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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Oooomph. . .  This one student control their flame. Now I'm rocking the bandage. That's gonna make training bit difficult.

  2. A Place to Belong

    It had seemed nearly unreal, that he had been invited to stay in a place and make it his 'Home'. A concept that had been so foreign he wasn't sure where to go with the tracks that'd been running through his mind. Tallygarunga felt like a home but at best it'd been temporary in some ways, still leaving its effect on his heart and in his memories. Very few things left the feeling of butterflies within his abdomen but the choice to make the move had been something that did and primarily from how out of place it felt. Wrapping his mind around it even as many of the boxes that had been packed away were transported to the extremely flattering household that his eyes focused on. Everything seemed to fall into place far more than he'd been comfortable with but he knew one couldn't keep looking the gift horses in the mouth. Sometimes, they were offered from being that were good at heart and had the best intentions for someone's livelihood. Something that personally had been sensed about Alex, not to mention, it made it far easier for them to work out the plans for the various adventures that still awaited for them. The thought alone added more of an excited blaze to counteracted the fluttering wings in his belly. "Hah, yea, but that's why most of 'em don't have that unique physique." Flourishing in a playful flex as if to prove some form of point. Sporting a wide smile before lowering his arms with adjusted attention towards the various boxes. Picking up one of the medium sized ones that traveled the length of his torso and held the weight to match its stature at that. "Balls, the hell did I pack in here again. . .?" Laughing in boisterous good-nature. "Sure, can count this as part of our workout! That and moving folks in is a pretty good way to build up bonds. It's something I kind of enforced back at Tally with some of the younger House members I watched over." Just talking about them his mind wandered, how had the rest of them been? "Folks didn't really take to that kind of mindset from me, Heh. I guess hold habits, ya know?"
  3. How High Can You Go?

    One thing he'd always been caution about had been the use of magic around those that didn't harbor it within themselves. Not entirely for the reason of it being 'against the law if it happens to be a Muggle'. In the case of his idea it'd been to enjoy the time to learn about someone in transit along with simply not wanting to subject her to something that could potentially be looked at as something to be 'without'. A response he'd been accustomed towards in some manner, even with the years that'd passed, that effect still seemed to linger within. On the other end, how could he turn down the plan to go on a form of road trip? It'd been the kind of thing Muggles talked about often, why couldn't a Wizard and a Squib do the same? Things didn't need to established right then and there, something of that kind of effort and resources to use required a bit more forethought and planning. Something he personally believed had been one of his many strong suits, even having some cash squirreled away for some of his 'cheat days' at Mrs. K's store which had been one of his usual spots. It hadn't entirely crossed his mind, however, that he'd been making such plans with someone that could be considered a 'Friend of a Friend' or perhaps far more the accurate, 'My Mentor's Sister'. In that light he looked and felt far more comfortable about the plans being set in motion, even if it wouldn't be able to turn out as discussed they would've been able to plan for something somehow. Tyson's expression shifted to one that mirrored someone that had been half-inquisitive, half-amazed at the fact that Alex had left his question far more opened to his imagine with her smirk. That strike of realization that he had no idea just who he was dealing with, the kind of shenanigans that would most likely end up occurring without even trying or maybe it would be the trying that would end up causing them to blowup even further? Now his creativity had been weaving together a series of different exaggerated scenarios, such as somehow sledding in the winter time in a Santa's sleigh. -Why- was that even a thing to come up in his mind? "Yea? Haha, is that how it works?" Head tilted to the side slightly to question her reasoning. Did it make sense? Yes, in his mind, at a certain point a person may not want to take the effort and would've preferred the hammer to the face approach. Whether he believed it had been her particular reason, he wasn't sure. But he also didn't want to seem as if he'd been judging her in either route. "Visit some places already around, eh?" The sound of the rope whirling and contracting against the spinning mechanism echoed in his ear until they managed to make it to the ground. His hands working at the safety harness, unlocking the hinger in an eased motion to avoid struggling with it too much through haste. "Yea, I should have more time, honestly. Like ya' said, since we're already here we may as well. Avoid wasting the chance we offered ourselves being in the area."
  4. When major stuff happens. . . The Auror Cadets are definitely gossip buzzbirds.

