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  1. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    “By one of those I assume you mean a person who enjoys a good cigarette as opposed to someone who enjoys factory made rubbish?” he said whilst assembling the parts of the aforementioned cigarette in his right hand. Then closing that hand into a fist and moving his fingers back and forth a few times. He then opened his hand to show the whining woman next to him a perfectly rolled cigarette. Once she’d taken hers, he repeated the procedure for his own. Ash had listened to her ramblings between his rolling and handing over the cigarette but only spoke after he was able to light his own. She hadn’t waited for his response about the secret before divulging her feelings and stresses onto him. A man who was a complete stranger and not someone anyone who knew who he was would give important information to. So it was a good job she was completely pissed and he was well on his way there too. “That is the thing with miracles,” he said inhaling the end of his cigarette, then slowly exhaling the smoke out of his nose, damn that was a good feeling “they always come with a price.” he could have said, there is no such thing as a miracle or some such nonsense but in that moment he felt that his statement was probably the most accurate. Ash then went on to address her attempting to be perfect. “Whose version of perfect were you striving to be? Your own? Societies?” he asked, his head tilting slightly “Family?” another puff on his cigarette as he mulled over the rest of what she said. “As for tonight, what would, in this moment, make you feel alive? Whatever it is, we will go and do it, right now.” a smile creased the corners of his mouth.
  2. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Ash watched her from where he stood, taking in everything she was saying and though acknowledging she had some very valid points to her monologue it didn’t make her right. Comparing their situations was like comparing an apple to a pineapple. They shared something in the same but besides that they were completely different fruit. They grew in different ways, needed different things from life to thrive and faced different challenges in their fight to be the ripest of them all. Well, so he assumed, Ash was never really one to pay much interest in the life and cycles of fruit. He probably should though if he was ever going to use them to make a point. Whilst she continued her long speech the very drunk Wizard made the decision to get a drink of water. This should have been a simple act, after all it was simply retrieving a glass, putting on the tap and filling the glass. Three smashed glasses later he’d got his water and was drinking it quickly, with one finger held up indicating he wanted Elektra too wait for him to respond before she stormed out. That’s if he could remember what they were arguing about. Something about fruit? “I prefer apples,” he said finally, after putting the glass down on the side and looking back at her “they are much healthier and come in different colours which makes them more interesting and diverse.” he looked at the woman waiting for a response, though a nagging voice in the back of his mind told him that fruit might not have caused her to have that particular expression on her face, an expression that caused him to have to bite his fist to stop from laughing and turn away a moment before turning back “I like you even if you do prefer pineapples.”
  3. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    He knew his lack of reaction to what she had flung at him would cause her temper to flare even more, it did with most people. Angry people needed a reaction to their anger and when it didn’t happen, it somehow always made the anger worse, the validation of that anger was more soothing than a rational conversation. Ash’s go too was always a calm and nonplussed approach. The problem was he knew exactly what he should say or do in this situation to resolve it, too cause as less stress and upset as possible. But that would be the truth. A truth he was not overly ready to face or contend with right there and then. He stood and listened passively as she let out all her anger and betrayal. Though it was focused on how the girls would react it was clear from her words that she was also feeling abandoned as well, or at least she would. Then she turned and headed towards the door, walking out in the middle of a one sided argument. “You’re right.” he said finally, maybe that would stop her in her tracks “It’s why I am drinking because drinking makes this easier, drinking stops my mind in its tracks.” he sighed after saying this, deciding he’d throw some honesty out and hope that would stop her walking out the door “I am a selfish person, I choose to be and it has made my life much easier to not think or even care about how my actions have effected others. Now I’m here, thinking, feeling and I find myself wanting. So, yes, I want to tuck my tail between my legs and run away and I could. I could just go, it would take wizards a long time to find me.” turning he flipped the kettle on “But, I find myself wanting to be a better man and there is only one way I can think of too even attempt to achieve that.”
