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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Found a nice Muggle daycare for my daughter. Now, time to find a job! I got this.

  2. My daughter has the flu and I feel so useless. I hate it when she's sick :(

  3. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    Michael shifted his gaze to look at Penny when she spoke quietly, watching her sadly as he heard her words. He could not blame her, and even if he could have, he wouldn’t. It wasn’t her fault he’d left; perhaps if they’d had a big blowout fight or some type of argument – anything, really, to give her warning, she might have been feeling differently. However, they had not; everything had been perfect, really. They’d been happy, they’d been expecting a baby – Lily – and they’d not had a fight for months (years? He could not remember). Then one morning, she would have woken and he was gone. She probably hadn’t even realised he was gone until that evening, since he’d often worked early mornings. He had tossed his simcard as soon as he left town, so he would never know if she (or anyone else) had tried to contact him. He had abandoned her, as thoroughly as if he had died – only without the closure. “I hope so, too,” he said gently, still playing with little Ally’s hair as he watched Penny. There were so many ‘y’s in his life, he realised with a slight smile, and so few answers! Well, hopefully he would begin to fill in some of the empty spaces that had been left when he had ditched town all those years ago, now that he was back. Well, he could try, anyway. He was not sure all his old acquaintances and friends (shit, and family) would be quite as calm and accepting as Penny was proving to be, but … he likely deserved a lot worse. He laughed softly at her comment. “Good to know,” he smiled, amused. Glancing outside, he saw several people tossing looks towards the shop, and he figured they had probably been keeping the rest of the party waiting long enough. “We should probably join the group,” he said gently, nodding towards the window he could see them through.
  4. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    “I kind of hope she doesn’t,” he said quietly, brushing the little girl’s hair with gentle fingers as he watched her munching on her treat. It could be embarrassing, but Michael wasn’t worried about that – he thoroughly enjoyed her spunky personality and the reminder she held to her father. Kimberly had had the same frank honesty and a wicked sense of humour to go with it; he knew the man would have been proud of the way the little girl licked her doughnut and stared down her adversity without fear! Michael smiled as he took back the sippy cup she thrust in his direction, handling it carefully due to the filthy nature of its handles. Michael shifted his gaze, studying Penny for a moment. “Fair enough,” he replied, wondering how it was that Kristen’s opinion weighed in so heavily on the subject. He did not question it, just nodded quietly. He only had vague memories of the woman from when he had been dating Penny; she had been Penny’s friend, not his, though he had never really had anything against the woman, he had never really gone out of his way to interact with her, either. At least there was a chance he would get to meet his daughter; hopefully she did not hate him too much for abandoning her and her mother. Eyebrows arched, an eager expression washed over Michael’s face, and he nodded once, smiling warily. “I would,” he shifted, stepping around the stroller and slightly closer to the table so he could see the picture that was brought up on the phone. He studied the little girl in the picture, a warm, slightly sad smile on his lips. “She’s beautiful,” he said quietly, a wistful tone to his voice. “She looks like you,” he said gently, amused. It was easy to see Penny in little Lily.
