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  1. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    "Yes, it did have something to do with making a decision about my life, not that you would have realised it of course, as thick headed as you are most of the time," Elektra was tired, the fire had gone out of her words as she dropped herself onto her rear, sitting on the curb while she talked to what she assumed would be thin air soon, since he kept edging back and forth from the house behind her. She ruffled her hair in frustration. "Did you even think that maybe the reason I didn't want you to go to Azkaban was because I don't want you to go?? That maybe I like having you around, despite the fact that you drive me absolutely fucking mental?" The woman was struggling. She didn't like admitting to her own insecurities and feelings any more than he did. She was perhaps even worse than him, which was what made her difficulty in coping with all her insecurities regarding the girls all that more worse. At least Ele knew she could feel a little confident that it wasn't just some unreasonable anger that she held in regard to being told about things regarding her life and that of her nieces. She was their guardian, she needed to know where Nina was all the time. She'd never forgive herself if something happened to the girl and she didn't know where she was. Even being told that she was the guardian, that Nina had to go home with her regardless, caused her head to drop as her hands went to the back of her neck. Nina would blame her for this, Ele knew that much. She didn't know what more she could do to prove herself to the girl, and she hated feeling like she failed her. Silently, the blonde's shoulders shook, unheard sobs breaking through as her head remained ducked. "Come back whenever..." Came a quiet hoarse response from the woman as she remained sat where she was. He did mean that he wanted to return to the house soon, right? Not that he was deciding that he wouldn't at all? Who knew right now. Elektra was still trying to figure out how she felt about his confession of having fallen in love with her, which was difficult when she was having a partial break down over being a terrible guardian aunt, It was all... just too much. "Your room's clean and everything... Elena misses you too, she'll be happy to see you," The woman mumbled, unable to look up from her sitting spot, "And I'm just... I'm not coping trying to do everything on my own... and I miss you."
  2. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    "No, but the way Nina has acted makes it seem like I must be some overbearing person who has made awful demands," Ele said, a little tired of it all. She had run out of ideas on what to do for the teenager. She didn't know what she was supposed to do or be for her, and was trying to give her as good a life as possible. "I heard what you said, but what am I supposed to do?!" The woman bit back with renewed annoyance at Ashkar for implying that she wasn't considering Nina's point of view, "I have done everything I can think of! I'm doing the best I can! The girls don't miss out on anything, and I know that I can't replace their mother! Hells, if I could exchange my life so that they could have her back, I would do it in a heartbeat! I'd do anything for them, I love them to death, but nothing seems good enough!" Frustration had hit the surface as she paced, rubbing at her eyes and cheeks. The woman had never truly thought she would have any children, fears and doubts from her own childhood preventing that thought from even being something desirable at all. But then her sister's had been dropped upon her, and she had taken on the responsibility, despite her fears, despite her lack of knowledge of how to be a parental figure. She strode onward though, hiding those fears from the girls as best she could, trying to be strong for them. "I just don't know what I'm supposed to do... what am I doing wrong?" Ele's voice broke as she hid her face behind her hands, the pressure of it all finally coming to a head, it seemed, which perhaps made Ashkar's sudden confession's timing not entirely the best. It took a moment for it to sink in, and Ele couldn't even figure out how she felt about that, except extremely annoyed with him again for deciding things on his own once more without eve considering her own thoughts and feelings regarding the situation at all. Why did he do that so much? "Right, of course you would decide that without even asking me what I thought," The blonde muttered with a shake of her head, "'I'm Ashkar, I'll just make decisions about Ele's life without her input or anything, because of course I know better', what a load of shit. Nice to know you respect my thoughts and feelings about it!" She huffed and then shook her head as she turned toward away from the house, as though about to leave, "And don't... Nina wants to stay here tonight, then she can. I'm not some fucking monster who's going to forbid her from spending time with someone who's important to her... I just wish she'd been fucking honest with me..."
