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  1. Invite The Monsters Within

    "You really, really don't want to know," Gemini shook her head a little, and she was going to leave the topic of inappropriate emotions right there, because that was definitely something she did not want to get into with anyone. Especially right now when she was already recovering from her overload of her own emotions. She did have to chuckle though, at the idea of Layla being a secret agent, and she could absolutely picture it as well, and wondered if he ever questioned that on a more serious level. "How do you know she isn't? Maybe she's been both trying to improve her own health, as well as saving the world and all this time you had no idea," A faux gasp escaped as Gem covered her lips lightly, "The house could be bugged." She whispered then, before a small snicker escaped her. She winced a little at the mention of the grandparent thing though. "Maybe we can just borrow someone else's kids for her for a day, and she can take them all out to do something and spoil them rotten," Gem chuckled softly with a small shake of her head. She somehow doubted that would satisfy the older woman, but there was still time yet. And who knew where they'd be in even a few months or a year, let alone whenever it was that anyone could consier having kids and expanding families. "Pfft, I'm saying that there's no way you could have claimed innocent when we first hooked up... ain't nothin' innocent about the things we did then, of which some required a little bit of experience. Just sayin'," The woman snorted quietly. However, the most fun was in getting Marcus to keep repeating his words, amusement making her chuckle. "Charade? I'll have you know this is very serious business, drunken deafness," The young woman nodded, however her gaze narrowed as she lifted her head to look at him with the challenge. Oho, it was like that, was it? Her lips pursed then, as she did indeed look him in the eyes, as though daring him to go through with what he said he would, and declare it all louder. She knew Layla would probably be getting a large amount of amusement from her shenanigans, but in honesty Gemini didn't care so much about that. She was being a shit, but she also wanted to hear him say it loudly.
  2. Invite The Monsters Within

    "Bah, I wouldn't be complaining if I just heard the occasional compliments. It's when you're surrounded by a bunch of intense emotion and it's all differing and trying to overtake each other, that it's really rough," Gem nodded, though in all honesty couldn't say she knew that it'd be like to hear actual thoughts. On the one hand, it seemed a little cool, but on the other there were just some things that you didn't want to know as well. Not that she hadn't been assaulted by the occasional inappropriate feelings that belonged to someone in random places before. There were reasons she avoided some kids' playgrounds where weird guys hung out on their own to watch. "Layla is totally cool, and I'm not just saying that because she might be eavesdropping on us," As much as the older woman tended to give them some room, Gem was also very well aware that sometimes she did purposely try to be doing something that would allow her to listen in a little on their conversations. Probably in the hope of hearing something about them thinking about kids. Even that was one wagon that Gemini didn't think she was ready to jump onto, regardless of understanding why Layla was in a hurry for more. "And don't try to sell that 'innocence' stuff on me. I know very well just how not innocent you are," The young woman snorted quietly, but then allowed a quiet sigh to fall from her lips. She wasn't going to immediately feel all better, but at the least it seemed she was able to be a little like her usual self for a bit. Though, her usual self still relied on pushing down a lot of the more negative emotions most of the time. Something that was probably not the most healthy. A small snicker escaped though, at his reaction to her words. She knew well enough that he would know what his words had done, those damn enhanced senses and all. But that didn't mean that Gemini couldn't still feign ignorant if she wanted to. She didn't exactly expect him to project the words mentally, though, which caused her lips to form a small smile as she kept her face hidden. She felt her heart jump a little, that stupid happy feeling that felt familiar, and yet something like a distant memory. However, she still shook her head a little and then spoke even louder. "What was that? I still didn't hear you, Marcus! You're going to have to say it a whole lot louder... I'm too drunk!"
  3. Event What's a Party Without Music?

