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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite After Practice

    She shook her head. ”You are very pernickety” she said with a laugh. It was actually kind of funny. Though Scar had honestly known him long enough to know that he would not change his mind until they proved themselves. That was alright- they needed to have high standards so they could exceed them. ”Your mind will change when you see something special in them. You were horrible to me when I started playing quidditch but I think you were jealous I was so good and so cute.” she teased him. One of the many things Scar had always been good at was teasing the man beside her. She loved it just as much as she loved quidditch. She was pulling her shirt off as they made it to the beach. ”Nah, I want to just get in and go.” She said with a smile as she studied the waves. ”Promise not to cry when I show you how much better I am?” She knew good and well she was not about to be better than Liam but she didn’t mind the idea od trying to be better than him.
  2. Invite After Practice

    ”If the brick wall is between me and scoring you can bet your arse I will run into it every time.” She pointed out. Bruises were like battle wounds… things to be proud of… Scarlett had never really thought much about healing the bruises that weren’t terrible. She looked at her arm and shook her head. ”Nah, it makes me looks tough.” She said making a growling face. Scar was a tough cookie, she always had been- mostly out of necessity, her family had not been the best and she had not always found herself with good people. The one person she had trusted not to hurt her had completely broken her heart. Not only that the papers loved to bring it back up every time he went out with some new chick. It was bad enough without everyone else knowing about it. She slid into the passenger’s side of the car and looked at him as he made the sound that led her to believe he was not impressed. ”I dunno the beater isn’t so bad… he could use some polish but all the young kids need polish you know. They weren’t like us and fantastic the moment they stepped on the pitch at Tally/” She had been a mess of knees and elbows before she finally came in to her own as a chaser. ”They’ll get it.” She said with a smile. They wuld have to if they wanted to stay.
  3. Invite After Practice

    Scar smiled. ”That is because I am better than you. In all things. You are the reason I have this bruise on my hip I’ll have to contend with for a few days. What are you a brick wall?” She asked as she threw her bag over her shoulder. The last thing she needed, or wanted was to forget something and then never find it again. Things left out of the lockers had a bad habit of running away. She loved the sweatshirt she had in the bag too. ”But don’t worry I wont let anyone know how much better I am, they will just have to see and assume for themselves.” She had never really been shy or lacked confidence. She was Scarlett and that was good enough for her. ”Perfect.” She said falling into step with him. ”Lead the way.” She didn’t mind following them… Scar had gotten lost a few times when she had been left to her own devices. Never mind living here, she had a poor sense of direction when she was on the ground. She smiled. ”What do you thin about some of the new kids on the team?” She asked with a smile.
  4. Invite After Practice

    Letting out a brief sigh as practice came to a close she was glad to have found herself on the ground once more. It had been a long one that was for sure. Scar had always liked practice but at this point she thought she would need an ice bath after colliding with Liam. He was a rather large and solid object. Scar was by no means a delicate flower, but he was not a small man. She rubbed her elbow where she could see a tear in her shirt and a lovely grass burn from earlier. She swore she needed a better charm for her clothes so they wouldn’t get all torn up, and in turn allow her body to get torn up. Then again, she didn’t think it would matter she played rough. She always had. Looking up she smiled at him. ”you think so?” that actually sounded like a good thing. She had been waiting on the chance to get into the water. She would likely make a fool of herself but that was the fun… right? She shook her head for a moment and smiled. ”You think you could keep up with me if I was?” Scar was confident in her abilities. At least for now.
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  6. Scarlett Van Acker

    Scarlett Van Acker
    As the first child of Maddox, a hit wizard, and Tabitha, a historian, a lot was expected of Scarlett. There were expectations that she would be smart like her mother, witty like her father and just as brave as both of them. As a little girl Scarlett lived up to these expectations, wanting nothing more to please her parents who were after all pretty famous in the Wizard world. Like any good daddy’s girl Scarlett idolized Maddox and would often give her mother the hardest of times if daddy wasn’t home to tuck her in at night. When Hector was born Scarlett flipped out. She didn’t like having to share her parents with a little boy, let alone a screaming baby. Because of her inability to share a sibling rivalry was born. Scarlett often played pranks on Hector, or was just outright mean to him, like the time she shoved his pram down a hill towards a lake. This changed when Maggie was born, Hector and Scarlett teamed up and directed this towards their younger sister. Growing up Scarlett loved to sit in her father’s lap and listen to her father tell stories about the good ol’ days. Her favorite were always the ones that made her father look like a hero. She also always liked the ones where her mother outsmarted the boys or bossed them around, it was nice to know her mother had always been bossy with everyone and not just Scarlett and her siblings, When it came time for school she was the exact opposite of her parents in productivity and grades, She had gained her mother’s intelligence but she hadn’t gained the humble nature of her parents. That didn’t bother her however she and her friends seemed to get each other. It was there that Scarlett became a tomboy; she fell in and got a along much better with the boys and those on the quidditch team. She picked up rude habits like belching. It was also on her second year that she started talking back to her teachers. The fact she was rude and talked back seemed to bother her parents; they didn’t particularly understand the change in their daughter. Not fully understanding it herself she found herself pulling away from her parents. Instead she started saying and doing things purely for shock value. Her cousins seemed to think she was funny, yet she was able to offend them at the same time. Taking on the role of the problem child seemed to work out well for her. However she managed to graduate (just barely). Her many experiences in the Headmaster’s office made her hate school so she decided she would not be attending college. This caused a huge fight between her and her parents and in a moment of childish anger she stormed out of the house. After a small reconciliation Scarlett left Sydney, She was still a bit sore at her parents for some of the things that were said. Scarlett decided it was time to take up one of the many offers for the European Quidditch teams and she played for the Harpies for a while. However she was offered a spot with the Australian National team and she jumped at the chance to go back home. She and her family have sort of Reconciled but she would rather not deal with them if she can, she still feels like the adopted child and so to save her family she moved to Melbourne instead of Sydney.
  7. Complete Drink, Drank, Drunk (Nov 28th '17)

