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  1. Class In the Garden...

    Ilia Collins
    Ilia listened intently as the professor spoke, before demonstrating what to do. Her eyes widened at the sight of the banksia pods, wondering what they had to do about this. To her shock, it turned out to be sentient, to the point that it had a mouth and snapped its mouth shut when she offended it. The ten year old tilted her head as she recieved her Banskia pod, before hesitantly starting up the best conversation a ten year old could have with a seed pod. She was startled at a sudden explosion of sound, watching as a girl stormed off after throwing stuff everywhere, and another girl took off at a run. What was going on?
  2. Class Cheery Charms (March 5th '18)

    Ilia Collins
    Ilia jogged from her dormitory down to the Charms classroom, pulling her hair back as she did. Charms was certain to be a hands-on class, so she didn't want to risk having her hair in the way. She slid into her desk only moments before the teacher came in, and was quick to make notes on what she'd be doing and what the teacher said. To her surprise, they were doing Cheering Charms, and the teacher had a shrunken head prepared. Ilia stared down at the shrunken head, tongue sticking out as she cast the spell. Her shoulders slumped as nothing happened, not even feeling her Magic react.
  3. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Ilia Collins
    Evidentally, the Professor did not like the girl-with-the-dog's answer. Ilia flushed, and drew a line through the notes she'd made on what the girl had said, instead adding in the Professor's comments. The Killing Curse sounded very scary, and she hoped she never had to face it. The teacher continued speaking, finally switching to the Patronus Charm. The Patronus Charm? She'd never cast that before, and only barely knew what it was. So she waited for her turn, before raising her hand. "I've never cast a Patronus Charm, but I guess it would be a dog of some kind? Maybe a Golden Retriever?"
  4. Class HoM Term One - All Years (Feb. 10 2018)

    Evidentally, the teacher didn't care for her answer. Ilia flushed, looking down at her desk, fiddling with the buttons on her uniform. She had thought it was a good idea, but the teacher didn't seem to agree. The young First Year stared at her desk as the teacher continued speaking, her face going redder and redder. She hated being called out in front of other students, so she stayed quiet even as she listened. However, suddenly she was being given points. Her eyes widened, and her head snapped up as she mouthed, 'ten points to Bourke'? But hadn't she gotten the answer wrong? As the teacher asked another question, she all-but vibrated in her chair, wanting to answer. But she hadn't addressed her, so she kept her mouth shut.
  5. Class First Class

    Ilia panted, feeling her face flush, eyes welling with tears. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry she thought to herself, jogging towards the door of the Muggle Studies classroom. She was counting down until the bell rang, and if she was right, she'd just make it. The class had suddenly shown up on her schedule. She almost hadn't noticed it; it had been greyed out before, because there hadn't been a teacher. So she'd not noticed when it had gone black, until taking a second look. She'd sprinted, and was barely able to catch her breath. Thankfully, she managed to slide into her desk only moments before the bell went off. She was quick to begin to fill out the paper, only looking up when a girl in a wheelchair scooted in. Once she'd finished the paper, she hurried back to the front of the room, turning it in before leaving.
  6. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Ilia Collins
    Thankfully, she wasn't late. Ilia smiled as she walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, humming quietly. Her hand clenched at the strap of her backpack, thumb running along the strip of fabric she'd tied to it. The silkiness was soothing, and she wouldn't give it up for anything. She frowned at the sight of the desks, if one could call them that. They were only chairs, with no table or writing surface. How were they to write their notes, then? Look at their books? But, thankfully, her preferred chair was still available, so she quickly sat in it, reading the board. Once the teacher came around to her, she smiled uncomfortably. "My name is Ilia, please call me Ilia or Il, I don't care much. Um... I'm afraid of heights? As a group, I'd like to help each other with what we're struggling with, while helping others with our strengths. And as an individual, I'd like to strengthen my magic. As for whether something falls under the category of Dark Arts, umm... I guess it depends? If it can be used consistently to harm someone, then it's a Dark Art."
  7. Class In the Garden...

