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    "Oooh, Determined. See, that makes it more prettier than it actually is though." It had been amusing that she had prefered it all to be under the guise of determination. The competitive phrase for sportsmanlike stubborness. Something that he could empathize with considering that his own 'determination' had him in a position that most young men would dream of being in. It hadn't escaped his noticed that things had been at an arms length of sorts and while he did understand it part of him hadn't condoned it. In his mind they had already stepped into a forbidden zone, the escalation of what could happen didn't matter. But others, others wouldn't see it and she had often told him the perception is what will get you. Tyson snickered and opted to shine a grin on his face. "Aye' that lamp is a precious lamp, ya dig? Ain't gonna find one that can get a description as popping out your eyes more." He wouldn't inflate her ego by letting her know he would proabbly think that of any lamp that added that kind of touch, something small that could fit on the table. Noticeable but didn't out shine the woman's natural charisma. "Gotta' have one right at the couch side and one right at the bed side." He didn't expect to ever see her at the bed side any time soon but the imagery had still been there in his mind. "Didn't think it was durable enough to handle ya' naturally rough nature when training." As if a fence would survive a minor practice run of Quidditich or even some other wizard contact sport. "Couching a team at home and a team in the career zone, I can respect that." There had been the understanding that she would want kids eventually which mentally made him more aware that things could change at a drop of a time if she found there was no legitmate future on the current path. "Gotta' admit, with what ya' want surprised ya' decided to take this kind of chance with me."
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    "Stubborn, to the very end!" It was different having someone around that would meet 'blow for blow' of sorts. She didn't buckle under some weight or try to one-up, she was just challenging. "Glad you see I am pretty awesome, means I'm making all the right moves." His eyes narrowed as a firm smile shaped on his face with a smooth nod. Though his response held more of a jestful nature, it didn't escape him that he had been a bit 'different'. The way he chose to approach even to the extent that he had decided to pursue her with as much of a plan for his future that could be laid out. In his own mind he felt he was forced to grow up in a way that breeded more respect and application for responsibility. " 'At Least', she says. That's a major feat, ya' gotta have the right tempo to keep with someone. Like a dance." The more the conversation took a serious turn the more questions lingered on in his mind, things that he probably should have asked before hand. Everyone had an 'expectation' or a form of goal when they enter into a relationship and it hadn't escaped his notice that the difference in their age would most likely a different expectation. Her smile that beamed disarmed the thoughts for a moment as it beckoned his own lips to respond in kind. "Well, I haven't approached ya' like most people. Means I still gotta keep that approach even more so when it's true." There were times he'd say something or intentionally place himself at just the right angle to catch her eyes with his own, something to that extent he'd never vocally admit. "Hey, don't worry about it. I got this far working hard, only means I gotta' keep it up and show every ounce of it." Tyson hadn't achieved much, it was still the training grounds of life but this had been the final stretch before he'd be pitted against everything that School and lifes trials had been pruning him to maintain against. He showed that he had the determination by keeping his focus and hands busy, not devolving into trouble but raising up to the call of academics and even sports. Perhaps the 'Greatest' student but he was notable enough in his mind. Was it a wound? Certainly, it left something damaging on him something that he could either let fester or find ways to ignore the pain. He hadn't yet find the means to truly patch up something and he honestly wasn't sure there even was such a thing. "Oh, yeah? Bragging about me to your friends? Now ya' can run off and talk about how I got ya' a lamp." He grinned and gently nudged into her. It only brought back the previously concerns he had rolled around in his head, her friends, they were most likely people who had faced enough of the world to grow and hold the wisdom and experience to know for certain what they desired in life. "So, what is it ya' expectin'? I mean, I know some folks after having a career and their feet a bit established. . . They dream of the whole house with a white picket fence and like, a trolly of kids." Not that thought or idea scared him, it'd be something to have to build himself up towards since he wasn't anywhere near ready or capable of that just yet but he knew given a brief time his mindset could be enduring for it. "Curious on what ya' see for yourself. To see how serious this relationship is by what ya' have as milestones I guess."
