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  1. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    If he’d been paying attention to her and less on his own emotions and keeping everything he was feeling from spilling out, then he may have noticed the slightly differences in her. The slightly slouch shoulders, the bags that had taken root under her eyes. The way her hair wasn’t falling in the way it normally did. Then perhaps he would have picked up on the fact that more was going on then just him shaking the very foundation she had created her life upon. But he’d been too wrapped up in his own reactions too the events to really leave room for anything else. So as she responded to what he said, declaring that she hadn’t wanted him to go to Azkaban. That she actually enjoyed and wanted his company. This was something that he on some level understood and accepted, on a much larger level he just placed it down to her needing to expand her social circle. After all, anyone was better company that loneliness. Well, unless one was a hermit but that was not a life he could ever see Elektra living. When she sat down was when he stopped his back and forth routine. This wasn’t a moment to step away, this was a moment to step up. Sadly, he was never very good at giving emotional comfort when he was attempting to be genuine. A soft sigh escaped him as he shot one last look back at the front door, noticing how Nina was peaking around the corner of it. After some silent communication with the young girl he turned and walked towards Elektra taking a seat beside her on the pavement. “If that’s the case then I’m coming back tonight.” he said evenly, tilting his head slightly so that he could hear the rest of what was said between the sobs “Naturally, I leave pretty big shoes too fill don’t you think?” maybe humor wasn’t the way to go with this “Not quite as big as my nose, though.” running one middle finger down the aforementioned feature with a short laugh. Putting one arm around her, Ash pulled her curled form against his bringing her into a one armed hug, turning his own head to lightly kiss the top of hers “I miss you too.”
  2. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    Ash could almost predict the reaction too what he’d just announced. It wouldn’t be some big declaration that she felt the same way, it wouldn’t even be a simple ‘thanks for telling me’. It would somehow come back that by not talking about his feelings was somehow him being an asshole again. This was a dance he was getting use to and it wasn’t just with Elektra, it seemed to be something he ran into a lot with women. Well, used too. He’d not done any declarations of love in many many years and it had been many more years since they had been sincere ones. Yes, he’d lied about loving a woman before to get what he needed out of that situation. He’d got what he wanted and walked away, no doubt breaking the woman’s heart in the process. He never really thought about the after affects of what he did to get the job done. The rage, the tears and the verbal abuse tended to roll off him because it meant nothing in the long run. This time, this announcement, meant something and whatever she responded with he knew was going to hurt in some way or another. But the reaction he got from her was one that caused a short burst of laughter to erupt from him before he turned to look at her, genuine surprise and shock on his face. “None of that had anything to do with me making a decision about your life.” the surprise look soon gave way to a frown “That is about me making a decision about my own life, my own feelings. The way I view myself, the way I view you, the way I view the girls and the way I view me fitting into all your lives. I have never told you about how I feel because I am still trying to make that decision.” walking away from the door, he moved over towards her. “As for the rest of it, I can continue to apologies. I can reexplain my reasons. I can and have acknowledged that I made the wrong decisions and acted the wrong way, which, is not something I do often.” a sigh followed that statement, then he stepped back slightly “As for Nina, you are her registered guardian and I am a registered felon. She needs to go home with you.” another sigh “And since I’m landing things at your feet, I’ll add. I would like to discuss at some point in the very near future about me coming home as well.”
