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  1. Invite The Drop

    Stuart was able to watch through the doorway while he called Marie and let her in on what was going on. Quietly, he was able to briefly give her the gist of the details and the knowledge that Lauren was going to need some proper guidance while Auds could use some help to stay relaxed after the news of David, before the phone was hung up and he knew that it would barely be a minute before she and Laurie arrived. He was then sending a message to Jezebel, to see how she and Lorelei were as he returned to the living room, while Audrey accepted the sketchbook and returned to sitting down beside Alan, still looking somewhat perplexed over everything, and just a little bit stressed out still. "They're on their way..." The man managed before he heard the door and huffed a half chuckle. He knew it'd be less than a minute. Moving out of the way of the door, Stuart glanced down as Tavi bolted through and straight for Audrey. The pregnant woman smiled as soon as she saw the little girl, and shuffled a little closer to Alan so that she could squeeze Tavi in next to her, wrapping an arm around her to give her a squeeze, Tavi's presence effectively calming her a little while she balanced the book on her lap. The comment from Octavia, however, brought a soft rush of laughter from Audrey as she looked down at her belly. Yes, indeed she was still 'fat', and she gave Tavi another small squeeze, before reaching for the baby picture of Lauren. "No, honey. Lauren is this sister," Audrey pointed to the infant in the picture, "She's just... been away for a long time, so she's a lot older now." It seemed the best way to explain it. And it's not like she was wrong. The children would have less of a grasp of how long exactly that the baby photo had been taken, so they'd probably be less shaken by the whole age difference. "The baby's still a couple weeks or so away," Maybe. She felt that tightness in her stomach again and breathed. Nothing was going to happen, she just needed to concentrate on something. To that effect, she glanced over at Lauren. "Do you have any favourite colours? Animals or flowers or anything? How would you like your room decorated? Maybe some horse themed decorations?" Yes, this was something Audrey could do, and might keep her distracted enough that she didn't start to feel too sick. She didn't even know how she would go calling Adrien, or Meri or Arti. "Hey Mama and Papa Burdett," Stuart greeted Marie and Laurie as they entered the room, leaning down to give his aunt a kiss on the cheek and uncle a pat on the shoulder. "Welcome to the fun factory," There were few other ways to describe the moment. However, he then gestured toward the girls who'd arrived at the house with him, "This is Adele's mother, Lillian. And the teenager there is little Lauren. She's just... grown a bit." A bit, was an understatement. However, he then glanced around, noticing Audrey looking around and knowing the hostess in her wanted to see to everyone, "Who wants coffee or tea? I'm pretty sure I can beat Auds and Marie to the kettle right now."
  2. Invite The Drop

