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  1. Shrinks...someone else gets injured and they are asking how I am coping! Sometimes I am sure these people forget that I am not actually an emotionally driven lunatic and am actually capable of a rational thoughts and behavior.

    1. Elektra Devereux

      Elektra Devereux

      Could be worse. They've been giving me 'assessments' for months now, to make sure I'm mentally fit to work.

    2. Ashkar Gastrell

      Ashkar Gastrell

      Darling, the difference is they actually care about your health, both mental and physical. Whereas, with myself, they are only worried about my reactions and what I might do to other people. They have very little concern over me as an individual. So, on my part, it is a much more annoying and laborious process. 

  2. Give an answer, ask a question!

    The way I see it is that you have a variety of options before you. The first is simple, kill your mother. The second, kill yourself. The third, tell her that you are impotent and that grandchildren will never happen. The forth, find a poor family with a single infant, tell them that for a few times a week you would like to borrow their infant and pass it off as your own. Advise these people that for this small and simple service you will pay a stipend too them monthly to put aforementioned child through school, college, rehabilitation programs etc. The fifth, actually bite the bullet and give her a grandchild at first you may not like it, but I can assure you that biology will make it so you will love, protect and generally do whatever the little sprog wants. The sixth and final one is, just be honest with her. Tell her how you feel and explain that if she continues to put pressure on you to reproduce before you are ready that it will cause a great strain on your relationship with not only her but also your significant other. As for my question, it is this, Is there really any such thing as "morality"?
  3. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    Ash watched Nina bounce off with a small grin then turned back to Ella as he spoke. It was only after some prompting that he realised that she wasn’t actually listening to him. He tilted his head and watched her for a moment as she tried to catch with what was going on. Though he didn’t know for sure what was going on in her head and didn’t feel using his particular skills all that smart, Ash felt he had somewhat of an idea what might be bothering her. “That is debatable.” He replied to her comment about his arm “You have more than I do.” As if to bring home the point, he tugged on the end of his own curly locks. The conversation moved on though, moved on to Ella getting Elena ready as well. “Yeah, I’m still packing up the food for everyone’s lunch.” He then stepped back from the table and waited for the pair to disappear into another part of the house. A sigh escaped the man as he turned and walked back into the kitchen. He would have a think over what he suspected was wrong and see if there was a solution available to them.
  4. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    “That is only if they were smart enough to use aforementioned thumbs.” Ash replied, his eyes only briefly leaving the kitten and shifting over to the other man “I know many people born with such an evolutionary advantage, yet, sadly, they don’t seem to possess the capacity to use them efficiently.” A shrug followed these words. He didn’t doubt that cats were smarter than the average wizard and would not doubt cause havoc with thumbs. Though he suspects tearing up some random humans face would be low of their list of priorities. “A puppy for a child?” he asked with a raised eyebrow “That is a quite a challenge you have set for yourself.” Though he would say nothing more on the subject to the nameless terror of the cat world he was talking to, Ash thought it was a rather stupid move. Almost, if not more, stupid as buying a kitten for a child, which was exactly what he was doing. Having decided that the pirate cat was one he was taking home, he browsed the rest of the kittens. Two would make more sense; they could entertain each other when no one was home. He continued to listen to the man’s contemplation, something about carrying out two animals and all the accessories. Ash returned his attention to the ugly kitten, seeing which other kitten he interacted with. “Oh yes, he is defiantly coming home with me. Ugly bastard.” He said affectionately given the deformed kitten a starch behind one ear “I am also buying a pet for a child. My niece.” He explained “A challenge of my own since I suspect I will be the one cleaning up all the cat shit.” He shrugged lightly at the taller man, before spotting another suitable kitten. Small, almost white apart from a few dark patches “Found another one.” “What sort of dog are you considering getting?” he asked, eyes on the Terror of Cats whilst he used one hand to get the attention of the shop keeper.
  5. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    “Yes, that is her I’m so excited face.” Ash replied to the comment about Nina being excited about a few days at Tallygarunga. Deciding that manual labour was getting a little bit too much like hard work he used his wand to make the rest of the dishes air walk into the kitchen. He used another handy spell too get them clean as well. No point in his hands getting all shrivelled and prune like when magic could do it for him. “Look at her, just bursting with anticipation at just the thought all the friends and enemies she’ll make.” he gave Nina a smile that was supposed to be encouraging, though it likely came across as more of a ‘glad it’s not me, kid’ type facial expression. This wasn’t too say that child Ash hadn’t enjoyed school. He had, after all, it was the place where one could expand their mind. In his case it had also been a place of escape, somewhere he could go that didn’t leave him being with a Father who may as well have been absent for all that he was actually involved with his oldest child and a Mother who had regular conversations with people know one else could see. The Muggle-born Wizard could have gotten lost in his thoughts as they wandered towards his own childhood, the memories of which were more often than not bittersweet. He had two parents, either died or vanished like Nina’s had. Then Ella spoke again and such wanderings and musing would have to be left for another day. “Interesting for them.” He replied to the end of her sentence. He wasn’t overly concerned about leaving the girls in the hands of competent people, this was what these people were trained and paid to do. “And yes, you best be getting ready,” he said finally, turning towards Ella “We haven’t got all day and who knows how long it’ll take you to be ready and fit for purpose.”
  6. Class Health and Healing 01

