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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. A developing art

    Having dumped the spoiled donuts without too much concern except for the fact that it was wasted food, Arti brushed off her hands before using them to communicate with the girl via sign language as well. Having known how to most of her life, she was fluent in understanding and responding easily enough as would be noticed, suggesting that perhaps there had been someone in her life who had required it as well. She did study the other girl, however, trying to think of where she could place her, she was sure she must have at least seen her, if not spoken to her before. "I went to Tally as well," Arti responded with a bright grin, "Sturt, graduated in 2013." She explained, perhaps it would trigger something for the other girl as well, but now she was almost certain that school was probably where she must have seen her, "Different crowds perhaps. I'm Artemisia, but you can call me Arti." She offered, before extending her hand forward to the other girl in offer of a handshake greeting. It was always interesting to run into people that she had probably spent a few years going to school with, but had never really known. But then, Arti's group of friends had been rather small, the girl's reputation for having had a bit of a short fuse often keeping a few people at arm's length. Her close friends had known better though... the thought of them causing a small pang that she pushed away. "All of the above," Was the response to the question of what kinds of exhibits she displayed, "It varies during the course of the year, but I try to keep bits and pieces of all different kinds. I'm a painter myself, though my technique is a little different to most." She grinned a little mysteriously for a moment, before then smiling a little brighter, "A few different kinds. But I also have speakers in the floors as well as the walls, so even if you can't hear it, you'd be likely to be able to at least feel it."
  2. A developing art

    No doubt about it, the 4'11 woman was often easy to miss in large crowds, even her own boyfriend who was over six foot had trouble spotting her when we were attending something that was packed. It wasn't uncommon to find herself being tripped over or bumped into, though if she were in a worse mood she'd have been pushing back at people and making it very well known that she was there. Still, she hardly had the heart to be angry over this small accident. It wasn't like she was carrying a precious piece of art work or something, she wouldn't even dare to do that while the streets were like this. It was just Krispy Kremes and it wasn't as though the staff wouldn't survive without them, though she was likely going to send someone else out to grab more anyway. Her head tilted curiously at the use of sign language, but a smile tugged at her lips as she responded in kind once she'd dumped the box into a bin. "I am fine, thank you," Arti said with an easy smile and a nod, though she studied the girl a little more as she waved off the apology, "No harm done... do I know you?" She was forthcoming with the question on her mind. The other woman looked around her age, and since it was a Wizarding festival, there was a high likelihood that they might have gone to school together for a couple of years. She was offered another box of donuts and shook her head with a polite but amused smile as her hands moved with confidence in the formed words, "No, no, it's alright. I'll just send out one of the staff to get another. Probably someone taller than me." She lifted a hand way above her short height before laughing and then pointing to the gallery across the road: Bewitched and Bewildered. "That's my gallery cafe there," The young woman pointed out, offering a smile, "Welcome to come take a look. It's open free to the public today, for them to check out local art and listen to local music as well."
  3. A developing art

    The gallery had - naturally - been very busy with the festival going on in the city, and Arti was more then happy about that fact. She not only had her own images and display, along with being able to perform with her talents at various times, but she was able to promote a lot of other up and coming artists in the community, something that she had set the place up for originally. Once again, more offers for travel had been piling up, another tour that folks wanted her to go on, but she was still trying to work out whether or not to do so just yet. Things were still settling for her after a small scare followed by loss a few months earlier. Not to mention, she didn't want to lose what had been developing in her life over the past year or so. Then again, likelihood was that Sparky would want to travel with her, something which caused her lips to quirk into a small smile while she carried a large box of donuts for the staff back to the gallery. At least, that had been the intention, before the short woman was practically ran into, though it could have been partially her own fault for having her own mind distracted as well, and the box practically went flying into some other poor unfortunate soul. This was why she really didn't like crowds, and should have chosen to apparate. Being of the small frame as she was, Arti fell over as well, and very quickly tried to get back up before apologising to the man who was hit with the box while she tried to clear up as many of the now spoiled treats as possible, to keep others from stepping on them. "Sacrebleu! I am so sorry," Artemisia also said to the girl that she had collided with in the first place, while she distractedly picked up the remains of treats that now were wasted, making sure there was nothing left that might cause anyone to slip and fall, before then looking over to the other soul and noticing the camera, quickly thanking goodness that hadn't been damaged in the collision as well. "Everything in one piece?" Arti asked with a raised brow and small hopeful and apologetic smile. This was why she should send one of the tall guys out on the Krispy Kreme runs, especially when the streets were crowded. Short women like herself tended to generally have a bad time. It was just lucky that she was in a good mood today.
  4. So... just for curiosity sake. Those 'pee on a stick' tests can be incorrect, right? If Derrick manages to find his Quillbook, this is totally a joke! Ha ha!

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      I don't think practicing is going to help us right now.

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      Audrey Adagathguarde

      This is amazing karma. I'm so happy.

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      Professor Derrick Ackers

      Don't see how it is karma. You deserved every bit of what happened last year.

