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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Let's runaway

    Now he knew something was bothering her. She looked thoughtful and distracted and the way she kept fidgeting was almost distracting him. He slowly sat up, propping himself on the mattress, watching her face mostly out of curiosity. What on earth was on the girl's mind, he wondered. It couldn't be that serious, could it? Finally, she turned to face him. He wanted to reach out and touch her, just to savor the feel of her skin beneath his fingertips. Instead, he simply watched as she silently agonized. Over what, he didn't know. But when she opened her mouth to speak, he realized she was being completely honest with him. She was right, though. Maybe he was the only one that cared to understand her. He wasn't so sure about the rest of her friends. "You're... pregnant?" he asked her. He felt his arm tremble and sat up fully. The sleepiness that had once consumed him had disapparated almost as quickly as he had awoken. He felt some of the wariness and he heard his sister's voice in the back of his mind telling him to be careful, that something like this could happen. "How long have you known?" he asked her curiously. He couldn't unglue his eyes from her face if he had all the knuts in the world.
  2. Invite Let's runaway

    He may not have been the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but Orion could tell something was up. Frankie had been restless as of late, often taken to pacing. He knew that school stressed her out. Hell, it stressed him out. It stressed every seventh year out. But he also knew that once they were done, they were free to do whatever the hell they wanted and that included getting out from under their father's roofs. Still, it was nice to get out from underneath Atlas' oppressive thumbs. He much rather would have been waking up in his cabana hammock on the edge of the lagoon, staring out into the most pristine sunrise over those green waters. Instead, he woke up to the most stunning sight of blonde hair and twinkling eyes and those little worry lines that creased her forehead. "Hey," he said, hiding a yawn behind his fist as he rolled onto his back and stretched, his legs kicking out from under the warm covers. "You're up..." She was up and wearing one of his shirts, which made her that much more cuddle-able to him. He wanted to grab her and pull her down to him, but there was something in his eyes that made him hesitate. "What's up?"
  3. Invite They say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

    Orion had been confused by the invitation. For one, he knew he had a birthday. Eudoxia had told him about the March birthdays, but after all the schooling, most of it had slipped his mind. He had been busy with school and Quidditch and Frankie and hadn't given much thought to his family. Now that he had his approaching birthday, thanks in part to his mother continuously sending him hints as to his gift, he knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a big deal of it. Well, someone had finally made a big deal of it. Orion hadn't minded the invitation to his brother's house, either. After all, he had only met Lot the one time and corresponded with him a bit during the year. The fact of the matter was that Orion was underage and in school and not able to be out and have flights of fancy. Certainly that wouldn't happen until the next year when he'd be done and graduated and able to actually have a life outside of textbooks, spells and wand casting. "Yeah, I made it." Orion glanced around, never having actually set foot inside of this house before. "Grill? As in barbie? Are we making snags and burgers?" He was starting to get more familiar with Australian slang, thanks to living here for the past few years. "Gee, thanks," Orion said, rolling his eyes. "I didn't want to be anyone's topic." He tried not to push mushy Eudoxia away as she returned to her chopping. "What can I do to help?"
  4. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Orion was not the only one raised by the sea. Granted, they lived on a giant island, but still... it was fascinating to learn that other students also were raised on the water. He wasn't the only one that had come to love the water as much as they had. Still, he knew that the Patronus charm was caused by creating such a powerful happy memory in inverse to such a powerful negative force. He used to think that it was once his mother versus his father, but that never worked. But he loved his mother more than anything in this world. If invoking her memory made his Patronus that much stronger, he was proud of it. Still, love was one of those emotions he always swore made someone weak. It was nice to know that love was good for something, even if it was just casting magic. He glanced over at the last boy who'd spoken. He had cast a Patronus charm, too? "I just learned the past few months." He didn't add it was in remedial studies. "I'm pretty sure the shape before it faded was a hornbill. It just had a really big beak and I know they're native to where I live."
  5. Taking Flight

    Orion caught the quaffle with ease. He was used to catching things, even if it was just a regular Frisbee or a tennis ball. Still, he circled around a bit, tossing the quaffle from hand to hand. And then he tossed it back down to the professor. "My muggle mum can throw it better than that," Orion called down. He didn't want to taunt anyone, but surely the professor was better at throwing than that. His mum could only throw tantrums and not even well. "And she doesn't even understand Quidditch."
  6. Class Homework Bin

