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    Tyson McKennis
    Being known as a Chase in Bourke House for Tallygarunga, it's been no wonder that recent offers have flooded in for Tyson McKennis. Often characterized as 'Discipline and Focused', it's drawn the home Quidditich Team's attention. Rumors even state that with him enrolling into VMU they've taken the approach of seeing how he'd maintain on the University level before giving a final offer, even with the various counter-offers given to them. There's been no word on his full thoughts on the matter except, "Ya' Gotta' do, what ya' Gotta' do. Simple as that, man."
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    While the subject of Muggle Studies had been important in his mind for others that were in a very peculiar existence in the Wizarding world, it was one that had been more pertinent to those seeking a good stepping stone towards interactions between the two world in various ways. Whether it had to do with social relations or engineering, the two would eventually meet to define a fraction of what the course and idea of it would touch up on. He found that he owed it to himself to find out what the Wizarding world on a scholarly level viewed the Muggle one, where he'd been eliminated the process of being included in one of those larger societies because of the spark of magic that had ran through his veins. "Heh, don't go overloading ya' self now. Reading and learning is all smooth, but if ya' dodged it before then chances are it might not feel as interesting to ya' as it may sound." Perception could change how something had been received, he wasn't aware if her expectation of it had been heavily changed from the light explanation that could only be considered 'Not the full scope' of the subject. "Not entirely true." A sly smile curved on his lips. "If it doesn't agree too well it might cause ya' to lose that bit of snack you put inside." That hardly fell under the 'actively hurting' category in his opinion as one could never tell what kind of tastes Wizard's would come up for snacks or foods. Some were just for the simple flairs of having it while others were borderline just insane, at least by typical Muggle standards. Most times he expected something like jelly slugs to come to some form of sentience and start slithering around on the inside of the stomach, diving itself in the various acids as some kind of weird gimmick or thrill. "Gotta' be careful the kind of things that people could come up with when magic is involved. Might end up surprised with something just nutty, man. Know some person who wanted to try their hand and some jelly beans that constantly jumped around in ya' mouth and stomach. Like pop rocks minus the popping and dissolving." The thought of Salty food caused Tyson's expression to shift into one of slight disgust. It was as if the word alone caused the texture of the taste to actually be flooded into his mouth. Head shook in slight protest of the evolving mental image. "Couldn't handle that might self. Sounds like it'd be hard to really get the full taste of what ya' eating." But maybe those whom had that preference still managed to taste it? Or. . . Maybe it just burned the crap out of their tongues sensory and dulled it from taking in the beauty of what had been created with food. Some stuff hadn't been too bad but there had always been the one kind of food that just took the leap into Salty-ville faster than a Quidditich game loss. "Almost anything can be a snack, really. Just all on how ya' prepare it. Sliced apples with caramel dip is a pretty tasty combo. If ya' not fond of caramel there's always something else that can go with it too, Honey for pretty snug example." He tended to lean more towards healthier snack options with a sprinkle of 'cheat' confectionary, satisfy the sweet tooth and help the process of vitamins moving through the body.
  3. Damn, didn't think the end of the year was that quick. 

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    2. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      Ya' always make me proud, kid. And it isn't like ya' can't visit or whatever. Don't think I'll be moving away. 

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      Samantha Hammond

      Oh, oh! I'll be in Narrie during the holidays too, I'm only going back home in January! We should totally do something!

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      Tyson McKennis

      Yea, I'd be cool with that. I'll be checking out some places and stuff. So, I'll be around. 

