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  1. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Samhain nearly jumped when a hand was suddenly pressed on her shoulder, looking up at Alex. She gave him a strained attempt at a smile, before allowing her chin to rest on her crossed forearms, listening to the other students speaking. The answers were rather expectable, water was motion and change, who knew? Before long, however, the teacher was talking, and she paid slightly more attention to that. He seemed to be echoing what the students said, before announcing that water was his mortal enemy. How odd. Flinching as the scarecrows were set aflame, she fumbled for her wand. Bringing it up, she moved her wand as the Professor had, saying "Aguamenti!" Which was rather quickly joined by a "Holy fuck!" as the flames, instead of being put out, flared up violently. "How does that even happen!?" she gasped, flinching back from the sudden blast of heat, as only a few drops of water came out of her wand.
  2. Class Choose Wisely

    Samhain Eros
    Potions was one of the things that Samhain felt rather comfortable doing. It was certain, and rather like cooking, which she had spent her whole life doing. So this was rather relaxing, she had to admit. Shortly before her timer went off, the teacher began to speak. Samhain got up from her cauldron, and approached the teacher's desk, picking up a single mint and taking it back to her cauldron. Unwrapping it, she dropped it into the cauldron, watching as it went from pitch black to brick red. There, that was right, wasn't it? And next was a horizontal zeta, with a curl at the end. It seemed to be correct, since nothing blew up, and it began to change color.
  3. Class Choose Wisely

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain had skipped breakfast. She was tired, and the thought of being around so many people was overwhelming so she just... hadn't. If she got too hungry later, she could just nip down to the kitchens, the House Elves seemed to like her. They wouldn't mind slipping her some food. Besides, lunch wasn't terribly far away, although again that brought up the troubles of being surrounded by so many people. As she slipped into the potions classroom, she was glad to find that her dark eyes and gaunt face didn't look terribly out of place. Everyone who had already taken their seats looked the same, exhausted and struggling. She sat down at a cauldron in the front row, tucked safely on the far wall across from the front door. The teacher announced they were having a test, and Samhain frowned - it was too early for this, and she felt too poorly to think straight. But she hadn't a choice, so she put her book away, and tried to remember. Not alcohol, you didn't start with chardonnay in this one. With a swish of her wand, she prepared a timer, and leaned down to start a flame. Once it was low and brown, she carefully added three - she was pretty sure it was three - drops of ink. With a swish, the timer started, and she watched it carefully.
  4. Invite So You've Had a Bad Day

    So the woman was a Spencer, then? It... seemed to fit her, she supposed. Although she really couldn't say whether or not, yet, as she and the woman had only barely interacted. She was clearly protective of her patients, but also seemingly kindly. Then again, weren't all Nurses and Healers like that? At least, they seemed to be in the books she read. She didn't exactly make a habit out of visiting the Hospital Bay. Or doctors. Samhain looked down when Josie pulled out the scale, seeing it be set beneath her feet, numbers flicking across the top. The woman seemed to be proud of being a Spencer, puffing up her chest as she stood. The Sturt lowered her head as Ms. Wilson told her to call her just Josie, saying, "S-Sorry m-, Jo-Josie." Once she was satisfied that her hair was dry enough, or at least that it would no longer drip, she folded it and set it beside her, standing as the woman told her, on the school. The woman asked if she had any pains, stings, or cuts, and shook her head, "N-no." Any she had, after all, had healed a while back.
  5. DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

    Samhain Eros
    Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was her first class back after the holidays, and she wasn't entirely certain what her opinion on that was. Like always, she was so glad to be back at Tally. Tally was the home she'd never had, after all. But her father had left her with some parting gifts, and so she worried about having Defense Against the Dark Arts first. Hopefully, although she doubted it since she seemed to have truly awful luck, they'd just be doing bookwork today. As she walked to the classroom, she attempted to nonchalantly wave her wand, feeling her Glamors settled over her skin. What she couldn't cover with makeup, she had covered with Magic, and so all she needed to do was make sure it stuck. There was a slight, constant pull on her Magic, making her feel winded, but it was something she'd long gotten used to. Besides, it helped her practice her Magic, so that was a good thing, wasn't it? She was beginning to regret her choice of clothing as she walked to the building that held the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, feeling her face flush and sweat begin to bead. She was dressed in her uniform, of course, but the long sleeved versions of it. The sleeves of her beige shirt went down to her wrists, and just passed, to the point she rolled them up so she could use her hands. Her olive trousers, too, were long, and rolled up at the end, covering the lip of her scuffed leather shoes. It was a safety measure - it would train her too quickly if she tried to cover everything with Magic, and the cover-up wasn't fool proof. Samhain attempted to smoothe her stride as much as she could, killing her limp, as she approached the door to the classroom, slipping inside. She inclined her head to the red-haired teacher she recognized from her previous classes, and made her way to the opposite wall, offering a polite smile and wave to Alex and Cass. When she got to the wall, she began to lean back against it, pausing only for a moment and bringing her hand to her ribs in an almost imperceptible movement, before resting her weight against the wall, pulling out her wand. Once the majority of the students were there, the teacher began, quickly taking roll. Then, she addressed the class, asking them to share anything exciting that might have happened during their holidays. Samhain held her tongue, not having anything to add in. Alex, it seemed, did. He went on vacation, and sky dived, and got married. Her eye brows rose into her hair, going even further when Cass chimed in in agreement. Good for them! She couldn't imagine having a partner like they did, and she offered them both a thumbs up.
  6. Invite So You've Had a Bad Day

