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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. It's getting to that time of year. The time of PARTIES!

    1. Derrick Ackers

      Professor Derrick Ackers

      You say that, but then you'll just be yelling, "SPARKY NOT THAT HIGH!" and then just ruin everyone's fun! Okay, ruin -my- fun. But everyone likes my fiery displays. 

    2. Audrey Adagathguarde

      Audrey Adagathguarde

      I love your fiery displays. Outside. Where there are no ceilings to catch on fire. ❤️ 

      That said, I'm not breastfeeding anymore, so more fun for me! Of course, that also means relying on Alan being the responsible one. 😆

  2. Donut Wednesday

    "Mhmm, it's a running gag from last year's Magical Education Conference," Audrey said easily, adjusting Merri in her arm a little before reaching to pick up another donut and take a bite. She then lifted her brows as she listened to Adele and struggled not to roll her eyes at the other woman. She was coming off far too strong with her usual 'I am better than you' defiance, and Audrey wondered just how threatened Adele must have been feeling with other people around. Especially younger, more vibrant women. She must have really been feeling the pressure of being a mother again. "Calm down, Adele. No one's trying to push you off your 'bitch' pedestal, you can relax," The younger woman sighed quietly with a shake of her head. She smiled a little at Tamara's response, which was to compare notes, which Audrey thought was a great idea. Maybe they might actually become friends, of course that was if Adele didn't let her own self-consciousness get to her. "Oh yeah, the weather definitely takes some adjusting to, but I can say that I don't miss the cold English winters," Audrey laughed lightly with a few small nods, before then offering a shrug to the woman and gesturing toward the large pile, "Grab another one. If people miss out then it's because they were too slow. Always have to be quick on Donut Wednesday, isn't that right, Adele?" She smiled, though her features twisted into a half-amused sneer toward Del at the comments, "Not as tired as you must get feeling threatened by new people." She retorted, before smirking with a shake of her head, "He's been on the ball a lot more recently, since we had Merrilea. Trying to keep me from stressing out too much."
  3. Donut Wednesday

    "We sure did, but we also doubled the number of donuts that we have brought in as well... or maybe tripled," Audrey thought for a moment, her features shifting to a momentarily confused expression before she simply shrugged. The arrival of another caused a bright smile to tug at Audrey's lips, however and she offered an easy wave to the other teacher, though the moment Adele began her rant she couldn't help but roll her eyes while an amused smirk pulled at her lips and she managed a light chuckle and a wink at Tavi, who giggled in response. Waiting for Adele to finish her explanation of the library and her apparent ruling of the roost, Audrey lifted a hand to Tamara. "I'm Audrey," The young woman said easily, "Batman's assistant, and the real person who actually keeps this place somewhat organised. Don't let my age or the kids fool you," Audrey grinned, and then chuckled as Tavi grinned at the nickname for her father, "This is Tavi, and Merri. Welcome to the school. I'd have probably been the first one to meet you and see you to Alan, but I've been a little busy since the end of last year." She nodded toward the infant girl in her arm, who was now awake and just looking around a little. "Speaking of, I'm surprised that he isn't here yet. You wanna check on your dad, Tavi? I get worried when he's paying so much attention to his work that he forgets about donuts." She lifted her brows a little, but then turned her gaze back to Tamara. "How're you finding the place? Enjoying the Australian heat? It took me a long time to get used to it when I moved down here."
  4. Donut Wednesday

    "Not quite first..." Came a voice from a table hidden slightly by the open door. There sat Audrey, champion of all thing sweet and delicious, and who also hadn't let her infant distract her from what day it was. She already had a plate of very chocolatey looking donuts sat in front of her, one of the sweets already half eaten, while little Merrilea was cradled in her arm. Sat in another chair at the same table was Octavia, who was as in tune with the day as all the women appeared to be right now. The young girl had the same donuts as Audrey, and was too busy eating to be able to say much, but the new mother gestured to the free seat for Adele, if the other woman wanted to join them, and adjusted the two month old infant in her arms, who was looking very chubby and well fed right now snoozing away. "I'm surprised you beat Alan here, to be honest, but I think he wanted to get some things done quickly," The young woman mused quietly. She was personally quite happy to be back at work, even though she didn't have to be. She could have been taking another six months off, but what was she going to do with that? The kids were allowed to come to the school and hang out in the office with them, so why not make use of that? Besides, Alan wouldn't be able to run things properly without her there to help. She kept things organised to make it easier for him. Of course, that didn't mean Audrey wasn't going to take advantage of the whole 'new mum' thing, so that she could wander out from the office early to get her favourite donuts first. She had a couple of extra ones tucked aside on her plate to save for Alan, in case he didn't make it before they were mostly eaten, but for the most part had left enough of the ones that people liked the most there. On top of that, she had a small tub of ice cream, which she was dipping her donuts into. It was hot, of course ice cream was essential. "How was your break anyway?" Audrey asked, "Met many of the new teachers yet? There's a couple this year. Hopefully they saw the notice about donut Wednesday posted on the Staff board over there." She nodded toward the noticeboard over near the kitchen area, where they could leave messages for the other staff. She then bounced Merrilea a little as the baby stirred, and took another bite of her sweet treat.
  5. Notice House Winners (2018 onward)