  3. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    The flash of anger was spotted within the man, and Elektra steadied herself, readying for a real fight. She'd been trying to push down the tension around the girls for weeks, trying to be friendly, caring, thoughtful, smiling... trying her best to not let them see just how hurt she was and how much she was struggling. She barely had time to work out now it was just the three of them, she was criticised because she didn't cook as nice food as Ashkar, she was berated for not being able to keep on top of all of the grocery shopping and housework that she did her best to keep up with, in between chasing around after her nieces and working. She was doing her best. "I don't hate anyone!" Elektra felt like she needed to give everyone a set of hearing aides or something. How difficult was it to understand that she was just irritated and angry, and that she had a right to be these things, without it meaning she hated anyone? "I never said you couldn't come visit, I even said that you should for the girls' sakes! I never told Nina she couldn't come see you! I'm just hurt and disappointed and frustrated! And not just with you!" She pulled at her hair as she made a frustrated sound. "Great, you went shopping, but couldn't send a message. One minute for either of you to just let me know," The blonde sighed and shook her head, before looking at a bunch she was gripping with her hand, noticing some split ends. Great, now she'd have to get a hair cut. "As for you what...?" The woman said as she tugged at some of the split ends. "You always fucking do that... 'I... I... I...' and never fucking finish what you were going to say. Why don't you just fucking spit it out for once?" Ele let go of her hair as she crossed her arms, still glaring at Ashkar, waiting to see whether he really would, or just do his usual thing and turn tail and run away.
  4. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    How in the world Nina thought that Elektra wouldn't find out where she really was... was beyond the aunt. In one way, it felt like an insult, as though she was stupid enough not to find out easily that she wasn't with her friend at all. She was her guardian, and she also worked as the receptionist at the school. She had also been about to check in on her niece when she saw the friend's mother at the grocery store, and was met with confusion when she said that it was so nice that they were having a sleepover. Following that had been a great deal of panic from Ele, as she couldn't reach Nina on the phone. Though, once she sat and thought about it, she realised there was one place that her niece would go and probably not tell her about - despite Elektra never having said she couldn't visit there. It hadn't taken much to find someone who could watch Elena for a short time, and Ele apparated to the city, to the building where Ashkar had said he would be staying. No one at home, and so she had waited, and waited... and then they arrived, with shopping bags, and Elektra's teeth ground together in irritation. The woman waited for them to apparently take their time to stroll to the door, her gaze flashing with anger as she eyed her niece and then the man that she was with. She didn't say anything right away, waiting for Nina to say something to her first. Apologise, explain, anything. Instead the girl dashed as soon as the door was unlocked. "NINA! You get back here, right now!" The woman called after her, but the girl had gone. The question of whether she was coming in or not, was met with a dull glare. "No," The answer was simple, blunt, but very obviously not complete as she stepped toward him, "Do you have any idea how worried I was when I found out she wasn't at her friend's? I have never banned her from coming to see you, and all she had to do was be honest and everything would have been fine. And you know that." The woman poked him in the chest with her forefinger, her body shaking from the mixture of anger and fear and simple fact that she was so offended and disappointed that neither her niece or the man who knew Ele would be worried if Nina disappeared, had given her the respect of being honest with her and telling her what was going on. "I get it, she hates me, and doesn't give a shit if I go into a panic because I don't know if she's alright or not!" Elektra waved her arm toward the house, her voice breaking as she finally spoke what she'd believed for a long time. She would never be her sister, Nina's mother, and clearly the girl hated her because of that or something else. It didn't mean it didn't hurt. "But... no, you know what? I shouldn't have expected you to tell me anything, considering everything else that you never told me until you were caught out!" The woman released a shuddered breath as she fought off the tears, and then stepped back, away from the house. "You know... whatever. I... I can't do this," Ele lifted her palm to her eyes to wipe at them as she began to turn. She knew where Nina was now, and clearly neither the girl or Ashkar had given any thought to how she would feel. What was the point?