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    "Really. . .?" Tyson questioned with his expression shifted to one of bewilderment. He found that it'd often been the more common choice for Muggleborns, most of those whom had been natural to the Wizarding world found the studies a waste of space. At least the few that would mutter against the meaning or reason behind the subject itself. "Yea, I usually grab it every year. It isn't just about the life of Muggles or the way they live. It's a lot about their impact on Wizarding world along with how some of their misconceptions and myths are related to stuff that occur on the Wizarding side." "Guess that isn't an inaccurate jump in logic." If a lot of people recommended something then it must have had some reason for being so acclaimed. On the other hand. . . He also knew she hadn't been much like other people. Hobbies withstanding, she may have just a unique taste all together. "Well, alright, if taste testing is your gimmick this time then who am I stand in the way of that?" He had grown curious on what her reaction would be on tasting it for the first time, taking the time to re-evaluate that maybe she hadn't been afraid of trying things there new but had just never been given the full opportunity to do them. His head shook lightly. "People have their own unique taste buds, ya' know? Some folks like spicy, some can only tolerate mild. Others like that kind of. . . Spicy and Sweet combination. Nothing to really say that ya' are boring for it. Doesn't make you any less interesting, probably more interesting to people. Just trying to figure out what you have a taste for, what ends up a higher preference on the list."
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    Tyson didn't want to give the whole 'Ball' thing an actual chance, if he'd made the choice himself without any form of sway it'd probably be spent in his room or trying to find a way off of campus to spend it in another way. He coughed roughly while a finger slide along the collar of his button-up shirt while he loosened the grip it held at his throat. Wearing a jacket with his assembled had been out of the question, that just would have been too much for him to want to deal with. Instead he decided to skirt around the 'Formal' by wearing deep purple vest over a crisp and white button-up shirt. The black slacks had been the obvious choice given that it had been the only thing he could get on such short notice. This would be the last time he'd have any form of party in the halls of Tallygarunga, when the next year would come he'd already be moved on out, graduated and starting a much more adult life. At least a step towards that direction, he wasn't out of that bracket just yet but in due time he would be. As he walked further into the hall his eyes lifted up to first spot the twinkling of the spheres that sat as if to showcase their gleam in the center of the massive room. It had nearly reminded him of the party that happened earlier in the year, of course, he skipped out on that for many reasons. Maybe he did owe the school one final showing for that ditch effort? There were still people coming in, some with dates and others in the similar situation as him, going stag. "Can't believe I let her talk me into actually showin' up." He remarked towards himself and posted up at one of the table to grab himself a fizzy refreshment. Something that could ease the dryness within his throat and simultaneously ease the bubbling nervousness that took place in the pit of his stomach. He'd never been comfortable with handling that feeling, when it should have been an issue it never was, only when he didn't fully want to commit to an idea. An idea like showing up to a ball for a promised dance. He could stay long enough until that dance, right? Afterwards no one could blame him for leaving right after that if he needed to do that. In the mean time he just turned his sights on the various decorations, the attempt that had been made for the sake of the Students and Staff alike. He still stood by the premise the Elemental Magic Professor had been a certifiable loon, but at least the work put into the event looked as if it would seemingly payoff.
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    That had been the response he expected. A soft chuckle escaped from him as he felt more amused that it had grown to that predictable point of things. It did make him worried about her fate at being able to manage the different aspects of social life, so solitary. But a person had been who they were and trying to force a change just because it could be harmful would end up more harmful. At least he had been able to give her a bit of an idea for a hobby that she could share with others, something that could help her out in that arena while often giving her a wealth of enjoyment with what she worked with. "Ironically? Not unlike what most people would expect of your average everyday parent regardless of the world they live in." It had been a scholarly thought at best, that the Wizarding world had opted to act as a 'parental figure' of sorts towards the Muggles. At least in that they try to keep the most harmful things of the world from interfering with their everyday lives. In turn, where would the Magical world be without the ingenious inventions that were eventually converted to work for them as well? "Probably why it's important for everyone to pick up Muggle studies in school. Not just to stare like they're some zoo animal but to respect that it's a symbiotic relationship in this day and age." He nodded at the choice. "Didn't take you for a jelly sort of person. Learning more about you by the second!" A soft chuckle emitted from him as he lightly bumped into playfully. "Aight, then I'll grab some Glacial Snow Flakes. I like the melt in your mouth action it has, pretty good for a cheat snacking when I probably shouldn't be doing it." Sometimes even he didn't want to spend the entire day working out, at times, he wanted to just spoil himself with a sweet here and there.
