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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Deciding what to do with the blocks of land adjoined to my place (except where Mum lives, obviously, that's hers). Sell? Extend?

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Could always build something on it and sell it, make your own little neighborhood. OH! HOME MOVIE THEATER! MASSIVE!

    2. Amiradysébelle Blair

      Amiradysébelle Blair

      While a home cinema does sound epic, that first idea has some merit to it!

      I'd be willing to buy a block and pay for a house to be built so Viktor and myself and the kids have a place to live in Narrie as well as Melbourne.

      Also, maybe you can convince Mum to get out of her pokey little house that's overflowing with people by doing the same for them. Let's face it, Rheldor could use a bachelor pad for his experimenting with home ideas, Améa might eventually want her own place while staying near you and Mary, and Alex and Cass need a place for themselves with their new little ones (people could rent to buy from you if they don't want hand-outs). And then Mum can have a place or move in with you (coz you two may as well live together with how much time you spend, plus Caleb actually seems to like you), and that way with everyone close together she doesn't have to go into her meltdown panic about being apart from anyone.

      Great idea Alex!

  2. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

    This was a going to be a great fire, even if it was getting late in the cold months. It was definitely long needed and it seemed like a bunch of the kids were happy to show up. Stuart had finished stacking the last of the burnables - for now - onto the pile and wiped his brow with his sleeve. There were wood chips stuck to the sleeves of his wool jacket, but he couldn't have cared less. He was looking forward to this burn-off as much as everyone else who also had donated things that still weighed them down. It was almost like a ritual cleansing, weirdly enough. The man glanced over toward the approaching woman with a light grin, hand reaching out to accept the offered beer before taking a few easy swigs. He already knew that Audrey was probably in charge of getting the Burdetts here and home tonight. Though, he supposed even she might give in and decide to enjoy herself a little. It depended on whether Merrilea was on bottle now or not, he supposed. That was still a trip, the fact that Audrey and Alan had a nine month old. What a world. But they were happy, and that was great for both of them. "Thanks, love. I'd be surprised if Alan's not down a few already before they get here. Pretty sure Auds is looking forward to the chance to relax a little too... then again, she seems to love the hectic life," The man snorted quietly with a small shake of his head. Not that he could talk, he had been very much the same for most of his life. Even now, he hadn't really slowed down, and thrived off having more thrown in front of him, in a way. Perhaps that was why he had barely blinked when he'd learned about Adele and her family, why he had done his best to keep up with them. That and the fact that he did care, a great deal, about what happened with them. "You alright, Delbells?" Stu raised a brow as he gave her a side-glance, she seemed almost restless, but then perhaps she was just anxious about the fire. Or looking forward to it as well. Either way, he reached over to wrap an arm around her shoulders and tug her in against his side in a light squeeze, figuring comfort was always a good solution for whichever was the case. Inside, Jezebel snickered as two of the triplets tried to climb Viktor, while Nika stuck around with Vladimir. She felt a pang in her chest for a brief moment, but it passed quickly and she only smirked as Viktor spoke telepathically to her. If there was anyone in the family who hadn't noticed, then they would have to be blind, but she nor anyone else had so far wanted to point out to Améa and Vlad, that their 'secret' wasn't exactly so secretive. "I'm sure they'll come out to everyone when the time is right. Probably once... a certain someone else is out of the picture for good," Jezebel mused as she leaned over to offer a hand and help Viktor to his feet, gently scolding the children for knocking him over. She and Mea had already spoken about all this before, after all. It was great to see that the feelings were reciprocated, but she knew that Améa would not do anything that compromised her principles, and so long as she was married, then she would hold herself back and not want anyone to know. Lorelei had already made her way to the living room, where she was playing with her new toy: a rather expensive professional camera that her parents had bought for her, upon having discovered that she'd found a genuine interest in learning how to capture moments in images. She looked up upon sensing Lauren's approach, and smiled brightly to her. "It is bonfire night, are you not excited for such?" Lei queried of the other girl, having grown up with many a bonfire night, and fond memories from them. She was looking forward to capturing many photographs and maybe even filming small moments here and there. A large part of her had wanted to invite Travis to attend, but a wiser part also knew that it would probably not have been a fun time for him, especially with Adele no doubt quickly working out what he was to Lorelei. Likely others quickly realising as well.
  3. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "Oh, I'm sure there's a bunch more facepalms, headaches, and probably even a coronary at some point, you crazy sorceress Queen," The man grinned at her, clearly joking at his own mortality - and the potential likelihood of having a heart attack one day. Not that he wasn't healthy for a man his age, but it could happen to anyone. Unless they were like the freaky-eyed freaks. He rolled himself into a sitting position with Adele, before then shifting himself to stand, albeit a little stiffly after being tossed by a mini tornado. Once on his feet, he then offered her a hand to pull her up to her own, a brow raising at her a brief moment as he continued to clasp her hand firmly. "But it's all worth it. You're worth it... also, your hands are wet, what've you been doing?" A devlisih smirk pulled at his features as his gaze narrowed at her. He was clearly teasing the woman, and leaned over to examine her closely, "You feeling alright, Del? I didn't think your kind got fevers or the sweats." There was an almost knowing glint in his gaze, before he lifting her fingers to press a small kiss to the back of them, releasing her hand gently afterward, in order to wander over to the discarded bottles and pick them up. It wouldn't be good to litter the cemetery. "Winding tracks it is!" Stuart grinned once again, the bottles clinking as he picked them up in the same hand, before pressed a kiss to the fingers of his free one and placing it on Annabelle's headstone for a couple of moments silently. Pushing himself back to his feet, he then indicated toward the gate where the motorcycle was parked and where there was thankfully a bin for him to drop the bottles into. Making his way there, he glanced back over to Del as he indicated toward the motorbike. "I have exactly zero helmets with me, and like to go fast around the turns, so you'll wanna hold on tight... if you're sure you still want to. I mean, I absolutely understand it if you're scared." A snicker from the man.
  4. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "I know what I am!" Stuart called back before huffing out his own laugh, already he was beginning to feel giddy. This was probably not one of his most intelligent ideas, but it was already in the works, and he could only hope to be able to hold out until she called for mercy. "And you're not... losing me. I'm still here... I'm the arse... who's spinning you around!" Despite the growing dizziness, he still maintained a wicked grin on his features, determination had to get him through this. He really didn't like losing, especially to his own set challenges. Not that he really cared anymore if she did apologise, because he'd gotten her to laugh and that was the goal in the end. To get her mind off always thinking to the future, and just be in the right now, where they were. Unfortunately, something strange then began to happen and Stuart was rather certain his spinning was getting faster, and his feet weren't exactly in control of it either, with the way they scraped around on the dirt and grass. He was going to end up digging up a big clump of it that he'd have to fix later, but that really shouldn't have been what he was concerned about. The spinning was still getting faster and Adele was cackling, which meant she was now playing funny buggers. The man tried to keep up, hold on, but his balance was tipping... "Adelllllle, shi-..!" And