  4. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    “I haven’t forgotten, yet the statement still stands.” he replied keeping his voice even. It was amazing how quickly one could sober up when you were on the brink of an argument. Ash wasn’t a fool, he’d known his announcement of deciding to just go and serve his sentence would be met with hostility and venom. She wasn’t wrong about him ‘moping’ since the incident that ruined her career, though she didn’t know the reason behind such surly behavior. It was a reason he would do his damnedest not to let her know about. That reason would put everything they had both been working towards in peril. The kind of peril he’d spent a lifetime ignoring and dodging around. Emotions were a sticky thing, something he never had much room for in his life, especially the feelings of others. Ash was a selfish creature by choice, not by design or even because that’s what he intrinsically was. He sighed as she started in on her, what he assumed, was meant to be an offensive or hurtful series of comments mixed together. Calling him a coward mixing in some guilt of abandoning her and the girls, then finishing it with a commonly used comment about him not really being a man, it wasn’t the first time such comments were thrown his way. “That is exactly correct.” he replied flatly, maybe it was best to end this with her hating him, hating everything he stood for. Though, the comment about him abandoning them stung enough that he could not go unanswered “I will be going to prison, maybe not Azkaban, but I won’t abandon the girls or you. You have access to almost all my funds and that is enough to pay off a mortgage, put the girls through school and you not work. I also have contacts here in Australia who will be there if you need them.”
  5. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    The flirty talk seemed to go over the woman on the next stools head. This was probably a good thing; after all, he wasn’t anywhere close drunk enough to make that decision yet. He was too sober to take an absolutely pissed woman too his hotel room. That crossed one of the few moral lines he didn’t cross, a toe across every now and again but never hopping over completely. Knocking back another shot of whiskey he listened to what she said. “You are not allowed to fail a student who is failing?” he asked, pouring out more whiskey “That doesn’t make any sense. Then again, some parents can be over protective of their little progeny.” His own parents didn’t fall into that line with him. Then again, they had their own issues to contend with and those of his siblings. None of this was helped by the fact that he was entering into a world they couldn’t understand. That was ancient history though and more importantly history he wasn’t going to drag up anytime soon, perhaps never. Once again he knocked back another whiskey and filled the now empty glass soon afterwards. That was when the woman next to him asked him another question. “I do,” he replied, reaching into the pocket of the jacket hanging on his stool “I have too roll it first. I never prepare in advance.” he slipped the tin that contained his tobacco, papers and filters out and flipping open the lid and proceeded to start making one up.
  6. Invite Both Sides Now

    Ash raised an eyebrow at the teen in front of him as she flat out insulted him, claiming that he wasn’t smart enough to be in Ravenclaw, or someone who was a former member of that house. Most people might take the insult and react in a negative way. Ash, however, was confident in not only his own intelligence but also that he was not wrongly placed in that house. Though the house had considered Slytherin and for a brief moment Gryffindor. This he still found insulting. “If that is the way you feel, then you seem to have missed the over all point of Ravenclaw and also, yourself lack some important traits.” he said with a small smile, sipping his coffee “Wit, learning, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality and, the one you are lacking the most, acceptance.” he raised an eyebrow at her at the end of that, waiting for her react to what he had said before continuing. “As for teaching Health and Healing, one does not need to be particularly intelligent to teach especially that subject. What one does need is the ability to help people understand the subject one is trying to convey and retain those snippets of information.” he shrugged, then ended that with an agreement “However, I also agree that teaching is not a role I am adept for.” picking up his coffee cup he took a long sip and mulled over the looming threat of telling her father he was in Australia and, for importantly, at her school and was at one point teaching. “I can not advise you too lie to your father, he’d be annoyed if I did that. But I would prefer if the information about me being here came from me and not his child.”
  7. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    “Talking, okay,” Ash replied after watching Elektra tip a very expensive whiskey down the sink, a whisky that he bought on business trip to, well, somewhere one can purchase expensive whiskey. He was too drunk and had been too many places too really remember where and when he had obtained the now empty bottle “Firstly, that was a very rare and expensive whiskey. It is worth more than you could dream of earning in your lifetime. So, there is not many bottles of that brand left.” He sighed heavily as she continued talking. Yes, her attack has been the catalyst that prompted the evaluation that had after much thinking, planning and scheming led to the ultimate decision to just disengage from life. Alcohol was a great way to numb emotions and the way his mind worked. The problem came was explaining his internal logic to the woman in front of him. She wouldn’t be able to follow his reasoning and even if she did, something told him she’d break it down and make him feel stupid. “Secondly, the attack on you was a result of someone coming after your sister. The people involved are no longer a problem, I’ve seen to that. That is not what is the ultimately bothering me.” a sigh followed, it didn’t help that she reminded him of his promise to Em. Em who was most likely dead. “Your sister is dead, well, its highly likely she is.” he looked away from her for a moment, a hand running through his hair as he thought about a way to explain his decision “I want something from life that I have never wanted before, something that I would never have even thought possible to want. But...I can’t and shouldn’t have it. The best way to avoid temptation, the best way to not give in and act on these desires is too go away.”
