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  1. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Bad? Nah, everyone's got their own path to self building, ya feel?" He wasn't dense enough to miss the fact that she had been referring towards herself. She had talent, talent that he could see being worked to a honed skill in competition. But that kind of fight and trial wasn't for every person and there often had been other routes to the same goal and end. "How you use your skills and if they grow is all on who you are as a person, feel? Competitively testing ya' skill is just one way of seeing more about yourself. To see the talent of others. Think like dojo masters, most of them have left competition behind and find that they can still achieve a lot by training others. Teaching em' just the talents and techniques they've learned." One could even say many of those teachers have never even set foot in a ring facing another person. Tyson snickered and then shrugged as if it weren't even a weight on his shoulders. "Man, it's just the way the world is. Some folks are born into a cruel lot in it. I just happen to get a hand that my parents couldn't personally deal with for their egos." Calmly he leaned back, by this point he had just been picking at his scone through small pieces broken off by finger. "Eventually, ya' learn that things just need to be done personally. No one else lives that life but we live our own life at the end of the day. If ya' can't be proud of it, then ya' probably need to revise what ya' doing." Often he tried to avoid the full weight of his own living situation or the lack their of, the work that he had to put in on his own with little reinforcement to help solidify him if things happened to get shaky. If things got shaky for him it'd just all collapse there was nothing that could be done to truly catch him, not anymore. Rather than scorning the world, being embodied by a rage and hatred he opted to turn the frustration to energy. Energy, focus, and intention for an ambition to see himself succeed and in a productive way - to prove that there was something to be proud of in the world of magic. "If she's willing to listen, ya' should be willing to push. Sure you can take your own way but it doesn't mean you need to avoid the elephant in the room." Or the Thestrel, that kind of a 'death knell' when it came to talking with a parental figure about the truth of oneself. "Pretty sure she pushes cause she cares. Wants the best for you and she probably sees that you have that skill. But ya' gotta tell her yourself that you have different skills. Not just show it in ya' school life." At least he attributed much of her unique talent for multiple subjects being a way to subconsciously show she was more than just competition. Teeth chewed on the inner portion of his mouth as he then shrugged. "Depends. If I take up with a university gives me a couple of years house in a dorm. Pretty sure I can make over-vacation arrangements too. Long as I keep up and show I am skilled enough to get them acclaim on the Quidditich team. That's really my way in." Being a potential productive member of society hadn't been an investment to Universities. No, he needed to be able to get them results that would have them holding up their collars in pride and smugness. "Been saving up some cash and putting to the side. Have my uh. . . Girlfriend to help me look for places but no takers yet due to my age. More of a flight risk so some folks won't take the bite. Playing it by ear, really."
  2. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Course, can't have anything cut into that class time." There came a point where one had to set their priorities straight especially in an environment where you had to make the call to push oneself. "Besides it's one of those things you should always pick up after a long day of hard work for the brain. Sometimes doing something monotonous can help with that cool down in the day." It was at least a way he got himself to wind his mind down after a day stacked with back to back classes even more so when tests were involved in the mix of it all. Lacking any traces of humor in the tone after he comment, Tyson found that he'd be left to stand there for a moment to process the comment. Had someone that was essentially a bully in the past gotten to her? Maybe she'd seen one too many situations with that kind of a start and developed a heavier sense of disgust? "Sometimes they do though most are looking to get that aggression out. Really common in the martial arts competitions." A focused and honed rage was still, after all, rage. No matter the pretty techniques one fastened to it to gain it under control. "Ya' always end up competing with someone, not just in sports." For him he just saw it as a way of life, competition existed in every aspect of it in his eyes and it was just the venue that changed it and thus changed the effect it could use for growth. "But let's take it in the view of sports, yea? It isn't just the human factor it's what that human factor can do. A person you consider your rival can push your talents to heights it wouldn't on its own. You work harder, play harder - is it stressful? Yea, definitely." He