    "I'm really sorry Auds," Stuart's apology carried the weight of his own concern and grief. True to their promise, he and Adele had kept with their drinkies evenings, and now and then David had joined them, Rheldor as well. The man had been good to his word in wanting to make up for leaving her, and Stu had to admit that at least he was able to admit to his own errors and take responsibility for it. But he also knew how close the man had been with Audrey, how often he mentioned how proud he was that the girl had made her own path in life and did what made her happy. He'd been looking forward to being 'Uncle Dave'. And now he was gone. The young woman herself seemed unable to respond as her hand continued to cover her mouth, the tears having begun to fall as she tried to process the very idea of David not being around anymore, at all. She leaned in against Alan as he held her, not wanting to believe it. Who would sneak her chocolate during playdates at the park while the kids were distracted? Merlin, how was Adrian dealing? Did Meri even know? Or Arti? Torn between wanting to just break down completely, and wanting to distract herself by falling into organisation mode and making sure that everyone and everything was sorted and seeing if there was anything she could do or help with, Audrey only blinked when Lauren spoke so plainly, as though the news of the death could have been someone talking about the weather. Audrey stared across at Lauren through her tears, while Stuart gave the girl a stern look, clearly unimpressed with the attitude that she was already displaying. "That's not exactly the reason that you're here, Lauren, and you know it," The man said gruffly, and then turned his gaze toward Audrey and Alan, the former was shaking her head in response to the question of whether there was anything she wanted. Truth be told, she didn't look like she'd be able to keep down anything right at the moment, and the way her other hand clung to her belly meant that she was feeling stressed. That wasn't good for the baby, and he sighed and wished he could have taken back the truth of the news. Instead, he could only deal with what they could control. "Don't let the sweet 'Daddy' talk fool you, Alan. Lauren's been absent of a... functional family environment over the years, which has made her somewhat detached from the world and has left her quite socially unaware and lacking in proper discipline," Stuart's tone was apologetic as he explained. No one wanted to tell a man that the daughter he thought had been dead had grown up to be - for lack of a better phrase - a little shit. "With the revelation of her survival and all overnight, it was Lillian's idea that living with you guys would help Lauren to learn how to be a part of a family. She's got no fondness for Adele, as you can guess from how she speaks about her, but she's shown favour toward you. And well, I guess with us growing up the way we did, and me raising Jez, we're the best folks to learn how to be family around, eh? But yeah, she needs to be... brought down to earth a little, for lack of a better phrase. She's smart, and she'll try to get her way if she can." The man turned his gaze back toward Lauren, and there may have been a hint of a smirk in his expression. After all the years of having to keep quiet about her, be damned if he wasn't going to make sure that Alan knew what he was getting into. The girl was going to be living around their family? Then she was going to have to live by their rules, and unfortunately for her, Stu had enough experience with her to be able to warn his cousin and the rest of the family of her ways. Gotcha.
  3. Invite The Drop

    Audrey allowed herself to be herded back into the house, taking a peek at what was in the kitchen as they passed through, before moving on through to the living room, shifting toys out of the way with her feet as she did so. She usually had the place tidier than this - when she wasn't too fat to bend over easily - but it always ended up with more toys strewn about. But she also felt like she should be offering to get something. Coffee. Cookies. Something. There was that dread within her though, and something else which said that she should stay right at the moment, that she needed to stay. Glancing across at the others though, she caught the younger girl's eyes once again, and then almost instantly her gaze moved to a group of framed picture, of which one was an infant with stormy grey eyes, and for some reason she couldn't stop staring at it for a moment, until Alan squeezed her hand and she looked over toward their guests, suddenly a deeper nausea rolling around her stomach. Stuart, himself, glanced around as they entered, holding the door open for Lillian and Lauren, before then moving through the rooms. He noticed Alan had been doing some carpentry, and the state of the living room was pretty usual for anyone with young kids, the man waving off the apology lightly. "You know my place has been just as bad - still gets that way when I have Jez's triplets," Stuart said easily, and gestured for the girls to take a seat if they wanted, though he wasn't certain if either would. He then inhaled deeply and gave a single slow nod to Alan's question about news, "Yeah. I won't lie, it's... gonna be a lot." He then looked to Lillian for a moment, before then deciding he'd start with the introductions. This was going to be... interesting. "Alan, Audrey, I'd like you to meet Adele's mother, Lillian. She was the one who left Jez with me after she'd been born, and who saved Lorelei before she was born, when Jezebel was caught under that house..." It seemed the best way to start off. Remind Alan of the strange things that had occurred with himself, and let him know that this woman had been involved with that. It would perhaps make it easier to believe that if Lorelei could have been saved before she'd been born, and only returned to Jez when she was about a year old, then other miraculous or strange things could have occurred with Adele's other progeny. "And this young lady," Stuart then looked toward the teenager, "I think you probably already know who she is. Even if your head says otherwise." His voice softened as he watched her, "Are you going to say hello to your dad, Lauren?" Audrey froze beside Alan at the words, and she stared at the girl again, before then looking at the picture of the infant, reaching over to pick it up and stare before then looking back at the girl. But... how? Lauren should have only been around ten. How could this teenager be her? There was no denying the eyes were exactly the same. But... did this Lillian have something to do with this? Had she done something like with Lorelei? She'd heard that there were strange tales that revolved around Adele's children and grandchildren, but this was... something else. She looked to Alan, he would know if it was her, right? Could it really be true?
  4. Invite Something Happened