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    "Ya' love it, admit it." A grinning smiled shaped on his face as he narrowed his gaze towards her. He didn't see anything wrong with her choosing to be happy with him - if that were the case. There was no way for him to personally verify it other than the fact that she had been here, that she had chosen to take the risk knowing what it could mean for her mostly. " 'Sides, my ego only matches the woman I'm with anyways." That much he was sure of - it took a special kind of self confidence, a self importance to manage playing a sport especially on an international level with other competitor's. Though he also expected it wasn't just that experience alone that shaped her but the particulars of her past that nailed in one needed to be strong and confident in oneself. Either way he was into the moment and it was one he would highlight as an important part of his day. "Oh, yea, definitely. That nice beautiful glossy brown that twinkles when the light hits em', super noticeable." The grin that had been on his face shifted to one that held more of an attempt to flatter look behind it. His hands grasped around the lamp as he pulled it more closer to secure it from slipping away but firm enough that it wouldn't suddenly get crushed if he needed to move quickly out of the way with it. "Probably plenty of better ones around but figure more specialized stores are into that kind of a dig. But nothing wrong with simple, it can have it's sophisticated flare and all." He nodded slightly with his eyes focused on the lamp as he inspected it closer in order to assure it held no pre-purchase cracks or nicks. But his attention would easily falter with the much more serious talk siphoning every bit of his focus into inspecting her and the eyes he had previously complimented. "If ya' keep up this honesty, I might need to bring ya' into one of those changing booths and take that time to kiss ya'." Tyson's grin formed again as he made the partial joke - partial because he would more than likely follow through with that kind of action given the chance. "Hah, as if my fam would even talk to me. There is a reason I'm tryin' to find a place of my own after Tally. No where else to really turn to, ya feel? My teammates know I'm seeing someone but it's kind of obvious too when I keep dipping out as soon as I can and hardly around the common anymore." Though the curiosity did hit at him for her own situation. "You? Been talking about your 'secret boo'? Or did ya' pops friend already kind of guess it out?"
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    "If life wasn't an imbalance it wouldn't be very exciting." It'd also be just a bit too fair, it was ironic to his mind that he equated a world of things being entirely fair as a bad thing. It meant no challenge, no one would extend further to better themselves and that there would just be a perpetual non-existence towards existence."Oh, yea? I think ya' just indirectly admitted that you're choosing to be happy with me." He grinned mischievously towards her and his 'cherry-picked' choice of viewing that particular statement. Whether that had been part of her happiness connection was unknown to him. "It's cool, I'm pretty happy with ya' too." Tyson playfully bumped into her. Eyes blinked several times for a moment as he glanced towards her. "Pick out a lamp? Me?" The moment she said to 'Spoil her' a shock ran through him admittedly, it wasn't a bad one either but rather more of a personal revelation. The mere idea of being able to cater to a person who had been a hard worker, that had a certain life style of independence. A want to supply anything to her had suddenly developed or maybe it was more of a hidden desire in general and it had been given that opportunity. His eyes scanned each option available as he reached out to grasp a table lamp - it was sleek with sterling silver base, it's stand shaped in a somewhat oblong fashion and a short purple shade that had been decorated with flower-like designs that would show specks of light through it for more of a flattering appeal. "I think this one could be pretty nice. It'd at least bring out ya' eyes if you ever read under her it or somethin." Tyson understood about himself several things and one of them had been that he felt a sense of conviction towards what one wanted made sure that you were truly giving it your genuine focus and attention. A person, in that regard, deserved no less than that and he had found it easy to do with Violet. "No tricks up these sleeves." Yet, even as she admitted her own seriousness a wave of heat burnt at his cheeks. Luckily, it didn't brim any fine color that could be easily noticed. He still held pride it not being called out over being bashful or blushing wit his kind of outgoing personality. "Yea? That's good cause it means we'll put our all into knowin' one another. None of that surface stuff people try to chase after." He could ask her about Quidditich, but that wasn't the selling point - it was only a commonality that they could bond on. For him, the selling point was that she caught his interest by not only challenging him but drawing him into her very atmosphere and presence. "Just know I ain't afraid to admit to myself that I am looking forward to being with ya'."
