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November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    "Yes, yes, I understand that, it is very important and secret. But if I am filling in for one of these super secret agents, one would think that I would be appraised of the situation! It's just as dangerous for me to not know about who I'm impersonating, as it is to know!" Elektra huffed again as she lifted a hand to run her fingers through her freshly dyed hair, "Because someone would have known who could have told me. The people in that faction clearly would have known what I was asked to do! They would have been the ones who needed me! Especially if you're saying that she became prominent!" The woman's hands gestured wildly, knowing that she was mostly just yelling now because she didn't know what else to do. The past couldn't be changed. Now she was getting all the details, but what if something worse had happened? After all, Elektra's shoulder was permanently damaged because she had been mistaken for her sister only just a year or so ago. She was almost killed, and she was pretty certain that actually knowing what level of danger she was dealing with over the past few years would have given her a heads up at least. She had no idea who had sent the file or why, and assumed it was to cause trouble, but it was done now. Whoever it was had done it and now probably were sitting back waiting to see what would happen. "I get the secrets thing. It's frustrating as fuck, but I get it," The woman breathed out a long exhale as she ruffled her hair some. She almost felt like she needed to go take another shower again, just to try and get her head straight. What she did notice though just then, was the way that Ash had been holding his torso and then looked at his hand before placing it down. Immediately, her gaze narrowed on him and she got up and walked around to his seat, before simply lifting his shirt up from his abdomen and offering a very grouchy frown at him, "You've been sitting here bleeding! Accio wand." Ele's hand reached out to catch her wand as it flew from her bedroom. "Why didn't you fix this up as soon as you got home? Or even beforehand?" The woman demanded plainly before then casting a healing spell on the wound to close it up. At least casting had always been something she was good at, though the man really should have done something about it sooner instead of bleeding all over his clothing. "Don't even take proper care of yourself. Just my luck that I had to fall in love with a super secret agent who sits there bleeding on the chair while pretending that he's fine," She grouched, breezing over the words she'd said mostly because she didn't know how to say it directly to him, it seemed easier to make a complaint and just slide it in there. She'd never thought herself as one to feel it, and so felt awkward. But annoyance was good for covering up awkwardness.
  2. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    If Ele was taking it well, it was mainly because she felt like the secrets were just never ending at this point. Every time they appeared to begin to settle a little, and things fell back into a kind of normal state, and that maybe she could address the whole deal with Ash being completely oblivious how she felt about him, another curve-ball was tossed at them. She didn't appear surprised at the confirmation that Emi had been brought in to the Agency. The story of how they caught her and convinced her that they weren't out to persecute her so that she would join them would probably never be told - at least not from the perspective of her sister - but it seemed Ash knew a little about it. "She was always the faster one to pick up on things, especially when it came to deception and sneaking around. It only makes sense that she was a spy the whole time," Elektra murmured quietly. The twins had each been talented in their own ways, but Emilia had always been much more intelligent, scarily so. Elektra had excelled in more physical pursuits, as demonstrated by her Quidditch career and skills as an Auror. Ele also knew that it was only sensible that she be kept in the dark regarding her twin's career and life in general. Even her nieces had been a surprise when she'd been asked if she would take over custody. It was like Elektra had lost her sister long before Emilia actually vanished off the face of the Earth. "I should have been told the truth about her when I started with the IWP," Elektra said after a small time, the defeat giving way to a spark of anger as she glared somewhat at the file in front of her. "They were expecting me to replace her in most of the missions I started out on, and left out information that would have been fucking good to know!" The file was gripped with one hand and flung across the room like a frisbee, papers flying everywhere as she huffed. "If they valued me and respected me, it's the least the could have done! Hells, it would have been good to know the full truth about you as well! What was the point in making me think I was babysitting a criminal who was being forced to work for the Agency?? Unless they doubt my ability to hold secrets?" The woman inhaled deeply after her small rant and relaxed her shoulders. "And you bring up how you feel, but still haven't even acknowledged the fact that I told you that I felt the same way, back when you first admitted it. It is eternally frustrating to find out that the man I care for still has more fucking secrets even after saying there'd be no more," Elektra sighed long as she flopped forward, effectively planting her face on the tabletop, because really, what else could she do at this point? It was just another bunch of facts that she was going to have to deal with, but it was getting more and more difficult to feel like she could trust anything she was told.