  5. Invite Over Your Head

    "Jeaaaloussss..." Arti sing-songed lightly as she teased the poor man who was trying so hard to find anything to hide behind so that he didn't have to admit to such a thing. She grinned happily though, not minding at all that he might feel that way, in fact she was a little glad for it because that meant he did feel quite strongly for her and didn't like the idea of some other guy who might loom around and try to wrangle the young woman away. She hugged Derrick around the waist with a light laugh, "I know you would show up, just because I asked you." She said easily, offering a light wink to the man as she called him out on his attempts at stubbornness. More laughter followed as he latched onto her idea though, a small wicked grin on her features. "Thought you might like that, I already have some ideas in mind as well. Some toys with songs that just repeat over and over," Arti cackled a little as she gave Derrick a light squeeze, before shaking a head at his continued competition with her phoenix companion. Deciding to leave that as they moved on to more serious talk, the lump in her stomach at his confession had increased with her own returned, but the fact that it was mutual was a good thing. A great thing, really. It would have been much more concerning for the both of them if it wasn't. And having crossed this step now, they'd both made a significant leap forward given their histories. It was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time, but she chuckled softly as they held one another, resting her chin on his chest so that she could peer up at him. "Looks like we are stuck with one another for a while," Artemisia mused quietly, chuckling at the idea of him bolting, likely squealing like a little girl. The image now in her mind, she buried her face against Derrick's chest as she shook with laughter for a few moments, before then nodding, "I suppose we shall have to find very nice Christmas gifts. Of course, this may mean that you should worry even more if I decide to do any teaching here next year." The young woman's brow wiggled mischievously. "Who knows what kinds of things I could do to make your professional life difficult."
  6. Invite Over Your Head

    "You? Jealous? I never thought I would see the day," Arti teased gently, though she followed it up with a quiet chuckle, "So, in other words, I should expect to see you at all of my performances and art shows, hm?" A brow rose as she offered him a cheeky smile, she certainly wouldn't mind if he wanted to see more of her talent if he ever wanted to. It was already nice to know that she'd thoroughly impressed him today, even if he refused to admit it. She did grin wickedly, however, at the mention of noisy toys, "Now that is something I can certainly get in board with. Ones with bright lights too, that flash all the time. Bright, noisy toys for allll the children!" A light cackle fell from her lips as she rubbed her hands together. Oh yes, now that she thought about it, that might be the prefect payback for Audrey in retaliation over events earlier on in the year. She smirked and snickered t his comments over licking her cheek, but simply offered a small shake of her head before the slightly more serious topic was brought back up. Along with a prod to her forehead. "Well, if nothing else, I know I can rely on the mention of Apollo to get you in an argumentative mood," The small woman poked her tongue out at Derrick, but she then went quiet, listening as he reaffirmed that he would spend the holidays with her, and had said as much. She knew he had said so, but there was still that underlying concern of making him feel like he thought he had to go. About to explain that she just wanted to make sure that he wanted to go, Derrick seemed to get in first, with a question that she hadn't fully expected, but gave him a small narrowed gaze in response to. She figured he was joking a little with the question, trying to make her feel silly a moment, until his hand reached her cheek and he continued his words. She blinked a little, unsure exactly how to react in that moment, though at least he spoke again, making it a little easier. "Is that so?" Came Artemisia's coy question, in response, her lips tugging into a small smile as she considered what he'd said, "Well, that was not an admission that I was expecting, but I will certainly not knock it back." Regardless of that trail of fear that it caused to run through her, she knew how she felt about him as well, even though she hadn't expected either to say such aloud. She laughed softly as she offered a small nod, her head ducking briefly before she lifted it up once again and leaned right up on her toes to offer Derrick a small kiss. She then drew back with a warm smile toward him, "Je t'aime, Derrick." Arti murmured quietly by his lips, "I love you too."
  7. Invite Over Your Head

    "Now why would you think that a group of handsome young artistic University students who wish to form a fan club for me means that you have new targets?... Oooh, don't tell me... that the great Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers might be a little worried about some competition? Or may be feeling a little jealous of other men hanging around little me?" Artemisia batted her eyelashes as she peered up at him with a small smirk, thoroughly amused at his seemingly casual, but not so subtle, hint that he might not entirely enjoy the thought of her being surrounded by a group of men. She laughed then, before rolling her eyes as he refused to give her 'indestructible', even though they both knew that she absolutely was. Rather, she pouted said puffy lips and gave him wide innocent eyes, as though her feelings may have been just a teensy bit hurt that he wasn't even going to give her that one strength. "So, your plan is to burn up all the other presents that our friends' kids have waiting for them? I think that might be the opposite of a cool Santa... maybe avoid the whole destroying all their other things part," Shaking her head gently, Arti snickered. Though as he gave his excuse for not turning up to bonfire nights, the young woman lifted a brow. She knew he wasn't telling the entire truth about important business, but she supposed that wasn't her business... well, now it might be. But it seemed rather clear that Derrick tried to avoid a lot of group events with close friends. It made her pause for a moment, a brief hint of concern in her gaze again for a split second. Though it was temporarily forgotten as she claimed her victory, having stumped the man and left him speechless, even briefly. "My prize... oh that is just lovely," Arti's lips and nose scrunched up at the lick, but she took it in good stride, not even wiping her cheek off as she turned her head to look at him with a narrowed gaze, before she then laughed quietly and leaned against the man, wrapping her arms around him for a few moments. She didn't care if there were still students looking from the building or not, but she did need to take a moment to think, a little unsure again. "You know. If... you would rather not do things together, like the holidays or whatever... we don't have to. I do not want to make you do anything you are uncomfortable with," Artemisia wasn't entirely happy with the prospect that her boyfriend didn't want to do those things together, but it wasn't as though they'd been together for even a year yet. And he seemed to have some kind of unfinished business, or something of the like by the sound of it. She couldn't help but wonder for a moment if he was feeling unsure about even being in a relationship at all, knowing how against the idea that he would ever be again when they first met. She drew back from the hug a little and offered a small shrug, "I am sure Apollo would enjoy having me all to himself for a bit anyway."
  8. Invite Over Your Head

