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  1. Invite hiding

    It was rare for him to gain the opportunity to see the more virulent sparks that formed of Violet's opinions or view-points. While he expected it was a major part of her view, considering the school she worked for, he hadn't considered it was this strong. "Oh, ya' gonna show me, huh? Well, if it's you I don't think I'll mind too much, yea?" A grin twisted onto his face after she had nudged him. "People will judge me harshly regardless. Get too good? You get super hate on one end, accolades on the other. Fall short from their expectations? Ya' get more hate than a Death Eater in Europe." He had expected intense criticism no matter what road he walked, the intensity would be different depending, but the moment things would hinge on a public view everyone would be judged. "But it's still a double-edged route, yea? Sure, the ladies have to work harder to prove it - but so do guys. It may seem easy but the burden is knowing people expect you to be good -because- of what's between your legs dangling. If a gal fails it's either ridicule or 'she tried her best', for a guy? It's only the best or ridicule. No middle ground." That had been a bit of his own experience, no doubt having to prove you're capable was a much harder slope to work - but trying to prove you weren't near useless was also a challenge when it came to male perceptions. "And yea' I get you, I definitely feel that you're trying to keep me learned from your mistakes in the past. Or, at least the stuff you feel are truly mistakes. The whole 'whether they're actually mistakes or not' still is a personal view in some cases." His hand squeezed hers tightly, securely as he conveyed the next words. "But I ain't worried too much about the weight. I was bred strong but I also have a pretty strong woman nearby that I can trust and know supports me. It'd be rough but I trust this combined strength." He liked her - A lot or more specifically, wanted her more than he would have expected. "Aaah, get the pillows and stuff. I'll look at it as alternative weight training. Get the muscles buffed up!" He made a playful flex motion and then lowered his arms. "Oh, yea? Train me, huh? Hahaha. Somethin' tells me your training is like a walk through hells fifth gate."
  2. Invite hiding

    "Bet ya' could get behind it." He snickered, he understood what she meant but wondered if that had been a façade or even if all the publicity and attention over the years had actually worn out on her. She didn't seem to be an attention hog, more of a competitive type where such attention just happened to present itself for the talented. "I just wanna' take for the record that ya' admitted that the girls are worse. I'll take this as a win for all male-kind." A laughter pressed outwards from him as his head tilted slightly. "But I believe it, most of the Beater's I know? Girls. They have a lot more aggression to take out than folks would think." Some more so than others, not really his position to judge on how they managed to get the aggression out - at least it was in something productive. Tyson also respected the dedication that people offered and put towards things they spent energy and a large amount if their life imbuing into it. Even if it did seem to cost a bit more in other areas other than time, energy, and wounds. "Oh, yea? And what exactly are the kinds of things I'll be carrying in that case? I should have set up some premium rates." In his view he was already getting paid - the chance to at least have just another reason to spend time with Violet. Something that he could use as a proper defense if anyone were to poke and prod much more than they needed to. "Vi with the right hook to the kidney, hitting a guy in the heart of his game! Now ya' have to help me regardless." As if it would constitute a proper 'punishment'. She tugged, he followed even more - his feet trying to keep up with the sudden motion before lining back in motion with her speed. Brief laughter extended out from him. "New shelves? Didn't think ya' were asking me to move in already." He stated in teased tone. "They say that's how ya' can catch a hefty Politician by the toe, pieces of candy and cookies."
  3. Invite hiding

    There had been only so much he could do, in the light, in the opened - it paled in comparison to what he wanted to do. While he was new the sensation and desires that came with being in a relationship in general, he hadn't been naïve to the walk of it and what to expect and what is often to be expected. Add on the unique circumstances between himself and her, the process of being spontaneous and creative in how he conveyed it had to be developed. Her smile had been the sign he needed to know that it was a good step. "Ha! Yea? Bet ya'll find that my kind of focus and attention is top notch, best there is!" He jokingly boasted as their fingers intertwined more securely. "Course' you gotta be careful what you want, may end up having my mind wander too much." The edge of his shoulder gently bumped into hers in a light flirtatious approach. "Can only imagine how often ya' go through that kind of stuff. Beaters can break stuff like it's a day job with how vicious they get." While it hadn't been the Beater's specifically, those that knew how to work their way against a Bludger may as well have taken the full credit for its destructive force. The passion that she spoke with involving her team was one of her many admiring qualities, honestly, he had wanted to see her in the act of working with them, teaching. But that was something that wasn't viable for the moment. "Sounds like ya' found yourself a personal carrying gofer." A grin formed on his face, even as the blush creeped along her cheeks which caused his grin to soften slightly. "I could use some new digs, may need a bit of help gettin' some stuff on." Any attempt to just have a 'reason' to be closer in public, or even in semi-public, when it involved clothing. "Aye', maybe if they packed more cookies in. It's bad when they're too addicting." Well, at least some of the flavors were addicting. It was like some kind of tease that they had planned, a conspiracy of the cookies. "Ha, let's just hope it'd be a downfall for them instead of just another day at the office." Tyson started to walk along at a gentle pace, he didn't want to rush to their destination - as much as time had been limited he wanted to make it seem as if it were much longer than they both may end up having. "So, stuff from home, eh? What's on the list?"
