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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. I'm Feeling 22!

    "You can do both. During the breaks. You don't have to do it full time. Just going and helping for a little bit it enough. They are so appreciative. They have translators too if you'd be worried about a language barrier." Bryan said, taking another drink. "Maybe someday I won't work all the time. Of course, I know I'm being full of it by saying that. They've literally told me I can't be on call for a month. Can you believe that craziness?" He asked, chuckling. Bryan loved his work. He needed it, really. It kept him busy, and a little less alone. "Of course I was the nerdy one in the corner. I literally do our medicine and their medicine. I always knew what I wanted to be. My father was a doctor, my mother was a healer. I did the best of both worlds." He laughed. "So, yes, I was a nerd, and I got pranked. It's okay though, I got revenge every now and again. Once time, I brewed a potion that would give small boils. Nothing serious. Put it in my dorm mates shoes. It was hilarious at the time. The funny part is that I helped them get rid of it too. I guess being the nerdy one wasn't so bad after all to them."
  2. I'm Feeling 22!

    "I suppose you're right." Bryan said. He really didn't ever feel his age. "I may be forty-five, but I feel at least thirty." He said, and chuckled. "But, enough of the age silly talk. Just a number, right?" "It really is an amazing thing." He said about the Wizards Without Borders. "There are so many places out there with no good medical care, and it just warms my heart that I was able to help out with that." Bryan had pretty much devoted his entire life to helping others, but that came with a price. He hadn't really spent the time helping himself. He'd spent his life learning, and never really focused on himself. That could be the depressing part. Perhaps it was why he spent so much time at the bar. Bryan listened as she spoke about her job, and nodded in appropriate spots. "Unwilling fires at random, eh? That's....concerning. Perhaps some sort of curse? Or perhaps an ability that they don't know about and not properly disciplined with." He said, giving some advice. "It could really be a number of things." He shrugged. "But, I can see where pranks and whatnot could be an issue. Had my fair share in school to deal with myself. Of course, I was usually the one being pranked." He said, chuckling. "I was awfully nerdy."
  3. I'm Feeling 22!

    "I'm a bit weird about my age. Mostly because I don't feel like I'm forty-five." Which was true. His appearance may have been catching up with him, some grey here and there, but his body and mind felt much younger. "You're completely right." He said, chuckling. "I don't get much time to talk about it unless it's just what's going on directly. Although, most people aren't as interested as you seem to be. Which is nice." He took a drink, and set it back down onto the bar. "I'm a bit of a homebody now too though. Other than work, or here, of course. I don't get out much." Whenever she asked him about the wizards without borders though, he perked up. Now, this was something he had really enjoyed doing. Something that just felt right at the time. "Okay, so, you know how the, well..." He lowered his voice a bit. "Muggles. He then resumed to his normal voice. "Have Doctors Without Borders. It's the same concept really. We go to areas with conflict zones, or places with diseases, both ours and theirs, and provide medical treatment. We partner with the other side as well in a bit of a joint effort. It was very fulfilling, really." He took another drink. "So, what is it like being a school nurse?"
  4. I'm Feeling 22!

    "To be honest with you..." He said, trying to think of the best way to put it. "It's been a lot longer than I'd quite like to admit that I went there.See, I'm forty-five." He said, a little embarassed at his age, but with a small chuckle. "It was a private school, but it was quite fun from what I can remember. I was so focused on my studies though, really. Played some quidditch. Bryan didn't even really like to play Quidditch, but his father insisted that while his studies were important, so was having somewhat of a social life. "I think I spent more time in Universities than I ever did on any of my other schooling." He took a drink. "Or, so it seemed. However, I love what I do. I love to help people. It's a passion of mine." Bryan took another large drink of his drink, and once it was at the last drop, he ordered another. "I spent some time with Wizards Without Borders, helping out in less fortunate counties. Medicine, both ours and theirs, is just something I love and care about and I am rambling on about myself boring you probably." Bryan laughed. "Sorry, I do that sometimes."
  5. I'm Feeling 22!

