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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Who even needs chairs or tables to run a class? Kudos to the prankster though, that's a good one!

  2. I bought myself a motorcycle. With that and my guitar strapped to my back combined, I am now 100% cooler than I already was... which - let's face it - was already pretty damn cool. 😎

    1. Marcus Carsen

      Marcus Carsen

      Yea, sure, we can go with that. Whatever helps you cuddle up with that cute smile, Babe.

    2. Gemini Demetra

      Gemini Demetra

      Are you saying that you don't think I'm cool? Wow. That hurts. I'm totally telling Momma Layla.

  3. Shake the Spirit

    "Sorry, guess I should've stopped by the house to pick up my devil horns on the way. How are you going Keira?" Gemini queried after snickering quietly as she made herself comfortable, eventually settling with leaning her side against Marcus, while she kicked up her feet to rest her legs over Keira's lap. There we go, now she had all positive contact and felt maybe just a smidge less destructive. But only barely. She was never one to really play the pretend game very well, the woman was too honest with her emotions and how she was doing to be able to ever hide much. "Some of my friend, Captain Morgan, sounds real good right now... topped up with a bit of Cola," She said easily to the bartender, though knew that her drinks were likely to be monitored. That was part of the reason she'd sought out the present company anyway. At least then she could trust someone to pull her back from going overboard. "That's why I make all the money, babe. Yanno, being a popular musician and all?" The young woman jabbed lightly at Marcus' ribs playfully, casting Keira a wink, "Really, I still wonder why people insist on covering the drinks when it really should be me taking care of that." A light tutting from the woman, though everything meant in light jest. The fact that the band had record deals now, and she was working on a lot of new material was definitely a good thing in some respects. Perhaps not good in others, especially when it meant that she was recognised by some as someone's ex. The thought alone caused a sour note within the woman, and as soon as her drink was set down it was promptly picked up and a few good mouthfuls drank down quickly. "Wow, organising playdates for me like a parent who needs to get their kid out of their hair, now?" A smirk accompanied Gemini's words, though truth be told it struck silently at one o the things she'd been worrying about, whether she was becoming a burden. She covered that thought with another mouthful of the spiced rum and cola, however, before breathing out long. "So, what's the plan then, K? Since mopey breeches here thinks I'm too destructive to stay at home," Offering a quiet snicker, Gemini looked to her drink for a moment as Marcus pointed out the fact that there was obviously a reason for her quest for a strong drink. "Some asshole reporter showed up at the school and fucking got in Gabby's face about you-know-who. If not for the fact that I had a bunch of other moms backing me up regarding the legality of his pressing a child without consent from her guardian, then I'd probably be up for assault charges soon," The young woman flexed the fingers on her non-drink holding hand, still feeling the ache from the punch that she'd delivered. "Sib told me to take some time to calm down while she distracts Gabs with granddaughter spoiling time..." She murmured with a quiet huff and sigh, "Fucking vultures, reporters... present company excluded, of course." She huffed a small chuckle for the pair she was currently with.
  4. Shake the Spirit

    Gemini knew she probably shouldn't have been bothering Marcus so much... or at least she felt like she was bothering him a lot. It was been months and she was still affected by the news, even more so after today, but that was something she would have to worry about later. Sibylla had taken Gabrielle after the incident at the school, and told Gem to get some time to clear her head while she spoiled the girl enough to make her at least not think too much on things. It wasn't fair, this wasn't something that a young girl should have been brought into and Gemini's knuckles still ached slightly as she flexed her fingers. It didn't take long to figure out where Marcus was though, by the time she made her way to a couple of his usual haunts after checking his office and then home. And she stepped into the Mozzie tipping her head to the side to crack her neck a little before attempting to shake out her tension and failing. There, Gem spotted him, and he wasn't alone. A small smile tugged at her lips as she recognised the 'sister' with him, while she shoved her hands into her pockets and walked silently through the place until she was right behind him and leaned forward to press a small affectionate kiss and nip to the back of Marcus' neck in greeting, before wrapping her arms around him as she rested her cheek against his back and afforded a light smile toward Keira. "Fancy finding you to derelicts here of all places, drinking away without me even!" Gemini said by way of jest with a cheeky smile, giving Marcus a small squeeze, before then dragging a stool over so that she could sit in a spot that formed a triangle with the two of them, "Something strong." She said to the bartender with a nod, and then breathed out a long sigh as she cast a gaze between the other two, a brow raising in mild suspicion, "So how much should my ears be burning?"
  5. Rockin' out at Bewitched and Bewildered this weekend. Don't miss it!

