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  1. Her smile was welcoming, but the frown that came after was to be expected. At the very least, it didn't seem as though she was going to push him away, instead ushering him inside her room and closing the door behind her. In the time it took for her to secure the door, his ears catching the sound of the mechanisms clanking into place, he felt another stab in his abdomen, another nudge in his brain. He let out the smallest of hisses, hands rising up to clutch at his temples, tongue running over his elongating fangs. You are stronger than this, damn it, control yourself. Améa's words brought him back to the present, hands lowering from his head, body turning to look at her. In the centre of the room, her eyes honed on him, and he could hear her heart thumping in her chest. It was clear, a bell being tolled, and it was another guiding point to have him calm down enough to tell her what was wrong - if his elongated fangs were not proof enough already of what was the matter with him. As long as she did not think badly of him - he was her Vladimir after all. And Vladimir was not sure what he would do if suddenly that was gone. Maybe it was a sign of how strong it was, that his first inclination was to approach her, to take her hands in his and try to calm down her racing heart. "I will be fine, my dear, I'm sure of it. I..." He trailed off, a lump forming in his throat. How did he work his way to saying what he needed without it looking like some sort of proposition, what with him coming to her room at this time of night. But it couldn't be helped. "I need your help. Améa, please... I need blood. The sun, the heat, it is taxing my energy. I need some before the vampiric blood in me makes me do something I shouldn't." He did not want to become the monster his first love had accused him of being.
  2. Night had well and truly fallen. The heat was excrutiating, and for Vladimir and his dhampiric nature he kept himself inside during the daylight hours as much as possible. The sun was no good to his skin, and when he was out and about, his blood had much work to do in order to keep himself in shape, and at full strength. It was taxing, and as Vladimir lay in bed that night, he could feel his thirst rising. He shut his eyes, attempting to blot out anything else from his senses, but all that served was to augment the hunger within him. Warm, sweet, energized blood. He ran his tongue over his fangs, taking a deep breath in, then out. Sitting up in bed, he knew he would not sleep this night. The heat and his thirst were too much for his mind and body to handle. Vladimir began to pace his room, glancing at his cello before he shook that idea from his mind. No, it was not the time for such - he did not want to alert the other denizens of the home to his presence, to his state of being right now. He let his hands comb through his hair, hold the side of his temples as he grit his teeth. He was stronger than his urges, of course, but that did not mean they were easy for him to fight off. He needed fresh blood, and he needed it soon. Putting on a robe to cover the boxers he wore, Vladimir tied the belt and escaped the four walls of his room that seemingly mocked him for his thirst. A true monster, wanting the taste of human sustenance, but he couldn't help himself. Still, he knew what he needed to do, who he needed to see, if she were awake and would have his company. She had made him promise to seek her out if he needed her help in this way, and he was ready to put himself in her hands. He trusted her. He bloody well loved her at this point, though he had yet to speak such words aloud. Approaching Améa's door, Vladimir gently knocked, and then spoke quietly, "Améa... may I see you, please?" And then, because it was the safer option, he called out through their telepathy, I need your help.