  5. How High Can You Go?

    "Yea, the one around here. Pretty relaxed place from what some folks tell me, a group of the students in my program go there every Friday to kind of 'unwind', I guess." While it hadn't been a surprise that so many Wizards and Witches enjoyed many of the quality of life improvements that came from the Muggle world. There'd been no chance he would've knew just how popular such spots had been for them, maybe it'd just been due to Australia's closer knitting of the two societies literally skirting next to one another more than others? "Well, we both live out in Melbourne pretty much, yea? Could always rent out a vehicle or something and take the ride together there and back." While he did have an apparition license he also held his driving one as well, finding that being able to traverse like a Muggle kept a lowkey existence and had been a resource not often used or expected. While he knew it could be expensive he'd learned a long time ago the importance of home economics. Squirreling away money, putting enough towards the important things while tucking the 'rainy day' funds elsewhere. 'Hrm. . . If needed I could always just pick up extra hours at the dojo or something too. . .' a passing thought made itself known in his mind a bit louder in his head than expected. An ironic stance in life, working hard to have fun later but most likely not having the energy or time to make use of it optimally. Still, hanging out with Alex would've been worth the extra effort behind it, what the woman had to teach and hopefully as a proxy it would've helped her out as much as it could him. "Wait, hold up." One of his hands released from the edge of the wall to make an opened palm formation. As if to actively give a visual figure of the sign of 'stop'. "Rewind, a -ditch-? What kind of stuff are ya' even -into-, lady?" He was sure, entirely one-hundred percent positive, that it was too specific of an addition amongst the things she listed that it had to have some form of story behind it. "Ya' know, you don't need the alcohol. You're pretty fun with out it. Ya' don't ring me as the kind of person that really needs it to unwind, probably skilled enough to find another funnel easily." It had been far more of a hypothesis on his end involving the bit of things that they'd just talked about that seemed to interest her. "Oomph, yea, you're right. Aight, how about this, I can move stuff around and we can hit the Batting Cages and an Arcade in the same day. Seems like a pretty good compromise. Then another day we can try out Basil's place, see what the jig is." Afterwards, he started to adjust himself to mount the wall once more. Grasping hold of the rope that had been tethered to the hook that clung to his waist as if he were preparing to propel downwards.
  6. How High Can You Go?

    "Hey, I'm tryin' to give ya' some mystique and mystery here. All the best teachers have them." At least the ones that often had been attempted to be portrayed in media and literature. There always seemed to be that one individual that held a wealth of knowledge, that moved mountains inside people with simple words and limited action as if to emphasize that even a subtle movement shook the foundation for many people. It seemed he had been more on the money with his shot in the dark, even if it had been far more of a joke than trying to pry about her personal hobbies and likes. Half of the fun had been the discovery, the other half at times had been in attempting that very discovery -horribly-. It had been the way memories could be relived, even someone with the streak and desire for success like himself could see the major benefits of it. Proper misadventures on the not so deadlier end of the spectrum. But it also seemed that Alex had made a habit during her time of approaching the arcade with the spirit of a conqueror, even to the extent of going into a small detail on the different platforms she used aside from the Arcade's own machines. Practice, Being able to get an understanding of a character in secret without people watching did seem like a strategic advantage. They'd end up knowing in the moment just how much time had been invested in learning the game and the different combinations when it came to fighting ones. Racing, racing had been far simpler in knowing the car and when to kick the gear and turbo at just the right moment. Either way, there would be a wealth of competitive choices. "It seems ya' just hit me at the heart of the matter there! I don't know much about ya', Madam Artist." Aside from the fact she'd been his old Bourke Mentor's twin sister and that she had a talent for drawing and related works, what did he truly know of the woman? "Everyone has a bit of a story to tell about themselves and stuff they like." He shrugged lightly, believing that most people had more about them than even they realized. Finding himself in that small hook of things quite easily in recent days. "At home consoles are probably a better investment simple for the whole, 'Not wanting to drain the wallet'." He snickered lightly at the thought of it. Something for him to ponder and consider as an option. "Ya' know, there is this Internet Cafe. Folks there have tournaments for different stuff all the time."
  7. How High Can You Go?

