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  1. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Spur of the moment, eh?" Not what he'd expected in her style but then again those that tended to have tight schedules did deserve those moments to just be wild, random - the very idea of spontaneous. "Aight, we'll do it your way one-hundred percent through, yea?" They could actually come out with more in that choice of action than actually making concrete plans about when, where, and how. That had been on top of the fact she was going to most likely be as adamant about them moving with his own schedule versus hers. Tilted his head slightly at her sense of confusion with his own brand of it. But her question was a fair one and maybe much more logical than he would have actually admitted or much more than most people would ever consider in general. "It isn't so much about the place, ya know? It's kind of like. . . Seeing the journey through ya' eyes a bit. Not literally, obviously." Not without some serious magic behind it at any rate! "But if I'm not there during ya' visits I wanna be able to say 'Ah, yea, I get what drew her there!' or 'Huh, I didn't know I miss that one!'" A shrug flowed from his shoulders but he continued on. "Plus, it's ya' memories and it's always good to have 'em. Ya' know? One day ya' might change and think you just wish you would taken more pictures of ya' youthful days. Well. . .At least now ya' gonna have those kinds of memories laying around commemorate the day. That and some folks may not be able to get there or only get there once in a life time." Tyson's arm raised up as they approached the equipment store where he'd grab the door and held it open to allow Chloe to proceed him before he'd follow in. "There's no guarantee i'll choose to go to VMU either. Might end up going to somewhere far, too far where even using a travelling trick would cost precious time." Personally he didn't want to move away or even consider other colleges. His life was here, the few friends he did have or make as well as a Girlfriend. Yet, it had been someone from his life the asked of him to consider all options and not to stay just because others were here. "Anyways, it's just 'bout the sentimentality behind it. Something that like. . . Years later ya' can remember. Something to talk about how that day went, felt, almost like it was just yesterday even if it's five years from then. If that makes any sense." He couldn't guarantee that it did make sense, the very idea of sentimentality had been for the internal feeling and reminder. It wasn't necessary but it helped people to remember certain days, moments, things that helped to shape them to who they were in that moment.
  2. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Looking a gift Bourke in the mouth isn't cool, ya' know." Tyson joked lightly but shrugged. He wasn't going to force a present into her hands if she didn't truly want it. Each person had the choice in whether they wanted to accept. "Aight, but let it be said that I'm not the sort that didn't try." A few things he wasn't too worried about and that mostly had been due to the time he'd given himself depending on the more likely route he'd end up taking. "Ya' would learn about them after. But I feel ya', wanna be surprised like it's a Christmas day. Can't fault for that." Sometimes that could be a better approach considering the various shops that littered the strip. He'd been more concerned with the potential 'one day it'd be there, one day it won't' potential risk. "I'll make sure to keep an eye on the weather. Sometimes it can surprise ya' when you make plans." Maybe not extensively surprised but keeping up with what could happen through the day would make it easier to plan around it. At first he hadn't caught on that she'd started to lag behind and wouldn't have known that it was due to his own conclusion of their relationship as friends. When he turned to take a glance at her and found her gone, a quick glance around the area ensued. Until she'd been spotted just dodging the object that had almost met her in a very painful way if it would have struck her. She guessed? It had been a reminder to him that her mother had been trying to get the young teen more social and into meeting her peers. Did. . . She have no actual friends? Or were they all just potential acquaintances? He shook his head as he smirked, considering that for someone who didn't have friends she worried like she was used to it with them. "Ya' worrying about it too much, Chloe. It's cool, yea? The problems will be dealt with and constantly jumping on em' like you're Mario won't really help anything. All ya' can do is plan and then just deal with life around until it's time to manage it." It wasn't time for him, not fully yet. His scholarship would maintain for him Housing for sometime as long as he could keep up his performance and that was another time buffer. "Oh, yeah? By ya' self? Ain't that the jolt of courage in you!" That was good to see, he was happy that she had such a stern stance in what she could do in her own time. Her own mind decided that and not another dictating it. "Aight, if ya' do it alone then ya' Gotta' take pictures or videos for me. Yea? It's supposed to be our way of hanging out can't leave the other out when we do it. Sounds like a deal?"
