoke volumes, and Vladimir could see it, feel it, the sorrow that bubbled inside of her. Though by the logic she spoke… “Then by this logic, neither should I ever dream to be a father, for having taken life. A father helps to give life, and then protect it at the forfeiting of his own. Not my own father, or mother, but flesh and blood nevertheless, that tried to hurt me and the woman that I had loved. Another sin to add to my list, another reason to call me a monster.” She had been frightened by his power, of the vampiric essence that lay below the surface. Vladimir scooted the chair forward enough to give in to an impulse that part of him could not control, and another part assured him that this would be all right. They had already overcome many barriers. Vladimir pulled Améa into a gentle hug, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. “We cannot go back to change the past, Améa, though this you know I am sure. But neither can we let the past tether and chain us down until we drown in our own sorrow. Something I myself have had to learn these past months.” Of course, it was not so simple as that, and Vladimir vocalized this too. "It is not simple... but instead one step at a time."
  2. Invite Torch The Moon

    Yes, that much was certainly true - Veronika was loved by Viktor, Jezebel, her siblings, aunts and uncles, though from Viktor’s side it was certainly not by blood but by love. Even Vladimir himself, affectionately called Uncle Vladimir was not truly her uncle - not by blood. But, like his other nieces and nephew, he loved her. But the rest of Améa’s words caught up with Vladimir, and the man gave pause, watching as she lost eye contact with him, staring down at the floorboards instead. Vladimir could not fathom the thought that Améa might consider herself incapable of being a mother. From what he had seen of her through their months of companionship, he could sense that she would make a good mother. Vladimir did not make comment on that just yet. There was a frown on his face though as his enhanced hearing heard her whispered words as clear as a crystal bell. Seeing her like this brought a small pang to him, inexplicable, but it was there regardless. If he smiled, maybe she would smile in turn… But first to grab her attention. He reached forward and let his hand gently tip her chin upwards so that he could look her in the eyes once more, a smile returning to his face. “Having a family of your own can still be possible I am sure… In time, you will see, and we both have plenty of time at our disposal after all. I shall keep you company if you wish.” After all, had they not just spoken of companionship born of their blood and their longevity? “Finding someone just and right is usually the first step.”
  3. Invite Torch The Moon

    Truthfully, Vladimir was not expecting Améa to show such vehemence when he revealed the words that had stuck with him for so many years. Adjectives that had been placed upon him, and he feeling guilt enough to believe them for a time. Time had healed part of that wound, and though he did not allow the thoughts of truly being a monster to fester, it did lie below the surface, waiting to be brought back up again. All he could do was nod at Améa, curious that she should seem so offended on his behalf. And the more Améa spoke, the more the man leaned forward in his seat, head bowed for a time as he considered her words carefully. Yes, what she said was certainly true. A monster in the truest sense of the word would take what it wanted without any consideration for others, and it was indeed the complete opposite of how he functioned. Good Lord, he had been craving blood for months and months and even when Améa had made her offer those months ago, he had still questioned it. His head rose sharply at her next statement, a curious look in his eyes as he saw what he would consider a playful smile encroaching on her lips. Was... was Améa trying to engage in flirtatious banter with him? Part of him welcomed it practically immediately and without question. Another, smaller part of him, was telling him that this was wrong. She was still married, and this was not appropriate of him. But then, the welcoming part proclaimed, that cretin was most certainly not good enough for her, or for little Veronika, in Vladimir's opinion. Despite all of those thoughts, the mere suggestion that they could remain together in unity was... surprisingly welcome. "I would accept your company without a moment's hesitation," Vladimir expressed, reaching across the space between them to place a hand on top of Améa's. "Thank you," he murmured, and attempted to buoy another smile back onto his face. It seemed whenever he did so, it produced a positive response in Améa, and if he could see that more often, he would gladly indulge. "But there are other things in my life besides such. The scars on my chest from Igor's mistaken attack... the joy of spending time with Lorelei, the triplets, Anastasia and Viktoriya... There has been more good than bad, but the latter is etched in the mind just as clearly." Speaking of the triplets, however... "Veronika has always been closest to me of the three of them. Part of me wonders if it is because I knew of her reality before she was even born into this world."