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    "Well, that's probably cause most of em' dunno the abundance of dangers folks like us have to contend with. It's like we have to manage the much more lethal version of muggle's idea of animals." His free hand rubbed the back of his neck as he gave a light snicker. "I mean, can ya' imagine havin' to deal with a freakin' Sphinx or a Chimera? Not my idea of a good balance of anything. Ya' know?" It didn't escape his understanding either that if he were to become an Auror there were chances he'd run into much more dangerous and volatile creatures than a Dark Wizard, like a Dark Wizard's wicked magic project of a Serpent-Spider mix. That would be a hell of a life that's for sure. "Course' that'd probably just make them believe their point is being made. . . Heh, just one of them things - Damned if you do, damned if you don't." He shrugged casually at the thought of it all, people still were led to what they believe. There had been an aesthetic appeal towards the lamps that they had been viewing, nothing that would be his particular style. But he could imagine there just needed to be a specific kind of décor that would make them fit perfect and snug, make something feel just a bit more like home. "Sometimes it's good to grab stuff ya' don't need and just want. Spoil ya' self a bit." Treating oneself well was always a bath towards happiness, at least if it is a possible purchase at any rate. Tyson nodded firmly. "Yea, serious." He snorted with a smile as his eyes rolled playfully. "Course' I'm serious about something. I'm not here just cause it's like. . . Some kind of dalliance, ya feel?" He shook his head after giving his next words a bit more time to stew before being released. "Never been the type to follow the whole, date and find out thing. I'm lucky early in life to know what I'm looking for and if I find it figure I gotta follow it and see if I'm really seein' it or just playing tricks with my head." For what it was worth, he did see it, he didn't think it was all in his head. Pessimism wasn't his approach, cautious surely but he knew that he wanted to see where they could go by fully investing himself into her. "I'm serious about wanting to be with ya', regardless of everything else that may be considered an issues."
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    Tyson nodded towards her as he listened to the explanation. "Oh, I get ya', kind of like this one woman I know. She's pretty and cool, but she has this fascination with that modern Quidditich stuff. I bet they'd see somethin' like that as a likely imbalance. All that intense animosity on the field!" Truthfully, it could have been a number of things that would feel or seem odd towards him. But he also conceded that cultures were as they were, long standing and deep rooted - it simply was just how the people were and what they grew up knowing and following in. He snorted that had an extremely amused grin lathered on his face. "Don't get me wrong, Sportsfan. I know all too well you're flawed~." One of his fingers extended outwards to poke at her side tenderly. "But the people and things that are easy and highly admired are the ones that know they ain't perfect, somethin' more human about them. That connection and understandin'." His expression shifted to one of false rejection as he made an exaggerated sigh of disappointment. "See, here I thought we were gettin' somewhere! Guess I gotta put a lot more detective work in, no biggie, totally worth it." A grin formed even as she glanced over her shoulder to further enhance the idea of the mystery that surrounded her. "Oh boy, we have ourselves a real secret agent walkin' amongst us common folk." He snickered as they passed by the various lamps that had been showcased by the store. A few of them were pretty nice, nothing that he could work with yet but maybe eventually. "Ya' know, never a bad time to start considerin' new lamps. Always good for a nice and interest change and pace of things." "I made sure I worked myself to know my full worth. I ain't the type to think a person can have worth in some field without having worked towards it. That's the cost of talent. . ." It was a sad truth, in this kind of world and age just being a person didn't gift you worth in the eyes of many. Rather, what you could use with the talents you naturally moved into or the ones you've worked hard to establish. "Nah, ya' wouldn't be in my way. And sure, it makes distance less important, but I'd also like to be able to see ya' without having to resort to that if I don't need to. Don't get me wrong, I know my path and life and all that is important. But so is my personal life, I ain't walking it alone and try to consider the few that are important." With a slight tilt of his head he smiled towards her. "And some have me wantin' to prove how serious I am about some stuff."