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    "Huh. Must pretty lonely in that kind of aspect then." Hands pressed into his pockets as he thought on that thought for a moment. To be in a situation where one didn't have a person to bounce ideas off of, techniques, different view points. "Stuff like that usually involves a lot of growth, ya' know? The kind of stuff that can come to mind, sometimes just never happens if ya' just stare at your own activities." That had been a major part about things that involved a certain kind of eye and technique, to add a new freshness to the same old things. "I suppose by a career's nature alone, it wouldn't pop up any real dangers that other professions in the Magical world could offer." The mundane lives of Muggles often met they didn't deal with the everyday chance that some form of spell, artifact, or otherwise experimental display could blow them sixteen ways from their own body. The statistics that a wizard had taken themselves out had been much higher in nearly every sector. "Course, I'd disagree with it being much more important or rewarding. It's never about the effort put behind it, ya' know? It's about the productiveness that it can offer. Each world's impact effects the other in a important, ya' know? The Magical folks make sure the most dangerous creatures or people don't cause too much mayhem, the Muggles? They bring an ingenuity to the wizarding world that magic ends up making impossible to dream up." There had also been a difference in how the efforts of the majority echoed, most could be humbled when realizing the amount of work needed to achieve the goal, when the goal is simply too easy being proud becomes a staple. A wicked issue amongst many Wizards in many ways. Tyson formed a grin as a crowning achievement towards his success. "That's a perfect compromise, glad ya' can see the light, Chloe." He honestly wasn't sure what he wanted himself. But he also knew if she wouldn't drop it, he'd have to reach out halfway and get her to meet him there.
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    Tyson grasped the phone which ended up slowing his walking pace slightly, just to give himself more time to react if something should shine with his peripheral. The tip of his finger pressed to the screen of the phone as he scrolled through the content. It hadn't been a brief one either, each one he'd give an appraisal glance and not because he knew of the work itself. It had been because he found it intriguing that someone would hold the patience and concentration to not only piece together the various models but also the effort behind customizing them, personalization that gave voice to a persons style. "That's pretty nice. Never went to one of those places where a bunch of people gather together? Compare parts and models? Stuff like that? They have like. . . Game Centers or even Toy Centers that do that kind of stuff." It'd been ironic, Models were hardly classified as toy's yet people only saw them as such not really going through the thought of understanding the complexity of even trying to attempting. Often the first few attempts had people breaking parts for not being delicate enough, that didn't even include the various takes to proper painting technique. "Oh, yea. My folks are the types that want to show that the Muggle world is better, much more lucrative and rewarding than the Wizarding one." A short shrug formed as if it had been old news to him. It had been something he had to live with and had already waved it off as the simplicity of feeling inferior. "It's what happens when ya' live with people that have a complex issue of some sort. They feel they have to do better for someone else, not just to provide and give a good life to those they promised to take care of." He didn't live an uncomfortable life at the start of it all and even then he'd more or less been emotionally neglected and then actually neglected by being tossed out. "Ya' wanna thank me?" The young man chuckled and shook his head with a wide smile. "Then all ya' need to do is let it stick in your mind and help you out when you're not sure what to think. Just take the advice and use it, that's all. Now if ya' saying two friends buying one another candy? Then that's different, I can get behind that one hundred percent." He wasn't budging on that stance. He didn't want to be compensated for some form of material good in exchange for genuinely caring and talking with someone, everyone needed to learn and understanding different things. Especially with lives that were similar in certain aspects but drastically different in others, a way to see the other side of the fence and learn to take the knowledge from that and apply it.