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  6. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    Ally smiled, chocolate faced, at the question posed to her by the woman sitting near her level. She was not a shy child – Michael took no credit for that, it was entirely Kimberly’s outgoing personality shining through – but he did his best to keep her socialised and enquiring. Ally frowned slightly when Penny made her offer, the little girl looking from her doughnut to the boring looking croissant. After a moment of consideration, she very deliberately, and with a soul-searching stare, licked what was left of her doughnut and stared at Penny a moment longer. “Mine,” she stated, while Michael lifted a hand to hide his smile. “Sorry,” he murmured, highly amused. “Not the classiest thing I’ve taught her.” Penny’s next comment took him by surprise, but at the same time, he had been expecting it. Honestly, he was probably more surprised it had taken so long to be brought up. He sighed, “I know,” he said softly, looking ashamed. “I’m sorry.” He had not known of course, but anyone with half a heart and a brain to work with would have known that his actions would cause pain and no small degree of suffering. It was a wholly selfish thing for him to have done, but as he looked down towards Ally to avoid Penny’s gaze, he wondered what would have happened to the little girl if he had not followed the path he had. Would she have been born? Would her father have died? How different would his life be? Would he and Penny have married? Had more children? Fought their way to a divorce or lived in quiet misery? He knew their relationship had been pleasant, but he also knew she was not what he had needed in life. For starters, she was not a man, though he had not realised that was the biggest issue with their relationship for years. He hoped she could hear the sincerity in his voice, and in his expression. There had been nights where he’d stayed awake, tossing and turning and wondering if it were too late to come back, to reconcile, to fix his stupid actions. But then he’d met Kimberly, and he hadn’t been happier than when he’d been with Kim, and he couldn’t imagine having missed out on the time he did have with his deceased husband. Grief clouded his features for a moment, and he brushed gently at Ally’s hair, thankful he had that much left of the man he’d loved so much. Taking a deep breath, he cleared his face and met Penny’s gaze with gentle determination. “Sometime, when you’re ready, I’d like to meet Lily.” He didn’t expect anything, and the placid way he spoke indicated as much; he wasn’t expecting the girl to call him daddy and he certainly wasn’t angling to take her away from her mother (he couldn’t imagine trying to raise two little girls who were pining for a parent that wasn’t him!). He certainly didn’t feel like he had any parental rights – even if he did have an apartment big enough for Lily to claim a bed on weekends. He sighed, softly. “When you’re ready.” He echoed.
  7. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    He paused at her words, wondering if she meant it. Though, if she was anything like she used to be, he knew she didn’t say things she didn’t mean. He studied her face, considering exactly how much she meant the words; there was saying them because it was expected, of course. Then there was saying them because she actually meant them, though the why behind that could be no less complicated. Michael sighed softly, and handed Ally her sippy cup when the little girl asked for it. “Okay.” He wasn’t sure if he was answering Penny or the women who had spoken as she herded everyone else out the door. Silence seemed to stretch forever, and at the same time, not be there nearly long enough. Michael’s eyebrows arched at the comment that was spoken lowly, and then he frowned. “… Lily?” he pulled the name from what she had been saying before she realised who he was. It took him far too long to connect the dots, though, and he blinked before going stark white again and his shoulders drooped. “That’s a beautiful name.” It hadn’t been on their list of chosen names, but really, how could he fault her for choosing something he had no say in? Taking a plunge he was not sure he was prepared to take, Michael placed a gentle hand on Ally’s head, causing the little girl to look up from her half masticated chocolate doughnut. “This is Alexandria.” He introduced, and the little girl smiled at him, then turned and smiled at Penny. “Ally!” she cheered, before shoving the treat back between her teeth. Michael chuckled softly. Alexandria was a name on his chosen list, though ironically it was purely coincidental; he had actually had no say in naming the little girl that had come to be his daughter any more than he had ended up playing a part in naming the child that was of his blood.
  8. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    Three days ago, Michael had been out on an early morning jog with Ally asleep in her stroller when he’d been approached by a woman who joined him before inviting him to join her morning group. She gave all the information he’d need, which he had diligently put into his phone, before their paths had split. Michael, at the time, hadn’t been very interested in taking her up on the offer; he quite enjoyed his solo morning sessions. That said, he was also aware that he needed to put down some roots, and if nothing else, the woman might have some information on a daycare he could put Ally into, or know someone who did. In the end, it was for his daughter’s benefit that prompted him to join the group. Michael made his way to the café he’d been given directions to, his daughter – bright eyed morning critter that she was – awake and chatty in her jogging stroller as she looked around. Since the invitation had come to him while he was pushing Ally along, Michael assumed that the little girl would be welcome; she’d likely fall asleep halfway through the jog anyway, as she was wont to do. Entering the café, Michael manoeuvred the stroller to the counter and ordered a large coffee for himself, a couple of slices of raisin toast, and a doughnut for Ally, who clapped her hands excitedly as he handed it to the two year old, watching with fond amusement as she began to devour it, very messily. Shaking his head, Michael looked around and smiled in polite greeting when the woman who had issued the invitation caught his eye and waved excitedly. He began to doubt, not for the first time, his actions, but he stuck true to his path and hoped he would not come to regret the whole ordeal. He just needed to find a good day-care for Ally to spend time at, he reminded himself, joining the group. He very nearly turned on his tail and fled when he recognised the woman who had re-joined the group. His face went a pasty shade of off-white and he took a half step back, wondering if it was too late to pretend he wasn’t there, that he’d never been there, and that … oh fuck. Michael’s face went from a nasty shade of white to bright red when Penny looked up at him and then began cursing. He grimaced uncomfortably as one of the women scolded Penny and held her hands pointedly over Ally’s little ears. “I’m Michael,” he sighed, looking uncomfortable. “I think we should go. I’m sorry.” He grimaced again as voices erupted from every direction.