they all fell down. Or, more so, Stuart felt when he was losing his ability to stay upright, and knew that it wasn't going to be a falling flat down tumble because of the wind that the blasted woman had summoned up. It was going to be a full being near tossed away and rolled around tumble. Instinctively, he swung Del off his shoulder and cradled her against his chest as he lost his footing, curling around the woman protectively until he collided with the ground, issuing a grunt from the man while a pain ran through his ribs and side. That was gonna bruise. Still, he kept Del sheltered from any impact as they rolled a few times until coming to a halt, his head tucked beside hers as he tried to get the world to stop spinning around him. "I know it's scary..." The man murmured quietly while still holding her close, wrapped around her like a barrier against all the pain in the world, "I know that one day, eventually, I'm gonna reach my time. I don't plan on it being for a long time. But however long it is, I'm here now. And even when the time comes, You're always gonna have the memories, the good memories. You just have to close your eyes and remember getting a big old hug from me, and that memory will be your comfort. Just like the memory of feeling safe with me all those years ago." Shifting his head slightly, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and then rested his chin gently on top of her head. "And don't apologise for being in my life anymore, please. You reminded me to live back then, you didn't try to paw over me or climb any kind of social ladder. You just, let me be me, without the pressure of everything else that was going on. I always appreciated that. And even now, you're a nutcase, but you make me laugh, you seem to always know when I'm feeling off, you notice the things that no one else notices, that I don't even notice, and it means a lot to me. You haven't given me pain ever, not once. You gave me a pair of beautiful daughters, a few headaches, definitely a few facepalms," Stuart's voice rumbled quietly before he breathed out a quiet huff of a sigh, and half chuckle, "But not pain. So just enjoy us being us while we do have the time, yeah? So that you can have so many good memories that they drown out the bad eventually." Offering her a small squeeze, he then shifted his head back a little to try and peer at Adele. "By the way, I took the motorbike here, so if you're looking for a ride home, you'll have to deal with my traditional scoot around the winding tracks," The man grinned devilishly at her.
  5. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "You're sorry that I'm nice to you..." Stuart's brow rose even further as he watched the woman beside him, wondering what kind of drink she was drinking. Didn't he just say that he was happy she'd come to be with him? That itself was a kind gesture, even to remember what day it was at all, and to want to make the effort to cheer him up or just not let him sit here alone with all those thoughts that were never good for anyone. Honestly, the woman sometimes really had her line of thoughts way out of whack, and sure he loved that about her too, but sometimes it was either amazingly frustrating or amazingly hilarious. At this point in time, Stuart couldn't be sure which way the pendulum was swinging. "You're a fuckin' goober, Del," Stuart chuckled with a shake of his head, though his eyes rolled at her when she began the same self-depreciating speech that she had given so many times that he'd lost count by now. It was always what she thought was going to happen, forever worrying about the future and how she would absolutely mess things up, and blah, blah... The man huffed and shook his head again at her, "You ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy? You need to stop with that kind of talk. We're not in years ahead from now, we're in... now. So, this is how I'm gonna fix it." And having said that, the man set his bottle down and pushed himself to his feet, before then quickly scooping the woman up and tossing her over his shoulder, not caring whether she held onto or dropped the bottle in her own hand. While one hand held her firmly on his shoulder, the other pulled back before giving a thwack on her rear, a devious smirk on his lips. He then gripped her tightly with both arms before proceeding to spin around in circles as fast as he could. "Not stopping until you either puke or apologise for saying stupid shit!" Stuart called out, though the man really hoped that one of the other happened before he lost his momentum or ended up falling arse over tit. He wasn't quite as young as he used to be, and this spinning shit was not quite as easy as it once was.
  6. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "It's never easy..." Stuart said quietly, understanding well enough why she hadn't been able to clear out some of the clutter. It was like cleaning out what was left over of someone who had been a large part of the home, and sometimes... that hurt even more than having lost them in the first place. But so long as she knew that he, and a number of others, would be there for her when she was ready, then she would be alright. She could get through it. And then? Well, he couldn't exactly tell her that after that would be the next chapter in moving onward with her life, because he was sure a prime example, wasn't he. The man huffed quietly at himself, the ultimate hypocrite. Far be it for him to be happy, so long as everyone else around him was that was all that mattered. "See... you say you're fine," The man pointed his index finger of his bottle hand toward her, before wagging it lightly, "But you get this weird scrunchy nose look when you've thought of something that you can't decide whether you like it or hate it, like this..." Stuart proceeded to scrunch his nose right up in a rather comedic over-dramatisation of Adele's expression which he was describing, "And then you sit there and bubble it around in your head until you just give up and try to distract yourself with something else." Offering a sage nod, the man smirked at her as he ticked a single brow, "I know you better than you think, Del. And I don't even have your spooky mind reading ability." A wide boyish grin was offered then, before he chuckled and offered her another reassuring squeeze, to let her know that he was teasing, even if he knew he was right. The apologies caught him off-guard, however, and he tipped his head to the side to study her beside him. "What're you sorry for, Del? You haven't done anything wrong. If you hadn't come out here, I'd just be moping silently over the grave for ages, like a crusty old gargoyle that hasn't learned how to turn to stone yet," Stuart chuckled and shook his head at her, "You're a strange woman. Guess that's why I like havin' you around."
  7. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "That's true, plenty there last I checked... I was going to ask if you wanted some help tidying that stuff," Stuart said with a thoughtful nod before while considering just how big a fire they could get out of the stacks if they put them altogether. Seemed like it'd be a mighty big burn, definitely good for a relaxing cold night out on one of the properties. Maybe get out the swags and everyone can huddle up and tell a bunch of stories and embarrass each other. His lips had quirked into a small boyish grin as his faraway gaze was visualising bonfire night already. It was definitely going to have to happen. It was one of those things that tended to help burn off the clutter that clung to a person's mind and emotions, not just the physical junk they had around. A few people needed that. The woman beside him included. "Hey... you know, if you want help with anything else that needs doing, you only gotta ask, right?" Stuart turned his gaze toward Adele, to catch her studying him which caused a brow to raise in response for a moment, before his expression returned to the easy going smile, full of warmth. "I know things have been pretty hectic at your place the past six months or so. Though, I imagine you'll wish it was that way again when the lovebirds want to set up their own nest," He offered a quiet chuckle. He knew the dread, was well aware of Améa and Vlad, but chose to keep his quiet on the matter as well. She deserved her little bit of happiness, even if it was 'secret' as far as she knew. "I probably don't even need to keep reminding you the offer's always there after this long, but still... some folks seem to forget sometimes," He grinned a little. Though Del's comments regarding Kate caused him to laugh aloud, even though he knew he shouldn't. He couldn't help it, the mutual dislike between the two always amused him, though Del's interpretation was always much more funny. "You know, for all that crush she's always had, nothing would or could have ever happened between us. We've both always known that, and I think that bites