  5. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Elektra wanted to toss the dossiers, in all honesty. Why should she care about any of those people? The Devereux side clearly hadn't care enough to have wanted to intervene with her or sisters' lives when they were younger, and if they were anything like her mother, they'd only be after money if she decided to contact them. Fuck them. She didn't need those kinds of people in her life, and neither did the girls. And so, after that thought process, the woman dumped about half the dossiers into the small bin next to the desk. She had no intention of ever contacting any of them, there was no point in keeping information on a bunch of strangers as far as she was concerned. "If Estella is even thinking about coming to Australia, she'll probably find out quickly enough, which means someone will have to warn this poor woman. She's already been through enough," Ele knew the stories, she'd been around the school long enough, and people tended to gossip with receptionists. She'd heard about all kinds of students, past and present, and found it almost ironically tragic that this one happened to be her half sister. At the same time, she wasn't sure she wanted to be the one to go have to tell her about there being a potential psycho around that she might have to keep an eye out for... or to drop the news that they were related. But then, she didn't have to say anything about that. It might even be better if the Artemisia girl never found out at all. "Do whatever," Ele said as he mentioned staying elsewhere and only coming back when she wasn't around. She was too angry, too overwhelmed, and too tired to bother even arguing it out at this point. He knew the girls would miss him, and so did she. Nina would blame Ele, of course, but she was just going to have to deal with that when it happened. "I don't care if I'm here or not here when you need to come by, but you can't vanish from the girls' lives. You have to still spend time with them," She could deal with it, if it made Nina and Elena happy. "Hurt me? You..." The woman sighed and threw her hands up, before they flopped down to her sides. She then lifted one to rub at the bridge of her nose, "You've kept important information regarding my life, the life of my sister and her children, and a bunch of other family and bullshit that I had no idea about, from me... and we've been living together for a year or so. I don't even know how I feel right now, about any of it. And the worst part is... I still wouldn't even know about it if I didn't hear your conversation before. I don't even want to ask how long you would have kept all this from me... I just..." She shook her head. "Yeah..." Elektra heard the apology as he made his way to the door, but she didn't stop him. There was too much she had to wrap her head around, too much he'd kept secret from her, that was directly involved with her. She needed time to work her head out, to sort out everything she'd just learned, and exactly where he stood with her right now. It was difficult to feel like she could trust him, and part of her hated that she knew she had started placing a lot of trust in him the longer they'd been around each other. Perhaps a little space was a good idea.
  6. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Elektra rubbed her temple as she listened again. There was deep annoyance over the fact that this had all been kept from her, despite the very slight relief that the girls should at least be safe. It was one less thing to worry about, at least so long as she didn't go and get killed or something. She hadn't spoken with Estella for a few years now, and wasn't up to date on the younger sister's mental state. She had worried for her, of course. But she knew that if she'd reached out then Stell would have tried to find a way to get back into her life again, and that had only ever led to butting heads over her obsessive and possessive nature. The mention of Estella's 'candid and vulnerable moment' almost resulted in a snappy correction over what Elektra assumed was sex, but he had continued on quickly and she bit her tongue in order to listen. "I still don't see what's so important about our blood status," It wasn't involved in any of this, or at least Elektra didn't think it would be, though knew that her sister would have been no doubt quite upset to know they had different fathers. She didn't care about the reason her mother was an alcoholic prostitute. She could have done something for herself, but hadn't even tried... not even after having children. She held no sympathy or fondness toward the woman, remembering having been contacted by her after she had made a name for herself, only to be asked for money. The name Bellerose was familiar though, a prominent name around France and Spain. The dossiers were picked up, the woman flicking through a couple of them with mild annoyance still, noting the extras that Emilia had added, no doubt after having checked them out for herself to see what more she could glean. She inhaled deeply, coming across Anthony Bellerose, her supposed father. She had heard about him, at least. His arrest for abusing a child, followed by his murder within jail, had made the news over in Europe. "I know the name," Ele said, her voice still prickly as she glanced at the first one again, having only given it a cursory one at the start. The young artist had been popular in Europe the past couple of years, even Elektra had gone to see some of her work. She'd also happened to be the child who had been abused, and looking at her now it made Elektra feel mildly ill that they shared the same animal of a father. "How much of this does Estella know? Because this girl will be in danger if she comes to Australia, if we're going on the fact that she's got some possessive obsession when it comes to people near me," Elektra was biting back on her annoyance over how much the man knew about her family. More than she even knew. He'd held all this and never mentioned a thing, which not only pissed her off, but shattered the trust that had built up over the past year or so. How could she trust someone who had known so much about her family and never said anything? Especially with the important details of her crazy half sister, and the threat she posed to anyone near Elektra. She couldn't even look at him, despite the strained calm in her voice. She was angry, so much more angry than she could ever remember being before.