    "I don't imagine that he's going to exactly be happy that you're so sad, either. He might not like to share, but he's not heartless," Stuart had caught a glimpse of the look on Caleb's face when things had taken a bad turn at the Unwedding. The boy was never fond of Lorelei, but even he'd been shaken up to see her in such a state. Having to tell him that someone was dead wasn't something he looked forward to. He certainly knew that Del wouldn't want to have to keep repeating it. He was silent as she questioned his suggestion for a name though, understanding those initial thoughts, but also knowing that it was perhaps the best way to remember David. The entrance of Améa, who might look like a child, but certainly didn't act like one unless under duress, caused Stuart to nod a little. He leaned down and picked Adele up into his arms in order to take her and the baby back inside, not giving the woman a chance to argue the point. There, he set her down on the sofa, before offering a nod to Jezebel, who was already making hot drinks, a serious expression on her features. There'd been fewer smiles since earlier in the year, right now she looked almost angry. "Right," Stu sighed and reached for his phone, "I guess I should find out what I can..." He began, unsure what else he could really do aside from just keep Adele company or break the news to the others, though he had the distinct feeling that Améa and Jez may have already worked it out. "I am sorry, Grandmiere," A ghostly voice filled the air within a moment, and a chill ran down Stuart's spine, while Jezebel froze in place, stuck with shock as she picked up the presence on the bare edge of her senses. "It is unacceptable, what happened."
  5. Invite Something Happened

    At least she was aware enough to take care of the baby, numb or not. That was good. It meant that Adele was still with the world, that she did care about making sure her infant was alright, that he was warm. Stuart knew all too well that it would be easy for Adele to fall back into old patterns, to wall herself up and shut out anyone that could potentially hurt her if they got too close, if she let herself care too much. But, at the same time, he also knew that the years of experience had also taught her some things, that the loss of emotional connection with Améa still made Del aware of being there for her children still. This, right now, it would hurt her, almost so painful that she would want to retreat. Stuart had faith that she could weather it though. She just needed to take it one day at a time, and remember that she had the support of others around her. "That's good. It'll take some of the pressure off you. You need to take care of yourself and the kids. Does Caleb know? Améa's inside checking on him, I think I hear Jez too," Stuart murmured quietly, "You know we'll help you as much as we can with things. You're not alone, Del. I promised you almost a year ago, remember? I'm not going anywhere. Anything you need, I'll do my best to help." He nodded gently. It was the best he could do, really. At the mention of the boy's name, it almost seemed rather obvious to him, and his voice was tentative as he spoke. "I think David would be a good name for him. After all, that little man in your arms is a piece of you both. You can see his father right there, he didn't leave you with nothing."
  6. Invite Something Happened

    The man watched on solemnly, knowing what shock did to people, knowing that Adele likely barely even felt the blanket that was draped over her, the way he'd tried to direct her steps so that she walked mostly on grass, trying to avoid the rocks. He also knew that she would be blaming herself for this. Even if Sollozzo wasn't involved, she would find a way to make it her fault, that she didn't deserve to be happy. It was a trait he'd noticed had followed from mother to daughter, one that needed to be proven wrong. And yet, the world appeared to ever work to try and prove otherwise. Stuart easily picked the infant up and began to rock soothingly, his own calm demeanour causing the fussing to gradually slow down and then cease. Adele's tension could be felt enough by him, the child would be even more aware of it, if the rest of her family were anything to go by. He already could hear more voices from the front door. Jezebel, no doubt, knowing as keenly as Améa that something was amiss. "You couldn't have known, Adele. Things have been quiet for months, no one's seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, there was no way to tell if or when something might happen. And this could be something completely unrelated to the events from earlier in the year, we don't know yet," The man's voice remained calm, soothing as he could manage. They couldn't jump to conclusions, not yet, despite the more obvious ones that seemed to stand out. Sollozzo coming out of hiding meant they would all need to be on their toes again. "I'll see what I can do to find out what I can. But for the time being you're going to need to be extra cautious," The man sat down in the chair beside hers, offering back the infant now that he had managed to get it to sleep. He then shifted the chair closer and wrapped an arm around Del, tugging her over to lean against him while he rubbed her arm. He could do little more right now than be a support.
  7. Invite Something Happened