nodded for a moment a smile grew wide on his face. "But it's rewarding and it's not always a bad thing, ya know? That adversity helps us see inside ourselves just a bit better." Though his hand rose up and waved dismissively. "More importantly people need ways to grow, as long as they grow that's what matters. If ya' don't grow? Then it's stagnation, that just ends up simply existing." The final words gave a reminder of his own parents - people who just simply exist. They work and work to prove they're better rather than that they can grow. It was a form of being just less than the optimized version of themselves they could be. A topic he sort of knew about as he looked around for a moment and sat back down in the seat. "Aight, lemme tell you a bit about myself. I come from a family that's a bit of a mix on both sides. Some born of magic, others not so much. Both of my parents didn't have that spark but lucky for me or I guess unlucky depending who ya' ask, I had been. Not something they agreed with, they wanted me to be as 'norm' as possible." If the situation bothered him he hadn't let it shown on his face or even in his eyes. However, the factor of being hardened from it may have been the biggest tell. "They wanted me to be like them. Be super successful in their world, carry on a pretend air of superiority. When they found out that wasn't happening they booted me faster than a straight kick." Tyson's hand waved lightly once more. "The point being, you're gonna' have to walk your path at some point. It may not be ya' moms dream but you have to follow your dreams. The last thing ya' want to do is hate yourself for not trying what you feel is right and hate your mom more for not noticing. If anything, ya' probably should just tell her."
  3. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Not something that's everyone's thing." He wasn't immune to the truth that had been around the idea of 'Competition', then negative connotations that it beckons spoke loudly. It was something that had been drilled in his mind even more so of late with the dangers that come in its perception and the destruction that it can tear through a persons emotional and mental state. Something that held all the power and position to be a crushing weight and that included physically if one wasn't careful or the occasional accidental hit occurred. Two pinched fingers pressed at one end of his lips and trailed to the other in a zipped style. "Mums the word on my end about school teams. For parents that push towards sports involvement the factor of House teams and a school combined team is way too much to pass up." That much was more of his personal experience with himself at least the moment he found out how much he loved Quidditch. The thought fueled through his mind on the various possible broom choices that they'd most likely come across. "I'm a believer that it's the broom that chooses. Not like a wand just. . . Ya' come across it and you look at it for a moment and it will just kind of click." Or maybe that had just been him? Sometimes he stuck to brands when it came to his sports needs but for the brooms that were just for a cruise it felt entirely different for him. "Of course." A smile formed on his face as he spoke out the confirmation. "Would be pretty messed up of me to suggest it and not help out with showing you how to use it." The space one needed to manage it without getting in the way could be a lot to ask for with all the other things people tended to keep in it. "I actually have one back at my dorm too. I'll try finding a good place later in the week were we can hit a few of the basic stuff." What made servicing a broom enticing to him had been not just the care to it but the layers of wards, spells, and other additions that helped to keep one sharp in the use of their magic and incantations. The tip of his fingers brushed just at the back of his neck. "The appeal?" It was a tough question that he couldn't answer for certainty about anyone else. "It's all on perception really. Some folks see it as a way to kind of knock people down a peg. It's why ya' see a bunch of the super aggressive sorts always in the game. They're good, their aggression makes them good and they know it." Some sports required that kind of aggressive dedication, but he didn't see it as such personally. "For me? It's more of the comradery in some instances and always about my personal growth. It's a challenge, if I get beaten? Yea, that sucks but that just means I need to get better in myself and better with my team if its a team sport. It's never a bad thing to build the self." Tyson shrugged soon after as he continued on. "But if I win? That feels good and it's a success to be proud about but it's just a sign that you're ready for the next challenge. It makes it exciting, you never know who you'll get as an opponent or what needs to be improved. Like anything it can make you a better person or a bad person." He raised up the wrapped scone and took a small bite from one of the crumbled edges. "The quest ya' need to always ask is are you doing it for the accolades alone or do ya' wanna be a stronger you? A role model where folks can say you set a good example or some sports-thug."