  4. Invite hiding

    "Oh man, ya' already on to my grand master plan! Sounds like I need to switch it up a bit then." A smirk grew on Tyson's face as he stared at Violet, a gentle course of his thumb lining along her knuckles slowly. Whether she was aware of it or not he had wanted her the moment they started to spend more time together, maybe even the moment the idea and desire to just be around her sparked inside of him. "I don't mind waiting too much. They say some stuff and people are well worth the wait." Or in this case, worth giving the attention to in every way that he could given the opportunities that opened up every now and then. "You love it when my eyes are focused just on you anyways." His head nodded slowly, freedom, it sounded nice to have in the moment. Even if things weren't beyond tense in its atmosphere from whatever criminal had drawn in such a high alert there were still the binds of the major exams rolling around the corner. He followed at her tug without any resistance and a grin that formed on his face a playful idea came to mind. "Plan on showing me all of your favorite 'outfits' you can't wait to wear, eh?" Not that he would mind sitting back and watching her showcase her own fashion show, that held its own allure in so many ways that he couldn't even give a reason to them all. "Didn't expect it to be all solved this soon. Someone confident and known enough to send an entire country and council into high alert didn't get that way from being careless and tripping up on some girl scout cookies." As amusing as the idea was to imagine someone that was a known infamous criminal stumbling over their goal and being jailed for having an insatiable sweet tooth. . . It just wasn't something he could see really happening. "Just gives me even more reason to just spend all the time I can snag up with ya'. Can't say it's an entirely bad outcome when I think about it that way, yea?"
  5. Class Where the Breeze Blows

    Like usual, Tyson arrived to class just on time - he had been making it more a habit of it to build up a positive rapport. He had to make sure that he not only could maintain good and consistent grades but also that whatever was going on within his life wasn't causing them to suffer. No, on the contrary, it had to make it seem as if he were excelling even further due to whatever linger influences may reside. Of course, it was harder to be optimistic on that end when the crazed Elemental Professor had the class outside on a somewhat breezy day as his hands pressed into his jacket and he let out an exhaustive huff. "Man. . . This is gettin' even crazier than I thought it would. . ." He mumbled under his breath and the course of a whirling wind that hopefully did well to mask his verbalized discontentment. Eyes drifted upwards to hone more on the targets - much like the Water and Fire lesson - there seemed to be focuses for the intention of having magic used against them. He wasn't looking forward to seeing how something as dangerous as the forces of Air could be flubbed up but he had to admit that he at least got a work out with using his magic and keeping up with having the ritualistic movements committed to mind. Everything was handled safely, right?
  6. Invite hiding

    Tyson had been seeing more often, she had become a breath of fresh air amongst the tension that seemed to fester in Tallygarunga. It hadn't been a bad balance either even with the potential danger of being found out having a higher chance behind it. She gave him a feeling of warmth when he was around her even if they couldn't express it so openly, even if things needed to be covered in a veil of secrecy and obscurity. He had to admit even with his own more firm start initially there had been a shift in concern on the 'What if' that could always occur. The last thing he had wanted was to get the woman into any long lasting trouble, yet, he couldn't fight the much more emotional and impulsive nature that beckoned in the bell of desire for her. The worries seemed to wash away from his mind even if briefly as he spotted her in sight even more so with that smile that dressed on her. "My bad, I thought I had more time to kick around. Getting every bit of studying I can with this whole Third term on the heels." He smirked towards her, at least it seemed like the light was at the end of the tunnel. All they had to do was go through these last two hurdles of his school and that would be one heavy burden lifted from their shoulders. "Did ya' miss me that much?" A grin started to form as his brow curved inwards teasingly. "Gotta' make you savor the moment when I do pop up. Can't have you taking me for granted too soon." His head shook lightly while his hand started to couple around hers, feeling that brief squeeze around it. "Nah, just last minute brush ups. They haven't let up their vigil though so just as much of a headache as always. Don't blame em' but just still exhausting." His head nodded lightly towards her. "What's the plan on ya' list today? Plan to drag me to some place and make me wait all those minutes as pay back?" A playful smile shined brightly.
  7. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    School Break meant no more classes, no more books, and no more teacher's dirty looks! At least, if he weren't still living on the school ground for one more year. It wasn't all bad though since the break meant he was given a lot of freedom and able to travel through the city as long as he made it back safe and sound which was always a benefit, he couldn't hate wanting to actually be safe. Today, though, wasn't the time for him to be safe but enjoy the company that would soon be coming - keeping in contact with Violet since they had met at the gym he found himself easily drawn to the woman and the talks that they would have, the way they joked around when they could. At the same time, at least for him, he found he had to hide his phone and other things that went on while on school ground for the obvious reasons that might bring attention were he wouldn't like for it to. On one hand, his coach might find it an unethical thing in terms of sports but there had also just been the sheer situation of their age which hadn't escaped him it just wasn't a thing he wanted to be a concern. Even if others held a concern for it he was old enough and aware of himself enough to know he wasn't being manipulated or used, his mind wasn't being warped or tricked. The woman was genuine and that is something he respected along with her dedication to the game and her devotion towards the players that she trained. He sat at that place where she had taken him before, the establishment ran by the Friend that had known her father. Outside was a lovely day today and she had been right, the man treated him like family and made the visit all the more worth it. Not to mention the food was top notch like a Mom and Pop jewel waiting to be discovered by the much larger world looking for cooking here people often put their heart into it all. A Newspaper was sprawled out in front of him as his jaw clenched reading over the fact that the one known as 'Thomas' was still at large and vigilance was necessary. A hand rubbed at the top of the table as he shook his head since it meant that the Auror's at Tally were expecting a hit of some kind or someone to sneak in and start a bout of serious chaos along the grounds. That didn't sit well with him at all.
