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  1. @Samantha Hammond @Chloe Stewart Yo, when my break pops up Imma be swinging by to check up on ya' both. I'll have a bit of time on my hands, ya know? 

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Finally! I can't wait!

    2. Chloe Stewart

      Chloe Stewart

      I assume you'll be going to the dojo, then?

    3. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      @Samantha Hammond I'll try to make it fun. 

      @Chloe Stewart Yea, I figure I need to stop by more often. 

  2. Man, I knew the program would be a rough one but I think I'm more in shape than before. Didn't think that was possible.

  3. Just as Tyson hand reached out to grasp the couple sticks of lollipops he felt a sudden impact, his feet firmly pressed into the ground on instinct hand his hands rose up in a defense stance as if he'd ready to perform a clench on some kind of attacker. Eyes whipped about the horizon to find no one at first when the sudden movement down below caused his attention to redirect towards the ground. It'd been a brunette haired young teen and one that seemed foreign not just from the words she'd spoken but the weight of the accent she wore. "Oh, woah, my bad." He stated apologetically and then started to kneel down gathering up as many of the things he could swiftly, handing it back towards her to put inside the bag that had dropped. His head tilted in confusion as she spoke towards him, had it been some kind of apology? He wasn't sure, amongst the languages that had been taught in Tallygarunga, ones from other countries hadn't been covered unless they were magical or dead ones. "Uh. . . My bad, yo, I didn't really get that. . .?" There'd been some hope that she wasn't in the position to not be able to communicate, that would've just made everything far more awkward in his opinion. After it seemed like everything that had been dropped had been in order he started to stand up his hand reached out to assist her if she felt as if she needed a bit of assistance standing back up after knocking into him. "That's my fault, I should've have stayed there too long staring at the lollipops. Probs a sign that I shouldn't even be looking at the things to begin with." All the effort he took to keeping himself in shape hadn't been the most easiest of regiments and overindulging on something had been what led many of athletes down a very shake path of unhealthiness. Looking towards the shelf section of handmade lollie's once more he gave a casual shrug. "Oh well." A touch of a casual smirk creased on his lips. "I hope I didn't ruin any of the stuff ya' ended up snagging. Mr. Kemps makes some pretty hitting milk shakes from what some folks say. I can treat ya' to it." Unless it'd been like talking to a broken wall because for a moment he nearly forgot that she actually might not speak a lick of English.
  4. Cheat day! This came around rarely for Tyson with his usual heightened regiment between Muay Thai training, Quidditich Training at VMU and the Auror Program's intensive exercises both in spells and body preparation. Ones mind always needed to be sharp and the true height of making it a honed edge had been to give it proper breaks and reasonable relaxation periods. This led him to Mrs. K's shop, a place he would often head to during his time at Tally if only to treat himself a bit better after denying some of the good stuff to avoid over-excess of a good thing. After all, for someone like himself, it should be more of a reward than an indulgence. His future hinged on how well he could keep his body in tip-top shape and having it fall apart on him would hinder a lot more than just a career. "Yo', what's up Mr. K! Sorry I haven't been poppin' on by lately. Ya' know how it is with Universities these days they just swallow up all the time." He'd been coming to the humble shop since he started Tallygarunga and had been allowed a certain degree of freedom due to his home situation. While there'd been heavy limitations at first, as the years went on and the restrictions gave way to accountability of his own actions and awareness he made sure to make visit as often as seemed viable for him between trainings. "Think for now? I'll just run with the pop rocks and a bit of a sweet drink." Placing the two things he'd planned to buy on the counter his hand pressed into his pocket to reach for his wallet. As he started to pull it out something briefly caught his eye and his hand rose up and a finger extended upwards as he asked for 'One Moment' silently while going to check out one of the displays that had been put up. It wouldn't be bad if he took just a tad bit extra, right? There seemed to be a new set of lollies in for the season, the clear design of them showed they'd been handmade and not mass produced in a factory by the way that the wrapping had been carefully wrung together. Not in a sense of precision or haste but with the idea of taking ones time leaving the ever human error of wrinkles along the edges of the plastic. He'd been a sucker for a well-made sucker, that had been for sure. The tip of his finger grasped two of them and brought them towards the counter and placed them on top of it as the older male stated the price. It seemed to be pretty busy this time of day too, of course, that could've been thanks to the fact that Tallygarunga and a couple of other schools had been on their break giving the students far more time on their hand to relax and enjoy the various surroundings.
  5. Man. . . I miss the Tally break times. At least there's more time to prepare for my own. 