  3. 3 January, 2019 It is perhaps somewhat amazing how much one's life can change within the span of a single year. At this time last year, I had recently returned not long to Merlbourne and Australia. I had trouble integrating back into my family circle, after years of separation and not nearly as much contact as should have been had, due to my own doing. I had made my walls erected so high that even I could not scale that which I had created. I had not expected the incident at the Unwedding that Jezebel and Viktor planned. I had not expected to bear witness to Améa shrinking down to a child's size before my very eyes, to watch my niece Lorelei turn into a teenager. To be tasked as a guard for Améa at Mary's home. To witness the miracle of Matthew Belmont's revival. To drink from Améa. The latter of those was perhaps the most unanticipated. To drink from her, to sit and discuss our histories, our strengths and weaknesses. There seems to be much we can express without even a single word. Ever since I drank of her I can pinpoint her location. I can communicate with her via our mental telepathy with more ease. I can sense when something is amiss, and all this augmented by my dhampiric senses. The bond we developed, none of this I could have imagined when I returned from Moscow. Now more than ever do I believe I have fallen head over heels in love with the woman. I shouldn't have. But neither can I deny what my heart feels. Christmas was a lovely affair, in all honesty. I gifted unto Améa a box of chocolates (for the twins do tell me that every girl loves chocolate) and a rose, and she seemed most pleased with it. Though part of me does wonder if my own smile to see her pleased helped buoy her mood, but nevertheless, I was most pleased. I rang in the new year with everyone and it was... glorious. I do not believe I have smiled so much around my family and friends in some time... though I find myself smiling more so in Améa's presence. I do attribute part of that due to the fact that she seems to appreciate when I do so. It is clear that my smile makes her happy, and I am finding that when I am able to make her happy, I feel my own happiness grow. I should take the time to talk to Stuart. A duty and a promise to Améa I do have, but I do understand that there are things I should attend to. I have not as of yet drank from her again, not since that fateful day in August. But my thirst is beginning to rise, and I know I should feed soon. I will need to discuss this with her. I am more than aware that if I feed from her, my own feelings will grow - but she seems more than aware of this now. And if I became a monster, her monster I would be - I do no longer fear rejection. Enough writing for now. We are to go look after the animals this afternoon, and I did promise Améa I would help.
  4. When Améa spoke again, there was a small weight that was lifted from Vladimir's chest. She understood where he was coming from with all of... this. He could define it in such simple terms, but he supposed if he had to, it was becoming clear that he loved her. But it was more than that. He swallowed somewhat nervously as she continued; the more she uttered the word mine, the more he could feel his heart jump around in his ribs. That if he became the monster he knew he could turn into, that she would not fear. She would not turn away. She would not run into the night and leave him to cold confines of his mind to recover from the emotional damage. Vladimir wanted to open his mouth and speak his own sentiments, but was rendered speechless when Améa rose from her seat. There was a momentary pause as his heart leapt into his throat, a minute second of panic as his worries almost won out against his better judgement. That Améa was going to leave now that her words were spoken and done. Of course that was folly, and his brain was proven correct when he watched her come forward, arm extended out until her felt her fingers on his cheek. His heart returned to its thumping, and his own senses caught the sound of her own heart as it changed in cadence. Always. Always. Always. Vladimir let himself smile, just for Améa, leaning into that touch upon his cheek, letting his senses take in every point of contact. "Then always it shall be. And feed from you I shall, my dear Améa." He was almost tempted to feed from her right then and there, but there would be ample time for such later. He let a hand touch the one on his cheek, his skin cooler than hers, a product of his dhampirism. "Your heart beats quickly, same as mine. I can hear it," he told her softly, "I cannot put name to all of this. But I am not afraid. I cannot control it, but I am not afraid. Not of this, nor of you." He took the opportunity to set his cello down gently before standing up, pulling Améa into an embrace - and he didn't regret a single thing. "I will be your friend, protector, monster. L..." But he let himself trail off at the end. No. Now wasn't the time for such words. Perhaps a future date. Right now, he needed to tread cautiously, for his sake, but especially her own.