    "We have a lot of bite too," Arti reminded the man, before then snorting as he tried to use their other extracurricular activity as an excuse for why he hadn't taken her dancing. However, she had to give a small nod at the question of people resenting her. She may have had a unique talent, but it didn't stop others from being jealous of her ability to be able to turn it into a successful living, especially with art was definitely a difficult field when it came to the job industry. Either a person made it, or they didn't. "Well, I mean there were a few university guys who were talking about making a fan club, so that they could spend more time around me," The woman mused with a small impish grin, her gaze shifting off to the side a little, though she snickered at Derrick's claim of being a hero rather than a danger. Though Spencer heroes were generally a danger in most cases. "I am cute and pouty, but also indestructible," Arti shot a small grin at the man, though she had to laugh quietly when the man considered her idea of being a flame-bearded Santa, something that she figured he probably would have liked. "Drop off some firecrackers and things at places," She mused with a nod, before then snickering as he thought Audrey would disagree, "You'd be surprised. Have you not been to the bonfire nights she and Alan host? Often enough she just plans them, and doesn't even tell him until the day. Those are some wild times," And not just because of the blazing bonfire and people tossing things in there, but there was always a lot of alcohol and people passing out. "I can't remember the last time I went to one, probably before I went on tour," She mused quietly. "See, lots of fun to be had," Arti said, giving Derrick a small nudge as he appeared to be considering the whole idea of spending the holidays together, though she couldn't help a more devious smirk as she stumped him with the blunt admission that she wanted to do things together and have him to herself, thoroughly amused when he even vocally admitted that she'd disarmed him. "Victory!" The woman threw her arms up with a wide grin, before laughing lightly, "I have succeeded in disarming Sparky, I win!" The woman gave a triumphant smile to the man, before offering a V for victory pose to any students who were still watching.
  9. Invite Over Your Head

    "Bring it," Arti smirked up at the man, clearly not intimidated in any way by his height advantage over her. She laughed lightly, before then nodding at his excuse for not having been able to prove he could dance to her yet, "Mhm, convenient excuse there. It's not like we haven't had the whooole rest of the year for you to try and show me what moves you have." The young woman grinned at him, though she then chuckled as she considered his ideas for her to get some working students, "Magical art isn't really a subject here, and I feel like some of the university students resent me because I was able to become successful without having to put the years of study in after leaving school," It was a half truth. To be honest, she was surprised by how many admired her compared to those who were unhappy about how she managed to skip the whole University side of things and still be successful. "Well, I do get a few University art students hanging around," Arti chuckled, and then snorted as the man twisted her words to suit himself, rolling her eyes at him, "You mean that they recognise that you're a danger to those around you. They're probably thinking that I must be indestructible... and they would be right," She grinned and laughed softly, but then shook her head and waged a finger at him, "I'm afraid it is you who is wearing the losses." She tutted, and then offered a wink to him. At least they could joke around with one another, over their refusal to back down, though she wondered if she should have not said anything about Christmas, unsure now if he really wanted to do what she'd been hoping to. "Well, it's that or Sparky the flame-bearded Santa," Smirking, Artemisia then poked her tongue out lightly at him, "Or Sparky the wet blanket, if you're gonna be un-holiday themed." She snickered quietly, but then nodded at his questioning. "Poppers, confettis, glitters, fire crackers... yep. All of it," She had to go figure that he would be into that side of it all, not that she minded in the least. It would make for a fun holiday, definitely party worthy. She smiled though, as he seemed happy enough to be joining in on the holiday fun, whether with her or with her adoptive family, before then seemingly attempting to pick on her for suggesting they spend all the holidays together, causing her to roll her eyes, before then looking him straight in the eye. "Would that be a problem with you if I did want you around and to have you to myself?" The woman asked, tilting her head as she looked up at him, knowing he probably wouldn't expect a blunt admission of such.
  10. Invite Over Your Head