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    "Ya' know. . . Record your models? Do like. . . A video on you making it and the process. Never need to show your face just hands and what ever model and tools you're working on and with." A Gentle shrug flowed from him. It seemed like a pretty simple idea to him, it had been something to connect with others about various ideas and the way they've made their own models. That had been on top of those that had interest but wouldn't know where to start to begin with. "Wouldn't believe the people that just sit there like 'Man, I'd like to try it but. . .' Then someone gets a bit brave and is all 'Yea, man, this is what I made and my method!' Boosts up a persons confidence knowing someone else could and has done it before their eyes." A chuckle escaped from Tyson. "Yea, I imagine she'd probably end up pushing me to go through the MMA world in her own special way. Course if I hadn't gained the talent of Magic? I wouldn't have been allowed to start Muay Thai." It sent a shiver of disgust through his spine. Sometimes the alternate route had been just a horrible life to live entirely. "Parents would be pushing me to study hardcore, putting cash away and force me to go into Law School or Medical School. Just to prove that having a job with a lot of loads and with a field of tons of accolades was something good to have. Bragging rights of sorts to the rest of the family." As if it made a difference to the more magical relatives, it would have been just a self-loathing situation where he'd have hated every step of his existence. Tyson's gaze shifted towards her. "Favorite? My favorite is the ' Ya' not buyin' for me' ' special. No go, Chloe. Gotta' save up what you have for what's intended. And ya' Gotta' learn to spoil ya' self." Sometimes a person needed to splurge, be a bit selfish for their own desires. There wasn't any harm in doing it, to show yourself gratification about treating for one reason or another. Maybe even just to make sure you appreciate yourself and your own efforts. At least in some form of moderation. "And if I get bought on, you get one too on me. It's gonna be an equal exchange or nothin'." If he couldn't do it just because of how he had been as a person, then she couldn't unless the two of them met a viable compromise. Once they'd made it to the candy store his arm raised up and he pressed his hand against the door to open it up for the two of them. "Or I can settle for just spoilin' ya' like you're my kid sister from another mister."
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    "Hrm…" His head shifted in thought, he did ask her to try and expound on something that had been one of the most broad subjects about. "Ya' got me there. Why not do something neat like make little segments of the stuff that's been done?" There had been a duo reason or this kind of suggestion in his mind. On one hand it allowed for him to understand a bit better what occupied her hobbies, things that were important to her. It also had been to hopefully put into effect others that could admire that kind of dedication and those that may have similar or the same ones that could build a form of bond. More friends, that's what he knew she'd need regardless if he moved or away or not, he'd be leaving Tallygarunga and she'd need a much more stable ground and connection to others. "Eh?" The question caught Tyson off guard and his expression shifted to show the bewilderment from it. A serious hypothetical but he also should have expected that kind of introspection from Chloe. "Honestly? Once in a blue moon. I mean, my parents tried to raise me like that so I have a vague idea of 'what it'd be like'. Not really by much." He didn't live that world long though he could say the same for the wizarding world. There were so many things he'd been hit with that actually existed, stories that were read or told having more truth or a morphed truth to it in the other society. "Maybe would have been some kind of football player or fully dedicated to Muay Thai. Looking at going into some kind of MMA racket." He had been aware the store itself had been one established by a Muggle, but he often let the imagination that most people think the things kids and teens talk about these days had something to do with Television. The outbreak of things like anime made disguising talk less of a need and more just for the nuance. Looking towards the sky for a moment he allowed for the timing of its change be his version of streetlights about to turn on. His pace started to pick up a bit into a hastened walk. "Sure, take all the time ya' need. No need to get her something she wouldn't enjoy. But always good to personalize it so that she knows effort is made cause she's important to you."