  3. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    "The records kind of allude to the whole criminal thing being part of your... spy-cover," Elektra waved a hand at the open file folder as she slouched in her chair. She couldn't work out whether she was angry, frustrated, or simply just tired. Though she did know that she was even more suspect now about her sister's own part in it all. From what she could tell, it was as though Emilia had been a spy almost from the start as well, and some of Ashkar's explanation of how he knew about her hair hinted even more toward that. Why hadn't her sister ever told her though? They'd told each other everything. Elektra ran a hand through her newly coloured hair in mild frustration, which covered what felt like a thudding pain in her heart. "So... she was a spy too? I don't get it... I thought she'd just gone straight into crime after she, after everything that happened before my last year at school. That's what she'd led me to believe when I met with her years later," Not that Elektra didn't understand the kind of secrecy that someone in the position of a deep cover agent would have to keep, simply just to protect those that are close to them. But still... it left something of a hole in her chest as she thought about it. Even while she listened to Ashkar, trying to pinpoint what game - there were so many she'd played in her time - she could have possibly met him. "I can't-..." The woman began, but then recalled a time where the scenario he'd described did occur. She'd literally raced from the field after catching the Snitch, into the stands to try and seek out the familiar blonde woman she'd sworn was her twin. Only to have someone step right in front of her and spill their drink. She'd barely looked at the person, her gaze had still be trying to search out her sister, but she recalled the irritation as he continued to stall her by apologising and trying to brush the drink off her torso with a napkin. "That was you..." Elektra frowned across toward him. Hearing his voice in the same accent only made the memory stronger, and her irritation grew again, even though she knew it was the past. She hadn't seen Emi in so long then, and had wanted to talk to her. The woman inhaled deeply, however, closing her eyes a moment as she counted silently before letting a sighed breath out. "What even is there to ask?" She then said, her voice almost sounding defeated, "If anything, I just feel like I've been a pawn this entire time, ever since I was contacted about her disappearance. Partnered up with my sister's old partner, under the belief of something that wasn't even true. To what end? I mean, is what happened to her even a mystery? Or am I just not being told about that either," Elektra knew in her heart that she would never see Emilia alive again, but what did the Agency know? What did Ashkar know? How much more was there that Elektra was being kept from? And for what reason? She found herself feeling more and more tired, the more she thought about it, and simply propped her elbows on the table as she leaned forward, resting her face in her hands.
  4. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    There was a brief moment where annoyance and frustration reached her features as she watched Ashkar. The fact that he hadn't shed much light on anything aside from some mysterious mention of how he wasn't her charge and that she should read it first causing her some brief irritation toward him. However, she simply sighed and opened the file as he went back to putting away the groceries that he'd brought home with him. Why did it always feel like there was something new that she was finding out? And not even the normal kinds of things that people learned about one another over time together, but big secret things that often tended to involve her a lot more than she had been allowed to know. She was glad for the decision to start sending Elena to daycare once a week for socialisation with other kids. It definitely helped that neither of the girls were around in case she lost her temper again. "Hm? My hair? Uh, thanks... feels more like me this way," Elektra murmured, distracted by her reading too much to question his comment about having always liked it this way, though it would no doubt come back to mind at a later time. Rather, she was more focused on the profile in the folder that had been left there for her, brow furrowing as she began to realise that Ashkar wasn't a criminal at all, but in fact was a double agent of sorts. There were even brief mentions of her sister having been his agent partner for a long time as well, which meant... this didn't make sense. It meant that almost everyone she knew had been practically lying to her about things. "I don't... so everything I've been told is basically false," The woman said, still skimming her gaze across the information that had been give to her by a mysterious someone. "Then why was I sent this? I am... utterly confused, and quite angry as well, but more so confused. What else has been kept from me? This is like, it's like... I honestly have no words even at the moment," Ele pushed the file away slightly as she slouched back in her chair, her confusion and irritation very clear in her features as she stared at the folder, before shaking her head a running a hand over her face while she tried to think of where to begin. She really had no idea, though her head then snapped toward Ashkar, "Wait, my hair was blonde already when we started working together." She frowned as she studied him.
  5. Ghosts That Bite