    The news was like a punch to the gut. Even if he'd been unhappy about Dave having left Adele last year, the man had been doing everything he could to make up for it and Del had been happier this year than Stuart had seen her be in a long time. He took a moment to process, and then nodded, allowing his features to remain blank, offering Adele the strength she needed right now, that she appeared to be sapped of. "Let's get you back to the house," Were the first words from the man, an arm shifting around her shoulders to gently lead her and the baby back toward the house. Them both standing out here wasn't going to do any good for anyone, regardless of their invulnerability to the elements. He didn't take her inside, though, instead stopping at the patio and gently directing her into a chair, before stepping just inside and grabbing a blanket off the back of the couch. Returning back out, he draped it over her shoulders and wrapped it around her and the baby, and then he crouched in front of her. "I'm so sorry, Del," The words were earnest as he peered up at her. He offered his hands out, "Do you want me to hold him for a moment?" Meaning her son. In her state, she and the baby were going to just continue to play off one another's emotions. At the least, he might be able to calm the infant until he fell asleep, and then hand him back. Even so, his mind worked quickly. "There's already Aurors on the case?" Stuart asked, "There should have been at least one following David. There's supposed to be some guarding you and your family still." He would need to make a call, see if there was anyone who hadn't checked in the past day. Could this be Sollozzo's work? It seemed the only conclusion that Stuart could think of.
  8. Invite Something Happened

    The man followed the directions pointed out by the girl he held close, a near panic running through him, and yet even so he had not missed that moment where she had called him by the term 'father', and before Améa could run off, he turned to her and leaned down to press a kiss to the top of her head. He needn't say anything, not right now, but the look he spared her would show how much it had meant to him to hear that word, to have her trust and faith in him. Letting her go, the man watched her slip inside, before quickly making his way toward Adele. "Del," Stuart's voice was soft as he neared, hearing both her and the baby crying caused the concern that had welled up to increase. What was more was the absence of someone else who should have been here, making sure that they were alright. "What's happened?" He asked, carefully stepping closer until he could place a hand on her shoulder, stop her pacing and gently try to turn her toward him. "Where's Dave?" The question was important, even if it may have a negative effect, the man had a feeling that her current state had something to do with her husband. Where was he? Why wasn't he here to try and calm her, to take care of her? Stuart was here, he always would be to help her, but there shouldn't be a need for him. She had Dave to take care of her, right?
  9. Invite Something Happened

    Stuart wasn't entirely certain what he was dreaming of when his door barged open. It didn't take much shaking, yelling, or anything to have the man bolting upright in his bed while he listened to the child, settling a strong comforting hand on her head for a moment with a concerned expression on his features. He didn't need to question Améa's statements, he knew very well that her family were inhuman, that they were connected in a way that he would never truly understand. No doubt that Jez and her children all felt it as well, especially if it had Améa as frantic as this. "Alright, let's go," Within moments of having been woken, the man was out of bed in his long pj bottoms, shoving his feet into a pair of moccasins as he scooped Améa up easily and ran through the house, snatching his wand to tuck into his pocket, and broom up from beside the door. Setting the girl in front of him, the man then took off. They zoomed through the air, much faster than he'd be allowed in a car, and able to shortcut straight to Adele's house. Landing on the porch, Stuart looked for signs of anyone awake. Améa's sheer reaction also made him quite unwilling to knock and wait for an answer either, and so the man tested the door as soon as they touched down, allowing his broom to drop to the ground while he picked Améa up on his hip once again. If locked, then magic would easily unlock it, and he'd enter in a hurry, Améa held tightly, partly for directions in case there was no response. "Del! Where are you?!"
  10. Invite Ain't That A Kick In The Head?