  3. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Tyson's mouth dropped agape for a moment as he spotted the sudden sprouting of a tree. "Yo. . . Word." What else was he to say to that kind of a thing? That was much more impressive than things one would normally see around here from a student. He was at least glad that he hadn't started to try and cast his own spell during that period or he might have been distracted slightly, much like Samantha it seemed. A head shook from him as a smile curved at his lips and he walked over towards her and placed a hand just on her shoulder. "Ay, it's all good, Sam." His gaze turned towards the center of the brunettes forehead where the pebble had smacked right dead-center. A winced expression exposed from him just from looking at the potential knot that may have grown from it. "Yeowch, looks like that smarts too." With a trained wave of his hand he'd trace the tip of his own wand through the air and pointed it towards her forehead. The tip would pulsate a soothing light which would begin to ease the pain away and reduce any potential swelling behind it. A very helpful technique that's often used by the Quidditich players on his team for minor scrapes and bruises. Then he'd turn towards the target and lifted up his wand to an even level. "Aight, it's a bit rough but don't take it too hard, yea? Can pace through it - let ya' concentration build up." In adept tracings he'd mark the area without rushing or going too fast. More so to let Samantha see him honing his concentration a bit more, he knew she had the talent to handle Water and Fire exceptionally well. That probably meant she had incompatibility issues due to the opposing elements. Probably something he'd need to talk to her about later. Suddenly a thick rock started to form and rotated slowly at first as it began to grown and then started to increase in speed as well as size until it cumulated into the size of a typical ball. Then jettisoned away from the wand at a vast speed and smacked harshly against the marked target, shattering completely soon after as if the spell hadn't been casted in the first place. Only smaller shards littered along the grass. "We can go through it a couple of times outside of class, yea?"
  4. Invite Break A Sweat

    "I can get it for ya', Chloe. That way ya' can save up for something to get ya' Sis." Tyson often made sure he had discretionary funds when it came to getting equipment and other supplies. Something like armbands had been inexpensive compared to some of the other stuff he often had to replace when time and constant use worn them down. "I'd say that's a win-win situation, yea?" He wasn't sure if she'd argue about it not being necessary but his mind also had already been long made up the moment it flowed from his mouth. The risks of having someone like him as a friend. "Window shopping sounds so. . .Bland." It was indeed the very definition of window shopping, but it was hardly different than price checking in his opinion. As a consumer a person should be aware of not only what they're buying but whether or not it's a quality they could try and trust. "Yea, it could be seen as rude. Course, it's also likely we'd show up again with a better idea and actually buy something. Think they'd like satisfied customers rather than folks who just bought something cause they felt obligated to walking in the store." He could see from the angle of a retailer that it could be considered rude but he also figured that business needed a certain standard of a gamble in that aspect. "I can get with that. Gotta' put together a list of the kind of stuff you like to look into. We can those kinds of places first, ya' know, the important things." That's how he classified it, after all, if it was something she was interested in understanding or getting things then it was important. Important enough to explore and check them out. "And ya' wouldn't be eating up my time, Chloe. Being a friend ya' entitled too time too. Just how things go." There were a lot of things he needed to attend to but there had been twenty-four hours in a day, he figured he could surely offer some of it to her without any hesitation or slacking in other things that demanded their own set of attention.