    "You and Apollo are a lot alike," Arti couldn't help but point out. After all, a phoenix couldn't be captured or caged. If they stuck with someone, it was because they had chosen that person to become attached to. It was an honour, really, and Artemisia knew it and wondered what the bird saw in her sometimes. Perhaps a shadow of her former life? She smirked as he debated his fitting in at the school though, but as far as she could see, he was practically a part of it. Clearly, the students liked him, especially the Spencer ones. Laughing quietly at her joke over having to fit the school dance into a busy schedule, she grinned as he spoke about sweetening the deal, before then snickering again at the offer of a slow dance, "I am still not convinced that you can dance, yet." She tutted with a shake of her head, though sighed at the mention of students wanting to learn from her. "Ah, we will have to see, I suppose. I would not be able to fit in a full time position on top of my art and the gallery," Not to mention when she would get called up to do another tour or something. But then, she supposed it depended on what happened in the near future, as to what she would do. She could tutor, but teaching would require university, and she certainly wasn't doing that. "Oh nooo... they are wondering how someone like you managed to get a wonderful catch like myself," She nodded, before laughing at the man's pose and giving him a light slap on the chest. "Please, I have won much more... I always win," She grinned and offered a wink, but smiled at the mention that they apparently had a lot of time to figure out who was truly the best. As the young woman had figured though, it seemed that Derrick hadn't been considering whether they would be doing something together for the holidays, and her lips formed a small pout as she wondered why. The mention of visiting a memorial caused her features to soften though, as she offered a small nod. Though, the holidays was a strange time for it, especially when one had people to spend the time with. "Ah, I see," Arti offered a small nod or two, lifting a hand to rub at her hair lightly, feeling a little awkward as she wondered if he really had began to move on at all this year, or had been thinking of Eleza all this time. She opted for the more optimistic thought pattern though, and that was that he was only thinking now because he'd assumed she would be with her family and wouldn't want to do something with him. "Well, we have been together for a long time, so it just seemed like the natural progress, to spend the holidays together. Dress up in stupid holiday themed clothes, exchange goofy presents, make a lot of mess at someone else's house, with glitter and confetti and party poppers... you know, just have fun and enjoy the time together," Not that she'd known a lot of Christmases like that, but there were at least a few since her adoption, the past one or two the only ones she'd been alone because of travelling. "You can face that just for me?" Arti's lips twitched into a small smile, before she chuckled quietly and leaned up to try and steal a small kiss, "We could also go on a small trip or something after, for New Years. You can visit the memorial, and then we can do something nice together."
  11. Invite Over Your Head

    "Cannot really blame her for giving you a hard time. I would be much the same, or perhaps worse," Arti huffed a soft chuckle, not that she didn't love to travel as well herself, but she did at least let people know when she was going to be away and a general idea of where she was going. She didn't much like the idea of people simply disappearing on her, and so assumed that others wouldn't care much for it either. Her brow furrowed at the man, however, as he spoke about not really fitting in, "Uh, it sounded like me that you fit in simply fine. Perhaps you simply do not like to admit to fitting in anywhere." The woman poked her tongue out at him lightly as she picked lightly. He did tend to try and remain detached from people and places at least a bit, which had been part of her surprise when he'd asked if she would be his girlfriend in an official capacity. A small smile tugged at her lips at being 'needed around' though and she chuckled quietly. "Mmmm, I suppooooose I can find some time in my oh so busy schedule to clear a night out for my boyfriend and his school dance," Arti laughed quietly, a brow lifting as he went on to say it was fine if she couldn't come along. As though it were no big deal, except that she knew that if he was asking her then it meant that he did really want her to come along. It certainly wasn't a problem for her at all. "I'll save the outfit for the after party." The mention of her teaching though, drew a small chuckle, "Still not certain about that. Maybe part-time I could consider tutoring, but I do not have the qualifications to be a proper teacher." That, and it felt too restrictive for her in a sense. The whole reason she'd taken her own path after school was to throw off the shackles of having to do what others expected of her and instead create what she enjoyed. "Maybe they're thinking, 'I wonder what the Hot Lady is doing with him'," Artemisia snickered quietly, though expected his denial at having lost to her as she was drawn into his arms and shook her head lightly, "It's alright. I know, deep down, that you know I won." She grinned up at the man cheekily. She appreciated his words, though, that she didn't have to try to be strong with him. It was just difficult to let go of a habit that she'd held onto since she was a child. Staying strong was what had kept her alive in some cases. She nodded, however, before then blinking and offering a small quizzical frown at his suggestion for what she should do for the holidays, her head tilting as she watched him. "Well... I had been planning on doing something with my boyfriend," The woman said slowly, "Unless you mean that we should spend Christmas with them, which sounds like a fantastic idea." Her brows rose a little though, the woman far too perceptive for her own good sometimes, "But I get the feeling that wasn't what you meant. Do you have other plans or something?" Arti had just assumed that they would do something together, like lounging in bathrobes for half the day, exchanging silly presents and then the proper ones, and then calling up family and friends with really obnoxious Christmas greetings. His suggestion seemed to indicate that they wouldn't be spending the holiday together at all though, which caused her to watch him with some concern.
  12. Invite Over Your Head