  3. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    “I never said that you said any of those things.” he bit back, though, it was somewhat relieving that she just wasn’t angry at time. Ash had not problem with shouldering his fair share of the blame, after all, he was responsible for about sixty percent of the problems but he’d felt for the last two weeks that he’d been taking the blame for every single thing that had gone wrong, that every lie or issue was somehow something he’d done or not done. He knew that, for the most part, this was just him being overly dramatic and trying to rationalize his own actions and reactions. “Are you even listening? This isn’t about just you and I have already acknowledged that I should have informed you in some way. I explained while I avoided doing that, bad reasons as they may be they are reasons. Nina is hurt, disappointed and frustrated too! But that is clearly besides the point.” This was moment that she snapped about something he he hadn’t said. At that Ash sighed and put the bags he was holding just inside the door, one hand braced against the door frame. He could just spit out some more reasons that he could just make up on the spot or he could be honest, tell her the truth and leave himself open and vulnerable. Turning to look at her he noticed the hair she was holding in her hand. This caused him to sigh again. “I’m very much in love with you.” he said finally “And I don’t know how to handle that, I don’t know anything, really. This is why I got drunk and considered, rather foolishly, about going to Azkaban too somehow make myself a better man and be worthy of someone like you.” another sigh as he looked away from her “But I’m not ever going to be worthy and I’m not capable of change. So, that’s pretty much it. Now I’ll go get Nina.”
  4. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    Naturally Nina ignored her Aunt and made a beeline for a room near the back of the house. Ash sighed at that. In fairness he had told her that she had little to worry about as the fault would be lain at his door. Which is exactly what happened. Then again, she had a point. He should have let her know where Nina was. A text message or an owl would not have taken any time out of his day to send and it wouldn’t have left Elektra without having to run around like a panicking headless chicken. The problem was, he was still feeling a little bit hurt by what had happened two weeks ago and had put off any and all communication between them as long as possible. This was why Ash waited after she said no about coming into the house, it was why he should there and allowed her to poke him in the chest and lay all her emotions and anger at his feet. Then, of course, she implied that she shouldn’t have expected anything like honesty or truth from him because of what he had not told her recently. A surge of anger flashed through him, an anger which was then doused by the movement of brushing away tears. “I agree, I should have told you she was with me. I have a very good idea how worried you have been however, I haven’t thought much about it these last few hours. That is largely because I have been doing my best not to think about you, two weeks ago or the fact that fucked everything up.” taking a deep breath he paused long enough to run a hand through his hair, before looking back at Elektra. “So be pissed off at me, hate me, hand me over to the IWP if that makes you feel better about anything but we need to get one thing straight,” damn, he needed a cigarette but right there and then stopping too roll and then spark up might break the tension in a bad way “That girl in there doesn’t hate you, in fact we just spent the majority of today with her trying to find you the perfect present for Christmas. Nina is confused, sad, lonely, frightened and she’s a teenager, they are kind of dickheads to their guardians.” “As for me, I...” he trailed off, this was the moment he could have said everything he felt he should say but would be too scared too say “It doesn’t matter. I’m clearly the bad guy in this. I’ll go and get Nina for you.” and with that, he turned to walk into the house.
  5. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    Two weeks had passed since that call from his sister which had let to a much larger problem. His falling out with Elektra, if it could be called that. He’d essentially told her everything he knew that she didn’t then walked out. It wasn’t so much walked out as he decided that space was something that was required. The time was going supposed to be few days perhaps a week, but that week at stretched into the two. It didn’t help that he was also actively not doing everything he should be. He was a convicted criminal and had duties he was supposed to meet for the International Wizarding Police. Needless to say he’d not been too any of the contact points, had avoided going to Tallygarunga and had pretty much been living off the the magical grid for those weeks. This had not stopped one of his precocious nieces from finding him though. He’d come home earlier that day to find Nina sat on his door step, a packed bag at her feet. His first desire had been too pull the young girl into a tight hug, but, instead had gone with the second one which was to ask her dryly if she’d run away. The young blonde hadn’t run away, in fact she’d simply told her Aunt that she was staying over a friends that night and had got that friend to cover for her as she made her way here. So after letting her in the house, putting her bag away and a deep conversation over his absence, the pair had come to the conclusion that there was only one way to rebuild their own battered bridge. That was apparently Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping in England. So the pair had caught a port key and done just that. A few hours had been sent looking around London, stopping in shops and getting presents for Elena, school friends and even Elektra got one or two from her niece. They had then moved on to the cities of Bath and Birmingham. Then finally, exhausted, full of food and weighed down with more bags than they needed the pair caught the original port key back to Australia. It was just as they were walking down the path towards the current place he was staying that Ash noticed a familiar figure standing beside the door. “Shit! came the voice of the young witch next to him. “Seems like your mate folded.” he replied, stopping next to where his Niece stood. “Like a cheap suit.” Nina added. “Like a very fucking cheap suit.” he said placing a hand on the girls back “Don’t worry too much, she’ll blame me anyway.” and with that said, the pair strolled down the path as he fumbled for the front door keys. “Evening.” he said to Ele as he opened the door and took some bags from Nina, then using his body to hold the door open as the young girl darted over the threshold “Coming in?” he asked Elektra, waiting for her to make her decision.