  5. Vladimir's head tilted to the side, curious as to why Améa would hide her face from him. Had he overstepped his bounds? His muscles were wound taut for a moment as he berated himself internally. You stupid man, this is folly. For once, however, Vladimir was able to quell away that voice inside his head. This was especially so after Améa looked back at him, cheeks pink, expressing that all was well. It was the highest compliment a musician could receive, at least in Vladimir's opinion, that one's music was able to transport someone far away from their troubles and aches, their pains and suffering. On a journey of joy, peace, reflection, or of romance, it was all the same. "Thank you," he replied, a smile coaxing to his lips. "It is what a musician strives for, and I accept nothing less than perfection." That, at least, was most certainly true. When he played, he could forget about his own trials and tribulations, and in that perfection of sound and silence he could forget his own imperfections. His mind had been churning through his repertoire to select yet another piece to play for for, when Améa began to add more to her previous sentiments, and the man fell into a stone silence, eyes fixated on her. Always I am yours. Gah, that made his heart beat a little faster in his chest even though he shouldn't have let it do so. She meant so much to him, more than just the simple bond of protector that had begun this whole scenario. More than simply being another body, another guard for the home, to keep the occupants safe from harm. He wanted to tell her what he harboured within, badly, but there was never the time nor place. Thankfully as Améa continued to speak, it brought all of his focus to the speech rather than his thoughts, especially with the serious with which she spoke. Something that he could not refuse? Whatever it was demanded his fullest attention, and the man quickly settled in to set his cello down into its case for protection. And when it was set aside, he sat forward slightly, eyes boring into Améa's. What could she possibly not want him to refuse? There were so many possibilities, but he did not want to ponder on some of them - they would make his heart do strange things again, and this he could not handle. Not with his emotions as charged as they were. That plan came crashing down when Améa told him what she wanted. It was an almost dangerous request. Vladimir did not fear hurting her physically or mentally - heavens above knew he'd do anything to keep her safe. But with feeding came emotions, charged and ready. He'd taken of her blood once before, and the sorceress' blood was the most intoxicating he'd ever had. But with it lent him the power to be closer to Améa. He could pinpoint her location, talk through their mental connection with more ease. And, of course, his dhampiric nature approved of the blood as a fuel to keep his powers strong and healthy. But even with all of those pros, he feared that if he took more blood from her, he would fall into a hole of love and affection that he couldn't get out of, even if he tried. Even if he found out that she would want Zane again. He'd been down the hole of having his heart crushed beneath a heel, he wasn't so sure he could do it again. But Améa was different. "I have begun to lose my guilt over desiring your blood," Vladimir admitted quietly. "And I know to feed from you causes no harm. But yet I worry. You know that feeding is an... intimate action." She had been with a full vampire after all, of course she would know what feeding would do to his emotions. "To feed from you will-" Vladimir caught himself, poised on a confession, but it slipped regardless. Out with it. "It will augment what already churns within." And there it was. "I will feed from you, yes, with your permission always... but I need for you to know that what lies within is not based on... base instinct or want alone. But rather, as you have already told me, if you are mine always, then so am I yours. If this you can accept, that you accept me, then I will feed from you at will."
  6. Vladimir continued his playing, but it had not at all escaped his notice that Améa had seemed poised on the verge of saying something. Was she perhaps going to refute his musical choice? Or was it something else? Vladimir could not ask for clarification, not now, not when the music demanded his attention. The music, and his admiration of Améa both, they took every ounce of his brain capacity. He would beg her forgiveness after the song was done. For now, he would reflect on everything, much as he had been for the past several days, weeks, and months. He could spend his time reflecting on how much better Améa seemed since he had first laid his eyes upon her when he had returned to Australia a year ago now. He could easily recall how disoriented she had been in the hot sun. How he had picked her up in his arms, taken her to shade and safety, cursing within his mind with every breath and cuss he knew. Zane had never deserved her, not in Vladimir's opinion. But he would not bring that up. She was still married to him, even if it seemed as though his hold on her had loosened considerably since the year before. Would Vladimir ask for confirmation, however? That was unlikely. Vladimir did not want to risk upsetting her, or worse, finding out that his reflections and his affections were all for naught. And when the last of the chords rung in the air and it all fell into silence, Vladimir could hear her breathing, hear her heart as it beat away in her chest. Well then, out with it, so he could make his apologies before ceding to more music. At least music was a good shield, insofar as an instrument and intangible notes could be. "Forgive me, I began to play and it seemed as though you were poised to speak. Is everything all right?" Vladimir asked at first, before he inquired further, "Would you prefer I change the tone of the music?" Please don't say yes. Anything but that. For such an answer would mean his affections and his feelings were most certainly misplaced, and even though he knew he could not act on some of the deeper desires coursing through his veins, he did not want to lose his ability to at least hug her. Hold her. To smile at her and revel when she would smile back. The want to kiss any of her worries away was a forbidden wish, and it could not make itself known, not with her vows in place. Vladimir himself almost froze when he realized what he had just thought of. Gah. He was falling in love with her, and he shouldn't have been. Monsters aren't supposed to be loved or feel it in kind. He still remembered that line in particular, from all those years ago.