at her the wrong way still," The man grinned down at his bottle which dangled between his fingers. For as long as they'd known each other, even going back to their own school days, there was never that spark between he and Kate, though it seemed to have taken Matt years still to realise that. There was a reason they were close friends, and he didn't mind indulging Kate's occasional need for reassurance, but that's all it had ever been or would be. "She got her wish come true though, Matt's miraculous return. She doesn't really want to be whisked away, as much as she thinks she does," The man smirked with a shake of his head. Still, Kate had been the one he trusted with the truth when Adele came to Narrie... that she was Jezebel's real mother. And she had kept that quiet, had never betrayed that trust, and tried to be the maternal figure that Jez had needed because Gods knew that Tanya sure wasn't. Taking another sip from his drink, Stuart found himself once again thinking down along the line of what he could have done differently over the years. Tanya had given him four more children that he loved, certainly, but in the end even she found something else she wanted. His brow furrowed slightly, but then he noticed the movement from Adele and glanced at her with a raised brow. "Hey there, you alright?" The man asked gently, switching his bottle hand so that he could free up his arm and offer it to wrap over Adele's shoulders, pulling her in beside him for a half hug as he smiled fondly at her. She almost looked like she'd discovered something she wasn't sure she liked, "Thanks for coming out here, by the way. You didn't have to, and I really appreciate it."
  8. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "Really? I've brought a six pack on a few occasions," Stuart offered a lopsided grin toward Adele, before taking a swig from his bottle and then offering a shrug, "Depends on who you're visiting though, I guess. See, if it was my dad, then I'd have to share some with him." The man nodded over toward another headstone that actually wasn't too far away. There was a ritual of having to pour at least one bottle over the old man's grave, lest he be haunted or something, he couldn't put it past the man to return just to scold him for hogging all the beer to himself. However, the idea of having a drinkies on a roof or around a bonfire was definitely an enticing idea and he gave a few nods. "It's the right time of year for a bonfire, and I know there's a big stack on the back of my property at the moment. I think Alan's got a stack near his place too. If we put both together, then it'll set a pretty big blaze, I'd reckon," Big enough to warrant giving it a little distance, though the idea of sitting on a roof whether it was big or not was a fun plan and caused a wily smirk to tug at the man's lips. "In any case, a camp out with a bonfire sounds pretty damn good regardless. Get a few drinks, put the little kids to bed early, just spend the night tossing more fuel on the pyre and relaxing," The man nodded easily, sounded like a fantastic plan really. "You got a weird-arse mind sometimes, Del," Stuart grinned with a small laugh and shake of his head as she recounted having created worse alternate realities in her head than the truth, "Correction, make that almost all the time." He then said after a second though, reaching his elbow out to give her a small nudge, though nodded lightly, "Most of the time, it's just trying to picture what she would look like. But I try not to spend too much time lingering on those thoughts. Hells knows what it did to Alan for years." A small sigh was breathed out before he took another drink. "Still, I guess I should've known it was going to end not great. When both you and Kate agree on not liking someone, then I should take that hint that it's a bad omen," The man smirked as he gave Adele a side-eye, however her question resulted in a shrug as a response, "Like you said, it's a shitty day. But it could always be worse, yeah? The pain doesn't go away, but it also means I just appreciate what I still have all the more as well. I mean, we got Améa back, and she's doing fantastic now. I love having her with me, and I'm kinda dreading the day when she decides she wants to step out into her own place or something." He chuckles quietly, "The place is too quiet when it's just me and ol' Cecil."
  9. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    "... so, you know. Even if things are crazy as hells around here, you can bet that you'd never have been bored. Or would want for more family. You know, I think Mea might have grown protective of you if you were here too. Having her living with me has been really good, you know. For both of us. It's certainly helped me..." The man trailed off from his murmurings with a gentle smile on his features. He actually considered the past year to be a blessing with Améa's return, and her staying with him. They'd managed to connect in their own way, even if she was still afraid that he would turn her away if he knew the truth. But he did know... he just didn't want to bring it up. He was still waiting for her to feel like she could, so that he could reassure her. It would happen in time though, there was no rush. The man was at least mildly aware that he wasn't entirely alone in the cemetery, however, and after some time of being silent, the approaching voice and clinking of glass bottles confirmed it. A small cheeky half-smirk tugged at the man's lips before his head had turned toward the direction of the approaching figure. That she simply invited herself to take a seat with him was expected, they both knew that even if she had asked he would have told her to sit anyway. The fact that she had turned up though, that wasn't entirely expected and there was an ounce of bemused surprise in his gaze, as well as appreciation for the company regardless. "Well, that just proves I'm getting old, I'm starting to forget to bring the drinks with me," A tut from the man, before accepting the bottle and waiting for her own to be opened before lifting it to clink together in a silent 'cheers'. He then lifted it to his lips and took a few long swigs before pulling it from them and releasing a long sigh. "Except, normally it's a slab, and on top of a roof or in front of a bonfire," A snicker fell from his lips at that while the bottle swung from his fingers, arms resting on the man's bent knees. Silence followed for a few moments as he studied the headstone still, before then breathing out another long breath and allowing a half-smirk to tug at his lips again, "Always a shit trap, isn't it? Wondering what we could've done different... Hate getting caught in it."
  10. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stuart Blair
    Another day for most. Another day for Stuart too, really... at least a few years down the track. Except that it wasn't, nor would it ever be. The 9th of July would always be associated with the tiny stillborn girl that he had held for only a short time. Certainly, he wasn't the only one to have lost a child in the town, or even among his friends or family. It's why he never spoke about it with others, even when they needed to speak about the ones they'd lost. He still had the rest of his children, and their children even. And the mother of this one... had never wanted to be a mother. Not that he ever blamed her. Despite her fears, she still accepted it was going to be. It wasn't her fault that she was being hunted, or that she'd been found. Or that she had been attacked, right before Stuart had turned up and - in his rage - did something he never would have done normally. It had been called self-defense, but the creature hadn't even been after him. He didn't even like calling it a creature. The werewolf that had killed his unborn daughter had been a person as well. But they were as evil in their human form as what many people considered their kind to be regardless. And the mother... she had survived, by some miracle, but they had never been the same again. Perhaps it had been for the best. She had been almost half his age, after all. Of course, that was some years ago now. How long? Seven years? He closed his eyes tightly, trying to push the number away. He didn't want to think that there could be a cute seven year old girl living with him, who played with her cousins and many half-siblings, and nieces and nephew. Every year he came here alone, he never reminded anyone the day, though suspected that at least Jez remembered. People had enough of their own worries, to be bothered by him. And so he sat at the foot of the grave and smiled gently at the name, 'Annabelle Maree Blair'. "Well... I guess it's about time I updated you on the weird and wonderful, Belly Bear?" Stuart spoke quietly, before then beginning to go over some of the details of what had been happening over the past year, since he last visited.
  11. Invite The Sabotage Within