  5. Invite Break A Sweat

    The words spoken seemed easy, as if things went right or had gone right thus far for him. It's the darker truth that he'd struggled for much of what he had obtained, the chance to land a job, the chance to score some form of scholarship that gave him a larger world to explore. Doors that would open easily due to support and a solid structure for others had been doors he had to forcibly kick down in support of himself on some level. A weight of the reality in the world but not one that needed to be paid enough attention that it seemed insurmountable or at worse that he could always do it alone. Habit, that's what made him believe he needed to do it that way. Logic and the real scope clued him in that he now had enough of a system, if one could call it that, to not have to rush ahead. "Heh, yea, sometimes they're two different things. Sometimes, they're hard to find a difference in too." A hand raised up and wave as if to dismiss the idea entirely. "Best not to worry about that kind of stuff until ya' have it at your doorsteps. Other stuff will always need the attention much more until then." Refusal to let what the next possible hiccup get in his way, that was how he chose to proceed with any problem. Address the current issue, move on, whatever makes itself known would do so anyways - after all. Tyson chuckled then shrugged. "Sometimes you spend money to make money, comfortable folks means more flow of traffic." If a place managed to make their seats a perk to rave about, he knew that they'd get customers in the troves. People who want to just sit down and relax after errands or take a quick break from their jobs after either standing all day or running about like a chicken with its head lopped off. "Why look? We can pick some up, yea? Don't need to use 'em until they snap or rip and then. . . Bam, ya' brand spanking new set is already there and for the taking." Spare equipment to replace the eventually worn had usually been a plan for him unless it was much too expensive to even consider a viable spare. A snort exhausted from him while his head shook. "Nah, it isn't bad. It just means more exploring, yea? Tons of different stuff you can run into on a day that ends early." He led the way towards the nearest equipment shop, one that he'd visited in the recent months. Their quality had been good and their service even better for his personal standards. "Eventually, ya' might decide to go to college and need to get around on ya' own to some places. A trick I use with a busy schedule? Pop into a random shop day. Usually good when ya' get done with some coursework or if ya' have much more time on hand than expected. Don't even need to buy anything, just take a catalogue on the kind of shop it is." It worked as long as those businesses stayed in business but part of the fun he found had also been with discovering the new shop on the block. "We can make some plans to go out every so often and do that. Anytime there's time on your hands just contact me and we'll go shop hopping."
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  9. Invite Break A Sweat

    The last thing that Tyson wanted had been for her to feel as if she needed to change herself to be more relatable. After all, people needed to learn to accept a person as they were, whether they changed or not would be through their own chosen growth and not one forced out of some kind of necessity. Some people took time and others just flowed naturally, like two streams converging to create and river. "Just push myself towards my goal. Folks are built differently, the threshold changes viciously depending on the kind of life they've learned. Those kinds of experiences build up some durable callouses, ya know? A certain kind of energy and resilience." He wasn't sure how to explain it thoroughly with a proper example. Not one that would distance the two as if they were from different worlds but rather a view they both could see and get the same picture from different angles. "But I promise ya' I won't go off shooting myself in the foot by pushin' too far." He wasn't ignorant to seeing someone put energy into caring about his well being. Even with his self confidence so high there was always the chance it could all turn around towards the bad end if he hadn't been careful and mindful of how he stepped forward. Snickering as subtle shrug flowed. "Oh, I have no doubt ya' can handle pressure. Ya' never know what kind of thing you can handle until you're there. Not easy, that's for sure, but all ya' can do is handle stuff in your own unique way. Sometimes? Folks won't see it how you do but as long as you can see it that's all that matters." There was a hope that the young woman would be ready for many things when the time came, hopefully she would need to go through the things he did. But there will be the kind of trials that will test a lot about how she'd handle situations. "Life's surprising like that. Ya' never expect this kind of stuff but you're almost always glad it did come up. Something to think about, reflect on it to get some kind of growth from it." "No doubt, I know I can count on ya'." She didn't need to work for his loyalty and trust, she had it fully whether she had picked up on it or not. He wouldn't abuse it but would rely on her support when he felt he needed, most likely that she would see if he needed it before he could process it. "Oh, yea, these cushions are posture killers." He spoke out as a proper criticism. Purposefully at that, maybe the stores owners would change that? Tyson started to stand up and tossed the empty napkin into the waste bin nearby. "Gloves and Shin guards. My guards are losing their resistance a bit and I wanna replace it before it's fully gone, the gloves are a bit torn up. It's gonna be fun breaking them both in though." A grin shaped at the thought of putting the items in question to the full test. "Ya' have some things you want to snatch up?" He asked while walking towards the door to exit the café.