  7. Vladimir continued to play. With every chord, every tremolo, Vladimir allowed his music to speak where his words could not. Music could say so much more than any verbal language could convey. And in this instance, Vladimir was allowing his music to reach out to Améa, to grasp her in its winding, dulcet tones, and hold her just like he had the night Sollozzo struck and killed David. He had promised to protect her - he had not thought that any other form of affectionate thoughts would join in and take over. And as the song continued, he could see that she was not taking her eyes off of him. There were swirling emotions in her eyes, unblinking as they were, and Vladimir attempted to try and decipher what she was thinking without both breaking into her mind, nor losing his concentration. The song could not be interrupted, it could not be blemished in any way. He had to show her that she deserved to be happy, content, to be protected and lov- No, Vladimir, there's no point in thinking of that word. But good Lord, it was so hard not to. When the last tone rang in the air and his music stopped, Vladimir lowered his bow arm momentarily but did not let his eyes leave Améa's face. He knew she loved his music so - she never hid it, and it remained obvious even now. But was there anything else? Vladimir could never bring himself to ask. What he was feeling was forbidden - and besides, he had been burned enough in the past. What made him think that, even if her vows and marriage to Zane were not in the picture, that she would even choose him? The positive of his brain brought forth the conversations they'd had, the closeness that they now shared. The negative brought up his ever familiar argument, in his former love's voice. He was nothing but a monster. "I have another piece in similar fashion. I hope it is to your liking, my dear," Vladimir managed to tell her, without spilling out all of the confusing emotions running through him. Reflection was also a beautiful piece, and perfect for his heart at the moment - to reflect on all of this and wonder if he was on a fool's errand, or if perhaps he ought to stop his brain from spearing his heart over and over again. His eyes stayed on her as he played, as they often did. If it really were a fool's errand, then at least let his end be dignified.
  8. It was almost comforting to watch Améa settle herself down with the cat on her lap, a small smile gracing his lips as he took the cello and prepared for the afternoon of music at hand. All the while his eyes kept careful watch of the surroundings, not wanting to be caught unawares by anything. Even though he was well aware that it was just the two of them home, their animal companions notwithstanding, Vladimir's sense of duty did not leave him. He had vowed to protect Améa, and though he was certain nothing would happen, that did not mean he would be lax. That was until Améa told him to play what he felt, based from the recesses of his heart. It was a most dangerous request. His mind was at war with what his heart wanted. It had been this way for some time now, since Améa had returned to her normal state. Since the night he had held her in his arms and watched her sleep, worry and stress free for a time. Sollozzo was still a risk, Zane was the proverbial thorn in Vladimir's side, Vladimir had no right to feel what he did. His mind was still as of yet too worried to put a definitive label on what his heart wanted. Perhaps he ought to talk to Stuart... the man was, after all, Améa's biological father. "Then play from the heart I shall," Vladimir informed Améa. She had made a request, and he could not refuse her, even if it caused him internal pain knowing that he could not have what he truly wished for. He could show Améa all that he could offer her, but in the end, Vladimir was well aware that he could not proceed, nor should he - she was, after all, a married woman still. But to keep her company, he would live with the internal agony. If Améa was happy and content, then that was all that truly mattered - she did not have to know or be burdened by his own emotions. He chose not to introduce the song by its title - would be too on the nose, almost rude, but it was a beautiful piece, and he was certain Améa would approve of it. To tell her that it was called Seduction was... no. He should not, even as he began to play, letting his hands do their work on the cello. But instead of allowing his eyes to close, they remained open, carefully watching Améa and her feline companion. Would she be able to read between the lines of the notes and chords that he played?