    "You don't have to sit in it, just be with it, and you'll find that eventually it doesn't bother you as much because it's just how things are," Stuart said gently, though he understood the feeling and knew that while people expected certain reactions and things, they also knew that everyone did things their own way. He wanted to say that she wouldn't get judged, but her track record hadn't been the best to date. Admittedly, while with Dave, people had seen another side of the woman, one that they liked, one that had become a part of the community, whether she realised that or not. "No one will think that you didn't love him, or deserved him, Adele. Everyone saw how good he was for you, and how much you cared about him. They know he was happy before he died, and that's what's important," The man offered a light smile and reached over to wrap an arm around her shoulders, giving Del a strong side-hug for a brief moment. "And no one expects a person to mourn forever either. People move on at their own paces, some are able to find some comfort in others a lot more easily than others," Stuart knew for a fact that he was not one of those who found it easily in other people. He did miss the companionship of just having someone to share with, but he'd also had enough of being burned by those who didn't appreciate him or felt like they couldn't give as much to a relationship as he did. The man didn't even want to think about how long it had been since he'd been with someone, though he knew that the last one was Nicole, and that was a few months before she'd been attacked and their baby had died. A single eye winced briefly with the thought and he tipped his drink back to gulp the whole lot before indicating for another. "He wouldn't want you to feel lonely, Del. I mean, he probably wouldn't relish the idea of any other man even touching you either, but more so he wouldn't want you to be lonely and depressed and potentially doing something stupid because you just need some basic human comfort," Stu nodded lightly as he reached for the refreshed drink, "So, I guess you should do you then." He murmured, brows lifting, "I only wanted to make sure that you weren't going to do something stupid anyway, because of that promise I made. But you seem to be of sound mind in what you're looking for." The man nodded, and glanced around the room a little. "I mean, I can't say there's much besides a bunch of young pussies in this place, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about contending with an equal force. You'd be the boss of whatever happened," Stuart snickered to himself, "Play out those strict librarian fantasies for them." A cheeky waggle of his brows was followed by another swig of his drink, "But, if you want, then I can leave you to your fishing."
  12. Invite The Sabotage Within