    2018 SPENCER - 305 BOURKE - 285 STURT - 210 FLINDERS - 140 2019 Coming this year...
  6. Invite Unbreakable

    Audrey was rather certain she'd never seen a more beautiful sight in her life than the little bundle that was delivered to her arms, but of course, she would say that about any child that wanted to call her 'mum'. Right now, in this very moment however, it was all Merrilea, and she was okay with that. She stared at the tiny girl and could only smile gently, tiredly, but the expression full of unconditional love. She hadn't even noticed the state of everyone else while she stared at their new little family member, though she had seen Alan in those moments before their daughter was laid in her arms. She couldn't bring herself to look anywhere else right now, it was as though her entire world had narrowed down to this single little miracle who had quieted as soon as she was holding them, as though Merrilea knew she was with her mother. Safe. "Hmn?" Audrey was vaguely aware of Alan talking to her, still doped up it was easy for her to have been thoroughly distracted by the baby, but after a few slow moments, the words gradually began to make it through to her brain and her eyes were then slowly torn from the infant to stare at Alan, blinking at him a few times while she still tried to process it exactly. When she did, there was just a sleepy laugh for a moment, and one would probably question whether or not she really had heard him, or if his question was one that he wasn't going to receive the answer he would be hoping for. "Silly Alan, I thought that was a question you'd know the answer to by now," The young woman shook her head at him as she quietly chuckled again, rather oblivious to his inner cursing or anything that would give away the fact that he had intended to propose in a different place and manner, "Of course I will. Though, I'm a little too worn out to be bouncing around, so you'll need to forgive me just sticking to lying down right now. I just pushed a little miracle out, and wow is that a work-out. Phew!"
  7. Invite Unbreakable

    "Golly gosh?" Audrey asked, partially incredulous, partially thoroughly amused and impressed at her mother's ability to still remain proper even in labour. Personally, she had no intention of holding anything back, regardless of the thwaps she was likely to cop from her mother. But then again, if the pain was bad enough there was potential for those thwaps to be reciprocated. With love, of course. And perhaps a minor amount of irritability. She was finding it becoming more and more difficult, in fact, to keep up the laughing and jokes as she stepped off the bed, wanting to walk around a little bit, but then remembering all too quickly that she couldn't do that either when the contractions hit again and she instead found herself leaning forward with one hand on the bed to hold herself in a bent forward position. Audrey did hear Alan's question of Mereditha though, and she looked up with widened eyes as he said 'all four' of the kids. Her family hadn't exactly been filled in on the 'fourth' yet, and while Meri was clearly not coping so much right now that she hadn't noticed, the younger sister caught the confused look between her parents, before they glanced at herself and Alan. Audrey tried to straighten a little, but then quickly gave up before she decided to speak up. "Lauren is there too, she's going to be moving in... she's not dead. Stu and Adele's mother brought her to the house this morning. We're a little unsure exactly how it's possible, but it's really her... so she's probably getting to know the other kids, and everyone else. I'm sure she could really use a gentler and quieter person around her right now, Dita. She was starting to look a little spooked when we had to leave suddenly," Alan's idea was a good one, and Audrey was completely on board with it. As stressed as Meri looked, it was only going to make her more anxious about everything that was happening right here right now, and she had Alan and her parents. It was a good move. And her sister didn't need to know that they were actually doing her a favour. Audrey reached out for her sister to come give her another hug and then offered a smile. "We'll call as soon as she's here," The younger woman said lightly, her smile strained by the pain, but still there. She then watched and waited for Meri to be gone before yelling a few choices curses as another bolt of pain felt like it was ripping through her abdomen, enough to almost make her legs come out from under her. "Where is that Merlin-sucking doctor?!" It was a couple of minutes later when the doctor did finally arrive, and Audrey pouted and complained, and swore and blamed Alan (as was to be expected) when she had to climb back onto the bed so that they could check what was going on. Only to be told that it was too late to bring in the epidural, as it seemed that the baby was ready now, regardless of whether or not Audrey was. Around two hours later, along with a couple of concerned moments early on due to the struggle that Audrey was having, the sound of a crying infant could be heard in the room while the young woman was near passed out, laying back against the pillows and covered in sweat while she tried to catch her breath a little. It felt like she'd run about fifty marathons, but that sound was music to her ears, along with the confirmation that they indeed had a girl. She smiled gently as she offered Alan's hand a squeeze while they waited for the baby to be weighed and wrapped up to bring over to her. "Merrilea..." Audrey mumbled softly, "Like... you know... row, row your boat... merrily, merrily? But different spelling at the end..." The young woman was near delirious after the labour and gas and other drugs to assist her, but she seemed very clear on the name that she wanted to give the baby girl, "M-E-R-R-I-L-E-A."
  8. Invite Unbreakable