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    "Compromised? . . . Ya' know what? Nevermind, somethin' tells me it's probably one of those 'Don't REALLY want to know' situations." Tyson chuckled as he shook his head to try and shake out the various possibilities that threatened to thread through his mind. "Yea, I get that, I mean. . . Sometimes ya' just do what needs to be done. It isn't 'bout if other's can understand it. Ya' had a culture and a way of life that made sense and ya' all did what had to be done for survival. Besides, ain't nothing wrong with the woman I see - not a thing." Regardless of where her heritage bubbled from it didn't change his view or opinion - not that it couldn't or wouldn't be a problem for someone in his generation. But all he had control over was himself and he seen a spectacular woman. "Do ya' know? Do tell~" He didn't expect that she'd actually unveil those secrets but it was always interesting to see a response to such a revelation. Would she tell him? Deny him to try and see if he'd be enticed himself to chase after the mysterious thoughts that were locked away in the mind? "And my secrets are awesome, world changin' best of the best." He stated in a faux boast and bravado. He knew he didn't have any 'secrets', most of what was 'secret' were just things that were probably never asked yet or thought of yet to impart. A nod flowed as he exhausted a gentle breath. "Yea, I know. Make them work for it and see if I can come out on top regardless of the choice. Gotta' secure my own self with the resources they toss out to me and all." It was a type of politics all on it's own, the politics of who was better and how did they see his 'worth'. "Prolly housing, buy myself a bit more time on findin' a place. And definitely a spot on the first string team, Gotta' make them see my worth as I do. They ain't getting a chump so I won't let em' treat me like a chump." He looked away for a moment and then narrowed his gaze towards Violet. "That and they Gotta' make sure to give me a place well. . . Closer to ya'. They won't know that specific detail but I figure it would be easier to see ya' more."
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    "Casting demons out, eh? Gotta' say, the curiosity in me would want to see that." His face contorted for a moment as if he were re-thinking that kind of encounter entirely. "Er. . . Far away, ya dig? I ain't in the business of having one jump into me if it does hold some merit behind it." Tyson snickered lightly with the usual grin that often graced his face. "But I get what ya' mean, some might think as a kid ya' would have been possessed or somethin'. Could have gotten pretty dangerous in a lot of ways I bet." Other countries and their cultures, it could be volatile as much as it had been rich. There had been several things often taken for granted. "Explain bit though, yo. Ya' lived a life where ya' needed to be extremely cautious, watch everythin' around and hope ya' didn't mess up or stumble. The kind of awareness that is like. . ." A hand rose up to rub along the side of his cheek in thought. "Like knowing that kind of stuff is still underneath and just covered up to look as if it's all solved, kind of deal." Tyson's head slowly nodded as he clenched his lips together. "Those the guns you're firin' with huh? Heh. I worked on that plan all of five seconds in the moment. I'm a genius on the full court press." He gave another gentle bump against her as a form of retaliation for the comment she made. "Can't have ya' seein' my secret play book either. Keep that in a safe place." Eyes pinned on her as he admired the shape of her natural form, she was an amazing masterpiece. What had been more of a call to him, however, had been the realization that this was a lot larger than he had anticipated it would be. Even as he tried to laugh it off as no big deal when they first met, it -was- a big deal - for the better in his opinion. There was a different air about her, something that was much more inviting to him - as if it were okay that they were taking this kind of route. "They are, full scholarships as long as I keep to the stipulations of the agreement with practice time and grades being kept up." He rubbed the back of his neck and trailed along the graze of his hair. "Yea, an American team sent word to me - The home team here didn't, maybe they're waitin' to see what I can put up in the college level. But I ain't gonna grab anything out of Australia as a choice." That wasn't viable - not anymore to him. "Maybe if I didn't have other wants, ya know? But there's other stuff I want that has me super focused on making an impact home. But I definitely plan to go the school route and seein' which ones are willin' to up the ante."