  6. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    There was little more him to say now that all the cards were on the table. He watched Elektra as she moved to look through the dossiers he’d made up. These people were her relatives, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. None of them were the sort of people who would accept who he was, though, Elektra they would accept. The girls they would accept. The dossiers, if nothing else, opened the door for them to have a wider family, well on the Devereaux side of things. The Bellerose should be actively avoided. Ash had heard all about the wizard who was Elektra’s biological father. Whilst waiting for her to finish her brief look through, he flicked one hand and sends both cups of coffee floating back towards the sink. He couldn’t stay here, that was something he knew right there and then. She would need time to take everything in and revaluate their entire situation. So, whilst she was looking at the information he’d given her Ash was considering what he should take with him and which location he would go to. He has several locations in the area he could go too when needed, a safe house. Then Elektra spoke again. “I don’t know what she currently knows. I haven’t had dealings with her in years, thankfully.” the thankfully was added as more of an afterthought “This girl is in Australia. She went to Tallygarunga, a Sturt. It’s all in there, last known address and the one for her art studio.” he sighed and run a hand through his hair before speaking again “If Estella knows this information, then yes, this girl could be in a considerable amount of danger. But, I would also guess that she’ll be low down on the list of people she is watching.” This was the point when he felt it was best to remove his self from the situation, well, the home at least. Turning to the desk again, he closed the laptop before picking up a piece of paper and pen. On it he wrote down the address of the place he would be staying. “I think it’s best if I go for a few days and give you time to decide what you want to do with the information and our arrangement. I’ll let the IWP where I am but won’t disclose any other information.” he said, putting the address on top of the pile of dossiers “That’s where I’ll be. I have placed extensive protection spells around this house. I’ll come back in two days to renew them, I’ll try and come when you aren’t here.” He paused for a moment, one hand resting on the address he’d placed down looking at it for a few seconds taking a deep breath before reconstructing his emotional walls, something he would need over the next couple of months. He then looked towards where his room was and decided that he didn’t need to linger and cause more emotional strain than he already had. There was only one thing he needed to say before he left. “Elektra, I understand that my actions or lack thereof around this wasn’t the right thing to do, despite what I believed.” he said, even now trying to dodge around saying the words he really needed to say “It was never my intention to hurt you.” that said, he turned away and picked up his normally discarded wand from the top of the desk and his leather jacket from the back of the computer chair. “I’m sorry.” he said finally, putting on his jacket as he turned to head towards the front door.
