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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic Eron
    Alic grimaced, looking away from the wounds which were stitching themselves up. It was unnatural and uncomfortable, like most magic. He was no stranger to blood, nor to healing, but watching his own skin grow together made his stomach turn. That could be the blood loss, though. He wasn't entirely sure at this point. A scowl crossed his lips when he was asked if he'd seen the students, and he almost shook his head, before thinking better of it. "No, but if I'd had it would not be me you were tending to right now." he hissed, blood boiling at the thought. The students had hurt him, that was bad enough. But they could have injured the Hippogriffs and, if things had gone worse, the beasts could have been euthanized for it. Opening his eyes, Alic accepted the anti-nausea potion. It would taste awful - most potions did, he knew that. So he held his breath before swallowing it, gulping it down as though it were a shot. The potion made him want to gag, but thankfully it was quick to settle his stomach. The dark haired professor then laid back as he was ordered, taking several deep breaths.
  2. Class Care of Magical Creatures - Segment 2

    When the boy moved to pummel him, the Patronus would give Alexander a rather unimpressed stare. Did he really think it could do any damage? But, thankfully, the boy seemed to realize it meant no damage, and so it was allowed to deliver its message before bounding off to tell the other students. When Alexander approached the field, Alic flicked his wand, striking off the boy's name so he would know he had attended. Alexander Winfield was a hard person to miss, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Thankfully, the Spencer girl reacted better to the Puma. At least, somewhat. She didn't try to hit him, at the least, although she did slam the door in his face. Rude! the Puma huffed, before whirling to seek out the Bourke girl. It seemed Cassandra shared Alic's dislike for the day, as the girl was pale and seemed to be in a poorly mood as well. Alic raised an eyebrow as she stumbled, and flicked his wand, both striking her name off of his list and sending a cup of water floating over to her; it looked like she would need it. This one was the best by far. She simply listened to his message, before heading out to class. Thank you!, at least she didn't attempt to hit him or slam a door in his face. And so he slunk off to find the other students. Looking up as Savannah approached, Alic flicked his wand, striking her name off of his list as well. So far, most of his students seemed to be coming to this class, so that was good. The Patronus apparently scared the next student, a Flinders girl, whom screamed rather loudly. The Puma flicked his ears, and waited for her to be done, before sharing his message as well. His job done, the puma faded from existence. Alic looked up at Iris as she approached, and inclined his head to her, striking her name off of his list. He waited until the bell rang, in case his other student appeared, before beginning class. Taking a deep breath, he cleared his throat. "Good morning everyone, welcome to Care of Magical Creatures. Today will be a rather short lesson, with a single worksheet and a homework assignment." Waving his wand, questions began to form on the board in his handwriting. "Once you have filled this out, please pass it forward."
  3. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic Eron
    Alic cradled his bleeding arm to his chest, wine-red eyes scanning the hospital wing. They soon caught on the blue ones of another man who stood slightly shorter than him. The man had dark hair, and a scruffy face. He recognized him vaguely as Viktor Valentin, Tallygarunga's Transfiguration Professor and one of the resident Healers. The Care of Magical Creatures teacher nodded as he was addressed, directed to sit on a bed. He did as he was told, saying "Alright,", his accent thicker than it normally was, feeling the adrenaline beginning to fade, the world blurring at his edges. He closed his eyes, taking deep breaths as Viktor began to seal the wounds, fighting a shudder at the odd feeling of skin stitching itself together. No matter how often he felt that, it never felt normal. In the moment, he didn't question how Viktor knew he'd been attacked by the Hippogriffs, he assumed the man had seen it, or the wounds were typical for it. He nodded, only to regret it as his head spun, color draining from his face. "They did. Some students thought it would be funny to cut their ropes and stampede them." he hissed, flinching as light was shone into his eyes. The Healer asked if he felt nauseous, and he paused for a moment, feeling his stomach roll. "Yes," he admitted reluctantly.
  4. Reading Care of Magical Creatures 2018 Attendance and Grades

    Attendance Sheet and Grades: Lastname, First | Year | Gender | Age | House | Points Earned/Lost | Grade Glauert, Iris | 5th | Female | 15 | Flinders | 0 | ■ Pike, Stanley | 6th | Male | 17 | Sturt | 0 | □ Ryan, Savannah | 5th | Female | 14 | Bourke | 0 | ■ Sullivan, Cassandra | 7th | Female | 18 | Spencer | 0 | ■ Winfield, Alexander | 6th | Male | 18 | Spencer | 0 | ■ ■ - Attended | □ - Didn't Attend | P - Poor | A - Acceptable | E - Exceeds Expectations | O - Outstanding | X - No Grade Entered
  5. Class Care of Magical Creatures - Segment 2