  8. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    “The last time I went without a drink was this morning.” he replied without missing a beat. That, he was aware, didn’t really discount the possibility that he was sliding into alcoholism. Ash had to admit out of all the things he could, and probably should, worry about becoming dependent on alcohol was right down the bottom of that list. “She tended to have reasons for her temper,” he said with a shrug that swiftly turned into another whisky being drunk then continuing “whereas you seem irrationally annoyed for no good reason, well, you have some good reasons.” picking up the bottle this time he poured the remains of the whiskey into his glass. “Hmm, I need another bottle.” he said more to himself than to Elektra. Then looked back up at her when she spoke again “They don’t let you drink in Azkaban.” he said slowly, before going to move around her too find where he had left the other bottle of whiskey. He was sure he left it somewhere in the kitchen. Though her question about Azkaban stopped him in his tracks, making him turn towards her slowly considering how exactly he would phrase his announcement and then deciding that the best thing to do would just to be say it and deal with the aftermath. “I am going to back out of the deal with the IWP and opt to go back to Azkaban or whichever prison they decide to send me too. I might even get time off for good behavior, which is a bonus.” once he had finished this explanation Ash turned and started his hunt for the missing whiskey.
  9. Invite Both Sides Now

    Ash was just seconds away from giving in to the urges that arose from reading a so called educator and their inability to grasp the English language, he’d even gone to reach for the quill that was sitting temptingly in the nearby ink pot, when the door to his office seemed to almost explode and a small angry student came barrelling through, a very familiar student. The one student he’d been doing his best to avoid. Though before he could make some sarcastic quip about her entrance or even ask Siwan why she had come a visiting the young girl slammed what resembled a scrap book on his desk. The hand that had been reaching for the quill changed direction and instead picked up his steaming cup of coffee, bringing it too his lips as he watched the normal quiet young woman get too the page she seemed to so desperately wanted to show him. The jab of her finger at a picture was followed by a question about the house he was sorted into all those years ago. Sipping his coffee slowly, he studied the picture she’d pointed out. It didn’t take him long to see the picture within a picture. A crooked smile pulled at his lips at the sight of teenage him, standing next to his friend. “Well,” he said finally, placing his coffee cup down as he spoke “I am sure you are aware how students get sorted into houses in Hogwarts.” with the cup down, he leaned back in his chair and studied the young girl before him. She’d changed a lot since those days when she was the shy girl accompanying her father on visits. “But just in case you’ve received a nasty blow to the head and forgotten. Students at Hogwarts are placed in their houses by a hat that not only talks but has some level of sentience perhaps even self awareness,” he thought about that for a moment then added “Though, considering it thinks it can sing when it really can’t, perhaps not so much self awareness.” “So why I got sorted into Ravenclaw is, alas, a question only a possibly self aware but defiantly tone deaf hat can answer.” and then he ventured into answering her other question “As for why I don’t walk around wearing Bronze and Blue nor announcing loudly that I was once a member of Ravenclaw house is because it simply isn’t relevant anymore.” then came time for his own question “Is there a problem with me having been in Ravenclaw? Do you hold a prejudice against current and former members of the house?”