  6. There would be some that saw fighting in a far more unimpressed or disgusted light likewise there were others on the far other spectrum. For Tyson? It simply was a neutral stance, it was a necessity in a world where anything could happen even in the more mundane realms. When it came to magic there were far more chances and moments where something would end up coming up as with power in hand the thoughts of the human mind might expand beyond the code of morals and good intentions. That or maybe even an excessive attempt at a 'good intention' that could hardly be seen as such. "Most likely. Some might have different kinds of dance experience. But some are just difficult to do while dressed up." His own gaze lowered towards his ensemble. If it hadn't been for this he knew a couple of styles that would be far easier to perform but they required too much room on top of the fact that he'd most likely end up bumping into someone if no one had been mindful of their own personal awareness. Really, it'd been a moment for people to blow off a bit of steam after difficult tests especially for the Sixth and Seventh years as much as it had been a time to give a 'Proper farewell' to the graduating year. A soft snort of laughter rumbled out of him. "Yea, I think that's something everyone needs to do regardless. Always something to learn." The last few years had been informative, things he wouldn't have learned if he followed the old ways of his life. Yet, there'd been the obvious understanding for him that it wasn't even close to a fraction of exposure to the kinds of things and people that really were out in the world. "Oh, nah, I'm good, man. I ended up promising my date I'd dance with her first." 'Date', It had been odd calling Samantha that to him. It'd been far more friendly than them attempting something in the capacity of a 'couple'. It'd been the far more accurate phrase of it, that much he could admit. A smirk touched his lips for a moment and he shook his head. "Ya' don't need to worry about Werewolves when it comes to me! I always have a steak nearby." That had been more of a slight joke about himself being a kind of jock that only took in protein to buff up. A crude misinformation but it seemed to work as a minor joke. "Just have fun with it, Gotta' just be ya' self. Might even have folks join in and not even know why. They're here to forget the school stress and all that." Probably as much as they're trying to forget any other problems within their life.
  7. "Ya' never know when a fight will break out. If they were easily predictable they'd be stopped more easily, ya feel?" Were fights expected in a school environment where multiple personalities collided even in the same House? He thought so. It seemed like a far more obvious deduction given the combative natures that could and probably did exist across the student body. "Some folks might say one thing or act a specific way that causes a sudden kick up." The school itself had been a target for a fight waiting to happen on another level entirely, being the only one that would accept people of other races and abilities. As much as he hated to admit it there'd been a nice juicy target on them and most students didn't even notice it yet. Tyson offered a half smirk that had been followed by a low chuckle. "Some questions shouldn't be answered, yea? Ain't just about protection Gotta' think about clauses and contracts and all that other stuff." He often thought about the situation of Auror's no different than a company that had its own 'secret recipe' to their product or a unique way that they built something up. Except it'd been less about giving away info to the competition and far more about keeping the things they know out of the hands of the people they need to chase or encounter in some way. "The chaos of legal tape as it is." His smile grew and a full-formed laughter rumbled out. "I ain't never seen an actual werewolf transformed. And I don't look at folks long enough to see if they're popping off the signs of one on the week of a full moon." That hadn't been his business in general, there were facilities to manage those issues if the individual had been properly registered. He didn't expect his chances of actually running into one being good as it was anyways, the sightings of such creatures had been rare and often mistaken reports from the few things he did read. However. . . "If I did manage to meet one well. . . I guess I'd run first ask questions later. Trained teams have issues with that stuff, haha, what chance do I have?" The smile hadn't dimmed while he spoke, the thought of it had been humorous. With the attention pushed towards the dance floor, the music seemed to usher in a vitalized effect with students. "Could just be their style. Tons of ways to dance and most of it not connected to some formal style." While he hadn't been a stranger to certain styles of dance he found that the 'Haphazard style' of rhythm and movement most people held had been the average tone in a lot of cultures. "Ya probably will find that a lot of the people met won't know a lick about a style of dance but have personal moves that fit for them."
  8. The AQL is looking spicy this year, man. It makes me itch to get into it.

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      You'd better get into it soon! Really wanna see a fellow Bourke show 'em all what we're made of.