  7. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Ash didn’t see the point in denying that she had a point, that there was a way for him to sit him down and explain everything he knew, in detail. He had ample opportunities within their time together to have popped the lid off that can of worms. The truth was though not only did he never really feel like he could find the right time but also that the more time that passed the more the issue was pushed further back in his mind until it was something he never really thought about. That was until it had popped up and bit him in the ass. He sighed deeply, whilst waiting for her to finish what she was saying. “It wasn’t just Emi. I was involved. It was put on the girls to protect them against Estella. This is what led down the path of finding out about your blood status and something else.” he said, picking up his coffee again and sipping it. The mixture of bitter and sweet taste that his coffee had somehow didn’t bring its normal satisfied feeling. Placing the cup down Ash knew he was not only rocking the foundation of Elektra’s life but he was very soon going to make it so she questioned whether she would have to report his activities to international wizarding police. “Though that wasn’t necessary too the enchantment itself. When we were discussing the whole thing it made me think about something Estella had told me in more of her more...” he trailed off thinking for a moment of what the best word would be to explain her younger sister in that moment “candid and vulnerable moments.” This time though, Ash didn’t wait for Ele to make some snappy comment about what might have brought around such a moment in his presence, instead he decided to plough on with the cryptic thing she had said. “She said that she’d tracked your mother’s lineage for a while and ended up stumbling across the fact that your mother was actually a Squib. That the Devereaux surname you all share was from a pure blood wizarding family, which actively disassociated themselves with non magical members of the family. This is likely what caused your Mother to become an alcoholic. She’d jump from this too tracking your biological father. It was during this she discovered that, despite her long held hope, you are half siblings and actually...your biological Father holds the name Bellerose.” Turning away from her for a moment, he made his way back over to the desk. Pulling open a different draw he pulled out a small stack of files. “As I am sure you can imagine this piqued my interest. So, I personally did some...shall we say, digging? Into the subject and these are the dossiers I made of the people I uncovered. Emilia has seen these; she’s even written notes on them, which I asked her not to do.” turning around he placed the files down where she had put the notebook. “The top one is the most recent, I’ve actually made that up over the last two months. I recognized the name Bellerose from someone who attended Tally. I followed, bribed, blackmailed and other things I’m not going explain a few people and...” he paused, stopping and flipping open the top folder to reveal a moving picture of a young dark haired woman “Her name is Artemisia Elene Bellerose. She is your half-sister on your fathers’ side.”
  8. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Ash did his best to remain impassive as Ele absorbed everything he had said and then turn around and spit it all back at him. He was very aware that in this situation that he was the one who had acted wrong. That he should have said something, but, the truth was that he had no idea how to even start that sort of conversation. This was compounded by the fact that previous too the last year of his life Elektra had been for all intents and purposes his jailer and not the person she was now to him. His loyalties had lain with Emilia and she had asked him to not repeat what they knew too anyone. This included Elektra. He could say that, he probably would, yet it was a poor excuse for the secrets he had been keeping and the one about her sister wasn’t the only one he’d been hiding. Ashkur could explain away his own behavior to himself, that keeping secrets was how he grew up. That information was power and it was only power when it was used at the right moment for the right thing. That was how he have survived the life he’d been given and the one he’d chosen. It took a lot of his will power not to flinch a little when she broke down his carefully cultivated relationship with Estelle into ‘fucked’. Though sex has been a component in the ‘relationship’ and a relatively large one it hadn’t been the entire thing. The relationship itself had caused him his own share of grief, one of those had been what kicked this off. Estelle wasn’t just obsessed with her sister, she had a much lighter fixation on him too. He waited until she had finished saying all she needed, though the mentioned of putting the girls in danger made him almost slam his coffee down on the table. Taking a deep breath, he looked away from her briefly trying to contain everything that he was wanting too say. The problem was that Elektra had every right to be pissed at him and nothing he could say would make this right. So, he concluded, he might just put all his cards on the table and go from there. “Yes, it did occur to me to tell you about it, however, when this,” he said gesturing between them to suggest he meant their own situation “started my loyalty was with Emilia, who had asked me to never tell anyone else, including you. On top of that at the beginning you weren’t someone I felt particularly keen to just divulge information too. Then, that changed, and too be honest I had no fucking clue how to broach the subject.” “As for the girls, I didn’t think prior to that phone call that she would...” he trailed off, running a hand through his hair for a moment. He was about to say another half truth but stopped himself “She can’t hurt the girls, if Emilia is dead, then the girls can’t be hurt. Which leads to another thing that I know.” A heavy sigh escaped as he turned his face back to look straight at her “You, Emilia and the girls are pureblooded witches.”