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    His arms crossed securely against his chest and head cocked slightly to the side inquisitively. "Oh yea? Then what kind of activities do ya' do that make it 'geeky'?" He hadn't seen her too much in any environment that hadn't been held indoors. As such, part of him had been skeptical on that stance but he also knew that people weren't so based in simplicity when it came to the variety of things they have done or at least were willing to do. He did notice she had a specific stance on health based on what she'd ordered back at the café. "The two worlds go hand in hand, more than what people may think or consider. The stuff that exists in the Magical world gives heed to what Muggles think don't exist for the most part. Then ya' have the stuff they've made that some magical sort thought and said 'Oh, hey, what if we changed this up. Then we can use it too!'." Tyson sought more but he sought the adventure that came with discovery, experiences gave heed to stories that could remembered and told. It didn't always need to be grand or breathtaking but something that helped to show the steps he took, the way he walked. That was an admirable thing to seek. There had been no initial insight on his end on whether or not the joke soared over his head. At the very least, he assumed that she'd gotten sick of constantly trying to refer to the meaning behind them and had opted to not bring attention towards it. And she seemed to be on the same track on worrying about the issues when they become one, right now it hadn't yet been brought up as one. Though he'd need to make a choice soon, time wasn't a good friend towards these kinds of things. The urge to just snatch an armband for her had grown in him as they passed by the rack of them. But she had been adamant on not being given anything, it didn't help that he wasn't aware of her preferred style or brand. Something he'll need to keep a careful watch when she did end up buying some for the future. "That sweet tooth is a lure like no other. Quality stuff there too, doesn't do well for the waist and the wallet." He snickered lightly while he placed the items on top of the counter, the numbers were rung up and he proceeded to pay for them. Then grabbed the bag after everything had been positioned inside of it with a small little pamphlet that worked as flyer for the establishment. "Yea, I don't want to get chewed out for having my underclassmen out here. I could always make an excuse up for myself. But I don't want to start slapping late marks on ya'." Tyson angled his head to point as a lead towards the door while he opened it up and exited but held it open for Chloe to follow along. "Well, if ya' want, we can see about some special order candy for her later on? Get like a box and some stuff, grab and go sort of thing."
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    "Aye', no different than the folks that choose to build up cars just for the hobby of it, eh?" He could think of a few people he had come across that found a form of enjoyment in building up complicated technical pieces. Putting them into some form of course and get them going to see that work in actual use. Others, they preferred the much more artistic route towards their hobbies. Building and admiring, sharing and show casing the kinds of things their minds crafted. "Ha! Yea, I guess to someone that prefers indoors the outdoors stuff would look like a crazy persons ideal world, wouldn't it?" Perspective, it was a thing with people. It didn't make it wrong or right either, just the way that things were. Tyson's head shook lightly. "I don't think it sounds odd. But I also get what ya' mean. With magic it's kind of. . . Expected even if it's fantastical by their standards. In a world and society where probability is changed by the whim of will it doesn't leave much to actual accomplishment in a lot of areas, yea?" He shrugged casually with a broad smile formed. "But when ya' given something that's already made, expected to make something seemingly new without the help of being able to alter probabilities well. . . That's true innovation." "Yea, don't worry about that kind of stuff." She held a big heart but ultimately it wouldn't be her problem to solve. That would be left up to her mother and whether she had been prepared for that form of eventuality or if sometime would need to be given for proper interviews. It was largely a 'What if. . .' scenario and while it had been important to prepare for it, swearing by it as the choice being made would be folly. "And don't worry, I'd miss ya' too." He said jokingly as if that had been a hidden reason on the concern in her mind. Leaning forward a bit more and dropping into a crouch, eyes glazed over the various shin guards that were up for offer. His hand reached out to grasp one designed in a deep black with a firm foundation design, one that curved entirely around the shin as a form of comfort and support even for the most throttling strikes that could impact against it. Examining it by turning it about had a single finger run along the edges on the inside of it. Touch alone gave an idea of the manufactured craftsmanship that went into it. "So, what do ya' plan to get for your sister? Any idea or haven't really been looking too much yet?" After making the selection of which guards he'd decided to use, he stood up. Attention shifted fully towards Chloe. "Needed any help to pick out something?"