  7. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    The woman watched Ashkar as he listened to her, almost annoyed that he wasn't responding directly to her, and was waiting. Though she could see the small effects that her words had on him at least, bare flickering within his eyes and small twitches. She was more than just a little angry, despite how calm most of her words were. In all honesty, she didn't even know if she had the capacity to blow her top with all these secrets he'd kept from her. She wanted to, but she didn't even know where it would start or end, and right now simply wondered if there were more answers that he held, perhaps something pointing to her twin. "Didn't know how to broach it? How about something like 'ok, sit down, there are some things I need to tell you'?" Ele shook her head as she began to pace, she needed to do something to let off some of the tension that had built up within her. There was annoyance not only at him, but at her sister. Emilia should have made sure she knew all about this stuff as well. The fact that she'd been living with a man for a year now, and he knew it all when she didn't only made her angry and upset and hurt that no one had even considered that she would want to know. To have been able to at least be of some kind of help, maybe. Who knows what could be different if she'd been let in on things? It didn't help that Ash continued to imply that Emilia was dead. "She cast some kind of blood protection spell or something?" Ele took a guess, finding herself annoyed that she could actually imagine her sister doing that. She rubbed her face with both hands. The girls were safe if Emi was dead. IF she wasn't dead, then where the hell was she? Ele knew the truth, deep down she knew, but wanted it to remain an unanswered question still, for now. "So what?" Ele's tired voice asked, when Ashkar mentioned their blood purity. She didn't know how that was possible, but did it really matter compared to everything else? "Obviously, if that's the case, then our real parents didn't give a fuck about us. What's our blood purity got to do with anything?"
  8. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    "Bullshit," Came Ele's instant response to Emilia's apparent reasoning for not telling her about any of this. "There would have been another reason, because she knew that I fucking hate secrets, and that she could tell me anything." Apparently not this, though. She didn't know what could have made her sister keep this kind of information from her, but it surely had to have been a good reason. Still, even so, that didn't explain what Ash had to do with it. Even if he was Emi's friend, why would this have taken any of his interest, and why would he know so much about their younger sister? And there it was. Ele's frown deepened as she listened, though she wasn't sure what she was more angry about: the fact that Ashkar had been sleeping with her younger sister, or the fact that he had been keeping all of this from her the entire time they'd been working together. Hell, they'd been living together for almost the entire year, and he'd never once mentioned that he had known Estella as well. "And you just... decided it was best to never mention any of this to me? That you and Emi had been keeping a track of my younger sister who is apparently dangerous. That she is dangerous. That she's been stalking me. That you fucked her. You didn't think to yourself at any point that this kind of information might be something that I should probably know?" Elektra's hand slapped down on the journal as her glared at the man. It was bad enough that he'd already been an ass the other week when he was drunk, but to now find out that he'd known so much more about her, about her own family, than he'd ever admitted to. She honestly didn't know what to think right now. "You realise that the girls would be in danger, right? Why the fuck didn't you ever tell me any of this before? Why did I have to find out by overhearing a conversation about my sister paying a visit to your family??"