    With the seats closest to Adele now emptied, Stuart commandeered one and took a spot next to the woman, before giving an upnod to the bartender and pointing out to the top shelf, scotch on the rocks. He then turned his gaze back to Del and lifted a brow as he listened to her, offering a small nod as he considered her words. He understood the feeling all too well, he'd had to deal with enough when Tanya had cheated on him and they'd split, and then when his newborn daughter died a number of years ago. "They mean well, and just want you to be alright. It's a smallish community, taking care of each other is what we do. It's not pity, it's care," Stu lifted a brow and then reached for his wallet to draw out a couple of twenties, and sat them on the counter. "But hey, I also understand wanting to get out of the town for a bit, to just try and pretend everything's alright and nothing's happened. But it has, and distractions aren't going to make moving on any easier." He had to chuckle a little as he was accuse of chasing off the fish and offered a small shrug, "Hey, not my fault they can't handle my sheer presence and power." Up came the guns, as he flexed them, before then dropping his arms with a goofy grin, "Anything you catch here is only going to feel empty later anyway. I mean... look at those boys, half of them probably don't even know what to do or are looking for a 'mummy figure' to tell them." He snickered quietly, but then wagged a finger at her. "And don't go doing that weird anti-aging thing either. Dave and I always agreed that the best you've ever looked is the older mum look, pjs and bare feet and all," Stuart smirked cheekily at the woman, before then snickering as she was reminded that she wasn't allowed to smoke inside. However, he considered her question, and then lifted his shoulders into a shrug before leaning his forearms on the counter. "I mean, as fun as the caveman style of tossing someone over my shoulder is, I've got no reason to scold you really, and I just got drink for myself so I'm in no hurry."
  13. Invite The Sabotage Within