  4. Invite Break A Sweat

    Things seemed to have been falling into place at least in the perspective of getting a few odds and ends finished. It had always been the smaller things that he'd been putting off knowing there had been 'enough time' for them. A pretty dangerous habit to try and get into if you're not entirely sure where the path you wish to follow will actually start at. At least now he would feel more of the push to secure that place somewhere, whether it be a university in Australia or elsewhere hadn't been decided yet but in due time. The scone laid before him on a small napkin decorated with the logo and a witty slogan penned by the café. He broke off a piece from it as the warmth from it still being fresh radiated through the tips of his fingers. It was such a beautiful feeling that much was for sure, it was the freshness that called to the foodie within. "Heh, well that's the snag, right? On one hand I know I definitely like Quidditch. Piercing through the air on a broom, straight for the goal with someone on my tail trying to stop me." Euphoric in a strange way to him and just one of many ways he found it bettered him through self-challenges. "Law Enforcement though, never been in it. Won't really know if I like doing it until I get there. It catches my interest and it's something I think I could help in." Being trained in a Muggle martial art looked as more of a benefit than hamper in his opinion. Chances had been if he ever needed to wrestle for a wand or found himself without one he wouldn't be defenseless. He'd just need to improvise to get close enough to change the tables and that could be quite easy depending on the situation. Injustice also held a heavy dislike from him, the injustice of how others treated one another as lesser just because of whom they were. A persons origins should never be seen as a negative or a weapon to be abused. "Competition not your cup of tea?" An expression shifted on his face, taken aback by the fact that she hadn't been the competitive sort. It hadn't been what was expected but he knew too well how easy it was to not follow after a parents passions or beliefs. "I can dig it before just for the use of it. Especially if you need a new one, can't have it start to wear out and be uncomfortable or worse unusable." A hum resonated for a moment. "Yajirushi is pretty good, sleek and good quality designed. I dunno if they sell locally but special orders aren't uncommon." He slightly shrugged as a thought occurred. "It might also be a type of shop to handcraft their own brooms. Lots of places like that around here." An arduous process yet to have something designed to certain specifications to fit ones desires in it could be something hard to pass up in many cases. Tyson nodded with the usual brimming confidence. "Oh, yea, I know my broomstick facts like the back of my hand. Gotta if I want the best kind of choice for my job on the field, ya' know?" Of course, there had been a bit of fun in deciding that kind of thing and poring over the specifications. "Yea, I feel you. Something that can be used for just transport, reliable but not racing fast." Finishing up the last bit of the tea left that had been ordered, he'd stand up and toss the empty cup into the waste bin. Then returned back to the table as he wrapped up the scone in the napkin to be carried as if it were a pocket. "If we go with a model designed for family use as a your personal use it may actually be better. Longer lasting considering its intention. Can even get you a maintenance kit, tending to a broomstick can be a pretty relaxing thing."
  5. Invite Break A Sweat

    Unfortunately, Tyson hadn't been the most attentive sort in catching those subtle queues that the body seemed to emit. The telltale signs that what he may have said, done, or otherwise what may have occurred caused some form of reaction. Truthfully, she hadn't offended him and it hadn't been a laugh that had been mocking in his mind but rather the way she had responded beckoned an amusement to his mind. The seriousness of the words that had been left by his own comment gave way to that thought and view, enjoyable regardless of the response. "Aha, fair. Don't really have that option myself so I tend to pop up at the different stores on the strip." He wasn't going to risk having something sent to Tallygarunga and at the moment he had no viable address, not yet anyways. "If anything it's a pretty good way to scope out potential equipment ya' might want. Examine it a bit, test the weight and structure of it - see if it actually has the potential to deliver it's product brags." He found that a fair benefit, the ability to test out the product before officially being committed towards its payment and usage. Between his own jabbering he seemed to take gentle sips mostly when he felt that the strain of it had been drying out his voice a bit. "Sure, I actually need to take a swing by there too anyways. Need to see if I can get a bit of an upgrade, stay competitive and up to date." As he considered it the real factor had been that he'd probably need something new anyways on his way towards university if he planned to get involved at that level for Quidditich. "Won't hear any arguments from me about it. " Curiosity struck in his mind for a moment on the why she'd be directed towards a broom. It was his turn to be stunned for a moment in deliberation on that very question within his own mind. "Honestly? I considered but I dunno. It's a good gig if I can manage it's a way to keep in shape and the competition is always something fun to have." But it was a life of constant competition and there had been no certainty within himself that it was the kind of life that he wanted to live long term, to carry on. He took a second to scan the establishment keeping in mind the location where they'd taken the rest. "I've been leaning more and more towards Law Enforcements. It's a challenge and competition it's own but. . . I can see myself feeling fulfilled doing that. Even with all the dangerous." Instincts within told him better than to ask what her own focus and walk would be especially since at the point she'd been at he thought he'd still feel the same about being a career Quidditich player. "What's with the broom interest? Plan to add another success in the arena of competition on ya' resume? Or just for the fun of it?"