    Her feet didn't reach the floor, and so Samhain found herself awkwardly swinging her legs slightly, fingers fisting in the fabric of the borrowed clothing. She wanted to be anywhere but here, and right now if you please. But there wasn't much she could do, so all she could do was sit there and take it. She didn't think she could get far if she tried to run, and even if she did she'd have to go out of her way to grab her backpack - like hell would she leave Bumble behind. The woman introduced herself as Josie, and said she'd attended Tallygarunga five years passed. With manners that were heavily ingrained into her, she replied, "It's ni-nice to me-et you Mi-iss Josie. Wh-what hou-house did you at-attend?" Thankfully, the woman said she'd be dry soon enough, considering they were in Australia. Actually, the water was helping keep her cool, considering how hot she'd been before. But still, it was rather uncomfortable. The woman told her what she'd be doing, and Samhain nodded, saying, "Al-alright, ma'am." She accepted the towel with a surprised, but grateful, smile, saying "Thank you," as she began to dry her messy, long black hair.
  7. Class Health and Healing 01

    Samhain hung behind the rest of the crowd walking to Health and Healing, tuning out the droning of their speech. Her everything hurt. Her joints hurt the most, weak from malnutrition, and her muscles felt fatigued. Usually, she would have put on some weight by now, having spent so much time at Tally, but an uneasy stomach and stress had caused her to stick to picking at her meals, often skipping them together. In fact, she thought, as she felt her shoulder blade click, she might have even lost weight. She slipped into the classroom behind the others, looking up to see a scruffy looking man sitting at the teacher's desk. Was he to be their teacher? Didn't exactly look the sort, she thought, turning to sit down in a nearby desk. The food looked very appealing, making her stomach grumble, but she'd long learned to suspect food dangled in front of you. The man looked the sort to give you detention for falling for it, thinking you'd be allowed to eat in class. Looking around, she was surprised to realize she recognized her fellow students in this class. Even Alexander was here! She waited until there was a lull, before speaking up, fiddling with the sleeves on her robes. "I-I'm S-Samhain, I-I'm tak-taking this cla-class because I-I find heal-healing inter-interesting."
  8. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Samhain's eyes were red. The girl's gaze dropped to the ground as she hurried to class, reaching up to wipe at her eyes. She clung to the strap of her backpack with one hand, the other clenched around a piece of crumpled parchment, with smeared ink. Her bangs covered her eyes, pressing against her glasses. Looking up as she walked down the Underground Hallway, she saw the doorway that led to her classroom, and stepped inside. She made her way to a desk in the front row as always (she really needed to get new glasses, ones that actually helped her), putting out her supplies. Then, seeing she had time left, she rested her head on her crossed arms. When the teacher began to speak, she looked up, moving her bangs out of her way and rubbing at her reddened eyes, wishing she'd taken a moment to stop by the bathroom and wash her face. She scowled at the letter clutched in her hand, the words written down hissing in her head, and shoved it into her bag. She looked up, seeing the teacher gesture to the water display. It was definitely interesting, and on another day she would've been fascinated by it. But at the moment she simply remained quiet, listening to the other students throw in their answers.
  9. Complete Burning your Choice!

    Already, it was time to attend her second class for Elemental Magic. It was weird to think about, but she forced herself to put Bumble into his pen, and to head down to the class. They weren't meeting in the normal classroom, but outside. So she'd dressed ready for the heat, slathering herself with sunscreen and pulling on a hat over her dark hair. She slipped down into the 'Arena', watching as the teacher addressed them. Samhain couldn't understand how he remained so animated and cheerful in front of so many people, but she supposed that teachers were just a different sort of breed. As she was instructed to, she found her name, and looked over the list. An embarrassed flush covered her cheeks when she saw the comment on her iron, and she made certain she was going to do so. Once she was set up, she set out the Bamboo first, taking off a single piece of it first. Taking a deep breath, she pulled out her wand, beginning to cast a quiet "Incend-" Suddenly there was a burst of heat, and she turned, seeing Alex seemingly struggling with his flame. Hearing him yelling, she cast "Aguamenti" on the flames. "Alex, are you alright?" she asked, concerned.
  10. Class HoM Term One - All Years (Feb. 10 2018)