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      Can I go? Please please pretty please :)

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      As long as you're far, FAAAAR, away from anything you can trip over, Amber. 

    4. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      One accident means I trip all the time now?

  6. Holy hell, is it the in thing for every teeny-bopper to think they have to bore the world with how 'popular' they apparently are. Keep it in your dacks. I'm a popular fucking musician who dated a Hollywood idol in my teens and didn't fucking moan about Valentines as much as kids these days. Long story short, I'll believe these claims when I actually see the proof (and that's not a request for people to google photos of piles of cards). Ain't no one in Tally who gets drowned in cards, so stop being drama queens, and why don't you post about what YOU GIVE TO OTHERS? Woah! That'd be a change. But then, we'd hate to look like we're not drama teens. Holy crap. (By the way, I gave my chocolates and gifts from fans to a local orphanage. Spread the love, don't 'complain' about being 'popular'.) See some of you in Musiciary this year! Peace! ❤️ 

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    2. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      @Gemini Demetra Look out for my owl ;)

      @Jonathan Azai I need a babysitter, you available for some father/daughter time?

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      Marcus Carsen

      That's one way to describe 'every day' with you.

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      Jonathan Azai

      Of course, @Holly Bennett . Just let me know when I will pick her up. 

  7. The Monsters Within

    "I also have an amazing talent in being a shithead and letting you think that you know a bunch of things by acting a great deal of ways just to contradict myself over and over until you go nuts and get all grouchy like you do, while I cackle somewhere quietly before deciding to come and make you feel better," Gemini grinned brilliantly at Marcus. An expert reporter he was, but she was also a master of generally being a massive pain in the arse, for many people. Though it was especially fun when she teased the poor man and confused him until he wasn't certain what she was thinking or whether she was being serious or not. Why the hell he had decided that he wanted to go out with her to begin with was a question she wondered rather regularly, "I can't help it if you're a sucker for punishment though." The young woman quipped, followed by a light chuckle and small grin. "Who can really tell with the hearing problem though, it just comes and goes depending on the situation," The woman laughed softly again as she gave Marcus a gentle nudge, before then laughing louder as he decided he might just leave her and his mother here and find somewhere better to be. "Aw, you'd miss me within half an hour, tops." Gem grinned as she gave him another nudge, "Who else keeps you on your toes so well? You'd be bored shitless without me hanging around, and besides Gabby and I are a package. You can't just have one and not the other. Sheesh." She issued a small huff, before smirking as another small chuckle erupted, the volume increasing as he threatened his mother with an eviction notice. She relaxed against him though, resting her head on his shoulder after having given him the soft kiss, her brow furrowing at his response to her semi-confession. "Well, shit. I'll just keep my mouth shut next time," She huffed a small snort, but then fell quiet for a moment as he tried to make her feel better about her not-entirely-certain confession. Though she had meant what she'd said on her thoughts about it. "Well it's true though, isn't it? If I didn't love you then I wouldn't be feeling so shit and torn about all this other crap that's come up. I mean... I know I loved Frankie. For years. And I know I'm hurt.. but I'm also pissed off, because of how it could affect what i've built up for myself now, and how you might feel about me being all mixed and pissed off about it all. I don't like the idea of you getting hurt by this crap, and I really don't like the idea of losing what we've got either. I've been happier than I have been in years, and Gabby loves you to bits..." Gemini trailed off, her words having turned into mumbles until she went silent for a long few moments... and then there was a gentle snore that came from the woman, as comfortable as she was curled up beside him, the alcohol had finally worn her out and she'd passed out sitting beside him, though only lightly by the small mumbles that couldn't be deciphered, as though she was still trying to talk.
  8. The Monsters Within