  8. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    "Aight, I won't push it." Tyson reached over to grasp one of the cheese coated chips from the carton and pressed it into his mouth to chomp it away from the main body. After a bit he'd chew and swallow it down. "I know better than to poke at that Lioness. They're the fierce type, caring to the pride but fierce when prodded too much." He gave a tension easing wink towards her direction along with a smile that shined. "You're right on that, you don't hold what ya' mean once you say it. That's one of those admirable traits, at least to me, ya' never have to play the guessing game to find what's on ya' mind." Of course, that also could just because he was surrounded by a bunch of school aged girls who don't know when to say what they want to say, when they need to say it. But he could also respect that things needed to be thought out a bit better in this particular situation given that the slightest thing could set in stone a lot in present and future connections. Eyebrows rose up as his lips turned more into a grin as he stared at the woman, who seemed to be on fire in her own way from a personal experience. "Maybe not, but I ain't silly enough to know that they don't call it 'collateral damage' for a reason, ya feel?" The slightest intentional hiccup could cause a larger domino effect, it was one of the few things that he often thought about it. What if the person decided to use some form of explosion spell that took out a large portion of the school? "Either way, it's also just one of those things I can't worry about until somethin' happens. If things were able to be accurately guessed we'd avoid a lot more issues, that or run straight towards them." "Well, there went me tryin' to be all mysterious." He grunted lightly while leaning into the back of the chair with his arms crossed against his chest. Eyes focused on Vi as he gave a soft sigh and shook his head. "It ain't have anything to do with you playing professionally, heck, ain't nothing about you even being involved in Quidditich." He refused to lower his head in embarrassment even with the internal feeling of it gnawing and nagging at him. At this point it was his pride to keep his head up as much as he could without faltering from it. "I'm interested in -you-, as a person, ya know? I wanna get to know you as who you are not what ya' accomplished or what other folks may or may not say about you." Not like he put much stock in what others had often displayed about another person. Media, entertainment - all of it was designed for rises and falls and most times it was intentional. When it wasn't? They tended to have more of a ball field with it that they didn't have to twist about words or views to cause it. "I'm attracted to simply who ya' are, the woman I encountered before even realizing she was someone famous."
  9. Open Step towards the Future [May 23rd, 2018]

    This was perhaps the rarest of sights for someone like Tyson. Typically one could find him training his butt off at the Quidditich Pitch or even near the West End of Tallygarunga going at a blow-up sparring doll for his more muggle martial arts. Something that still didn't sit too well with some people, well, except the one student whom he had met that found it fascinating. That caught him off guard but it was something refreshing and gave him a better understanding that there were people who followed or at least at interest enough to maybe study it in the future. At the very least, to understand the positive possibilities that such activity has for a persons health both mentally and physically. Today, it was a different form of preparation and it had been one that he was completely out of his depth with doing even with the additional help from Violet over the course of the vacation and even afterwards. Part of his personal assignment was to better understand the economics and design of living on his own without the covering and assistance of the school. It's how he found himself under a tree with a breakfast burrito in one hand that lingered just at his lips readied for any sudden chomp for its benefits while he glanced downwards at a news paper that held a red marker connected to it as well as various red circles around specific advertisements for 'Housing'. A frustrated groan is let loosened while his head leans back against the trunk of a tree and a slow sigh pushes outwards to keep himself from going too insane with everything. While he had a bit more time he didn't like the idea that he had not one viable thread to check out yet, not truly. He sets the marker down after clicking the top of it into place securing the writing nature of the tool and the pulls both of his knees upwards settling the soles of his shoes on the ground firmly. Arms draped over the point of his knee caps and he took a very healthy and unrestrained bite from his burrito letting the presence of the food be a relaxation for him. "Gonna' have to start savin' up, that's for sure." He mused to himself as he lets his head tilt slightly enough for his eyes to narrow back towards the newspaper and it's various markings. "Might need to ask that old dude to let me take the rank up test. . . That should get me a good payout as an Assistant instructor, that's for sure. At least for a decent apartment."
  10. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Tyson probably would have been taking notes if he didn't think that it'd be pointless to try and capture every word spoken. Elemental Magic had been a practical activity versus an actual legitimate course and left room of improvement and knowledge up to testing - Failure and success would be the true impact of knowledge and whether he would allow himself to get dejected or even surprised by the fact that now there were effigy's before them lit ablaze. At least he could keep the description in mind of a general sense by the summary gifted through the instructor, that would have to do for the time being until he made enough free time to jot down the information that he could remember later. The tips of his fingers walk along the length of his Red Oak wand before he'd take it fully within the center of his palm sliding it out of its place that hung on the loop of his belt. His arm lifted upwards as he pointed the tip of the wand forward towards one of the burning scarecrows honing his gaze forward and keeping the target in mind. He didn't want his thoughts to drift off or his will to waver in the midst of the roaring course of fire that crackled within this ears. A sharp inhale from his nostrils form while his hand fluidly traced through the air, aware and familiar with the spell yet it was the potential pressure and atmosphere that always seemed to add a bogged down presence when casting. Either way, he steeled himself and found that his motions were well enough while speaking out the words of the spell. "Aguamenti!" It was a jet of water that expelled out of his wand pressuring forwards in a geyser effect which coated along one of the standing strawmen. It quelled the fire in a sizzling sound when the cool wetness of water often accompanied the presence of a fire trying to keep itself alive.
