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  1. Oh Calamaties

    So... it's been no secret I've been slow these past few weeks. I've been dealing with pneumonia and heavy-duty drugs on top of slicing my hand open. On top of this, my mom decided to fall and break her leg in three places last week and now needs continuous care. She lives 75 plus miles away from me, which means I'm traveling a lot. I'm going to be sloooow these next few weeks as I finally gain back the function in my lungs and use of my left hand as well as take care of my mother (because a nurse, I am not). I will do my best to check in when I can, but please don't fail me if my student character (Orion) misses things. I need more hours in the day.
  2. Ducklings

    orion arua-karras 17. Seventh Year. Bourke student. Meet ORION, a seventh year Bourke. He is going into his second full year at Tallygarunga. Orion was born in Papua New Guinea to a single mom, a Muggleborn archaeologist named Mia Arua. He didn't know about his birth father until he was 15 and he didn't meet him until months later. Orion is someone that doesn't take life all that seriously. He loves being outside and in the water. His other love is being up in the air. He's been a massive Quidditch fan since he first learned about the sport. He's quite a fan of Malaysia's national team. He was raised in a small seaside community of magical people that took care of one another. His father was the one to insist his son needed a magical eduation and pushed for Orion to enter Tallygarguna. For this, Orion resents him. Orion could use a little bit of everything, from friends to rivals. He'll likely befriend those he spends the most time with, being fellow seventh years and fellow Bourke students. He does get rather affectionate and loyal to those he calls friend. To those he calls a rival, he'll more likely try to one-up you or hex your pants off. He does have a future relationship planned, but he could use a past/previous crush just because it's awkward fun. kiera london 33. Ancient Runes Professor. Flinders Alumni Meet KIERA, a former Flinders student turned Ancient Runes professor. She's a local from Melbourne, the daughter of Ministry hit wizards. She returned two years ago after spending a decade abroad, learning all she could about her favorite subject, Ancient Runes. She studied runology at Victoria Magical University. At Tally, she was a quiet, bookish student. She has slowly grown less introverted and tried to be more of the life of any party. Try, being the key word. She's still a little unsure of herself, but if there's one thing she knows, it's the value of determination and persistence. She's opened herself up to trying new things, from the magical motorbike to actually seeking out apothecary assistance to treat her anemia. Since returning to teach at Tally, she believes that everyone could love runes as much as she does, but she'd rather students keep an open mind as to whether or not they do. Kiera is still a fierce friend and quite sweet-natured to those that take the time to get to know her. Kiera could use all plots. Her friends are probably people she has either known forever or has gotten to know in the past two years since she returned. She's still quite shy, but she's not afraid of getting herself out there. She probably wouldn't have many enemies, but she knows not everyone would like her. Her last romantic relationship ended badly and it was one of the reasons she returned to Australia. © riza
  3. The Great Party Hall

    Orion will be there... for at least part of it. He may try and smuggle magic herbs in from PNG to make things trippy.
  4. Something Beachy

    I was sad to come back, but alas I have.