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  1. Invite And a Picture of You

    Kenna didn’t push the issue of the picture. He didn’t respond and she figured that was his way of declining her offer. She understood- it was hart to part with something that was a sentimental keepsake. It was still a good picture, creases and all. Kenna thought about what keepsakes she had that were important to her. Nothing quite as precious as that picture. She had a necklace that had been her grandmothers. She touched the delicate butterfly that dangled from the silver chain around her neck. It was not incredibly fancy but it was the one thing that she was relatively sentimental about. The story he told was sad. She felt for him. She was lucky her family had not experienced any sort of pain like he was experiencing. However she did have a basic understanding of what made people hurt. ”I am sorry that you have had to go through all this.” it was a lot for someone to handle… She wanted to make him feel better but she knew that was not something she could do. So the only thing she could think to do was to reach out and gently squeeze his hand. ”Well, if you need a sounding board… I have always been pretty good at research… I can be your assistant if you need me to be.” She said with a smile. ”Or if you need someone to just sit and not talk… I can do that too.” Kenna just wanted people to be okay.
  2. Invite And a Picture of You

    She wrinkled her nose at the fact no one seemed to be a wheel expert. Kenna gave a sympathetic sigh as she felt the frustration he was feeling at the moment. It had to be a challenge… to not be able to change the things you wanted so badly to change. She tossed the pieces of grass as she picked another, the familiar sound of grass ripping was one she was almost comforted by. ”They are.” She agreed. Family was supposed to be able to tell you how to fix things. It seemed his has not been able to help him out with that. She wished things were different for him. It was unfair to feel so helpless. ”Oh wow.” She said as she looked at the treasured photo. ’she was beautiful.” She said with a smile. She was honestly stunning. ”I think I like the picture with you and your serious face.” She said with a smile. Her small fingers brushed the photos lightly and she looked at him. ”Have you looked into having this restored? I know someone who can do that… I have many older brothers… 7 actually.” she said with a small laugh. ”My Brother Kyle restores art and photos and stuff… “ she felt everyone deserved that option. ”I don’t know if he could do it but it might not hurt to ask.” she shrugged her shoulders. She then turned towards him. ”I am so sorry you feel this way, and that no one told you how to fix it.” It had to be a challenge… She let out a small sigh as she thought about it. ”Maybe you just need some help? Sometimes having someone outside of the problem can help bring another perspective. I mean I don’t know much about wheels, or what we are actually talking about. But I am good at research.” she said with a smile. ”I could easily help you if wanted me to. I totally get that it may not be any of my business, but… if you want the help.” She didn’t want him to feel pressured to take her help. She was just hoping to help him as best she could. It was a problem that wouldn’t be fixed easily from how it sounded but she hated to see anyway feel this way.
  3. Invite And a Picture of You

    ”That sounds like it could be fun… with the right people” She said with a small smile. She did think it might be a little fun. She was not sure she would want to camp. Kenna loved all animals but the idea of the bugs… that sort of got to her. Not that she was scared… but she was not a fan. The idea of bugs crawling on her made her itch now just thinking about it and she mentally shuddered. ”I’ve camped in the yard… I thought I might try to run away but I didn’t make it very far.” She said with a sheepish smile. ”I am not sure how I would actually fare in the wilderness- It sounds like it could be fun… without the mozzies.” Mozzies could ruin just about anything. It was hard for Kenna not to wrap the boy in a hug. She felt for him. She didn’t know exactly what he was talking about- but at the same time she understood what he meant. It had to be difficult… she had not been there, but she could understand a few things, the idea of not doing something, but seeing something happening. Like when you saw someone get bullied and you didn’t say something. Kenna had seen that happen a few times, she always worried what might happen and she did her best to step up… use her veela-ness for good. At least she tried anyway. She was not perfect and she knew it didn’t always work how she wanted it to. At the very least, she would at least walk with them to their next destination. She nodded slowly. ”I can understand what you are you saying.” Though it was a challenge to make sense of it without proper content. She let out a small sigh. ”I am sorry that you are going through this.” she watched as he was digging with the stick and she frowned at him. It sounded as though he was having a very hard time with whatever it was that was bothering him. ”Have you been able to at least talk about it with a wheel expert?” She asked him. It was hard to know what to ask without knowing the whole situation but she did have concern or his situation. ”I mean, is there a wheel expert? I want to be helpful but I know this is not about wheels… and honestly, I’m no good with cars.” She shrugged as she picked at the grass separating it by strands.