    Stuart was having a much needed day off, the footy was on the tele and he was wandering around in a casual shirt and jeans as he did a few odd jobs around the house, a stubby taken around everywhere with him, and Cecil following on his heels since Améa was currently with Mary at the moment. The fact that one of his eldest daughters was currently the age of one of his grandchildren absolutely didn't make his head hurt at all. Nope, not at all. Mary had taken the strange change on the chin, however, and decided that Améa could still help her out with the animals at the reserve, which was basically on the other side of the large fence that lined the man's large property. They'd be coming back for something to eat soon though, so he had a roast cooking in the oven while he pottered around. It was while he'd stopped to check on the football score that he heard a soft knocking on the door, and stepped through the living room, partly distracted by the game. Once out of the room, he continued to the door, now wondering if it was Améa and Mary early, except neither of them knocked so softly... actually, they weren't required to knock at all. So who in the blazes would be coming here? Upon opening the door, Stuart was first confused, the man having been looking straight ahead, expecting someone of at least an age to be wandering around going door to door or something. And then a moment later his gaze slid downward and he was met with... a child. A child he didn't know. Who was at his door. "Uh... hey there kiddo. Are you supposed to be here? Where's your mum?" The man asked, warily, casting his gaze about. It'd be just like someone to try and set him up to get some snapshots of the Minister of Magic with a strange kid at his house. He wasn't falling for none of that. Though, he was sure his warning spells would have gone off if there were people wandering around the property, so... best to just see if the girl was lost and then call the police to help find her folks.
  11. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    "Afraid so," Stuart nodded in response to Kate's whine, giving her a small pat on the head, while also offering Mairead a wink, "No one's ever as burly or brawny as me!" He claimed with a large grin and a laugh. He didn't doubt that Rosie was looking stunning, considering what the woman was, she tended to have to dress down a lot of the time if she didn't want to get any attention. At that thought, his brow furrowed as he looked around for the Veela. "She not here yet?" He asked the teenager, wondering whether Rosmunda had dropped her off and had to do something before also joining the party. "As for the Alandrey situation," Because their couple name had been long-known by those close to them since well before the Conference, "No idea. I guess it depends on how fast she can get him to mail those divorce papers through, how much of a stink Rachel's going to kick up over it, and how everything goes down with the Adagathguardes when they're told about it." It was a decent list, but Stu didn't doubt that Audrey would probably have a lot of that under control. More so, it would depend on when Alan got the nerve up to ask another woman whether she would marry him, and actually stay with him and be a proper partner. Stuart laughed though at Hazel's suggestion, before shaking his head a little. "Matt would be spitting hellfire if you and I ever came to pass, though it sounds like you quite fancy this teacher of Hazel's. I hear he's a pretty good bloke, to be honest, but is that what you want?" The man asked Kate. He knew it was rough for her, her husband was there, but he wasn't. She had to be lonely. "Funny, I was thinking of spiking some of the tea, mini Hatter," Stuart smirked and then chuckled, before winking at her, "But only my cups." At least then he'd be the only one getting boozy and dozey. And barely had the thought left his mind, had he sat down on a chair and rested his upper half on a table, yawning widely, before a snore could be heard from the man.
  12. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    And there went Alan and Audrey, no doubt to find out whether they were going to be giving the kids the Christmas present they were excited for or not. The man shook his head a little while he watched the three little Burdettes, and soon enough there was a little Belmont in the mix as well... annnd then the girls were all off, across the way toward where the Blue-eyed folks were gathering in their small crowd. Part of Stuart was somewhat curious as to what was going on, but at the same time, another part was just happy to catch a break for a minute. He's also seen the cameras too, and grabbed one up before handing it to Cameron and giving the boy a mission to try and capture all the embarrassing moments. And then there was another voice from nearby, and Stu turned around only to smirk and raise a brow at the blonde Kate. "Well, looky here! Never thought I'd see the day where you'd go bleach blonde, Katie-bug," Stu grinned and offered the woman a big hug for a moment, before then stepping back. He'd noticed her gaze shift toward the departing pair as well, and snickered with a brief roll of his eyes. "The terrible twins are cheating on the betting pool. They mentioned to the kids that they might be getting a sibling for Christmas... which freaked Auds out. You know how Alan is." He snorted softly with a shake of his head, "How are you though?"