    Elektra Devereux
    Today the girls were home, which was fine with Elektra. It was the weekend, after all. She wasn't entirely certain where Ashkar was, but also didn't want to think too much about it. She was aiming for a day where she didn't think so much about the things that concerned or stressed or worried her. Just a nice chill day where she might not even find herself and Nina getting into an argument over something unnecessary. Though they were getting along much better than they had when they'd all been thrown together, teenage girls were still difficult at the best of times. Currently though, Elektra was smiling as she watched Elena playing with toddler building blocks in the backyard where the temperature was wonderful. They were like giant Lego, and the girl seemed to especially love putting the red ones together. She would occasionally bring some to Ele to also build up and the woman would comply easily enough. At one point, even Nina hung around for a time and played with her younger sister as well. The day was going swimmingly. Even when she heard the doorbell, Elektra didn't mind too much. After all, it was probably a hawker or someone just trying to spread the word of whatever religion they followed, and she could just gently direct them onward. Answering the door with her hair up in a messy bun, and wearing little more than a cropped shirt and denim shorts, the woman tilted her head at the stranger, assessing the man a moment, before offering a warm smile toward him. He didn't seem like either, but she could still be friendly. "Bonjour stranger, lovely day today," Ele figured they would explain why they were there, so she simply watched with an amused expression as she waited for him to do so.
  6. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    A day to herself was a rare thing for Elektra, and she'd been looking forward to doing something a little different with her hair before then simply relaxing a while. Maybe some yoga before going for a jog or something. Her shoulder would never heal properly, which meant the definite end of her Quidditch career for good, but she could find some other active pursuits she supposed. She had thought she might look into such today, at least until she saw the large thick envelope that had been slid beneath the front door. Confused, she'd picked it up and opened the door to look around, but whoever had delivered it had already gone, and so she opened it to take a peek, only to see that it was a full IWP file with Ashkar's name... or multiple names, on it. This led to a conundrum of a sort for the woman. Clearly it had been slipped there for a reason. The note attached to the front very specifically told her that she needed to read it. And Ele had a feeling that if she did open it up and read through it then she was probably going to be very unhappy, or very upset, or the most likely scenario was both. Things had finally calmed down again for them though, even though Ash was still completely either ignorant or oblivious to the fact that she felt the same way he did - despite her having basically said so months ago. It was too much to want to think about in the moment, and so Elektra decided to do her hair first. She could decide what to do about the file afterward. She was really too tired of receiving surprises that pissed her off. As it turned out, the sound of Ashkar's return just as she finished doing her hair meant that perhaps there was a chance of doing this without her having to become yelling mcyellington the angry partner now. She made her way from her room with her brows raised toward Ash as he seemed to stare at the folder. Clearly, he knew what it was, and what was contained within. She didn't say anything right away though, simply getting herself a can of spiced rum and cola from the fridge, before opening it and taking a sip as she walked over to the table where she took a seat and set a hand on the file, drawing it toward herself while looking at it. "So, I haven't opened it yet. I don't suppose you want to tell me anything before I do? You know, clear the air before I probably see something that I'm not going to like? It was delivered specifically to me after all, and you are supposed to be my charge," Elektra tilted her head as she turned her gaze up toward Ashkar then, brows raising as she waited to see whether he would tell her himself whatever it was in here that she probably wasn't going to be happy about or not.
  7. An Arm's Reach