  4. Invite And a Picture of You

    It was rather amazing how much adults said to kids. She was also glad that this was not an isolated phenomenon either. Kenna always thought people just talked to her because she was a veela. Kenna would never use her charms to make people want to talk to her, but there was still some charm that she exuded. It was much harder to control it when she was talking to someone she liked and was relaxed with. Aiden for example. She didn’t know him, but she liked him so far. Then again that was always Kenna. She lifed everyone, even when she had a reason not to. There were some people that she had not been fond of, nor would she be fond of them. A boy in class when she was a first year who cut her braid. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger absently as she thought about it. ”Its kind of crazy right? First to like spill your guts about intimate things to a stranger, and not just a stranger, but a kid!” She shook her head. ”At least it seems to be an adult thing and not a I am the only hostage they can vent to thing.” she said with a small laugh. Adults were so weird… that was all she understood from it all. She looked at him and smiled. ”Camping? Like in tents… or the RV sort… my mom wanted my dad to get one but they never really followed through.’ Kenna had not been camping, not beyond a night she slept in a tent in the yard of the inn when she had decided she was running away. She didn’t make it far, she was scared of the dark and at 8 years old the closet light was the house. Kenna tucked her hair behind her ears as he asked her a question, one she had not had to contemplate before. Had she been unfortunate enough to have stumbled into that situation. ”No, I don’t I have.” She said. She had to feel for him however, though she could argue the mistake was not a mistake if you didn’t know better, that was just a steep learning curve. There was a quote… from CS Lewis about experience being a teacher… She could see whatever this was, it ws bothering him quite a bit. ”Maybe if you explained it I would understand a little better?”
  5. Invite And a Picture of You

    Kenna nodded. ”I work the front desk at my family’s inn… so it’s usually pretty quiet there. Sometimes the guests come to talk, and usually its about things way over my head and experience. I am not the right person for marriage counseling.” She shook her head. ”But I do know some rather intimate details about the life of married people.” Things she could have done without. It was sort of gross when she thought about it. But at least she knew what sort of issues might accompany her if she did get married someday. Right now the young Veela just wanted to get through school. Marriage was so far away. ”Did you have an okay holiday then?” She asked. She wondered if she would like staying. It seemed like she would get lonely. She didn’t encounter her peers often at the inn, but she did always have someone to talk to when she went to look for someone. The cook had become one of her good friends. He was a rather nice man and he had a daughter her age. Kenna didn’t have the boy drama his daughter seemed to have but she didn’t mind talking to him about how to talk to her. And he helped her with her father which was a good thing. Kenna let out a surpirised laugh as the rick shot from the earth and bounced. ”Nice shot.” she smiled leaning back. ”I guess that is the drawback for big schools, lots of people. Seems you can’t be alone anyway… even when we try to get away.” They had both come for a bit of peace and found they had company. ”Wanna talk about it? I can be a pretty good sounding board. And I don’t have too many people to go and blab your secrets too… If I did however I still wouldn’t blab… not even under torture.” She smiled at him.
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  7. Invite And a Picture of You

    Kenna had learned to observe many things, she spent most of her free time watching people and so it was not entirely odd that she had started to pick up on some more subtle emotions. Those who came to the inn to escape were always the ones who interested her the most. What were they trying to get away from? Why had they chosen the inn? And what were they going to? They often didn’t share as much as those who were simply bored with their lives, but she did find that she enjoyed putting the puzzle together. Or she simply enjoyed the ability to observe and listen without being part of the drama. That was one of the many things she had grown tired of with her peers. The girls could be so catty at times. It was not like Kenna was and better than they were at times. She shifted as she got comfortable beside him. ”Yep, that’s me.” She said cheerfully. Kenna had often been told she had an alarmingly cheery disposition. Not that she had minded that, it was kind of nice to be known for being a happy person. There were so many worse things in life. She let out a small sigh as she looked over at him. ”Nice to meet you, meet you.” That was the thing about Tally, you heard about people and you knew more about them without actually knowing them. ”It can be, but sometimes I like the quiet.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders. ”There is only so much someone can sit through before they really need to find some quiet. It’s always weird coming back from break I spend so many hours in quiet in the end.” She said with a smile. It was a rather interesting thing. ”What are you doing out here? “ She turned the question back on him.
