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  1. ”More Prettier? Don’t make me smack those words out of your mouth boi.” She shook her head. ”No excuse for talking like you are uneducated. Especially if you want to be in the spot light, don’t let them make you out to be a dumb jock.” Sher chided though she smirked, she was only teasing him. ”They will paint you into a corner if you let them.” She said as she looked at him. They tried to paint her into one and she fought it. Well Violet tended to fight everything if she could. She didn’t like being told what to do, which made the fact she was coaching hilarious to her family. She was a good coach in her mind, she knew how to motivate the girls like her and she had a whole team of them right now. They were not just spoiled rich girls on the pitch. She made them get dirty, she made them fight for their spot on the pitch. She taught them to support one another because if it was good for the team, it was good for them. No one on the team was worth more than any other. At least no on her team, she knew that was not always the case. But she was in charge of young women, she was responsible for making them members of society that were worth more than their money. She looked over him and smiled. ”Lamps are important… No matter where they are- beside… bathroom… closet.” She said with a smile. She was teasing him a bit, she knew she was, but that didn’t stop her. She looked down. ”Sometimes we do things that don’t make a whole lot of sense.” She said ”I also know dreams change- because we change.” This was not the final dream, she knew that… she was not set on anything but doing better than before. ”We both are taking a chance, it could be just as bad for your career as it is for mine… people may not take you so seriously.”
  2. ”Stubborn is an ugly word, I prefer determined.” she said as she looked over at him. It was not in Violet’s nature to turn away from a challenge- Even though she knew she should not be carrying on with Tyson like this- but she was. It was not a though she was doing anything too horrible at the moment, she had not let it go too far, she had not quite crossed the line, she was merely toeing it at the moment. That didn’t really make it okay, but it at least gave her some credit… or something. Or so she could rationalize anyway. She would do her best to make sure she was not crossing the line, no matter how tempting the temptation was. Which in this case was very, very tempting. Letting out a small laugh she sh0ok her head. ”Oh yes, they will die when I tell them all about the romantic lamp you got me.” Not that she would tell them that, they would think it was stupid, but then that was sort of what it was like being in a relationship with someone, they were able to have these jokes about lamps and they thought it was great, it didn’t actually matter what anyone else thought. They could all kicks rocks for all she was concerned. Looking at him for a moment she laughed once more. The idea of a white picket fence was so far from what she had ever considered in life. She wanted to be happy, just not white picket fence happy. What was she expecting? ”I don’t want that whole trope… the white picket fence was never for me… you know?” She said as she thought about it for a moment. ”I always thought I would have a family a couple of kids who kick ass…” She was not interested in the boring things in life but always the more exciting… ”A home somewhere in Melbourne or wherever I want to settle. I want to keep coaching, maybe for the Aussie team…” She shrugged.
  3. ”I admit nothing.” Violet said with a smile. She looked at him and laughed. There was a lot that went into playing sports. You couldn’t be timid and meek, you would get trampled. She had always known that. Looking at him for a moment. She laughed a bit. ”You are quite the man.” She said as she looked at him. It was the truth, of the men she had dated, he was the most mature, at least in many ways he was. It was interesting honestly. The way that he managed to get her attention and then keep it. Looking at him for a moment she smiled. ”You do have the ability to keep up with me… that is at least impressive.” She said with a laugh. Of course there was a lot that went into this conversation they had not gotten very serious before, not like this. There was vulnerability in the idea of talking about these things. It was not as though. She looked at him and smiled. ”No one had talked about my eyes that way before.” She said with a smile as she looked over at the lamp he was holding. She wasn’t surprised at his admission of wanting to kiss her, he was never shy about sharing that with her. Honestly she wouldn’t have minded a kiss… Or something. She nodded. ”yeah…” She looked at him and she wanted him to be able to have a safe space… she hated that his family was not as caring. She wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t have the support of her parents. She supposed that only made him grow up faster than most. It was something she liked about him though- Small blessings in the hard parts of life. She smiled and shrugged. ”He sort of knows…my family doesn’t ask a lot of questions they know I’ll tell them when im ready to tell them…” She shrugged. ”My friends know though.”