    Prelim note: This is a kind of interactive thread, though not for the usual socialising with other people at the party. More like one where people can post their character requesting songs, either by asking Arti who will be near the stage most of the time, or by calling out to Gem. Otherwise, I'll be posting periodically to list a few songs at a time that will be played, rather than posting up a full play list in one go, so to make it more like they're switching things up and trying to insert some requests among the set. Please try not to spam requests either, that would be like shouting twenty songs at a musician at once. Haha. ------------------ Before the doors opened, there had been a playlist of songs playing over the speakers while the band set up how they wanted the stage to be. As diverse as their musical range of songs that they played, and given the requests that could be made, they needed a lot of freedom to swap and change around, often enough a few of the band members had to swap instruments out for different ones, not to mention provide extra vocals on different songs. Dean was making sure he had his drums and other percussion instruments set around him for easy use, while Trev and Arti set up keyboard and sound mixer, and various string instruments, and Alison checked on her guitars. Even though Artemisia wasn't an official member of the band, she had been the one to ask Gem if the band would play for the school. She also lent her skill often enough that they figured she'd probably be up here a few times during the night at least. It wasn't as though Gemini was really going to give the other woman a choice. She'd also managed to acquire a list of some of the musically inclined students, for her own amusement during the night. Gemini, meanwhile, made sure the microphones were properly situated, as well as her own guitars in a safe but easy to reach place for changeovers or when she wasn't using one. She had tested the mics earlier on to make sure they were all working fine. The real change that the band had undergone though was the change in name. After the news of her former boyfriend's apparent discovery to not be dead at all was officially confirmed, the entire band had decided together that they weren't keeping the name, and it had been changed to GemStruck, mostly against Gemini's preference. Sadly she'd lost the vote to call it FrankStomp. They waited until the hall was at least bustling a little with students before they finally began to take the stage properly though, the playlist volume dying down as Gemini finally spoke. "Welcome Tally students of 2018! It's the end of the year, and that means it is time to let loose and have the best time you can! To assist in that, we have Dean on drums and percussion, Alison on base and occasional lead guitar, and back-up vocals, Trev on too many instruments to list as well as vocals, and myself on lead guitar and doing most of the singing tonight. We are GemStruck, and will also be featuring throughout the night on occasion the wonderfully talented Artemisia, a fellow alumni like myself," Gemini began to strum her guitar a little as she grinned at the young crowd. "We will be playing a mixture of songs, young to old, and will also take requests tonight. You can leave some with Arti when she's not playing, or call them out when I ask for any. Pop, rock, jazz, alternative, country, metal, pretty much anything but Jpop. Anyone who requests that will be made to come up here and sing it themselves, you have been warned," The woman's brows waggled as she grinned wickedly as some of the laughter, "Now, let's start off with a classic or two and something to dance to. Do not be ashamed to sing along." With that, the band started into the first few songs for the night:
  4. Invite The Monsters Within

    "You got no idea," Gem murmured. Being a person who had emotions was one thing, they were a pain in the ass at the best of times. But being someone who often picked up on everyone else's as well, made her own even more sensitive at times, especially if she was drinking as well. It seemed to only compound everything once she managed to sort out between herself and other people, the biggest challenge being keeping her own to herself so that she didn't project directly onto others. It meant that moments like this were incredibly rare, because she couldn't afford to lose herself to what she felt, in case she messed with those around her without meaning to. His teasing over her pouting was met with only more pouting though, before she tried to ignore his words about finding it difficult not to look at her. He may have been a little right, because it was amusing to know that she could distract him so easily by just being in the room, but she didn't have to admit to it. "Your mom is a cool lady, and I have no shame at all in admitting that I'm totally her wingman," Gemini nodded easily. Layla's antics amused the hell out of her, and the women tended to play off one another in making Marcus' life maaaybe just a little hellish, but it was all out of care and fun for the man. He needed to loosen up sometimes, be a little less serious, and that's what Gem figured she was there for, even if it meant he picked up an eye-twitch now and then. If anything, that only added a little to the thrill of how he'd probably make her pay later on. "Pfft, I don't mean getting arrested," The woman rolled her eyes. As if she would ever be convicted of anything. Even if she did end up punching Frankie, Sib would make sure that Gemini never saw the inside of a jail cell. It wasn't as though Gem wouldn't twist the entire scene to make it look like he had started it anyway, the woman wasn't stupid by any means. She'd grown up in Hollywood. It was a cut-throat world there. She was however worried over the idea that she might lose someone who had been there for her all year, and who she cared about, by doing something stupid. But it seemed he had picked up on that too, her lips pursing at his comment about her 'Emo-dar', before then clearly blushing at his admission of how he felt. Something fluttered in her stomach and she ducked her head, pressing her fact to his chest in order to hide her blush. "What was that? Don't think I heard it properly," Gemini then said, words cheeky as ever, "You might have to say it a bit louder. I think all the alcohol's made me a bit sleepy, and everything's hard to hear."
  5. Invite The Monsters Within