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    "Only color I know is red." He offered the joke in the form of a winning smile. "It'd matter anywhere and everywhere, one way or another ya' gonna be seen as some kind of 'prized pony'. But someone will always find a reason to not like ya', whether it's color or circumstances, social class or position in some kind of job or league." The edge of his thumb coursed along her hand gently as he glanced over towards Violet. "Ya' see, I come from a family where there are more wizard than just Muggles, but the numbers aren't too far apart. Both sides, kind of, my ma and pops were two muggles that held the same viewpoint. Magic bad, normal world better - always had somethin' to prove and tried to beat in me with their success. Ya know, the type to try and lord it over folks as if it were intended to meet some kinda' big thing." Tyson's shoulders rose up as if to shrug off the entire thing. "When ya' have folks in ya' life that find a reason to hate magic and the folks who use it then ya' are put in a place where all ya' can do is shrug off opinions of others no matter how close or personal they are or can get." Being ridiculed for whom you were and what you believed or simply things that shaped you had been something he knew would always occur, even before he started getting into the game of Quidditich. Truthfully, he had always intended to ignore the large voices of the masses. "Oh, yea? I should? Maybe I just want to hear that woman's voice more often so I just keep slapping out reasons for her to talk and advise me?" Low laughter exhumed from him. The following question causing a slightly more serious look to appear on his face. "VMU reached out to me for a scholarship, so did Red Dust out in the North. Been waiting for others to come in, especially now with the school year winding tightly." He followed behind her into one of the shops as she took the lead, it felt weird being led by another person in this kind of manner. And not something he felt resistant against either. "Oh, yea? Only some day? Sounds like ya' might be more anticipating it than I am!" Which wasn't a bad thing either, it would mean at least they were on the same page on where they 'intended' to be, to see where the walk went. "Always Gotta' go to the red, it's the color that pops out more. Much more worth it when ya' roll around on it for comfort."
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    It was rare for him to gain the opportunity to see the more virulent sparks that formed of Violet's opinions or view-points. While he expected it was a major part of her view, considering the school she worked for, he hadn't considered it was this strong. "Oh, ya' gonna show me, huh? Well, if it's you I don't think I'll mind too much, yea?" A grin twisted onto his face after she had nudged him. "People will judge me harshly regardless. Get too good? You get super hate on one end, accolades on the other. Fall short from their expectations? Ya' get more hate than a Death Eater in Europe." He had expected intense criticism no matter what road he walked, the intensity would be different depending, but the moment things would hinge on a public view everyone would be judged. "But it's still a double-edged route, yea? Sure, the ladies have to work harder to prove it - but so do guys. It may seem easy but the burden is knowing people expect you to be good -because- of what's between your legs dangling. If a gal fails it's either ridicule or 'she tried her best', for a guy? It's only the best or ridicule. No middle ground." That had been a bit of his own experience, no doubt having to prove you're capable was a much harder slope to work - but trying to prove you weren't near useless was also a challenge when it came to male perceptions. "And yea' I get you, I definitely feel that you're trying to keep me learned from your mistakes in the past. Or, at least the stuff you feel are truly mistakes. The whole 'whether they're actually mistakes or not' still is a personal view in some cases." His hand squeezed hers tightly, securely as he conveyed the next words. "But I ain't worried too much about the weight. I was bred strong but I also have a pretty strong woman nearby that I can trust and know supports me. It'd be rough but I trust this combined strength." He liked her - A lot or more specifically, wanted her more than he would have expected. "Aaah, get the pillows and stuff. I'll look at it as alternative weight training. Get the muscles buffed up!" He made a playful flex motion and then lowered his arms. "Oh, yea? Train me, huh? Hahaha. Somethin' tells me your training is like a walk through hells fifth gate."