    Even being dosed up and getting her hugs, Audrey noticed the red in Meri's eyes, and knew that her sister had been given the news. For that, she squeezed her extra firmly before letting her go. It was strange, she realised, that she had been distracted from the news of David's death herself, and for a moment she felt a pang of guilt, before another contraction reminded her that there was life keeping her distracted. She could mourn later, right now she was needed in the present, she had a new person to bring into the world and that was a good thing, despite the day and events that had occurred. With her family there as well now, knowing they weren't going to miss out, she felt a little more relaxed, and smiled as her dad hugged her. A small exclamation sounded from her lips as she was bapped on the shoulder by her mother, however, the young woman pouting at Ammeleine while the woman began her fussing after having told her off. "You can't tell me that you didn't swear at least once when you were in labour, Mum," Audrey huffed quietly and then looked toward her father, "Did she, Daddy? How much did she yell and complain?" She grinned brightly, wanting to know all the terrible secrets her mother had to hide from her. It seemed like a fun game right now, and she certainly wasn't going to ask Meri about her experiences, because she already knew about that. Something more light-hearted and cheery was in order right now. Especially as she felt the tightness that made her squirm a little again. "I don't think so, but wow this is not pleasant," Audrey huffed a little, before then shifting to swing her legs off the bed, "I need to stand up or something..." She grumbled, pushing herself up with some effort, before leaning on the bed. "Hooboy... how far away is that epidural again?"
  9. Invite Unbreakable

    With the gas taking effect, Audrey was only happy to snuggle for the time being, unaware of how much worse the contractions would become yet. She was thoroughly impressed with her grand idea of turning the convention dinner into a dress-up party that no one would forget for a long time. Maybe they'd even make it a tradition! Who didn't love seeing people dressed up, after all? It would be sure as hell a lot more fun than sitting around listening to someone prattle on while watching for every time he rubbed his eye. Not that she wouldn't encourage the drinking game again. "I know what Matt's like!" Audrey snorted, as if she could forget what a stick in the mud the man could be more often than not, "But that's the beauty of it, luv! It'd be hilarious, and he'd be so unimpressed, but would have to put up with it because he'd be around us all night and... well, he'd just have no choice but to suck it up! Man needs to pull that stick out, he's been too sour since he woke up. Even more than he used to be, and that needs to change. He should be trying to enjoy life more! Appreciating every day and laughing more. He got a second fuckin' chance after all, not many people get that." Of course, now that she was well and truly high on the gas, the woman's mouth was going to run and there was a low chance of it stopping. The only hope for anyone was changing of subjects, not that she wouldn't speak her mind about everything else that came up. The mention of her family arriving was a perfect distraction though, from the woman potentially continuing on. She loved Matt and Kate, Alan knew that. And none of what she said was anything she hadn't mentioned before, but perhaps a whole lot quieter. She just worried for them was all, she wanted them to be happy. "Yay!" A small yip of happiness at the news of her family's arrival, before she nodded at the question of whether to send them in. She pushed herself up a little better in the bed, sitting up slightly with a grunt, and as soon as the door opened to reveal her parents and sister, threw her arms up in the air, "Hellooo! It's baby time!" Well and truly dosed up, she then reached forward with grabby hands, silently demanding a kiss and hug from each of them, though after that she hissed at a particularly nasty contraction that went through to her spine. "Merlin's hairy arse-crack, this pain can go deepthroat a sweaty giant's cheesy cock," The woman cursed, blowing out a huffed breath as she rubbed her lower spine. At this rate, she was going to want to be out of this bed and walking around to see if that eased up the pain.
  10. Invite Unbreakable