    Bryan smiled. She knew of St. Ringo's. This was good, it meant they had something with common ground to communicate with. That, and he wouldn't have to be as secretive to this woman either. Most people he ran into around knew of the wizarding community, but you still had to be somewhat cautious. "Excellent." He said, chuckling. "Then that means that you know how crazy I am in doing both." When she told him that it was not needed for him to put her on his tab, he just waved it off. "No, I insist. Best to celebrate without any worry." Plus, Bryan had the extra money to spend, so why not? He enjoyed being generous, especially on special events such as this one. "Twenty-two." He repeated, nodding and taking a drink. He expected young. He did not expect that young. She was cute though. Very. When she mentioned she worked down the road, and that's how she found out about the place, he smiled. "I assume you mean the school. I went to Greyheme myselt." He said, beaming. He always had this sense of pride when it came to his school, as many did. He just had not really dealt with many people that went to Greyheme though. He fell out of touch with everyone that had gone, and most of the crowd around here went to Tallygarunga.
  6. A Cold One

    "Excellent then." Bryan said, shifting in his seat a bit. "I'm excited to see it. It's been a while since I've been to a proper greenhouse with someone who knows a thing or two about what is actually in there." Bryan could always use a few new things too for his emergency bag. So, there was a potential there that he could help her out a bit with some business if he saw anything he may need. Bryan chuckled when she said she had not tried to find a women like that. However, whenever it took her a moment to catch what he had meant with his comment, he snorted with laughter. "Yeah, benefits. Exactly." He said in response. The nights got lonely, and sometimes he just needed someone in his bed. What happened there when he did were the benefits for sure. "Yes, all night. Nothing else to do all night, so why not?" He asked, and the beer he had ordered was now in front of him. He took a long gulp before setting it down, smacking his lips together.
  7. A Cold One

    "Your greenhouse, eh? Yeah, I would not mind that at all. I'm always interested in new things. Seeing new things. Don't know if I've ever been able to actually go through a greenhouse with an expert since, well, school really." Bryan said with a smile. "Of course, I'd have to find time within work days. Career is my life." Bryan then listened how she said that it wasn't necessarily pointless. That there were people out there that would be understanding. However, Bryan had pretty much given up on that. Any relationship he'd really been in and tried, they pretty much had left because he was never around much. It was as if his entire life had to revolve around his job. The one woman in his life that had never let him down, his career. "Women like that are hard to find." Bryan said, and frowned. "However, I just fill the voids with friends that have certain benefits." He chuckled, and then ordered a beer. "I think if they'd let me, I'd stay here all night and just drink the night away."
  8. I'm Feeling 22!

    Bryan laughed. "I went to medical school in the day and night. Two different medical professions. I work at Narragyambie General, and a place called St. Ringo's. You may or may not have heard of that one." He wasn't quite sure if she was a muggle or not, so he tread carefully. However, this was a fairly magical town. "I love it though. It was definitely my calling in life. Both parents were in the medical field." His father was a muggle doctor, his mother was a healer. Bryan just became both. As she got the drink he had recommended, Bryan took a drink of his beer. When she told him it was her birthday, he beamed. "Well, happy birthday then!" He said, and looked over to the bartender. "Put her on my tab. Birthday girl shouldn't have to pay." The bartender nodded, and Bryan turned back to Josie. "Well you certainly got good advice for this place. How old are you this evening? I know it's rude to ask a lady, but I'm curious."
  9. A Cold One

    "I have an entire library at home on muggle and magical medicine, along with several potions books. Things I've collected over the years. I try to keep up with my reading as much as I can." Bryan said. He enjoyed the time he could read when possible. Between work at both hospitals and the time he spent at the bar, he was lacking in his reading though. He had to have his break from work related things though, and this was it. "I wouldn't say I'm not the romantic type. It's more along the lines of that settling down just seems pointless at this age. If I met the right person, maybe it would be different. I think it's more of my career and my age really getting in the way of getting into anything too serious. Plus, sometimes it's nice just being a bachelor." He took a drink. "Nights get lonely sometimes, sure, but I meet all kinds of people here. Sometimes the nights don't get lonely from those meetings." At the same time though, he felt he wouldn't mind to have someone to wake up to in the morning that wasn't in a rush to put their clothes back on and go home. Bryan nodded, smiling. "I most definitely think so."
  10. A Cold One

    "Friends? Oh, no. He was a patient of mine at one point, yeah. We've just discussed things at conventions, and I think that he's fairly brilliant with potions." Bryan said, and took another sip. "Definitely knows his stuff, that's for certain." Bryan chuckled. "Well, it's not necessarily an excuse. I do work quite often, and when I don't I come here. So, I guess it's busy in my mind. I mean, if I'm being honest, I don't go home alone every night, but I just don't have the time for a real relationship. Never have, probably never will. No sense in trying now at forty-five." He said, laughing. And, it was true. at 45, there was really no point in settling down at this point. Plus, he enjoyed his bachelor life for the most part. Sure, some nights got lonely, but that was his sacrifice. "You could always teach a greenhouse class. You know, teach people how to care for the plants, and love them, and see their true beauty. I can see that you know a thing or two about beauty." He said with a small wink.
  11. A Cold One

