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  1. "She's around somewhere! What, thought I drove myself?" She laughed at the idea, enjoying the light jesting with her great uncle. Soon enough her mind was preoccupied with other things beyond fairy tales and jokes. Mairead had an ear for gossip -- especially that which pertained to those she called family. So hearing that Alan might purpose to someone? Her grin turned wide as her eyes sparkled. She was quite enjoying all the hinting going on in Kate's life too. Her eyes glanced over to where Alan was with Audrey, watching curiously. Was there really something there? Beaming back up at Uncle Stu, she laughed. "Of course you were." Leave it to him to decide to drink at a family gathering. He would still be plenty of fun, and she was excited to see him either way. She didn't have much of a chance to think on anything else as a funny feeling washed over her and she began to feel tired. The blonde rubbed at her eyes as she watched her uncle sit at the table, immediately snoring like some elephant seal. She had barely made it over herself before she laid her head on her arms and succumbed to the sleeping magic. She'd missed so much. When she awoke, Stuart was nowhere near her anymore, but in a crowd trying to get people to back away. So many people looked upset in some way or another and she looked around confused. What...was going on? She looked over to find Kate and lightly pushed at her shoulder. "Kate?" she asked, feeling a little scared from all the commotion around them.
  2. Mairead gave a light giggle as she curtseyed. "Why, thank you! I see no one's as burly or brawny!~" She wiggled her eyebrows playfully at her uncle, teasing him for his own costume. She couldn't help but wonder why he didn't have a date. She peered around. Or was there one, and she didn't see them? Oh, well. "Mm, just wait til you see mom! She is gorgeous, as always!" Her chest puffed with pride. Soon Kate joined them and Mairead gave a small wave to the woman. It took a couple moments to recognize her, what with the long, braided wig, but it wasn't impossible by any means--she'd seen her enough times, after all. "Oh look, Elsa! I'm surprised none of the tiny little girls are donning that outfit." She was extraordinarily popular still among children, but she gave a shrug. "Have either of you tried the tea?"
  3. Mairead was more than happy for any excuse to wear a hat. So an Unwedding Party with an Alice In Wonderland theme of course had her beaming. It meant she got to wear her cute, miniature top hot that clipped into her hair with a piece of black lace to go just beneath it. Of course, it wasn't the only thing. She got in a full get up, a very feminine take on the Mad Hatter, the main shade of her clothing a blue similar to that of her eyes. The dress had a somewhat short skirt, and she'd made sure to sunscreen well before leaving home. Arriving at the party was something else. She looked at the decorations and smiled. She adore Jezebel. She liked Viktor. She was happy to get to spend time with a more extensive version of her family, even if she didn't know some of them. She gave a quiet hello to a few of the others, but some loud, rambunctious singing had fully caught her attention. Rolling her eyes, she looked up, but the disapproving look quickly melted away into one of glee. "UNCLE STU!" she all but shouted as she barreled her way toward him, throwing her arms around him. He was a busy man, minister and all, and she was always excited to see him.
  4. Mairead smiled, sitting a little straighter. Despite the librarian being... well, who she was, it was nice to receive some recognition from her, even if she didn't seem to be paying anything much attention. She rolled her eyes as the woman in question suddenly gave detention to some students somewhere behind herself. How did she know what they were doing anyway? Oh well, less trouble for her. Adele then seemed to turn her attention to Savannah, and Mairead's own eyes followed over to her. She was one of many students who hadn't responded. It took her off any hooks for the time being.
  5. Mairead stopped for a momnet when she entered the classroom, then quickly moved her bag to a desk on the side, pulling out a notebook and a writing utensil. As per her usual, she took the exact middle seat available, a gentle smile plastered on her face as she sat and smoothed out her uniform. This was already turning out to be an interesting motley of a group. Her ears quickly caught on to a very thick Irish accent and she looked up at the red-haired teacher. Her head tilted ever so slightly as she looked at her, then around the room again. Hmm. Unusual. Not only was there an annoyingly high surplus of new teachers, but a number of them, it seemed, were foreign. Eventually the circle came around to her. "My name is Mairead, and I enjoy house music." Something about the lack of words was freeing. There was absolutely no language barrier involved. "As a group I would like to see us all help each other improve and learn the necessary skils. As for myself...that's more personal." Like keeping herself from being murdered by whomever was taking out the rest of her family. "Really anything can be considered a dark art. It depends on the magic, the environment and the people involved. Everything is opinion, in the end."{/b]
  6. Mairead entered the classroom, and the first thing she noticed was the large circle. She could feel the corner of her eye twitching at the sight. Her middle.....was gone. She looked around at the other students, then toward the professor, whom she noted was young. And apparently also new. What the hell was going on with the staff this year? She fretted for a few minutes over where to sit, eventually picking a spot void of anyone else. Her nerves were officially on edge as she pulled out her books and other typical tools for a class, despite his insistence that this would be a largely practical course. She focused on making sure everything was placed just right, and once that was done.... all she had left to do was look up at everybody. Some of the faces she recognized from her other courses. Faces that left her largely unamused. It was like a circus in here. She wasn't surprised when she heard two of the familiar ones state they liked fire. It was volatile, unpredictable. She herself was incredibly adept at it, thanks to her family's bloodline abilities. A curse and a blessing all at once. Her eyes lifted to the two who had stated they had a preference for earth. Finally, someone sensible. When she spoke, she remained in her seat, although the smile she always wore was stuck to her face. Iit seldom came down if she could help it. Made her more likable. "I am Mairead, and my favorite element is earth. It's stable, calm, predictable...but not without its own dangers or shifts."