    The smile was returned easily and the blonde woman relaxed a little as she set down the toddler, who decided that she was wander around and get into whatever she could. It was something Ele had grown used to now, and simply kept an eye on just to make sure that Elena didn't accidentally pick up something she could harm herself with. She knew the importance of exploration and not coddling a child too much, though at least. Slowly, but surely, she was growing used to this life as an adoptive mother to the girls. And was finding it wasn't all too bad, especially since she and Nina seemed to be getting along at least a little bit better now as well. "Mostly very little to do around the house, and I also had a little bit of my own paperwork to take care of here," Ele explained while her gaze still watched the little girl who was wandering around. "Though, I've said I'll give Nina some extra pocket money if she takes care of some of the typing for me. Nothing too important, just things that need to be reformatted. She seemed pretty happy with the arrangement." Perhaps the idea of some responsibility, as well as obviously the extra cash to spend on whatever she wanted, helped. "I also, very stupidly, just realised that there's a Bellerose at the school... and that she's one of my half sisters which makes me feel awkward as hell. How many times must we have passed each other and didn't even know?" Ele huffed a gentle sigh as a hand lifted to ruffle at her hair a little, "But I'm still worried, because there's still been no sign of anyone having tracked you-know-who down."
  8. An Arm's Reach

    Another holiday break, another parent who was annoyed about how their student wasn't going to be back at school until a couple weeks after the others next term. Ele could practically hear them through the door as she waited outside the office. Her own mind was distracted partially anyway, which dimmed some of the droning from the unhappy parent, while she thought on things that were going on, things that she should have been getting on top of but was worried about for one reason or another. Actually, no, there was really only one big reason that had kept her from reaching out... and that was the one very deranged sister that no one still had any idea where she was. Nina was playing with Elena in the reception area, the girls were safe where they were. And Ele really just felt a little silly upon only just recently realising that one of her half-sisters was a student here and she had likely seen her a number of times and yet, neither of them knew one another. She wasn't sure how to feel toward the girl, truth be told, protective maybe? Did she have a right to feel that way? Probably not. Everything about it all was so awkward. The situation between she and Ash certainly hadn't changed much, except for some extra tension between them. Or was there? Maybe she was imagining it. He had never reacted to her own admission of feelings toward him, so she had to wonder. Finally, the parent stormed out of the office, muttering something that Ele didn't hear or really care to. She stood and stepped inside, lifting a brow and tilting her head at the man behind the desk. "Sounds like someone who wasn't happy with what you told them... so a normal day then. Good thing you don't have to come here every day of the holidays, hm?"
  9. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    With the arm that held her comfortingly, Elektra seemed to relax slightly against Ashkar's side, her eyes closing as she rested her head on his shoulder. With his confession, the woman was a mixture of emotions. But at the end of all of that confusion there was a part of her that felt a strange giddiness. It wasn't something she was used to, and it scared her while also making her want to know more about it. Was it possible that she loved him as well? She knew that she cared a great deal for the man, despite how much he drove her crazy. She admired and respected him. And she really hated that he'd just up and left, even though their last argument had been a rather volatile one, something that had cut her deeply. Had she been extra hurt by the lies because she cared about him? Is that why it had felt more like a betrayal? Too many questions, and it was beginning to hurt her head. But then Ashkar had to open his mouth and mention that he'd just been staying in someone else's house. She didn't even have the energy to yell at him. For some reason, right then, Ele suddenly shook with silent laughter as she shook her head. After a moment the laughter could be heard, almost disbelieving of the whole situation. Here she was trying to figure out why everything he did drove her nuts, and then he was admitting to doing something else stupid. "Alright, go get the twerp," The woman then said with another small chuckle, before she shifted to push herself to her feet. "I'm not carrying a thing though. You can carry her and your gear, and her gear. I'm taking it easy for the rest of the week at this point," Elektra huffed gently and dusted her arse off once she was standing.
  10. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    Elektra didn't really know what was going on in Ashkar's mind even on a good day, and even though he'd appeared to have been pretty forward and honest right now, she figured she probably looked like a wreck. She also knew that she hadn't been able to respond properly to his confession about how he felt yet, mostly because she wasn't certain how to. It was an awkward enough conversation considering how their last one had gone, and the fact that she was here to get Nina and was still pretty angry about how things had gone down. She also didn't like to be vulnerable, and perhaps wasn't quite sure if he really did feel as he claimed. Maybe he was confused. "What are you talking about? I don't just miss you for the help, you know," The woman mumbled from where her head was still ducked down while she tried to collect herself. She hated crying, she hadn't even cried when she got that feeling that only an identical twin could get, that she was certain her sister was no longer alive. She wanted it confirmed before she would do that. "I just miss... you. I like being around you... when I'm not pulling my hair out over some stupid argument, anyway. I don't know, I just... feel safer, and I want you around." She sighed quietly. The feeling of an arm going around her made her tense up for a brief moment before she relaxed, but then Ele leaned against Ashkar, and closed her eyes at the kiss to her head, which was almost surprisingly comforting. "You need help? Packing and moving anything, or whatever?"