    The teacher didn't even bother to look up at her, which actually helped to lessen the girl's anxiety. It was easier to answer when she wasn't being stared at, and her eyes widened in surprise. Points? She'd earned Points for Sturt? She flushed, and beamed at the same time. However, she couldn't help but to startle as the woman suddenly stopped a volley of spitballs, assigning detention to the group of students who launched them. She couldn't imagine acting like that in class! When the woman asked another question, she bit her lip, thinking on it. But the woman hadn't addressed her, so she remained quiet, staring down at her desk, although she listened to see what would be said.
  11. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain flinched as the Professor was quick to rebuke the girl in a wheelchair, a flush coming across her face in second-hand embarrassment. Man, she couldn't imagine being called out in front of everyone else like that. Thankfully, it wasn't long before they switched discussions. Patronuses? She'd never cast one, and quite frankly, didn't think she could. It was a very strong, powerful spell, and she feared doing it wrong. Although the idea sounded fantastic. When it was her turn, she frowned, saying, "I've never cast a Patronus, and I don't know what it would be. A mouse or a rabbit, I guess? A Patronus could be useful for, u-um, helping to lessen Depression?" she flushed at the rather bad answer, staring at her desk.
  12. Potions Class - Term 1

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain grinned slightly, glad to hear they'd be doing healing potions at some point. She was quick to flip to the proper page, and beamed when she realized it was, indeed, a healing potion. She quickly retrieved the ingredients she would need: Wormwood, Comfrey, Throatwort, Wood-Betony, Plantain, Mugwort, Bonewort, Scabious, Avens, Wild Huny-fuckle, Agrimony, Bramble-buds, Cinquefoil, Spearmint, Sanicle, White-bottle, Ribwort, Daify-roots, Dandelion, Ruglofs, and Hautborn-buds. The girl put them into the cauldron, before adding two quarts of White-wine and a gallon of running water. She set the fire until the cauldron, and waited for it to boil.
  13. Class Ancient Runes 01

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain frowned, trying to figure out why a warrior might belong to Ice. Alexander was quick to answer, however, and her eyes widened. Was that right? It seemed so, as the Professor confirmed he'd gotten it right. Samhain quickly wrote down what he'd said, as well as what the teacher had said. Her head tilted as the meanings of the runes appeared on the board, and she quickly wrote those down instead. So S - Sowilo, meant The Sun? That wasn't terribly fitting for her, was it? She reached out and removed three runes, making sure not to look at their faces. Samhain frowned at the teacher's question, and stayed silent, not wanting to embarrass herself by being wrong.
  14. Potions Class - Term 1

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain took a deep breath, rifling through her bag once more as she approached the Potions classroom. She didn't much like the Underground Hallway, it made her feel claustrophobic, like she was under miles and miles of stone. But unfortunately, Potions class was held down there, and there was no getting out of it. The girl slipped into the classroom, slinking to a seat before looking around. She felt almost naked; she'd had to leave Bumble up in her Dorm, for fear of the little beast falling ill from Potions fumes. In her arms instead was her cauldron, filled with the books she'd need as well as her Potions kit. She set her cauldron down, before looking around the classroom. There was a large cauldron already bubbling, a potion inside of it, and numerous cauldron heaters were placed around the room. The girl was startled as a hare made of paper suddenly hopped onto her desk, but couldn't help but to smile. That was... pretty cool, she'd have to admit. She was quick to read over it once it unfolded, looking back up as the woman began to speak. The Sturt student nearly went out of her skin as the cauldrons suddenly began to burn, flinching without meaning to. Samhain hated sudden movements, especially ones to do with dangerous things, like fire. She waited for another girl to speak, relieved when the professor put out the fires, before raising her hand to speak. "I-I'm in-interested in-in he-healing po-potions." she said simply, before staring down at her cauldron, cheeks flushing crimson.
  15. Class In the Garden...

    Samhain Eros
    Samhain watched as the teacher began to go through the roll, before dropping her gaze to the table again. She listened as the teacher began to speak, writing down what she determined to be important. -Never insult Fae -Mr. Eron? -Fae view rude different -Avoid insults -Polite refuse gifts -Never thank them -Never owe a favor She also was quick to write down what the woman said on Banksia pods. Were they sentient? That didn't make any sense, but since when did magic make sense? The Sturt girl jotted down the recipe, wondering what it was for. Thankfully, the professor was quick to explain, and her eyes widened at what the woman said to the banksia pod. That was... seriously unprofessional. She grimaced as she was told they could work in groups but, thankfully, it didn't seem mandatory. Unfortunately, things went topsy turvy. The blonde haired girl spoke up, being completely unrespectful, and Samhain went still, feeling like her throat was closing in on itself. This was bad. The teacher was going to get mad. This was very, very bad. Without thinking, she reached for her wand. Instinctively, she cowered as the girl knocked items off the table, not seeing the girl, but someone else. She could hardly breathe, and only managed an "Excuse me!" before grabbing her bag and bolting, racing towards the main buildings where she could panic in peace. Without thinking, she left her journals out on the table.