  4. She supposed that was exactly what she was doing… choosing to be happy with him. However she wouldn’t just go with that right now. She shook her head. ”You have some kind of ego you know that.” Well of course he did… she honestly did too. Which was why the fact he said he was happy with her made her feel pretty good at the moment. She never got the feeling he didn’t want to be with her honestly- he was the one who seemed to be driving it in the beginning, not that she stopped him or tried to stop him. It was not an easy situation for either of them and she knew that… she only wanted things to be good… to enjoy the times they has together. No matter what the outcome might actually be. Shifting for a moment she smiled at him, a bit of a silly grin, but one that was felt at the moment anyway. ”Bring out my eyes?” She said with a laugh. She figured that much was true anyway. ”Okay them grab it, I’ll take it.” It was an impulsive way to buy a lamp but this was a bit of an impulsive relationship. Regardless of what her head told her… she had not listened and acted on the impulse to be near him instead. What a mess this was. She let out a soft hum as she looked at it again. ’It is a rather nice lamp. I’ll give you that.” It wasn’t terrible… and it may sort of go with her stuff… but that was kind of fun- to have the funky lamps and furniture. They had at least both admitted to being serious about the other. That was a good thing… it meant neither of them were wasting time with one another. ”I am too…” She said and then a thought struck her. ”have you told your family about me?” She asked- though she didn’t mean her as the coach who was ten years his senior- but the girl he was spending time with at the moment. It was not a huge deal if he hadn’t she was just curious. A
  5. Imbalance was one of those things she felt happened in all aspects of life, the pain and the suffering came from wanting to right the imbalance in a certain way. Violet had learned to move with it. TO adjust to it and keep it going. That didn’t mean she was not prone to suffering, but she avoided it by doing what she could about the things she could change- the balance of the world was not something she controlled, she only controlled her life. ”I don’t think magic is a true imbalance, I happen to think life is an imbalance, its just about being able to shift to keep it all balanced.” She shrugged once again and smiled at him anyway. ’The conundrum of life-“ Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. That was simply the way it was. ”I just choose to be happy, regardless of the damned and the imbalance.” She was spending time with Tyson after all- that was the very risky thing she had been doing. The last thing she wanted was for either of them to be in a bad way- but she was actually not sure what she would have to gain from not spending time with him. Risk was usually the side effect of good things right? She looked at him and laughed. ’Okay then- pick a lamp.” she said as she looked at them. ”Spoil me.” She was still going to pay for it but since he said he was the one who had used the words. Not that she needed anyone to do so- She indulged in things for herself. She needed to honestly- especially after the injury. Looking down for a moment she was surprised to hear him sound so confident about it. She had not spent much time with anyone who was as sure sounding about this as he was. Which made her question men her age in many ways. There was something wrong about what they were talking about doing- but at the same time- how could she have been so wrong about how she felt. ”And there are no tricks then?” She looked up with a small smile. It was not as though she was used to getting real attention from someone. She had been on many dates, and usually it had been about her ability to play quidditch, the interest waned once she was no longer on a team roster. ”I am serious too.” She admitted, she was here, theys pent a lot of time together just doing things that were as normal as she could muster… for the sake of avoiding impropriety.