  8. Invite And a Picture of You

    Given the state of everything Kenna was in a relatively good mood. She had come back to school to discover the one friend she had been able to make and get close to, was no longer at Tally. Not that Kenna had thought of herself as a lonely person. She was frequently surrounded by others but she sometimes wondered why she had not taken the time to keep the friends she had been close to… or why she had not made closer friends over the years. She pent so much time working at the inn… she sighed. Kenna had actually been excited for the term. She had decided to put more focus into her studies. That and she had finally told her parents that she did not really want to take the inn over. That she was far more interested in doing something with magical creatures. Which was why she was headed out someplace where she would have a little more privacy than she was used to. The West wall was usually quiet which was why she was a little surprised to spot someone in her usual spot. Kenna however didn’t mind, she was always happy to talk. She had gotten into a habit of listening to the guests talk about things way above her age. Just this holiday she had listened to a man lament about his cheating his wife. She smiled as she approached the boy. ”Hello, mind if I join you here?” She asked she sat down. She was not planning on going anywhere but she was happy to sit in silence. ”I’m Kenna, I have seen you around but I don’t think we have actually met.’ She said with a smile.
  9. Kenna Westmore

    Kenna Westmore
    James and Vafara were a considerably happy little couple she ran a bed and breakfast and he was a herbologist, No one really understood what a what Veela wanted to do with James Wilson but they managed to make it work and so when Kenna came along they just about busted at the seams with happiness. They were finally complete as a couple and even Gran was pleased with the children. James did his best to raise his children on the stories of the old days and Vafara did her best to keep the The bed and Breakfast running. Kenna and Frankie got along like cats and dogs. The two would do nothing but fight, until someone tore them apart. Vafara almost went crazy trying to keep the two from each other so she hired a nanny to help while she was at the The bed and Breakfast working. The nanny’s never really lasted long while children were young; they tended to burn them out within five or six months. Both of the children were stubborn but luckily when they started school they were able to calm down enough that they stopped fighting as much. The distance was good for the siblings and once Kenna entered school they were closer and they didn’t fight as much, if at all. Kenna was sorted into a different house than her brother and she did her best to keep her thirst for knowledge at bay. The issue was that people didn’t move at the pace she did. Kenna had an abundance of energy and focused it completely into what she was doing, the only problem was she could never stay interested long enough to give anything the full focus she needed to. So instead of excelling she’s been more or less averages She tended to be popular because of her sharp tongue and the fact she has an incredibly bubbly personality. She just sort of created a welcome feeling until of course you wear out your welcome and then you best be advised to duck and cover. Kenna has come to enjoy the days she has spent at Tally, recently however the family business has run into some issues in Sydney and the family relocated to Narrie in order to move in with Gran while the money problems get sorted out. Her mother has managed to charm her way into running another bed a breakfast in Narrie and Kenna works at the front desk on her holidays from school. While Kenna has her mother’s beauty she seems to be much shorter on the charm though her mother had attempted to get her to use it. Kenna doesn’t mind the job so much it gives her time to read and people watch though she struggles to remain at the front desk for very long and is often found in other areas of the Inn.
  10. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    Kenna smiled. ”Who knew we lived so close and didn’t know it.” She said as she shook her head. ”I was homeschooled… I guess, my classes were always at the inn. My mom taught me… we had someone who worked the front his name was Kingsley… and my mom would teach me in in her office at the inn. Then I would go play with the other kids in the magical neighborhood. I think I would have liked living in a muggle neighborhood,” Kenna would have liked living anywhere. She smiled at him as he told the story about his parents. She covered her mouth to suppress the giggle that came with imaging the scene he described about his parents not knowing how to use the pen. She could only imagine how that would have gone. ”that sounds like it was a huge deal… oh my goodness.” She couldn’t imagine how it was. Her parents had neve attempted to integrate into the muggle society… but she imagined it would be the same. ”What made them decide to live with the muggles. I mean its really cool, but what made them do that?” And send him to the muggle school. Maybe they wanted him to be more cultured? That made sense. That much was true, people at the ministry were always in a rush. ”Well I try not to look for them, instead I like to make up stories about the people I see.” She said with a smile. She smiled at him ”There are always a lot of crazy hair… and those who can make it different colors… that would be cool I think.” She wouldn’t mind having purple hair- if only to make her mom freak out a little bit. She let out a long sigh, one that simply reflected how tired the exams had made her. ”I don’t know I suppose the first creature who needs it?” She said as she thought about it. ”I wouldn’t mind a winged horse, or maybe a hippogriff?” The thought made her smile.