    The students enrolled in Tallygarunga's Care of Magical Creatures class would walk out to their Common Rooms to find a Patronus waiting for them. It was a Puma, one could tell, sitting up prim and proper, tapping tail wrapped around its paws. Once they had approached, they would find it dropping its jaw, Alic's voice issuing forth, telling them to meet in the Field for today's lesson, instead of the hut. The usually friendly Professor Eron was in a horrible mood. That was obvious from the moment anyone approached. His lips were curled down into a sour scowl, his brow furrowed. His right arm was hung up in a sling, and his normally fitted robes bulged in odd places. Anyone who approached him was given a dark look that made his eyes seem more red than brown, and if they tried to speak he'd tell them to take their seat. He stood in front, and slightly to the side of, a chalkboard, which had the student's names listed out on them for roll-taking and point-taking purposes. Some distance from him was a small menagerie - dogs, tied down with leashes attached to stakes, cats in a pen, some owls in an enclosure. Rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small rodents were all in their own, separate enclosures, kept well away from the others. There were several picnic tables set out, inlaid with cooling charms to protect their future occupants from the burning heat. He'd experimented with some covers, but all either didn't work, were too flimsy, or startled the animals, and so he was given no choice but to go with the charms and hope they worked. On each picnic table, several cups were stacked, along with a pitcher of ice-water, kept cool by more cooling charms.
  6. You know the saying: I feel like I got run over by a herd of Hippogriffs? Well, I don't recommend it. It should stay as a hypothetical.

    Bloody Hell.

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    2. Alic Eron

      Alic Eron

      It is, Josie. Evidently I need to learn it as well.

      And very amusing, Mr. Winfield.

    3. Geraldine Richter

      Geraldine Richter

      Well that was stupid.

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      And Gerry with the blunt hit! Fifty points!

  7. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic Eron
    Alic was in a truly horrible mood. He was, to be frank, out for blood. At first, he'd been excited. He'd managed to get a small herd of Hippogriffs together to show off to his students, and had been damn proud of it. Aside from cats, they were some of his absolute favorite creatures, ranking only below Kneazels Magickal wise. They were large and beautiful, proud and strong, and none looked exactly the same. He'd been feeding them, trying to ignore the students skulking around - after all, he would've done the same when he was their age. It wasn't every day you get to see a Hippogriff, especially not a herd of them. Even if they were staked down, to keep them from wandering. They couldn't fly, after all, the breeder whom had allowed him to borrow them had had their wings clipped as foals, and had been careful to make sure they stayed as such. He'd turned his back for only a few seconds, and it had all gone to hell. There had been a tug at his waistband, and he'd spun, seeing the robes of a student go whipping out of sight. His wand was laying a few paces away, and he stepped over to grab it, stooping over. And that's when he heard something snap. And then another something, and another. He'd only a moment to turn around before seeing the herd of Hippogriffs charging his way. "Aw hell!" Unable to grab his wand in time, he couldn't think of anything else other than to dive to the ground, curling into a ball and wrapping his arms over his head. The Hippogriffs stampeded over him, sharp hind talons digging into his flesh and tearing at his robes. He gasped, tensing further in on himself, feeling a rib crack, and yep, there was a broken arm. Definitely. Ow. His head throbbed as a hoof made rather hard contact with it, eyes crossing. Ow. Only when he felt very sure that all of the Hippogriffs had passed did he begin to unfurl, a stream of words that should not be repeated around students pouring from his mouth. He stumbled to his feet, grabbing his wand and looking around. The Hippogriffs seemed to be long gone, and a quick wave of his wand informed him that they were off of Tally grounds, far enough away that he wouldn't worry about the students health. Thank Salazar the breeders had put tracking charms on the damned beasts which, he decided, were no longer his favorites. Alic looked around, but the culprits were long gone, leaving only the frayed ropes dangling from their stakes. He bit out curses as he limped up to the buildings, heading towards the building that held the Hospital Ward. Any students in his way leaped clear out of the way upon hearing his snarled curses and seeing him with torn up robes, covered in blood, the usually cheerful and friendly teacher's face terrifying with rage. He swept into the Hospital ward, wine-red eyes darting this way and that as he looked for one of the Healers.
  8. Taking Flight