  10. Invite Both Sides Now

    Ash had only come to Australia for the same reason he had taken a teaching job at this school, he’d been told too. The DWP were not used to being told no when they scooped you out of a lengthy time in prison and set you about working for them. So, though he had resisted at first, he came to Australia and took up the post of teacher, teaching health and healing to a bunch of young Australian witches and wizards. He argued that he would have been better at Magical Theory but, no, the idiots that were the international wizarding police wanted him teaching a more hands on subject. It really didn’t need to be said that he was the worst teacher any school had ever seen. He openly told his students that if they didn’t want to learn that sitting there and doing whatever the hell they wanted were fine with him. Hell he’d brought food and drink into the first glass because that at least would stop the kids from bothering him too much. Sadly that class had brought him a new problem, one he refused to acknowledge when taking the class and that was a young girl who he considered his niece, the daughter of his closest friend during his Hogwarts years. The daughter of the wizard who was almost is opposite in every way two people could be different. He hadn’t seen either of them for years and so too see Siwan sitting in his classroom had been a shaking he did not need. However, life was never something that allowed you to deal with one situation at a time. Just as he was finding away too deal with Siwan head on when the attack happened, leading to Elektra almost being killed and him causing some rather serious injuries to her attackers. That event naturally had a knock on effect for everything the pair had been doing. One of the effects was that she was removed from teaching and was now working at something in the schools offices. A job much better suited for his lack of interest in everything that was going on around him. He occasionally dealt with complaints, sorted out kids rotas and fields questions from over concerned parents and even was dealing with one student who was transferring over from one of the snobby girls school, Penbush or whatever it was called. The thought of Siwan and the clash of something from his past with his present were furthest from his mind at that moment as she scanned through the paper work for the transfer, trying desperately to fight the urge to correct some of the spelling and grammar filled out. A cup of coffee steaming happily next to him.
  11. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Ash hadn’t really noticed the disheveled and obviously drunk woman on the stool next to the one he’d chosen to park his own ass on, even the sound of her slapping her own face had bypassed his single minded pursuit of completely losing his self at the bottom of a bottle. Though it would take more than the one bottle in front of him but he felt ordering an entire line of bottles might seem like over kill or lead to an early call to the Police and well...he was planning on getting away from the boys in blue with some handy wand work much later in the evening. A voice drifted over to him, causing Ash to turn in his seat whilst downing his first glass of whiskey and studying the woman next to him. “Oh, I have a very detailed plan of exactly how naughty I am going to be tonight.” he replied with a smirk in her direction followed by a raised eyebrow at her when she mentioned detention “As long as there is whipping involved then you can detain me as much as you want.” it was bad joke, a really bad joke but at that moment it was a safe sort of response from him. As refilled his glass again, then motioned with one of his hands to the mystery teachers glass “She’ll have the same again, mate.” he told the bartender. It was nice to have a drinking buddy, though, she was defiantly further ahead in the race to inebriation than he was. “So, tell me more about this detention.” he asked knocking back his glass of whiskey and filling it within a few short movements.
  12. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    “Alcoholism would imply that I couldn’t go a single day without a single drink.” Ash replied to her, raising an eyebrow in her direction “And I can go many days without many drinks.” In that moment he felt that pretty much closed that debate, after all, he could go without drinking it was just that he chose not too at this very moment. Drinking really was the only way he was able to make the decision he had made, since, a sober him would talk himself out of it. A sober Ash would logic his way out of the impending decision and right there and then logic was a much unneeded bed fellow. “I’m glad therapy is going well, though,” he said walking over to where she was leaning and placing the bottle of whiskey on the counter “you may wish to talk about your anger issues because you seem pretty hostile right now and hostility...” he paused, eyebrows knitting together and he tried to catch the enter of that sentence. “Is hostile.” Was the conclusion he decided to go with. Once again he waved his wand to fill up the his glass, then stopped and regarded his wand “Actually, I will miss my wand.” He said out loud before looking back at Elektra and remembering her question, he sipped his refilled whiskey before answering “This is my last drink because they don’t let you in drink in Azkaban, well, they never used too but since it’s now guarded by Wizards and not Dementors perhaps that rule has changed.”