    "Hehe, go figure Meri's got both her and their shit together," Audrey had to chuckle, but hearing that, it also made her feel much better about her sister's view on everything. She knew that Meri only wanted her happiness, but surely she could see by now that Audrey was happy. Incredibly so. And no doubt once Meri saw the baby, then she would melt into a puddle of love and doting auntiness. That was what Audrey could imagine. Beneath the bitterness that had grown over the recent years, Meri was still there, under it all, waiting for a reason to be able to shed all that negativity. Waiting to be shown that there was still some light in the world. She saw the bags and relaxed, though her hand remained gripping Alan's as she sighed. Almost as soon as they were settled in Audrey felt herself feeling super uncomfortable and buzzed a nurse. She felt like she would cry with the pain that seemed to grip her entire torso, reaching through to her spine, and she was asked if she wanted something for the pain, to which she nodded. The midwife quickly stepped out to speak with the doctor before returning, saying that they were going to give her an epidural due to the stress her body was under already, but for now Audrey would have to try to relax with some gas. That was fine. Anything was better than nothing. After having it set up, Audrey held the mask over her mouth a little to breathe and waited for the nurse to leave before she spoke to Alan again. "It might sound a little awful, but I'm glad that no one had to bring the bags. I just want you here right now... and my family, but so long as you're with me I don't feel as scared," The woman admitted quietly, offering Alan a small smile, before closing her eyes and trying to relax against the pains that continued to come and go. "You're my Batman," She mused, and then snickered, before it turned into a quiet giggle, though it was momentarily cut off with a sharp pain that caused her to bend forward a bit and take a moment to breathe, "Fucking hell, this pain is bollocks." The Englishwoman complained, her home accent becoming more noticeable before she put the mask back to her face. "Next year at the convention, we need to try to get Kate so drunk that she dresses up with us," Audrey said, her mind back on the Batman tangent, which led to how she ended up like this, which shifted her mind back to the Convention. "Gotta do it... and Matt too... make them both dress up," Another small giggle erupted from her, before she then gasped as an idea struck her, "Oh! Better yet! Cast a charm that puts everyone in costumes!" By the time the doctor turned up to begin preparations to make sure her body was ready, as well as discuss the epidural, the woman was still laughing and trying to think up more and more silly ideas to make next year's Convention a fun time for all.
  11. Invite Unbreakable

    As Alan reassured Audrey that the bag would be there when it was needed, the woman could only nod, the discomfort in her abdomen bothering her enough that she wasn't sure what to say or even whether she did care as much as a moment ago. She knew now what women meant about no one being able to prepare you for labour. Aside from the fact that it was different for everyone, there was really no accurate way to describe it, and in the end it was simply something that one had to deal with. She was glad for the hand that held her own though, the ability to squeeze it helping to remind her that Alan was right here and would be with her for the entire time. Even with the assurance from the doctor, this was still scary, and she realised more now than ever that she really wanted her mum and dad and big sister nearby too. "Mum and Dad won't take long to get here, right? I don't think they will, they'll drop everything," Had she already said that? Audrey had a feeling that she had, but she felt like she needed to remind herself. The question of who she wanted to bring her bag left her mind blank for a moment. She wanted her parents here. As much as she loved Alan's family like they were her own, right now she felt like the baby daughter who just wanted her mother and father to cuddle her and remind her that everything was going to be alright. For the first time since her move, she truly felt the distance from her family. "Let's wait... see if Stu or Marie have noticed and sent my things," Audrey finally said. She knew that if anyone brought her things, that they would stick around until the baby was born, and really the only people she wanted was Alan and her parents. The idea of more people made her feel uneasy, not liking the idea of having a crowd around her right now while she didn't feel so great. Excited and scared and nauseous and bloated and in pain. No, she didn't want more people around to witness this, not when she knew herself enough to know that it could all give way to frustration and irritation at any moment. Brought to her room, it seemed, the bed was locked into place, a judge of ice water and glass set on a tray table for her, and the midwife hooked the remote onto the side of the bed, reminding Audrey and Alan the button to press if they needed anything, and then they were alone again, and Audrey rested back against the pillow that was propped behind her as she looked toward Alan. "I'm a bit scared," The young woman murmured quietly, "Everything's going to be alright, right?"
  12. Invite Unbreakable