    "A man of academics..." Arti's brows rose at the self-proclamation from the man, before snorting as he couldn't even hold a straight face himself. She chuckled quietly thought and offered a gentle shrug, "I think I only barely missed out on causing hell for your lot, you all graduated just before I arrived. Otherwise, we might have been competing for the title of biggest troublemaker." There was only a small smirk on her lips this time though, recalling that first year she had arrived at Tally wasn't entirely good memories, after all. Another soft laugh followed at the agreement of a grace period for Audrey, knowing all too well that it could potentially give the other woman the upper hand too. Not that she minded. The back and forths between the friends was always amusing to watch. The proclamation that one should never hold back though, resulted only in a small nod, the young woman knowing that she couldn't simply go disclosing Gemini's ghosts and worries to someone behind he back. They were as personal as Arti's own troubling history. "Oh, do not worry. She will still put on a brilliant show, especially for the school. She's a little like me in the fact that she fit in better here than she had in other schools," Artemisia at least knew that much she could share. It was one of the few things that had created part of their bond, as well as the one with Audrey, the fact that they'd all been from somewhere completely different, and had found Tallygarunga to be where they'd found their place. She snorted, however, at the mention of a French Maid, raising a brow at the man, "Well, I didn't realise you were thinking of making it a fancy dress party. I mean, getting my hands on a French Maid outfit is child's play, but I would hate to be the only one who's in a costume." Her lips pursed and eyelashes fluttered at the man, as though to make the idea of trying to trick her more difficult. At least the displays of magical prowess had entertained not only them, but the students who had been watching as well. For Arti, she'd more or less just needed to let loose with music and being able to create imagery with it, through whatever materials she had at her disposal. Though, with it being done here, she was reminded of the offer to consider tutoring in Musiciary. A tempting offer, but she already had so much going with her art and the gallery, though she knew she wasn't the only talented person in that. Maybe having Gem play would kill two birds with one stone. "I still win, admit it," Arti's smile turned cheeky as she glanced at the man from the corner of her eye. She snickered at the idea of him being an Auror. There was no way he was disciplined enough for that, but it was still an amusing idea to entertain. At least until one considered the darker sides of the job. She was glad that he wasn't, to be honest. She doubted he'd still hold such a light-hearted aspect, despite all he'd gone through. The idea of a memorial caught her a little by surprise though, and she lifted her free hand to rub the back of her neck, "I mean... I appreciate the idea, certainly. But he has had a funeral, and only wanted something quiet. It's a thoughtful idea, though. I think I am just trying to work through old insecurities in the wake of everything. And am just worn out from trying to be strong for others."
  13. Invite Over Your Head

    "Mhm... they say that often jokes also speak of hidden truths," Arti teased lightly, giving Derrick a small prod. She managed to hide any small pang of the past easily behind the wall of playfulness and jest, though deep down all the joking reminded her of painful events which she still hadn't yet shared. She tutted at his confidence though, shaking her head, "Didn't I already tell you? I was the number one hellion when I was at Tally. Sturt ruled for a couple of years then." She smirked lightly at him, though was glad for the shift in subject, even more so for the topic of revenge against Audrey, not that the woman's plan had really caused anything terrible in the end, she supposed. "I'm sure we'll think of something for her, though maybe after things have settled down a bit for her, given the expansion of the Burdett family and all. I'm patient enough that I can wait for the right time," The small woman offered a gentle shrug, but nodded as they spoke then about the upcoming dance. "So long as there's a performing area, Gemini's not too fussy. The woman can work near any kind of location, I've seen her use some obscure spots for makeshift stages. She could make it big if she wanted to, but I feel like she holds back a little," Arti mused softly, her brow furrowing a touch. She knew that Gemini was about as good an instrumentalist as herself, and she had a killer voice to go with it. Arti could sing, but not much or for very long because of the damage to her throat from years ago. She wanted to see her friend succeed, but didn't know if fame was something that Gem wanted. Shaking her head, she broke from her thoughts to snort at his immature response to her thoughts on him needing scolding, before then moving off to perform. The effect she'd had with her performance had been what she'd aimed for. Not only in surprising and impressing Derrick, but to see the stares of wonder in those students who had watched. She'd done a few school tours in her European tour, and it was always a good feeling to be able to show the possibilities of magic, the potential someone could wield with not only a wand, but an instrument as well. She'd had offers to teach Musiciary magic in a few schools, but didn't feel she was really that qualified for it. Not to mention, she enjoyed the freedom of being able to do what she loved when she wanted and for whoever she wanted. Derrick's turn was next though, and Artemisia watched as he created a vortex of chaos, a veritable tornado of flame and destruction. There was no doubt that it would destroy anything within the containment barrier that had been placed up, and she had to chuckle softly at the near boyish look of glee that Derrick had on his features. At least until he had to put it all out, and she could see the smallest hint of a pout. Once quelled, the woman looked over at him with a raised brow and tutted softly. "Absolutely lacks finesse and artistic flare," The woman criticised, but then offered a small wink at him, knowing that those hadn't been his intent anyway. Still, they'd caused quite the amount of destruction between them, the ground dummies, scorched or laying in tatters, and she breathed out a long sigh as she hugged her violin to her chest. "It was nice though, to just let loose and create something larger than I normally would," Even if that creation only lasted for as long as the song did, rather than remaining immortalised on canvas. Perhaps she could create a mural capturing a moment of it later on. "David would have enjoyed both displays," She mused softly, her gaze shifting to the ground in thought. It was difficult to imagine the man would never be back, her adopted father had taken the loss of his brother hard as well, and there was only so much she could do. She was helpless against the pain he felt, unable to ease it. And it made her feel like she was failing somehow as a daughter. She just... didn't know what to do, and it bothered her.
  14. Invite Over Your Head