    2. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      I've been thinking about it, dunno if I'll really have that kind of time yet.

  9. The young woman looked familiar, he couldn't place his finger on the reason behind it. Maybe she'd been someone that had been at Tallygarung as well, it hadn't been an impossible thought or possibility. With the premliminary formality out of the way he gave a casual nod. "Maddison? Nice to meet ya'. And thanks, it's been rough tryin' to find a good place." At least she didn't seem to mind! Though she'd been a quiet sort or had it been more of the anti-social schtick? He rubbed the side of his face a moment and lowered his gaze to read across the several lines of his textbook, writing out a few notes onto the opened notebook with a few important bullet points both in his personal understanding of the topic to the subject along with more precise steps towards honing transmogrification methods. Tyson's gaze lifted up for a moment to catch the edge of her book, had that been something about magical creature biology? He allowed his head to tilt a bit more to get a full reading, or as much as he could anyways. It'd been a subject that he would have to take eventually to be aware of the various types of creatures he'd encounter, bother dangerous and otherwise, as a means to properly identify. "Studying up biology? Planning on being a, uh, Magizoologist?" He found that the it'd been an honorable and important career, the environment had been in danger from not just encountering the various societies and the choices needed to take to manage things but also from the sudden changes of the world around them. "One of the courses that will pop up on my list next year or the year after I think too." A hand rubbed the top of his head as he chuckled weakly. "Could use someone knowledgeable about to help with a brush up before then, ya' know, get a bit of extra knowledge in to prepare." Maybe he'd been trying to do too much, however, he always enjoyed to be excessively prepared as a way to keep himself disciplined and ahead of the curve than many would've expected. The more he'd been aware of the better he could work around the various classes, after all.
  10. While Tallygarunga had been an intensive study life for him when he considered the various other things he'd gotten involved in to eat at his time, no amount of preparation could've made him ready for the difference in demands that came with the call of University life. On top of the various types of trainings he needed to perform between Quidditich, Law Enforcement training, and keeping up with the disciplined demands of the dojo back in town? There'd been a very slim time frame for him to properly study and there hadn't been enough of a sense of quiet for him back at his own dorm room. The mates he shared it with had been the loud and party type which just didn't jive with him when so much of his life had been on the line compared to many others. There didn't seem that many places for him to choose from to really get the space necessary except for one area that seemed to be quite covered with textbooks as it was already. But there'd been enough space for him to work, he didn't need a lot and the subject that needed to be studied the most didn't hold too many volumes. He placed his back down next to the chair and slid into the seat casually without plopping onto the seat. He didn't want to be rude to someone else who seemed to need their own wealth of room and silence to study and catch up. Tyson proceeded to unzip his bag and pulled out a thick notebook, a textbook that had been labeled, 'Trans-Mogrify That! The Importance in Enforcement!'. Transmogrification had always been a tricky class of spells and something that needed to be trained and honed to an adept skill and practice to be counted amongst the many well trained Auror's or even the Elites that seemed to excel beyond that on the Auror Force. At first, he hadn't intended to look up towards the young woman until he felt the presence of eyes on him. His own gaze slowly lifting up as he stared back for a moment. His arm rose up half way, a simple wave of his hand in a casual greeting. "Yo', What's up?" It'd have been rude for him to not say anything especially since he'd taken full notice of her presence. One hand slid the tips of his fingers along the edge of his book to open it up and the other extended out towards her for a slightly formal introduction. "Name's Tyson, I hope you don't mind me taking a quick spell here to study."
  11. Tyson didn't think much on the potential fact of formalwear getting a bit ruined, it'd been one of the risks a person should be ready to take with such gatherings. It hadn't made it any less amusing to him at the effort that had been made to try and keep the crumbs and more messier decorations that made up the pastry. There had been little to no time for reaction to stop the foodstuff from dropping as it collided into a hard surface after it'd been suspended in the air momentarily. An expression etched on his face that could be read simply as, 'Yikes!'. "Gotta' hate when that happens. Don't worry it's pretty common the first few tries, eventually, ya' get used to multitasking with it." There'd been no way for him to perceive that it'd been the sudden shift towards violence that seemed to stop up the young Fairy. "I don't think the world of Muggles is much different than any other people in a society." He shrugged calmly. "Some are confrontational, others aren't, some are aggressive while others will be very pacifist. But the point of preparing for anything is to make sure that ya' can handle a handful of situations with the skills developed." The way that he viewed it, there may be a time where using his wand or magic wouldn't be viable, where the efforts and pursuits of the physical form would just enough or the only other option until the course of something changed. A chuckle eased out while his head shook. It seemed like Iggy had been a bit out of his own environment, about as much as himself as far as he could personally tell. With the conversation shifted towards the path of Auror, a nod of confirmation flowed. "Aye', but someone has to stand up doing the thankless job. Lots of divisions for the Auror's too, things that need to be covered with a few specialized hands." He wasn't sure which would call to him first but there'd been plenty of time to eventually come to that conclusion and see where his talents had laid in the career. "I bet there's tons of stuff he can't say anyways, ya' know, the quirks of the job. Only allowed to say what's been purposefully released to the public." He imagined there were many who broke that particular rule to significant others or those they trusted as a confidante, but that didn't stop it from being a clause in making sure investigations could be done unhindered. There'd been a snorted laughter at the joke made. "Yea, I think I'd be pullin' back a stub or just some bone. I can hit pretty hard but not THAT hard, haha."