    The man had planned for a pretty quiet night, a few drinks, maybe a movie. Likely would end up til all hours channel surfing with Cecil right by his feet. But he'd received a call of concern from the young couple who were living at Adele's place with her. She'd been given a night off, it seemed, but the way she had left had concerned at least one of them enough to ask if he and Adele had planned drinkies or not. Not that he could recall. That was something the man would have at least remembered, and would have been a bit more interesting than trying to pretend that there wasn't some kind of funny business possibly going on between Améa and Vladimir. He was trying to respect their privacy, but this was still his house and she was his daughter, and still mending a broken heart as far as he could tell. There was a part that was mildly concerned that maybe she didn't need him now that she was doing much better, and he dreaded the day that Mea might tell him that she was moving out into her own place. Still, that was something he needed to not think about, and so Stuart dressed rather simply, a nice pair of jeans and polo. He called Jez to ask if she could zero in on her mother's current whereabouts - it'd save having to search the city - and then apparated to a spot nearby to the buildings that were rather familiar. He had some idea where Adele might have gone now that he saw and recognised the place, and so he stepped into the bar, and almost immediately it was easy to tell where the woman was. A small swarm of men surrounded her, most of them in their twenties or early thirties, and all trying to vie for her attention. Stuart simply walked over and loomed above the group somewhat, a brow raised as he cast a mildly unimpressed look at Adele. "Should've just said if you felt like some drinks. I'd have got our spot at the Roo," The man didn't really need to say much more than that, or at least he didn't think so as he cast his gaze around the various boys who were trying to impress, not realising she was playing a game with them anyway. Stuart was no fool though, he'd seen his share of women do this many a time in his youth. He wasn't one to ever play the game though. He didn't have anything to prove. "C'mon, Del. You gave your word that you wouldn't get drinks unless I was around, and I'm not gonna sit here and babysit you from the boys who think they've actually got a shot."
  14. Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    Stuart Blair
    "We'll work something out," Stuart said again quietly, his mind already racing through the many options they had. And there were quite a few that could be plausible, though right now he was still leaning toward the idea of an illusion. Caitlin and Cassandra carried Sorceraic blood, so an illusion created by one of them of Améa would probably carry a signature that would be real enough to seem like her as well. They could only ask and try it out at Adele's to see if it would be good enough. Even as he thought about it though, the man continued to listen to Adele and Zane, his gaze shifting to the boy as he spoke about Thomas' guards. It seemed Zane didn't like his chances already, which made the man feel more and more uneasy about this whole thing. But if this was their best chance then they had to take it. "Taking out the guards might give him enough time to escape as well though," The man muttered quietly, more a personal observation than something to be discussed right now. Unless the boy had something up his sleeve, then they were going to have to figure out how they would be able to trap Sollozzo there for long enough to take him out. Again, his mind went to Adele's family and the myriad of powerful members in it. Maybe if they asked Lillian really nicely, she might actually help. After all, it was a matter of Adele being in danger now, and if nothing else he knew that her mother would want to avoid the mess it would create on their island home if something happened to the Queen. "Alright, I think we've got all we need, unless there's anything else, Del?" The man's arm came over her shoulder to give it a small squeeze, as much for his own control as perhaps for her comfort. He was still not convinced that Zane should even be allowed to leave this house, but for the sake of being rid of Thomas Sollozzo for good, they had to follow whatever this plan was for now. All they could do was prepare.
  15. Charlie #3