  6. She shook her head. ”Magic is the imbalance.” She said. Which in many ways one could see how it would be seen as an imbalance from the perspective of the non-magical. Then She then tagain, she didn’t think too much about it honestly. They had gotten out of it. ”the flying thing would only confirm their suspicions about her.” She then looked at the man and she smiled. It had been at least sort of nice to talk about some of this anyway. she felt like so much of it was not known- the girls at her school wouldn’t have it if they knew the very humble beginnings that she had come from. She had to fight against enough attempting to make a place for herself she didn’t need to fight another battle of socioeconomics as well. She shifted as she studied a lamp. ”I guess so.” She said. Though when it came to secrets Violet only seemed to be keeping them from everybody but him. There was not too much more about her he didn’t know. He didn’t know everything but how could one person know everything about the other in such a short amount of time. she laughed and then shrugged at the lamps. ”they are pretty… I don’t need one- but I like to look from time to time.” She said as she looked around and smiled. Serious about her? She was a little surprised, not that she was not serious herself. It just took her by surprise. She had not thought too much in advance about what might happen between them- she was focused on the now… she always got so caught up in the what ifs. ”Serious…” She smiled. ”Its good to hear are serious about something.”
  7. Violet dipped her head for a moment. ”It just means something about your soul is off balance and a demon can inhabit you.” She said waving her hand. ”some are more likely than others.” She said with a whimsical smirk. It was not something she believed. Which some would say made her the perfect vessel for a demon. Though she had seen true evil, she did not think something like a demon was responsible for it. Those evil people were just people. Which she felt was more terrifying, it meant that anyone could be capable of atrocity when it boiled down to it. ”I am flawed, but I will take that compliment… just don’t be coming back around saying ‘heyyy big head’” he heard bobbed as she said it, and then broke into a soft laughter. The idea of it was funny to her. ”Nice try, but I won’t be spilling my secrets anytime soon.” She shook her head, her hair dancing around her shoulders. ”then they wont be secrets… and that was a pretty ridiculous attempt to learn. I will always keep a little mystery about me…” She said over her shoulder as she walked deeper into the store, taken with some of the intricate looking lamps towards the back of the store, she didn’t need a lamp but that didn’t stop her from wanting to look at the bright and shiny objects. She smiled at him. ”You have to know your worth.” She suggested, it seemed that he did know his worth however. She looked down flattered he was taking her into consideration. ”If you get a good offer, better than the offers that you get close by… take it.” She didn’t want to be something that stood in his way. ”I don’t want to stand in the way of your success. Magical travel makes distance less important okay.” She would travel to see him, he would come home to see her.
  8. Violet rolled her yes. ”yes casting out demons.” It was not something she talked about a lot. ”I wouldn’t worry you wouldn’t be allowed to participate if you would be somehow compromised.” She assured him. There were rules to all of this. Looking at him she shrugged. ”It was life you know, we did what we had to do.” It was not as though she could change the fact she was of mixed race anymore than either of them could change the fact they were magical. They all did what they had to do. Survival was not a game and she was not above making sure she won when it came to that. She was a t least glad they had made it out of South Africa alive. ”Oh is that so?” she said and shook her head at him. She was not really worried about the playbook he claimed to have. ”Don’t worry I don’t need your janky secrets I have plenty of my own.” she raised her chin defiantly and smiled laughing as she casually looked through the sheet sets. She was not sure what she would end up with, she was not actually sold on any of the one’s she had been looking at. ”That’s good about the schools, you need to press them about the extra stuff… they’ll bid.” She had seen it with many of her players before. She offered her advice, she felt they should have gone to school. ”I should have gone, but I was too ready to be grown and on my own so it seemed like the best thing to join a team.” She said with a shrug. ”What are you hoping for?”