  12. An arm crossed over his chest, the other rested an elbow on top it while using the hand to curl around his face to hide a growing smirk. It gave him the image of a small child that realized they would get in trouble for dirtying their formalwear. When his arms lowered back down he took in a deep breath to steady his nerves from bursting out into a laughter. "If ya' that worried about gettin' ya, just make it float a bit and snack it. Sometimes a plate ain't as fun." It had been one of his preferred ways when he didn't really feel like physically holding a piece of food, have it make its way to him and carefully munch on it. If it got on the floor? Oh well, that hadn't been his job to clean up! Tyson thoughtfully hummed. "Normal for Wizards? Nah, I don't think so. Most are too busy thinking they're too good to dip into the Muggle world." He set his cup down onto a nearby table and placed his hands into the pocket of his trousers. "But the martial arts these day's ain't just about learning how to fight. It teaches discipline and restraint or at least those are many of the tenants." It hadn't hurt to learn how to defend himself in a pinch and in most cases he wouldn't worry about a 'perfect form', he'd been trained enough that he could transition several blows without a person recognizing it in the first moments of a struggle. "Ya' also can't really use magic on Muggles, if something comes up, always a good thing to defend yourself in another. Plus, most Wizard's wouldn't know it had been coming themselves." He shrugged lightly. "Someone's bound to get cocky and think having their wand pointed at ya' has you in checkmate. A good kick to their legs won't just drop em', it'd surprise them enough that you can disarm them physically and shift the field in your favor." Wandless magic had still been the larger issue in that kind of hypothetical scenario but most weren't proficient in that art to even make it work effectively in high tension. Slowly his lips turned to a thin line, the edge of his teeth gnawed gently at his inner lips. "Dunno, it's a pretty big kind of career but means living in the limelight of entertainment. Still thinking if that's the kind of thing for me, probably leaning more towards Auror training." A different kind of light there and that kind of pressure had been much more uncertain than the idea of national Quidditich. "Yea? Ya' should give it a go when signups hit next year. Pretty late in the year now but next year they're gonna be looking for folks to really be showing their stuff. Both School and House teams." Eyes lowered to see the speck of crumbs that had stuck to the young teen's face which prompted Tyson to reach out for a napkin and hand it towards Iggy casually. "Ya' got a bit more along the edges of the mouth." It hadn't bothered him but figured it may have been an embarrassing encounter with others on such a formal night. "I primarily play Chaser, if I do play. But I can double up as a Beater or Seeker, really depends on the need of the team, ya' know? I wouldn't be the first pick for me as a Seeker, smaller and lighter folks are much better. I do have all the daring that the position needs." A soft nod flowed from him. "Sometimes ya' need to be willing to do some of the most dangerous stuff in that position and take a hell of a beating from others trying to foul you."
  13. "Yea, man, ya' all good with that. Most folks probably won't even really think twice about it, ya' feel? Even then ya' do what makes it comfortable. Best way to handle any thing in life." At the very least it would keep an individual honest with themselves no matter the circumstances that may unravel. "Sometimes a bit of a mess up ain't so bad either. Gets a good laugh and can actually make a night a bit better than ya' intended." He couldn't count how many times a slip up has worked out in his favor, whether it'd been on the field or in every day life encounters. Tyson glanced towards the offered pastries, could he really afford to take one of those and not feel like he messed up his training and careful food choices? His hand rose up and he shook his head slightly after giving it more reasonable thought. "Nah, but thanks. I already took my cheat snack earlier today. Have to keep myself on some careful management and all that." He didn't believe that tasting it would set him back majorly or that he'd drop dead from partaking in a single crumb of it. But he found it had more to do with self discipline and keeping to his own word on what he'd allow and when if only to better conduct himself with certainty. "Oh, yea? School's great for the social aspect and all that. Not so much with, ya' know, status and all to the entitled community. But, ya' meet folks from all sorts of walks and backgrounds. Good way to see the larger world than just a part of it." One of the benefits of going to the school had been not only its intention to focus on the Students but to open up to the larger community, people of all types and lives without reservation or restriction. Every person in the walls had been on equal grounds even if they didn't want to be. "A few things here and there. I've ran on the Quidditich team, both for Bourke House and the School Team since I could sign up and pop up on a broom." It had been an obvious choice for most Wizards and not one that he regretted getting into along with the challenges that came with him that allowed for a good way to test himself. "Also train in the martial arts, Muay Thai. I don't expect ya' to know and all that. Most people I run into don't know it since that kind of thing isn't big in the Wizarding world. A kind of thing to help remind me that there are two worlds and I shouldn't forget where I came from. It's also a pretty good stress relief and a way to build up discipline." Along with physical tolerance and a way to defend oneself, never know when it would come in handy for self-defense or in the defense of another. Something that he expected to give him an extra edge in his Auror exams whenever he decided to take them after proper training in the University. He nodded towards him. "Yea, makes sense. If ya' new to the area then it's better to get a lay of the land and the kind of weather that will happen. Nothin' like being surprised by a sudden heatwave that pops up. It can get pretty rough without preparing well too." Another sip had been taken from the cup until it had been drained of liquid. "Hope there's a better handle on what ya' will be walking into next year. Sure there will be folks around to help out too if a slip up happens." Unfortunately, he wouldn't be there next year. His hand extended out to grasp Ignatius' and offered a firm hold and shake ."Nice to meet ya', Iggy. I'm Tyson, which too bad it took this long to meet. This is the last year I have here."
  14. I wonder who imma be rooming with . . . 