  9. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    "I gathered that much," Elektra had heard, after all, the conversation between he and who she assumed to be his sister. What she wanted to know was why. It seemed very strange that he would know her younger sister at all, especially since Emilia certainly hadn't tried to make contact with her, not trusting that the girl wouldn't have handed her in to authorities. It was just one point of contention between Ele and Estelle that had created a wedge in their relationship. While Ele wanted to protect Emi, because their sister had acted in her defence all those years ago, Estelle had blamed Emi for making life more difficult. But all this was history, or so she had believed. Now she wasn't sure what to think, given Ashkur's assumptions for his family being contacted. The notebook was accepted while she listened to him continue his explanation, and Elektra flicked through it, reading over bits and pieces, immediately recognising her twin's handwriting in many places. The information in it detailed events that had occurred that Elektra had some basic recollection of. People who had met with accidents and some who had disappeared. These were events that happened all the time, and happened so varied and with no pattern at all, but there was one factor that appeared to link them all together. They had all been people that she'd met, even if only once, people who Estelle had known about as well, since Elektra had still been taking care of the younger woman for a few years while she went through school and university. There was a former rival from years ago. An ex boyfriend. A friend of Estelle's who had wanted an interview for their University paper. And some others as well. The more she read, the colder Elektra began to feel, until she looked back up at Ash. "Why didn't Emilia tell me about this?" It probably wasn't a question that Ash could answer, but it was one that Ele sure wanted answers to. She wasn't sure what to think or believe right now. She knew their younger sister had been clingy, overly so, and didn't like it when she didn't have much of Elektra's attention, that's why Ele had eventually put her foot down and said that Estelle needed to go make a life for herself. It had resulted in a fight between them where Estelle left, followed then by regular phone calls, sometimes begging forgiveness, other times ranting and raving, sometimes talking casually as though nothing at all was wrong. The blonde weaved a hand through her hair and set the notebook down. "I don't even know what questions to ask..." The woman huffed out a sigh with a shake of her head, before looking across to him again, "How does she know who you are? I mean, visiting your family is a little overly personal for you if she is simply watching me. How does she even know your status? That you were captured and arrested, let alone forced into working for the IWP?" Because Elektra was fairly certain that her sister couldn't predict that she'd have ever met Ashkur, or know that he would even be involved with Ele's twin.
  10. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Elektra had barely spoken to Ash since their confrontation when he was absurdly drunk, and the tension from it could be felt in the house. The girls knew that something had happened, though not what, and Nina appeared to be blaming Ele for whatever was wrong, and giving her the stink eye a lot of the time. Well, so much for the tentative bonding that they'd been managing, it looked like she would be back to square one. At least Elena wasn't aware enough to understand, and still wanted to be around her aunt and cuddle with her in the evenings, but she wasn't even two years old yet. Given time, she might end up disliking Ele as well. Today though, Elena was at daycare, she enjoyed the social time with other kids, and Elektra was doing some exercises to try and strengthen her shoulder a little more. It was never going to be what it was, but that didn't mean she was going to let it completely whither until it was completely useless. She could do things with it, so long as she avoided placing too much stress on her arm, and that was something to her. It also meant that she could focus on something and not think about the man who was moping around the house. At least, until she heard the computer call from the main room. It rang for long enough that she was about to get up and go answer it herself, except that Ashkur did. Still, she decided to go take a small eavesdrop in case it was someone from the offices. What she managed to hear was the name he called the other person, telling her that it was a family call, so she should give him some privacy. It sounded like he was just copping a serve for lying to them after all. Probably deserve it to be honest, maybe he would at least listen to his family when they called him stupid. Having started to walk away back to what she was doing, the woman froze in her steps at the mention of a name she did not expect to hear. It had been a long time since she'd heard that name, or spoken to the woman that it belonged to, a troubling history that made Elektra wonder just what in the hell Ashkur knew about Stell. She walked back toward the room to stand in the doorway, her gaze set on him in a questioning manner when he saw her and wound up the call. "It's a small house that's currently silent, and sound echoes... I heard enough," The blonde responded quietly, her arms then slowly crossing in front of her, "Why is Estelle visiting your family, Ash? What do you know?" Her younger sister was mentally troubled, Elektra knew that. And it bothered her deeply that she was apparently contacting someone's family and lying about him kidnapping someone. This was not a great situation, not by far.