    "I've much to learn from you there, Sensei." The phrase had been far too cliche for him, enough that it caused a fit of laughter to flow from him without reservation. An amused smile creasing strongly as he tried to funnel as much air as he could through his nostrils in order to quell the fit in him from the exchange itself. "Bet ya' watch all the classic kung-fu movies in secret saying stuff like that." The shift in the atmosphere felt different, or at least different than what he'd usually been accustomed towards. Far less expectations, from others and most of all from himself, even when exercising or training he'd held the expectation of getting better and stronger. Of course, he knew his words shot a bullet into the humorous mood that had swept them. He hadn't been ignorant to the weight that it brought along even if it seemed like a normal worry to him. The fact it had been 'normal' when it shouldn't have seemed to create much of the pressure in conversation and the laid-back nature that had once threaded through it. While he knew working harder had been the only current alternative for him managing to eek out some form of productive existence, there also remained the fact that working too hard had been what led many people into an early grave. The weight of it leading him to keep in mind that proper release had been important, crucial, to a healthy living in the face of the stresses of life. "What, ya' don't want to go hitting random ranges and spots and rating them with me? I wouldn't know a good spot until I've tried it." At least he hadn't been so pulled into the Wizarding world that he'd forgotten the various Muggle aspects of life and recreation. Much of its till a major part of what he enjoyed doing as much as he enjoyed Quidditich. "Wait, you hit arcades?" It wasn't disbelief in his tone of voice or even his features, rather the caught off guard shock. "Seemed the type to enjoy more of the outside adventures! But, ya' know, that sounds pretty cool to do. I know a few of my underclassmen back at the other school really got into the idea of it, I never really joined. Just told them keep out of trouble."
  8. Class has been more intense lately. . . Think the Instructor's are trying to emphasize something here. Not sure I'm feeling it. 

  9. How High Can You Go?

    "Old man?!" A barely audible guffaw flowed from him. His hand raising up to cover part of his mouth until the fit of laughter died down before readjusting himself along the wall. "Guess that'd make ya' a bit ancient there ya' self." He offered a grin towards her which had been met with a light shrugging of his shoulders sooner after. "Not that I mind. You ancient people can be pretty cool to hang around with." Eyes fixated on Alex and her posture, keeping an attentive awareness of his own to make sure that he could respond in time if either of them met the 'tipping point' in an unexpected manner. "My life has always been busy really. Well. . . Busy since I started the whole. . ." One of his hand rose up from the edge of the wall and extended out briefly in front of the two of them. The lengthy appendages wiggling in a 'mystical' fashion as if to add a physical response instead of outright saying it before his hand lowered again. "Parents kicked me clean out when they found out, around the time the school accepted me. Since then had to pretty much work my way through, providing for myself and all that fun bits." Working hard for survival had drove him to be a dedicated individual but at the cost of everything being turned for a means of self-preservation in some manner. Tyson's head rocked left-to-right for a moment in consideration of her question. Did he? While there'd been things he did that he found fun most of it had also been with the primary idea that it provided for him somehow. "Fun. . . That doesn't somehow end up with me trying to find some cash?" He snickered lightly, as if the financial struggle had been a joke. It'd been the only way to look at his situation, in his eyes, and come out even a bit sane. "Not really. I mean, I do practice my Muay Thai when I can. A bit of exercising from that is fun a lot of times, also started to get into building these small scale models of things." A faint smile seemed to curl along his features. "Course, that was because I wanted to hang around one of my friends a bit more." He figured more social interactions might've even helped Chloe in the long run if they'd started out a bit contained and honed into things that interested her. "Until it feels like I won't risk time on the street, finding something to just take a break and have fun with might be a bit hard. Course, there are days like these. . . Where I need to channel the built up frustration somehow." He leaned forward slightly, taking in the sudden rush that pushed through his body from the sensation that it 'may fall' at any moment. The intoxication of that heartbeating excitement. "Might need to start visiting a batting range, walls won't start popping up to climb at random."
  10. How High Can You Go?