  11. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    "Ahhh~, See, I gotcha to laugh, already on the upside." His head shook lightly as a smile formed wider on his face. While he was usually a focused and determined individual there wasn't any rule that stated he couldn't let that guard or intensity down when the moments require it. Staying as an obtuse person would only cause more stress and that wasn't something that he could take the risk of going through, no more than he was already dealing with, of course. "One word for it, eh? Aight, yea, I can definitely see that." There was no true positive precedence for this - one might consider them relatives if they didn't know either of their lives. But a closer look at the information would have been an alert towards what could potentially have been building. The scent that flowed from her filled his nose and he took a subtle and deeper sniff as his mind engraved it within his memories. "Oh? That right, yea? Sounds like you're more afraid of saying that answer." He lights poke back in a challenging connotation. Tyson expected it was much more complicated than that or maybe it was just her own way of teasing and flirting, but he had his own way, as awkward as it may seem to most people. Mostly because he just didn't flirt. "Yea, figured it was something like a goal or something. Most that want to slap on some wonton destruction that's international and criminal probably wouldn't focus on a single school enough for that many five-O's to walk about on." His hand rose up to rub at his chin lightly in thought. Thinking on it won't help the situation but it at least gave him more control over his nerves, that will be helpful when he went back on campus. "Maybe. . . Unless we know whatever he wants or connected it I guess? But, eh, me worrying about it won't do me any good or favors. " Whenever trouble showed its ugly face it would do so, that was when he'd deal with it if need be. He had more problems of his own to deal with in the immediate anyways. A snorted laughter escaped from him as he shook his head. "I wouldn't know, I don't pay all that attention. Ya know? Sure they're all fine though, no biggie." He shrugged it off as if it were truly a non-issue. The way she stared at him caused his eyes to blink a few times as he leaned back in his chair staring back at the woman. "Why you? Sheesh, ya' gonna have me be that blunt?" He shifted his gaze away towards the constantly moving crowds that strolled along the sidewalk, the different people and places that they had went into for whatever reason. "Cleary cause I'm interested in ya'." It was stated bluntly, as if it were a matter of fact as he turned back to look at her. "Usually folks tend to notice others because of interests."
  12. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "Ha! Aight, I get that I hit a bit of something there." He nodded in resignation - He knew it wasn't an easy thing to try and learn another position especially after being dedicated towards a single one. It even made those that played the field in that way more rusty if they had to stick to only their main, no opportunity to be a true wildcard would make the skills less than ideal. But he took it as a learning experience too, one never got a good perspective of things without stepping into those positions. "Sometimes it's good to just roll with what you want. Less annoying than trying to pick up a new trade if you don't really need to." An arm rose up and made a firm congratulatory pump in motion. "That means you'll be taking the field! Nice, nice. Plan on trying out for the School team too? I know not many folks try out for it but hoping to see that change this year. Facing other schools will drum up some good insight on competition. Not to mention, always nice to get a rival or two just to get that push." Sports, they were battles of the best and only the top of the top ever succeeded or at least were noticed enough and give accolades for building up strength that was hard trained, drilled and firmed, taken to the next level to be winners. It was an intoxicating idea and one of the reasons he worked himself so hard. "The intense discipline and the need to always find a reason to exercise? Yea, I get that a lot." A short sniggle resonated from him as he made a slight joke about himself. But then shrugged soon after as if it were no big deal to him. "Something I got into, channel the aggression I had as a little tike. It just happened that it worked out in the long run for Qudditich. That and I found that I actually really liked the constant activity, ya know? It helped to keep my mind focused but also let me think about stuff I needed to work through." Giving one final stretch to his arms he could feel the pressure of muscles tightening and massaging themselves from the motion of it before following behind Gerry. "The smaller the better. I haven't checked the equipment room too much this year, hoping they got a bit of upgrades to some of the old stuff."