  9. Complete 25.02.2018 - Shopping Trip

    They’d been in Melbourne for a couple of months now, and since Michael tended to stick almost exclusively to the Muggle neighbourhoods, he hadn’t yet run into anyone who knew him from before, though he also knew that was only a matter of time. Time that he felt was running out, as he put his daughter in a pretty dress and strapped her into her stroller. The little girl, who had just turned two in December, looked up with betrayed eyes as he laughed and kissed her on the forehead. She hated the stroller, but Michael was not much interested in carrying her for the duration of their day in the city. He needed to buy some clothing for interviews, and he felt bad for Ally, who didn’t have half her collection of toys and movies that she used to; they’d left most of it in Western Australia when he moved them both back to his roots. “Come now,” he teased gently, handing the little girl a container of carrot and celery sticks, “we’ve got a day of adventure ahead of us! No time for frowning!” She babbled something in reply that he didn’t really catch as he pushed her out the front door, locking it with his keys and then they were making their way down the footpath. A bus stop not far away would take them to the city centre. Certainly not the most affordable place to go shopping, granted, but Michael did not feel like trying to make his way to the suburbs only to lug who knew how much stuff back home again – almost certainly with a grumpy toddler along for the ride. It was early morning, so most folks were on their way to work. Michael kept his head down and entertained his daughter to keep her sane during the bus ride, then exited and made their ways down the streets. He decided to do his clothing first; opting to get the most important out of the way while the toddler he was saddled with was in a good mood. Twenty minutes later, and he had two nice suits and a handful of shirts and ties to get him through more interviews than he felt he was likely to receive, but at least he had nice clothing now! The pair continued along their way, the next stop being a rather large toy store chain. Michael took a deep breath before going in. Parking the stroller in the bay provided, he unclasped Ally and watched her fondly as the little girl toddled off at full speed; dodging between legs and crowing in delight as she darted from shelf to shelf. He watched as she would grab what she could reach, before dumping it on the floor for her hassled store worker – or her father – to pick up and put back, and then doing the same on the other side of the room. “Slow down, you little monster!” Michael laughed, darting between a couple of people to stand behind Ally as she stared up at a huge Sulley plush, clearly bigger than her, with stars in her eyes and her mouth making a little ‘o’ of delight. He shifted the bag of his clothing on his arm, and looked down at his daughter. “… It’s bigger than you are,” he tried, eyebrows drawn together. She just grinned up at him. Michael sighed; he knew that was coming home with him, whether he liked it or not.
  10. My daughter is obsessed with Pixar films... Today I had to buy her a giant ass Sulley toy. Its bigger than she is, I swear.