    "I don't know why I said, 'she'," Audrey admitted with a small laugh at having that pointed out, and she lifted her free hand to rub her belly, "I guess I must think I'm having a girl. Poor Cam." She couldn't help another chuckle. She did feel sorry for the boy, surrounded by sisters everywhere, but even if this baby was a girl then there was always a chance for a boy later on. It wasn't as though she planned at stopping with the one, she was pretty sure that she would end up putting a second storey on the house in a couple of years, due to having extended as far as they could with the veranda. "Well, at least we knew we were going to have bub before Christmas, so I already planned that. Just have to work out presents for Lauren as well, which is easy enough," The young woman offered a nod, glad for the distraction in thoughts. She did snort at the idea of a hidden twin, she doubted they wouldn't have noticed that. Still, Audrey laid back on the bed as she watched Alan write a note to whoever he thought would need to know, there were going to be a lot of visitors within the next day or so, though to be honest Audrey was happy to just have Alan here for the moment. She would end up probably getting tense with too many people around, and she didn't want to do anything else to cause any risk. The doctor had mentioned high blood pressure, she knew that meant she should be doing near nothing. Didn't help that the pains weren't settling or giving her any peace. "Stu will probably tell Adele, and Arti and Derrick... and anyone else that you didn't already send a note to. My family won't waste time in getting here, probably already dropped everything and getting the floo powder out at home," The young woman had to snicker quietly. As strange as it all had been months ago, she knew her parents were excited with the nearing due date, and though Meri hadn't said much about it aside from asking Audrey how she was doing, she knew her older sister was also just that little bit excited as well. "Alrighty, Audrey. It's time to get you prepped a bit. We're going to move you to another room, and the doctor will get things started. If you're lucky, you might be holding the little one this afternoon!" The midwife smiled warmly as she began to kick the wheel locks off so that she could roll the hospital bed with Audrey on it. "Is there a bag or case or anything?" She then asked, causing Audrey's eyes to widen in sudden shock as she realised they didn't have any of her things that she'd had prepared for the hospital and the young woman looked at Alan. "We forgot my bag! It's got everything I need for me and the baby. You need to get it... or get someone to bring it here."
  13. Invite Unbreakable

    "R-right... he said it can happen to first time mums," Audrey said quietly as Alan reminded her of the doctor's words. She still didn't know if she was ready though, but then did any mother feel ready when the time came? It could have been the right week and she knew that she would still be feeling the same. Every fear had just simply popped up when the pains had begun, that she was terrified of something going wrong. But... the baby was healthy. That was important. If the baby was healthy and ready now, then it should be fine, right? The only one who would be under strain would be Audrey, and she could handle that, she was sure. "A handful, alright. Already too impatient and wants to be out and about. She and Tavi are going to be horrendous when they're both in school together," The young woman offered a soft but still nervous laugh as she tried hard not to let that fear consume her even more again, not even realising that she'd given the baby a gender. She nodded again as he reminded her that it was her decision. Alan was right. Audrey knew that he was right, about it all. The organisation of beds and rooms and things could always be done after. They had the necessities set up already. It wasn't as perfect as she wanted it to be by the time she had the baby, but it was apparently as good as nature was going to let it be for her right now. "Stu's almost as scarily organised as I am, you're probably right," The man was likely already letting her family know what was going on, and whether she had the baby or not today then they would be on their way. "I can't sit still for the life of me, you know that right?" Audrey huffed another quiet half-laugh. Relax? Take it easy? In what alternate universe did the doctor think that would ever happen with Audrey? She wasn't herself if she wasn't doing something or running around after someone. She took a deep breath then, after having a few minutes to try and calm herself. There didn't feel like a point to hold off the inevitable. If the baby wanted out now, then who was she to argue. "Alright," The woman nodded gently as she gave Alan's hand a squeeze, "Let's do this." The doctor stepped back in a couple of minutes later to ask if they'd decided, and Audrey was able to give a firmer nod by then, feeling somewhat better now that she had made a decision and had a direction. This was it, they were having a baby.
  14. Invite Unbreakable