    "We certainly don't, but I'd like to take care of mine for as long as possible. Still got dreams of achieving the whole big family thing one day, y'see, and trying to give piggyback rides to your grandkids when your body's all wrecked would be utter hell. But hey, I'm not gonna judge, you do you," The man smiled easily, taking a sip of his drink, before then offering a cheeky smirk her way, "Just make sure you have a TicTac before you go trying to kiss non-smokers or something. That taste is terrible, the literal worst." An impishly cheeky grin followed as he offered a light wink and click of his tongue. There was nothing in his body language that implied he was hitting on her or anything though, it appeared he was just genuinely being a bit of a shit head for his own shits and giggles, appreciating the banter for what it was. A whistle sounded at the appearance of the license, before he shook his head and chuckled softly. "I dunno. Still not sure I'm buyin' it, but I'll take Liana," The man offered a small nod and removed his hand from the glass, sliding it across to her without any more questions regarding her name. Whether it was real or not was her own business, so was whether her parents really debated over naming their magical child after a vehicle. As much as he didn't like to judge people, he had a feeling that asking men for a drink was something she was rather accustomed to, but he didn't mind the company. It was better than drowning his sorrows alone. "Ah yes, I apologise Ms Liana. I'm Stuart Blair," The man began with a small bow of his head, "Normally I would introduce myself straight away, but you see, I'm currently taking advantage of being able to have people not know who I am upon sight for as long as possible. I'm aiming for Minister of Magic within about... hm, say twenty-ish years." A small sage nod was given, but there was still a glint of amusement and cheek in his gaze. "What do you think my chances are?"
Stuart Jameson Blair
Australian Minister of Magic, Co-Owner: The Drunken Roo, Owner: Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park
52 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  52
Date of Birth December 13th, 1966
Birthplace Narragyambie
Year Level 
Occupation Australian Minister of Magic, Co-Owner: The Drunken Roo, Owner: Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Phoenix
Wand 12" Redwood with Dragon Heartstring
Play-by David Boreanaz
  • 1979 - 1985: Tallygarunga (Spencer)
  • 1986 - 1990: VMU (Magical Education, and Law & Government)
  • He won't admit to anyone how much he misses the beeping from the 'wide load' pants his old girlfriend wore when she was pregnant
  • Has fallen into a depression over the past couple of years, since all the kids have moved out and got their own lives, and he's on his own, but keeps this to himself, covering it up well to focus on work and others
  • He also has the entire collections of Garfield and Footrot Flats comics
General Knowledge
  • Everyone knows Stuart's a smooth talker and a charming gentleman, though many also know that its not smart to anger him
  • He has done weekly boxing training since he was a teenager and still coaches junior Aussie rules football
  • Knows how to play the guitar, taught Jezebel when she was young
  • He's a social person, and loves a good party, cares about his work and is a dedicated family man
  • And of course, thick as thieves with his close friends Alan Burdett (also cousin) and Kate Belmont
  • Co-owner of the Drunken Roo
  • Owner of the Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve (though his mother runs it)

Considering he's the father of five Blair kids who were all Spencers (and a secret other one who ended up in Sturt), it would be fairly accurate to say that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree at all. While he may seem pretty intimidating if he’s sizing someone up, he’s pretty easy going and loves to generally have a good time – be it at work or anywhere else. He’s a devoted family man and puts in a lot of time with his family when he can. As much of a goofball as he can be, he does do his work well, which he’s been promoted recently.

A bit of a fitness fanatic, Stuart goes to the gym regularly, as well as does boxing training and coaches a junior football team. Of course this is balanced out with his incredibly terrible eating habits, a man loves lots of steak and burgers and fried foods of course, not to mention beer and whiskey. Though rare that he cooks since most of the kids have left home, he does actually know how to, although prefers to keep it simple these days, since his youngest son tends to make his own concoctions to eat.

When it comes to mates, he’s a great one to have on someone’s side and will stick up for his friends up to the end – as well as offer to sort them out if they’re being idiots themselves. He likes to tell it like it is and doesn’t really bother dodging around words. He’s pretty direct about what he thinks and is fairly confident as well. If someone gets on his bad side then there’s usually trouble on the way – only occasionally will he lose his temper but when he does then everyone knows about it. He isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty, especially if it involves his family or people he really cares about. However, its rare that he’s serious, let alone angry, he’s pretty relaxed most of the time.

One thing that does tend to freak him out a little bit and more so recently is how quickly all of his kids have grown up and left home, leaving him with an empty house. He's also still recovering from the loss of his and Nicole's unborn child a few years ago, which led to them breaking up due to her relief that she wasn't going to be a mother contrasting with his disappointment and heartbreak that he wouldn't be a father again. He's a gentleman at heart, and loyal to whoever has his affection, though tends to wear his heart on his sleeve which doesn't always do him favours.


With a solid build and standing at about 6’3, he can cut an intimidating figure upon first meeting most often – at least until he relaxes into an easy smile and carefree swagger. For the most part, he usually looks pretty relaxed, although if angered or irritated its pretty easy to tell and without words he can be good at letting people know to keep out of his way. That is a rare occurrence though, more often than not he’ll have a perpetual grin on his features as well as the look of someone who’s plotting something amusing.

He has warm brown eyes and cropped dark hair, a forehead that he often receives comparisons to cavemen for from his oldest daughter, but generally fairly finecut rugged features. He’s often clean shaven, but will leave the stubble on his days off. He dresses in good suits when at work, and still dresses in good clothes when not at work, but he does also have a few old pairs of jeans and shirts that work for his lazy day or farm clothes. Out in public though he maintains a rather sharp image, of course with the amount of exercise he does he sometimes looks a bit more like an overpaid private bodyguard.