    Ash had arrived at his classroom earlier than intended. He had intended to arrive after the students, wait long enough for them to get comfortable and start doing student like things. Then burst in and take points from them all. He paused briefly at what was now his desk, allowing himself to drink in the pleasure that would be completely screwing everyone over by constantly taking points from every single student. He really was going to have to watch himself; he could get drunk on the power of being a professor. Well, an imposter professor. He really should put robes on, he thought, looking down at his basic t-shirt and jeans attire. He shrugged off that moment of pause and set about setting up the classroom for the students that soon would be invading. --- He sat on his desk as the first few students started filtering in, he proceeded to ignore them, and his eyes remaining on what he was reading until the people stopped filtering in. Then, with a sigh, he put the book down and flicked his hand at the entrance to the room closing the door with a bang. “Welcome to Health and Healing.” He said, gripping the edge of his desk as he lent forwards slightly “I ‘am Professor Gastrell, for the really stupid members among your number I am the guy that’s teaching this class.” Standing up, he gestured to the tables that he had set up around the room “As you can see there is food and drink around the edge of the room for you. In this class you can drink, eat, put your feet on the table and even take off your ties.” “However, you piss me off and you won’t be passing. So, once everyone has collected what they want, settled back their seats then we’ll begin with a few rather boring things. Things such as your name, why you are taking this class and even, if you feel the desire too, an interesting thing about your life.” He looked around at the faces of the students “Sounds good? Good, disperse.” ((occ: Have your students get food then do the introductions bit, please J))
  7. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    Ash was a firm believer in the theory that people fell into one of several different categories; Cat people, dog people, bird people or heartless bastards who hated all animals. It was possible to be more than one type of people, well apart from the heartless bastard category. It was a group in which Ashkar had longed to belong too, but he just had too much of a soft spot for the damn animals. It was terribly inconvenient to his life. This very moment was a good example of why. He’d no sooner stepped towards where the cats were cloistered up when one particularly deranged and bedraggled looking cat stole his heart. Stole in, curled up around and started licking it, flea bitten bastard. Ash had a feeling the poor sod had been here a while after all he was a small black kitten, a kink half way up a tail that looked like it was missing a good portion off the end, one eyed and what looked like a lip deformity that made it so the lip on the right side of his mouth was either missing or permanently curled up. Ash was a firm believer in the theory that people fell into one of several different categories; Cat people, dog people, bird people or heartless bastards who hated all animals. It was possible to be more than one type of people, well apart from the heartless bastard category. It was a group in which Ashkar had longed to belong too, but he just had too much of a soft spot for the damn animals. It was terribly inconvenient to his life. This very moment was a good example of why. He’d no sooner stepped towards where the cats were cloistered up when one particularly deranged and bedraggled looking cat stole his heart. Stole in, curled up around and started licking it, flea bitten bastard. Ash had a feeling the poor sod had been here a while after all he was a small black kitten, a kink half way up a tail that looked like it was missing a good portion off the end, one eyed and what looked like a lip deformity that made it so the lip on the right side of his mouth was either missing or permanently curled up. He looked like pirate and was bloody perfect. Pushing some of his hair out the way of his face, Ash was just about to kneel down and pet the unsightly Beast when the sea of cat parted as though Moses had just stepped into their midst with his staff; they seemed just about as pleased about it as he was sure sea creatures were when Moses actually showed up. This was the moment when someone spoke and Ask turned his head to look at the interloper. He was young, looked Native American and thought that he terrified cats. “Just be thankful they don’t have opposable thumbs.” Ash replied mildly, kneeling down and coaxing over Pirate Cat “Though,” he said thoughtfully poking the kitten on the nose as it reached up to sniff his finger “A cat apocalypse would certainly liven things up.” The kitten rubbed his cheek against Ash’s hand “We’d just have to hide the Cravendale.” He chuckled at his own joke, before shooting as look at the other bloke “British humor. So, you are after a feline companion?”