    Apparating to the hospital was the last thing Audrey was thinking too much about when they arrived. Whether it was smooth or a little rough hadn't even made it to her mind, the only worry she had was whether something really was going wrong, and what it could mean. She remembered so clearly the way Mereditha's life had fallen apart with the loss of her baby, and didn't want that to happen to her as well. She'd been planning for so much over the months, including how she would dress the infant for Christmas, how they would have a big family photo taken that she could hang in the living room. And it felt like those dreams were beginning to crumble. Once the midwives were on the scene, Audrey was moved around from one spot to the next for a couple of small examinations and to get her weight and a monitor on her before they moved her to a bed. And then she could only sit and wait, her hand never once allowing Alan's to let go for a minute. She knew he wouldn't anyway, but she was scared. She didn't remember ever being this scared before, and the stories and memories of so many things going wrong for people she knew swirled around in her mind. Audrey didn't want to be here either. She'd never liked hospitals. She wanted to be curled up on the couch at home reading to Tavi with her feet up. Instead, she was listening to the beeps and sounds of people walking by in the hallway, calls for doctors over the intercoms, her own breathing. The sound of Alan's voice broke through all that, thankfully, and she looked at him with wide eyes, before swallowing and trying to make an effort of attempting relaxation. "The pain's not as bad," Audrey managed to say quietly, "But it's still there." It didn't feel right. But then, she'd never had a baby before, how would she even know how anything was supposed to feel at the moment? She tried to think of something else for a moment, anything else. "I hope Lauren doesn't think this is her fault," The woman said suddenly, wondering how everyone at the house was. Everything had happened so quickly, Lauren returning, David dead, and now this... Thankfully, Audrey's Obstetrician arrived before Audrey could delve too much further into her thoughts, clipboard in hand as he looked over some of the information they had so far, and then pulled a monitor toward the bed. "Hello Ms Adagathguarde, seems you're in a bit early. Pains, they said?" Doctor Pinky (at least, that's what Audrey called him since he'd dyed his hair pink a couple months ago for breast cancer awareness) inspected the heart monitor and lifted a brow before he switched on the other machine had had, "It looks like you're blood pressure's pretty high. And you don't weigh as much as you probably should by now. So let's see what's happening on the inside, hm?" And with that, Audrey was glad that she'd been changed into a hospital gown at some point during her arrival, lifting it over her belly for the doctor so that he could inspect the baby on the monitor. The seconds felt like hours as she lay there, clutching Alan's hand. It was everything she could do not to blurt out the barrage of questions about whether the baby was alright. She knew that the doctor would say so... right? "Well, you can see here that the little one is quite active," The image was pointed out on the monitor, and Audrey felt at least some relief, "Looks healthy, the right size for this time." He switched the machine off and looked back to Audrey and Alan, "It looks like what's going on is Audrey's body is under extra strain with later pregnancy and not handling it so well, which can happen with first time mothers. As it stands, the baby appears as though it's ready to come out now, their pain is early labour, but your body isn't quite ready to give birth yet." Audrey nodded a little, but was still unsure what that meant for her or the baby, which the doctor seemed to understand without her saying. "Basically, you have a choice. If you want, we can give you something to calm things down and you can go home today, but you will HAVE to take it easy for the next few weeks, and I mean feet up, no running around after anyone, just relax. Even so, you could still be back in a week with the same thing. Or... we can give you something to help your body do what it needs to, and you could have your baby by tomorrow morning at the latest," The doctor looked between the pair, figuring they might want to talk it over for a minute, "I'll give you a couple of minutes." He said, and then nodded to them before stepping out. "So... it's me?" Audrey murmured, biting her lip a little, but then looked to Alan, "I-I'm not sure what we should do. Things aren't ready yet. My family's supposed to be over here when the baby's due, they're supposed to be here... and, the room's not finished yet. And we have to make room for Lauren still too... and..." I'm scared... Audrey knew she didn't need to say it. If they wanted, they could have the baby within the next day. Or put it off and risk more of this happening until it was time.
  15. Invite The Drop