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      I would if I could, Sammy. But ya' got this! Gotta be a role model for the others. 

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      But you just said you could :(

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      IF I could, I can't, ya' know that. 

  15. "Eh?" His voice rolled out for a moment as he glanced to Iggy, the Dance floor with a few of the coupled shufflers, and then back to the small teen. "Nah, man, ya' ain't required to bring partners or nothing. Heck, I sure as heck hadn't even thought of doing that." His arms pushed skywards as he stretched the muscles that had started to seem just a bit tight. "Nothing wrong with rolling stag, ya' probably will find a few people that prefer that kind of a thing. Different reasons and all, ya' feel?" He wouldn't know what those reasons could be for each person but as far as personal choices went, the person he'd have wanted to come and show off couldn't. It just wasn't a viable thing for them to even show or attempt it without some kind of issue being raised up. That had been one of the risks he'd been willing to take. "Heh, To be fair, I don't think the other magical schools have: Alan Burdett as Head Master or the list of unorthodox professors on the list like Tally does." The thought alone caused a grin to touch onto his lips and he offered a small shrug. "Some folks say we get the worse of the worse, ya' know, rejects or ones that couldn't make it in the private sector. But personally, I think these are some of the kind of folks ya' need to be exposed to. A real good look at people and not the, well, 'One percent'." That's all he viewed people in Penrose and Greyeheme as, the one percent, people who had Daddy or Mommy's money make their way into a school that had just been about status and not truly learning or growth. "And this is pretty formal by my personal book. Stupid suit. . ." Hands grasped at the lower lining of the jacket and light tugged it to fit along his shoulders once more. "I probably wouldn't even be here if I hadn't promised a friend, ya' know? I'd have preferred to get some last minute training in on somethin'. As long as it wasn't this kind of a thing." Tyson slid a hand along the top of his head, brushing the short and neatly cut fuzz. He'd been in disbelief that Samantha had actually convinced him with the whole, 'Last Dance' bit. More surprised that he'd been a sucker for that kind of romantic notion of friends parting as if it'd be the last time in a long, long time. "Guessin' ya' one of the new students that popped on in this year, yea?"
Tyson McKennis
Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant
18 year old Muggleborn Human HE/HIM
Age:  18
Date of Birth: January 13th, 2001
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Year Level: 
Occupation: Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Cheetah
Wand: 11" Red Oak Phouka Hair
Play-by: Michael B. Jordan

Tallygarunga - 2012 to 2018 - Bourke House

VMU - Current -Auror Program


* Tries as hard as he does to avoid disappointment from his parents. 

