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  1. Keeley nodded. ”Please do, it’s a nice place to go, not to mention he creatures love visitors, they get a bit put out with me because they have to follow the rules.” It was actually quite interesting the way that the creatures managed to push boundaries, even those who don’t communicate with the English language. ”Do you Ride? I tend to go out on long Sunday Rides if you are interested on stopping by Sunday, I leave by 10.” She offered, she encouraged and welcomed people to join her by taking out a horse with her. It was always nice to have those moments, to enjoy the days and the hours with others. She also used them to avoid Sunday lunches with her mother. There was nothing good that came from lunch with her mother. It was usually the time in which her mother would tell her she was harming the family name. ”That makes sense. I don’t go to Melbourne often but when I do I don’t think I would live there you know? It’s just so quite at the ranch.” She said with a smile. ”Oh wow” Keeley had not known any of them, Kate she was familiar with, but only from her schooling. ”I am very happy for your family.” She was happy for them. It was not every day miracles happened, even for the magical. ”What are you doing in Melbourne? Anything fun?”
  2. Looking at the young woman who she had run into she looked around. ”Yeah I cannot say that I know anyone in the family all that personally but a celebration is a celebration right?” And Celebrating life seemed to be a pretty decent reason to party. For Keeley anyway. She knew all the players and the saga and drama and rumors that seemed to follow them but she didn’t really care. Rumors were rumors… and given her family had plenty of rumors surrounding them and none of them hit the nail on the head. Keeley didn’t really much for the rumor mill. She looked at the woman more carefully as she mentioned seeing her around Narrie. ”Yeah, probably…” She said with a bright smile. She shrugged. ”I’m Keeley. I own the Second Chance ranch so im often out and about running around and figuring out how to keep everything together.” She said with a small laugh. She knew she was fairly recognizable when it came to the ranch, at least, when she mentioned the ranch, people don’t usually recognize her but they recognize the ranch. It was one of the few places you could bring your unwanted or injured magical and non-magical creatures to be cared for. She smiled at her. ”It is nice to meet you… have you known them long?” She asked meaning Matt and his family.
  3. He was a rather helpful stranger to run across in the brush. It was something she did appreciate about most people in Narrie, they were mostly helpful. Keeley smiled at him and placed her wand back in it’s place at her waist. ”Thank you. I hope that any of the charms we left seem to help… you know? They may just end up expiring.” She shrugged. That was how it was sometimes with the animals. They didn’t like to be caged, and if it was a magical creature there was no telling what it was and if it was using magic to cloak it. She sighed. ”It can be so unsatisfying sometimes, to not help when you know you can.” She muttered though it was more for herself than it was for anyone else. ’It’s still your time you could be using for something else. Please let me at least make dinner or something?” She said as she looked at him. ”I don’t like the idea of not being able to give you something for your time.” It was a bit of a sore sport for her given the family she came from. She didn’t like people thinking she took anything from anyone. She realized his offer was genuine and kind, but she was not about to give anyone the ammunition against her. Not that she was worried about him, but what others might say about her taking free lessons. She smiled. ”Your grandfather sounds like he was pretty important to you and how you have developed your life?” She questioned. Looking at him she motioned towards the trail. ”I can walk with you back to the school, I have to check in with one of the Bilby Teachers, he asked for me to come give a presentation in his class.” She said with a smile. The teacher was a friend of hers they had met several years back and she had not talked to one of his classes just yet.
  4. It was the way most animals reacted. She did the same thing honestly, she liked to hide when she was injured, or sick. she sighed. ”I just hope it’s safe.” she said. It was the truth, she really did hope the poor thing was alright. She nodded. ”Well I was rubbish enough my teacher told me to switch out of the class and take something else, I ended up taking some sort of geography class… it was not much better.” She said with a laugh. ”I was always more interested in the magical creatures, and healing classes.” Keeley felt she was so much better at that. She really was so much better at that. She nodded. ”I do, there is quite a menagerie there. You should come by sometime and see. I take in the misfits so to speak, some have been abused, some have been placed there by the ministry in order to get them out of a bad situation or they are here illegally. The Magical Creatures classes come sometimes to see some of them.” she said. ”Oh I already looked high, I didn’t have much luck either. I think the thing must be bunkered down somewhere. I’ll leave some charms just in case the thing walks back.” There was an offer to help her and she perked up a bit. She had not thought much about it once she graduated. She smiled at him. ”That would be amazing honestly. I could do something for you in return. Maybe? I mean I could give you some sort of magical creature lessons or cook a dinner?” she had no idea what the food was like at Tally. ’however you want to trade?” she offered.