  9. No, Vladimir knew all too well by this point that Améa did not play the violin any longer. Though he had to wonder - if he did manage to restore it to its former glory, would that help? Would it encourage her to take up the strings once again? Would she accompany him on the cello, a beautiful string duet? Vladimir found the imagery pleasing to his mind, but he nipped the idea before it had any time to grow. First he needed to work on the restoration, and see how Améa would respond. Only then would he entertain anything else. What he wanted was not imperative - the only thing that mattered was that the violin was fixed, and to Améa's liking. When he received the nod that he could restore the violin, a pleased little smile came to his face. There was an absolute joy in bringing and instrument back to life, and the feeling in his belly grew a little more when Améa agreed to the idea of joining him in the restoration process. Never mind the fact that she had called him mine. There was a giddy sensation that went right up his spine, and he knew all too well at this point what it meant. Damn it, Vladimir, you shouldn't be. But yet it was becoming clearer and clearer that he was. "I will cherish the company," he informed Améa softly, setting the violin back down on the bed for the time being. "Restoration takes time and patience, but another set of eyes and hands helps to make the process a lot more bearable. It is also your violin. I want to make sure it is restored to your satisfaction." And Vladimir was most certainly not lying about that. But, this was not the purpose of the afternoon, and after all, he had promised her music. Heading to the doorway with Améa, Vladimir stepped out into the hall and, with a small wave of his hand, summoned his cello case. When it was in his grasp, he set it down and turned to his companion. "I did, however, promise you music. And music you shall have," he indicated, before gently threading his arm through the crook of Améa's elbow. With a small pop, he brought them up and onto the roof of the house. Now begged the question... He did have an enormous repertoire of music at his disposal, but what did Améa want to hear in particular? Did she want him to ride on pure feeling? Classical? His own words and creations? As he prepared the ebony cello for an afternoon of performance, Vladimir asked Améa, "Did you wish for some music in particular Améa? Or is this afternoon to the maestro's discretion?" He supposed he ought to elaborate. "Classical? Original work? Or perhaps... riding on the waves of feeling whatever feels best? I am at your disposal."
  10. "Of course," Vladimir remarked softly, watching as Améa went off to attend to her needs after taking care of the animals. In the meantime, Vladimir settled his cello case down on the ground, at the same time that Améa's small feline friend joined him. Blinking, Vladimir's red eyes softened upon sight of the little creature, crouching down to give the cat affections. Vladimir would have even turned into his panther form to play with the cat, but he knew that it was perhaps not wise to be in that form especially if someone could arrive home suddenly. Vladimir had no desire to have hot coffee thrown into his eyes. He had no desire to be struck with spells in order to incapacitate him. Enough of that happened to him in his human form as it was - he wished to leave his animagus form in peace. Eventually the feline grew bored of Vladimir's petting, and thus he let the creature move on with the day, the man taking a seat in the meantime while he waited for Améa to finish refreshing herself. And, the longer he was with his own thoughts, the more they drifted back to Améa and the niggling at the back of his head. Was this wise, to pine over a woman that he knew he shouldn't feel such things? The worries began to compound. What if she only tolerated his company for the sake of his sad history? What if everything was simply untrue, that this was all just something fabricated by his very mind, that all of this was nothing? Or, the worst worry of all, that if Améa laid eyes upon Zane again, everything would be forgotten, and that cretin would have back in his grasp a woman he did not deserve in the slightest. It was the latter of his worries that caused Vladimir physical discomfort when he thought about it. If only Améa could see that she deserved better than that... Vladimir could give her everything she- His eyes snapped open when he heard the indignation and fury in Améa's voice, the man immediately on his feet and heading to the source. "Améa, what has happened?" Vladimir asked, though his eyes soon caught sight of the offending item. The maestro's face softened immediately, mask gone, at the sad state of the violin. As for who, he did not know, and he told Améa as much. "I don't know who brought it." He knew what he wanted to do however. Vladimir approached the item as though it were a frightened creature, hand reaching out to touch the dust and grime upon the wood, to feel the strings worn out and warped. Without much a second thought, he picked up the violin and held it in his hands, surveying the workmanship that he could see went into the making, despite the sad state of affairs that it was in. The violin that he had heard tales of - for a split second, he wondered what sound it would produced in harmony with his cello - before he refocused. Turning back to Améa, with the violin in his hands, his eyes were still softened as was his expression, gesturing with the instrument. "I can restore it, Améa, if you would want me to do so. Breathe new life into it." But Vladimir also knew that the violin was a source of... contention? Perhaps that was one word that could be associated. Vladimir had to explain further. "A musician, a maestro... It hurts the heart and the soul to see it in such a state, when I know I can repair it. If you will it, then so it shall be done If not... I will leave it alone." Perhaps if he could repair the violin... if he could help repair the damage that had been done, perhaps it would help Améa to heal from her past, from all that had been done. A question then. "And... I hope you will indulge me, my dear-" Vladimir Ivanovich what are you doing with that verbiage choice!? "-would you accompany me? If I do repair it?"