    After having dealt with rather frustrating several days by way of her ex’s new girlfriend and a rather bothersome encounter in the locker room Scar was just glad to get out and let off some steam. She had not been out in a while, she had not known her surroundings too well stateside but she home now. She could navigate the alley ways in her sleep if she needed to. Grabbing a few of her friends who had stuck around the area they were all enjoying their night out. The club was packed and it took a bit of maneuvering to get through the club but she had managed to do so. All the way to the bar where she was ignored in favor of a pair of blondes. ”Not much changes.” She muttered dryly. She called attention to herself once more and the bartender moved down to address another customer's needs and she shook her head with an exasperated sigh. ”Fine then thank you!” She said as she leaned over to grab two of the beers sitting just on the other side of the bar. She handed one to someone next to her. ”Here, on me.” She said using the bar top to open her beer before she clinked it off the other bottle. (Scarlett)
  8. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    Scarlett Van Acker
    Scarlett’s sense of humor was out the window, even so she didn’t find the “tease” all that funny. Considering she then went to accuse the gesture as being fake, the young woman was not winning herself any good favor in the eyes of her teammate. Scar had been called many things, but she had never been accused of being fake. She didn’t find it particularly nice either. ”Right.” She repeated once more, finding the desire to say other things too tempting at the moment. She was outspoken enough, but she rarely liked to release her vitriol on those she was supposed to be working with. Reserve or not, they still wore the same uniform robes. She glanced at her and furrowed her brow at what she said. ”Maybe if you didn’t act like such a twit you wouldn’t have people being so hard on you.” She pointed out, finding it challenging to keep holding her tongue. ”I appreciate sarcasm as much as the next person but you hide behind it.” She said with a small sigh. It was much nicer than she had thought it might be, but she was not in her typical playful mood. She liked to tease and she liked to push buttons but she was never outright rude about it. ”I can promise you I have never said anything for hell of it. So- check yourself once in a while.” Scar suggested, though in all honesty she had more to say about it she decided it was in her best not to. The last thing she needed was a legitimate complaint about her attitude. ”And I am only new to you. Not the team.” Scarlett had worked hard to get back on the Aussie team and she was not about to let someone with a chip on their shoulder derail her.
  9. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    Scarlett Van Acker
    The tone took her by surprise but then again Scarlett had not really talked to the young woman much, and thus didn’t know much about her either. It was mildly off putting. ”Right.” he said, humorless with her reply as she looked around the weight room. The woman in question knew what she meant and so she was not going to waste her time explaining herself. She let out a small sigh as she looked at the weight room and then back to the young woman who then asked what she was doing. Though she didn’t know if she exactly wanted to share all that much with her. ”PT with Charlie.” she indicated her knee. It always took those in PT a little longer to work through what they needed to do. That and Scar always liked to talk to the man. It was kind of nice her break up had been public and he had been in the process of a divorce and talking about how miserable that was, was nice. ”Well don’t work too hard then.” She said with a small polite smile.
  10. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    Scarlett Van Acker
    Scarlett was tired, She had been in with the trainer, recovering from an injury was never fun and even with the magic medical advances sometimes the muscles and the ligaments needed a little bit of extra work. The knee was better, but she was still pissed the team from Belgium had knocked her off the broom they way they had and not drawn a penalty. However she was alright with the rehab. Besides she and the Trainer new each other in school and he was always good to talk to. That and his kids liked to come over and fly on the various brooms she kept in her shed. After saying goodbye and promising to bring the kids by for Dinner on Sunday she headed back to the locker room. It was a good time to head out and back home for the night. She would have to come in a little early to get it wrapped, do a little pre work out stuff. Again she didn’t mind. She headed into the locker room convinced she was the last one in the complex she was surprised when she heard someone in the weight room. She poked her head in. ”Leanna.” She was sure she sounded surprised. ”You are going to burn yourself out.” She said as she stepped into the weight room.
Chaser Australian National Team
* year old Halfblood Human her/she
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Occupation Chaser Australian National Team
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