    Alan grinned as he saw the Bourke boy catch the Quaffle easily, leaning to turn his broom slightly. It had been a long time since he'd been able to have a proper flight, and he hadn't realized how much he'd missed the feel of the wind in his hair. There was still an alarming feeling of weightlessness, a niggling worry that he'd end up being dumped off his broom, but years of flying had taught him to ignore it. His hand shot out, grasping the Quaffle by the divets in the sides. He tossed it from hand to hand, grinning up at Orion. Then, without warning, he flew down a short distance, before lobbing the Quaffle up at the boy with the throw of a Chaser.
  9. Class Homework Bin

    Care of Magical Creatures Homework is to be posted here.
  10. Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That

    Alic Eron
    The Care of Magical Creatures professor glowered up at Caldwell, fighting the urge to huff like an imputent child. But, no, he was a grown man now. He needed to act like one. He eyed the man's hand uncertainly, before finally deciding to accept it as his back twinged. Alic reached up to take the man's hand, getting to his feet. "I'm well aware." he huffed. But the kid had begged him not to use magic, and so he hadn't. However, he couldn't deny his curiosity. What were the chances that two rivals from England would end up moving to Australia, and teaching at the same school? "What have you been doing in Australia?" his voice wasn't suspicious, just curious. After all, what would Caldwell of all people be doing in Australia? The Slytherin groaned quietly, reaching down to press his hands against his lower back as he stretched, feeling the bones pop. Ah, much better. Impressive? It would've been impressive if he landed on his feet, not on his back like some sort of idiot. "I'm fine, I'll be sore for a few days, but nothing serious." he rolled his shoulder, as though to double check. As he looked back at Caldwell, he had to admit he was rather surprised. The boy had grown up into a man, and one who wasn't half-bad-looking at that. Damn, if they hadn't been rivals, and he'd been out in school, he might've even pursued him. But that wasn't something for him to think now, so he brought those thoughts to an abrupt stop. He bit down a groan at the thought; Caldwell was probably right. "Probably. I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything, though."
  11. Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That

    Alic Eron
    Alic groaned as the air was knocked from his chest by the impact, jaw dropping as he attempted to catch his breath. But it was as though his lungs had seized, refusing to do their job. He knew he needed to relax, to not panic, and simply wait for his lungs to start working again. But that didn't mean the tightening in his chest was comfortable. He wheezed as he was finally able to draw in a breath, eyes furrowing shut as he felt as though he were breathing through a straw. That had hurt, and was very embarrassing. Salazar above, he hoped none of his students had seen that. That would destroy any reputation he'd managed to build up, if he even had one. However, a very familiar laugh made his eyes snap open, and he groaned at the familiar face before him. It was older than when he had last seen it, less boyish and with some wrinkles, but there was no denying his school rival. Where most Slytherins despised the Gryffindor house, most having a certain Gryffindor they competed with, he'd been lucky enough to end up in a rivalry with a Ravenclaw. "Ah bloody hell!" he groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes. After a moment, he got to his feet, stretching until his back popped. "What're you doing here Hughes?" he growled, before recognizing the man's uniform. "Aw, bloody hell! You have to do everything I do, don't you?" he groused.
  12. Welcome to the Care of Magical Creatures (Feb 10th '18)