  9. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Whilst Ele looked through the note book which contained an over view of information, along with some parts he really hoped she skipped over, Ash went to make a drink. A non alcoholic drink at that. Flicking the kettle on he set about grabbing cups, coffee and various other bits and bobs that go with making a the sort of coffee that would be needed with this type of conversation. It had to be at least luke warm since he foresaw it being thrown at him sometime in the near future. Just as he was pouring the hot water into one of the cups was when Ele asked the first and most obvious question. “I imagine it was because she didn’t want to worry you.” he replied mildly, though he suspected it went deeper than that “After all, you had a successful career, a good life. She wouldn’t have wanted to up end that for something she was already dealing with.” well, the truth was they had both been dealing with it. The truth, sadly, also meant that Ash was more involved in her life than Ele really knew. Ash stirred both drinks slowly as he listened too her questions, knowing that when he answered them it would change everything between them. Picking up the cups he turned around and left one on the counter side for her, sipping his own slowly as he mulled over how to respond to her many questions. Gently he placed his own cup down and looked directly at her. “Estella and I have a history, of sorts.” this was going to be, in his opinion, the hardest part of the conversation “Emilia figured out rather early on about Estella’s fixation with you, but, she couldn’t get close to her for reasons I assume you are more aware of then myself. So, Emi asked me to...develop a relationship with her instead.” he gestured too the note book “This relationship was how both Emi and I were able to gather that much information, keep track of her movements and more importantly...keep her away from you.” “How she knows about my situation is simply because she’s a bloody good stalker. Your sister is very talented at getting information when she needs it and twisting things to fit her own needs. I imagine her visit to my very sick Mother was her trying too not only let me know she was around but also too draw me away from the ultimate object of her obsession.” picking up his coffee he sipped it again “That’s you, if none of that was clear.”
  10. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Ash wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to know the answer to his own question. If he was lucky she would have perhaps heard the bit about his supposed kidnapping of someone and how he had not be overly honest with his family. He knew he’d get some backlash for lying too them from many corners but, well, one had to know the Gastrell family too really be aware of why their own magic wielding child may have opted to not divulge vast quantities of his life. There was also national security to think about with his Mother whose dementia made her liable to spout any and all kinds of nonsense at anyone passing. Hell, he’d had to take a year out of his career a few years back to track the woman down when the voices that lived in her head had told her she needed to sell everything she owed, disown her entire family and live in a brightly colored van somewhere in London. That was closely followed by her ‘You are the devil’ episode she had which bounced between himself and one of his Brothers. Luckily she had the sense to realize they both couldn’t be the devil when they were together, so, that had been the tacit for fighting through that. Though if asked, whilst stood here facing Elektra knowing that he had been with holding information, important life altering information for their entire acquaintance, he’d have much rather been chasing his Mother around the west and east sides of London than having to have this conversation. Estelle Devereaux made his Mother look like a member of Mensa if compared. Ash sighed as Elektra asked the obviously question, running his right hand through his hair for a moment as he wondered how to exactly explain everything he knew and tell her the things he suspected and hazard a guess at the rest. “She visited my Mother, I suspect, too piss me off.” he said slowly, pushing himself to his feet “Which has worked, but, I also suspect that she was aiming for this conversation too happen.” turning towards the top draw of the computer desk he waved a hand causing the draw to pop open before he reached in and pulled out a green bound notebook. “I first became aware of your younger sister through Emilia. This was also the first time I was informed that Emilia had a successful identical twin sister. You. I wasn’t much interested in any of this information at first, after all, I used information to extract money or favors none of which this information could get me.” he held out the green notebook for her to take from him. “However, as Emilia developed not just a working relationship but a close and deep friendship, it became clear the connection between Estella and you was something more troubling. A few events happened that are outlined in the diary you have. Some of it is written by me, other parts by Emilia.” once the diary had passed hands, he stepped back “Read it, then I’ll answer every question you have.”