    "Not that kind of price, ya' know." His lips tugged into a smirk and his head shook briefly. "Sometimes you can be happy in both places, it's just a change that could mean something new. But the price is ya' either give up that chance or that something new would make something else fall or folks to think that you preferred that choice over them." It's the cost of 'loss' as he often thought about it. Magic was a new world, not one he could've denied yet it cost him a home - His immediate family. It was a price paid that had been taken out of his hands and placed him in the current predicament he found himself in. A chuckle flows from his lips. "Said nothin' about you being that helpless, Slowpoke. Healthy caution, nothing with it." He wasn't sure about her but when it came to himself he couldn't risk the idea of pride getting in the way of his own health. If he's out then that would be a major hit to a deblitating degree. And as long as someone had been his presence he wouldn't let them take such a risk so easily either, just wasn't how he'd been programmed. Pushing himself up to the very top of the wall to sit on just the edge of it while grasping one of the upper lining protrusions to offer steadiness., eyes casting across the full span of what could be seen and the seas of people that crowded down below. It helped him to place into perspective how hard-work could and would be for him in the end. "Ahahaha, yea, I get what you mean." If they weren't in such a highly populated circumstance he could've used a spell to make that issue just a tadbit easier. Alas it was a moment meant to be taken in and relieved through memory alone. "But, ya' know? These kind of things shouldn't ever be easy to catch on camera. Sometimes it's in that moment, knowing it's gonna be somethin' rare that makes it surreal." He scoffing softly and shaking his head while his eyes narrowed slightly. "Now I sound like some kind of old soul. . ." Tyson's head lifted up to stare towards the sky as the cooling breeze touched against the damp surface of his exposed skin. "Gotta' take what I can get with this kind of thing."
  11. How High Can You Go?

    His head leaned back and lips pressed together to huff out a course of air. Though he'd been in top shape given his many activities the feeling of temporary relief of reaching the peak couldn't be held back. A sense of vigor washing over him knowing that the descent down would be far easier depending on the way that they decided to do so. Tyson's fingers stretched a few times before affixing his gloves once more to ensure that they were still securely fastened to his hands with little risk of them slipping off and causing some form of injury. "But kind of silly in the end when I think on it, ya know?" Lips tightening into a firm line while slightly bending part of the flesh into his mouth to nibble on it in thought. "Pretty much being a cop means being in the sights of cameras anyways in some fashion." It had been the safest term he could think of to use without alerting those that were less aware of the Wizarding world around the area. "Maybe not the same fanfare at first but it can get pretty bad in that area too. . . At least if ya' the really skilled type." Or someone that ended up getting high-profile criminal locked up and off the streets so to speak. It had been something he tried to avoid thinking about. Choices demanded that he would ended up within the focus of lenses: Which kind of life did he truly want to portray for it? A snicker pressing out of him with a smile turning halfway upwards. "Most things don't edge the line of impossible. Difficult, yea. Probably costly too." When it came to sports people paid to go and see the teams or far more often a set or single player that seemed to sweep the fields and their hearts with some form of competitive charm and wit. Being loved enough could keep a player in the league but what if there hadn't been a big opinion on them? How quick could a defiant one be booted and no one notice? A slight huff rumbled out of him from the sheer thought of such a fate. "In the end personal choice on if the cost is worth that chance to try and break away in those kind of situations. Especially those without much for them in general. . ." The necessity of playing it smart had been crucial for him, a fact he was far too keenly aware of given his situation of ostracization. Tyson's gaze examined Alex's features; He could barely see the line of sweat that touched her face from the gleaming light of the sun. "We can take a quick breather before dropping down. Don't need ya' dropping into a faint here, I don't think Jamie would be very happy with either of us if that happened."
  12. How High Can You Go?