  6. Invite Break A Sweat

    Disturbing her gazing hadn't been his intention yet he also hadn't noticed too much that it was actually occurring. Often one of the things he'd take for granted in not noticing, at least until it was a bit more obvious by the small delay in when the attention shifted. He took the bag he had been carrying about and slipped it onto the floor yet right next to his leg as a reminder for him to not forget it. Soft snorted chuckle formed as a reaction to her response. That's what he got for aiming humor at the more serious and studious sorts. "Yea, I decided on the same thing. A bit hungry so wanted to grab something to hold over." His shoulders shrugged casually. "Hey, some Sturt's I know practically walk around with a book in hand. Sometimes I swear it's tattooed to the hip." An exaggeration that he was well aware of, the larger irony had been most of those in Sturt House he had been acquittanced with were more likely to get into active exercise and then study right after. Tyson's gaze turned towards the window as he caught the spark of the sun as it had begun its drift out of sight, making way for the eventual debut of the moon. "I feel you on that. But at least when it's closer towards the weekend there is that extension. Those are the times to try and get out more and plan some stuff to do on them. I admit though, I'll miss the curfew." This had been his last year and with the term and school year barreling to a quick close he wouldn't be there for much longer. The desire to savor the last bit of this part of his life had grown intensely as the year pushed ahead. He shook his head lazily. The arrival of his own drink came as they gave a very modest sized cup with a complimentary lemon on the side, in which he started to open the lid and gingerly squeeze the citrus juice into the tea. "Nah, man. All I have waiting for me at school is tests, tests, and more tests. That and starting to pack up which is. . . Kind of the last thing I wanna do at the moment." There had been many reasons for his usual delays, chief among them had been his particular relationship which hinged on socially inappropriate. "Had plans to meet up with someone I'm dating but she had to re-schedule last minute. Ya' know how it can be when things pop up that need a bit of attention. So, now? I guess with the time I have I'll probably see if I can find some martial arts equipment store nearby. I need to get some new bags, mitts, and more bandages." He was aware of her Mother's intention on making her more social though he had always found the common grounds was much easier to get to that point. "Ya' free to come with too. We can rate just how good it really is."
  7. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Long. That was one way to put just how chaotic the school year had been in the Elemental Magic class from his personal perspective. While he wasn't against exploring and trying something new to see how it would work, there had been this underlying feeling that perhaps things were often taken beyond new and into the territory of 'Should this even be a technical curriculum? Of course, he couldn't say that there had been knowledge lacking from what had been given to take from even if it had been much more punch in the face or maybe it could be considered akin to a fire in the forest? Either way he stood there listening to what seemed to be a year end review in a summary while the basic understanding for this current courses focused had been delivered. "Earth, eh? Yea, this is gonna be ea-" Tyson clamped his mouth shut quickly before the sentence could finish and his eyes drew towards the pointed out and marked rocks that had been used as a demonstration by the professor. Easy, not today and part of him would have been disappointed if it had been too easy. That had only be tacked on with the fact they'd need to convert the intention of the spell so that it could facilitate the needs addressed. "Yo'. . . Did someone take a torch to these patches?" He spoke in a light murmur, a rhetorical question intended for the self as he examined the scorched ground. The consideration on if it mattered or not did cross his mind but it hadn't been the point of the lesson which meant he probably should stick to what he could actually get out of the class. A hand delved into the inside of his pocket as he withdrew the wand protected on inside in a stitched in holster. Taking the time to align the tip of his wand with the target before he even attempted to trace out any form.