  13. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    Tyson McKennis
    Tyson had decided to go through his usual regiment with fingerless gloves attached to his hand and his attire being that of under-armor fabric from the Muggle side of the world that clung to his chest for better breathing and movement through physical activities as well as well lengthened shorts that seemed to hold similar fabric just under them in the form of firm clinging leggings. Sneakers were worn as well though they had seen better days, a clear indicator of being re-patched up, stitched, and maintained lingered as some parts of the material had been faded and many of the stitches woven through its various areas were different colors. Often he just used whatever was on hand along with shoe gum or glue to attach the soles back nice and tightly for him to use it all again. Even though his parents were well off he didn't benefit from them, not anymore, he made through with what he got on his own merits and the meager amount of cash he could bring up until he had more time to devote towards upkeep of his own benefit. As for the young man's regiment he first started to traverse around the ground by foot running a few laps around the around in a pace, not going too fast as if he were running a race but just enough that his body could feel the effects of being slightly more pushed than a normal jog. Lips parted as he breathed through his nose and out of his mouth to better keep his heartrate controlled but also to continue on training up his cardio. At the center of the field seemed to be a few bits of equipment, a broom and a Quaffle to practice throwing through small hoops that extended into the ground. He didn't want to over toss the spherical object and have to chase it too far if he didn't really need to do it. Mentally settling on if he had ran enough times around the area he started to run back towards the center of the pitch and stretched out his arms, side, and legs so that they wouldn't lock up on him. A brief cool down exercises before he'd have to take up the real work that he needed to do, all the while, he hadn't been too aware of who had been within the vicinity practically zoning out due to his activity. It took the slight motion from the corner of his eyes when he turned about to grab up his broom that he had halted to see a person heading towards the area. "Yo', what's up?" The young girl seemed familiar and then it hit him a bit, he had faced House Sturt in a few games and had seen her as a Bludger for that house one times. "Oh, yea', I remember you." He never had the opportunity to catch her too often. Truthfully, he admired her aggression and tenacity, mostly because he saw those kind of traits within himself.
  14. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    Toothy smile formed as his head tilted as well. "Oh, I didn't forget that. You're someone whose hard to miss." Maybe that was just due to his previous exposure, even a partial factor that he had encountered her in a place he never would have considered a run in to occur. Even he had to admit that there was a sense of concern for the way he had noticed her, but it was something that he also knew he'd more likely regret trying to pretend otherwise. A life of regrets wasn't something he relished in looking back on - that would hit too close to home. "Probably not! I bring a good workout and a rush of adrenaline when exercise day rolls up." He grinned at her trying to add more levity to the situation. "Besides, you don't seem like the person who would have followed along if part of you weren't curious either." That was a sign of 'It was okay' on some level, at least, between their two perspectives. It's always when other perspectives chime in that things take a different turn. Tyson's brow elevated as he leaned in just a bit more on the table top. "And what exactly do you want?" There was a curiosity on his mind in wondering what would be desirable enough for her, something that causes a limit to be placed. Or maybe, he wanted to eliminate the idea that limits were a think even for the brief moment that they were at this restaurant. A chance to understand and get a more direct answer on what lingered on the woman's thoughts. One of his hands rose up to rub at the back of his head then scratch slightly. "Yea, I get what you mean. I know there are sick folks like that around, I mean, didn't expect to run into any this soon in my life. Or, rather, be put in a situation where it was an actual possible issues." Mind boggling, what kind of traumatic life or twisted mind could make the steps to be a criminal with such crimes on their plate? Either way, that kind of thought wasn't his concern - Yet. "I don't doubt the wack job gets off on it. Course I also know it's why we need more folks in the system willing to take on that kind of risk." Was he in a state of mind of self-sacrifice that such a job could be in his future? It was something he would have to decide eventually, sooner too as the terms seemed to come in and out quicker than he could take notice. "Ha! The sound of disagreement!" A strange look was shot towards Violet's direction which caused a snorted snicker to extend out. "I don't really go about noticed ladies, at school I tend to focus a bit on what I need to do, ya know?" Tyson then tapped his fingers on the table. "And I am always confident, Snarkette! Just like you're really the only person I've noticed, I guess is one way to put it."
  15. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    "Sometimes ya' got the cat's, the cradles, and the silver spoon too." He responded back towards her with a playful grin on his face while he leaned forward and against the top of the table. Though his head soon shook afterwards with a broader grin etched on to his mug. "Don't need me runnin' the streets, huh? Keeping a heavy look out are ya'?" A shrug formed and a gentle chuckle eased out of him. "I don't mind, can enjoy the view all ya' want, Snarkette." He at least planned to enjoy the view that was settled in front of him without any form of shame or concern. "But it's good to see ya' deciding to stick around, I can get with that." Even if she had to find an alternative reason for it, just meant that was one step forward. Both of his hands raise up as if to surrender the point. "Hey, I'm all on the ride to grabbing whatever you like. Life's too short and chaotic not to smack on your favorite foods, for real." Tyson hadn't been through tragic loss but he understand a sense of loss and the constant presence of other figures around the school made the understanding of what a heavy and flammable atmosphere could amount towards. It was enough that it made his own neck stiff. "Nah, I get the reason behind it but. . . I guess you kind of just have to see it to get the foreboding environment behind it all." Tyson's hand rose up to rub at his cheek in thought, he needed a way to explain it from his own view. "Like. . . If it was a small number, a light guard I probably wouldn't even look twice. But the are a lot of them walking around - that already tells me how dangerous this dude really is. Not to mention. . . They blend in horribly." The last bit was to add a bit more comedy to the heavy thought. "It's like a rose trying to pretend to be a daisy, ya' just know it like a broad smack in the face." His head tilted towards the side a bit as he got a bit comfortable and listened into her report on what had been going on, as light on details as it had been. But he understood there were things she probably couldn't tell him. "Yea, safe is good, I am on that team. Only way we'd get to have our dates like this." A coy wink flashed towards Violet with a matching grin to boot. It was partially a tease and partially serious on his own part, however. "I already know you'd miss me."