  11. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    ”That’s cool.” she said, in earnest. Kenna didn’t think there was anything wrong with muggles. ”Did you like it?”She asked, they all sort of had no choices when it came to where they went for school. She didn’t think it was a bad thing. Honestly, she didn’t understand the major divide here. She shifted on her feet and smiled at him.”I bet you had a rather interesting childhood then… I have only ever lived in Melbourne… and now here… I want to travel someday.” She said a bit dreamy as she said it. It would be a good thing. She said with a smile as she looked at him. ”Did they? What did they do?” She asked rather interested in what would have happened to cause an incident.”Oh it was apparently major when my dad came home with a veela, he made waves for sure. They all thought my mom was using him… but she wasn’t.” she said with a smile. It was kind of cool that her mother did love her father that way. She laughed. ”That is probably a better idea. I’ll owl them tonight.” Her owl, Paul, was always excited to go home and see her parents they spoiled him. Kenna spoiled him too. ”I have met some of the people in his department they also have some weird hair.” she agreed. She smiled at the way it was there. She liked it. ”Oh well I will have to start telling you things then, not that I know a lot but you know…” It was not as though she had many friends either, but she was quite fond of Noah. He also seemed ready to support her dreams and she found that to be very sweet and the sort of thing a friend was supposed to do.”No it’s just me. I am hoping that maybe mom will simply want o keep it forever and I can do what I want.”She shrugged. ”I think I would like to run a sanctuary.” She said deciding now as they walked to link her arm with his her elbow bending into his. ”Educational and good for the creatures… you know?”
  12. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    She laughed as he said something about doctors, she was not the most well versed on muggle stuff but she had caught a TV show at her friend’s home. She understood that stereotype. ”Do you spend a lot of time with muggles?” She asked him for a moment, He seemed to know things that other’s didn’t Not that he was strange, there was nothing strange it was a culture and culture was just different and unique. Kenna Appreciated it. She liked to listen about how others lived. Muggles, witches and wizards in other countries, even other parts of Australia. She smiled at the thoughts. ”James Wilson, which is the most generic name ever I am sure there are probably like 30 at least in the Ministry… but he has crazy hair, my mom thinks its his rebellion against all things, his crazy hair. Its not like funny colors but all over the place.” She said with a smile. She loved her dad’s hair. It made him special and identifiable and with a Veela for a wife… it was hard to stand out. ”Oh good!” She said with a smile. This is going to be a great break.”[/b] He said with a smile. She smiled at him. ”I can show you where to hide in the kitchen to hear the gossip too… its another one of my favorite things.” They had freed elves working in the kitchen and they did like to gossip a little. It was kind of funny. She thought for a moment. ”I don’t get it, but then my dad is crazy about my mom… at least from what I can see.”She didn’t think she was wrong. She smiled at him. ”I just think you should love what you have… why risk losing it all?” she asked. They both seemed rather unskilled in romance but so did everyone else. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”I’ve heard the same…” She said and then looked at him as he said no.”So what do you want to do?” she asked him. She wondered what other things he may like in the ministry. ”Be like your dad?” She asked and then shook her head. ”I want to work with magical creatures but the family business seems to be my path.”