  10. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Aye, It's all good, Chloe." The intention hadn't been to drum up any form of negative feeling, especially not when it was clear she'd been struggling with many things as she had anyways. His hand waved lightly as he smiled. "It will become natural eventually. Probably why ya' mom wants you to get a taste of social life. There's gonna be a lot of that kind of navigating in life. It isn't too bad having a few people ya' can call on either." It wasn't as if he'd planned to let her go about it alone either, not now. He shrugged casually. "Aight, I won't argue with ya' there. Heh, you know your own limits better than anyone." At least he'd hoped that had been the case. Some people often were ignorant of such limiters and factors. She didn't seem the sort that would ignore something so crucial to maintaining a proper health, mentally and physically. "One thing I've learned this year is when a lady has her mind set it'll be hard to change it." "Woah, ya' know that the year is rolling quickly, yea? Ain't got that kind of life or time to hand over to Tally for much longer. That and the courses are already set in stone." He hadn't taken her for such a pre-planned junky of sorts. Not on this form of level that she'd suggest grabbing up everything while walking towards the door, figuratively. Jack-of-all-trades did strike closer to how he'd expected her to respond in some ways. "The University will have the proper courses and even recommendations. Both from the school and probably from the Professor of the class. Typically, folks like Auror Professors have seen their share of burning hells." It had also been why he'd taken a breezing interest in the troubles that have had Tallygarunga teemed with Auror. The obvious dangers and things he'd have to face and bear doing. "Less about being young, ya know? There's a kind of determination and dedication Imma need. The kind that is designed to beat through exhaustion, personal issues, even things that feel like the weight of the world. It's so much more than the magical skills." Tyson wasn't sure how to expound on it further. "Imagine that they have the intensity and necessity of the martial arts, especially back in their more used days. The trained students pushed to some wicked levels of weariness. Being able to marshal a kind of like. . . Second wind. Pushin' my body to endure the kind of stuff that would deprive it of sleep and still have to work at full capacity. I'll have to make myself hardened mentally too, the kind of stuff that happens out there? It ain't pretty, not by a long shot." The true fact had been these were skilled honed in experience, developed before being put to the test. Those whom had it seemed to be the ones that survived and those that didn't? Seemed to be the folks that were mourned earlier. "Oh, I know I have what it takes." A grin formed with the sheer confidence behind them. "Have been preparing myself since my second year." The physical skill, quick reaction all honed year by year through playing Quidditch and training in the Dojo. Senses pushed to be able react in even the most intensive situations, where there would be multiple people rushing about the air with a potential weapon that could smash and break a person with a good enough hit. "And ya' underestimate the power of playing anything by ear. Plans are good if they can mange to roll out as ya' expect it to. But when it starts to burn slightly out of that alignment? Ya' lost now. The talent of being adaptable is far more preferred. It means I can have a plan that isn't bound, a plan that can be scrapped and tossed away in favor of something else that is a better option. Whether I find an actual home or not ain't that big of a deal, not with how long I've been without it." His arm raised up as he rested the elbow just on the edge to the back of his seat. "The important thing is that I succeed in what I'm aiming for, I plan to do just that too."