    Tyson held strong vocal chords though he wasn't sure if it had been enough to push loud enough for himself. Being an assistant to someone often meant he needed to take lead on a class or two, which led to having to be far more stern and controlled in volume when speaking outwards. Even so, he wasn't too confident that his own voice would be able to reach the woman's ears the higher that he managed to ascended. He was certain even attempting so might cause a bit of a slowing in his pace. He couldn't help but to hold a grin at the words yelled towards him, she did hold more of a point. Reaching the top would signify the end of the race which meant the descent could be taken far more leisurely than the ascent. There hadn't been much longer between them at the capstone of the wall, reaching his arm upwards to try and pull himself with an escalated speed to try and reach that point first. Grappling hold of the final pointed out peg that clung out of the wall; whether or not he'd been the first at the top he wasn't sure at this point. Alex's words pulling him out of his zone of focus entirely while turning his gaze towards her, wherever she may have been along their race. "Professionally? I had considered it, ya know? But can't say I have been leaning towards it. Light's, camera's, trying to watch my step and what I say. . . Kind of stuff that doesn't really appeal to me." His head lifted up to stare towards the sky for a moment then trained his sights back on the older woman. "But I may take up the college team angle, at least for a bit. Scholarship and all, it's why so many schools wanted to pick me up as much as some leagues." He still had some time before he needed to join the University team before his 'Scholarship' would timeout. Something that he couldn't afford for it to do either. "Someone I used to date gave me a painted picture of what they went through during their International fame of the sport. As much as I'd like to say, 'I do what I want, it's my life'. Ain't that easy, never is that easy." It had been the point where a sport was more than just the entertainment of sportsmanship. It almost seemed like some form of play, as if a certain décor needed to be held up as a 'gimmick'. Was that the kind of life he really wanted to subject himself towards?
  13. I think imma get in on that Martial Arts competition that's coming up. . . Been a while since I fought in a competition.

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    2. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      @Samantha Hammond Ahahaha, yea, maybe! A lot of talent, ya know? The prize for me isn't really the 'winning'. It's seeing the level of discipline folks put into their art. The things ya' can see there? Man. . . It's breath taking sometimes.

    3. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      I'll go watch you anyway if I can, win or lose! What's important in the end is that you have fun through it :) 

    4. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      Ya' free to come! I'll even come pick ya' up.

  14. How High Can You Go?

    "Lobster Curry?" His head tilted to the side questioningly, not that it sounded odd in of itself. He just didn't take her for the sort to eat curry and if he had to be honest he never entertained the thought before. Though no one experienced anything new by shying away from it that had just been a simple universal truth with many things. It didn't sound bad either the more he thought on it further either. "Aight, we can do that then. Probably easier on both of us that way." A low laughter falling from his lips with a quirky smile. He expected most people to tune out when he went through the process of explaining the general basics of the game when it came to each position and their job. Even more so when it came to the usual capabilities those positions are scouted for. The entire game itself had been normal for him or as normal as it could be for someone who hadn't been fully exposed to the Wizarding world while growing up in the single digit years. "Ahaha, Ya' would be surprised what could happen in the moment with those kinds of things too." Not that he would've turned down a spar with someone under proper conditions. He had long expected that Jamie most likely wasn't a Martial Artist, mostly because it didn't seem as if the man had much time for anything since signing up with the Major leagues of Quidditich. "It's a pretty good to take up earlier in life but tons of folks start later on too. Ya' know, it helps with discipline and health as much as it does in self confidence." Some people ended up with far too much confidence that they knocked on the door of Arrogance itself but it'd been a competitive enough environment that most people could be knocked back down to the humble realms. "Yea! Pretty much what Chaser is like, honestly." Tyson glanced towards her with a grin. It never popped in his mind to make that kind of relation, something new to file in the pages. "Doesn't have the same kind of thrill from it for me. Quidditich is this kind of. . . Unique freedom." Then his eyebrow arched upwards and he laughed lightly. "Ya wanted to talk a bit. Can't do that if I'm outright beating ya'." He smirked playfully while picking up his pace once more as he started to climb higher with increasing momentum. "Guess we'll just have to chat after this!"
  15. How High Can You Go?