  11. Vladimir had been surprised that morning after Sollozzo struck, when he had awoken to find Améa still sleeping in his arms, along with the small feline companion. Even more surprising still was the fact that after all that had happened, and with all the lingering doubts that whatever it was would die away with the morning light, Améa did not seem to harbour any rancour. Neither did Vladimir, of course, but in his case he knew it would go without saying. No, it was becoming painfully obvious to him as the days and weeks rolled by that her company wasn't just something he was obligated towards because of duty. He wanted to spend time with Améa. He wanted to watch her read, or study her expression whilst he played the cello, or as she tended to the animals. This was no longer a bond built solely out of duty and a promise. He simply wanted to be in Améa's company for the sake of her company. And, of course, mostly importantly for her. Damn it, Vladimir, what are you doing? He chose not to listen to the part of his brain that was questioning everything. There was to be none of that, and especially not today. Not when the home was oddly vacant for once, leaving only Vladimir, Améa, and the animals for a time. The man had promised Améa an afternoon with music, and so it was spoken - so it would be done. He trekked outside with his cello though he did not set up camp out on the lawn. No, he had other ideas, though he was certain the first time Stuart had caught him playing on the roof of the house, he had almost given the man a heart attack. "Améa," he greeted her outside on the lawns, extending his hand out and motioning with his head to the roof. "An afternoon of music I did promise, and I do not break those vows. Indulge me - it has been a while since I performed on the rooftop. Shall we?"
  12. It was wrong and he knew in his brain that he ought not to be this close to Améa. He ought not to be allowing his heart to rule over his mind, but he supposed in that area, he was weak. He did not want to imagine a reality where once Améa let go, that would be it. That the day would dawn, and the bond that they had been building for the past several months would shatter. There was that inkling in the back of his mind, in the dark part that always wanted him to assume the worst. It poked at him that now that Améa was back to her true size, her truest state of being, that he would be required no longer. But yet, all he had to do was remind himself that they had made a promise. Vladimir almost smiled a little to himself when he heard Améa yawn. Yes, perhaps it would be best to remain in the room for a while longer, though her request was met with a widening of his pupils. Goodness, such a request would be easy for Vladimir to keep. "No. I'll not let go," he assured her softly, though the more she spoke, the more he realized that this current arrangement would not suffice. He had a solution. "Then I shall keep you safe," Vladimir stated, though he moved to stand up, letting go of Améa for but a moment. He held up his finger though, in an attempt to stall any questions or concerns. In fact, he hoped it would soon become clear to Améa that all Vladimir was doing was moving from sitting upon the chair, to sitting back on the bed, back against the headboard. He then brought Améa back into his arms, holding her to him, allowing his chest to become a pillow. His eyes turned to the window, knowing that he himself would get no more sleep tonight. But for Améa... "Sleep now, Améa. I'll keep you safe. Vladimir Ivanovich gives you his word," he murmured, hand back in her hair. Whatever this was, if it could last past the sunrise, if it could last beyond their rising and back into the world around them, then perhaps Vladimir could die a happy man.