  11. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    "Yes, it did have something to do with making a decision about my life, not that you would have realised it of course, as thick headed as you are most of the time," Elektra was tired, the fire had gone out of her words as she dropped herself onto her rear, sitting on the curb while she talked to what she assumed would be thin air soon, since he kept edging back and forth from the house behind her. She ruffled her hair in frustration. "Did you even think that maybe the reason I didn't want you to go to Azkaban was because I don't want you to go?? That maybe I like having you around, despite the fact that you drive me absolutely fucking mental?" The woman was struggling. She didn't like admitting to her own insecurities and feelings any more than he did. She was perhaps even worse than him, which was what made her difficulty in coping with all her insecurities regarding the girls all that more worse. At least Ele knew she could feel a little confident that it wasn't just some unreasonable anger that she held in regard to being told about things regarding her life and that of her nieces. She was their guardian, she needed to know where Nina was all the time. She'd never forgive herself if something happened to the girl and she didn't know where she was. Even being told that she was the guardian, that Nina had to go home with her regardless, caused her head to drop as her hands went to the back of her neck. Nina would blame her for this, Ele knew that much. She didn't know what more she could do to prove herself to the girl, and she hated feeling like she failed her. Silently, the blonde's shoulders shook, unheard sobs breaking through as her head remained ducked. "Come back whenever..." Came a quiet hoarse response from the woman as she remained sat where she was. He did mean that he wanted to return to the house soon, right? Not that he was deciding that he wouldn't at all? Who knew right now. Elektra was still trying to figure out how she felt about his confession of having fallen in love with her, which was difficult when she was having a partial break down over being a terrible guardian aunt, It was all... just too much. "Your room's clean and everything... Elena misses you too, she'll be happy to see you," The woman mumbled, unable to look up from her sitting spot, "And I'm just... I'm not coping trying to do everything on my own... and I miss you."
  12. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    "No, but the way Nina has acted makes it seem like I must be some overbearing person who has made awful demands," Ele said, a little tired of it all. She had run out of ideas on what to do for the teenager. She didn't know what she was supposed to do or be for her, and was trying to give her as good a life as possible. "I heard what you said, but what am I supposed to do?!" The woman bit back with renewed annoyance at Ashkar for implying that she wasn't considering Nina's point of view, "I have done everything I can think of! I'm doing the best I can! The girls don't miss out on anything, and I know that I can't replace their mother! Hells, if I could exchange my life so that they could have her back, I would do it in a heartbeat! I'd do anything for them, I love them to death, but nothing seems good enough!" Frustration had hit the surface as she paced, rubbing at her eyes and cheeks. The woman had never truly thought she would have any children, fears and doubts from her own childhood preventing that thought from even being something desirable at all. But then her sister's had been dropped upon her, and she had taken on the responsibility, despite her fears, despite her lack of knowledge of how to be a parental figure. She strode onward though, hiding those fears from the girls as best she could, trying to be strong for them. "I just don't know what I'm supposed to do... what am I doing wrong?" Ele's voice broke as she hid her face behind her hands, the pressure of it all finally coming to a head, it seemed, which perhaps made Ashkar's sudden confession's timing not entirely the best. It took a moment for it to sink in, and Ele couldn't even figure out how she felt about that, except extremely annoyed with him again for deciding things on his own once more without eve considering her own thoughts and feelings regarding the situation at all. Why did he do that so much? "Right, of course you would decide that without even asking me what I thought," The blonde muttered with a shake of her head, "'I'm Ashkar, I'll just make decisions about Ele's life without her input or anything, because of course I know better', what a load of shit. Nice to know you respect my thoughts and feelings about it!" She huffed and then shook her head as she turned toward away from the house, as though about to leave, "And don't... Nina wants to stay here tonight, then she can. I'm not some fucking monster who's going to forbid her from spending time with someone who's important to her... I just wish she'd been fucking honest with me..."
  13. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    The flash of anger was spotted within the man, and Elektra steadied herself, readying for a real fight. She'd been trying to push down the tension around the girls for weeks, trying to be friendly, caring, thoughtful, smiling... trying her best to not let them see just how hurt she was and how much she was struggling. She barely had time to work out now it was just the three of them, she was criticised because she didn't cook as nice food as Ashkar, she was berated for not being able to keep on top of all of the grocery shopping and housework that she did her best to keep up with, in between chasing around after her nieces and working. She was doing her best. "I don't hate anyone!" Elektra felt like she needed to give everyone a set of hearing aides or something. How difficult was it to understand that she was just irritated and angry, and that she had a right to be these things, without it meaning she hated anyone? "I never said you couldn't come visit, I even said that you should for the girls' sakes! I never told Nina she couldn't come see you! I'm just hurt and disappointed and frustrated! And not just with you!" She pulled at her hair as she made a frustrated sound. "Great, you went shopping, but couldn't send a message. One minute for either of you to just let me know," The blonde sighed and shook her head, before looking at a bunch she was gripping with her hand, noticing some split ends. Great, now she'd have to get a hair cut. "As for you what...?" The woman said as she tugged at some of the split ends. "You always fucking do that... 'I... I... I...' and never fucking finish what you were going to say. Why don't you just fucking spit it out for once?" Ele let go of her hair as she crossed her arms, still glaring at Ashkar, waiting to see whether he really would, or just do his usual thing and turn tail and run away.
  14. There's a Fine, Fine Line