    The expedited ascent that he made to catch himself up to the woman could be attested to drive and confidence within himself that he would be able to make every advance without hesitation or consideration of the fall. It had less to do with knowing that he could always show up at some magical healer's door to get treated, it simply had been the way he chose to carry himself as a athlete. Nothing had ever been gained with fear of the path ahead, worrying about the pain that could occur. His pace however, started to slow down to meet her pace to some degree once conversation sparked between the two of them. Just because it was a race didn't mean they couldn't socialize, right? "Aight, how about some lobster, we split it and the check?" He glanced over towards her with a playful grin, catching hint of her joke. He hadn't the opportunity to really have lobster in any grand fashion but he had been taken to a place that often dealt with a various style of foods one of the more popular being 'Lobster rolls'. Trying to keep proper pace with her involved far more self-awareness than he'd anticipated while still trying to keep in mind that the two of them had been competitor's in the moment. "What kind of food do ya' like to stuff up with? We can make that the deal next time or something." Or he could even choose a place that could cater to her needs as much as his own. Tyson's gaze shifted towards her, a wide smile forming out of amusement. "Quidditich? Not necessarily. You'll find lots of folks aren't really -that- toned in the sport, ya' know? But you do need enough strength and finesse to deal with ya' position like any sport." He wasn't sure how to break it down though from the looks of the wall and their pace? They had a bit of time for a quick summary he guessed. "So, ya' got four positions. Chasers, my main position, we deal with the quick scores. Taking the Quaffle and tossing it through the goal, requires a good strength of hold and enough to toss it while also keeping ya' broom stabilized." His eyes averted upwards for a moment while he pulled himself up. "Then ya' have Beaters, they keep the 'Bludger' away from their teammates and smack it towards others with these sturdy bats. The Bludger is a round solid ball and hurts like hell. Literally could break ya' arm with a direct hit." And that had just been a -good- outcome if someone took on one of those balls of death. "The Keeper's job is pretty explanatory, same thing in like, soccer. Gotta keep the goal free and clear." He wasn't sure how many people had forgotten that he actually had been a Muggleborn, which allowed for him to make certain comparisons better for those not entirely in the Wizarding world. "Now, Jamie's a Seeker. Usually ya' don't want someone so buff playing that position. They gotta chase the golden snitch which probably can beat a Cheetah, lighter fliers are generally preferred. But he's got the speed and daring to pull it off, ya' know? His strength lets him compensate for certain styles others can't do without it." With another pull he hauled his body a few more notches upwards along the climbing-wall. "But my training is also different from Jamie's, a lot of my regiment includes Muay Thai."
Tyson McKennis
Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant
18 year old Muggleborn Human HE/HIM
Age  18
Date of Birth January 13th, 2001
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Year Level 
Occupation Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Cheetah
Wand 11" Red Oak Phouka Hair
Play-by Michael B. Jordan

Tallygarunga - 2012 to 2018 - Bourke House

VMU - Current -Auror Program


* Tries as hard as he does to avoid disappointment from his parents. 

* Both parents are aware of the magical world and cast a critical eye at their sons involvement in it. 

* Avoids going home due to the intense nature that is left in the atmosphere

* Tosses his entire being into Quidditich in order to divert his mind from thinking too much about his home life.