    1. Name an exotic Muggle animal that people keep as a pet. Serval 2. Why does that animal not make a good pet? Aside from being a wild cat, meaning they are not easily domesticated, they can grow quite large and have a special diet. 3. What is the closest related pet to that animal? Domesticated household cat 4. Where is that animal found in the wild? Servals are native to Africa south of the Sahara Desert. 5. Why do some people view that animal as desirable? The cat was once worshipped for its grace. It's a beautiful cat that looks like a leopard but does not chase its prey. 6. Name an exotic Magical animal that people might keep as a pet. Hyacinth macaw 7. Why does that animal not make a good pet? Because these birds demand more time and attention than other species, they are not pets for just anyone. They also need more room than normal birds because of their size. 8. Where is that animal found in the wild? South America. 9. Why do some people view that animal as desirable? Big, beautiful and the can talk. What's not to love about them? There are two of these birds that are not domesticated. FOR BONUS POINTS: 1. When Muggles think of Magical animals, they often think of cats, dragons, or unicorns. Why? Fables and fairytales have always given children the idea that these animals are mythical and magical. Not everyone believes that they exist. That is why they are considered magical. 2. How does one approach a Hippogriff? You have to approach with caution and bow before you are able to look one in the eye. 3. Do Magical or non-Magical animals tend to be healthier? Why? It depends on the person caring for it, honestly. A magical animal can be cared for by a muggle that does not understand what they are in possession of better than a magical person can care for a non-magical animal.
  7. Potions Class - Term 1

    Orion Arua-Karras
    Orion wasn't as late to class as he'd expected to be. Potions was one of those classes that, to someone like him, was akin to cooking. So he stood in class, flipping through his text, looking for the Draught of Living Death. It was one of those Potions that everyone wanted to get right on the first try. It was one thing to flub up a potion. It was another to flub up this potion. And he had melted many a cauldron in his fifth year because he had been so unfamiliar with potions. But now he was getting better. He had a better understanding of how these things worked. So he could grab his basket, collect his supplies and measure things carefully. These things couldn't be half-assed. It also helped to park himself next to a brainy student. So he parked himself next to one of the brainy kids, started the cauldron fire and read through the ingredient list one last time. "Just like chemistry. Just like chemistry. Don't blow it up." It was becoming a mantra for him, but at least he was understanding it.
  8. Invite my kind of trouble

    Orion Arua-Karras
    The smoke must have been affecting his hearing. For a moment, he thought she'd said she wanted to try fishing. She had to know that fishing involved holding a line over the water and actually touching whatever came up to bite the line. He decided not to voice this aloud. He really didn't want to get slapped. "Fishing can be a messy thing," he pointed out, frowning slightly. "Especially the fish." He couldn't help but laugh at that comment. Everything seemed so simple now that the edge had faded. He felt almost... free. It was completely freeing to release the burden of being a good little Karras and just exist for a minute or two as Orion. It was incredibly liberating. He wondered if Frankie felt the same thing. He looked over at her, saw the fringe of blonde hair as she rested her head against his shoulder. He wondered if she had ever been outdoors before he had really gotten to know her. Sheltered would have been the word to best describe her. Imagine how her world had changed when she met him and his troublesome herbs? "I should definitely give some to my favorite professor," he reasoned. It was easy to lean back now and just let the vapors come over him. Everything seemed so much brighter all of a sudden. It was absolutely amazing. "Why don't you say what you really feel?" It was hard getting her to open up sometimes, to really get to the crux of what was bothering her. Now, he felt she was just on the edge of saying what it was. "Parties are meant to be fun though, right? Not like something my father would do."
  9. Invite my kind of trouble

    Orion Arua-Karras
    Orion really didn't give two flicks about his grades. The only downside of having an involved parental figure meant that he couldn't hide his bad grades. His siblings probably didn't care if he spent his days prancing in a tutu, but his father had that hard desire of actually wanting Orion to succeed. "Yes. I want to fish. Can't fish with a Potions master breathing down my neck, can I?" His voice was sarcastic, but internally, he cringed at the thought of utilizing anything he'd learned here in everyday life. Maybe runes if he could ever figure out how to read them. Maybe herbology if he managed to figure out which plants were toxic and which weren't. Otherwise... what use would the draught of living death do if he couldn't use it to knock out a freaking fish? Still, whenever he felt like being a bit like a dick, he always had his magical herbs to fall back on. There was nothing that cut through the homesickness than inhaling some soft blue vapors. "I only try," he told her. He wasn't much for socializing. In his opinion, these kids had known one another forever, they all hung out together and people like him were cast to the outside for a reason. This school did have its cliques and, well... not his favorite thing in the world. It was another thing that made him homesick for Port Moresby. "Well, maybe I'd share it with some of them." Others probably weren't as deserving. He wafted the smoke up towards him and inhaled deeply. "Oh, yeah. Can you imagine trying to burn this somewhere in public? I'd have my ass handed to me."
  10. Taking Flight

    Why not? Any sort of flying was good by Orion's standards. And he hadn't had a good fly since he had been on holiday. Besides, this got him to shake off the broom rust and actually be able to compete on the Bourke house team this year. Wouldn't that be the coolest? "Nah, we can keep it simple," Orion said. With just the two of them, having actual target practice would be fun. But maybe it'd be easier to shake off the rust first and then he'd be up for more than a challenge. "I'm good with a game of catch."
  11. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Orion was a little relieved. Given that he didn't have a whole lot to do as far as taking notes and actually engaging his brain? He was pleased to just be able to talk. He was at least on time for class. He managed to get to the classroom before the bell tolled anyway. If anything, Defense Against the Dark Arts was probably one of his favorite classes, aside from flying class last year. He quite enjoyed learning practical defensive magic and how to actually duel. Just listening to the others gave him a small inkling of what others thought of this class and what Dark Arts consisted of. For Orion, there was only one true answer. It was the one thing that kept him focused on learning because otherwise, he would feel the exact thing he didn't want. He didn't want to be afraid of the unknown, because fear led to making stupid decisions like actually partaking in the dark arts. "I think fear is the greatest motivator for Dark Arts." Orion leaned forward on his elbows. "I'm Orion. Um, I like to surf." That had to be enough, right?
  12. In the Garden...