    Audrey managed to give a kiss to the top of Tavi's head before the girl could run off to greet her new older sister, and smiled warmly at the girl's forwardness. Perhaps that was her own influence, Audrey having helped raised the girl from the time she was a baby. She still wondered to this day how Rachel could have just left her in the hospital, and not been much of a part in her life, but she supposed that was something she'd never figure out. She was just happy that she could be, especially at moments like this when Tavi was managing to bring Lauren down to earth - the teen who had only a short time earlier been so sure of herself and what she wanted and would be doing. Maybe this was exactly what Lauren needed. Even so, Audrey didn't feel any less tense over all the new information, or any less pained over the news of David. She was in fact rather in shock still, her hands fiddling a little with the book on her lap. She had wanted it for something, but even that had fled her mind, at least until Lauren mentioned colours, and Audrey made a mental note as she nodded. "Greys and purples, that sounds lovely. We can do something with that," Yes, Audrey was sure she could think of something, and she could take Lauren shopping with her to work out what kinds of things she might like, and they could get her a new wardrobe of clothes. The other girls would love another shopping day, no doubt. Even as her mind raced, Audrey caught Stuart's words about making coffee, and quickly tried to move, only to wince slightly as she pressed a hand to the side of her abdomen. "N-no, I should get the coffee..." The woman huffed. "You should just sit back and try to relax, Auds," Came the stern sound of Stu's voice in response before he was off into the kitchen to boil some water. He'd caught Alan watching Audrey as well, and was wondering himself if they were going to have to rush her to hospital. "I'm fine..." Audrey muttered back to Alan, but then felt another sharp pain and gritted her teeth before fear soon began to set in. Was she fine? What if something was going wrong right now? So much was happening, what if she lost the baby too? She felt herself begin to tremble as she started struggling to breathe, not quite realising yet that she was beginning to have a panic attack. Suddenly, Audrey felt that tightening in her abdomen again, bringing along with it another sharp pain and she suddenly began to sob as a hand gripped Alan's arm, "No, I'm not. Something's wrong, Alan..." She gasped as another pain shot through her when she tried to stand, "Something's wrong and I can't move!"
Audrey Adelaide Adagathguarde
Headmaster's Assistant, Missus, and Child Rearer
27 year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age  27
Date of Birth June 6th, 1992
Birthplace Forthyngton, England
Year Level 
Occupation Headmaster's Assistant, Missus, and Child Rearer
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Holland Lop Bunny
Wand 10" Alder with Unicorn Hair
Play-by Gal Gadot
  • 2005 - 2010: Hogwarts
  • 2011: Tallygarunga
  • 2012 - 2015: VMU, Magical Education
  • says she came to Australia for the experience, really came over to be close to Meri, stayed because she likes it here
  • like her sister, tends to go for men a bit older than herself
General Knowledge
  • LOVES chocolate
  • prefers to be called 'Addy' or 'Auds'
  • excitable and loves a big party, especially planning them
  • basically organises Alan's entire life, from work, to making sure the groceries are done properly and not just microwave meals or junk food, to running the kids to and from pre-school, to getting him to family gatherings, to... well, you get the point
  • currently engaged to Alan Burdett and mother to his youngest child, though happily allows all his kids to call her 'Mum'
  • #TeamWonderWoman

Happy, hyperactive, and peppy -- if there was a cheer squad then Audrey would be it. She can be almost childlike in her natural bubbliness and bouncing around, though still maintains some kind of semblance of someone who is nearing adulthood. At least as much as her energy allows for it. To some it might seem like she never runs out of steam since she just seems to be constantly on the go and always brings extra bounce into the vicinity when she comes across people. Of course, this is offset by her ability to sleep through just about anything, including her alarm on many occasions. Audrey isn't much of a morning person in the respect that it takes a long time for her to wake up, but once she's up then she's on fire.

Naturally friendly, Audrey tries to make friends wherever she goes and is especially kind toward people who she thinks could really use a friend or someone to talk to. This can get on some peoples' nerves since often she doesn't know when to back off or leave things be, but her heart is in the right place and even if she gets quite easily hurt when people get annoyed with her, she'll bounce back easily enough and try again another day.

It probably doesn't help her hyperactivity that she also loves sugar and especially chocolate and its rare that she isn't carrying something around with her that's sugary -- occasionally sneaking snacks in whenever she can, and making sure she has dessert with every meal. Its just a good thing that she's very active in normal every day life otherwise she would probably be quite overweight by now. She plays tennis, and generally any other sport that catches her eyes when she has the time for them since she has so much energy to burn.

Audrey can be a bit of an oddball as well, having little to no fear of much if anything she's quite likely to be found sitting on a roof in the middle of a storm or dancing outside in the rain. She'll be the first to climb a tall tree, stick her hand inside a hole in the wall just out of curiosity or wear her pjs to work if she hasn't woken up properly and get changed there. It's rather funny that she's able to organise Alan's life so well, considering her own can sometimes be in chaos. She feels like she's found her calling though, being able to organise someone else and make sure their life is running well.

A very loving and caring person, Audrey adores her family and any friends she makes, making her a very loyal woman and also very empathetic toward the people she's close to. She hates to see someone dear to her suffering and will do anything to try and make them smile again. She especially loves Alan's kids, and dotes on them horribly, as well as their new baby.