  11. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Ashkar Gastrell
    Australia was a shit hole, well, that was Ash’s less than pleasant feelings at that moment as he stood in the window and watched the gnomes swelter in the heat. It wasn’t the first time he’d wondered at the wisdom of the International Wizarding Police. It seemed entirely possible that they had sent him here hoping that under more heat than his raised in the rainy country of England body could handle that he would crack and spill all his secrets. If this was the case they were not entirely wrong. At this moment he’d tell them that he wet the bed and masturbated to unicorns if they would allow him to go somewhere with a better weather system. Neither of these things were true, well, he did masturbate but not to unicorns. The uncomfortable weather was not helped by the fact that tension in the house was still high. Ash had not yet corrected his earlier behavior and revelations that he was considering going to Azkaban to repent for his sins and become a free man and the several other things he’d said in that exchange. In this he did not include the point where he pointed out that sex with Elektra would be desirable but at the time very much beyond his capabilities. That statement he stuck by, though, had not said as much to Ele herself. Once again he found himself in the house with just the other adult and two cats, all of whom seemed to be avoiding him enough that he had the time to study melting Gnomes. As one of the Gnomes in question noticed him looking then decided to use that moment to lazily flip him a middle finger, the British born Wizard decided that perhaps, just perhaps, he should stop putting off the inevitable conversation and turned too go find the Ele. That was when his laptop started a merry tune. A tune he’d not heard for a long time and not one he was expecting. A sigh escaped him and for a moment he considered ignoring the call but he also knew it was futile, she would just keep calling. So with another sigh he walked over and planted himself in front of his computer and clicked the answer button. “Hello Meera, to what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked dryly, leaning against the top of the computer desk and looking into the annoyed face of his older sister. “You said you we’re in Australia on some business with your lot.” started the very annoyed looking woman on the screen, scoffing when he answered in a affirmative “You are lying, Ashkur.” she cut him off as he went to respond “We know you are in Australia, Little Brother, but we also know now that you have been arrested, tried and are working for some wizarding police. We also know you are currently on the run after having kidnapped a woman! Kidnapped, Ashkur, you must release this woman right now and hand yourself back in...” “Woah, woah, I have not fucking kidnapped anybody. The rest of what you said is true though. The fuck...who told you this?” “A nice girl named Estelle Devereaux, I think. She visited Mum and told her all these stories about you. Stories that have our very disturbed Mother even more disturbed. She punched one of the nurses Ash! Punched! Why are you looking like that? Why aren’t you saying anything? Askur Rames Gastrell, you tell me what’s going on now!” “Meera, listen to me carefully. Move Mum too another home, if Estelle shows up again you are to ask that she is removed from the building...do you know understand? Meera! I’m serious...” then he turned around the chair and saw the person he really didn’t need to see standing nearby. “I have to go, Meera. I love you.” he then cut her off before she could respond before turning back to the person behind him. “How much of that did you hear?”
