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  1. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The blonde wondered if he was even listening to a word she was saying. It sure didn't feel like it. Certainly, he was nodding along and watching her, but his gaze carried the glassy-eyed blank look that came with being drunk. And drunk people rarely actually listened, or even retained the memory of whatever had gone on the day before. Likelihood that he woke up the next day having forgotten everything was pretty high, considering he'd already dropped a few glasses while just trying to get a drink of water! She didn't even check to see whether he was wearing shoes or not. Probably wasn't the first time he would have stepped on glass. However, against her own judgement, she waited when he indicated. Maybe he would actually offer something that was drunken rambling. And then he was talking about apples, and her brow furrowed into a frown. Apples and pineapples. What the actual fuck? "Go to bed," Came the response from Elektra, with a shake of her head and long sigh. She rubbed a hand down her face, this whole thing was tiring and she didn't know why she cared whether he wanted to go to Azkaban or not. Sure, she needed his help with the girls, and yeah she would miss him too. But if he wanted to go punish himself for whatever reason, then that was his prerogative, right? "Fantastic, you like me. One might hope so considering we've been here all year, and I haven't driven you insane enough to kill me yet. Though, I have no idea where you got this apples and pineapples business from, so I really think you could use a good rest." Deciding to actually be a decent person, the woman wandered back to the kitchen, using her shoe to move glass to the side and out of the way, before grabbing Ashkar's arm in an attempt to begin leading him toward his room. "Go sleep it off, and then we can talk later about things."
  2. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The woman was halfway to the door when he spoke, and she only barely paused to glance at him, though it seemed his agreement that she was right probably wasn't going to be quite enough to make her stay if that's all he was going to leave her with. She didn't care that it was the reason he was drinking, that much was pretty obvious considering he didn't tend to make stupid decisions unless he was drunk. As generally happened with most people. "So you're evolving, so what? What's so scary about changing? Everyone has to do it some time, you can't stay the same way you're entire life. That's what experience is all about, being in new situations, meeting new people, discovering new things, feeling new feelings. It's life," The blonde stared incredulously at him, "Do you think it was easy for me to take on being basically a new mother for a teenager and a child? It scared the hell out of me, still does! But I'm not running away from it. I'm doing my damndest to do what's right, because I can't not. I never wanted kids. They terrify me." She huffed a sigh as she rubbed at her hair, mussing it up. "But, I'm just... taking it one day at a time. As scared as I am, I do want to be the best person I can be too, and the only way to be a good person is to just do... good things. And make the right decisions and do right by the people who rely on you," Frustration had ingrained itself within her, and Ele knew that she wouldn't be able to sit still. She needed to do something. Go for a jog or a walk or something. She was annoyed. She understood wanting to be better, but she didn't think going to Azkaban was going to change a thing, "You don't need to punish yourself to be a better man, you just need to be a better man."
  3. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "It's alcohol, get over it," Ele felt her temper rising. She'd always had a snap one as well, and sometimes there had been wondering over whether hers was worse than Em's, only that Em had been the one to choose to act upon it. It hardly mattered now, she supposed. She was well aware that her sister's continued disappearance likely meant only one thing. But until she saw hard proof she was still going to at least hold out some hope. Despite the empty place inside of her that deep down knew that her twin was no longer in the land of the living. His reaction to her accusations only seemed to tip the pot toward boiling even further as she glared. "You're leaving us for selfish reasons, that is the very definition of abandonment!" The blonde's raised voice snapped at him as she set her cup down onto the counter with a loud thud, juice spilling over the sides. "Money doesn't make up for someone missing. Money doesn't give children a hug, or read them a bedtime story, or annoy the cats with a stupid laser pointer just to get laughs," Ele's teeth clenched before she ground them slightly, her hand forming a fist, before relaxing it with a wince. The tensing of her muscles in her primary arm causing a shot of pain. "The girls aren't going to give a fuck about having money left to them. They're going to give a fuck about the fact that someone else has left them behind, left us all behind," Shaking her head, she threw her hands up, turning and grabbing her keys as she began a stormy march in the direction of the front door.