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    "Knives and dangerous chemicals? Ya' sound like some character in a comic book. Just waiting for it to explode and warp ya' DNA into some wicked mutation involving knives." He wouldn't have been surprised if that actually had been a premise for a character in someone's rough draft of a super-heroic figure. Perhaps even much more aptly a villain who had some unending vendetta against anything involving chemicals and it's dangerous potential to make people into something they weren't meant to be. He squinted for a moment as if that question didn't need to be fully answered. But the way her expression had changed was too cute - like a kitten that just realized it's 'well planned' pounce had failed entirely. "Most folks who don't come form the Muggle world like us don't see the point in that kind of thing. Not many take up the personal art of improving oneself through martial prowess." Truthfully, there had been a small pool of people he could even imagine that came from a background or even attempted to learn those kind of talents. Even if it made sense to him that not every situation ill end up with your wand in hand, no way to defend yourself. That wasn't the kind of legacy he wanted to live if it came down to it. Tyson nodded as she seemed to sum up his summary in a single word that held much more of a fistful impact than explanation itself. "Yea, exactly! Win or lose the objective is just to walk away with the ultimate win for everyone, folks you remember and continue to be important in ya' life." In a lot of cases people drift away when it came to schools. The longer time invested in Tallygarunga, years on top of years, it was enough to solidify those who would make it worth it to themselves and those they've connected with simply by companionship. "Winning the house cup is a pretty rough bout. The secret is ya' just be yourself, if you're a good kind of a person? Probably will end up getting the bit of points for the House. Some staff members reward pretty much on not being a jackass." His eyes fluttered for a moment and then rubbed the back of his neck. "But I guess. . . That'd be a kind of a problem with majority of the Sturts hanging about, huh?" He only knew of two, one had been a loose cannon while the other kept herself at a distant of most things. "Ha! Yea, I don't think we could teach them if they've not learned by now." That would require that those other students actually see what the other Houses were doing. Even with Flinder's behind in the race they often were a well-oiled machine and connected with one another. Honestly, He'd even go to say they'd be the better collective of a team even compared to Bourke. His eyes inspected the shin-guards briefly as he hummed at the various styles and colors. Something that was an easy black seemed better, harder to see the dents that would eventually cover the surface of it from rigorous training. Then he tilted his head as she gave him a glowing compliment with a hard to cool smile that curved. "That ain't fair comparison, though. I think ya' have the talent to probably get there quicker and better at that. Your knowledge of multiple styles actually gets an edge, ways to teach those how to get around the usual guards and notice the signs better." That was something he lacked and often in the sort of Mixed Martial Arts competitions, it relied on a trying to read the opponent before hand with little knowledge or awareness on the first few encounters in the ring. "Sometimes the best competition advice is just information on different styles, ya' know? If you know that you can start training ya' body and style to adapt bit by bit for those types of situations." A hand rubbed at his chin as he thought. "I mean, it's still a hypothetical situation, yea? If I don't move won't really be much of a problem." If she could still manage to do what she loved didn't he have an obligation as her Mentor to make sure she could do them? Explore them without having to be held down?
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    Another one whiffed over her head. By this point he wasn't sure why he kept trying to give these kinds of passes other than the fact it was just part of his nature but he figured eventually she would need to learn how to deal the difference. "Ya' example? Pretty sure I'm the one in the position for examples." He gave a questioning glance then proceeded to slightly chuckle. "Some of the most unhealthy stuff can pretty fun." Playing a sport in the rain, the way it complicated things or even just how the level of challenge would instantly alter. The first thought that came to mind for him had also been the idea of a mud fight. The sloshy and caked on feeling along with the enormous cleaning bill that is needed soon after that kind of effort. "Ya' know, every person has that thing that makes them feel relieved, yea? Kind of like a hobby that washes stuff away for a moment." Stress relief were necessary in any capacity as long as they were productive and not destructive. "HA! Yea, I'm pretty weird. I'm the person that brings equipment to school for training. Should see the looks I get sometimes." A slight snicker escaped from him, at least he caught on to the fact that it was the previous problem involving 'Competition' that didn't suit well for her. "Winning is presumed goal but it's much more than that, ya feel? People don't see it until they're just on their way out but the real goal is just to make strong bonds. People that strive together to do better in any arena will do better." That was just a fact at the end of the day. You set a goal, tell people they need to attain it, change it into an obscure game with the true aim being that others would work together, become stronger together as the years went forward. The thought hadn't occurred to him now that she brought it up and as he had led the way he stopped for moment and chewed the inside of his cheek in contemplation. "Yea, means I'd need to try to go ahead of schedule to try and secure another job if moving away ends up being the choice." That had to be the hardest decision out of everything. He enjoyed the time he spent, the effort that had been helped to cultivate and the change it put in the various kids and teens that had some form of issue. Anger, alienation, even low self esteem to know it can be a driving force. Tyson turned towards Chloe and despite the fact the thought had been a somber one for him, a smile persisted and he gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Yo' you'd do great. Just don't make it ya' everything, aight? It's gonna be tougher with ya' in that position and so close. Probably the hardest fight to try and resist being molded in into something that just isn't fitting. But I know ya' can make your own choices and decisions."