    "Pfft... what's yours? Instant noodles?" Gemini snorted, not really of clear enough mind to try and think of what vice Marcus had that would mess him up the way alcohol tended to really screw with her mood. Not that it always did, or even often did. Most of the time she was quite a happy person after a few drinks, but the news that had started off her binge had only been compounded by the amount of alcohol she'd consumed tonight. It wasn't going to go away quickly either, she knew that. Even sober, she was going to have to face the pain and the inner questions and doubts about herself. "You're jus' sayin' that to try make me feel better," Because Gem was pretty sure that she was at least a bit of a nightmare... she knew that she was a pain in the arse on the best and worst of days, at least. It just depended on the day as to what kind of pain she'd be. "Fuck confusion, fuck all this mess of shit emotions..." The woman grumbled, though it was more difficult to try and fuck them off than simply saying the words, and she knew it. She would have to face her demons and then work out what was happening in her life from there. She snorted as he insinuated that she was fishing, before going on to say he'd get in trouble, and the young woman just rolled her eyes with a small huff. "Whatever, be like that," She grumbled quietly, and shifted her gaze away, with the hint of sobering up slightly, there was bound to be a killer migraine on the horizon, her mood was unlikely to get any better, even from joking. "Oh, so I caught your eye 'cause I'm hot, and then the sex and blood donation snagged you," Gemini snorted a little, though at least didn't seem serious in her words, as far as anyone could tell anyway. In her current mood it was almost impossible to tell where she was being serious or sarcastic. She didn't seem actually upset by the conversation though, so that was perhaps a good sign. Rather, she huffed at least half a chuckle at the idea of Sibylla dragging her away, or whatever she thought would keep him away. Still, she sighed as she leaned against him, curling up a little. "Nothin' wrong with my 'tude, it's my signature, man," Gemini mumbled, the adrenaline from earlier having completely run out now, leaving her feeling weary and as though she could pass out at probably any moment, "I dunno... I'm just worried. I'm really happy with how this year's been... but, I need to get closure on this new stuff, but I'm scared of what if I do something stupid? I don't wanna mess up... but I need to face my past. It's just... I dunno... bleh." With that, her head dropped onto his shoulder heavily and she sighed as she closed her eyes, she didn't know what it was that she was scared of, but knew that she didn't want to lose what she'd gained after this long.
  6. Invite The Monsters Within

    "S'why I don't drink often," Gemini sniffed as she leaned against Marcus, resting her head on his shoulder, her lips constantly pursed into a small sorrowful pout. Her energy had been used up, it seemed, and she had hit the wall. The alcohol was finally slowing her down and she was simply left in her strange confusion of thoughts and feelings. She huffed quietly as he mentioned his mother's arrival, but knew that he probably would have done it if she hadn't been here at the time. Still, it had been more of an interesting night than a mess like she was right now. Even then, she'd had a small moment, and the reminder caused her nose to wrinkle slightly. The young woman knew that she was entitled to her issues and fears, but she didn't like showing them. "Hmph... I wouldn't wanna live with another me, it'd be a nightmare," The woman muttered quietly. Having to deal with herself in this state? She'd have probably just tipped a bucket of icy water on her. Still, she wondered what it was that he saw, just how different she must appear to him as what she saw in the mirror. "Because I dunno what I should even be thinking or feeling or doing?" She shrugged and then winced slightly at the reminder of the couch before lifting her head just slightly to glance over at the scorched cushion. She'd have to replace that some time, or find some way to make it up to Layla. But she snorted quietly at Marcus' complaint about taking away his excuses. "OH, so you need an excuse to used? Can't just say it's coz you like havin' me around?" Gemini huffed softly, but she knew that right now it couldn't be easy to deal with. She was so optimistic and full of positive energy so often that when she did fall off that boat, she sank right to the bottom, and it was a stark contrast. Her emotions ran wildly and extreme, and there were few people who could truly have the patience to deal with that on a regular basis. She was almost surprised that Marcus had put up with it for this long, and her head ducked a little. "To be honest, wasn't sure this woulda lasted this long at the start..." The young woman murmured quietly. And not just because of her own attitude. Marcus had seemed at the time wary of getting attached to anyone, about as wary as she was. But days had turned into weeks, and then months. "Figured you'd have got tired of me pretty quick, the whole... part-Veela charm thing aside. 'M s'posed to make sure you keep that stick outta your ass an' all, not be some mopey mope an' shit..." She huffed again as her body seemed to just flop sideways against his front, "I needta... do the closure thing, I think... I thought I did, but the news just destroyed it, and I feel like shit that it did. Like... I'm just fucking things up already..."
  7. Invite The Monsters Within