    "Well yeah. She can be real quiet when she wants to be," Gemini snorted softly. She's caught Layla a few times sneaking some kind of sweet that she shouldn't be having, a few times. The young woman did chuckle again at the idea of making a business out of borrowing kids for a short time that could be handed back, at least until she realised that pretty much was almost like foster parenting, and her laughter died down a little at the reminder of her mother, though not a sad reminder as such. Just one of the many kindnesses that the woman had been guilty of in her short life. An eyeroll was the respond to his quip about what she was like, before then offering a light shrug, "I guess you'll never know whether or not I was fueling your desire to do anything." She remarked, and then gave a small crooked smile. "Oh, I know. I'm a severe sufferer of drunken deafness," Gem snickered, narrowing her gaze at him as his fingers trailed her cheeks and ears. She was being a stubborn shit, she knew that, and it was quite likely that Layla was just around the corner or somewhere listening in on them, not that the younger woman minded at all. She was just being cheeky, since he'd decided he would try to get away with saying it without it being audible to others who were potentially awake and could hear them. She wasn't entirely sure if he would go through with it or not, but her brow rose as he spoke as though he was. And then he did, and she blushed perhaps a fraction, but her lips also tugged into a light smirk, and then an even bigger one at the peanut gallery 'aww'ing at him. "Hah! I bet she's been waiting to hear that for ages," The young woman said, chuckling quietly, though her gaze was warm and appreciative, and it was rather clear she felt likely as strongly about the man as well, despite all the confusion and frustration that was going on inside of her in the wake of another man she had loved suddenly reappearing. She managed another small huff of a laugh as Marcus voiced his annoyance over the listening mother, but then leaned in closly and offere him a small kiss. "Well, I'm pretty sure I love you too. I wouldn't be so damned annoyed and confused about what happened tonight if I didn't."
  9. The Monsters Within

    "You really, really don't want to know," Gemini shook her head a little, and she was going to leave the topic of inappropriate emotions right there, because that was definitely something she did not want to get into with anyone. Especially right now when she was already recovering from her overload of her own emotions. She did have to chuckle though, at the idea of Layla being a secret agent, and she could absolutely picture it as well, and wondered if he ever questioned that on a more serious level. "How do you know she isn't? Maybe she's been both trying to improve her own health, as well as saving the world and all this time you had no idea," A faux gasp escaped as Gem covered her lips lightly, "The house could be bugged." She whispered then, before a small snicker escaped her. She winced a little at the mention of the grandparent thing though. "Maybe we can just borrow someone else's kids for her for a day, and she can take them all out to do something and spoil them rotten," Gem chuckled softly with a small shake of her head. She somehow doubted that would satisfy the older woman, but there was still time yet. And who knew where they'd be in even a few months or a year, let alone whenever it was that anyone could consier having kids and expanding families. "Pfft, I'm saying that there's no way you could have claimed innocent when we first hooked up... ain't nothin' innocent about the things we did then, of which some required a little bit of experience. Just sayin'," The woman snorted quietly. However, the most fun was in getting Marcus to keep repeating his words, amusement making her chuckle. "Charade? I'll have you know this is very serious business, drunken deafness," The young woman nodded, however her gaze narrowed as she lifted her head to look at him with the challenge. Oho, it was like that, was it? Her lips pursed then, as she did indeed look him in the eyes, as though daring him to go through with what he said he would, and declare it all louder. She knew Layla would probably be getting a large amount of amusement from her shenanigans, but in honesty Gemini didn't care so much about that. She was being a shit, but she also wanted to hear him say it loudly.
  10. The Monsters Within