  7. Mairead took her seat among her peers and gave a glance around the room. She never thought this would be a terribly popular class, and her assumption had been correct. It didn't bother her too much, nor did the fact that nearly all the students in here, as she learned from introductions, were of the senior years. It made more sense for them. Her age were still expected to be digging into the "fun" courses. It seemed many in this room had a terrible sense of what was funny. No matter. She had reasons of her own to be here. She smiled and gave a quiet giggle at their terrible name jokes and puns. She was twirling a pencil in her fingers as she watched everyone else, taking a lull to stand up herself and smile at everyone, holding the pencil between both her clasped hands. "I'm Mairead Townsend, and I am in my fourth year. I would like to gain an understanding of the inner workings of both the law and government." She took her seat once more, gazing over at one of the people who'd made the terrible name jokes--Alexander? His particular comment about aiding non-humans had caught her attention. He'd be someone to watch in thsi class. Soon enough everyone had their go, and Big Bad as he'd joked was back to talking, leading them through an introduction of sorts. When he asked about a syllabus she mentally rolled her eyes at him. 'Yeah, like where is the syllabus?' she thought. Either he'd never made them, or had done a slack job of making sure all those enrolled had it. Her smile never wavered as she listened, despite her thoughts.
  8. Mairead was sitting in her seat, close enough that she could see the board, but not in the front. She liked to blend into her surroundings, sit somewhere advantageous to her on a scholarly level as well as a social one. She sat somewhere near the middle of the room, twirling her hair around her finger as she waited for the substitute to arrive. She wasn't thrilled to have her professors changing up on her this early in term--especially with how many new staff members there were this year. It was disgusting and upsetting for the girl. She liked predictability. She liked familiarity. It felt like half the school had changed over in just a few weeks. She couldn't continue with her expectations as they should have been. Eventually the librarian walked in and the fourth year couldn't help but roll her eyes. She was late, of course. And what was in that martini glass of hers? Was she drinking in class? What the hell was this? A sour look was fixed upon her face as the lesson began. Still, she couldn't find a hint of resentment for the day's lesson--it was important to her on a far more personal level than that of most students. The Sock Rebellion and The Sentient Species Act. She opened her book and read through the pages, occasionally peeking up at the board to refresh what was to be asked of them. One by one hands began to lift, and students were called upon to answer varied questions. She couldn't help the smug grin as one mentioned the varied species outside of house elves that were included in the SSA--including Veela. Veela like her mother. Veela like herself, even if she was only half. Her own hand soon lifted and she was called upon by the librarian. She lowered her hand before she began to speak. "While it was, and is, largely positive, not all who were freed and given equal rights knew how to cope with them. House Elves, who had never known a need for money, let alone managing it, had seldom if ever been allowed the luxuries and choices of their witch and wizard counterparts, now had these things available and even pushed at them. How could one who had never needed money be expected to know how to budget, where to spend? Or know where their tolerance was for alcohol, or to avoid anything addicting? Furthermore, there were those that were so old the couldn't simply adjust to the new lifestyle. All they'd ever known was that their role in life was lesser, to serve, and they didn't know how to navigate outside of the restrictions placed upon them. In some ways, it was like taking a domesticated, captive animal and dropping it alone in the wild with the expectation that it will know how to find food, shelter, and otherwise take care of itself, when it won't." She paused. "For wizard-kind, it was largely inconvenient. Slaves in their homes for centuries were now to be freed, and if to keep their work, they must be paid, equal to themselves. They now had to worry about holidays, sick leave, and all the things society has always benefited for those it saw on top of society."
  9. Loss was something that seemed to repeat itself in her life. What little of her early life she recalled, she recalled being largely happy. She had a twin sister she could spend all her time with so that she was never alone, parents and an [albeit much] older sister and niece to dote upon them. There was nothing that stood out in contrast to anything else. Nothing, except that day she was told her father was no longer living among them, would no longer be coming home with big smiles and a hug for the girls. She didn't understand. How could she? She was only seven. It wasn't long after when, out of fear, she said goodbye to her sister and niece. It was a blow, for she adored them, but didn't have to hurt for too long before her own mother packed she and Siobhan up and followed suit. Another country, another home. She was used to moving around. Moving to the smaller, intermixed town of Narragyambie, she felt free and open to explore the area, getting to know the townspeople. It wasn't until after her much older sister was also murdered that she began to stick close to home, spending the rest of her primary education years only at school, or home with her family. She chose not to venture out, afraid that what haunted her in her dreams might meet her outside of them. Her powers manifested first in her family's pyrokentic abilities. When she was feeling particularly angry or scared, something nearby would catch fire. With help from her family, and, later, from teachers at Bilby after the wing was created, she learned to control the ability more, to light candles, and eventually in the privacy of her home, in a floating ball of fire. It wasn't until she started her education at Tallygarunga that she started to open up out of her shell. She spent much of her time around other kids her age, in a fairly-well contained environment. She began to slowly start to feel more normal, although she still kept her family history, and her blood, secret within herself, even as she unfolded the varied layers that fear had created. She learned to let herself out again, to make friends and connections.
Mairead Grace Townsend
Student Fourth Year
* year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Year Level: Fourth Year
Occupation: Student
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  ✩ Shell
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: Chloe Grace Moretz
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