* He had been dating an older woman since his Final Year in Tally, Recently the two of them have split up. 

General Knowledge

* Is a Muggleborn and proud to acknowledge that

* Was a Chaser for his Houses' Quidditich team

* Has grown up learning and training in Muay Thai, focusing on keeping his body in shape and ready.

*Is pursuing a career in the Auror Program but he has yet to release details of which

*Also plays for the University Quidditich team for the time being


Driven and Ambitious, Tyson's major noticeable traits is that he always finds something to work hard towards living under the shadow of his parents success and their stalwart ability within the Muggle community. He's stuck with the pressure of proving that the Magical community is somewhere he can thrive within while trying to squeeze out of the small little bottle that his family tries to confine him towards. Instead of breaking down under the weight he decided to fight against it and to attempt to thrive to the best of his capability, adapting and changing as the situation seemed to fit for him to survive against the stress. 

While he is decent in his studies he is a much more sporty individual finding some way to always keep his body going for almost any reason. Whether it be to ease his mind or to get himself ready for his Quidditich practice, he could almost always find a reason to start going for a run, flying through the air on his broom and tossing the quaffle around, or just finding a local punching bag to wail out upon. This is as much of an enjoyment as it is an escape trying to find a way to avoid thinking about the problems he faces too deeply until they need to actually be confronted which often is in full force. 

While not reckless he is quick to spring into action which has at times been towards his benefit as well as detriment. There is a code within himself that he lives by and that is to always strive to be the best he could within his own sight yet still struggles in his late teen years to define what exactly that vision is for him currently. At times he can be abrasive or even seem to be strong-willed in a combative manner which is caused by his fight or flight nature when backed into a defensive corner, never one to back down his senses instantly put up a fight if it looks like he has a chance to go down. Sometimes? It can be literally, most times? It's just mentally and metaphorically entirely dependent on the scenario and situation that occurs within the moment.


Tyson stands at Five feet and eleven inches with dark hair and brown eyes. Hair is low shaved with a well kept mustache and goatee that is always kept well oiled and groomed. His body is hardy and strong from the constant exercising he continues to do to make sure that he is always in shape. His hands are firm and rough from the constant martial arts training he goes through but also from occasionally helping out in manual labor for school staff as well as a few people around Narrie. 

Clothing that he wears varies between his exercise wear: Under-armor shirt and leggings that are covered by lengthy shorts that bounce at the knees, raggedy but well held sneakers that are clear in constant usage. Usual casual wear tends to be his school uniform when on Tallygarunga grounds or within the week to avoid having to always run back to his dorm room to change. The choice of his uniform consists of: The long beige pants, brown shoes, and a short sleeved shirt. On the weekends or vacations it tends to be a more brighter color with blue jeans, black sneakers, and various colors of short-sleeved shorts depending on the time of year. 

Most times he'll almost always have his black duffle bag that is stuffed with workout clothes in case he needs to change on the fly or comes across the thought to start practicing. Especially when it comes to him getting better at his position for quidditich. 

The story so far

Born Tyson Edward McKennis to Father, Vance McKennis and Viola McKennis - two Muggles who were aware of their own families magical potential and yet it skipped them both. Growing up Tyson had an understanding that there had always been a different world especially when it came to family functions and the few that had managed to become Muggleborn in the Wizarding world tended to lord it over them more often than not. It was an action that spurred both of his parents to develop a type of inferiority complex in themselves and pushing every ounce of who they were into prevalent careers in the Muggle world. His Father focused on becoming a lawyer while his Mother took up a job as a Police Officer finding that working not only in the government but in positions where its rules were best dictated and carried out gave them a much higher ground regardless of any sort of magical talent that others may have held. Day in, day out, like clockwork it would be a constant impression in Tyson's life that 'Wizards' and those of that realm were no good, that they had no true place in society other than abusing the power even if by words alone. 