    "Bah, I wouldn't be complaining if I just heard the occasional compliments. It's when you're surrounded by a bunch of intense emotion and it's all differing and trying to overtake each other, that it's really rough," Gem nodded, though in all honesty couldn't say she knew that it'd be like to hear actual thoughts. On the one hand, it seemed a little cool, but on the other there were just some things that you didn't want to know as well. Not that she hadn't been assaulted by the occasional inappropriate feelings that belonged to someone in random places before. There were reasons she avoided some kids' playgrounds where weird guys hung out on their own to watch. "Layla is totally cool, and I'm not just saying that because she might be eavesdropping on us," As much as the older woman tended to give them some room, Gem was also very well aware that sometimes she did purposely try to be doing something that would allow her to listen in a little on their conversations. Probably in the hope of hearing something about them thinking about kids. Even that was one wagon that Gemini didn't think she was ready to jump onto, regardless of understanding why Layla was in a hurry for more. "And don't try to sell that 'innocence' stuff on me. I know very well just how not innocent you are," The young woman snorted quietly, but then allowed a quiet sigh to fall from her lips. She wasn't going to immediately feel all better, but at the least it seemed she was able to be a little like her usual self for a bit. Though, her usual self still relied on pushing down a lot of the more negative emotions most of the time. Something that was probably not the most healthy. A small snicker escaped though, at his reaction to her words. She knew well enough that he would know what his words had done, those damn enhanced senses and all. But that didn't mean that Gemini couldn't still feign ignorant if she wanted to. She didn't exactly expect him to project the words mentally, though, which caused her lips to form a small smile as she kept her face hidden. She felt her heart jump a little, that stupid happy feeling that felt familiar, and yet something like a distant memory. However, she still shook her head a little and then spoke even louder. "What was that? I still didn't hear you, Marcus! You're going to have to say it a whole lot louder... I'm too drunk!"
  11. Event What's a Party Without Music?

    Prelim note: This is a kind of interactive thread, though not for the usual socialising with other people at the party. More like one where people can post their character requesting songs, either by asking Arti who will be near the stage most of the time, or by calling out to Gem. Otherwise, I'll be posting periodically to list a few songs at a time that will be played, rather than posting up a full play list in one go, so to make it more like they're switching things up and trying to insert some requests among the set. Please try not to spam requests either, that would be like shouting twenty songs at a musician at once. Haha. ------------------ Before the doors opened, there had been a playlist of songs playing over the speakers while the band set up how they wanted the stage to be. As diverse as their musical range of songs that they played, and given the requests that could be made, they needed a lot of freedom to swap and change around, often enough a few of the band members had to swap instruments out for different ones, not to mention provide extra vocals on different songs. Dean was making sure he had his drums and other percussion instruments set around him for easy use, while Trev and Arti set up keyboard and sound mixer, and various string instruments, and Alison checked on her guitars. Even though Artemisia wasn't an official member of the band, she had been the one to ask Gem if the band would play for the school. She also lent her skill often enough that they figured she'd probably be up here a few times during the night at least. It wasn't as though Gemini was really going to give the other woman a choice. She'd also managed to acquire a list of some of the musically inclined students, for her own amusement during the night. Gemini, meanwhile, made sure the microphones were properly situated, as well as her own guitars in a safe but easy to reach place for changeovers or when she wasn't using one. She had tested the mics earlier on to make sure they were all working fine. The real change that the band had undergone though was the change in name. After the news of her former boyfriend's apparent discovery to not be dead at all was officially confirmed, the entire band had decided together that they weren't keeping the name, and it had been changed to GemStruck, mostly against Gemini's preference. Sadly she'd lost the vote to call it FrankStomp. They waited until the hall was at least bustling a little with students before they finally began to take the stage properly though, the playlist volume dying down as Gemini finally spoke. "Welcome Tally students of 2018! It's the end of the year, and that means it is time to let loose and have the best time you can! To assist in that, we have Dean on drums and percussion, Alison on base and occasional lead guitar, and back-up vocals, Trev on too many instruments to list as well as vocals, and myself on lead guitar and doing most of the singing tonight. We are GemStruck, and will also be featuring throughout the night on occasion the wonderfully talented Artemisia, a fellow alumni like myself," Gemini began to strum her guitar a little as she grinned at the young crowd. "We will be playing a mixture of songs, young to old, and will also take requests tonight. You can leave some with Arti when she's not playing, or call them out when I ask for any. Pop, rock, jazz, alternative, country, metal, pretty much anything but Jpop. Anyone who requests that will be made to come up here and sing it themselves, you have been warned," The woman's brows waggled as she grinned wickedly as some of the laughter, "Now, let's start off with a classic or two and something to dance to. Do not be ashamed to sing along." With that, the band started into the first few songs for the night:
  12. The Monsters Within