Standing at around 5'8, Audrey is on the taller side of average thanks to their father's genes. She has had all her growth spurts that she knows of though and is quite happy with her height. She's a little on the skinnier side, despite her not so awesome diet, mostly because she's a very active person and never stops moving. There is some shape to her lean frame, enough to mark her as an attractive young woman and catch the occasional eye. Her complexion is fair, with just a hint of a tan that tends to darken during the warmer months when she will spend time at the beach, and her eyes are a dark grey that seem to shine with mirth and curiosity.

When it comes to clothing, Audrey likes to feel comfortable much of the time, quite happy to get around in baggy jumpers or shirts and sweatpants or shorts -- or even her pjs if she so chooses. She's not really hung up on how she looks to other people, however from time to time and for work she likes to dress it up a little, and can change her appearance completely with something simple as a nice dress or a bit of makeup or different hairstyle. She love bright 'girly' colours and has a penchant for extras like bracelets, badges, hair clips, and other knick-knacks that she can use to decorate herself up.

A definite noticeable thing about Audrey though is that she tends to smile, a lot, and its very rare to see her upset, and even more rare to see her angry. She almost to always looks excitable and has a tendency to make silly faces a lot as well.


She loves her friends, and doing things for them. She's a terror for matchmaking if she knows single people, and will happily match friends up (proven with Arti and Derrick).


Adores her family, and not only her birth family, but the family of people that she just adopts along the way. Friends tend to become family to her, and she looks after all of them and is a serial hugger.


Though she was a serial dater for quite a long time, barely even going on more than one date with a guy let alone doing anything more with him, she ended up falling into a relationship with Alan in early 2018, and has been happier than ever. She torments him about as much as loves him.


It's rare for Audrey to truly hate anyone, but despite her sweetness, she can be a hellion if she really gets going and anyone in her way should watch out.

The story so far

Born the baby of her family with quite a number of years between herself and her older sister, Audrey had been loved and spoiled from day one, having a close and influential family in Forthyngton, England. She never really wanted for anything and from the time she could walk, she would try to follow her sister around, always curious about what everyone else was doing and wanting to be able to do it as well.

This followed into her childhood years as well, Audrey's curiosity never seeming to leave and her love for her family seeming to grow stronger all the time. She idolised her sister, Mereditha, and wanted to be very much like her, even to the point of finding the perfect husband and having a happy and perfect wedding and marriage just like Meri had. Unfortunately, Audrey was still a little too young to understand when tragedy struck and Meri lost the baby that had been growing in her tummy, something that had fascinated Audrey. And all the little girl knew was that there was no baby anymore and she wasn't going to be an aunty.

Things seemed to change a little with her sister after that, but at the same time Audrey saw less and less of her as time went on and she grew older and was enrolled into St Katherine's, where she quickly made many friends and seemed to become lost in her own world as the Magical world became the new exciting thing to learn more about. She focused on her studies between doing other activities and meeting boys, though when Meri returned to England for a time after she and Adrian had divorced, Audrey's focus returned to her sister and trying to cheer her up. She worried for her having remembered Meri as such a happy and outgoing person when Audrey was a child, to seeing her as somewhat a wreck was scary.

During this time Audrey's grades slipped a fraction, and with the departure of Meri when she returned to Australia, they didn't get a whole lot better either. Audrey tried her best, but her sister was always on her mind, and then there was news of the floods in Queensland that wiped out Fox Heights, and she became ever more concerned with the world outside of school.

It came to a point where her studies had suffered right when they were most crucial, and after a long discussion with her parents and the heads of the education, Audrey proposed that she study for an extra six months in Australia where she could live near Meri and experience a different place, and pick her grades back up so that she could have more options for university. After much consideration her parents agreed, and Audrey moved to Australia to study an extra semester at Tallygarunga.

After graduating with pretty good marks if she says so herself (and she does), Audrey decided to get work experience while deciding what she wanted to do with her life. So she began working at Tally as a receptionist, a role she enjoyed and decided to stick with while she studied teaching via correspondence. Once she graduated, she occasionally filled in for teachers now and then, at least until she ended up becoming the Assistant to the Headmaster, and boy did she take the responsibility seriously.

Though an interesting development during the Education Conference at the beginning  of 2018, led to a relationship beginning between the young woman and Alan Burdett. One that resulted in her becoming pregnant and them having to come out publicly as a couple before their little bundle of joy could be born in November. With the birth of Merrilea came also a proposal from the happy father, and so now Auds is 'officially' the Headmaster's Ball an' Chain to be.

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