    Alic gave the students some time to read the questions, as well as rumenate on them and really think them over before answering. The dark haired Bourke girl, what was her name, S- something, raised her hand first. He nodded to her, finding himself grinning at her teasing. "I'd appreciate it." he chuckled, waiting to hear her answer. "Go ahead, then." Mentally, he crossed out question Eight in his head. He grinned at her answer, inclining his head. "Very good Miss Ryan, five points to Bourke." with a flick of his wrist, the point total updated itself. "Indeed, German Shepherds are a very good example of breeding ruining animals. In fact, you can look at almost any dog, and see a vast change from when they were used for the reason they were bred, to now, when they are almost exclusively pets. The Bloodhound's skin has been heavily exaggerated, resulting in common skin conditions. Bull-dogs, and many flat-faced breeds, struggle to breathe, and can easily overheat. Pugs are a truly horrific example, as a matter of fact. Their muzzles have been shortened so much they can't breathe, and their eyes are so large that it isn't uncommon for them to simply pop out of their skulls." He hesitated, before flicking his wand, a picture appearing on the blackboard. "Here is a show German Shepherd. As Miss Ryan said, they were bred to have a heavily sloped back, and frog-legs. Here, however," a flick of his wrist, and another picture appeared. "Is a working German Shepherd. Note how the back is lacking the slope, and the bend in its leg is much less extreme." The pictures were gone with another movement of his wrist. He smiled, and nodded at Savannah, before gesturing for Cassandra to speak. His smile vanished as he saw the state she was in, face clammy and looking like she was about to pass out, only for irritation to spread across her face. "Very good, Miss Sullivan." he responded to her answer, attempting to keep his voice kind. "Five points to Spencer, Miss Sullivan." he was concerned, and alarmed, as she suddenly darted outside, moving as though to go after her, only for Alexander to suddenly leap up and speak. He was reminded that he had a class and stopped uncomfortably. "Of course you may Mr. Winfield, five points to Spencer." Once the boy had left, he took a moment to catch his breath, shaking his head. What had just happened? "As Miss Sullivan was saying, Muggles likely got the term 'abra cadabra' from the Killing Curse." he cleared his throat, trying to get his thoughts back on track. What had they been talking about? "It is considered likely that, when Muggle hunting was a socially accepted sport, Muggles overheard the incantation and began to associate it with Magic. As time went on, the incantation became garbled, much like in a game of Telephone, before becoming the 'abra cadabra' we know today. "And as Mister Winfield said, the number of sub-species is due to an animal's environment. If a pack of animals from a moderate environment end up in a cold environment, they will adapt and only those who can withstand the cold will survive to breed. A good way to look at this is with wolves. The Grey Wolf can be found almost anywhere. However, if you go to the Arctic, you will find Arctic Wolves, which are much more capable of handling the cold. There are also Sea Wolves, who are able to survive off of fish." He allowed the two remaining students who hadn't answered to both answer before saying anything, as they built off of each other. "Very good Miss Glauert, Mister Arua-Karras. Hippogriffs are in fact carnivores, and it's easiest to feed them ferrets, rats, and other rodents. And Kneazles, indeed, are fed small mammals or rodents, as well as fish. Generally, they can be fed most types of meat, although it's best to stick to small mammals or rodents. Pet animals such as Kneazle's also tend to have food marketed to them so, if you can, it's best to feed them that. It will be nutriciously balanced, although some pets do do better on a raw diet. It is up to the individual. However, a carnivorous animal should never be fed a vegetarian diet." He quickly glanced at the board, working out which hadn't been answered. "It is almost time for class to be over. I am going to put some questions on the board. Once you've copied them down, you may go. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, then please wait until after class." Alic waved his wand, and the board cleared. The questions that hadn't been answered moved to the bottom of the board, and several more appeared.
  13. Taking Flight

    Alic tilted his head at his student, brow furrowing as he tried to remember his name. Ry... Ryan? Rin? O-Orion, that was it! He switched the Quaffle from hand to hand as he waited for the boy's answer, grinning at the thought of a game of... pretty much anything. "Alright then." He grinned, before tossing the ball to the boy, careful to do a rather tame throw until he could tell what the boy was capable of.
  14. Please tell me nobody saw that.

    I'm trying to make at least a bit of a good impression.

    I can see it now: "New COMC teacher falls out of tree trying to save cat!"

    1. Geraldine Richter

      Geraldine Richter

      You'd be surprised what people see around here, professor.

    2. Caldwell Hughes

      Caldwell Hughes

      Nah, mate. People totally saw it.

  15. Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That

    Alic Eron
    This was ridiculous. Alic Eron, Care of Magical Creatures Professor, bit down on his lip, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. He'd planned to spend his day without classes relaxing. Enjoying his nice, cool rooms and reading a book. Maybe work on lesson plans if he absolutely had to. But this? This was absolutely not what he'd planned. But he was a teacher. And a soft touch. And the student had been a First Year, a worried little eleven year old lad with tears in his eyes. And Al had crumbled like a mountain made of sugar-blocks. And that's how he found himself climbing a tree in the Centre Courtyard. He'd sent the lad back up to his Dorm, not wanting to have to deal with the kid staring holes in him. The man hadn't dared using a levitation spell on the cat, and the kid had begged him not to. Apparently he was afraid it would backfire and injure the cat. So he found himself, struggling up the tree, chasing the cat. He knew the cat would get down fine. You never saw cat skeletons in trees, did you? But the cat had been up there all day, and the kid was worried. So he'd agreed to get the cat. But now he was heavily regretting it. The tree was starting to seem rather tall, and he was several body lengths off the ground. The cat had run out of branches to escape to, and was standing desperately just out of reach of his fingertips. He stretched... The cat leaped. It bounced off of his chest, before ping-ponging down from branch to branch, hitting the ground and rocketing towards the school. Alic whirled, desperately trying to get his grip, only to be knocked clear out of the tree. The fall seemed both impossibly fast and molasses slow, and then he was impacting with the ground. The impact knocked the breath out of him, and he gasped without drawing breath, desperately trying to get his wind back. He laid sprawled out on the ground, trying to reorient himself.
Alic Eron
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