* Both parents are aware of the magical world and cast a critical eye at their sons involvement in it. 

* Avoids going home due to the intense nature that is left in the atmosphere

* Tosses his entire being into Quidditich in order to divert his mind from thinking too much about his home life.

* He had been dating an older woman since his Final Year in Tally, Recently the two of them have split up. 

General Knowledge

* Is a Muggleborn and proud to acknowledge that

* Was a Chaser for his Houses' Quidditich team

* Has grown up learning and training in Muay Thai, focusing on keeping his body in shape and ready.

*Is pursuing a career in the Auror Program but he has yet to release details of which

*Also plays for the University Quidditich team for the time being


Driven and Ambitious, Tyson's major noticeable traits is that he always finds something to work hard towards living under the shadow of his parents success and their stalwart ability within the Muggle community. He's stuck with the pressure of proving that the Magical community is somewhere he can thrive within while trying to squeeze out of the small little bottle that his family tries to confine him towards. Instead of breaking down under the weight he decided to fight against it and to attempt to thrive to the best of his capability, adapting and changing as the situation seemed to fit for him to survive against the stress. 

While he is decent in his studies he is a much more sporty individual finding some way to always keep his body going for almost any reason. Whether it be to ease his mind or to get himself ready for his Quidditich practice, he could almost always find a reason to start going for a run, flying through the air on his broom and tossing the quaffle around, or just finding a local punching bag to wail out upon. This is as much of an enjoyment as it is an escape trying to find a way to avoid thinking about the problems he faces too deeply until they need to actually be confronted which often is in full force. 

While not reckless he is quick to spring into action which has at times been towards his benefit as well as detriment. There is a code within himself that he lives by and that is to always strive to be the best he could within his own sight yet still struggles in his late teen years to define what exactly that vision is for him currently. At times he can be abrasive or even seem to be strong-willed in a combative manner which is caused by his fight or flight nature when backed into a defensive corner, never one to back down his senses instantly put up a fight if it looks like he has a chance to go down. Sometimes? It can be literally, most times? It's just mentally and metaphorically entirely dependent on the scenario and situation that occurs within the moment.


Tyson stands at Five feet and eleven inches with dark hair and brown eyes. Hair is low shaved with a well kept mustache and goatee that is always kept well oiled and groomed. His body is hardy and strong from the constant exercising he continues to do to make sure that he is always in shape. His hands are firm and rough from the constant martial arts training he goes through but also from occasionally helping out in manual labor for school staff as well as a few people around Narrie. 

Clothing that he wears varies between his exercise wear: Under-armor shirt and leggings that are covered by lengthy shorts that bounce at the knees, raggedy but well held sneakers that are clear in constant usage. Usual casual wear tends to be his school uniform when on Tallygarunga grounds or within the week to avoid having to always run back to his dorm room to change. The choice of his uniform consists of: The long beige pants, brown shoes, and a short sleeved shirt. On the weekends or vacations it tends to be a more brighter color with blue jeans, black sneakers, and various colors of short-sleeved shorts depending on the time of year. 

Most times he'll almost always have his black duffle bag that is stuffed with workout clothes in case he needs to change on the fly or comes across the thought to start practicing. Especially when it comes to him getting better at his position for quidditich. 


Born Tyson Edward McKennis to Father, Vance McKennis and Viola McKennis - two Muggles who were aware of their own families magical potential and yet it skipped them both. Growing up Tyson had an understanding that there had always been a different world especially when it came to family functions and the few that had managed to become Muggleborn in the Wizarding world tended to lord it over them more often than not. It was an action that spurred both of his parents to develop a type of inferiority complex in themselves and pushing every ounce of who they were into prevalent careers in the Muggle world. His Father focused on becoming a lawyer while his Mother took up a job as a Police Officer finding that working not only in the government but in positions where its rules were best dictated and carried out gave them a much higher ground regardless of any sort of magical talent that others may have held. Day in, day out, like clockwork it would be a constant impression in Tyson's life that 'Wizards' and those of that realm were no good, that they had no true place in society other than abusing the power even if by words alone. 