  13. Truthfully, Vladimir had not been all that certain that Améa would have reciprocated such affections, but the risk was worth the reward when he felt her sink into the embrace without resistance. More surprising was that she tightened her arms, feeling them press around his shoulders. The more Vladimir considered it, the more he realized that he could not remember the last time he had ever even hugged someone with any semblance of meaning or desire to. He always hugged the triplets, Lorelei. He would hug his sisters, his mother, on occasion his twin and his father. But those were most certainly different. This, on the other hand... Vladimir would ponder on it more later. Améa was muttering into his shoulder, but his hearing had no problems in catching what she said, and Vladimir thought long and hard on what she was asking of him. From what Vladimir had seen and knew of the man, Stuart was a man that did command respect, but also seemed a pleasant and jovial personality. A man that would want to listen and try to understand all the sides and points before coming to a decision. "I think that Stuart would first want to hear why you had to do that to your father," Vladimir told Améa at first, unconsciously letting one of his hands rise up and run through the strands of her hair. "I do not think he would pass blind judgement upon you." Of course, Vladimir could have been completely and horribly wrong, but his gut instinct told him he was right in this instance. "Neither of us will know how Stuart will react until he learns of it from your lips." Though... "The only person who might even have any chance of assisting in knowing beforehand would be Anastasia. Her precognition has helped in the past, though it like any other magic can be fickle." What Vladimir did know, however, was how he felt regarding the issue, and he told it to Améa without any hesitation. "For my part, I do not look at you with disgust for what you had to do. I see a reflection of myself - you had to do what needed to be done, much as I did in the past. Difficult to move past, yes, but time does heal all wounds. They will scar, but they will heal." Speaking of time, however, caused Vladimir's eyes to turn to the window - the sun was beginning to rise on the horizon. He could not recall having spent this much time conversing with someone in quite a while. A welcome change, though he did perhaps wish it were under better circumstances. Vladimir asked, "Do you wish to go to the kitchens and partake in tea, or water? Or..." He was not sure if he wanted to break the contact - if he did, would he risk never being able to hug her again? Damn it, Vladimir Ivanovich, you know you shouldn't be thinking that. But the heart did not lie. "Would you prefer to stay like this a while longer?"
  14. There was a smile in response, and though it was weak and in sorrow, it was still a smile. Sensitive ears caught the breath she let out, and Vladimir’s did his best to keep his smile on his face. The more Améa began to vocalize, however, the more the wheels turned within his mind as things began to fall into place. He remembered the song that Améa had thought of when he had played the cello for her months ago. The look in her eyes spoke volumes, and Vladimir could see it, feel it, the sorrow that bubbled inside of her. Though by the logic she spoke… “Then by this logic, neither should I ever dream to be a father, for having taken life. A father helps to give life, and then protect it at the forfeiting of his own. Not my own father, or mother, but flesh and blood nevertheless, that tried to hurt me and the woman that I had loved. Another sin to add to my list, another reason to call me a monster.” She had been frightened by his power, of the vampiric essence that lay below the surface. Vladimir scooted the chair forward enough to give in to an impulse that part of him could not control, and another part assured him that this would be all right. They had already overcome many barriers. Vladimir pulled Améa into a gentle hug, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. “We cannot go back to change the past, Améa, though this you know I am sure. But neither can we let the past tether and chain us down until we drown in our own sorrow. Something I myself have had to learn these past months.” Of course, it was not so simple as that, and Vladimir vocalized this too. "It is not simple... but instead one step at a time."
  15. Yes, that much was certainly true - Veronika was loved by Viktor, Jezebel, her siblings, aunts and uncles, though from Viktor’s side it was certainly not by blood but by love. Even Vladimir himself, affectionately called Uncle Vladimir was not truly her uncle - not by blood. But, like his other nieces and nephew, he loved her. But the rest of Améa’s words caught up with Vladimir, and the man gave pause, watching as she lost eye contact with him, staring down at the floorboards instead. Vladimir could not fathom the thought that Améa might consider herself incapable of being a mother. From what he had seen of her through their months of companionship, he could sense that she would make a good mother. Vladimir did not make comment on that just yet. There was a frown on his face though as his enhanced hearing heard her whispered words as clear as a crystal bell. Seeing her like this brought a small pang to him, inexplicable, but it was there regardless. If he smiled, maybe she would smile in turn… But first to grab her attention. He reached forward and let his hand gently tip her chin upwards so that he could look her in the eyes once more, a smile returning to his face. “Having a family of your own can still be possible I am sure… In time, you will see, and we both have plenty of time at our disposal after all. I shall keep you company if you wish.” After all, had they not just spoken of companionship born of their blood and their longevity? “Finding someone just and right is usually the first step.”
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