    How in the world Nina thought that Elektra wouldn't find out where she really was... was beyond the aunt. In one way, it felt like an insult, as though she was stupid enough not to find out easily that she wasn't with her friend at all. She was her guardian, and she also worked as the receptionist at the school. She had also been about to check in on her niece when she saw the friend's mother at the grocery store, and was met with confusion when she said that it was so nice that they were having a sleepover. Following that had been a great deal of panic from Ele, as she couldn't reach Nina on the phone. Though, once she sat and thought about it, she realised there was one place that her niece would go and probably not tell her about - despite Elektra never having said she couldn't visit there. It hadn't taken much to find someone who could watch Elena for a short time, and Ele apparated to the city, to the building where Ashkar had said he would be staying. No one at home, and so she had waited, and waited... and then they arrived, with shopping bags, and Elektra's teeth ground together in irritation. The woman waited for them to apparently take their time to stroll to the door, her gaze flashing with anger as she eyed her niece and then the man that she was with. She didn't say anything right away, waiting for Nina to say something to her first. Apologise, explain, anything. Instead the girl dashed as soon as the door was unlocked. "NINA! You get back here, right now!" The woman called after her, but the girl had gone. The question of whether she was coming in or not, was met with a dull glare. "No," The answer was simple, blunt, but very obviously not complete as she stepped toward him, "Do you have any idea how worried I was when I found out she wasn't at her friend's? I have never banned her from coming to see you, and all she had to do was be honest and everything would have been fine. And you know that." The woman poked him in the chest with her forefinger, her body shaking from the mixture of anger and fear and simple fact that she was so offended and disappointed that neither her niece or the man who knew Ele would be worried if Nina disappeared, had given her the respect of being honest with her and telling her what was going on. "I get it, she hates me, and doesn't give a shit if I go into a panic because I don't know if she's alright or not!" Elektra waved her arm toward the house, her voice breaking as she finally spoke what she'd believed for a long time. She would never be her sister, Nina's mother, and clearly the girl hated her because of that or something else. It didn't mean it didn't hurt. "But... no, you know what? I shouldn't have expected you to tell me anything, considering everything else that you never told me until you were caught out!" The woman released a shuddered breath as she fought off the tears, and then stepped back, away from the house. "You know... whatever. I... I can't do this," Ele lifted her palm to her eyes to wipe at them as she began to turn. She knew where Nina was now, and clearly neither the girl or Ashkar had given any thought to how she would feel. What was the point?
  15. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Elektra wanted to toss the dossiers, in all honesty. Why should she care about any of those people? The Devereux side clearly hadn't care enough to have wanted to intervene with her or sisters' lives when they were younger, and if they were anything like her mother, they'd only be after money if she decided to contact them. Fuck them. She didn't need those kinds of people in her life, and neither did the girls. And so, after that thought process, the woman dumped about half the dossiers into the small bin next to the desk. She had no intention of ever contacting any of them, there was no point in keeping information on a bunch of strangers as far as she was concerned. "If Estella is even thinking about coming to Australia, she'll probably find out quickly enough, which means someone will have to warn this poor woman. She's already been through enough," Ele knew the stories, she'd been around the school long enough, and people tended to gossip with receptionists. She'd heard about all kinds of students, past and present, and found it almost ironically tragic that this one happened to be her half sister. At the same time, she wasn't sure she wanted to be the one to go have to tell her about there being a potential psycho around that she might have to keep an eye out for... or to drop the news that they were related. But then, she didn't have to say anything about that. It might even be better if the Artemisia girl never found out at all. "Do whatever," Ele said as he mentioned staying elsewhere and only coming back when she wasn't around. She was too angry, too overwhelmed, and too tired to bother even arguing it out at this point. He knew the girls would miss him, and so did she. Nina would blame Ele, of course, but she was just going to have to deal with that when it happened. "I don't care if I'm here or not here when you need to come by, but you can't vanish from the girls' lives. You have to still spend time with them," She could deal with it, if it made Nina and Elena happy. "Hurt me? You..." The woman sighed and threw her hands up, before they flopped down to her sides. She then lifted one to rub at the bridge of her nose, "You've kept important information regarding my life, the life of my sister and her children, and a bunch of other family and bullshit that I had no idea about, from me... and we've been living together for a year or so. I don't even know how I feel right now, about any of it. And the worst part is... I still wouldn't even know about it if I didn't hear your conversation before. I don't even want to ask how long you would have kept all this from me... I just..." She shook her head. "Yeah..." Elektra heard the apology as he made his way to the door, but she didn't stop him. There was too much she had to wrap her head around, too much he'd kept secret from her, that was directly involved with her. She needed time to work her head out, to sort out everything she'd just learned, and exactly where he stood with her right now. It was difficult to feel like she could trust him, and part of her hated that she knew she had started placing a lot of trust in him the longer they'd been around each other. Perhaps a little space was a good idea.
Elektra Lisette Devereux
IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist, Former Quidditch Star
33 year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age  33
Date of Birth August 31st, 1986
Birthplace Spain
Year Level 
Occupation IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist, Former Quidditch Star
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Mountain Lion
Wand 10.5" Ash with Dragon Heartstring
Play-by Joss Stone