Often related towards the phrase 'Old Relics that should long have passed away' more times than he could have ever counted. One could imagine the look of shock and sheer horror that his parents glowered with when they found that at the age of eight years old their little boy's magical talent had started to stir and cause random occurrences to happen. At times a pulse of force would batter against the walls when a surge of anger flowed through him knocking photos down and shattering ceramic knick-knacks that his mother had invested her hobby time in collecting for some strange reason. While confusing for the young boy, the parents knew all too well the tell-tale signs and tried their might to cover it up which failed once small things started to have issues around him randomly. Light's would suddenly combust, Television sets would short circuit and suddenly turn off, stereos would flicker on in off in a blare of music that had been annoying and yet catch all in the same breath. 

The atmosphere in the McKennis Household had changed almost as if the parents started to freeze their child out, at least the part of him that they couldn't control and attempted to enroll him in learning Martial Arts. Hoping that a heavy focus into everyday muggle affairs would deter or even weaken the wizarding blood that sparked on the inside of him, unfortunately for them, it became more chaotic - more untrained. To the point it became noticeable enough that someone from the Ministry and Muggle affairs had to intervene not only for the safety of magic not being exposed towards those that don't already know of it, but for the safety and wellbeing of Tyson as well considering something so unchecked could spell disastrous for many people. He landed in Tallygarunga at the age of Ten and started a life in an entirely foreign world than what he was used to finding it even more difficult to settle in even with the semi-accepting environment that seemed to pulse from it. 

At first he kept mostly to himself keeping up with the brief studies he had taken up in Muay Thai to compensate for the sudden change and move. It was a difficult time for him in adjustment even with the assistance of councilor's and the aggression inside needed to be built up and unleashed before it could get worse and find a live target that didn't deserve the ire and frustration that had been locked up inside of him. Tyson's entire first year had been the focus of him developing the keen talent of adaptation that often was only ever built with experience or a really flexible mind and with the difference between the two worlds he needed to have both in order to survive and not break under the pressure. While his parents did offer to write every now and then the letters were often filled with regrets, hate regrets, that he had been 'cursed' with the blood that he had been given as well as lament for them not being able to take that curse away for him to actually have a life that could be considered 'worthwhile'. 

He had been cast out into a world cutoff from his family, primarily due to their own bigotry and inability to see that people and occurrences were different. Thoughts rampaged through his mind that they would always view him as 'Not good enough', that the reason they had tossed themselves into success, albeit, great success in their fields had been due to a lingering spite towards what he now claimed within his veins. This alone was enough to push him further into a seething anger on the inside that it couldn't be easily contained even with all of his efforts to keep up with his regiment. Even pushing it to the point where when he exercised for a short run he'd always over-exert his body to exhaustion. All of this had managed to change for him by the start of his Second Year. 

Quidditich had always been an interest for him due to his nature and desire to always keep active so when sign-up's occurred for his House he took the chance without question and tried out to be a Chase. The aggressive nature and his lean trained form made him ideal to be a scorer, enough that it had shifted from something to get aggression out towards actual enjoyment. This is how he developed the mentality and mindset that when his body is in motion, his activities focused only on what he was doing in the moment, that he could let go of the problems that pegged at his home life. Even to the point that he had requested to officially stay on Campus even in the summer months and during break to avoid facing the problems, when one is further from them the less likely they can dwell and think on them until they felt prepared. 

Now as a Seventh year and an accomplished Chaser for his team he awaits for this new and final year to help define the kind of adult he wants to be. Will he find the strength to finally show his parents that no matter where he'd be he would have found success? Or would he continue proving to himself and only himself that he can achieve anything that he applied effort and tenacity towards and manage to come out on the other side? The options for him were opened and plentiful and it would take only a nudge in either direction to set him off on various paths. One thing that he is sure of, however, is that he will at least prove even though shadows can be much heavier than any physical building - the strength of willpower and determination can shatter any expectations that are so narrow and close-minded. 

Tyson McKennis March 7, 2018
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