  11. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Elektra wasn't even certain that the man was listening to her as she tried to convince him that getting some sleep would be a fantastic idea, that maybe he would feel a bit more clear-headed (if very hungover) when he woke up. No, instead, he decided he was going to try and drunkenly reshape the broken glasses, which now looked like some kind of strange art-style glasses, one of which she wasn't certain would hold drink very well anymore. She rubbed her forehead as he appeared to ignore her, at least until he spoke again, and she blinked and had to take a moment to make sure she'd heard what she thought. The woman's hand then came up and slapped him fair across the cheek, her features twisted into a frustrated frown. He thought she'd been propositioning him? While he was drunk and talking stupid nonsense about going to Azkaban? Like hell! She wasn't certain what she was more pissed off about though, the fact that she'd considered it before at least a few times, or the fact that he would only consider it because he was drunk. "I meant for you to go to bed, so that you could sleep!" The woman stated sharply. She'd had enough of this, and grabbed her wallet, tucking it into her jeans pocket, "But fuck it, I am not dealing with you while you're like this. Come talk to me later when you're not being a drunken fucking ass." This time the woman wouldn't stop even if he tried to say something. She turned and stormed toward the front door, she needed to go for a jog or find something to do in order to let off some steam from this frustrating discussion. She couldn't get any sense from him, and all he was going to do was continue to piss her off if she stayed. With any luck, the man would actually go and get some rest and sober up before she had to bring the kids home.
  12. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The blonde wondered if he was even listening to a word she was saying. It sure didn't feel like it. Certainly, he was nodding along and watching her, but his gaze carried the glassy-eyed blank look that came with being drunk. And drunk people rarely actually listened, or even retained the memory of whatever had gone on the day before. Likelihood that he woke up the next day having forgotten everything was pretty high, considering he'd already dropped a few glasses while just trying to get a drink of water! She didn't even check to see whether he was wearing shoes or not. Probably wasn't the first time he would have stepped on glass. However, against her own judgement, she waited when he indicated. Maybe he would actually offer something that was drunken rambling. And then he was talking about apples, and her brow furrowed into a frown. Apples and pineapples. What the actual fuck? "Go to bed," Came the response from Elektra, with a shake of her head and long sigh. She rubbed a hand down her face, this whole thing was tiring and she didn't know why she cared whether he wanted to go to Azkaban or not. Sure, she needed his help with the girls, and yeah she would miss him too. But if he wanted to go punish himself for whatever reason, then that was his prerogative, right? "Fantastic, you like me. One might hope so considering we've been here all year, and I haven't driven you insane enough to kill me yet. Though, I have no idea where you got this apples and pineapples business from, so I really think you could use a good rest." Deciding to actually be a decent person, the woman wandered back to the kitchen, using her shoe to move glass to the side and out of the way, before grabbing Ashkar's arm in an attempt to begin leading him toward his room. "Go sleep it off, and then we can talk later about things."