  4. Invite Torch The Moon

    The moment Améa asked him to speak of himself, Vladimir was truthfully at a loss for words. He did not know what to say to that, and even less when she remarked about his smile. He had to think long and hard on that - when was the last time he had smiled a true and genuine smile, not only in Améa's company, but in general? The triplets and Lorelei always brought him joy, and time spent with his sisters was always lovely. But too long had the man gone without truly enjoying the world around him. If he kept himself walled in, then nothing could hurt him again. And yet... here he was contemplating Améa's request. A hurt that stops your smile. Vladimir's expression remained contemplative even as that sentence struck him through to the core. All this time since he had gone away, not speaking of it spared people of his feelings. It spared him the agony of letting people in and possibly having his heart torn asunder once again because of a blood he had no control over. He had no control over the fact that he would never show his true age. He had no control over his ability to live for centuries onward. And yet, his mind told him he could take the chance and trust Améa with his past. "I was always quiet, and never prone to expressing myself very much," he told her softly, his eyes taking on a dull hue, not seeing Améa in front of him but instead seeing his past flashing before his eyes. "But one loses the will to smile when the person you held dear for so long vanishes in the night. Because of blood that I cannot control. Because I am a monster." He could still remember some of the words and phrases used. They had stayed with him, locked away, and let out now to better explain. "I loved her with everything that I had. I made music for her, composed songs to encompass everything, and all for naught... What will is there to smile when the craft you have perfected is essentially spat upon?" And now it seemed that once Vladimir began, he simply could not stop the words as they poured out of him. "All I wanted was for her to be happy. I did everything that I was capable of, and all it brought me was despair. My need for blood became a bother. My lack of physically aging would become apparent. And what cut to the core was that she did not want children that-" He sucked in a breath just then. "She did not wish to see children born with a lineage of vampiric blood, not after what she had seen of it. She did not want a monster's child. And then she was gone, and when given the chance to perform with one of the best orchestras in the world... if it meant escaping the hurt, then so it would be done."
  5. Invite Torch The Moon

    The emotion that was visible on Améa’s face was unprecedented, but with the events of that night, he could understand. For his part, his face remained as smooth and expressionless as it usually was, though inwardly his brain was roiling through a million different scenarios. Sollozzo was a dangerous man. Zane was still out there. Constant vigilance was of utmost importance, and much as Vladimir had spoken before, failure was not an option. Especially now - the were no sense in denying it. If any harm came to Améa, he did not think he could forgive himself. And right now, Vladimir’s ears were trained on her response. If she replied in the affirmative, if she replied that she wanted him to be at her side, then he could live with that. He would keep everything else bottled away, not wanting to get in the way of whatever feelings Améa might still habour for that cretin. He knew he should not be allowing his emotions to turn in this way, but he could not deny that his attachment to Améa was becoming more than solely a protector. The fact that Améa was smiling at him, and wanting him to be at her side in these circumstances buoyed a small smile of his own to his lips. “This is no longer a duty in that sense. I wish to help because I want to. My duty to protect you as a battery is no longer valid, but… I will protect you to the end.” As for rest… The woman was not wrong. Rest would be imperative to regain their strengths, but he could also understand where Améa was coming from. Vladimir’s expression changed to contemplation as he mused aloud, “If everyone is with their own protections, then if not sleep, sitting is a good place to begin. Come.” Vladimir lead the woman to the edge of his bed, indicating that she sit, whilst he brought over the chair from the corner of the room to sit in front of Améa. “We may attempt to plan. Or, I may play the cello. I need not anymore sleep this night, if you wish to sleep, I can keep watch and an ear around the home."
  6. Invite Torch The Moon

    Vladimir was silent, his ears trained on Améa’s words, and his eyes on her person. He could see it, and feel it, that she was exhausted. And yet there was a radiance that caught his attention clearly in the half-dark ambience of the room. Everything about her at that moment was… beautiful. No. Fool. Now was not the time for such thoughts. No, even worse. It was never the time - she was still married to that cretin, for all intents and purposes. And yet, he could not help the pang that he felt. Damn. Thankfully the rest of what Améa was saying was pushing all of that to the back of his mind. Lorelei was awake - Viktor, Jezebel, and the triplets would be thrilled beyond belief. Alexander to be a father - certainly a happy occasion. The more shocking statement was that Lauren was alive, but Vladimir knew better than to interrupt. Améa spoke again, and the man merely nodded. Yes, to start at the beginning was best. The moment Vladimir heard that Sollozzo had struck, he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand, an anger seethe deep below the surface of his stoic expression. It was all a terrible amount to process, especially where Lauren was concerned. Vladimir remembered clearly the news that the baby had perished; that she was Flora… well. That could be digested later. For now, his eyes trained on Améa’s as they moved and wrung themselves in clear worry. He reached out and took her hands in his to pause them. To Vladimir, hands and touch had a purpose; to wring them about in worry only wasted energy. Another thought, just then - with Améa returned to her true size, and her powers able to return, would he even be a necessity anymore. His role of protector of the battery was null and void now, but he had promised to protect her regardless. He hoped she would still feel similarly. “Indeed there is much to be sorted,” he mused quietly. “First, we see what can be feasibly done in the immediate future. Then, we plan for what is to come.” Sollozzo was still a threat to them all. “You have me at your disposal, of course. I shall see to it that I aid you and your family to the end.”