    "You got no idea," Gem murmured. Being a person who had emotions was one thing, they were a pain in the ass at the best of times. But being someone who often picked up on everyone else's as well, made her own even more sensitive at times, especially if she was drinking as well. It seemed to only compound everything once she managed to sort out between herself and other people, the biggest challenge being keeping her own to herself so that she didn't project directly onto others. It meant that moments like this were incredibly rare, because she couldn't afford to lose herself to what she felt, in case she messed with those around her without meaning to. His teasing over her pouting was met with only more pouting though, before she tried to ignore his words about finding it difficult not to look at her. He may have been a little right, because it was amusing to know that she could distract him so easily by just being in the room, but she didn't have to admit to it. "Your mom is a cool lady, and I have no shame at all in admitting that I'm totally her wingman," Gemini nodded easily. Layla's antics amused the hell out of her, and the women tended to play off one another in making Marcus' life maaaybe just a little hellish, but it was all out of care and fun for the man. He needed to loosen up sometimes, be a little less serious, and that's what Gem figured she was there for, even if it meant he picked up an eye-twitch now and then. If anything, that only added a little to the thrill of how he'd probably make her pay later on. "Pfft, I don't mean getting arrested," The woman rolled her eyes. As if she would ever be convicted of anything. Even if she did end up punching Frankie, Sib would make sure that Gemini never saw the inside of a jail cell. It wasn't as though Gem wouldn't twist the entire scene to make it look like he had started it anyway, the woman wasn't stupid by any means. She'd grown up in Hollywood. It was a cut-throat world there. She was however worried over the idea that she might lose someone who had been there for her all year, and who she cared about, by doing something stupid. But it seemed he had picked up on that too, her lips pursing at his comment about her 'Emo-dar', before then clearly blushing at his admission of how he felt. Something fluttered in her stomach and she ducked her head, pressing her fact to his chest in order to hide her blush. "What was that? Don't think I heard it properly," Gemini then said, words cheeky as ever, "You might have to say it a bit louder. I think all the alcohol's made me a bit sleepy, and everything's hard to hear."
  13. The Monsters Within