  11. Invite Break A Sweat

    He was touched that she would go through all this thought to solidify a place for him to be at if nothing seemed to pan out. "Hehe, I should have figured by now jokes kind of wizz over like a frisbee don't they?" Head shifted left to right letting the option sink in. It would alleviate a few of his concerns and issues but at the same time he didn't want to be in a position where he'd only be a burden onto a family's lifestyle. "Like I said, I'll consider it, ya' know? I still need to see what other options are up for me to grab. Want to exhaust all that I can before having to lean on anyone." He'd gotten far in the short-life of his by being independent and proactive, to risk the chance that the independence could be in danger? It sent a slight unnerved feeling through his mind. "What?" Eyebrows raised up as he'd been caught off guard by the offer. He couldn't see the inner reason behind the offer of assistance, chalking it up to her naturally helpful manner when it came to matters of studying. There also wasn't the kind of arrogance inside of him that he'd turn it away believing that their age or grade distance meant he'd known much more. There were perhaps countless subjects she'd have a handle on that he'd at best breezed through and understood the basics enough to manage through. "Sure, if that's how ya' wanna spend your time." A soft laughter rumbled out from him in a short breathy tone. "Just make sure it doesn't cut into your own studies or stuff you want to do. I ain't in the business of trying to pull folks from the things that they'd enjoy, ya feel?" Tyson nodded subtly at that thought, could he even risk taking a year off if he'd been struggling? He had enough pride in him that he would refuse to let anything bog him down in that, push himself to every level necessary even if it was harmful in the now. "That's the rub, yea? What traits are actually the part. Some might say determination to go further and try to beat the difficulties." Arms crossed and banded against his chest. "Others might go the route that it's the smarts to know ya' limits and rebuild up on ya' self so that you aren't left like a skeleton." A firm grunt exhausted through his nostrils. "The real key is if I'd even be able to afford to take time off without it slapping me dead in the face."
  12. Invite Break A Sweat

    For him the past had been the past as a personal choice had long been made to refuse it being a defining factor for him. It could only be a stepping stone, one of many and not one that he'd allow for others to enhance the sole reason of that drive he'd been fueling. It wasn't the kind of life that he'd wish on anyone to experience and if it meant that others didn't have to hear it for their own peace of mind? Even better, yet, he knew that wouldn't be the case always. Sometimes that truth needed to be wielded not as a weapon to tear something down but rather as spectacles to open anothers eyes to focusing more on what was important to themselves. "I'd say it's natural." Tyson started to stand up once more while picking up the emptied cup that had been filled with his drink and tossed it into the trash nearby. The napkin of scone crumbs followed right behind. "No one wants to be a disappointment, not really, ya' know? Whether it's to parents, team, or a group of folks they're close to. Ya' often just want to do your best and hope it's the right call for everyone. But that's more of a sacrifice and sometimes? It's aight to be selfish." Selfishness often breeded the means to care for others while also being proud of that work. At least that's how he viewed things. He brought one of his hands to the back of his neck and rubbed it, he hadn't expected the offer. It was an option to consider and something he couldn't afford to shrug off out of being humble. "Dust holds to problem for me. Worse things to worry about, like splinters from attic wood." A small joke offered, one he by now expected to fly over her head as an actual joke. "I'll give it some thought. Gotta' see what other options I have to make sure I'm not imposing unnecessarily. Might even be able to make some kind of deal with whatever recruiters come along too." There had still been the option to play the field of sorts, to make those looking for him as a candidate work to get him. Even better if he could excel in his study focus and impress the Ministry enough to make such arrangements. "Noble, huh? Hahaha, I guess it is a bit, yea. I plan to become an Auror - fits the whole proving that there is worth in the magic community bit." Both of his hands pressed into the pocket of his jeans. "Pretty physically intensive and there are a couple of talents in spellcraft that I'll need to hone up a bit and make sure they're more than good enough. Hard work but I'm up to the task, ain't no big." Even as he held a casual approach towards it, his mind knew better than to make it seem as if it were such an easy thing. There was a level of dedication that he'd need to bring and hold before even touching the field as a proper and official career. "Definitely a dangerous route too. Not the kind of thing that's lost on me, means I gotta be careful in a lot of ways." It wasn't an uncommon action for criminals to strike out around an Auror before ever attacking them directly.
