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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  2. Shio's Folks

    Ohai! Actually a roommate sounds like a good idea. Wonder if there should be a sign up sheet for that? At the moment I'm waiting on some of Lily's lore on Faeries but for the moment I'll just play Iggy as a vaguely water-oriented spirit... nymph... thing. Would love to give him horns but that's more a Faun thing. I'd love to thread with your Bourke character!
  3. Shio's Folks

    Ignatius Larue Age: 16 Gender: Male House: Bourke Iggy is of the quiet sort, often keeping to the edge of social gatherings even though he really quite enjoys the company of people. He enjoys books and hand crafts. You might find something tucked into your book bag if he's struck with inspiration, though he won't know quite what to do with himself if you insist on thanking him too much. He likes thunderstorms and walking around in the rain. He never seems to catch a cold. He loves Quidditch and will be quite happy to listen to someone talk about their favourite teams all day. He is a fairy, but he doesn't like to be treated any differently and will rarely bring it up. It's not immediately obvious that he isn't human unless you look too closely at his eyes or the tips of his ears. What's needed? I'm up for anything at all! Friends, datemates, rivals, teammates... Though when it comes to specific dynamics I like those to develop naturally, especially when it comes to ships. I find if I start out with the goal of 'let's get these two together' it doesn't work as well as if it developed organically.
  4. Iggy Larue

    Ignatius was initially born in Australia and raised by his two parents, Cassiel and Renart. Both parents had very different ideas on how to raise a child and it was something of a ridiculous adventure for both of them, as parenting so often is. Cassiel was the sensitive, down to earth sort who helped with his homework and Renart was the one who’d encourage him to have fun, even sometimes pulling him out of school to go off on a wild adventure somewhere. Both his parents are Daoinan Sidhe, which meant Ignatius' upbringing was steeped in wild magic and the inner politics of the fae. (Note: Renart is male and the ‘father,’ where Cassiel is non-binary and usually referred to by name or cenn in place of mum/dad, coming from cennend, an old English word for ‘parent.’) ‘Iggy’ naturally takes the most after Cassiel, being studious and serious much of the time. But Renart has also instilled in him a hidden sense of adventure. He finds his curiosity can be stressful to keep under control at times, as he feels he has to behave. With enough coaxing he can be convinced to come along for a variety of adventures, so long as no one is likely to get hurt. Both his parents worked much of the time but did their best to stay home when they could. Renart is an Auror which means he are often at work, or travelling around the world where different jobs pop up. Cassiel seems to dabble in many areas of employment, including arts, but their passion is animal conservation. Ignatius was homeschooled by his parents until recently, as their travels made it impossible for him to stay at school for more than a few weeks at a time. They used approved textbooks and course material from a variety of curriculums, so he found he was able to pass the fourth year entrance exams for Tally. His parents have a house in both Sydney and London, as their respective jobs often require travel between Australia and the UK. They keep in touch with Ignatius via Ophelia, Cassiel’s Barn Owl, and Hoodwink the Eagle Owl. Neither went with Ignatius to Hogwarts as both parents need them for work, but they have promised to send them with letters. Iggy is most looking forward to learning how to play Quidditch, because although he had flying lessons from his parents he has never had the chance to really hone his skills. He enjoys flying a great deal whenever he can get the chance.
  5. Shio