  4. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "Uh, have you forgotten that I was a star Quidditch player? I've already earned a lot of money for my age," Elektra felt like she needed to just point that out quietly. She wasn't some girl who was struggling to make ends meet. The girls had everything they needed and more, partially due to both of them. She didn't ask about Ashkar's side jobs, but she knew about them. "Anyway, you don't need the whiskey, and shouldn't be spending that much on alcohol, it's stupid and does the same as any other whiskey," She huffed, not seeing the point of spending so much on something that was only going to be consumed anyway. That was an aside though, she was getting off track and quickly got back to what was the bigger issue here. "I know what the attack was about, doesn't mean you haven't been mopey as fuck since it happened still," The blonde's eyes rolled, before then snapping sharply toward the man at his words about her sister being dead. Yes, she knew that was very likely a high possibility, but he didn't need to say it. The mixture of pain and anger in her gaze bore into him for a few moments, before she then snorted at his apparent reasoning. "So you're being a pussy. Go figure," The woman shook her head at him, "So what? You're scared of wanting something that's probably actually somewhat 'normal'? Going to run away, because you can't handle it? So much for big tough guy. 'Oh no, it's something that I really want, but I'm scared of! I'm going to lock myself away where it can't get to me!' Boohoo. So that means you're just going to abandon us, me and the girls, huh? Some fuckin' man you are." Ele snorted, before moving to the fridge to get herself a glass of juice, annoyance preventing her from biting her tongue. Why did it even bug her so much that he wanted to leave? That thought only seemed to annoy her more, and the more she thought about him wanting to leave, the more angry she felt.
  5. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "Last day you went without a drink?" Elektra corrected herself, lips pursing into a deeper frown at the man's smartarse response when she was trying to be serious. Clearly something was bugging him, for Ash to not only be drinking heavily - so heavily that he was actually drunk and talking about missing his wand - but to be talking about going to Azkaban. She ignored his comments about her being annoyed for no reason, she was pretty certain she had some damn good reasons for being annoyed right now, mostly revolving around him. At the mention of another bottle, Elektra went to the kitchen cupboard where she knew it was kept and grabbed the bottle, before uncapping it and tipping the rest down the sink. "You don't need any more of this. You need to start talking," The woman said as she set the now empty bottle beside the sink and crossed her arms as she glared at him. "What in the hells has made you decide that you're going to back out from the deal and go to Azkaban? Are you being sulky about something stupid? Is this because of that damn attack on me? You've been mopey ever since it happened, but I'm fine." Well, she was alive, anyway. And not completely crippled. So her Quidditch career was ruined for good, she had other responsibilities now anyway. "Besides, you also promised Em that you'd help take care of her family. How are you supposed to do that from Azkaban? Or are you pussing out because it's too much for you?"
  6. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "Uh huh, and when was the last time you went without a drink?" The woman asked, leaning against the counter as she tilted her head at him, watching the whiskey being put away like it was soda. She huffed out a long sigh, it seemed like something was on his mind... maybe. Or maybe he just felt like aggravating her. She didn't respond to his comment about the therapy. He knew that she hated it, and a small frown tugged at her lips as he mentioned her apparent 'anger issues'. "Maybe it just runs in the family, I know Emi had a snap temper," She responded quietly. "You're drunk," Elektra said easily, before looking from the refilling glass to the man and her frown deepened. "What?" She asked, and then shook her head. It was a rhetorical question, she'd heard him loud and clear, she just didn't know where the hell this decision was coming from. Taking a moment to rub her temple, she then looked over at the man and waved her hand in a gesture to go on. "And what exactly had led you to the conclusion that you will be going to Azkaban? I mean, I thought you had this whole arrangement and whatnot to help the IWP, what about that?"
  7. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The cold items in the fridge, and Elektra moved to lean against the counter while she watched Ashkar tip back more whiskey, tempted to just accio the bottle to herself and tip the rest down the sink. Her gaze narrowed at him and she huffed out a sigh. He was in a mood. He was often in a mood these days, ever since she'd been injured. He was supposed to be going to therapy as well, but seemed to have decided he didn't need it. Whatever was going on with him, it was really beginning to get tiring. "It's called alcoholism," Ele rolled her eyes, and then she watched as he struggled slightly to stand up, before raising a brow at his statements, and then narrowing her eyes again. What the hell was he going on about now? And then asking how her therapy was as though to change the subject or something. "How about we skip the questions for me, and go back to what the hell you were just saying. What's this about last drink you'll ever have and shit?" The woman was glad that the kids weren't home right now, she had a feeling that this was going to be not very pretty at all, and as chance would have it she was kind of rearing for something of a fight. There was build up tension and aggression that was now finding a target, if he was talking about what she thought.
  8. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Another therapy session. Or perhaps two, if she counted the physical therapy as well. The attack months ago that had almost killed her, and instead killed her chances at playing Quidditch ever again, was something that the superiors still wanted her to receive regular sessions for, despite the fact that she told them she was fine. It wasn't the whole truth, but it was true enough for her. She would rather be spending time with her family than talking to someone who kept asking if she was having any repercussions from the attack. The only big problem she had was the knowledge that people still hunted her twin sister. That, and the fact that Ash has decided that whiskey was his new best friend. As proven by the mostly empty bottle she spied as soon as she got home and stepped into the living room on her way to the kitchen in order to set groceries from the cart she hauled behind her, onto the bench. Alright, so perhaps she was a little annoyed still that the damage to her shoulder meant she couldn't even carry anything heavy in that arm anymore. She felt like a little old lady when she used the cart for shopping, but there was really little choice unless she wanted to end up in pain. She already refused to take painkillers a lot of the time, because she didn't want to rely on them. "Another productive day, I see," Came the woman's words as she glanced over at Ash, packing a few things away in the fridge, before she set a hand on her hip, "You know, there comes a point where it's not even a hobby anymore. As much as I don't want to play the whole intervention game, I do wonder if I'm going to have to cut you off from that stuff soon."
