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April, 2019
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  1. "Yes. Just numbers. Stars don't use them, not sure why we do." She understood, to a point, why the concept of 'time' was created and used, but in some ways it seemed like life would be so much easier, smoother, if it weren't. Especially when it came to things like school. What if a student was measured and taught in regards to how fast they learned and retained, versus on a medium across all boards? Well, it would be far harder to educate all the mass of magical beings, let alone non-magical, but there was so much that could have come from such individualized progress, all the same. Josie smiled at her colleague-of-sorts as he beamed over the organization he'd helped out with. It was always good to know that not everyone did what they did for the money, or out of some sense of necessity, but simply to help. Especially in their field. "Maybe someday I'll get involved with that. If I ever feel like I need a break from the school. But I don't think that'll happen for some years." And the period of time during the longer term breaks really didn't seem like it'd be enough to plop herself in some country, get a feel for the language and people, and help before she'd have to be back. She nodded, listening to his advice as she drank from her glass. Without more details there wasn't much he could give, not that she had expected anything in the first place. But it was at least giving her a starting point for some investigation. She almost choked on the alcohol as he admitted to being awfully nerdy and being pranked a lot. "No, you're joking! You don't look like you'd be that nerdy kid in the corner." She smiled at him with a soft laugh. She'd had a couple pranks done to her, sure,one by the headmaster himself in fact, but she was never really 'nerdy'. ...Not in the usual sense. Not for lack of trying to absorb her work, it just.... didn't stick very well, for whatever reason. "Why in Bertrand's name would anyone want to mess with you?"
  2. "Do any of us ever feel our age though?" She knew she didn't. She still couldn't believe that today she was twenty-two. Where had the time gone? She remembered her years, her experiences from childhood, into Tally, and through all of VMU, but she still felt some days like she was only seventeen or eighteen, as if the last five years hadn't happened. But they had. The fact that she spent her days wearing a staff uniform instead of her Spencer one had made that much clear. The looks of utter confusion she got when the words "Space Goats" were brought up.... the time felt so short. Where for Bryan school felt so long ago, for her it was still like yesterday. She could recall with clarity afternoons spent on a broomstick with Tamarah Blair, sitting in a common room watching Jezebel. Of feeling awkward and angry with Viktor because he was right-handed. The early days with Chloe and Rory and the group. Of days with little Ana and Riley at her side laughing. Of that cold chill down her spine whenever she saw Leanna. It was still so clear, and maybe that had to do with the twenty-three year gap she hadn't crossed yet. She took a long drink at that. Would it all continue to fly by so fast? Or would it slow again? She had no way of knowing. "People are interesting to me. And I love the field, I love that... it's something I'm good at, and that I can help someone with it. A lot of someone's." It was a position of service, and it was something she enjoyed. She'd never be some great potions master or magnificent wizard of power, or a quidditch player or someone charismatic. But she could be her, to the best of her ability, and she could help people in her own way. Even if it was listening to some groaning while regrowing a broken bone. She hadn't needed to do that yet. Strange. She blinked in surprise. "They have it too?" She asked in surprise. Her family was all muggle, but it still wasn't something she really knew anything about. She shifted on her stool slightly closer as she listened with heightened interest, a look of calm curiosity and awe mixed on her features. "That....is amazing. I never knew such a thing existed. I'm glad it does." And that people were willing to devote themselves for a time to it. He asked her about her job and she smiled somewhat bashfully as her head tilted down, then lifted up again with a slight shrug of the shoulder. "It's...I didn't know what to expect. I don't think the students are as crazy as they used to be, but we've some... interesting cases. Can't give the details, but we have one in particular that not only has a prolonged medical history but...tends to.." She lowered her voice as her lips pressed inward for a moment, thinking. "Well, sets unwilling fires at random." Her eyebrows burrowed. "I don't have much experience and I haven't had to really help with that yet. No one seems to have any answers for any of his oddities." She gave another shrug, taking another long drink from her glass and draining it before setting it down. It was what it was, she supposed. All the more reason to be glad that the Valentin family was still around. One was quite familiar with healing, maybe he'd have an idea what to do. "Most of what I deal with is the results of pranks, mispractice, or... well. Falling from very high." Off their broomsticks, of course. "Or people trying to fake out of class."