    "Pfft... what's yours? Instant noodles?" Gemini snorted, not really of clear enough mind to try and think of what vice Marcus had that would mess him up the way alcohol tended to really screw with her mood. Not that it always did, or even often did. Most of the time she was quite a happy person after a few drinks, but the news that had started off her binge had only been compounded by the amount of alcohol she'd consumed tonight. It wasn't going to go away quickly either, she knew that. Even sober, she was going to have to face the pain and the inner questions and doubts about herself. "You're jus' sayin' that to try make me feel better," Because Gem was pretty sure that she was at least a bit of a nightmare... she knew that she was a pain in the arse on the best and worst of days, at least. It just depended on the day as to what kind of pain she'd be. "Fuck confusion, fuck all this mess of shit emotions..." The woman grumbled, though it was more difficult to try and fuck them off than simply saying the words, and she knew it. She would have to face her demons and then work out what was happening in her life from there. She snorted as he insinuated that she was fishing, before going on to say he'd get in trouble, and the young woman just rolled her eyes with a small huff. "Whatever, be like that," She grumbled quietly, and shifted her gaze away, with the hint of sobering up slightly, there was bound to be a killer migraine on the horizon, her mood was unlikely to get any better, even from joking. "Oh, so I caught your eye 'cause I'm hot, and then the sex and blood donation snagged you," Gemini snorted a little, though at least didn't seem serious in her words, as far as anyone could tell anyway. In her current mood it was almost impossible to tell where she was being serious or sarcastic. She didn't seem actually upset by the conversation though, so that was perhaps a good sign. Rather, she huffed at least half a chuckle at the idea of Sibylla dragging her away, or whatever she thought would keep him away. Still, she sighed as she leaned against him, curling up a little. "Nothin' wrong with my 'tude, it's my signature, man," Gemini mumbled, the adrenaline from earlier having completely run out now, leaving her feeling weary and as though she could pass out at probably any moment, "I dunno... I'm just worried. I'm really happy with how this year's been... but, I need to get closure on this new stuff, but I'm scared of what if I do something stupid? I don't wanna mess up... but I need to face my past. It's just... I dunno... bleh." With that, her head dropped onto his shoulder heavily and she sighed as she closed her eyes, she didn't know what it was that she was scared of, but knew that she didn't want to lose what she'd gained after this long.
  14. The Monsters Within

    "S'why I don't drink often," Gemini sniffed as she leaned against Marcus, resting her head on his shoulder, her lips constantly pursed into a small sorrowful pout. Her energy had been used up, it seemed, and she had hit the wall. The alcohol was finally slowing her down and she was simply left in her strange confusion of thoughts and feelings. She huffed quietly as he mentioned his mother's arrival, but knew that he probably would have done it if she hadn't been here at the time. Still, it had been more of an interesting night than a mess like she was right now. Even then, she'd had a small moment, and the reminder caused her nose to wrinkle slightly. The young woman knew that she was entitled to her issues and fears, but she didn't like showing them. "Hmph... I wouldn't wanna live with another me, it'd be a nightmare," The woman muttered quietly. Having to deal with herself in this state? She'd have probably just tipped a bucket of icy water on her. Still, she wondered what it was that he saw, just how different she must appear to him as what she saw in the mirror. "Because I dunno what I should even be thinking or feeling or doing?" She shrugged and then winced slightly at the reminder of the couch before lifting her head just slightly to glance over at the scorched cushion. She'd have to replace that some time, or find some way to make it up to Layla. But she snorted quietly at Marcus' complaint about taking away his excuses. "OH, so you need an excuse to used? Can't just say it's coz you like havin' me around?" Gemini huffed softly, but she knew that right now it couldn't be easy to deal with. She was so optimistic and full of positive energy so often that when she did fall off that boat, she sank right to the bottom, and it was a stark contrast. Her emotions ran wildly and extreme, and there were few people who could truly have the patience to deal with that on a regular basis. She was almost surprised that Marcus had put up with it for this long, and her head ducked a little. "To be honest, wasn't sure this woulda lasted this long at the start..." The young woman murmured quietly. And not just because of her own attitude. Marcus had seemed at the time wary of getting attached to anyone, about as wary as she was. But days had turned into weeks, and then months. "Figured you'd have got tired of me pretty quick, the whole... part-Veela charm thing aside. 'M s'posed to make sure you keep that stick outta your ass an' all, not be some mopey mope an' shit..." She huffed again as her body seemed to just flop sideways against his front, "I needta... do the closure thing, I think... I thought I did, but the news just destroyed it, and I feel like shit that it did. Like... I'm just fucking things up already..."
  15. The Monsters Within