    "Mhm, of course, amour," Arti nodded as Derrick continued on with whatever explanation to do with the grudge between he and her phoenix companion. She honestly found it more amusing than anything else, considering how juvenile the both of them could be from time to time. That they both cared about her was rather obvious though, and seemed to be one point they agreed on, regarding her protection. "Our kids?" Brows rose as she glanced at the man for a moment. Not that it was something she'd been considering for the near future, but she couldn't help but be surprised at him even joking about such a thing. However, she then snorted softly, "They would love their maman, and protect me from your pranks and hijinks." A nod followed, as though it were a fact. "If the students are anything like I was in my last few years, then I am sure there is no place that's not been utilised," The young woman mused with a quiet snicker as she considered her school life after arriving at Tallygarunga. Though, she very quickly turned her mind away from those thoughts as well, not wishing to revisit the past. The present was where she was, and she was rather happy with her present. "You say that as though Audrey wouldn't decide to let someone blame you just for shits and giggles," Arti raised a brow at him, before laughing softly again, but then nodded with a warm smile, "I'll go see Gem later on or tomorrow then. I'm rather certain that she would love to play for the dance." "Good, someone needs to scold you," The woman remarked about his sister, before shooting a grin at Derrick, though quickly found herself tugged in against him and snorted at his terrible wordage. "That's awful, you get an F minus," She snickered at him, before then offering a small wink and blew him a kiss as she flounced away from him and toward the center of the area, turning back only to lift her nose slightly at him, "It's Ms Bellerose." She corrected him, and then chuckled quietly before readying herself while warming up a little before stopping in the center. After a couple of moments of silence, the woman then began to play, the air building up around her, causing the dust to swirl around her ankles, and crackling slightly as it began to concentrate with static around the dummies as well. As the rhythm intensified, the crackling gave way to small electrical bolts, creating sparks that ignited at the bases. Soon enough, the tune began to carry the fire and lightning together, creating imagery with them which resembled something more akin to waves as the tune slowed. With ease, the woman was able to show how easily a tune could influence the elements, one moment almost peaceful, and then the next fireworks shooting up high with the rhythm. The earth swirled around her feet and the ground to appear almost like water, while she created a masterpiece of elemental imagery in the arena and the sky above it until the song ended with one large explosion, which caused dust and smoke to cover the area where she was, and for a moment it would be believable to think that she could be harmed in such a thing. But, as the dust settled and smoke dissipated, Arti was stood in the center, head tipped back as she looked up toward the sky. As for the rest of the arena, the dummies were basically decimated, all having popped in that explosive finish. After a moment, she offered a soft sigh and chuckle, before glancing over toward Derrick with a smirk. "Beat that."
  15. Invite Over Your Head

    "You're such a child," Arti had to laugh at Derrick's reaction to the mention of her phoenix companion. Without fail, every time there was something that had to do with Apollo, the man would get all worked up as though the phoenix had no right to be a firebird. It was hilarious and amused the young woman to no end. She nodded in agreement that Audrey was probably going to have a field day with the new extension, before then snorting at the idea that the young mother's child would be a 'Sparky Jr'. "I hope it backfires on you and the only thing that they keep setting on fire is your pants," She said cheekily, poking her tongue out at the man, before then raising a disbelieving brow at the idea that he could dance. Truth be told, she hadn't actually seen him dance before, but she snorted as he compared dancing to 'hip skill'. "Inappropriate for a teacher to be saying where students can hear him!" Arti wagged a finger at the man with a light tut and shake of her head, though then chuckled at the offer of him to find the children that she'd need to help her out with preparations. "I'll keep that in mind. And you should be careful of having the trouble kids like you, that means they're likely to pin the blame for things on you as well," She snickered. Though she then thought for a few moments while she fiddled with her violin a little and lifted her brows, "Well, if you need a band still, I could call in a favour from Gemini... not that she'd probably need to be coerced. Could be good to have alumni play here too." Perhaps remind students that they could go after whatever goals they had. "Only five?" Arti was sure he'd set himself on fire many more times than that, but she just smirked his way before then nodding a little to him, "Though, I'm not sure why you think anything needs to be packed full of fireworks in order for it to make a hug explosion. I make fireworks often without having to pack them anywhere." She waggled her brows at him as she snickered again, before then slowly beginning to play a few slow notes on the violin, causing the dust on the ground to begin swirling around their feet in response. Magic through music had been a talent of hers since she was a child, and was just second nature to her by now. Her violin was even made with a special core to enhance it, and she slowly kicked her shoes off as she stepped into the ring of dummies, glancing back at the man with a grin.
Artemisia Elene Bellerose
Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner
23 year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age  23
Date of Birth November 30th, 1995
Birthplace Melbourne
Year Level 
Occupation Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Phoenix
Wand 9" Alder with Unicorn Hair core
Play-by Danielle Campbell
  • 2007 - 2010: Beaubatons
  • 2010 - 2011: Ilvermorny
  • 2011 - 2013: Tallygarunga
  • Understands and speaks AUSLAN as well as a couple of international variations of sign language
  • Not as thick-skinned as she likes to pretend to be
  • Was severely abused by her father
  • Has scarred vocal chords, as well as occasional issues with blacking out due to severe head trauma during said abuse
  • Inherited a fortune when he died
  • Conceived and lost a child a couple of years ago, doesn't talk about it
General Knowledge
  • Comes from a wealthy pureblood family
  • French accent, thanks to living in France for half her life
  • Plays a number of instruments: violin (favourite), paino, guitar, harp, some cello
  • Is a talented artist, and was on tour in Europe with her art and music the past year or so
  • Was adopted by Adrian and Mereditha Tallenery when she was 16 (making Audrey Adagathguarde her adoptive aunt)
  • Was engaged to her boyfriend, her school sweetheart, but they broke it off when she was given the opportunity to travel Europe
  • Was top of her class in Transfiguration and Musiciary
  • Is a registered Animagus: Sugar Glider
  • Came across a phoenix during her travels and it took a liking to her and is something of a hidden animal companion now
  • Dating Derrick Ackers

Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and so gave up trying for the most part. This is generally because she can be a bit of a firecracker, stubborn mule, and does what she wants and rarely listens to others. This is also possibly in part due to the fact that she has on many occasions been involved in fights. Though, if one were to look into her family then they would find that she has her reasons for being quite volatile in nature at times and having a trigger temper. Though in recent years, her temper has toned down slightly, and she has a lot more patience for people.

On the other end of the scale, if one truly managed to see past the tough exterior and the general trouble-making nature of the teen, then they would find someone who was quite loyal to those she was close to and would do anything to look out for them. Unfortunately, this 'anything' occasionally comes in the form of some kind of scheme or vengeance toward someone who wrongs the person she cares about.

Despite the occasional volatility of her teenage years though, there is also a devious mischieviousness to her too, and she can be reckless and very much a risk-taker when she wants to do something. If she wants something, then she will get it, not matter what, even if she's putting her own safety at risk. She's not one to shy away from challenges and she will face most if not all things head on with the attitude that she'll either beat it or she'll take it down with her.

Artemisia's a masterful sketch artist and painter, and has been playing the piano and violin since she was a young girl. When she is enthralled in her art or music then she can become somewhat unaware of the world around her and its probably one of the few times that a person might see the real her if she's comfortable enough in her environment and with what she's doing, though its rare that she'll share those things with other people. During her time at Tally though, she softened very slightly, something that is in large to do with her relationship with fellow student and boyfriend, Reade Ainsworth, as well as being taken in by the Tallenerys, who showed her a great deal of love and care.

Thanks to the people she became close to in her later teen years, Artemisia has become a woman who not only has strength to stand up to others, but also to let others in. Though, sometimes it can still take a little pushing to get past the rough exterior.


Petite and almost demure-looking... at first glance, at least. It doesn't take long to realise that there is a lot more beneath the outer layer of the young woman who stands at only almost 4'11 and is rather fine framed with developed curves. Even with the dark brown hair and the seemingly large eyes and lips that can form a cute and almost innocent-looking smile, there is always a trace of something else. It could be a glint among the blue-grey irises, or the small twitch of a smirk that makes her smile not quite a smile, but after studying her properly it can be seen that she is not necessarily someone to mess around with the wrong way.

Arti carries herself confidently enough, appears nonplussed by anything negative thrown her way, and generally is the kind of person who can radiate the 'keep away' feel at times, and then excude a more open and welcoming feel at others, depending on the situation and people involved. She keeps up with the latest trends, though doesn't have much if any love for uniforms of any kind and is glad that she doesn't need to wear one. The closest she might come is wearing a nice dress suit or gown for an event or showing or something.

Despite her small stature and attempts to go unnoticed though, the woman stands out, especially having developed into a rather stunning woman since her awkward teenage years. But she continues to gives off the air of someone who obviously doesn't look for attention, simply because she just is what she is.


A firecracker, she's fiercely protective of those she calls friends, and loves to have a good time with them. Be it joking around or playing music, or going out.


She has no contact with her birth family, but she does care for her adoptive family members, even the expanded ones. She keeps in touch with her adoptive parents often, and one of her best friends is her adoptive aunt.


Though she has trust issues with men already, and has been unsure of relationships, she has been in one with Professor Derrick Ackers since early to mid last year. She enjoys spending time with him and they have fun as well as fire each other up.


Very hands on, she is no stranger to getting into fights with those who wrong her or those she cares about, and can hold her own well despite her size.

The story so far

Artemisia was born in Melbourne on December first, only 11 months after the birth of her older sister, Demeter, and almost immediately she was showered with love from her parents who were more than happy to have had two girls, even if they were close together and Arti had been unplanned. It had only been a couple of months before her birth that they'd found out that their first daughter could not hear, which didn't affect how much they loved her at all, but had made them concerned about whether their second child would have the same problem.