  13. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    ”It can’t hurt.” she liked them for notes too, it seemed easier when she wasn’t stopping to dip the quill. Maybe that was the sort of lazy, however she didn’t actually care if she was a little lazy when it came to note taking that just meant she would be able to take faster notes and then be able to read them. ”I think they must have a charm. To take them away and them put them back.” she suggested with a smile. It was an interesting thing, sometimes she thought that they would hide some things from them and later when they chose their professions. Some of the stuff was useful but not always the most practical. Letting out a small sigh she nodded. ”I guess, it was a bit of a fight between my mom and dad. You should have seen it.” She made a wide face. She had not gotten that mad yet, but she knew she had to be careful. Kenna didn’t always make a lot of waves for that purpose. She didn’t want to cause too much trouble. Or well any trouble actually she liked passing under the radar. It made for easy everything most of all. ”About 4 years ago, the Inn was starting to be busy and my mom needed help and so he left… It’s been pretty good since honestly.” he said with a smile. Then looked at him. ”I bet they have. That may work in out favor then with this whole job thing!” She said rather excited. Anything to make the hours at the inn less dreadful. There were only so many times she could listen to stories about someone’s cheating husband before she lost her mind. ”Oh for sure, she was a pretty woman too, I don’t think I understood why he cheated on her her… but then I suppose I don’t understand much about marriages, or relationships to begin with.” Not that she needed to have the experience to empathize with someone about being hurt. ”It was absolutely barbaric.” She said with a smile and then looked at him and sighed. ”Oh Do you like Professor Wolfe?” She asked she had heard good things about the man. Though she had not taken the class. It was not something that interested her. ”Is that what you want to do? Be an Auror?”
  14. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    Kenna shrugged. ”It helps me because I don’t break focus… but I don’t know if it helps with the time honestly… That and I don’t leave too many splotches on the paper.” That was very important to her, she liked the appearance of clean… she felt that had to do with the fact she spent so much of her time cleaning up at work. ”I don’t really know though.” she shrugged once more. Kenna was not always sure but it was rare she admitted that. There was something safe about Noah that she coudlnt really put her finger on. She didn’t think he would exploit the vulnerability and that was a pretty heavy thing in her book. She smiled at him. ”Oh no, he means well.” She assured him. ”My mom is a Veela.” She admitted. It was not always something she shared, it was fairly obvious when the woman walked into the room. ”He doesn’t want me to get lazy… I get it…” she said. ”My mom opened the business because she wanted to do something and my dad just supported her, he used to be a fact checker for the Ministry. He’s actually really nerdy.” She said with a smile. It was kind of cute to see her parents together. They didn’t make sense but then when you saw how they were they made so much sense. It was just one of those weird things. ”she did thankfully, she came back like 3 months later with her boyfriend and he was really cute…” She said with a smile. Kenna was rather happy that the woman had left the man who had made her so unhappy. Kenna hoped she wouldn’t end up like that. She wanted something like her parents had. It was kind of romantic the nerdy man and the Veela. ”I would think it was a trade up if you ask me.” She nodded as though this was fact. ”Well, I still have care of magical creatures but that should be fairly simple this year. I feel pretty confident about this.” She said. ”What about you? How did you do on the potions final? That was brutal yeah?” She had to work much harder on that one than she did the care of magical creatures, the creatures just sort of came naturally to her. She wanted to do something with that, she just didn’t know how… but for now she was to work at the Inn.
  15. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    Kenna nodded emphatically. ”It is the worst feeling there is oh my gods.” She said glad that she was not the only one who struggled with this. ”Sometimes I think that they do it just see us furiously write. I used a self inking quill too.” she frowned at the the fact it had not offered her much help as she furiously wrote. It was a good exam and she felt like she did okay. But not finishing- who really knew what that meant. ”They make it so hard sometimes.” Kenna just liked to daydream too so who knew where the line really was. She smiled at Noah. ”My dad thinks that I may rely on my looks on account of my mom, and so he’s pretty adamant that I have a good education and don’t fall back on being pretty” He was in love with her mom, but she also knew that she and her mom often got treated different because they were veelas. Even if she was not full she did know sometimes she got a reaction… Shifting her weight for a moment she nodded. ”Well, if you ever want to talk about it… I am pretty good at listening like I said. I had one woman talk about her husband and his cheating for hours and I didn’t say a word.” She said with a smile that nearly split her face in two. ”My mom has been complaining about needing more help… I think I could totally convince her. I can just tell my dad you have helped me study and that’s all he’ll need… so we should probably study… so that it’s not a lie.” She said it wouldn’t be too hard they could just sit and review notes. ”That and you are not in trouble and my friend…” It was sort of the truth she liked Noah enough. ”That and I complain a lot and this would help…”She liked the idea of conspiring to get help and it seemed like Noah could use it. ”I mean if you really want to I have no problem asking them, or telling them…”