  9. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

  10. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Alright! It's Quidditch time! I need a list of people who are interested or have played in previous years, their house, and their favoured position! I'll be drafting for the Interschool team as well as the House teams. Fill out the form below. Let's go!
  11. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    At Ashkar's comments about her 'excitement' or lack thereof, Nina smiked and then poked her tongue out at him cheekily, before then bouncing out of the room in order to get ready for her trial day at the school. Ella watched the girl and afforded a soft sigh. She wasn't sure what she would have to do in order to get the animated responses from the girl that Ash received. But she would keep trying. At least Elena seemed to be much more accepting of the blonde, the baby reaching out toward her as she neared the baby chair. Ella picked her up out of it, before holding her on her hip a moment and smiling gently at the baby. She could see a lot of her sister in her, and it made her mind wander to where the other woman could possibly be. "Hm?" Ella's attention had wandered a little and she'd forgotten that she was going to get ready for the day as well. She blinked a little at Ash and then nodded, not really recalling what it was they had been talking about. Something that would be interesting. As he agreed that she should be getting ready, followed by a disparaging remark about how long it would apparently take, she released a huff, "Please, I don't take nearly as long to blow dry my hair as you do." She said, before then raising a brow, "Want me to, uh, get Elena ready too?" She knew Ash didn't mind doing that stuff, but she wanted to at least try to get into this whole taking care of kids thing. And at least until Nina was ready to let her in more, then she could try to do more regarding Elena. As it was, Ella often felt pretty useless, considering she wasn't allowed to cook, or clean most of the time either, and Ash usually had the girls organised before she even had herself organised. She felt almost like she was just an older child in the house.
  12. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    “Yes, absolutely beat him senseless until all he knew was cooking,” Ella wiggled her eyebrows in a fake sinister way, before snorting softly with a small shake of her head and then set herself down to have something to eat, a brow raising as her plate was served up. She never quite understood Ashkur’s need to cook and serve up the meals, but she didn’t complain. He did cook very well, and knew all their favourite foods. Ella ate quietly along with everyone else, and when they were finished, she was going to begin cleaning up the plates, except that Ashkur got in on that before she could as well. So she poured herself another cup of tea and nodded lightly at his observation about Nina. Indeed, the girl had a few trial days coming up with schools, which made Ella probably just as nervous... or probably more nervous, than her niece. She had no idea how parents were supposed to feel about all this stuff, but the girl would surely make a lot of friends, right? ”Yeah, I bet it’s exciting, huh?” Ella said, glancing over at Nina who gave a small non-committal shrug and then nod. Her aunt ruffled her own hair a little, “Right, I should probably get ready as well. We all heading there together? At least there’s a childcare near the school for little Elena. Going to be interesting leaving the girls to other people,” Even if she didn’t know much about parenting, it didn’t make her any less protective of her nieces.
  13. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    Poonamis aside, Ella wasn't even going to bother thinking about why someone would need prescription laxatives. That was some serious stool issues. Besides, she was too busy being made to go try and connect with her niece. It wasn't for a lack of trying either, nor did she not want to. It was just the fact that there were so many years that Ella had missed out on getting to know Nina. Certainly, she'd seen Emi a few brief times, and knew that her sister had a daughter, but they'd never been introduced until after Emeline had gone missing, and now it was just awkward for the both of them. At least there was Ash there to bridge that gap in a way, the girl was quite fond of him, Ella had noticed. Easily seen in the way the girl smiled at him when he kissed her on the top of the head, an action in itself that Ella still hadn't been able to do comfortably herself yet. It made her feel conflicted, because she wanted to be able to be an emotional support for the girls, but didn't know how still. It was all still very new and strange for the woman who'd never spent much time around children, let alone children she was related to by blood. She blinked, when she heard Ash's prompt, glancing up at him with a doe-eyed look, before then turning her gaze to Nina, who watched her curiously. "I, uh... yes, I thought you might be feeling a little homesick, so I asked Ashkur if he could made your favourites for breakfast," Did that sound right? Ella couldn't tell if she'd made it sound more like a question than a statement, and was all prepped to confess that she had nothing to do with the idea at all and it had all been Ash's doing, and that she was a lousy aunt-slash-parental figure. But Nina then smiled lightly and offered a shy nod. "Thank you too, Aunt Ella," The girl said easily, and then turned to begin eating the food, while Ella herself seemed to release a breath that she wasn't aware she was even holding. How was it that she could play in finals of Quidditch without batting an eyelid, but these children terrified her so much? Either way, the woman felt exhausted as she wandered over to take her own seat at the table and grab some food for herself as well, glancing over at Ash and offering a silent nod of thanks for his generosity in this.