1997 - 2003: Beauxbatons

  • Identical twin to an international criminal-turned-black-ops-agent who went MIA a year ago
  • Been searching for her sister since she went missing
  • Is the legal guardian to her sister's children: Nina (15) and Elena (2)
  • Still doesn't really have any idea how to parent, but she tries her best
General Knowledge
  • Part time Quidditch coach at Tally
  • Possibly romantically involved with Ashkar - purely speculation, but they argue with each other a lot
  • A registered animagus - cougar/mountain lion

Ely takes most of her life's problems on the chin. Most. For the rest, she usually hides it behind a mask of dry humour and sarcastic remarks and abrasive mannerisms. When truly angered she can be almost terrifying, when stepping up to protect someone she cares about, she is utterly fearless.

Generally speaking, Ely is a caring person when it comes to people who she's close to - though they're few and far between. Whilst she's reasonably approachable, she also has a few quirks that tend to put people off a little or annoy them, not to mention a foul mouth that would do the devil proud. Not that she really cares much. When it comes to friends, she is loyal to a fault and would lay herself on the line to keep them from being hurt. This is likely because there are few who would put up with the often randomness she tends to display in what she says and does.

The young woman is most peaceful when she's up in the air, flying around on her broom. She's always had an affinity for flying, and the freedom that she could find way up where very little could get to her. It is where she finds the most peace, and if not for general biological needs, some responsibilities, and the discomfort that comes from hours on a broom, she'd stay up in the clouds forever. She has some other small quirks and habits that most would find strange if not used to her.

As far being a family woman goes, the sudden disappearance left her with her sister's daughters, and being a person who had never really planned to have children herself, this was a giant kick to the uterus that she already hated. She isn't sure how to be a mother, for most of the last year a nanny has done most of the work, but now she's responsible for the girls and is trying her best, even if she fails a little. She has discovered that she is at least scarily protective of them. That's something at least?


Elektra isn't a model by any means, but she does have a unique look to her that can make her somewhat memorable. Almond shaped eyes of a light golden brown hue usually glint with some kind of mischief, and lips are often tugged into a smirk that matches the gaze. Her skin is tanned, from a great deal of time outdoors, and she has naturally golden blonde hair that has on occasion seen it's share of oddly coloured dyes. Though she isn't overly tall, at around 5'7, she does have legs for days, which she honestly is not a fan of, often comparing herself to an ostrich.

She enjoys loose clothing, light colours, and generally being able to keep her hair down whenever possible (though knows well enough that it's just safer to tie her hair back if she's flying). She doesn't like anything that feels too heavy, or scratchy on her skin, and tends to break out in a rash to any of a number of things that cause reactions on her sensitive skin. She'll avoid wearing  any kind of uniform if she can get away with it, and even in freezing temperatures people are more likely to catch her in a skirt (long or short) and light blouse.

The story so far

The beginning of the life of Elektra and Emeline Deveraux was not an easy one. Ella was the second of the two by only a minute, but they were absolutely identical in appearance. It was just unfortunate for them that they were born to a woman who lived and worked in a bordello in norther Spain. She cared for her daughters, but didn't feel very connected to them, and they ended up raised mostly by her friends who also worked there. As they aged, they were given duties around the place, cleaning here and there, making sure each room was stocked properly. It wasn't an innocent life they had.