Within a few months though, they could tell that Arti was fine and in fact didn't sleep nearly as well as Demi always had, simply because she DID have sensitive hearing. The two girls grew up basically side by side almost as though they were twins rather than almost a year apart in age, and when Demi first began learning sign language, their parents thought it smart that Arti would learn as well, and that way their oldest would always at least have her sister to fall back on whenever things were tough in the company of other people. Everything was fine for a while, their mother worked at the Ministry in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and their father came from old money, so they had a fairly easy lifestyle, though when they were ten they were moved to a whole other country, France, in fact, due to their mother getting a promotion to be an ambassador in Europe.

Unfortunately, that was also when things began to change for the girls, quite a bit. Even though they were born to pureblood parents who come from well bred pureblood families, her sister turned out to be not only deaf but also never displayed any magical ability before the age to start magical school, something which concerned their parents greatly.

There was always the feeling that their parents wanted to hide her sister while they were always proud to show off Arti and her early magical abilities, but despite being a squib, Demi was still allowed to attend magic school in the hopes that maybe it would awaken the magical blood in her, and so the girls started at Beauxbatons in the same year, so that they could be together.

However, this was also when the trouble began. Naturally, Demi was picked on quite a bit because she was impeded not only in communication but in magic as well, and this led to Arti becoming very protective of her sister, to the point where she would get into a fight if someone said something mean about Demi. Over the years, people calmed down a bit, though Arti still maintained a very strong opinion about them -- she loved her sister more than anything, they'd always been close and shared their special communication, so when someone tried to come between that, Arti would snap. Many potential friends she could have had, she ended up pushing away because she didn't want Demi to feel left out of anything. Though, this also caused a slight rift between the sisters, eventually, and Demi finally requested that she go to school elsewhere in order to keep Arti from getting in trouble.

It didn't quite work though, with Demi having transferred to Hogwarts, Arti became even more aggitated and restless, and it didn't take much for her to end up in a rather large fight and being expelled from Beauxbaton's.

Deciding that they needed to start fresh, the girls' mother decided that they should move and for two years they tried out Ilvermorny, before Arti caused more problems there, and eventually the girls' parents decided to move back to Australia, and the girls were to go to different schools still -- although by this point it was looking less worth it for Demi to continue magical school when she wasn't showing any progress.

Originally Arti was meant to go to Penrose, and Demi to Tallygarunga, however Arti threatened to punch the first Penrose brat she saw in the nose if Demi wasn't send there, so the girls were swapped around -- Arti was sent to Tallygarunga, where maybe (hopefully) she would find some people that she could befriend without worrying about her sister being in another country, and Demi might hopefully be able to discover her potential without her protective sister causing trouble for the both of them.

Unfortunately, the shift back to Australia seemed to have been a snapping point for Arti's father, who began progressively abusing her whenever she was home -- usually when she argued the point or was found out having done something she shouldn't have. While things at school seemed to be going well, with the addition of the girl falling for a mute muggleborn boy in her year level, at home it became worse and worse. The breaking point was when her father found out about her boyfriend.

For a week, Arti was beaten and abused and locked away in her room, only then to be given to a Pureblood man so that he could continue his bloodline. The girl barely managed to escape after one bedroom encounter, and almost died on the street before she was found and rushed to hospital. Swiftly, she was placed into foster care, moving in with the Deputy Headmaster and the Minister of Education as their foster daughter, though has had a difficult time accepting any kind of permanency there.

Over the summer of 2011-2012, Arti's father was caught and jailed... and then mysteriously murdered, and with her mother and sister having fled to France, Arti was left with a large fortune and the family estate. Since then she has avoided a lot to do with her past family life, settling very gradually into life with her adoptive parents, and happy in a steady relationship with her boyfriend, Reade who proposed to her halfway through their final year of school. Naturally, she said yes, enthusiastically.

Graduating with top marks in Musiciary and Transfiguration, Arti was rather happy to leave study behind her as she delved straight into the cultural hubs of Melbourne and began promoting her own art and music. She was also able to access her family's fortune and estate that she had inherited, upon turning 18. She sold the house her family had, and bought a large townhouse for herself and Reade to live in together while renting out a couple of rooms to friends of theirs as well.

Though engaged to Reade, at the start of the year when Arti was offered the opportunity to travel the world with her special brand of music combined with art, it was a chance that she couldn't really pass up, and after some discussion the pair decided to have an amiable break while she was gone, rather than deal with the stress of a long-distance relationship. While Arti did go on a couple of small dates, they never went anywhere, due to ghosts from her past that still haunted her.

Upon her return, the young woman wa happy just to be setting up a gallery with a friend, as well as pursuing her music, while deciding what else she might like to do with her life. Settling back into life easily enough, she dated around for a bit before being ultimately set up on an impromptu date by her friend Audrey, with another of the other woman's friends, Derrick 'Sparky' Ackers. Strangely enough, the pair hit it off almost from the start, and through a few fun dates and dares, ended up deciding to become 'official'. Since then she's been pretty happy to take things as they come, both good and bad, and is content enough with her life.

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