  8. Invite Break A Sweat

    Training always seemed to be a break from the larger weight that reality seemed so insistent on welding around him and by that extension others. All the time that he had been investing into the dojo in the bit of downtime that had been offered to him kept his sights focused on the larger picture. For once he didn't want his mind to wander on when the next shoe would drop at the School after the call to keep vigilant. At least he had managed to get a lot of that built up aggravation exhausted through todays session which had been much more intense than usual. He even spent a bit more time in the showers for more of a cooldown period and really he wanted to walk around extremely sweaty? After a several glancing goodbyes and waves he would be out of the door with his bag of clothes strapped over one shoulder and already well on his way to walking up Tallygarunga Road. He arched his arm to glance at the watch strapped to his wrist, it was magically enhanced so that typical reaction for machinery wouldn't occur from spells and similar situations. "Aight, A bit more time on my hands than I expected." Whispered self confirmation while also taking a glance around the area, there seemed to be a few more newer shops. One in particular caught his attention which had some form of café, before he knew it his feet had already chosen that course for a brief break. Walking in he had been hit with the smell of baked goods that lingered in the air, the fresh fruit that embedded inside. That aroma is what sold him as he ordered a cranberry scone along with a green tea sweetened with honey. Just as he was about to start to go through the process of choosing a seat, a familiar face beckoned more of his attention at a booth. He took his slip with the assigned number on the receipt and made his way towards the booth and scooched onto the opposite side. "Didn't expect to see ya' hanging around this place, Chloe." He instantly relaxed himself into the back of the seat as the edge of his elbow rested on the table and face rested on the broadside of his knuckles. "Surprised I didn't find a book over here with a bunch of notes being taken. Quick break before heading back to the school?"
  9. Invite hiding

    "Ha! Oh yea? Ya' gonna smack me?" An eyebrow arched upwards as a smile formed on his face. It was one that featured more than just amusement but also a form of challenge, something that would ring that he may just be up for that kind of thing. "I'd think they'll be more focused on the whole 'dating a hot woman' more. Ya' know how the people love some romance. As much as they seem to like the fall of romance." He had a few plans in place that he could use to stay under the radar and avoid the kind of attention that he didn't particularly care for, that was the benefit of being of a Magical community. That there could always be a solution that would be expected and yet still hard to dismantle. His hand rose up with all digits extended and the palm exposed towards her in the fashion of a 'Stop' or 'Halt' sign. "Woah, there now. Closets are perfect spaces. Ya' might just have one of those long corridor styles one day. Gotta' slap a lamp in every corner just to see." He spake in his own style of teasing. "Ya' know what? We'll even get a full room of nothin' but lamps. Compensate for the places that they can't be in." That smile on his face had shifted with ease into a smooth grin. "Nah, I think that they make sense. Just it only makes sense to the person who dreamed it up, ya feel? No one has to understand it except you and the person ya' see those dreams with. Even then they might not even fully see that kind of dream." A shrug flowed from his shoulders. "But that's what gettin' to know people and understanding them is about, yea?" No one would ever truly comprehend the full dream unless they held the same one or that they are the same person. The best someone outside could do is perceive it's a dream and understand the importance, impact, and intention. "Oh, no doubt. Wouldn't be the first time folks would see this kind of a situation and it won't be the last. Just a matter of how we deal with it."