  3. "There's nothing wrong with forty-five!" She chimed in. She listened, not that the'd had a lot to say on the matter. Private school, yes. Her own parents, had they been able to afford it, probably would have preferred Josie had gone to Penrose instead, but her heart lie with the Tally, as proven by her current profession. The moment she could get back, she had. But she could understand. Before Chloe, during, and long after, she herself had often been very studious. Her grades in many classes ranged between poor and average, but it wasn't from a lack of trying. Then Quidditch, and his university study. "Woooow." she said, voice quiet and light. She couldn't imagine spending that much time in uni. Then again,he did have a medical job in both the muggle and magical realm, she reminded herself. That required a lot of schooling. She took a couple of drinks while he talked, a hand moving to cover her mouth as she leaned slightly forward over the counter as he apologized, waving a hand in the air as she swallowed and blinked. "No, no it's okay. I don't imagine you get a lot of time to talk about ... well. What's not directly happening on the job." She couldn't say work, because that was definitely the topic on hand. "It's not boring. I think all your work is admirable, and you have a lot of dedication. I couldn't work both sides. And I never really traveled, I'm just a big homebody." She laughed at herself over that. Living at a dorm in Melbourne had been a struggle for her. Her grandmother's place, and Tally. Those were home. They were the only places she was truly comfortable. She didn't like being away for them, not for very long, anyway. Narrie was close enough it didn't give her the anxiety. "So... -ahem- Without Borders. What is that exactly?"
  4. A mixture of screams and shouting roused Josie from the nap she'd so easily accepted. Sitting up, she pressed the heel of her hand to her forehead as she looked around, confused, people running to one location. The screaming was Jezebel, the shouting was Viktor. She watched, trying to orient herself as whatever had happened had been blocked from view by the mass of bodies, and to watch as Viktor was being held to the ground by some odd magic. What was going on? What had happened to cause such a reaction from him? She tried to stand, but she felt dizzy and wobbled on her legs, soon enough seeing a trio of children all pile onto their dad before he sat back up and held them. The minister was shooing people away, and Josie knew whatever it was....she wasn't welcome. She also knew that whatever happened, having people crowd wasn't going to help, so she sat back down and simply observed instead. Viktor was still there, and he had plenty of ability in healing. There was no reason for her to venture over. She blinked up as Derrick and a brunette she vaguely recognized but could not place sat near her. "Yeah....I think so anyway. What...?" She didn't finish the sentence. In truth it wasn't her business, only her curiosity. She shook her head again, trying to shake the magic. "What about you two?"
  5. It didn't take long. Josie placed a hand over her mouth as she gave a wide yawn, smacking her lips as she peered around. Suddenly she felt so tired. Was it the heat of the fading summer? Was it because she'd decided to keep back from everyone? How much sleep had she even had the previous night? She couldn't say at all. She couldn't remember if she and been sleeping regularly or lacking recently, not that it really mattered. Sleep. A nap sounded positively wonderful right then. The sun was nice and warm, and everyone was having such a good time [at least it seemed so] and the people she was most eager to see were busy and caught up anyway. No one would mind if she took a short doze, would they? Josie found herself slumping toward the ground, unleashing another yawn to the world as her body curled up, head nuzzling onto her hand as she closed her eyes. Just a quick nap would do.