    Curling up on Marcus' lap, Gemini didn't care if she was probably smearing the shoulder of his shirt with make-up from crying and trying to rub the tears against it, not that it would be difficult to wash off anyway. She was just... a mess. And she knew it. Between finding out in definitely not the best way, getting drunk, and Marcus being so caring and trying to provide something solid for her, she didn't know where her emotions were at. Right now, it was easier to simply cry out her frustration, her pain, and the heartache of having someone who didn't even care how much of a mess she was right now, and still wanted to have her as a close part of their life. How the hell could she feel so utterly shitty, and feel like she deserved any kind of happiness? "S'not that...." Gem sniffed, though remained curled up, her face still partially buried against the man's chest, "I'm just a fuckin' mess, and dunno what I should want or be doin', and I really dunno why you wanna live with me, 'specially after my fuckin' moping around and all this crap that's got me all over the place." She felt guilty for being upset about Frankie now, because of the question Marcus had asked. It couldn't be fair that the guy wanted her to move in, and she was all upset about her ex boyfriend! The fact that the circumstances were unique and understandable didn't really register to her. She just felt awful. "I feel like shit... for feeling like shit..." The woman muttered, lifting a hand to rub at her eyes, before then allowing a small snort to escape at the idea of Layla popping out from some random shadows to catch her and drag her home by the ear or something, if she did try to escape. Funnier still was that Gemini could imagine it as something that would legit happen. The mention of the glasses resulted in a quiet huff from the woman, however, "You said you didn' want me to buy your new pair... can't change your mind now." She sniffed, though then went quiet for a few moments. "I'm sorry y'gotta deal with me like this..."
  8. Invite The Monsters Within

    "Pfft... you're a Dhampir, as if the weight hang thing would actually impede you any," The woman snorted as she kept her face half-buried against the pillow. Sure, it might make things a bit awkward, since she would deliberately make sure that she got limbs caught on anything that they passed, and try to block doorways and whatnot, just because she could be a pest. But in the end, she knew that physically he had the strength to be able to make her get to a proper bed. She appreciated that she wasn't being forced to do anything though, in this moment in time she just wanted to have her tantrum and wallow however she chose to. It was better now rather than the morning, when Gabby would be awake to see and wonder what was wrong. Still, it didn't stop that momentary fire that lit up at the injustice of people who judged others so critically. That fire drained her though as well, and she returned to her 'floppy' state within moment with a grunt. Gemini would be lying if it didn't sting to hear someone else voice what she'd been thinking, that clearly Gabrielle's father didn't care enough about them if he hadn't even contacted them. That hurt. She hated that it hurt. Years of believing him dead meant that she'd not stopped loving him. It made the reality feel like her heart had been freshly torn from her chest... and as much as she knew that it should be expected. It also didn't feel fair to the man who was in her life now... trying to comfort her. "I hate this..." Gemini said quietly, "I hate that he can just be living his life the past few years. And to me it feels like I've just caught him cheating..." Though, she supposed, technically he had been. Cheating on her heart and belief, allowing her to think he was dead all this time, to have continued loving him all this time. The woman began to curl up into a ball on the sofa. She knew she needed to be smart, but her drunken mental state was all over the place and she found herself barely even able to consider what might happen if she did see Frankie again. She knew what Marcus was saying was rational and that he was right. She had done a lot, but it was clear she was falling into a chasm of negativity - something that had only occurred only once before in her life. As if to make things worse, the man then asked her to move in with him, and Gemini didn't know what to say or think and ultimately turned into a mess as she rolled off the sofa and onto Marcus, clinging to him as she very much ugly-cried, rendering herself unable to answer the question at all until she somehow could manage to cry herself out.
  9. Invite The Monsters Within