  8. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    “She beat me.” Ash said softly to the ten year old, his words were serious, but the tone of it and the expression on his face would let the girl know he was joking “Beat me with a wooden spoon because I wasn’t working fast enough.” He rubbed the back of his head to indicate where she he was supposedly beaten. He gave Ella a half smile over the top of Nina’s heading, the response to her unspoken thank you. Standing, he turned a grabbed a plastic plate from the table and careful placed on some of the softer finger foods for Elena. When he’d piled up enough that he was sure the little girl would surely burst, he placed it in front of her taking care to cut up the sausages. When his work of feeding the baby was done, Asker returned to his own place and plate of food. Favouring the English based breakfast foods over those Spanish ones. He liked sweet treats as much as the next person but as a rule not for breakfast, however he did allow himself one churro. He continued his breakfast in silence, well for the most part. When everyone finished, he poured himself what was probably his third cup of black coffee then stood up. “Okay, Nina, I’ll pack some of this up for your lunch. It’s her trial school day today, isn’t it?” he asked, looking at Ella. He’d been rather insistent that she attend both the local schools that allowed girls for a trial period to see which one she felt she fitted better in. The likely outcome would be Tally, well, that’s the one he felt was the better fit. But, ultimately, it wasn’t down to him. When that was sorted he picked up all the plates, using his wand to float the ones his hands couldn’t deal with into the kitchen and started packing the leftovers away whilst he allowed magic to at least start the washing up.
  9. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    The bottle contained laxatives? Who the hell lived here before them that they needed prescription laxatives? Someone who had a lot fibre in their diet and not the good kind that helped with the passing of stool. The image of a poonami briefly flittered across his mind and for a second he smirked. This was mainly because there was no way he'd have cleaned that up and the thought of Ella dry heaving over that sort of thing was kinda amusing. It was also not something he had a lot of time to think over before shoving Ella off to make amends with her niece. A niece who was living in a strange new environment, with her Mothers good and famous doppelgänger. So as Ella went off to build bridges, he turned his attention and wand too Elena, using a small spell to downsize the noise too everyone but Elena herself. That was when he heard Nina come into the room. Turning, he graced the tiny blonde with a smile as she thanked him for breakfast. Walking over to her, he leant down and kissed the little girl on the top of the head. "You are very welcome. Sweetheart." He said, shooting a look over her head at Ella "but I am afraid it wasn't my idea. Your aunt woke me up early with the whole plan, she even made me clean up after Elena." He made a motion with his head toward Nina. Encouraging Ella too jump in and claim credit.
  10. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    Ash could have said something about her comment to do with sarcasm. He could point out that it didn't fly over his head, that in fact he knew she was being sarcastic and had simply chosen to ignore it. This was something she would get used to, him either ignoring sarcasm or wilfully misunderstanding it. All he did in response to her questions about her internal sex organs was a shrug, though he was close too responding. Since he had a few zingers he could sling her way yet, the desire too show her the spread he had lay out for their Niece. "Nina has been feeling low and homesick recently, so I am hoping this helps allieviate some of it." He explained, walking to the table where the spread was "Do you think..." he started, about to suggest something else to try and help Nina when he was once again being told off for some heinous act. Something about jars and prescription medication. He glanced over as Elle removed the offending item and replaced it with a much worse one. "She couldn't get the lid off," he said, in way of defence "and now you actually give her a weapon? The progeny of your sister should not be given objects that can be used to hurt other people." He said wincing slightly as Elena was happily banging away with her spoon. He shot Ella a look of annoyance, before deciding that was probably a battle to fight later. "Anyway, I got you up so that you could get Nina and take some credit for it. Since you two are still building your relationship up." It was perhaps cruel to remind her that though she had a biological connection with her Niece, she hadn't actually spent that much time with her due to Emmelines lifestyle "Go, go." He encouraged, ushering her to her nieces room.
  11. Open Boom, It's Game Time