To make things worse, there were occurrences that would happen sometimes, if one or the other was upset or had done something to gain the ire of the establishment's owner and their mother's pimp. He terrified the pair of girls with his threats and promises for what awaited them in their future, and they dreamed of getting away. Their mother held no interest in leaving, especially when she began the harder drugs, refusing to leave the place that provided her ticket to neverending bliss.

Their reprieve came when letters and a representative arrived from Beauxbatons. Even though they were not exactly the kind of material that the academy took in, they did have a very strong connection to magic, and the girls were taken away without so much as a farewell from the woman who birthed them. Only a promise from the man who felt he 'owned' them that they would come back and he'd have them.

Life was transformed overnight, as they learned that there was such a thing as magic, that they themselves were witches, and that they had the opportunity to learn everything they wanted. An anonymous donor had allowed them to be able to get the basics, and they used second hand books, but neither cared, it was a world that they'd only ever thought about in their dreams and now they were there. Without much ado, the girls fell into study easily, both having a natural aptitude for transfiguration, charms, care of magical creatures, and also flying and quidditch. For Ella, the first time she managed to get a broom to hover and then take her up in the air was one of the best moments of her life. Nothing could touch her there.

When the holidays came, the pair agreed that they would not go home. What home was there really to go to? Though it unfortunately couldn't be avoided each time the end of the year rolled around. And with each year that passed and they matured more, the worse the things they would have to deal with, from leers to the promises that their futures were sealed.

It was just before their seventh year, just after they had turned seventeen, when he took it a step too far and actually lay a hand on Ella. Her sister came to her aid and turned the man into a toad before then stomping him with her foot. It had shocked them both, but Emi also realised what she'd done and she told Ella to finish school before then disappearing into the night. The Wizarding police searched for Emi, but she had vanished off the radar for the time being, leaving Ella to return to school to finish off her last year alone.

Due to her outstanding skills as a chaser, Ella was offered an internship with the Spanish Quidditch team, and it was when they'd traveled to the USA for a tournament match, that she was contacted by her sister. They met up in the dead of night and caught up with one another, and she was shown Emi's animagus ability, something they'd both been practising long before her disappearance; it was a mountain lion. Ella decided that she would practise again, and eventually she managed it as well, the same identical form as her sister. She had to be registered, of course, but was happy to have that connection to her twin.

Ella rose in the ranks as well, as she became more famous as a star Chaser, while she also studied in Law and as an Auror on the side. On the opposite spectrum, her twin became more infamous, as an international criminal and one of the most wanted in Europe. Ella heard from her now and then, received photos of her first niece over the years. And though she had the skills, she opted out of joining any kind of policing force, both due to not wanting to be the one who may one day get her sister, and because she loved flying too much.

It was on an eve when she was deciding whether to renew her contract, that Ella was intruded upon by the IWP. Unknown to her, Emi had been caught some years before and had joined them as a spook rather than go to Azkaban. However, she'd gone missing, leaving not only her now daughter and newborn without their mother around, but also an unfinished job that they needed her for. But Ella had training, and she looked exactly the same as her sister, and so they recruited her to stand in and pretend to be Emi for the job.

The woman did so, which is how she came to meet Ashkar, who knew within moments that she wasn't her sister. The job was done successfully, criminals captured, and Ella stayed on with the IWP under her own name after that, retiring from Quidditch at the height of her career. That wasn't all, however. As the only living relative of Emi's children, Ella was given custody, and suddenly found herself having to be a guardian of all things. Even a year later, when she was given a new assignment alongside Ashkar, due to the known whereabouts of an internationally wanted criminal, she still isn't used to parenthood, and is still searching for her twin.

Only now, Ella got to face even more children, as the former Spanish Star Chaser, and the new Quidditch and Flying coach for Tallygarunga. It was a position that only last half the year before an incident where Ele was attacked by someone who had mistaken her for her sister and tried to kill her. Her arm and shoulder were damaged greatly, to the point that she had to take months off to recover and even then she can't play Quidditch again, and still deals with pain fairly regularly. She decided to take up a receptionist position at the school upon returning to work, partially because watching the students flying around and playing the game she loved so much causes her some inner turmoil.

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