    Oh, boy. More class participation. Orion studied his hands for a moment as the person next to him answered. He gave her an appraising sort of look as she said she was known for Quidditch. She wasn't on his house team, but she was on another team. Yeah, he knew who she was. He couldn't remember ever seeing her in class before or remembering anything she'd done. Orion moved under shade, breathing a sigh of relief. As a young man, he often perspired far more than anyone else. Likely they would all be dripping if they were in the direct light, but the air here was definitely cooler. "I'm Orion." He gave a giant wave with his hand. "I grew up in the jungle. Umm... I lived next door to people who raised magical clover. They used to sell the actual oils to Apothecaries. I love magic bamboo plants. And that's about it." Having grown up in a nonmagical world, for the most part, he was so unfamiliar with almost everything. There were just hints and bits and pieces about his life that were magical, not muggle and he was still struggling to piece everything together.
  13. Welcome to the Care of Magical Creatures (Feb 10th '18)

    Orion couldn't help but flush at the professor's comment. At least he hadn't been entirely late. That wouldn't have been a very good way to start a term, even if he wasn't someone that planned to attend all classes. He had always been a bit of a slacker. Still, there was something to be said about gaining house points. It had never really happened for him before, so the sudden praise made his cheeks color more. He wasn't one to blush, but he had never really sought approval from others, either. Mostly, he didn't give a damn what others thought of him. But having an authority figure call him out? That made him feel both hot and panic-stricken and a little abashed. Orion listened to all of the answers, tapping his fingertips against his opposite arm, waiting for his window as the questions ticked on by. When the redhead stood up to leave class, he sat up a bit straighter. That was completely odd, but had she looked upset or was that just his imagination? Plus, the other chick from Bourke was kicking a bit of ass, too. That made him smirk. "Isn't that would you would feed a kneazle, too?" Orion asked, taking off after Iris's question and taking his guess at question 3. "I mean, kneazles are like a wild, giant cat, right? They're carnivores. So, small mammals or rodents or birds or fish or anything they could get their hands on. Though, if they are more domesticated and not living out in the wild, I imagine they get some sort of protein. I'd say they'd eat more fish or seafood products than anything else. Maybe elsewhere they'd find other sources of protein?" There had been one kneazle in his village and the thing thrived on shrimp heads. It hadn't been wild, but it wasn't a domesticated kneazle, either. It was just one that wandered the docks and consumed all the by-product the boatmen returned with.
  14. Taking Flight

    Orion had been flying in and out of the stands when he realized he wasn't alone. He pulled back his speed and slowly flew down to where someone was standing on the edge of the pitch. For a moment, he found himself wondering who it was. When he got closer, he knew. It was a Professor, of all people. But, not one of the older ones. Nope, this was one of the younger ones. He wouldn't want one of the older professors out here risking hip fractures or heart attacks, for one. But he also knew that some of the best Quidditch players in the world were old. So, hindsight was 20/20. "You mean a game of catch, right?" Orion called back. He was still hovering above, the broom shifting left to right, as though trying to wiggle free of being held still. If someone was going to offer him a Quaffle, there was no way he wouldn't go for a game. No way. Any sort of experience was good experience. And Orion thrived in the air as much as he did in the water. He was itching to grab the Quaffle and start throwing it around, see if his aim had gotten any better.
  15. Invite my kind of trouble

    Orion Arua-Karras
    Orion tried not to roll his eyes. He wasn't successful. "First of all, mom, classes are boring." This came from the kid that before Tallygarunga had never had to attend classes before. He certainly had no educational pursuits in the future. This was going to be it for him, which meant he was attending more classes than he'd otherwise care to. He didn't want to fail this year and be doomed to repeat. "Oh, I know you've done some before. But some of this is wicked." He wore a grin as he pulled apart the bundle. All they needed to do would be to roll it and heat it up and then inhale the vapors. It was a wondrous high, something he had discovered over the summer. Not that he often did such things, but now? Hell, why not now? "Why pilfer from Herbology when you can have magical Papua New Guinean herbs?" Orion produced his wand, tapped on the mortar and pestle set he'd shoved into his jacket and watched as the herbs glowed red. The vapor coming off of them was enough to make him swoon. "And to think I was tempted to bring these to the party..."
Orion Maximilian Arua-Karras
Seventh Year
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