    Now, has a person of British origin Ashkar was as much a fan of going places where alcohol could be purchased and consumed at a reasonable price as the next bloke. He very much enjoyed a drink or sixteen, stumbling merrily buzzed back too whatever hole he lived in and sleeping off the resulting hangover. The problem remained that he'd not only wandered into a place that the phrase 'quiet drink' wasn't designed for but also when a Quidditch match was going on. Ah, Quidditch, was there a more pointless sport? This sentiment had never made him very popular, as he was much more amused by pointing out the obvious logical flaws in the game than he was participating or watching it. It was, perhaps, an odd train of thought for someone who lived with a international Quidditch star and had in his life made many bets and dodgy dealings around the sport but he'd never seen a problem with profiting off idiots whose idea of a good time was to dodgy balls of a murderous rampage. So, in the spirit of drinking and betting he weaved his way through the colourful crowd, knowing his destination was the place where he could down a few pints of beer with a whiskey chaser. He might even go out and have a few shots of giggle water. He stood out the most in this place, everyone else was dressed up in bright colours and he was in his normal neutral garb. After passing one particularly rowdy group that ended up with him getting an elbow to the ribs, the man saw salvation at the bar and a stool that seemed to be waiting just for him to park his ass on it. He was just within reach of his goal when a drunk woman stumbled into his bath yelling something about the bathroom, before tilting on her own axis and falling. Catching her by the arm, he swung her around back into her feet, placing one hand on her lower back to make sure she was able to use those feet before finally reaching his goal and scooting onto it. No sooner had his ass touched the seat when a loud exclaimation sounded from behind him rather quickly followed by one of those bloody whistles, a sound, he decided, that was much to close to his ear. A sigh left him as he shifted around too see the small female offender, as she rambled on about losing something. Clearing his throat, he poiltly as he could muster, responded. "That would depend on how close to my ear you are intending to blow that bloody whistle."
  12. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    "Well it fucking stinks in here." was probably not the first thing Ash should have said when he wandered into Hoots & Whispers on his mission to buy his beloved Niece a pet or two. He hadn't even bothered to say it under his breath nor did he hide the movement of bringing his hand up to his nose to block the assault from the animals scents all mixed together. He should have been super posh and brought a handkerchief with a much more pleasing smell on it too hold over his mouth. The problem was he was neither posh enough to own such a handkerchief nor was he the sort of person who carried handkerchiefs. So instead he allowed himself to get used to the assorted smells, reminding himself he’d been in places that smelt much worse than this, so much worse. It also helped that he was here with a particular goal in mind. To get a pet for Nina, after all the girl had lost her Mother and now had to live with her Mothers doppelganger. She needed something of her own, something she could lavish feelings onto. Something that was simple minded enough that he wouldn’t really care who it went to live with or how many times it was shoved about from pillar to post. Taking a deep breath and pushing some of his curly hair back the man descended into the shop, passing the accessories and food for the various animals he could smell and heading to the part of the shop that housed such creatures. His dark eyes grazed over toads, rats and something small, spherical and fluffy. The round puffy thing interested in long enough that he stepped closer to investigate it, which was until a long and thin tongue whipped out from the middle of the beast and tried to insert itself up his nose. Stepping back swiftly enough that he knocked the display behind him, he pointed at the creature that admitted some kind of low humming noise “Here, we’ll be having none of that now fur ball.” He said, straighten up his shirt slightly and turning away from the creature and deciding something that was going to try and do things to his nostrils was not a creature he could bring into his home. Shooting the offending creature one last look that bordered more on amused than annoyed, he headed to what he knew would be a safe bet. The Cats.
  13. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    "It's been in the grill and then my hand," he replied, frowning at the slapped away sausage he was still holding "which I washed." He added as an after thought, just in case she thought he'd been having a wank before picking up the phallic shaped object and bringing it too her. She should know, by now at least, that he had good hand hygiene practises. Though it was possible that she didn't pay that much attention to him and his need to be clean. This train of thought didn't get to last long before she mentioned something else about sausages, not so subtly implying that he had homosexual tendencies or at least liked giving blow jobs. This was factually incorrect, he much preferred receiving them. He considered the source of the remark for a moment, then decided that seeing as the comment was coming from someone whose virginity had probably grown back, it wasn't worth putting too much energy in a response. "I prefer receiving blowjobs." He replied biting into the sausage he was holding "Can you remember what that is? I know it's been a while. You really should sweep out the cobwebs love, it'll hopefully lighten you up." She mentioned the time which brought Ash back to the reason he'd come into the room. Bouncing on his knees slightly, he responded "Its time you got your lazy arse out of bed and see the surprise I have for Nina." When this announcement was made, he made his way off the bed, shoving the rest of the sausage in his mouth as he left then room and waiting for her to follow and see the spread he'd put out.
  14. Invite This Is Why We Fight