  16. Invite Chancing It [April 10th, 2018]

    A hand wrapped around the glass of homemade iced tea in a glass as he lifted it up and pressed it to his lips to drink from it. It was a much needed drink especially with the shift of the weather and the cooling breeze that hung on the wind. There had been a form of relaxation from it that accompanied the energizing way the beverage felt in him. As the greeting came his way a smirk pressed on his face and eyes followed towards the voice. He had found her a beautiful woman before hand, of course, he also was much more aware of her age than she had been of his own. "Snarkette actually shows up? Aight. I guess that's one point for you this time." He grinned at her then proceeded to fold up the newspaper and settle it towards the side a bit shaking his mind from what he'd be walking back into once the break had ended. Tyson watched as the Hostess took the order and headed off then fixated his attention to Violet who had decided to sit down. "Nachos, huh? Is it cheat day already? I should have gotten something a bit more." He teased, though he already knew how to work off whatever was put into his body. Just needed to make sure that it was a good burning exercise which could be done practically anywhere. A hand felt the top of his head sweeping along the fresh cut then settled on the back of his dome where he rubbed at it in uncertainty. "Been trying to enjoy it but to be for real? Going back to Tallygarunga has me more nerve wrecked than I would have expected, ya know?" Side glancing towards the newspaper as he began to stretch his arms upwards. "Auror's around every corner, practically can hear the night shifts during the dorm downtimes. Teacher's are much more stiff and on such high alert that things are locked down tighter than Azkaban." He brought his hand up and rubbed at his chin before placing it on the table once more. "Been just trying to work out and relax myself for what I am going to end up walking into, ya' know? What about you? How've things been going and all?" He had been concerned, hoping that she wasn't taking too much of a hit coming out so often to see him or keeping in contact with him. Especially since even he could see he had been developing more feelings towards the woman.
  17. Invite What's Eating You? [May 2nd, 2018]

    There had been a few reasons he hadn't stepped in to check up on Eugenia of late and primarily it had been due to himself being more off campus during the free times trying to gather things together for himself. Being at the peak of his graduating year he needed to make sure that he didn't stumble into a bunch of mess after exiting, albeit, now he found himself in a different kind of mess than he had ever anticipated but that wasn't too big of an issue if he was being frank with himself. The Garden's above Tallygarunga seemed like a pretty safe bet to have a calm chat without him hyper-focusing on his usual sports or athletic feats that often took him for a much longer ride. So, earlier in the day he had made sure to stop by her Common room to let her know to meet him in this place. He found a nice little bench and table setup just under an over arching tree that provided just enough shade that he could remove the hat that straddled his head. Both of his feet lifted up to rest the base of his calves on the edge of the table while he leaned back with a book wide opened and nestled against his stomach. Of course, it was really a magazine that detailed different martial arts gear that he had been considering getting and having set up in his new home whenever he could get one on a good agreement. "Man~. . . I could really use a lot of this stuff too. Not like imma be able to get all of it but some stuff might be good." Tyson mostly responded to himself as he closed the magazine and settled it on the table before sliding his legs off of it and planting his feet onto the ground to lean forward and lift his head up to glance around the area to see if she'd show up. "Hope she shows up, girl's been spaced out for a while now that I think about it. . . Kind of worried about what's gnawing at her."
  18. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Tyson McKennis House: Bourke Year Level: Seventh Position: Chaser Secondary Position: Seeker Interest in Interschool team? Y
  19. Class DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

    Tyson McKennis
    A hand grasped around his phone a she walked into the classroom, a smirk pressed on his face. This was a pretty amusing conversation he had been texting to Vi but immediately had to close up his phone and slide it into his pocket. Head lifted up to gaze up to see the tables and chair spread away from the center of the room and it seemed a few people were already packed inside ahead of him. From the look of it all, it seemed like practical magic was about to be put into fruition in this class and that meant it was going to take up the slope of a good ol' fun time, that was for sure. Moving into the room further he'd drop his backpack onto the table and turned to face the Professor fully with his hands delved into his pockets. It seemed Naoki was going to be upbeat like usual, he didn't mind it, added more diversity to the classroom in a lot of ways. Spotting Morgan and Roe once more his hand rose up to shift into a peace sign as a 'Hello' greeting. He hadn't considered until now how many classes he actually shared with the underclassman which was probably an upside considering he could always help out in tutoring her if her health ever made it difficult to get about. Everyone had seemed to have went through some interesting things in vacation - Wait - something about congratulations? He shifted his gaze towards the lovebirds in the corner spotting the matching rings that hung on their fingers an a eyebrow quirked up. Guess everyone was in a rush to 'start their lives' one way or another, weren't they? Tyson shrugged it off that wasn't his business and it certainly wasn't his relationship to ponder on. "Uhh. . . I just hung around really. Met a friend, chatted a bit about some stuff they're helping me with and ate out a couple of times." He kept it as little information as possible not wanting it to some how bite him in the butt later on, at least, not until he was fully out of Tallygarunga as a graduate. Or at least, as an Adult which technically meant both at this point.