  10. Invite hiding

    "Oooh, Determined. See, that makes it more prettier than it actually is though." It had been amusing that she had prefered it all to be under the guise of determination. The competitive phrase for sportsmanlike stubborness. Something that he could empathize with considering that his own 'determination' had him in a position that most young men would dream of being in. It hadn't escaped his noticed that things had been at an arms length of sorts and while he did understand it part of him hadn't condoned it. In his mind they had already stepped into a forbidden zone, the escalation of what could happen didn't matter. But others, others wouldn't see it and she had often told him the perception is what will get you. Tyson snickered and opted to shine a grin on his face. "Aye' that lamp is a precious lamp, ya dig? Ain't gonna find one that can get a description as popping out your eyes more." He wouldn't inflate her ego by letting her know he would proabbly think that of any lamp that added that kind of touch, something small that could fit on the table. Noticeable but didn't out shine the woman's natural charisma. "Gotta' have one right at the couch side and one right at the bed side." He didn't expect to ever see her at the bed side any time soon but the imagery had still been there in his mind. "Didn't think it was durable enough to handle ya' naturally rough nature when training." As if a fence would survive a minor practice run of Quidditich or even some other wizard contact sport. "Couching a team at home and a team in the career zone, I can respect that." There had been the understanding that she would want kids eventually which mentally made him more aware that things could change at a drop of a time if she found there was no legitmate future on the current path. "Gotta' admit, with what ya' want surprised ya' decided to take this kind of chance with me."
  11. Invite hiding

    "Stubborn, to the very end!" It was different having someone around that would meet 'blow for blow' of sorts. She didn't buckle under some weight or try to one-up, she was just challenging. "Glad you see I am pretty awesome, means I'm making all the right moves." His eyes narrowed as a firm smile shaped on his face with a smooth nod. Though his response held more of a jestful nature, it didn't escape him that he had been a bit 'different'. The way he chose to approach even to the extent that he had decided to pursue her with as much of a plan for his future that could be laid out. In his own mind he felt he was forced to grow up in a way that breeded more respect and application for responsibility. " 'At Least', she says. That's a major feat, ya' gotta have the right tempo to keep with someone. Like a dance." The more the conversation took a serious turn the more questions lingered on in his mind, things that he probably should have asked before hand. Everyone had an 'expectation' or a form of goal when they enter into a relationship and it hadn't escaped his notice that the difference in their age would most likely a different expectation. Her smile that beamed disarmed the thoughts for a moment as it beckoned his own lips to respond in kind. "Well, I haven't approached ya' like most people. Means I still gotta keep that approach even more so when it's true." There were times he'd say something or intentionally place himself at just the right angle to catch her eyes with his own, something to that extent he'd never vocally admit. "Hey, don't worry about it. I got this far working hard, only means I gotta' keep it up and show every ounce of it." Tyson hadn't achieved much, it was still the training grounds of life but this had been the final stretch before he'd be pitted against everything that School and lifes trials had been pruning him to maintain against. He showed that he had the determination by keeping his focus and hands busy, not devolving into trouble but raising up to the call of academics and even sports. Perhaps the 'Greatest' student but he was notable enough in his mind. Was it a wound? Certainly, it left something damaging on him something that he could either let fester or find ways to ignore the pain. He hadn't yet find the means to truly patch up something and he honestly wasn't sure there even was such a thing. "Oh, yeah? Bragging about me to your friends? Now ya' can run off and talk about how I got ya' a lamp." He grinned and gently nudged into her. It only brought back the previously concerns he had rolled around in his head, her friends, they were most likely people who had faced enough of the world to grow and hold the wisdom and experience to know for certain what they desired in life. "So, what is it ya' expectin'? I mean, I know some folks after having a career and their feet a bit established. . . They dream of the whole house with a white picket fence and like, a trolly of kids." Not that thought or idea scared him, it'd be something to have to build himself up towards since he wasn't anywhere near ready or capable of that just yet but he knew given a brief time his mindset could be enduring for it. "Curious on what ya' see for yourself. To see how serious this relationship is by what ya' have as milestones I guess."