  14. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    At the mention of Nina's homesickness, Ella herself winced a little. She'd been kind of trying to connect with the girl, but it was strange... for both of them. From her own point of view, Elektra had never considered children during her adult years. To be honest, the idea of having to be responsible for mini people had terrified her. And then suddenly she found herself the guardian of her sister's daughters. From Nina's point of view, she had to live with this woman she had never met until a year ago, and who looked exactly like her mother. And now, because Ella had decided to continue working with the IWP, they had to move around and everything. "You never know what a baby is capable of. What if she did manage to get the lid off, and then suddenly she's taking an overdose of..." Elektra stopped to actually read the label, "Laxatives? That's just asking for a poonami!" One thing that the woman had learned, was that she was hoping that Elena could be potty trained as soon as possible. There had been more than one occasion when the woman had opened a nappy, only to spend a few minutes dry heaving while she tried to clean and change the baby's bum. No... a poonami was definitely not something she wanted. "Besides, she likes the noise, is all... maybe I shall get her one of those baby drum toy... things..." Ella wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about, she she figured there had to be baby drums in existence. "You...? Oh..." The woman wasn't exactly sure what to say in regard to Ash's blatant reminder that she was still trying to build up her relationship with the older niece, and simply nodded a little as she glanced away, a small grimace on her features. It annoyed her that he could just point it out so bluntly, but he also wasn't wrong, no matter how much it stung to hear. "I... uh, hey, don't push! I'm going," The woman huffed and slapped at the man's arm to stop him from ushering her around like a child herself. She walked to Nina's room and knocked on the door, before peeking in, "Nina, breakfast is ready." The woman called in meekly. "Alright," The sound of the girl's voice reached her ears, before the door opened further and the younger version of Ella's sister walked out and past her without even a good morning. Following behind, she then watched when the girl paused in the dining room, looking at the spread, "Oh wow, you made all my favourites. Thank you Uncle Ash!" She exclaimed, and Ella rubbed the back of her head. She couldn't claim to have cooked it herself... and in the moment, it also now felt wrong to claim it as her idea after the girl had already thanked Ash while moving to a seat. And so, Elektra simply sighed and wandered over to shift Elena's high chair closer to the table, before sitting down as well.
  15. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    "For someone as sarcastic as you tend to be, it really flies over your head when someone else uses it," Elektra yawned loudly again, this time stretching her arms upward before snickering quietly with a small snort in between her giggling. The guy was strange, but she'd already decided that the day she met him and he went on about not being attracted to her sister, which she hadn't been sure what it had to do with her at the time. But then, Emeline had also been a little strange, or at least had grown somewhat strange over the years. Nevertheless, the woman had been a good mother, going by all accounts, despite being a criminal and then a black ops agent. The thought of her made Ella's lips purse a moment, wondering once again where the other woman had even gone. "Perdón?" The woman blinked up at Ash as he spoke about her having cobwebs, "What would you know about my pipes? Or how often they are cleaned out, hm?" The Spanish woman huffed softly. Implying that she was some kind of prude, why she'd had one hell of a sex life as a Quidditch player, and a year or so wasn't that long, was it? Mostly, she didn't like the idea of inviting strange men into her life now that she had her nieces in it basically full time. Perhaps that should include Ashkur, since he was so strange himself, but he'd been in Nina's life already for... well, almost her whole like. So it was a bit late now, that girl was likely to have already taken up some of his oddities. Poor kid. Finally, the weight moved off the woman's torso, however, and she rolled off the bed and reached over for her robe, not caring about her state of undress, even while he was still in the room. Wrapping the article around her and tightening the belt, she lifted a brow at him before stepping out toward the kitchen and blinking. "Wow. You did go all out," Ella had to admit, it did smell delicious... and he'd even included Spanish cuisine into the breakfast mix. Those churros in particular looked very tasty. It was then that she heard the rattling coming from where Elena was sitting in her high chair, before her eyes widened, "What the... don't give the baby a prescription jar!" The woman exclaimed, marching over to gently grab the pill bottle, before looking for something else. She picked up a large metal spoon and offered it to the one year old, before watching the girl laugh as she started hitting the counter with it.