  20. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "Not a lot of folks forte, though it also could be a pretty good skill to work on. I mean, if that's the kind of thing that fulfills, ya know?" If she didn't have the passion for wanting to be in the thick of the matches in that way and preferred being the one smacking the orbs that was probably best anyways. The game wasn't enjoyable or fun if you weren't in a place that seemed as if you were making an impact while enjoying yourself as well. "You going end up competing this year?" It was a question of curiosity but also just to see if he would have another tough competitor for the other rivals. "Or planning to take a bit of a hiatus to focus more on the school work and exams?" Considering they were both in years that required a pretty intensive test at the end of the year he couldn't fault her for taking the path of focusing on studies, probably something he should consider. "Oh yea? Aight, word, I'll run with that then." That was a challenge Tyson was going to pick up even if it managed to leave a couple of bruises but he was at least lucky he was much more trained in body and reflexes than the average Wizard student. Or. . . Maybe most wizarding students in general considering many never touched the idea of exploring the muggle world and all of the promise it holds. "I'm aiming to be a tough competitor one way or another. Challenge myself and I challenge others, only way folks can grow in the middle of the game, ya know?" Tyson's head light shook at the prospect of having a better idea. "Nah, most of my dodging practice ideas come from martial arts activities. That isn't really something most folks here are into."
  21. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Tyson had been running a bit late but not after the late bell, that much he made sure he was up and ready before that ever could be marked against his House. It had been a rough time going between school, dealing with the Dojo, and trying to connect a bit to Vi. Which he wasn't even sure what was happening with him in that regard but he knew enough that careful caution was necessary for the both of them considering the situation of where they both were at this part of their lives. That being said, Tyson was a bit tired looking but was beating pass it and really didn't need to focus too much on it. After all, once he had entered the classroom the display of water pushing through all these various angle and with this particular setup open up his attention and mind to an highly alert mode. "Yo' this pretty slammin'." A nod of approval formed from him even if it was intensely odd sight to have at this time of the day it was definitely something that could jog awake a persons mind if they weren't expecting it to turn out this way. And yet, he felt he should have seen it coming considering exactly who the instructor was since the first term. After picking up a seat next to Morgan he sat his bag down and gave a light nod towards her. "Yo', wassup, Morgan and Roe." He said in a greeting giving a firm smile towards her direction. Until the professor called for their attention which required an answering to a question. "Yea, I see water as a Force. When it has you, you're at it's control it can either be nice or push you so hard that you crash and break." Enough issues happen where water is the soul perpetrator but also is what saves people, almost as if it held a will of its own under the surface of it all. "It contributes to keeping control, it helps to cool stuff off, ya know? Like if a Volcano starts to spew the moment it touches the water it's cooling off to make up some nice rock surfaces."
  22. Open Skipping Dinner

    "Ah, I getcha on that one. Going to that big hall is more of a hassle most days anyways." The different people that congregated had been interesting but not interesting enough to stick around long term for ideal chit-chats and gossips. "Oh yeah, I exercise almost half of my school life away. Usually some basic stuff like jumping jacks, push ups, and whatnot. I have to go offsite more often for weights and using sparring dummies." It could get pretty difficult jumping from one place to the next just to get the proper workout regiment that is also why he had pressed himself to a schedule for better focus. Tyson formed a grin that had been followed by a light chuckle which caused his lips to curl more into a smile. "That's a pretty good trick I'll need to keep that one in mind. I mostly keep stuff like protein drinks and bars stashed away. Not the -best- for nutrition on a consistent basis but it works out for me in the long run especially since it's mostly to just curb the hunger while I handle other stuff in the day." Preparing for the major test for the end of the year was much more work than he wanted to admit as it meant he needed to gather up all the materials he had been learning since the start of the term, catalogue them for later usage and then build up on them to make more sense and be accurate. "After going through the process for a few years you tend to get a bit bored of somethings, well, mostly the repeating book learning stuff." He understood that going back to the basics was an important strategy, most people who are masters of their arts often forget that the basics are there not just for a guideline but a foundation and once you forget the foundation you open yourself up to being a victim of the most basic of things. This is perhaps the major reason why he picked up the class again this year. "I have a few spells still from my previous years learning in DADA. The more easier spells that can link up with dueling, too." He laughed at the lounging form of the canine as it's head lifted up and dropped back down onto the floor. "He seems like a pretty loyal hound. How long have you had him with you?"