    Ilia Collins
    Ilia sat uncomfortably in her table. This was so uncomfortable, she wished they were using desks, and inside a proper classroom. Out here, she couldn't have her usual seat: against the wall, front row. So she'd compromised, sitting in the table that was the most 'right' from the teacher's position. Her supplies were placed in front of her, and she fiddled with a stick in her hands. Anything to keep her fingers busy, to help calm her down. She looked around once the teacher finished her spiel, waiting for someone else to volunteer. But, when it seemed no one else would, she raised her hand, before speaking. "My name is Ilia. I'm a Bourke, of course. My parents were both Muggles, so I don't know much about Magical plants. I'm pretty good with Muggle plants, though." once done, she sat back down, fiddling with the stick again.
  8. Class Ancient Runes 01

    Ilia Collins
    Ilia scrambled down the hallway, panting, her heart racing in her chest. She couldn't be late, she just couldn't! No, no, no! Her eyes stung, tears threatening to spill over. If there was one thing she hated more than anything, it was being late. People stared at you, and the teacher got mad at you, and she hated it! Thankfully, she got to the door in time, and took a minute to wipe her eyes. She took a few deep breaths, before slipping inside, taking the seat she always chose; front row, against the wall. She quickly put out her supplies, in their proper places, before looking at the board. A pang of annoyance ran through her when she saw the runes weren't put in alphabetical order. There was alphabetical order for a reason, why wouldn't you use it? But still, she copied it down, although she made sure it was in alphabetical order. She waited for her turn, before adding in. "My name is Ilia, so my Rune is Isa, or ice."
  9. Class HoM Term One - All Years (Feb. 10 2018)

    Ilia trotted through the halls of Tallygarunga, heading towards her first class: History of Magic. She couldn't wait! She was excited to learn about the history of magic, anything about magic to be honest. But history was fascinating! And she loved how the textbooks were organized, with lots of pictures and reasonable placement of text. The First Year student grinned as she found the classroom she was looking for, stepping inside. She wasn't late, nor was she early, just on time. Just the way she liked it. Like always, she went to the desk in the front row, directly against the wall across from the door. After sitting down, she pulled out her materials. All of her writing utensils went on the right upper corner of her desk, her textbook on the left, and her journal in the middle of the desk, opened to a page already labeled with the date and number, turned at precisely thirty-five degrees. She began to read the pages that they were told to, jotting down notes. Once she was done, she raised her hand, waiting to be called on. Once she was, she would clear her throat, before speaking. "Instead of releasing all of the house elves at once, they could have released them in groups. When they released all of them, there wasn't a chance for the wizards to get used to house elves not being servants, and the house elves didn't have anywhere to go. But if they released them in groups, then people would have been able to get used to house elves being a part of their communities. And house elves could have been given lessons to teach them things they didn't know, that weren't necessary when they were servants."
  10. Ilia Collins

    Ilia Collins
    Ilia is a true Muggleborn, being born to a pair of Australian Muggles. Neither have any magical blood that can be seen in their family trees, although it's possible there may be some that went unrecorded. Her parents had a shotgun marriage, when her mother found out she was pregnant at seventeen. Despite this, they truly loved each other, and wanted to make it work. She was born while they were leaving with her maternal grandparents, who were supporting them for the time-being. At first, she seemed like a normal baby. She giggled, and laughed, and played. However, as time went on, she began to seem odd. It took her longer than most children to learn to walk, and she didn't talk until she was five years old. After growing concerned, her maternal grandparents took her to the doctor and, some months later, she was diagnosed as autistic. Thankfully, her parents were accepting. They got her into therapy, and got her a tutor to help teach her. With their care, she flourished, although she still stems sometimes. She even went to a special school, to help her learn. However, she began to get weirder. Odd happenings seemed to happen around her, and finally they were taught that she was a Witch. They enrolled her in Tallygarunga as soon as she was able, hoping to get her taught properly.