  6. Still stuttering. Well, it was what it was. She was either painfully shy, or it was a result of the recent bullying, or both. She made a note to get hold of the new counselor Caitlin, see if she could assist the poor girl with the bullying, at least. Without a name nothing could be done but maybe there was something else that could be done, internally for her. Josie bent over, pulling out a scale and setting it beneath where Samhain's feet dangled, waiting for it to zero. "Spencer, like your friend over there." She said, as she rose again, chest puffing up proudly. They got some fleck at times, sure, but she had always, and would always, love her house. If nothing else they had energy and personality and entirely too much fun, but that was exactly how she liked it. She was called ma'am and her nose wrinkled a bit. "Just Josie is fine." She wasn't quite ready to be a ma'am yet. She waited as the girl dried her hair before saying. "I'd like you to stand on the scale, my tape will check your height at the same time. Now...do you have any pains, stings, cuts or anything else?" She may as well start narrowing down any potential injuries or infections as she walked her through the process.
  7. "Completely, cosmically nutters." She replied with a nod. It was bad enough schooling, and working two jobs, but had was on a constant balance between the magical and muggle realms. having to keep them separate under exhaustion and high stress. That could easily lead to far more mishaps than she wanted to even begin to imagine, she she put it out of mind. It was incredibly stressful to even fathom. He insisted, so she let the payment drop. Not that she'd plan on drinking a whole lot anyway, but... it was sort of nice to think about, in its own way. One less thing to worry about. "If you insist..." Besides, she didn't think she'd be able to convince him out of it. She took a drink instead of a sip. It burned a bit, but the lemon lime flavor went so well... she set the glass down pleased. "This is actually really good. Thank you!" She was happy he didn't decide on something that would have her coughing up a lung from the strength or the fire put in it. She'd heard more than enough tales from others, and had been a little more nervous than she had let on. "Yes. Tallygarunga. School nurse--well, one of them. I just started this term." She agreed, then followed with a short explanation. Her smile turned somewhat bashful, but was also proud. She worked at one of the only places she'd been able to call home in her life, and it was a wonderful feeling. "What was it like at Greyheme? I don't think I've met anyone from there! Well...I probably did at the university but.. you know, details get lost."
  8. She knew St. Ringo's. Of course she knew it. Some of her practical assignments had been done through the magical hospital. In that moment Josie realized she was dealing with another wizard and her smile broadened. "I know it." she replied. She still couldn't imagine the dedication of not only becoming a doctor, but doing so in two entirely different ways: magical and muggle. Double the school. That...was truly an impressive, exhausting feat. He had to have loved it. Either that or he was completely insane. He wished her a happy birthday and her eyes closed as she smiled again. "Why thank you!" She then opened them, looking at the drink curiously before shrugging, lifting it to her mouth and tilting to try a sip. It wasn't half bad. She licked her lips as she stared at the glass, then quickly over to him. "Oh, no, it's okay really!" She hadn't expected the generosity. "Oh uh.." she stammered for a moment. Right. Birthday. Age would have been asked, wouldn't it? "I'm twenty-two actually. I work down the road." Down the road being all the way down it, and then some. "I think you know the place. That's how I found out about here."
  9. The way her hands were, the way she stammered, the poor thing was anything but comfortable here, and while Josie could understand that just fine, it still made her a little sad. Maybe she should try to smooth things a little? "Well, my name's Josie, Samhain, and like you, I was once a student here." She didn't know if it would help, but she hoped that it would. "I graduated five years ago." It was something. A small branch. "I'd use that quick drying charm Mr. Winfield suggested, but it's so hot you'll be dry in no time I'm sure. But this isn't very invasive. I'll take things like your weight and height for our records, check your temperature, and ask you some questions. It's really easy and simple." She gave her the warmest smile she could manage. Her hands grabbed a towel and offered it to the girl. "For your hair. See if you can't dry it a bit."