  7. Invite Torch The Moon

    Vladimir had woken in the night to a strange sensation floating through his mind. There was what seemed to be a shockwave, and then silence. Honing in his senses, he realized something alarming. Améa was not in the building. He shot up in bed and tried to hone in his senses even more so. Every since that fateful day in August, Vladimir had had more of a connection with Améa, able to sense her location almost exactly, much as he was able to with his own flesh and blood family. Vladimir sat on the edge of the bed now, his brow furrowed and face contemplative in the security that the closed bedroom door provided him. He did not sense danger, but something was more certainly wrong. And yet, there were no cries. Were something wrong, the man was certain there would have been word sent, by Améa, Stuart, Jezebel, even Adele. So Vladimir sat, and waited, until he fell into a slight doze. He was awoken once again when he sensed more being in the home, and was in the process of rising from bed when he heard the knock at his door, and a voice calling for his attention. As he threw a cotton shirt on over his naked chest, and pulled on a pair of cotton pyjama bottoms, he could tell that there was something amiss. For one, Améa’s voice sounded distinctly different. “I am awake,” he informed her, before approaching the door and opening it to find the woman standing there. Red eyes blinked - Améa was back to her adult size. “Améa, what has happened?” He questioned simply, before guiding her into the room and closing the door behind him. That was the best place to begin, and wasting words asking questions before it was time to do so would not help matters. The only other question that came immediately to his lips was, "Are you all right?"
  8. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Vladimir understood enough of Améa’s family to realize that they came from a land unknown to him. So, because of this, he listened with rapt attention, though his eyes would coast to the building from time to time, scanning the area, wary of attention or danger. No complacency. No failure. The language was different, but the custom was the same - a name to reflect something of value, or importance, something a parent or parents could hope that their child would aspire to. And though Vladimir did not understand in is entirety the religion that Améa was speaking of, that did not mean he gave no less importance to the information as it was given to him. “Thank you for explaining all of the components to me,” Vladimir expressed, first and foremost. “In my own culture, my name has been used often in history. Vladimir, it is derived from old Slavonic. Vladeti, it meant rule, combined with Meru, great. Or, the meaning my parents chose to associate, Miru, peace. As such, I am a peaceful ruler, in so far as related to my family, for I am of no royalty.” “Ivanovich… it is what we call a patronymic - to be named after the father. Son of Ivan - Ivan meaning gracious. And Valentin… it comes from a time long ago in history, from the Ancient Romans themselves, Valentinus. Strong. As such, when all put together… I am a gracious, strong, and peaceful ruler, though not in a most literal sense.” Though, of course, their names should not entirely dictate the discourse of their lives, but regardless, when Vladimir mulled over all of their combined details, he remarked unbidden, “It would see we have both been aptly named, Améa.”
  9. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    As Vladimir sat there, sentinel, there was a sense of calm now that the electricity of the drinking had passed. His senses had returned to normal, or at least what he would consider normal for himself. As he listened, Améa was certainly correct - once it had become clear that Vladimir’s longevity would outlast her mortality, things had changed. Moods had changed, slightly, but with reflection, Vladimir acknowledged it. He had spent years in Moscow mulling over the events that lead up to her departure from his life. But, for once, Vladimir made the elective decision to not allow thoughts of that time to take over the current moment. Or perhaps never again. Ah yes… Duty and honour. Two other concepts that Vladimir had grown up to respect and adhere to. “Yes… we cannot forget duty and honour bound oaths,” Vladimir concurred, though he fell once again into silence. He understood well enough that Améa and her family were… odd, put mildly. And, when her oath was made, Vladimir’s face turned to a state of pure stoicism and concentration that was not often seen outside of home. “I will never deign to hurt your blood. They have my respect,” he informed her solemnly, before he realized that he could not recall even once having heard Améa’s full name. A smile cracked through his expression, the first he had in front of Améa, and when he thought about it, the first true smile he had given to anyone in a long time. “Améadruella,” Vladimir repeated, as though he were tasting the name on his tongue. Now he understood where Jezebel and his nieces and nephew got Ruella from. Her name was exquisite, though he would not deign himself to call her that unless she told him he could. “You have a lovely name. The language is fascinating, different from my own native tongues. Vladimir Ivanovich Valentin, the seventh of my name, would be the full name given to me at birth.” He allowed another squeeze of her tiny shoulder, allowing the silence to reign again.