  12. Invite hiding

    "Ya' love it, admit it." A grinning smiled shaped on his face as he narrowed his gaze towards her. He didn't see anything wrong with her choosing to be happy with him - if that were the case. There was no way for him to personally verify it other than the fact that she had been here, that she had chosen to take the risk knowing what it could mean for her mostly. " 'Sides, my ego only matches the woman I'm with anyways." That much he was sure of - it took a special kind of self confidence, a self importance to manage playing a sport especially on an international level with other competitor's. Though he also expected it wasn't just that experience alone that shaped her but the particulars of her past that nailed in one needed to be strong and confident in oneself. Either way he was into the moment and it was one he would highlight as an important part of his day. "Oh, yea, definitely. That nice beautiful glossy brown that twinkles when the light hits em', super noticeable." The grin that had been on his face shifted to one that held more of an attempt to flatter look behind it. His hands grasped around the lamp as he pulled it more closer to secure it from slipping away but firm enough that it wouldn't suddenly get crushed if he needed to move quickly out of the way with it. "Probably plenty of better ones around but figure more specialized stores are into that kind of a dig. But nothing wrong with simple, it can have it's sophisticated flare and all." He nodded slightly with his eyes focused on the lamp as he inspected it closer in order to assure it held no pre-purchase cracks or nicks. But his attention would easily falter with the much more serious talk siphoning every bit of his focus into inspecting her and the eyes he had previously complimented. "If ya' keep up this honesty, I might need to bring ya' into one of those changing booths and take that time to kiss ya'." Tyson's grin formed again as he made the partial joke - partial because he would more than likely follow through with that kind of action given the chance. "Hah, as if my fam would even talk to me. There is a reason I'm tryin' to find a place of my own after Tally. No where else to really turn to, ya feel? My teammates know I'm seeing someone but it's kind of obvious too when I keep dipping out as soon as I can and hardly around the common anymore." Though the curiosity did hit at him for her own situation. "You? Been talking about your 'secret boo'? Or did ya' pops friend already kind of guess it out?"
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    "If life wasn't an imbalance it wouldn't be very exciting." It'd also be just a bit too fair, it was ironic to his mind that he equated a world of things being entirely fair as a bad thing. It meant no challenge, no one would extend further to better themselves and that there would just be a perpetual non-existence towards existence."Oh, yea? I think ya' just indirectly admitted that you're choosing to be happy with me." He grinned mischievously towards her and his 'cherry-picked' choice of viewing that particular statement. Whether that had been part of her happiness connection was unknown to him. "It's cool, I'm pretty happy with ya' too." Tyson playfully bumped into her. Eyes blinked several times for a moment as he glanced towards her. "Pick out a lamp? Me?" The moment she said to 'Spoil her' a shock ran through him admittedly, it wasn't a bad one either but rather more of a personal revelation. The mere idea of being able to cater to a person who had been a hard worker, that had a certain life style of independence. A want to supply anything to her had suddenly developed or maybe it was more of a hidden desire in general and it had been given that opportunity. His eyes scanned each option available as he reached out to grasp a table lamp - it was sleek with sterling silver base, it's stand shaped in a somewhat oblong fashion and a short purple shade that had been decorated with flower-like designs that would show specks of light through it for more of a flattering appeal. "I think this one could be pretty nice. It'd at least bring out ya' eyes if you ever read under her it or somethin." Tyson understood about himself several things and one of them had been that he felt a sense of conviction towards what one wanted made sure that you were truly giving it your genuine focus and attention. A person, in that regard, deserved no less than that and he had found it easy to do with Violet. "No tricks up these sleeves." Yet, even as she admitted her own seriousness a wave of heat burnt at his cheeks. Luckily, it didn't brim any fine color that could be easily noticed. He still held pride it not being called out over being bashful or blushing wit his kind of outgoing personality. "Yea? That's good cause it means we'll put our all into knowin' one another. None of that surface stuff people try to chase after." He could ask her about Quidditich, but that wasn't the selling point - it was only a commonality that they could bond on. For him, the selling point was that she caught his interest by not only challenging him but drawing him into her very atmosphere and presence. "Just know I ain't afraid to admit to myself that I am looking forward to being with ya'."