  10. When Josie arrived the place was already a circus. It had taken her a bit, but eventually she'd managed to find her old cat ear headband and collar setup, and a spell to turn them from black into purple. She'd had to have a little help with it, actually, as well as to temporarily color her normally brown hair to the same colors. The former Spencer looked around, eventually spying familiar faces in Viktor with one group, Jezebel in another, and ... was that Sparky with a camera? She couldn't help but let the laughter ring. There were so many others she recognized of course, Vladimir and his son, Alan and Audrey, Susan, and even some of the students--like Alex, that little flame-bursting, medically suffering boy who had brought in the sickly thin girl who had been bullied. It seemed everyone had found their groove, but Josie decided to hang back on the outskirts and simply watch everyone enjoy themselves. She'd say her hellos to Jezebel later when there wasn't a huge crowd around her--if that ever happened. She'd always been so popular that was a rarity. But the school nurse had never been terribly comfortable in large crowds.
  11. Her mouth was left slightly open as he explained the nickname. A doctor..wow, now that took some real heavy dedication. "Goat's graces, that's quite the feat. I couldn't have stayed in school quite that long." Here was a real serviceman to the world. She gave him a nod of appreciation. Her job might have been more personal, hands-on, but she didn't have to deal with things like diagnosis or surgery or anything more mentally difficult or draining. He laughed and she smiled, listening intently to his advice. She gave a small nod. Lemon lime was always an excellent flavor for pretty much anything. "That sounds really good actually!" She looked down at the bartender and waved, waiting until they neared. "Hey, can I get a ...." She glanced back over to Bryan. "A lemon-lime vodka?" She smiled when she looked back at him, giving a happy little wiggle where she was in response. "Well, actually, it's my birthday today! I thought I'd get out for the night." Although, despite all her years at Tally, she didn't really know Narrie all that well. She had mostly kept to the school. "I got this place on good authority."
  12. She watched as the bartender moved around, and nodded when the stranger beside her said it was always an awesome night here. That's what she had always been told of the place. "Josie. Doc?" She looked around for a moment, taking in the atmosphere. It really wasn't a bad place. It was no wonder she heard the staff talk about it so much--some more than others. She looked back at the bartender, who glanced at her and she looked over at her stool-mate awkwardly. "So, Bryan! What would you suggest for someone who doesn't tend to partake in this particular pasttime? ....Good Goat that was a mouthful." She laughed at herself. Some pretty good alliteration there too, with all those p's. Made her feel like she swallowed a bug or something.
  13. Josie couldn't help the catchy pop tune that was in her head tonight, and she sang it quietly to herself as she made her way into the Drunken Roo. She'd never spent much time in there, or any bar, but it was her birthday and she was going to celebrate.....somehow! With it being about seven, it was easier for her to find someone to cover her station for a few hours--classes were done, students were at least half settled, it was unlikely at this hour someone would be popping in unless it involved a stomach ache from dinner. She looked around, biting her lower lip and releasing it as the smile spread. She had no idea as to what to really expect. It didn't look entirely alien to her however. Had she been in here once during school? It was possible. She couldn't decide if it was a yes or no. She walked up to the bar and sat on a stool and looked around, then after a moment remembered that she probably would need some form of identification. She pulled out the card and tapped it on the bar as she bobbed her head. When someone came up she said, "Oh hey there! Awesome night, right?"
  14. As Alex stated he had no idea what she was talking about, she smiled and gave him a nod. "Must have been someone else." she said softly. She was fine with letting him leave, so long as the girl didn't request him to stay. It was between the teenagers how it was going to work. "Oh wait, Alexander!" she said, glancing down at her paper, which managed to write down his height at least. "That's five points." she said smiling. Turning, she saw Samhain sticking her head out of the curtains and moved to pull them back again. She waved a hand at the measuring tape, watched it stretch out again, the pen wrote, and then it folded itself up and landed on the nearest bed table. She smiled and nodded. "Okay honey, let's get you looked over. Why don't you take a seat on the bed?" She tapped her wand against the stethoscope, waiting for it to start to heat enough to at least be warm. "How old did you say you were?" She noted that the girl appeared to be a bit lost and confused. She made a note to explain things as she did them.
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