  10. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Améa spoke complete and total sense. Vladimir sat still, sentinel, mulling over each word as she spoke it. It was completely and bafflingly strange to hear her speak so many words at once. But, because he knew what a rare thing it was for Améa to speak for any given length of time, he knew the words were not being wasted. He was listening, carefully, absorbing everything. “Being practically immortal set the wheels in motion for what happened,” Vladimir explained quietly, trying to focus more on what needed to be said, rather than on the affection Améa was showing him. And now, another name added to the list of those who told him the fault did not lay on his shoulders. Vladimir was jolted from his pure focus on Améa’s words when he felt a contact on his cheek, once, twice, a third time. He realized then and there that Améa was showing him much more affection than he had ever even been witness to, let alone experienced. It was… as fascinating as it was unexpected, but pleasant all the same. More sense was being spoken, over and over the words tumbled from between Améa’s lips, and though part of Vladimir’s mind rationalized that she was right, another tried to war against it. Inadequate. Monster. Failure. But he did want nothing but good in this world that they lived in, though he knew it was not always possible. Perhaps it was that drive that had lead him on this path to be Améa’s protector. Of course, Vladimir was not stupid either - he knew that someone such as Stuart, or Adele, or even Viktor and Jezebel would have been more well known to be Améa’s protectors. Should Sollozo or that cretin Zane try some such, they would not know him. They would not know what power he had, should he will it. “I too have done things in the name of oath and promise that some would find… extreme. Bloody, violent. But one must do what is necessary to protect the ones we love and care for.” Vladimir gave pause before he gave Améa’s shoulder another pat, his own sign of comfort as best he could give it considering the circumstances. “I swear it. I will not fail you, nor let you come to harm if I can will it. Tooth and nail, by the vampiric essence in my blood, the power of shadows that I wield… Vladimir Ivanovich gives you his word.”
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  13. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Vladimir sat in silence, exhausted, but strangely calm. In the very back of his mind, were this some other circumstance, he ought to have been in a panic. To be inherently concerned with the fact that Améa's blood could alter his state of being so easily. To be worried that in his exhausted state, should something or someone strike, he would not be able to protect Améa. The last of the thoughts hurt most of all, especially considering how he did not want to fail her. He could not fail. For himself. For her. For his own sanity. The position that Améa took upon his knee, soon curled in towards him was not something he noticed right away. Truth told, Vladimir had not noticed that he were essentially locked into his seat on the bench by Améa until he glanced down to look at her when she spoke. It made his mind turn to that moment he had locked eyes with her as a panther, only for her to cling to his neck as though he were the only solid thing on the face of the earth to hang on to. Her faith in him was admirable, and he felt a small bubble of pride go through him at the thought that she trusted him enough to one, tell him this, but secondly and most important, that she truly believed in him not to fail. And yet. "I failed her before. Failure is always possible... but I will strive to make sure it does not happen again. Not with you." Vladimir had been told it was not his fault. That it could not have been a failure in his own actions that had caused his first love to leave him in a lurch, in a cold expanse where nothing could warm the hole that had been left where his heart ought to be. Viktor, Jezebel, his parents, the Twins, even Flora had told him not to shoulder the blame, the crippling feeling of inadequacy. But it was much easier to forgive someone else, than to forgive oneself. He could smell tears brewing. He could not allow that, though he knew not why she threatened to weep. Améa was powerful, he knew that. And now, he had more of an appreciation for the power of the blood that flowed through her veins. He had seen some of the things she had done when they had both been students. If it came down to a matter of life and death, he knew Améa would be able to protect him, Veronika, everyone else around her that she wished safety upon, should she choose it to be so. He kept his hand upon Améa's shoulder as he replied, "When you have returned to your true state, to the form that I am most familiar with, then yes. You may protect me, as I protect you." Perhaps it was that verbal agreement of protection that allowed him to speak what he did next. Or perhaps it was the niggling in the back of his mind that told him this was safe. "To see you come to harm, I do not think I could bear it. Be it by another's hand, or my own failure. I take the oath for protection with utmost seriousness... in both giving the oath, and receiving it."