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    "Well, that's probably cause most of em' dunno the abundance of dangers folks like us have to contend with. It's like we have to manage the much more lethal version of muggle's idea of animals." His free hand rubbed the back of his neck as he gave a light snicker. "I mean, can ya' imagine havin' to deal with a freakin' Sphinx or a Chimera? Not my idea of a good balance of anything. Ya' know?" It didn't escape his understanding either that if he were to become an Auror there were chances he'd run into much more dangerous and volatile creatures than a Dark Wizard, like a Dark Wizard's wicked magic project of a Serpent-Spider mix. That would be a hell of a life that's for sure. "Course' that'd probably just make them believe their point is being made. . . Heh, just one of them things - Damned if you do, damned if you don't." He shrugged casually at the thought of it all, people still were led to what they believe. There had been an aesthetic appeal towards the lamps that they had been viewing, nothing that would be his particular style. But he could imagine there just needed to be a specific kind of décor that would make them fit perfect and snug, make something feel just a bit more like home. "Sometimes it's good to grab stuff ya' don't need and just want. Spoil ya' self a bit." Treating oneself well was always a bath towards happiness, at least if it is a possible purchase at any rate. Tyson nodded firmly. "Yea, serious." He snorted with a smile as his eyes rolled playfully. "Course' I'm serious about something. I'm not here just cause it's like. . . Some kind of dalliance, ya feel?" He shook his head after giving his next words a bit more time to stew before being released. "Never been the type to follow the whole, date and find out thing. I'm lucky early in life to know what I'm looking for and if I find it figure I gotta follow it and see if I'm really seein' it or just playing tricks with my head." For what it was worth, he did see it, he didn't think it was all in his head. Pessimism wasn't his approach, cautious surely but he knew that he wanted to see where they could go by fully investing himself into her. "I'm serious about wanting to be with ya', regardless of everything else that may be considered an issues."
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    Tyson nodded towards her as he listened to the explanation. "Oh, I get ya', kind of like this one woman I know. She's pretty and cool, but she has this fascination with that modern Quidditich stuff. I bet they'd see somethin' like that as a likely imbalance. All that intense animosity on the field!" Truthfully, it could have been a number of things that would feel or seem odd towards him. But he also conceded that cultures were as they were, long standing and deep rooted - it simply was just how the people were and what they grew up knowing and following in. He snorted that had an extremely amused grin lathered on his face. "Don't get me wrong, Sportsfan. I know all too well you're flawed~." One of his fingers extended outwards to poke at her side tenderly. "But the people and things that are easy and highly admired are the ones that know they ain't perfect, somethin' more human about them. That connection and understandin'." His expression shifted to one of false rejection as he made an exaggerated sigh of disappointment. "See, here I thought we were gettin' somewhere! Guess I gotta put a lot more detective work in, no biggie, totally worth it." A grin formed even as she glanced over her shoulder to further enhance the idea of the mystery that surrounded her. "Oh boy, we have ourselves a real secret agent walkin' amongst us common folk." He snickered as they passed by the various lamps that had been showcased by the store. A few of them were pretty nice, nothing that he could work with yet but maybe eventually. "Ya' know, never a bad time to start considerin' new lamps. Always good for a nice and interest change and pace of things." "I made sure I worked myself to know my full worth. I ain't the type to think a person can have worth in some field without having worked towards it. That's the cost of talent. . ." It was a sad truth, in this kind of world and age just being a person didn't gift you worth in the eyes of many. Rather, what you could use with the talents you naturally moved into or the ones you've worked hard to establish. "Nah, ya' wouldn't be in my way. And sure, it makes distance less important, but I'd also like to be able to see ya' without having to resort to that if I don't need to. Don't get me wrong, I know my path and life and all that is important. But so is my personal life, I ain't walking it alone and try to consider the few that are important." With a slight tilt of his head he smiled towards her. "And some have me wantin' to prove how serious I am about some stuff."