  13. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Bad? Nah, everyone's got their own path to self building, ya feel?" He wasn't dense enough to miss the fact that she had been referring towards herself. She had talent, talent that he could see being worked to a honed skill in competition. But that kind of fight and trial wasn't for every person and there often had been other routes to the same goal and end. "How you use your skills and if they grow is all on who you are as a person, feel? Competitively testing ya' skill is just one way of seeing more about yourself. To see the talent of others. Think like dojo masters, most of them have left competition behind and find that they can still achieve a lot by training others. Teaching em' just the talents and techniques they've learned." One could even say many of those teachers have never even set foot in a ring facing another person. Tyson snickered and then shrugged as if it weren't even a weight on his shoulders. "Man, it's just the way the world is. Some folks are born into a cruel lot in it. I just happen to get a hand that my parents couldn't personally deal with for their egos." Calmly he leaned back, by this point he had just been picking at his scone through small pieces broken off by finger. "Eventually, ya' learn that things just need to be done personally. No one else lives that life but we live our own life at the end of the day. If ya' can't be proud of it, then ya' probably need to revise what ya' doing." Often he tried to avoid the full weight of his own living situation or the lack their of, the work that he had to put in on his own with little reinforcement to help solidify him if things happened to get shaky. If things got shaky for him it'd just all collapse there was nothing that could be done to truly catch him, not anymore. Rather than scorning the world, being embodied by a rage and hatred he opted to turn the frustration to energy. Energy, focus, and intention for an ambition to see himself succeed and in a productive way - to prove that there was something to be proud of in the world of magic. "If she's willing to listen, ya' should be willing to push. Sure you can take your own way but it doesn't mean you need to avoid the elephant in the room." Or the Thestrel, that kind of a 'death knell' when it came to talking with a parental figure about the truth of oneself. "Pretty sure she pushes cause she cares. Wants the best for you and she probably sees that you have that skill. But ya' gotta tell her yourself that you have different skills. Not just show it in ya' school life." At least he attributed much of her unique talent for multiple subjects being a way to subconsciously show she was more than just competition. Teeth chewed on the inner portion of his mouth as he then shrugged. "Depends. If I take up with a university gives me a couple of years house in a dorm. Pretty sure I can make over-vacation arrangements too. Long as I keep up and show I am skilled enough to get them acclaim on the Quidditich team. That's really my way in." Being a potential productive member of society hadn't been an investment to Universities. No, he needed to be able to get them results that would have them holding up their collars in pride and smugness. "Been saving up some cash and putting to the side. Have my uh. . . Girlfriend to help me look for places but no takers yet due to my age. More of a flight risk so some folks won't take the bite. Playing it by ear, really."
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    "Course, can't have anything cut into that class time." There came a point where one had to set their priorities straight especially in an environment where you had to make the call to push oneself. "Besides it's one of those things you should always pick up after a long day of hard work for the brain. Sometimes doing something monotonous can help with that cool down in the day." It was at least a way he got himself to wind his mind down after a day stacked with back to back classes even more so when tests were involved in the mix of it all. Lacking any traces of humor in the tone after he comment, Tyson found that he'd be left to stand there for a moment to process the comment. Had someone that was essentially a bully in the past gotten to her? Maybe she'd seen one too many situations with that kind of a start and developed a heavier sense of disgust? "Sometimes they do though most are looking to get that aggression out. Really common in the martial arts competitions." A focused and honed rage was still, after all, rage. No matter the pretty techniques one fastened to it to gain it under control. "Ya' always end up competing with someone, not just in sports." For him he just saw it as a way of life, competition existed in every aspect of it in his eyes and it was just the venue that changed it and thus changed the effect it could use for growth. "But let's take it in the view of sports, yea? It isn't just the human factor it's what that human factor can do. A person you consider your rival can push your talents to heights it wouldn't on its own. You work harder, play harder - is it stressful? Yea, definitely." He nodded for a moment a