  13. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The woman was halfway to the door when he spoke, and she only barely paused to glance at him, though it seemed his agreement that she was right probably wasn't going to be quite enough to make her stay if that's all he was going to leave her with. She didn't care that it was the reason he was drinking, that much was pretty obvious considering he didn't tend to make stupid decisions unless he was drunk. As generally happened with most people. "So you're evolving, so what? What's so scary about changing? Everyone has to do it some time, you can't stay the same way you're entire life. That's what experience is all about, being in new situations, meeting new people, discovering new things, feeling new feelings. It's life," The blonde stared incredulously at him, "Do you think it was easy for me to take on being basically a new mother for a teenager and a child? It scared the hell out of me, still does! But I'm not running away from it. I'm doing my damndest to do what's right, because I can't not. I never wanted kids. They terrify me." She huffed a sigh as she rubbed at her hair, mussing it up. "But, I'm just... taking it one day at a time. As scared as I am, I do want to be the best person I can be too, and the only way to be a good person is to just do... good things. And make the right decisions and do right by the people who rely on you," Frustration had ingrained itself within her, and Ele knew that she wouldn't be able to sit still. She needed to do something. Go for a jog or a walk or something. She was annoyed. She understood wanting to be better, but she didn't think going to Azkaban was going to change a thing, "You don't need to punish yourself to be a better man, you just need to be a better man."
  14. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "It's alcohol, get over it," Ele felt her temper rising. She'd always had a snap one as well, and sometimes there had been wondering over whether hers was worse than Em's, only that Em had been the one to choose to act upon it. It hardly mattered now, she supposed. She was well aware that her sister's continued disappearance likely meant only one thing. But until she saw hard proof she was still going to at least hold out some hope. Despite the empty place inside of her that deep down knew that her twin was no longer in the land of the living. His reaction to her accusations only seemed to tip the pot toward boiling even further as she glared. "You're leaving us for selfish reasons, that is the very definition of abandonment!" The blonde's raised voice snapped at him as she set her cup down onto the counter with a loud thud, juice spilling over the sides. "Money doesn't make up for someone missing. Money doesn't give children a hug, or read them a bedtime story, or annoy the cats with a stupid laser pointer just to get laughs," Ele's teeth clenched before she ground them slightly, her hand forming a fist, before relaxing it with a wince. The tensing of her muscles in her primary arm causing a shot of pain. "The girls aren't going to give a fuck about having money left to them. They're going to give a fuck about the fact that someone else has left them behind, left us all behind," Shaking her head, she threw her hands up, turning and grabbing her keys as she began a stormy march in the direction of the front door.
  15. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    "Uh, have you forgotten that I was a star Quidditch player? I've already earned a lot of money for my age," Elektra felt like she needed to just point that out quietly. She wasn't some girl who was struggling to make ends meet. The girls had everything they needed and more, partially due to both of them. She didn't ask about Ashkar's side jobs, but she knew about them. "Anyway, you don't need the whiskey, and shouldn't be spending that much on alcohol, it's stupid and does the same as any other whiskey," She huffed, not seeing the point of spending so much on something that was only going to be consumed anyway. That was an aside though, she was getting off track and quickly got back to what was the bigger issue here. "I know what the attack was about, doesn't mean you haven't been mopey as fuck since it happened still," The blonde's eyes rolled, before then snapping sharply toward the man at his words about her sister being dead. Yes, she knew that was very likely a high possibility, but he didn't need to say it. The mixture of pain and anger in her gaze bore into him for a few moments, before she then snorted at his apparent reasoning. "So you're being a pussy. Go figure," The woman shook her head at him, "So what? You're scared of wanting something that's probably actually somewhat 'normal'? Going to run away, because you can't handle it? So much for big tough guy. 'Oh no, it's something that I really want, but I'm scared of! I'm going to lock myself away where it can't get to me!' Boohoo. So that means you're just going to abandon us, me and the girls, huh? Some fuckin' man you are." Ele snorted, before moving to the fridge to get herself a glass of juice, annoyance preventing her from biting her tongue. Why did it even bug her so much that he wanted to leave? That thought only seemed to annoy her more, and the more she thought about him wanting to leave, the more angry she felt.