  23. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    It was a moment of his eyelids shuttering several times not used to needing to explain that kind of a phrasing His hand rubbed at the back of his neck even as a shrug flowed from his shoulders. Not that it was that big of a deal everyone had their own way of processing what they heard differently especially when it came to actual exposure in life, if she hadn't been a position to hear it used in that kind of a way it wasn't really her fault. Just the way of the environment that she had been around worked out. At least she caught the relation he meant for his name which wasn't a person he wanted to relate himself towards but since they both were into a form of martial arts it made it easier for others to connect that similarity with the name. Tyson just knew typically when it came to sports in many cases you don't want to be related towards something docile or graceful unless it was some kind of gymnastics tournament, maybe. In contact or active sports that require a team against a team gunning for the prize all at once, people wanted to be set apart as vicious and willing to get the job done. To be a different kind of predator in the apex manner, one wanted to be considered a Lion amongst the sheep, a bull amongst adversity, a bear that protects the collection of their 'young'. How one approached it often gave the radiation from them and impacted the crowd and how much they roared for such a play in a persons personality. While he should be trying to pick up tips and the subtle triggers on how to get at the young woman when it came to the game he also wasn't the type to go snooping around for the 'Game tricks', no, there had been no fun or challenge in already knowing what the persons thoughts actions or plays already were. Watching videos of past matches were much different than intentionally trying to rip open a persons 'Playbook' of sorts. The heat of the moment of deciding whether or not how to react, trying to read the person and succeeding in that endeavor was something that could unhinge a player if they believe someone is that intimidatingly good. "Oh, no, I don't think it. I know it." A small smirk pressed on his lips as his eyes narrowed towards Gerry. He knew he had to believe in his own capabilities first before anyone else would ever place faith in them. As long as he knew it, believed it, acted on it, and grew in it - then it would be a truth that he could live by. "Sounds like you're planning on trying to put that too the test. I ain't mad about it, see if I'm the real deal or just walking around pretending at the play." He was often tested in this way and it was something he grew accustomed towards. In the meantime he started to stretch his body starting form his arms and torso then leaning forward to stretch the back of his legs to loosen them up in order avoid the limbs from locking up or a cramp forming up within the ribs or back.
  24. Invite I Flex, You Flex, We Flex

    Tyson needed to get off of the school grounds and it was mostly because it just didn't seem like a proper atmosphere to get into a good training regiment. He had been lucky enough to gain a temporary membership to the gym 'Fitness World', that had just recently opened up. Mostly because the instructor that he had assisted in teaching Muay Thai with in the muggle world knew enough people in the fitness business and wanted to make sure that he could get the best possible outcome for his body. It always came down to having himself well tuned up which extended out towards his activity in Quidditich for Tallygarunga. He had been playing for Bourke a few years now since the second year at the school as a Chaser which gave him a new thrill all of its own in life that martial arts just never seemed to own up towards. Thrill of soaring through the skies on a broomstick while holding clenched onto it with a massive ball under his arm, weaving through the bludgers and the people that would aim towards him while he held the quaffle. It was a sensation that he would never replace for anything and it often offered a much better appreciation of the wizarding world and what it had to offer up. An ingenious idea towards some old tricks learned through the history of people since the dawn of man's time. As he pressed his way through the gym he had decided to go for the usual attire for himself wearing his under armor torso and leggings along with length red shorts. Brown eyes gazed around at the various people of different ages and builds. At least it wasn't a completely elitist environment just folks trying to better themselves which was something he could empathize and sympathize with at the same time. Tyson started to scope out the different machines to get an idea of what he wanted to build his regiment around and spotted a few treadmills, barbells, and various other training equipment. He had been so focused on trying to mentally plan ahead what each part of his body would get in training he hadn't noticed himself bump into a well fit older woman. "Oh, My bad. I wasn't paying attention, kind of got deep into checking out some of the equipment." A slight stumble on his head as he grasped hold of a nearby bar to steady himself against fully toppling over.
  25. Invite I Flex, You Flex, We Flex

    There were many things a person needed to give a critique about from their own perspective. Even if it were just to themselves and on if they'd ever recommend any one to the same kind of food or service he had received. "I'm thinking about a good steak with some mashed potatoes. Gotta' love the old home cooking feel that comes with that kind of a heart meal, ya know?" Tyson couldn't even remember the last time he actually had a warm meal of such a degree, not even Tally really offered that at least mot the atmosphere that it could bring with that many people in one room. Most times it feel like he was in a little orphan Annie flick with how many people had been at a table. Not everyone would like the way someone cooked or the way that the food tasted, at the end of the day, people were ruled by not only the skill of the chef but the palette of their tastes. "Figure that he's opened and still bringing in the cash for some reason. Folks without skill don't have that kind of talent unless they have something to back it up." Usually, anyways, some people just didn't have any taste what so ever. Now it came down to a drink and truthfully he wasn't feeling the need for anything carbohydrate so he had already put in his mind what he'd want. "Definitely going with the fresh squeezed lemonade. Feel like I having a taste of nature." A smile perched on his face as he fully pressed the menu down and look towards Violet with full attention given. "Hehe, it must feel pretty weird to think ya' parent could be much more trouble than yourself, huh?" Not that he'd know how that felt particularly he only knew prejudiced workaholic's and that was the true extent of his knowledge. There were things in their life they had viewed as not important enough to impart on him and now at this point of his life? He felt glad that they hadn't, it meant he had no reason to truly have that fond 'connection' from their own memories. "Yea, I mean, it's a start ya' know?" Tyson wasn't taking the opportunities given to him for granted and wanted to make the best choice for himself and not what others expected or imprinted on to him. They made a difference in his mind, sure, something to check out and keep eyes on but he wasn't going to go by that as the ultimate decision. The be all, end all wasn't what he had been hoping to gun towards. Everything needed to be for the proper set-up of any future he wished to chase after to his full extent. "Not sure if a career will actually explode for me but regardless I plan on going into Law. Haven't decided if I want to be a Lawyer or an Auror but I may lean towards Lawyer, help to defend folks or help to go the path of eventually a Minister to better set some laws into place. Lots of folks go through abandonment and there needs to be more things taken into account for those kinds of people that will have a struggle starting their lives as adults, ya know?"