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    It was the best advice he could give anyways, that anyone could offer from his own intuition. Though he expected it would have been something she already knew or would have come across eventually. Regardless, at least he covered just in case so that she didn't pop the idea much later in life where changing was at its most difficult peak. That was a pinnacle he found he was growing more accustomed to understanding as the years rolled on, the older he grew, the more he stepped into the world as more 'certified adult'. Everything had started to change, the way he saw them and how they'd translate in his mind and words. "Yea, I mean either way the safer way to travel would still be other means like a flying vehicle." That method worked heavily against everything he would have wanted to include to some extent. A hand rubbed from the top of his head towards the back of the neck and a sigh of exhaustion expelled. "No real 'wrong answer' but pretty damned impacting regardless." His hands waved slightly in defeat at the whole idea of it all. "Step at a time, step at a time. Ain't no way to make this kind of decision, though it's pretty helpful talkin' it all out." Insight from other views had been important when it came to trying to understand the momentum that each choice could take. Sometimes it was self revelation as well, hearing the ideas talked about aloud with constant bouncing back and forth. Tyson snorted as a smirk donned on his lips. "Trying the double-edged route with that one, yea?" Unexpected but not a displeasing response. Both of his hands rested on his waist as he shook his head finding it entirely comical that it ended up how it did. "Just remember, now that's actual material I can use against ya'. Can't have ya' stuck with Over-think-itus." "That's what ya' got out of what I said?" He didn't want to burst her bubble of the random fact drop, that there were other people not of Veela origin that took to dancing in the rain as if it were a new fad on the block. "Just don't go accusing every rain twirler as a Veela, eh?" Now there would be an awkward moment, someone actively calling another a literal siren. That alone could end up as a compliment or insult, though perhaps more on the compliment end when it came to such an accusation in that kind of activity. "You don't understand it?" His arms crossed for a moment and his brow furrowed in thought as he closed his eyes. How to explain that form of companionship? The ties that bind of sort beyond simply being similar? "Take it like this, aight? A House is like Ya' family away from Family. A lot of folks come from rough backgrounds or even in a position where home is just too far to commute back and forth during school times, yea? The Houses build up that comfort, that circle of closeness. It isn't just being loyal to the House but to those people who help to make it better." He shrugged afterward though expected that it was a person-to-person viewpoint rather than the 'rule'. Most Sturt's he managed to meet seemed too distant, too far away from others to truly bind together. "Bourke is tight, man. Sure we have some uh. . . Pretty interesting 'characters'." That was the only way he could describe certain unique personalities without it making it seem negative. It wasn't a bad thing just something that required a bit of finesse to get used to. "We know everybody is different but we work and help each other like a team. It's pretty common to look out for one another and try to do better in the weak areas, ya know?" Not every person had been a sports sort but that meant those that only knew that kind of a life had others who were more studious to assist. Eyes shifted towards the gloves that had bene pointed out as he gently grasped at it and pulled it off of the hook and examined it intently. A soft hum vibrated within his throat and his head cocked to the side, much like a Pawn shop appraisal. "Flashy but tasteful, pretty good distraction too if competition." That had also been one of the reasons he wanted red, to trick the eyes perception to the stand out color. "Yea, I can roll with this."