    Curling up on Marcus' lap, Gemini didn't care if she was probably smearing the shoulder of his shirt with make-up from crying and trying to rub the tears against it, not that it would be difficult to wash off anyway. She was just... a mess. And she knew it. Between finding out in definitely not the best way, getting drunk, and Marcus being so caring and trying to provide something solid for her, she didn't know where her emotions were at. Right now, it was easier to simply cry out her frustration, her pain, and the heartache of having someone who didn't even care how much of a mess she was right now, and still wanted to have her as a close part of their life. How the hell could she feel so utterly shitty, and feel like she deserved any kind of happiness? "S'not that...." Gem sniffed, though remained curled up, her face still partially buried against the man's chest, "I'm just a fuckin' mess, and dunno what I should want or be doin', and I really dunno why you wanna live with me, 'specially after my fuckin' moping around and all this crap that's got me all over the place." She felt guilty for being upset about Frankie now, because of the question Marcus had asked. It couldn't be fair that the guy wanted her to move in, and she was all upset about her ex boyfriend! The fact that the circumstances were unique and understandable didn't really register to her. She just felt awful. "I feel like shit... for feeling like shit..." The woman muttered, lifting a hand to rub at her eyes, before then allowing a small snort to escape at the idea of Layla popping out from some random shadows to catch her and drag her home by the ear or something, if she did try to escape. Funnier still was that Gemini could imagine it as something that would legit happen. The mention of the glasses resulted in a quiet huff from the woman, however, "You said you didn' want me to buy your new pair... can't change your mind now." She sniffed, though then went quiet for a few moments. "I'm sorry y'gotta deal with me like this..."
Gemini Rosmunda Belladonna Elestratova Demetra
Musician & Vocalist
24 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  24
Date of Birth June 6th, 1995
Birthplace San Diego, California
Year Level 
Occupation Musician & Vocalist
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Wolf
Wand 14" Ash with Phoenix Core
Play-by Phoebe Tonkin
  • 2006 - 2011: Ilvermorny
  • 2011 - 2012: Tallygarunga
  • 2015 - 2018: VMU. Magical Arts
  • has inherited gifts from both her father's and mother's sides
  • empathy from her father's Gifted Romani heritage
  • pyrokinesis/flameball throwing and natural allure from her mother's Veela heritage
General Knowledge
  • loves music and is rarely ever seen without her acoustic guitar
  • had a baby in her last year of school
  • starting to become a bit more known in the Melbourne music scene
  • been raising Gabby on her own since the father's apparent death
  • started dating Marcus Carsen in 2018

A good egg for the most part, Gem has always been free-spirited. Always eager to use her knowledge to basically turn whatever she can into fun and positivity for herself and others. Gem has a slightly addictive personality and often can't resist the smallest temptations for something new or exciting. Its only ever got her in little bits of trouble in the past due to her having the gift of the gab and talking herself out of most situations, though has admittedly quietened down a fraction since becoming a mother.

Aside from that, she is an active woman and enjoys sports and activities, and loves a good game of Quidditch as well as just jogging and other sports. Another activity she found enjoyment in early on was music, something she was found to be naturally gifted for, and she learned to play guitar form a young age, as well as enjoyed learning songs that she could sing to. Its not the only artistic outlet though, as she also enjoys writing stories and songs as well as designing clothing in her spare time. She even sews some of her own clothes just for fun. This kind of sets her with the 'eccentric artsy' kind of label, but she doesn't mind.

Very much devoted to her family, Gem loved her mother very much, as well as her grandmother and very young aunts, and often tries to give her father a chance despite his gypsy-like ways and constant appearing and disappearing during her life. She has dealt with it quite alright, though has felt the gap quite a lot over more recent years while dealing with life upheavals.

Gem has grown used to her role as mother to Gabrielle, the baby she had to her seemingly-deceased boyfriend, Frankie Dean. While its been difficult with some ups and downs, and especially when she had to take on single parenthood, she's doing the best she can with the support of her remaining family.