    Gemini knew he was joking with her, or trying to, but in her state of drunkenness and the feeling of abandonment and that old feeling from her youth that something was wrong with her, she felt a small hit from the comment. Was she even enough for Marcus? How long before he decided that she was too much work, and left her and Gabrielle, to move on to better, greener pastures? She tried to hide the pout and the look of near dejection by turning her face away from him and trying to think of something else, though she simply settled for flopping across the sofa like the lump that she felt she was, and refusing to move. Juvenile, perhaps, but she didn't care at this point. There had to be something wrong with her, it was the only thing she could think of. Why else would all this even have happened, with Frankie really being alive and never contacting her? "I will stay here..." The woman's voice mumbled, partially muffled by a cushion as she buried her face for a moment against the puffy thing, smearing some of her makeup over it in the process, thanks for a couple of stray tears that she was hiding by said burying of her face. She barely heard his claim over her, though the part that did hear it figured maybe he was just trying to make her feel better. In her current state, it was difficult to believe any of those words right now. She'd been told that before. Had heard all the words, claiming care for her, promises to take care of her and Gabby. How could she believe anything now? "That's stupid, people shouldn't be angry because of how you were born," The woman huffed, not recognising the joke, and instead feeling her anger begin to build again for the people who couldn't accept others as they were because of stupid things like race or species or blood status. It reminded her of her mother's murder, the fact that the sweetest woman in the world had been a target because of her Veela heritage. The anger poured off her, her empathic ability causing it to be felt by anyone nearby. Why were people so cruel? What made it right for them to be able to ruin lives and screw others around over prejudice and selfishness? She brought a hand to her face and rubbed at it, knowing that she needed to calm down. "I've been worse and been able to punch, and I don't give a fuck about press," Gemini muttered darkly, "I'm gonna get answers. And I'm gonna make sure he knows that he's never gonna see Gabby again. Far as she's concerned, he's dead, and he may as well be." Even as she said it, part of her wondered if her resolve would still hold up if she came face to face with him. It would have to. For the daughter he abandoned and promises he broke, if nothing else. "It's not fair..." Gemini then said quietly, her head flopped down on the pillow once again, "It's not fair for this shit to happen, when I thought I could be happy again. It's bullshit... such fucking garbage."
  10. Invite The Monsters Within

    The woman seemed to sulk as Marcus explained why he'd decided to call some person while she was clearly having a major crisis... or something like that. Her bottom lip pouted with a sour expression on her features and she sniffed and then huffed quietly, arms crossed. She knew that she really shouldn't have any right to be pissy with him. She knew that Marcus wasn't the one who was truly deserving of her anger and drunken ranting, but the person who was just... wasn't here right now. Perhaps there was also a part of her that felt like Marcus should have protected her from something like this happening, like he'd failed her or something. She didn't even know what she thought at this point, and could only frown and slump further into the sofa. Maybe it would swallow her up. "You wake up sore too," The woman was still pouting as she murmured a quiet retort, but it didn't really matter what she said. She didn't know what she was supposed to feel or do right now and it was frustrating and even a bit scary. The fire didn't seem to bother her, as though she didn't even feel it around her hand. To be fair, she didn't. However, she was easily pushed back and then breathed out a long sigh as she realised she'd just damaged the new couch. She flopped, refusing to move even when Marcus mentioned going to the bedroom. "Idunwanna..." Came the mumble from Gemini as she decided she was going to be a lump and he would have to just carry her if he wanted her to move. Though the mention of Marcus going overseas to confront Frankie... she went still, unsure how to feel about that idea, or whether it was a good one at all. Marcus had a natural upper hand, but Frankie was from a rough group of friends, and was not above using fatal methods for self preservation. Also... she just wasn't even sure if it was worth it. What she did know, however, was that she would have to face him at some point. "'Msorry, I'm such a bitchymess..." Gemini mumbled out quietly. "'Mgonna haveta face him some time... s'bullshit. I'm just... I dunno what the fuck to think. An' I know you'd tell me... or I think you would... I was just caught unaware, an' then drinks, an' everything was shit, an' I wanted to be angry..."
  11. Invite The Monsters Within