  13. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Stuart wanted to get the kids out of there, while Audrey explained to Alan why she was suddenly not feeling so well. He supposed it could be nothing, maybe just Easter Day catching up, but Stuart was pretty sure that her sudden ill feeling and need to be set down... and the look that she was currently giving Alan right now, were indicators that Alan had stayed true to form and this was going to probably end up in the kids indeed getting their promised Christmas present. Just as he was steering the kids away, he then heard someone shouting out for him and laughed as Mairead ran into him, giving the girl a hug. Technically he was her second cousin, rather than her uncle, but Rosie's twins were so young - younger than his own kids - that he let them get away with it. Besides, he didn't have any brothers or sister of his own, that he didn't actually have any nieces or nephews. Not that he didn't love being a grandpa who let Jezebel's kids get away with everything. "Hey Mairead, I see you make very lovely Mad Hatter. I'm guessing your mum's around as well then, is she an infamous Ice Queen?" The man joked with a waggle of his brows as he glanced around. Upon looking around, he suddenly noticed something going on among the 'Blue-Eyed' ranks. A reaction that they all seemed to experience, which meant something was happening that only they knew about. It was alright, he was sure he'd hear about it later.
  14. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Stuart may have been a little put out that Alan had cancelled their combined costume, but that was perfectly fine, because he knew exactly why, and who to ask what he would be going as. As soon as he'd found out from Audrey, his even plan was set in motion. And the best part was that he didn't even had to put a lot of work into his costume! Already built, he just had to get a collared muscle shirt, do a quick spell to make his hair longer and have it slicked back, luscious and coifed. Wear some tight jeans, and fold over boots, and he cut a very fine Gaston. The man didn't even need to study any lines, quotes or song lyrics, because he'd raised 5 kids and been put through many, many repeats of Disney movies. The best part was Alan's face, when his cousin hefted Audrey up effortlessly with her, the woman kicking a little, but almost too busy laughing at his antics to try to fight her way off him. He shone a grin back at Alan before he tried to run around a table, keeping it between himself and his cousin while he held onto his bounty! "Aha! Back foul beast! I'll not let you have her! Belle shall be mine, she is suited only for the best, which is of course, me!" "Damnit Stuart! You know it's Easter... I'm probably going to be sick if you keep carrying me around like this!" Audrey complained, despite her chuckling at the situation, the looks that the three were getting. Poor dumb Alan thought they were secret, but she saw a very knowing look in just about every eye on them right now.
  15. Communication Stuart Blair

    Honesty is definitely good. Be prepared for any reaction that might occur, and if you need support for anything, you know where to find me. And honestly, I'm glad that I found out about you and your family as well, not just because it helps me to understand the kids, but to also understand what you've gone through. I can only imagine how lonely it would be, being unable to talk to anyone around you about the things that weigh on your mind. And Dave had better appreciate the weight of it all and why you had wanted to spare him the burden of knowing. But yeah, I'll make sure the wards are done over the next day or so. Jez and Viktor will probably offer to help strengthen them too, the ones they have on their place are really good. I won't overstay after Dave arrives back though, don't worry. Once I'm sure you're pretty safe then I'll vamoose. Now that Caleb has his guitar, he and Jez might be able to connect a little, I'm sure she'd love to teach him a bit if he's up for it, something he can surprise Alex with. And I get it, I do. It's nice to not hurt for once, even if there's no certainty whether it'll last. I do hope for your sake that it doesn't go south again, dove. Love, Stu