smile grew wide on his face. "But it's rewarding and it's not always a bad thing, ya know? That adversity helps us see inside ourselves just a bit better." Though his hand rose up and waved dismissively. "More importantly people need ways to grow, as long as they grow that's what matters. If ya' don't grow? Then it's stagnation, that just ends up simply existing." The final words gave a reminder of his own parents - people who just simply exist. They work and work to prove they're better rather than that they can grow. It was a form of being just less than the optimized version of themselves they could be. A topic he sort of knew about as he looked around for a moment and sat back down in the seat. "Aight, lemme tell you a bit about myself. I come from a family that's a bit of a mix on both sides. Some born of magic, others not so much. Both of my parents didn't have that spark but lucky for me or I guess unlucky depending who ya' ask, I had been. Not something they agreed with, they wanted me to be as 'norm' as possible." If the situation bothered him he hadn't let it shown on his face or even in his eyes. However, the factor of being hardened from it may have been the biggest tell. "They wanted me to be like them. Be super successful in their world, carry on a pretend air of superiority. When they found out that wasn't happening they booted me faster than a straight kick." Tyson's hand waved lightly once more. "The point being, you're gonna' have to walk your path at some point. It may not be ya' moms dream but you have to follow your dreams. The last thing ya' want to do is hate yourself for not trying what you feel is right and hate your mom more for not noticing. If anything, ya' probably should just tell her."
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    "Not something that's everyone's thing." He wasn't immune to the truth that had been around the idea of 'Competition', then negative connotations that it beckons spoke loudly. It was something that had been drilled in his mind even more so of late with the dangers that come in its perception and the destruction that it can tear through a persons emotional and mental state. Something that held all the power and position to be a crushing weight and that included physically if one wasn't careful or the occasional accidental hit occurred. Two pinched fingers pressed at one end of his lips and trailed to the other in a zipped style. "Mums the word on my end about school teams. For parents that push towards sports involvement the factor of House teams and a school combined team is way too much to pass up." That much was more of his personal experience with himself at least the moment he found out how much he loved Quidditch. The thought fueled through his mind on the various possible broom choices that they'd most likely come across. "I'm a believer that it's the broom that chooses. Not like a wand just. . . Ya' come across it and you look at it for a moment and it will just kind of click." Or maybe that had just been him? Sometimes he stuck to brands when it came to his sports needs but for the brooms that were just for a cruise it felt entirely different for him. "Of course." A smile formed on his face as he spoke out the confirmation. "Would be pretty messed up of me to suggest it and not help out with showing you how to use it." The space one needed to manage it without getting in the way could be a lot to ask for with all the other things people tended to keep in it. "I actually have one back at my dorm too. I'll try finding a good place later in the week were we can hit a few of the basic stuff." What made servicing a broom enticing to him had been not just the care to it but the layers of wards, spells, and other additions that helped to keep one sharp in the use of their magic and incantations. The tip of his fingers brushed just at the back of his neck. "The appeal?" It was a tough question that he couldn't answer for certainty about anyone else. "It's all on perception really. Some folks see it as a way to kind of knock people down a peg. It's why ya' see a bunch of the super aggressive sorts always in the game. They're good, their aggression makes them good and they know it." Some sports required that kind of aggressive dedication, but he didn't see it as such personally. "For me? It's more of the comradery in some instances and always about my personal growth. It's a challenge, if I get beaten? Yea, that sucks but that just means I need to get better in myself and better with my team if its a team sport. It's never a bad thing to build the self." Tyson shrugged soon after as he continued on. "But if I win? That feels good and it's a success to be proud about but it's just a sign that you're ready for the next challenge. It makes it exciting, you never know who you'll get as an opponent or what needs to be improved. Like anything it can make you a better person or a bad person." He raised up the wrapped scone and took a small bite from one of the crumbled edges. "The quest ya' need to always ask is are you doing it for the accolades alone or do ya' wanna be a stronger you? A role model where folks can say you set a good example or some sports-thug."