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    "Bet ya' could get behind it." He snickered, he understood what she meant but wondered if that had been a façade or even if all the publicity and attention over the years had actually worn out on her. She didn't seem to be an attention hog, more of a competitive type where such attention just happened to present itself for the talented. "I just wanna' take for the record that ya' admitted that the girls are worse. I'll take this as a win for all male-kind." A laughter pressed outwards from him as his head tilted slightly. "But I believe it, most of the Beater's I know? Girls. They have a lot more aggression to take out than folks would think." Some more so than others, not really his position to judge on how they managed to get the aggression out - at least it was in something productive. Tyson also respected the dedication that people offered and put towards things they spent energy and a large amount if their life imbuing into it. Even if it did seem to cost a bit more in other areas other than time, energy, and wounds. "Oh, yea? And what exactly are the kinds of things I'll be carrying in that case? I should have set up some premium rates." In his view he was already getting paid - the chance to at least have just another reason to spend time with Violet. Something that he could use as a proper defense if anyone were to poke and prod much more than they needed to. "Vi with the right hook to the kidney, hitting a guy in the heart of his game! Now ya' have to help me regardless." As if it would constitute a proper 'punishment'. She tugged, he followed even more - his feet trying to keep up with the sudden motion before lining back in motion with her speed. Brief laughter extended out from him. "New shelves? Didn't think ya' were asking me to move in already." He stated in teased tone. "They say that's how ya' can catch a hefty Politician by the toe, pieces of candy and cookies."
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    There had been only so much he could do, in the light, in the opened - it paled in comparison to what he wanted to do. While he was new the sensation and desires that came with being in a relationship in general, he hadn't been naïve to the walk of it and what to expect and what is often to be expected. Add on the unique circumstances between himself and her, the process of being spontaneous and creative in how he conveyed it had to be developed. Her smile had been the sign he needed to know that it was a good step. "Ha! Yea? Bet ya'll find that my kind of focus and attention is top notch, best there is!" He jokingly boasted as their fingers intertwined more securely. "Course' you gotta be careful what you want, may end up having my mind wander too much." The edge of his shoulder gently bumped into hers in a light flirtatious approach. "Can only imagine how often ya' go through that kind of stuff. Beaters can break stuff like it's a day job with how vicious they get." While it hadn't been the Beater's specifically, those that knew how to work their way against a Bludger may as well have taken the full credit for its destructive force. The passion that she spoke with involving her team was one of her many admiring qualities, honestly, he had wanted to see her in the act of working with them, teaching. But that was something that wasn't viable for the moment. "Sounds like ya' found yourself a personal carrying gofer." A grin formed on his face, even as the blush creeped along her cheeks which caused his grin to soften slightly. "I could use some new digs, may need a bit of help gettin' some stuff on." Any attempt to just have a 'reason' to be closer in public, or even in semi-public, when it involved clothing. "Aye', maybe if they packed more cookies in. It's bad when they're too addicting." Well, at least some of the flavors were addicting. It was like some kind of tease that they had planned, a conspiracy of the cookies. "Ha, let's just hope it'd be a downfall for them instead of just another day at the office." Tyson started to walk along at a gentle pace, he didn't want to rush to their destination - as much as time had been limited he wanted to make it seem as if it were much longer than they both may end up having. "So, stuff from home, eh? What's on the list?"