  12. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The connection of a hand on his face should have brought him too his sense or at least pushed him in that direction. Instead he stood there, head at an the angle the slap at left it in. His eyes drained on a stain on the wall, his brain wondering if this hand something to do with pinapples. Then she spoke again before storming out. Slowly Ash turned and watched her storm away and it was only when the door slammed that he registered that something should have been said. An apology, perhaps. Though he couldn’t really remember what he needed to apologies for. He’d remember it later. With a sigh he turned and picked up one of his mended glasses, filled it with water stopping for a moment to admire his handy work on aforementioned glass. Then he turned wonky glass in hand and turned heading towards the nearby settee. Here, he would pass out until later. End of thread
  13. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    The answer to his question appeared to be that she was attempting to live up to her own expectations, more so than anyone else's. This was always very dangerous, after all, wasn’t you always your own worst critic? She continued speaking though, letting everything that had built up over some undefined period of time pour out of her and onto him. It was a good thing that he wasn’t the sort of person who shouldered other peoples issues. Ash was confident that when he woke up tomorrow this would just be another one of those stories you occasionally tell people for a laugh. Well, he would if he actually had any people he could tell those sorts of stories too here in this ridiculous country. Fucking alcohol, he internally cussed as he shoved away the feelings that started to push too the surface at the realization that he was really rather lonely here. He shot a quick look at the woman still talking to next to him, only catching on too the last bit of what she was saying. There she went again talking about miracles, then, she said something interesting. “Your husband in that bloke that woke up from the coma?” he asked, taking another drag off the end of his cigarette. This woman really did need a drink. If she was the wife of that particular man then it also gave Ash more important information. It meant this woman was either a witch or, at least, aware of the magical world. That was information worth banking. Then she answered with her plan for making herself feel alive. Laughing slightly Ash turned away from her and pushed off the wall whilst taking one last drag off his cigarette before throwing the dog end down and setting on it. “One hairy ass at your service.” with a flourish of his arm he indicated she should go in front “Lead the way.”
  14. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    Well that was rude, he’d just announced that he liked her despite her being a pineapple and all she could say was go to bed? Go to bed? No, I like you too? No, I’ve always had a thing for apples? No! Just a dismissive go to bed! Well that was the last time he would never announce that he liked her pineapple liking ass. The problem with this train of thought was the fact that because of it he failed to really hear the rest of what she was saying. He heard her speak of course but his brain was not in any state to translate the sound into words he could understand. His eyes, however, we still sharp enough to catch her movement though they spent a fair amount of time focusing on the glass on the floor that she moved with her foot, then her hand on his arm as more senseless sound spilled from her mouth and trickled into his ears. He frowned at her hand on his arm then moved to the glass moved out the way. There seemed to be two problems here and he felt the need to deal with both, though, only one was truly simple. Waving his free hand in the direction of the glass he used magic to cause the shattered pieces of the ground shudder and then slowly and somewhat clumsily reform into the three broken glasses and sit on the side. One job, though not perfect as at least one of the glasses was leaning, done and now onto the slightly tricky one. “Ele, believe me when I say that going to bed sounds wonderful but right now I don’t think I’d be able to...” he paused a moment, tilting his head slightly whilst thinking about the best way to phrase what he was going to say “get appropriately excited and that would be disappointing for you.” and for him to, though even drunk he knew better than to add that.
  15. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    “By one of those I assume you mean a person who enjoys a good cigarette as opposed to someone who enjoys factory made rubbish?” he said whilst assembling the parts of the aforementioned cigarette in his right hand. Then closing that hand into a fist and moving his fingers back and forth a few times. He then opened his hand to show the whining woman next to him a perfectly rolled cigarette. Once she’d taken hers, he repeated the procedure for his own. Ash had listened to her ramblings between his rolling and handing over the cigarette but only spoke after he was able to light his own. She hadn’t waited for his response about the secret before divulging her feelings and stresses onto him. A man who was a complete stranger and not someone anyone who knew who he was would give important information to. So it was a good job she was completely pissed and he was well on his way there too. “That is the thing with miracles,” he said inhaling the end of his cigarette, then slowly exhaling the smoke out of his nose, damn that was a good feeling “they always come with a price.” he could have said, there is no such thing as a miracle or some such nonsense but in that moment he felt that his statement was probably the most accurate. Ash then went on to address her attempting to be perfect. “Whose version of perfect were you striving to be? Your own? Societies?” he asked, his head tilting slightly “Family?” another puff on his cigarette as he mulled over the rest of what she said. “As for tonight, what would, in this moment, make you feel alive? Whatever it is, we will go and do it, right now.” a smile creased the corners of his mouth.