  14. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    Though Vladimir did not feel as though he were to become ill, to vomit the blood he had so recently consumed, the power that flowed through him was almost crippling as it was fortifying. And though he were distracted with the stimuli all around him, Vladimir did have enough sense to see the changes happening with Améa. She was becoming nervous, concerned - how could he not see it? The sound of her voice was enough to cause him concern. The anxiety was almost palpable on his very tongue. Sitting down would be a grand idea at the moment though. Vladimir carefully sat himself down, holding his head for a brief moment in his hands before he refocused his attention on Améa. There was one more surge that struck through his core to his limbs before everything seemed to simply crash. If it were in conjunction with her words that he should not thank her, he could not say for sure. What Vladimir did know is that his senses came to an abrupt halt, his born blood taking over and clearing away the remnants of the blood he had absorbed. As Vladimir stared at Améa, his eyes returned to their natural red, as though the blue that had invaded had never happened. Spent, exhausted, but yet he still felt whole, alive, and for the first time in months, he felt no niggling prod at the back of his mind that he thirst for blood. He closed his eyes, as though he were about to sleep, but his ears were still trained on Améa as she spoke. Of course it would be different - he was born with both human and vampiric blood in his veins, not infected with the vampiric blood that made Améa’s first love a true vampire. “Do not apologize. You do not need to be forgiven. You offered your blood and I took it - my decision rests upon my own shoulders.” Perhaps he could calm the nerves that now plagued the girl so, eyes open again as he looked to Améa, raising a hand until he could rest it a moment on her shoulder. Deep breath in. Then out. “Your first love was vampire made, wherein I am dhampir born. I have both human and vampiric blood running through my veins. Knowing what we do now, it makes sense that such reaction would happen when three bloods of varying strength collide.” Perhaps he ought to speak to Viktor about this - surely he drank from Jezebel? “Do not apologize, Améa. It is not necessary. Though it were not the reaction I expected…” He trailed off as he sucked in another breath. “It was not what I expected, but I do not regret it. Your blood is powerful, that much is clear… I do not feel thirst any longer. The body is sated, strong… I can fulfill my objective as your protector. I will not fail you.”
  15. Don't bury your failures - let them inspire you

    His breathing was laboured, pleasantly, but laboured. All of his senses were amplified tenfold and it was almost disorienting. It still felt as though her blood were surging electrical trails though every artery and vein in his body, to the very tips of his fingers and toes. That slight touch of her fingers on his cheek, he swore he could feel the very ridge details of her fingers against his skin. Her answer was basic, and it rang with knowledge that he already knew. Damn, he should have voiced his question better. He knew the title of what Améa was, knew that she and her kin were different, the blood Flora had told him of years ago. “Forgive me, I should have… worded that better. I know of the title of your people.” Vladimir had to give pause as he focused his attention on Améa and not on the multitude of smaller details his senses were trying to hone in on. He focused his eyes on hers. Every shade of blue. Good Lord, their eyes were a blue he had never encountered - even more starkly noted after the feeding. Would that he could see the changes happening to his own eyes. Wherein the blood of a human would turn the wine red to something more sanguine in shade, the outer irises petalled out to shades of blue, with his red forming the ring around the pupil - much like the rose Flora had presented him with - blue with red at the centre. “A human’s blood tastes of A, of B, of O, positive, negative. Your blood, there is a charge I cannot put words to.” Vladimir could have tried, but nothing would have come of it, thus it was best not to waste words. Another shock through the belly, and his eyes surged again, blue and red brightening. Another question from Améa, but this one was much easier to answer. “I feel strong.” And yet… With a small cringe, he clutched at his stomach once more. “It is nothing like the blood of a human. I believe my body is… trying to adjust. My senses are amplified. I can see your veins through the skin, see the insects flittering in the distance, hear the voices of the party goers… I can hear your heart with every beat.” There was an indescribable high involved. Forget the fact that she called him dear again. That seemed to make him feel things eve more strongly than before. Combined with her blood, he felt almost invincible. “Thank you.”