The story so far

A local Narrie boy by birth, Stuart was the baby in his family by a good decade and a half, in his father’s second marriage. Being such, he was pretty spoiled as a kid and well adjusted, knowing he had parents who loved him. As he attended St Andrews, he already started leaning somewhat toward being a bit of a clown. Following St Andrews, he went straight into Tally with a couple of his friends and was sorted into Spencer where he had an absolute riot through most of his schooling years, his future prospects changing constantly as he really couldn’t just make up his mind – flitting from one thing to the next in most aspects of life, even simple conversations. It was just lucky that he had a couple of great teachers who were able to keep up with him.

Eventually he seemed to make up his mind that he would contribute somehow to the magical community, which meant going to VMU. So once he finished up at Tally, he was off to the city, where he seemed to just fit straight in. Though still a country boy at heart who still tended to stay at his folks’ place a lot of the time, he found himself comfortable at University where he excelled in Business and Education, and enjoyed a few years being able to play for their Quidditch team as well. It was during his third year he met Tanya and fell head over heels, proposing to her after they’d been together for 6 months, followed by marriage a few more months after that. They were happy together for a while, he landing a job with the Ministry and her working at St Ringos, though problems soon sprung up for some reason he had no idea of and they separated because she wanted some time.

Utterly perplexed by the split, Stu turned to drinking with his mates and spending time out at clubs and pubs, which is where he met another woman, younger than him and a recent school leaver. They struck up a fling for a time, just something casual though he had to admit he had fun in her company. And then one day he heard from Tanya again, who had sorted out her feelings and wanted to reconcile. Naturally, he was all for it since she was his wife, and he found out she had problems conceiving and knowing he wanted a family, felt useless. He was supportive though and they started looking into IVF. Not long after they were back together though, he heard from his ‘casual fling’ – that she was pregnant.

It was a very mixed up time for a while. He was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father, but he had to be honest with Tanya about the situation, and he barely managed to stop the other woman from doing anything rash (as she was panicked due to still being so young and not ready to have a child, especially to an already married man). In the end he and Tanya offered to take the child and raise it as theirs. The mother agreed, and then one day they came home with Jezebel. He was in love with the baby girl the moment he saw her, and doted on the child immensely. The only thing that could have made him happier with his life from there was the news that after a year or so, Tanya had managed to fall pregnant. The birth of the triplets seemed to rekindle something – though there were problems with their other child. Jezebel had never been a fantastic sleeper, but she’d started waking from night terrors regularly and seemed to not want to sleep at all.

It was when they noticed the huge behavioural changes from one moment to the next that it became even more worrying. And finally they found someone who knew what was wrong, and with good timing since Stuart Junior had just been born as well. It was a difficult realisation, knowing that his daughter had such a gift, and that it had caused her to develop other actual personalities, but he accepted it and loved all her aspects the same. All the kids were cherished and looked after, wanting for nothing, and gradually they all moved on to Tally, while Stuart started lecturing at VMU on occasion and Tanya began travelling to places with WWB to offer her services to those in need. Life changed with the kids all at school most of the year, Stuart worked more and started putting in more work at the Ministry, involving himself in more educational matters due to his personal interests in that area with his kids. A rift also began to form between him and his wife – and not because of her travelling. However, he couldn’t accuse her of anything without any proof and didn’t want to upset the kids. He’s already having a difficult enough time dealing with the fact that they’re growing up. At least he had the distraction in a new promotion – to the Department of Magical Education and Training, as the Department Head.

Not long after though, Tanya returned home, four months pregnant and with a confession of having an affair for quite a while, and the two were divorced not long after. Things never really slowed down after that either, with the children going through their own dramas, including Jezebel finding out about her birth mother and then Stuart finding out that Améa was also his daughter, the surprise of that almost overshadowing his promotion to Victorian Minister of Magic.

Thinks managed to balance out for a while after his appointment, at least until he met Nicole Barkwith, a new young employee in the Ministry who was just a little bit jumpy. He helped her settle in and they gradually became friends until a few drinks one night led to more. They began dating and soon found out Nicole was pregnant -- for some time things seemed to be going well... and then a cult that had been hunting the young woman found and attacked her. The attack resulted in the loss of their baby after she went into early labour at six months, and soon after the pair decided to part to grieve in their own ways and sort out what they wanted.

This generally meant that Stuart threw himself into his job full-time, since his children hardly needed him, all having grown up and off to university or starting their own families. So it was that he was a very dedicated and effective Minister of Magic for the state, and when the Federal Minister stood down after many years in the job, Stuart stepped up as the recommended next in line.

After a number of years feeling rather lonely in his big house, Stuart has been feeling a lot better with the return of Améa and her moving in with him. They get a lot of dad and daughter time together that they missed out on, and it's lifted his spirits to see how much she's healed in the time with him.

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