  9. Violet knew the anti magic thing well. ”That is ultimately the reason my mother pushed to leave South Africa.” She looked at him. ”Where we lived it was not un common to see the oldest woman in the neighborhood casting the devils and the demons out of someone’s home. My child like use of magic without knowing- it made it doubly unsafe for us as a family you know?” She said as she shrugged. ”Then we moved among muggles but they didn’t seem as keen to cast demons out the way they did back home.” She could remember her mother talking about watching these things and how those with magic were not understood and often times found themselves in trouble. People hated different. It seemed like a major thing they both walked into in their lives without so much as asking for it. That was just how it went she supposed. She was at least happier than she had been in a while. Leaving quidditch behind her was hard, she had felt so gutted when she lost the game. It was much better now that she was not in the spotlight and she was enjoying her time now. She smiled at him. ”That would be entirely too clever of you.” She said. ”I don’t know if you could really pull that off.” she teased. ”Are they good offers?” She asked him. Like how much did they offer, if they would offer more in ways of other things, housing and what not. ”What about teams? Have you been scouted to skip uni?” She asked him. She liked to think she had a bit of a business mind now that she had been through it. ”I had several offers before I settled- but I think if they want you enough, school or pro team… you can play them off one another and get what you want. Do you think you will go the school route?” he was smart… it would be a good option for him.
  10. That was the unfairness of being in the public eye. It didn’t matter what you did someone was going to have something to say about it. ”This may be Australia but color still matters. They say it doesn’t but it does.” That was something they both had have learned by now. They were not natives- but they were still not the majority. She let out a soft sigh. ”It’s nothing like I remember my mom talking about being back home. About how she and my father weren’t able to walk down the same side of the street together.” She shrugged. It was strange. ”They wouldn’t have been allowed to walk with me either, I was technically a crime.” She said as she looked at him and then went back to the idea. ”No they get the they tried their best too, it depends on the crowd.” She said. They also got passes on other things. Well they had until recently. She was glad some things were changing. They needed to change. Violet had her own stories about a man using his power but she had not thought much about them since she decided to put them behind her. She smiled however. ”Yiu should be wise enough to use what that woman knows.” She didn’t like the public eye, and she didn’t want him to have to deal with the intrusion if that was how he went. ”Have you had any one contact you about playing next year?” she was curious what the buzz was for him at the moment. ”There you go one way to look at it.” She laughed. She enjoyed his positive view of life, she felt she had a tendency to be negative and he seemed to pull her from that thought. ”Oh you have no idea there is quite the process… maybe you’ll get to know some day.” She hinted with a small smile as she tugged him into one of the shops. ”Okay I need light gray sheets. Or red.” She said as she went to look through the many different sets of sheets.
  11. Violet looked at him and shook her head. ”Oh no, you don’t get to claim this.” This was one of those things that she was pretty vocal about. ”They have to be harder on things and be worse because they need to prove they belong on the same arena.” She looked him over. ”Don’t forget that.” Violet would never back down on that honestly. She let out a small sigh as she looked at him with a small sigh. ”I will be sure to show you how much harder we girls have to work.” She said as she looked at him and nudged him. ”You can’t get a big head and sayt hat if you are going to be in the public eye. People will judge you very harshly.” She was teaching him a lesson now, not in the way she might teach her students, but in a way she wished someone had told her. ”I had a few controversial statements because I just said shit you know. I was not ready for the attention. I hated the attentions.” She said. It was a mess honestly. ”I feel the need to share this with you you know? If you do get picked up by a team, you are gonna be in the middle of this storm where people want to know about you. It’s crazy. I didn’t know how to talk to them. I don’t want that for you.” Maybe she was taking her role too seriously… or maybe she was too much of a feminist. ”As far as what you will be carrying, that is really of no consequence!” she said with a laugh. ”I need new linins too. That about it honestly… I could use some throw pillows for my couch, it’s a bit bare but that’s not really important.” She said as she looked at him. ”Move in? No I would have to train you first!” She said with a laugh.