Often related towards the phrase 'Old Relics that should long have passed away' more times than he could have ever counted. One could imagine the look of shock and sheer horror that his parents glowered with when they found that at the age of eight years old their little boy's magical talent had started to stir and cause random occurrences to happen. At times a pulse of force would batter against the walls when a surge of anger flowed through him knocking photos down and shattering ceramic knick-knacks that his mother had invested her hobby time in collecting for some strange reason. While confusing for the young boy, the parents knew all too well the tell-tale signs and tried their might to cover it up which failed once small things started to have issues around him randomly. Light's would suddenly combust, Television sets would short circuit and suddenly turn off, stereos would flicker on in off in a blare of music that had been annoying and yet catch all in the same breath. 

The atmosphere in the McKennis Household had changed almost as if the parents started to freeze their child out, at least the part of him that they couldn't control and attempted to enroll him in learning Martial Arts. Hoping that a heavy focus into everyday muggle affairs would deter or even weaken the wizarding blood that sparked on the inside of him, unfortunately for them, it became more chaotic - more untrained. To the point it became noticeable enough that someone from the Ministry and Muggle affairs had to intervene not only for the safety of magic not being exposed towards those that don't already know of it, but for the safety and wellbeing of Tyson as well considering something so unchecked could spell disastrous for many people. He landed in Tallygarunga at the age of Ten and started a life in an entirely foreign world than what he was used to finding it even more difficult to settle in even with the semi-accepting environment that seemed to pulse from it. 

At first he kept mostly to himself keeping up with the brief studies he had taken up in Muay Thai to compensate for the sudden change and move. It was a difficult time for him in adjustment even with the assistance of councilor's and the aggression inside needed to be built up and unleashed before it could get worse and find a live target that didn't deserve the ire and frustration that had been locked up inside of him. Tyson's entire first year had been the focus of him developing the keen talent of adaptation that often was only ever built with experience or a really flexible mind and with the difference between the two worlds he needed to have both in order to survive and not break under the pressure. While his parents did offer to write every now and then the letters were often filled with regrets, hate regrets, that he had been 'cursed' with the blood that he had been given as well as lament for them not being able to take that curse away for him to actually have a life that could be considered 'worthwhile'. 

He had been cast out into a world cutoff from his family, primarily due to their own bigotry and inability to see that people and occurrences were different. Thoughts rampaged through his mind that they would always view him as 'Not good enough', that the reason they had tossed themselves into success, albeit, great success in their fields had been due to a lingering spite towards what he now claimed within his veins. This alone was enough to push him further into a seething anger on the inside that it couldn't be easily contained even with all of his efforts to keep up with his regiment. Even pushing it to the point where when he exercised for a short run he'd always over-exert his body to exhaustion. All of this had managed to change for him by the start of his Second Year. 

Quidditich had always been an interest for him due to his nature and desire to always keep active so when sign-up's occurred for his House he took the chance without question and tried out to be a Chase. The aggressive nature and his lean trained form made him ideal to be a scorer, enough that it had shifted from something to get aggression out towards actual enjoyment. This is how he developed the mentality and mindset that when his body is in motion, his activities focused only on what he was doing in the moment, that he could let go of the problems that pegged at his home life. Even to the point that he had requested to officially stay on Campus even in the summer months and during break to avoid facing the problems, when one is further from them the less likely they can dwell and think on them until they felt prepared. 

Now as a Seventh year and an accomplished Chaser for his team he awaits for this new and final year to help define the kind of adult he wants to be. Will he find the strength to finally show his parents that no matter where he'd be he would have found success? Or would he continue proving to himself and only himself that he can achieve anything that he applied effort and tenacity towards and manage to come out on the other side? The options for him were opened and plentiful and it would take only a nudge in either direction to set him off on various paths. One thing that he is sure of, however, is that he will at least prove even though shadows can be much heavier than any physical building - the strength of willpower and determination can shatter any expectations that are so narrow and close-minded. 

Tyson McKennis March 7, 2018
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