  11. Michael Grant-Jones

    Triggers; All kinds of angst, death, mayhem. Etc. 2006 - Began dating Penny. He found her pleasant enough, but was mostly pushed into the initial relationship via peer pressure from his mates. Despite that, Michael put effort into the relationship and found her company pleasant and enjoyable. He came to believe he loved her. 2008 - Graduated from Tally. Did well enough, though he wasn't top of any of his classes. 2009 - Penny comes to him, and tells him that she is pregnant. Michael is shocked, having been under the belief that hey were both being appropriately cautious. Despite that, accidents happen. He stepped up, discussing with Penny the actions they would take to make their relationship, and their new roles, work together. Unfortunately, August 12th, Michael woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about what his life would be if he followed through. Horrified, and not really thinking, Michael threw his things together while Penny slept, crept out of the house, and never looked back. 2010 - Micheal settled into a small apartment on the Gold Coast, Brisbane. He worked a muggle job at a local beach-side bar. It was there that he met Kimberly Jones, who saw something in Michael that Michael hadn't realised was there. The two hit it off, and began to spend time together after Michael had finished work. 2011 - On the 20th of February, Kimberly officially asks Michael to go on a date with him. Michael agrees, surprising himself with how much he really wants to go. He realises pretty quickly that he's infatuated with Kimberly, and dangerously close to falling in love with him. It was on the first of April, however, that Michael learned that Kimberly had a girlfriend by overhearing a conversation. Confused and hurt, he confronted Kimberly before their next date. Kimberly acknowledges the fact, and Michael goes home in disgust, heartbroken and betrayed. Unfortunately, he's already in deeper emotionally than he thought, and when Kimberly comes to his place to reconcile, their relationship is renewed and things are finally taken to the bedroom, leaving Michael rather starry eyed and definitely in love. 2012 - Nothing particularly interesting happens this year. The most exciting is that Michael gets a promotion to the assistant manager role in the cafe he's been working at since he arrived on the Gold Coast, and he thrives under the additional responsibility and extra hours. Additionally, he begins to expand his friend circle, becoming good friends with his manager's rather shy and lonely sister - Kitty -, often taking her on platonic 'dates', much to her pleasure. 2013 - Kitty begins dating a nice guy who became a part of Michael's small group of friends, and he finds himself in the situation where he needs to reassure the other man that he and Kitty are just friends, even going so far as to laugh and tell him he's gay. It's a surprisingly liberating sentence to utter, and Michael is overwhelmed by the weight it lifts from his shoulders that he didn't realise was there. Most of his friends, who had already assumed as much, took great delight in teasing Kitty's new boyfriend about his fear of Michael stealing her away. Kitty took pains to point out the standard of dates Michael had set. There was much laughter. 2014 - Nothing happened here; Michael lived, laughed, loved. As far as he was aware, life was damn good and nothing could ever spoil that. His only desire was that Kimberly would leave his girlfriend and go public with him, making their relationship real. Hesitantly, he brings the subject up to Kimberly, who doesn't say much and instead just looks at him with a sad expression that doesn't reassure Michael in the least. He loves Kimberly; doesn't Kimberly love him? 2015 - On the 20th of Feb, Kimberly promises that he will break up with his girlfriend that year, and be with Michael only. Instead, Kimberly broke up with Michael on June 10th, informing him that his long time girlfriend was pregnant, and he meant to do right by her and the child. December 15, Alexandria Charlotte "Ally" Jones is born. Unfortunately due to complications, her mother dies during childbirth. Finding himself alone and with a newborn infant in arms, Kimberly turns to Michael, not expecting much but delighted with Michael welcomes both Kimberly and Ally into his home, his life, and his heart. Kimberly vows to make up his betrayal to Michael, and proposes to him a week later. Michael says yes. 2016 - The pair are married in February - the 20th, which is also their official anniversary - and follow the ceremony by formally having Michael adopt Ally, hyphening her name to match theirs. With that taken care of, the pair decide to pack up and move, shifting their lives to Western Australia, where there are better surfing beaches for Kimberly to surf at, and further his career. Michael picks up a job working at a cafe again 2017 - During a morning surf early morning on December 5th, while Michael and Ally were sitting on the beach watching, Kimberly was fatally attacked by a shark. Michael, who hadn't been carrying his wand for years, was unable to do anything to help as he held a confused and upset toddler who was picking up on his own roaring emotions. While the beach lifesavers reacted to the attack, they weren't able to retrieve much of Kimberley's body, and Michael was left to explain to his daughter why her father wasn't coming back in from the water. 2018 - On February 7th, Michael moved back to Melbourne, with little Ally on his hip, and a wedding ring still on his finger. He's close lipped about his past.
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