Standing an average height of 5'5, if Gem sticks out its probably because of the colourful or interesting clothing she likes to wear, or the fact that she rarely goes anywhere without her guitar. She blossomed in her late teens into the woman she is now, much of her mother's Veela heritage beginning to shine through with a touch from her father's side.

She generally inherited her father's darker looks, with dark chocolate hair, and brown eyes, and large lips, along with some of her mother's more feminine features. Add in the beauty enhanced a little by her grandmother's blood which is only just a little watered down, Gem is more attractive than she gives herself credit for.

Preferring to dress down a lot of the time, its usual to see her in jeans and a t-shirt or vest with flip-flops, runners or no shoes at all. Gem has no problem mixing her styles and wearing Converse or army boots with a formal dress or a tiara with a singlet and ripped jeans. She's a little unique in her style, which goes along a fair bit with her personality.

The story so far

Gem was born a month early due to complications with her mother's pregnancy, but was born healthy and named after her starsign, a precious jewel, and her mother's surnames as well as her fathers (although goes by Demetra). Life was enjoyable for the girl despite having a single mother and a father she only saw when he wasn't traveling - him having come from a long line of Gifted Romani which meant he could never stay in one spot for long, not that her mother ever minded.

Life was rather quiet and easy going for the girl, her mother having been teaching for a number of years before she became a headmistress at the school where Gemini began attending certainly helped in some ways, but also hindered her on occasion. Because of this, and the absence of her father she tended to go seeking ways to gain attention, mostly in the form of pranks and practical jokes. When she wasn't feeling so rambunctious though, she would immerse herself into music and writing.

It was when she was about thirteen that Gemini discovered that she had a half-sister through her father's side, when he came to see her. He also visited another girl who turned out to be someone that had been going to the same school as Gemini and only just recently graduated. Excitement at being able to meet a sister was squashed, however, when she was told that the other girl didn't want to know her.

For some time this cause Gemini some sadness, at least until she worked out a perfect plot to meet the girl, who was a Quidditch player for her university and being considered for a local team, and she posed under a different name, as a team water girl. This worked for quite a while, and Gem's identity remained secret until one fateful night just before her 16th birthday when she went out on the town with Katerine. Recognised by a friend, Gemini's cover was blown and she and Kat ended up in a large fight which ended up in a couple of bins being blown up outside the club.

After that, Gemini suffered quite a bit mentally and emotionally. She spent some time with her grandparents, learning about her mother's family heritage, but even that didn't do much for her, and thanks to the fuss back at home she couldn't go anywhere without problems. So Melanie decided to pack them up, and she got in touch with a contact in Australia who she'd met during her years as Headmistress, and so they moved to Victoria.

Not long after arriving, Gemini ran into Frankie Dean, whom she'd met a few times before in LA. They struck up a friendship, which blossomed into romance, despite trouble from his family which resulted in Gem being shot, Frankie being disowned and Gem's mother basically adopting Frankie's sister. To top it off, Gemini was pregnant, and the gunshot wound would make things more difficult.

However, despite a very tricky birth after going into an early and dangerous labour, the family came away still whole and with a new addition, Gabrielle Demetra. Urged on by her mother, Gem continued her study once recovered and managed to graduate with the rest of her class in 2012. Unfortunately, that summer saw her mother get killed, which devastated the young woman.

Gemini decided to take a year off from university, while Frankie continued to attend, and between them they managed to take care of themselves and his younger sister fairly well. However, tragedy seemed to be thick in their lives when the Deans returned to California for the funeral of another of their friends. Something happened, there was a destroyed house, and it appeared that Gemini's boyfriend had been inside.

It took a while for Gem to get over the losses of so many loved ones, and she moved in with Rosmunda and her children with Gabby for a while. She kept kept herself afloat for the sake of her daughter, and in 2015 finally decided to start studying at VMU in Magical Arts. She also has a small band that she plays with regularly in some Melbourne hot spots, and in the past year began a relationship with Marcus Carsen.

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