    "Yes! How I feel..." Why was the man repeating things she'd said to him, as though she didn't know what she was saying? That's what she'd said! That's what the vulture had asked. And she was glad that Ali had stepped in, because... well, to be honest, Gemini didn't know how she'd felt. But now? Noooow, she was pissed, and upset, and wanted to punch and kick things and make a mess and kind of throw a tantrum. Kicking the table had only helped a fraction... there was something satisfying about spilling the water, but she knew that she'd feel bad for that later on, and so released a long huff as she grabbed her wand and managed to place the water back in the glass and the glass on a side table, away from her kicky legs. Apparently, even drunk, she'd had enough practice cleaning up spills to be able to do that. She then tossed her wand over with her bag and flopped back with her arms crossed. Gemini was also very glad that the man had quickly told her not to repeat what she'd said, because she would have potentially yelled it just to make sure that he hear right. She didn't care that she was slurring and probably difficult to understand, she'd already told him 'what'! And then he was on his phone and she huffed as she looked away, turning into even more of a ball of anger at Marcus taking time to talk about some stupid story with some other vulture reporter while she was clearly distressed. "Oh, what?! Am I still here?" Gemini grumped as the man hung up and returned his attention to her. She wasn't even really aware of what he'd been talking about, and didn't care either, "Hope the story's a good one." The woman, meanwhile, wanted to go out and find something she could trash without feeling bad. She just wanted to let loose completely, maybe set fire to some things - the whole pyromancy thing had to be useful for something right? Not that she hadn't set things alight due to her temper before. But a part of her was still aware that Gabby was asleep, and that she'd feel like shit later if she trashed Marcus' place. His suggestion, however, caused her to snort. "Don't I already do that most nights?" SNAP! The woman, even in her annoyed state, apparently had quips to spare, and she had to snort a very brief cough of a laugh at that one. At least until she sniffed and then leaned forward over her knees as she brought her hands to her face, "Fucking hell... fuck this fucking bastard bullshit. Why the fuck is this happening now? After all the fucking shit I've been through since Mom was killed, and then he fucking disappeared and I thought he was dead too..." What even was this cruelty? Gemini didn't know what to do right now, so she just punched the cushion beside her on the sofa, accidentally lighting it on fire.
  12. Invite The Monsters Within

    "What?" Gemini frowned at the man. What the hell was he even talking about?! Something to do with doors and jingling. Who was jingling? It wasn't Christmas time yet, and she weren't no Santa. She did practically tumble inside though, he was right about that. But nothing else seemed to make sense about what he was saying. Gemini was still angry, and Marcus was supposed to know exactly what she was angry about. She huffed as she was sat down, and tossed her bag against the wall, annoyance still creeping through her entire being. Not just annoyance though. There was pain there, deep, deep down, that she wanted to cover up with the anger and annoyance. She needed to stay angry, because otherwise she would start thinking too much. "Yes! A fuckin'vulture'porter! Asking 'bout how it makes me feel an' shit, then Ali told her to pissoff an' had to tell me what'was all 'bout..." The woman refused the water, she didn't want it, and waved a hand at the glass. She didn't particularly want to be held either, but if she tried to pull away, it was likely that she was going to end up on the floor. How many drinks had she drank? Did it even matter? Not really. This whole night was bullshit and Marcus was being annoying. He was supposed to know. That was the whole point of her being angry right now, wasn't it? "What'you mean what kinna questions? You know!" The accusation was believed by the woman, even as he seemed to be puzzled by whatever it was that was bothering her. She didn't want to have to explain it all, if she had to do that then she was probably going to start yelling and end up being even more upset, and might wake up Gabby, and she didn't want to have to explain that she was a fucking mess because the girl's father was possibly alive and well and apparently getting married. The woman huffed and slumped back against the sofa, kicking her boots off and wiggling her toes. "I needa smash something," A grumble fell from Gemini's lips. She hated violence, didn't like destruction. But in this moment, there was nothing she would rather do than break something, to be able to deliver some kind of damage to something else to reflect the damage she felt within herself. "Fuckin'asshole... don'even know ifit's true... but s'fuckin' rumoured all over, and here's me thinkin' he was dead allthisfuckin'time." She kicked the coffee table roughly, sending it across the floor, before then cringing and slumping again. It wasn't Marcus' fault, why was she being such a bitch? She couldn't understand it, but she didn't want to be comforted by him either. She just... didn't know.
  13. Invite The Monsters Within