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    "Oh man, ya' already on to my grand master plan! Sounds like I need to switch it up a bit then." A smirk grew on Tyson's face as he stared at Violet, a gentle course of his thumb lining along her knuckles slowly. Whether she was aware of it or not he had wanted her the moment they started to spend more time together, maybe even the moment the idea and desire to just be around her sparked inside of him. "I don't mind waiting too much. They say some stuff and people are well worth the wait." Or in this case, worth giving the attention to in every way that he could given the opportunities that opened up every now and then. "You love it when my eyes are focused just on you anyways." His head nodded slowly, freedom, it sounded nice to have in the moment. Even if things weren't beyond tense in its atmosphere from whatever criminal had drawn in such a high alert there were still the binds of the major exams rolling around the corner. He followed at her tug without any resistance and a grin that formed on his face a playful idea came to mind. "Plan on showing me all of your favorite 'outfits' you can't wait to wear, eh?" Not that he would mind sitting back and watching her showcase her own fashion show, that held its own allure in so many ways that he couldn't even give a reason to them all. "Didn't expect it to be all solved this soon. Someone confident and known enough to send an entire country and council into high alert didn't get that way from being careless and tripping up on some girl scout cookies." As amusing as the idea was to imagine someone that was a known infamous criminal stumbling over their goal and being jailed for having an insatiable sweet tooth. . . It just wasn't something he could see really happening. "Just gives me even more reason to just spend all the time I can snag up with ya'. Can't say it's an entirely bad outcome when I think about it that way, yea?"
  14. Where the Breeze Blows

    Like usual, Tyson arrived to class just on time - he had been making it more a habit of it to build up a positive rapport. He had to make sure that he not only could maintain good and consistent grades but also that whatever was going on within his life wasn't causing them to suffer. No, on the contrary, it had to make it seem as if he were excelling even further due to whatever linger influences may reside. Of course, it was harder to be optimistic on that end when the crazed Elemental Professor had the class outside on a somewhat breezy day as his hands pressed into his jacket and he let out an exhaustive huff. "Man. . . This is gettin' even crazier than I thought it would. . ." He mumbled under his breath and the course of a whirling wind that hopefully did well to mask his verbalized discontentment. Eyes drifted upwards to hone more on the targets - much like the Water and Fire lesson - there seemed to be focuses for the intention of having magic used against them. He wasn't looking forward to seeing how something as dangerous as the forces of Air could be flubbed up but he had to admit that he at least got a work out with using his magic and keeping up with having the ritualistic movements committed to mind. Everything was handled safely, right?
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    Tyson had been seeing more often, she had become a breath of fresh air amongst the tension that seemed to fester in Tallygarunga. It hadn't been a bad balance either even with the potential danger of being found out having a higher chance behind it. She gave him a feeling of warmth when he was around her even if they couldn't express it so openly, even if things needed to be covered in a veil of secrecy and obscurity. He had to admit even with his own more firm start initially there had been a shift in concern on the 'What if' that could always occur. The last thing he had wanted was to get the woman into any long lasting trouble, yet, he couldn't fight the much more emotional and impulsive nature that beckoned in the bell of desire for her. The worries seemed to wash away from his mind even if briefly as he spotted her in sight even more so with that smile that dressed on her. "My bad, I thought I had more time to kick around. Getting every bit of studying I can with this whole Third term on the heels." He smirked towards her, at least it seemed like the light was at the end of the tunnel. All they had to do was go through these last two hurdles of his school and that would be one heavy burden lifted from their shoulders. "Did ya' miss me that much?" A grin started to form as his brow curved inwards teasingly. "Gotta' make you savor the moment when I do pop up. Can't have you taking me for granted too soon." His head shook lightly while his hand started to couple around hers, feeling that brief squeeze around it. "Nah, just last minute brush ups. They haven't let up their vigil though so just as much of a headache as always. Don't blame em' but just still exhausting." His head nodded lightly towards her. "What's the plan on ya' list today? Plan to drag me to some place and make me wait all those minutes as pay back?" A playful smile shined brightly.