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  1. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Elemental magic was one of those classes that Bertie very much enjoyed. In fact she enjoyed it so much that she was motivated too put down whatever new experiment she was tinkering with, leaving it safe in the trunk at the bottom of her bed and head off to class. Heading off, in fact, so that she would be one of the first in the room and take her normal seat near the back. She made sure to put her bag on the chair next to her; this would help deter any unnaturally friendly individuals from trying to sit next to her. Seeing that she was not the first student in was slightly disheartening, next time she would have to leave even earlier. As more students started to filter in she turned her blue eyes to the display at the front of the classroom, her eyes following the water. To Albertine it was an inspiring element, the one she would sit in front of or in when she needed to let her mind puzzle out a problem. In fact, she barely heard the slightly strange Professor speak when he did. It was only as she heard various students giving information on the element of water that she jumped back into the classroom. When it was apparently her turn to speak, she cleared her throat slightly before responding “Most of ze others ‘ave expressed similar views to me. ‘Owever, I also zee water as inspiration.” She said, doing her best to tone down her obviously foreign accent.
  2. Snowdrops Keep Falling on My Head (Feb 27 2018)

    “Merde, Merde, Merde.” She muttered in French as she knelt down in front of the remains of her glorious experiment. It was even better than the electronic mice she had tried to get to work within the school. It had been home in a bottle or the closest she’d been able to get. After all as much as she would like to bottle France, she was sure someone somewhere would complain. As she knelt beside the broken glass, the small figured still dancing on the floor she barely noticed the small drifts of enchanted snow making their way down from the ceiling and lodging in her hair. She was too caught up in the disaster that she had created because she had wanted to make someone maroon for being thoughtless. Bertie barely registered that someone had knelt down before her, their kind words rolling over her whilst she mourn this massive lose. She watched as the shards of glass began to shudder and quickly rush back to meet one another at the touch of this strangers wand. For the first time she looked up at the other student “Mer...” she paused taking a breath, she needed to speak English at her classmates not French “Thank you.” She said, her accent no doubt making the words strange to the ear. It was when looking at this other student that she noticed the white flecks falling on the other girls head and shoulders. That was when she finally realized that the snow was no longer contained in the bottle and looked up at the ceiling above. The snow cloud was getting bigger, slowly filling up any empty space it could find. “Do you 'appen to know ‘ow to get rid of enchanted snow clouds?” Bertie asked whilst still looking up at the growing problem.
  3. 2018 School Year Enrollment

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  5. Snowdrops Keep Falling on My Head (Feb 27 2018)

    Albertine Bellerose
    Albertine felt in incredibly proud of herself as she made her way towards the game room. The source of this pride she held tightly against her. The casual onlooker may not consider what she held as much of a prize; it simply looked like a glass bottle blown so it was rounded at the bottom and a cork placed at the top of the spout. Inside a small figure danced around and small flakes of what looked like dandruff fell down from the bottom of the cork. It was a simple enchantment in a bottle. The young Spencer felt differently though. She had managed to create snow and encase it in the bottle. This was in part an experiment but also to elevate some of the homesickness she felt in the hot arid climate of Australia. Bertie missed snow, more accurately she missed the possibility of snow. That small chance as the cold weather rolled in that small flurries would litter the ground. How she missed those showers, how when the temperature was right it would settle. What she wouldn’t give to grab a piece of cardboard and slide down the dangerously large hill, safe in the knowledge that magic could heal any bruises and broken bones she might sustain. Just looking at those small flakes encasing the bottle of the bottle brought that the memory of a cold wind knocking the very breath from her lungs. She managed to dodge around most of the milling people as she walked towards the game room, even ducking underneath a teacher who was waving their arms around frantically as they tried to clean up another mess, one no doubt caused by her wild housemates. The young French girl had stopped paying as much attention as she neared the door to the games room and it was this inattention as she crossed the threshold into the room that caused her very own Spencer mess. Someone hit her shoulder with enough force that it jerked her backwards, then without apologising they had continued on. Thoughtlessly she turned, grabbing her wand from her robe to curse such rudeness with a curse that would cause maroon hairs to sprout from various parts of their face; this second jerking action caused her to lose the grip on her prize. At first she had not noticed the bottle fly from her hand and into the room, she didn’t notice it fall and she was too concerned with the soon to be maroon rude person. Her attention was caught when she heard the crash and shattering of glass. Turning around at the sound her eyes feel upon the pathetic remains of her treasure. The sound that came out of her mouth was akin to that of a cat that had its tail stepped on as she rushed over and knelt down by the glass, attempting to scoop it up with her wand. The enchantment that had lived in the bottle had used the space given by being free of the bottle to grow, gathering above the heads of the students in the room and slowly releasing flurries of snow into the room below.
  6. Albertine Bellerose

    Albertine Bellerose
    Albertine is the only child of Vivienne Bellerose and her Husband, Marceau Bellerose. She was also the second Granddaughter to both sides of the large and affluent Bellerose family. As a young child she was dotted on by her Father, spoiled by her Grandparents and generally treated as everyone’s little darling. Vivienne was a slightly different story, though she loved her daughter, she had a passion for expensive things and living the life she felt, as a procreating Bellerose, that she deserved. She, however, wasn’t a thrifty person and before Albertine had reached the age of three, the small family was bankrupt. The strain of money problems and the changing moods within Wizarding circles against the dying ways of the Pure Blood families eventually led to her parents’ marriage dissolving. Her Father left and cut off all ties with his family, including his Daughter. This left her Mother with almost free reign over her Albertine and after a brief conversation with a woman she’d met whilst letting Albertine play in the park, she put into motion the next stages of Albertine’s life. She started entering the three year old Albertine into Muggle child beauty pageants, something that took mother and daughter far and wide around France. A few years passed before the young girl was spotted by a talent agent and thrust into the world of child modelling. As her Mother negotiated contracts and shoots, the young Albertine was left trying to find her way in the muggle world, dealing with children that she had very little in common with. Albertine became rather popular and in the years leading up to her attending Beauxbatons, she was taken all over Europe for various shoots and even once got on the cover of a famous muggle magazine. Albertine was only aware of her success due to the fact that the financial situation of her Mother got better. It wasn’t something the young girl thought much of until she started school. She attended Beauxbatons, the best Wizarding School in France and was soon settling into what would become her normal routine. This was when she started going by the nickname Bertie instead of her full name. Bertie excelled at school and it was during these years when she strolled the halls of the Grand Beauxbatons that she discovered her keen interesting in experimenting with no only magic but how it could be applied to muggle items. Though, every time there was a school holiday her Mother would whip her away for more modelling shoots she had booked, even branching out so that by the time the events took place that lead Albertine and her Mother to relocate to Australia started, she was also modelling within Magical Magazines as well. Then one Christmas her Mother broke the news that they would be going to Australia to live for a while. When Albertine protested, her Mother simply told her that she had a cousin over there that needed the embrace of her family and support. So the pair went. Vivienne first tried to get her daughter enrolled at Penrose, the only school she felt worthy of having a lineage like the Belleroses walking its halls. That, however, fell flat and much to Albertine’s pleasure she was instead sent to Tallygarunga. A year later, Albertine is heading into her second year at Tallygarunga and this mysterious relative that caused the uprooting of her life has yet to materialised.