  13. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Ash was damn pleased that the average Wizard and witch considered Muggle ways of hiding things were beneath them, especially when it came to hiding money. He was always pleased about this but right then as he pushed his way into a small dirty pub in Melbourne he was damn near ecstatic about it. The DWP had access to most of the money he had made during his very active criminal career and as far as they were aware that was all the money he had possessed. They hadn’t learnt of that offshore Muggle account that he had for, well, financial security. He’d managed to get some money transferred into one of his other muggle accounts – that was conveniently under another name and then withdrew the maximum amount he could. That amount had managed to get him a rather decent room in a muggle hotel and enough that he could spend the night doing what the British were often considered as doing best. Pissing it up against the wall, he had never been someone who drank too the point of intoxication. That, however, was his single minded goal of that evening. Get absolutely pissed and end up shagging some faceless woman, or man, he wasn’t really in a picky mood. Hell, if he got really pissed he’d find a club and dance the night away in a dangerously intoxicated state. He might even feel like he was sixteen again if he did that. It was a thought like that made him wish he could turn back to time, go find his sixteen year old self and tell him a few things about the future. Sadly, it probably wouldn’t be advice like ‘stay on the straight and narrow kid’. This is really what his sixteen year old self should really have been advised to do. No, he would probably tell his sixteen year old self to be more selfish, more amoral and avoid blonde women from Europe. The fact was though, that he couldn’t go back in time and change the path his life had taken. He just had to deal with his own stupid choices, his own damn inconvenient emotions and well...drink. On entering the small bar that desperately cried out for a good cleaning spell, he spied a karaoke machine and knew that he’d end up there somewhere during the night. Karaoke was always fun when completely off ones face. But that was a drunken mistake he would make when drunk. Shrugging off the leather jacket her wore and folding it over his left arm, right hand quickly checking he knew where his wand was then moving to his money heavy wallet as he strolled over to the bar, stopping at one of the stools and giving it a quick brush off with his hand. He was planning to get drunk and make a fool of himself, yes, but that did not include thick dust covering the ass of his trousers. Once he’d decided that he wouldn’t leave a perfect ass print on the stool the wizard sat and caught the tender’s eye. “Double whiskey.” He said “Actually, leave the bottle.”
  14. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The door opened on cue as though the mere thought of her returning had turned into a reality. If he was any kind of gentleman he would have put down the whiskey glass, pulled his head out of his own ass and go help her carry the bags she was hauling in. But he’d given up on trying being even a relatively decent human being many years ago. It was a life learnt lesson than nice people tended to get shit on from a great height and Ash, well, he much preferred being the person who did the shitting. That didn’t stop that small voice that occasionally popped up to remind him when he was being a dick from popping up in that moment. It really was a good job he was a master of ignoring that annoying bastard of a conscious. He turned his head slightly when the voice of his housemate who also was essentially his jailer and looked her straight in the eye whilst waving his wand allowing magic to fill up his whiskey glass again, then knocking it back before responding. “It’s a vocation not a hobby, after all I’m British.” With less grace than he would have liked he stood up from the chair, having to use both his hands on the arms of the chair to get him upright “And I am enjoy the last drink I will ever have.” He said going through the whisky glass filling wand movement again before downing that drink in one go “How was therapy?”
  15. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Ashkar Gastrell
    Sitting in the living room of the house in share with more than three females, if he included the two young cats it came to a total of five females. He sat in the most comfortable of the armchairs, the one that was more than slightly frayed, the one that the two felines had decided was their own personal scratching post, he had one leg bent resting his heel against the base of the seat cushion, his wand hanging limply between the fingers of the hand that attached to the wrist that belonged to the arm he had resting on top of his bent knee. An untouched glass of whiskey lay too his left, a very much touched bottle of whiskey making sure the glass wasn’t lonely. Recent events had led Ash, a man who only really drank for pleasure of an evening when he was strumming on his guitar or planning some criminal activity, to take up the hobby of day drinking and not as a way to relax but as a way to push away thoughts that were, in his own opinion, a taboo. His dark eyes traveled down to his wand and he fully contemplated the repercussions of what he was considering doing. The sad but true fact was that he wouldn’t miss his wand that much, for many wizards is was a vital part of their existence, another limb or a important life sustaining organ such a start. Ash viewed it as something akin to the appendix. After all, he could do most magic without the damn thing. He could manage most of the more complicated spells without a wand as a conduit. It was only things like the killing curse that needed that extra power boost from a wand to do and there were many more creative ways one could kill someone if they should desired too. Accio, was another spell that really needed a wand to do, but, he also viewed that as a spell for lazy bastards. If you wanted something that badly his opinion had always been get off your own fat ass and go get it. No, he wouldn’t miss his wand that much. One of the things he would miss sauntered across his eye line, quickly followed by the other. It was the cats, he’d bought them as kittens four months prior for the girls to have something to coo over. He’d been under the impression that the pirate resembling kitten had been a boy, but, a trip to a vet had squashed that notion. Pirate cat was actually a girl. He watched the two bundles for a moment, before finally turning too his untouched whiskey and knocking it back in one go, then refilling the glass. He knew Elektra would be back soon from where ever she’d gone too and then he would tell her about the decision he had made.