    "I'd say you probably could compare notes. You could probably find him at the university sometime. Something to think about. He loves the whole potions thing, especially with healing and all that good stuff." Bryan said, taking another sip of his drink. She told him about her official job, and the grants. "Well, research keeps us going. It's what helps us healers keep updated. Especially with things that we may or may not have seen before. So, thank you." He said, smiling. Bryan nodded. "I'd imagine I'm not missing anything. 100% of all divorces start with marriage, you know." He chuckled, and took another drink. "Plus, I stay to busy for any sort of real relationship." Whenever she told him more about her daughter being gone, and not having anything to do, he frowned. "Well, you ought to find a hobby. It can help. Anything. There is a healer at work that took up pottery after her divorce. She makes some amazing stuff. My hobby is coming to the Drunken Roo."
  12. A Cold One

    "Honestly, I believe he may be speaking at the university on a few subjects. You should hit him up. From what I understand, he has been working on something for cancer. I think he's close to a breakthrough." Bryan did admire that. He'd spent many years in both muggle and wizarding hospitals, and cancer was an ugly thing. Especially in the muggle world. "So, what is your official job then?" He asked her, whenever she said that was how she had ended up with her job here. Bryan nodded at the woman. "I mean, I can't really relate. Never been married. Never had children. However, I do know that you have to let them go, and learn to be their own person. The interaction with other kids her age will help her developmental skills." He took a sip of his drink. "Plus, it'll allow you time to yourself. Free time. You can do whatever your heart desires. It's not like she will be gone forever."
  13. I'm Feeling 22!

    "I think she's making fun of me because I came in still in scrubs after a surgery one night. Dr. Bryan Hawthorne." He said, chuckling. "I've been Doc to them ever since." He observed as she looked around. You could tell she ether hadn't been here before, or just hadn't come her quite often. Hell, she looked young. The fact that she was holding her identification care told him that she was, at least, the drinking age. Bryan laughed at her a moment. It was, indeed, a mouthful. She had amused herself enough by it too. "Well, honestly, it depends. You can't go wrong with a beer." He noticed Mish shoot a glance over at him. She enjoyed actually utilizing her bartender skills. "However, if you want a cocktail, you have a million choices out there. Me, personally, enjoy lemon-lime and vodka. It's one of those drinks you can just sit and drink slowly, and enjoy it." Bryan said, and then asked, "So, what brings you here tonight?"
  14. A Cold One

    "The problem that you run into there is that those things are great for people like you and me. However, for those not like us, the non-magical community, you can run into many issues with potions and their bodies. Sometimes they don't react well to them." He had seen it once or twice. Potions being too much for a muggle. "However, I know of a potions master that has been working on similar things. He's wrote a few books, and is local. Anderson. Er, I think his first name may be Keith." He'd seen the man around a few different medical conventions. Bryan had treated him in the past as well. Bryan nodded at the woman. "Well, they are certainly right, if I may speak freely about it. Education is very important, and outside of a home setting as well. It gives them the opportunity as well to have communication and interaction with people their own age."
  15. A Cold One

    Bryan nodded his head. "A think tank, eh?" He asked. "I used to do stuff like that back in my younger years, but now I just stick to the stuff I know I'm good at. I keep up with the newer stuff, but sometimes the old ways can work wonders." Bryan loved helping people though, and whatever he could do that would better himself and his work, he would. However, sometimes, new ways didn't necessarily mean better ways. He was curious though, so he asked, "What kind of things are you working on right now?" Bryan chuckled a bit when she made the comment about never really leaving the hospitals. "I can honestly say I know the feeling. Outside of here, I'm usually at the hospital here, at St. Ringos, or home resting. I try to stop in a few times a week here though. I love the atmosphere." Bryan took a sip of his drink, and when she said she was avoiding being home, and asked about him, he pondered a moment. "Well, I wouldn't say it's to avoid being home alone tonight, but then I'd just be trying to fool myself. Plus, Mish makes better drinks than I ever could get at home."
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