    Ashkar Gastrell
    It had been roughly two weeks since Ashkar had arrived in Australia, along with his entourage. An entourage that consisted of one former famous Quidditch Player, a ten year old and a baby. Anyone who was casually looking in on them might mistake the foursome as a diverse family and for the snobs that lived on the same estate, which is all they would ever be. The truth would probably kill some of the much older bastards, not that this was a bad idea. Ash had, more than once, considered offing some of the more nosey neighbours. Instead, he’d settled for throwing rubbish into the garden and washing the car in a bright pink frilly apron, only, the apron as well. This apron was currently wrapped around his waist as he stood over the hob cooking up a large breakfast for the inhabitants of the house. He’d also put on other clothes, since, letting children see his bare ass was a step too far even for him. The large breakfast was mainly Spanish in origin, with a think omelette, churros and various other bits and bobs. He’d thrown in bits of a traditional English fry up as well, including Black Pudding. The reason for the large meal was two folded. The first reason was simple, he liked cooking, and it allowed him to step out of his own head and focus on a single task to a satisfying end and secondly was to do with Nina. Nina, his ten year old Niece, had been experiencing some homesickness and he hoped the food would bring some comfort to her. So, he’d rose early, gone to the shop and offended only three people in his haste to get back. Then he’d got the baby up, changed her nappy and brought her out with him to ‘assist’ in the kitchen. Five minutes into this, he’d decided babies were not good kitchen helpers, so handed her a bottle of pills that he’d found in the bathroom to use as a rattle. After the oven dinged and the last of the food was ready, he plated everything using a warming spell to make sure everything stayed at a good temperature before laying the spread out on the dining table, giant buffet style. There was only one more thing left to do before waking up Nina and that was to get her lazy ass Aunt up. So picking up one of the sausages he left the baby to her dangerous rattle and went off to Elektra’s room. In true Ash style, he wasn’t quiet about entering nor was he overly concerned about breaching her personal space. Straddling the former Chasers sleeping form, he brought the warm sausage down to gently rest on her lips whilst saying “Here, wake up. I have something thick, long and firm to put in your mouth.”
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