    The door was being a rotten door, Gemini decided. She knew that she could just blast it off it's hinges, but then she would have to deal with someone complaining at her about it, and she wasn't in the mood for it. Plus, she'd wake up Gabrielle, and she wasn't about to do that. Still, if only she could work out which of the three key holes was the right one, it would make her life a hell of a lot easier right now. She started stabbing at the door with the key, in the hope that she might get it in the right place and be able to get in, when it was suddenly opened and she near instantly toppled forward from putting her weight into the key stabbing. "Wah!" The exclamation fell from her lips as the world began to tip over, only to be halted when she was caught by Marcus' hand, for the most part at least. Her legs seemed to decide that they wanted to continue to collapse and she was hardly in any kind of state to fight them, so she was about to end up either on her face on the floor, or caught by the man in front of her. In either case, she was still going to lift a hand to try and prod at him with a finger. "Didjuknow??" Came Gemini's slurred question toward the man, spoken more in accusation than curiosity. He had to have known, right? If it had been a big thing that actor Frankie Dean was actually alive, then reporters and journalists all over would be spreading the gossip! "Whydi'nyou say somethin'?" Gemini wanted to be angry, but now she was starting to get the sniffles up as though she was going to cry. It wasn't fair. Why the hell would she be the last to know about this kind of thing? Deep down, there was an even bigger hurt that wanted to rear it's ugly head, but she refused to acknowledge that at the moment. Instead, she needed to focus on something else or she might just curl up. And so she inhaled sharply. "Shoulda told me. Had'ta deal with somebitch vulturereporter askin' me questionslike I knew, but didn't..." The woman huffed, barely even paying attention to her surroundings, whether she was on the floor, at a chair, or what. She just wanted to know why this had all happened and why Marcus hadn't said something to her before someone else had.
  14. Invite The Monsters Within

    "So, Ms Demetra, how do you feel about the news that Franklin Dean is alive and well and looking to be getting married soon?" . . . The question had thrown the young woman off during her intermission break from singing in order to have a couple of drinks. Her band was playing a set at one of the bars, a rather decent gig for a business Christmas party, and for whatever reason there had been a journalist for some gossip rag there. She'd simply strolled up, known who Gemini was and asked the question. Of course, there were a few people who knew, the news of her relationship with the popular Frankie Dean had been rather prominent years ago, especially so when they had their daughter. But now... she'd barely managed to finish the gig. Alison had overheard at the time, and pushed the woman off telling her to get the hell out, before apologising to Gemini and saying that she didn't want her to find out like that. Apparently, it had been big news over in the US, though Ali hadn't been able to confirm it herself yet. Once they'd finished for the night, the two women sat down and the blonde said that she had heard the rumour and was planning to go over to see for herself, but had wanted to know more before telling Gemini. As for the brunette, she was simply stunned. Gem didn't know what to think, how to feel. She'd grieved for him, raised their daughter without him, telling her such wonderful stories. But the idea that he'd been alive the entire time, that he'd been well and not once contacted her, it made her sick to her stomach. After a number of drinks, Alison had called a cab for Gemini and almost had to roll the other woman into it, letting the cab driver know where to go. Gem was certain she'd passed out at least once or twice, because before she knew it she was outside Marcus' house. Why had Alison sent her here? Aside from the fact that Layla had been minding Gabby tonight. Gem wasn't sure if she wanted to be around anyone. Though... Marcus was a journalist, right? Had he known? With the thought in her mind, the woman tapped her card to pay for the cab, and then stumbled out of it and toward the house, where she fumbled with the key in the door, loudly enough that someone likely had to have heard her and her mutterings mixed with curse words. It had to be some kind of stupid joke, right? If not... then... she didn't know what, to be honest.
  15. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    The flight had been long and Gemini was never good with sitting still. Neither was Gabby, to be honest, but it was easier for a small girl to wander from one adult to the next and sit with them and talk their ear off, and she was thankful to have Marcus and Layla there who could also entertain her daughter. Personally, Gemini didn't think she was much a fan of flying in a plane, it felt so... unnatural. But they arrived eventually, and she smirked as Gabrielle talked Layla's ear off as Marcus went on ahead. By the time the ladies had arrived, their luggage was all ready for them, and Gem and Gabby each grabbed the handles of their suitcases. "Yeah, I feel like I should have had a few more of those tiny bottles of booze, just to help me get some sleep on the plane, I don't know how people manage it," Gemini yawned loudly, lifting a hand to her lips for a moment before then sighing. Even Gabby had managed to sleep for an hour or so, while her mother was stuck flicking through movies and tv shows on the plane trying to find something interesting enough to take her mind off the trip. She glanced over at Layla and offered a small nod when Marcus then asked if they wanted to take a break as well. "As much as I've been sat on my butt for hours already, I'm good to chill for a few minutes. You need to go, Gabby?" The young woman asked her daughter, who shook her head easily. gem did recall her having gone to the bathroom not long before they'd had to put their seatbelts back on. Gabby skipped over to sit next o Layla, and Gemini stifled another long yawn, "Seriously, I don't know why you would choose a plane as a mode of travel," She muttered quietly, and leaned against Marcus' frame, using him to hold her up for the time being. "So, got a friend putting us up then? That's fun. I can ask allllll about your embarrassing history."