  12. It made her laugh. She bumped him back and smiled at him. ”I could get behind some focus.” She said though in reality she had no idea how much she could actually take. She struggled now when it came to being the center of attention. She struggled before but at least she could hide behind the character she had created for herself. That was one of the things she didn’t miss, they usually bothered her around quidditch time, or around the games. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”Girls are always much worse. They are harder on everything.” she had come to know that Girls were also much harder to get respect from. She didn’t mind, she had earned it from them. She was consistent, she was fair and she had proven herself as a coach and a player time and time again. When you took things seriously they understood it. ”Well that is your official title right? My personal gofer?” She asked him with a small smile. ”Having a hard time dressing yourself? Well that is fairly obvious.” She teased him as she made a show of looking his outfit over before laughing. ’Lets start at the quidditch place get that and then I need to get some things for the house. I need to put up new shelves.” She said as she tugged his hand towards the quidditch shop. "It's all that sugar, sugar is a drug." She said shaking her head.
  13. The path his thumb traced along her knuckles was not missed it was strangely intimate and affectionate. She supposed that was a good way to explain their situation. Strangely intimate and affectionate. There was many things she had shared with him she would have usually kept to herself. Like her ‘uncles’ restaurant. Like how it was to live in South Africa before 91. Though she didn’t really remember too much- there was enough and her mother talked about it enough for it to affect her a bit. She shifted and smiled. ”I know I am worth it, and I want everyone to focus on only me… you’ll do for now.” She teased. Though he was not too far off. She did like when he focused on just her. ”Actually I need to get some new goalie equipment.” She said with a smile. ”My girl’s get rough and wore through it.” She said with laugh. She was proud of them. They were a tough bunch though. ”And I need to get some things for home… I have no outfits to shop for but you are more than welcome to do a fashion montage.” She said as she nudged him lightly. Her hand slipping into his fingers interlocking for a moment with a smile her cheeks flushing hot for a moment. She shrugged. ”I suppose not.” She agreed. It was a lot to be on the run and then send an entire country of people into mass panic when he got too close. He had to be a bad dude. ”Those cookies are bullshit…” She lamented. For the price… it was insane. ”But I mean y9ou never know bad guys like cookies too.” Contrary to popular belief, cookies were for everyone.
  14. One of the many things she liked about him was his smile. It was huge and he had these damn dimples that managed to get her… Everytime she thought she needed to end this, he would smile, and then she was drawn back in. She smiled back at him. Ah I see so this is your whole plan deprive me of you so that I’ll want you more. That seems like a crazy head game.” Then again she was also paying a game- but with herself. letting out a small laugh she shrugged. ’I suppose that makes sense… if you want someone to keep jonsing for you… Maybe next time I will make you wait for me.” She said with a smile. She wanted him to want her too. It had taken her a long time to get to a place where she had admitted that. ”I was thinking we could just do whatever today. Thought you might like a little bit of freedom given the way things have been at school.” She shrugged at her suggestion. ”I really didn’t plan for much of anything today, but I can come up with some shopping I need to do in order to make you feel as though you are waiting?” She said with a laugh as she tugged his hand towards the shops. Regardless of the the activity she was spending the day with him and that was all she really needed to know. ”I wish they would get this al sorted. I feel like nothing has happened and people are complacent now… but not … its dangerous times.” She sighed.
  15. Seeing Tyson had become the highlight of Violets week. She was not sure that she should be doing this, but she was doing this. It was a choice she kept making. It was one she didn’t think she would stop making. At least not now. Tyson made her feel things that she had not felt in a long time, they were things she didn’t actually think she could stifle if she wanted to. That didn’t mean she was not nervous about the many consequences that were in play. However for now, things were better- she was happier, and she was lighter feeling. It was a good thing. It was all a good thing. Even if they had been rather safe about things… she wondered how much longer she could hold out. Spotting him she smiled as he approached. ”Damn what have you have been doing, you took long enough.” There was a smirk behind her word. There was a lot of fun in the way they would go back and forth. Not too many people could do that with her without losing their cool eventually. ”I swear I been waiting almost all day.” She teased as she bit her lip. ”The aurors get you?” She questioned. She didn’t know how bad things had been there… she hoped it had been a little bit easier for them… but she had not actually paid attention for a few reasons. Violet reached to take his hand. Squeezing it for a moment. The small bit of affection she could offer in the open.
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