  5. Why hadn’t she thought of that? She shook her head at herself. She supposed she liked to make a mess of her clothes. At least that had always been what her mother had said. She smiled at him. ”I am not sure, I just got a message about a creature that was injured.” she said as she hummed and smiled at him. ”they said it could fly.” she said as she thought about it. ”I heard something that sounded like it was in pain but its hard to know…” She sighed. She watched the wispy bird as it went to search and came back with nothing. That made her anxious. She worried about the poor thing. A deep frown on her face for a moment before she turned back to the man. Taking the proffered hand she smiled at him. ”It is nice to meet you.” She said. ”I am Keeley I own the Second Chance Ranch.” she ran a hand through her hair and found the stick he was talking about. ”Classic Keeley.’ she said as she tossed the stick back to the brush and sighed. It was a shame. ”the poor thing probably found a place to hide. At least I hope it did.” She sighed her shoulders rose in a shrug as she turned her attention back to Luke. ”I was never good at wandless magic…” She said. She had gone to the all girls shook at the demand of her parents she smiled at him. ”I drove the professor crazy I think.” she said as she shrugged once more. ”Do you enjoy teaching?”
  6. Keeley had been out and about looking for a small wounded animal she had gotten wind of. It was not so much an easy task as people might think. She had a report that it could be this, or it could be that. Alls he knew was that the creature could fly and it sounded as though it was wailing in pain. That was enough for the young blonde to get up and move. She sighed as she moved around the brush. She honestly had not been paying attention to those around her. It was not unusual to see Keeley in the brush crawling around, or moving around in order to locate a creature who was injured or scared. This was not much different. It was not until she heard someone calling out that she realized someone was aware of her presence and was calling out to her. Keeley decided that it was just best to come out and say hello. ”It’s just me!” She called as she came out of the brush pulling a stick that had gotten caught in her blonde locks. ’Sorry I was not meaning to creep around you I got a report of an injured animal in the area and I am pretty sure I heard it over here…” she said with a sheepish smile. ”I’m Keeley- I have no idea about your class…” She said as she smoothed the front of her shirt.
  7. Keeley never needed a reason to do much of anything. She was relatively pleased with herself today however. She had managed to break through to a relatively difficult horse. It was a small break through but it was something. Not quite the same as finding a place for one of the magical creatures she cared for, she found herself wanting a moment to celebrate. She had not had much company at the Ranch, she figured it had more to do with he escaped convict than anything else. It was harder to get people to leave their comfort zone. Keeley was not too worried however. She was not on anyone’s radar. Which was a nice thing. Though the lack of visitors often left the young woman a little lonely. There had been talk that there would be some sort of party at the Roo, again Keeley never needed an excuse to drink but she was more than happy to celebrate her break through and the apparently miraculous event of the comatose owner of the Roo waking up. That seemed like some sort of crazy story on the muggle Lifetime channel but it seemed to have actually happened to this man. His family had to be pretty happy. She had made the long trek from her ranch on the outskirts to the Roo. She smiled as she ordered a drink. Something simple and absolutely perfect. She backed up and bumped into another body she spun around with a sheepish smiled. ”Oye Sorry!” She said as she sipped the beer to prevent it from spilling over the sides of the glass. ”It’s a bit crowded yea?”
  8. Come by the Ranch and enjoy the magic of creatures! 

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  9. It had been a very bizarre turn of events. The fact was that she did not believe Grant was capable of this thing he had been accused of. She knew they were not allowed to touch but Grant didn’t seem to mind breaking the rule and she smiled at him. ”I’ve missed you too, I have to work all of them in the barn by myself now, it takes me way too long.” She smiled at him. She missed him for more than just that. She had found she loved him by complete surprise. Most of this relationship had been a surprise, all were good until she had aurors at her door explaining what had happened. she had been at the barn and they had upset the animals. ”I’m okay, I just miss you. Nana wanted to come but she’s not been walking too well.” She was getting older and some of the older injuries were coming back with a vengeance. ”She sent me with your favorites.” She said of the crumbled cookies. ”they had to search them.” She frowned. ”they still should taste okay.” She said. Letting out a sigh she looked him over. ”Are you okay? I’ve been so worried.’
  10. It had been a little surreal. Keeley had not known what to expect It was the first time she had been allowed to see him since the arrest. She had been at the ministry when he was arrested, she had tried to see him, she had tried to do what she could anyway. Her parents had been rather displeased with her choice in future husband especially after the arrest but her nana had been there with her. Nana had sent her with some cookies for him. They had searched the cookies, some had been smashed and she was looking a pretty pathetic plate of cookies in front of her. They had searched her for werapons, she had to leave her wand and they had various things that would counteract spells and make her rather uncomfortable if she tried them. Keeley was a rebel, but she wouldn’t have done something quite so silly. It was crazy they had managed to meet at all, she had gone to Penrose while he was at Tally. She sighed as she sat there. She didn’t want to cry- but she was worried about him. She was worried about him in this place. He was so much brighter than this place. She looked up as they led him in and she put on a smile. ”hey baby.”
  11. Keeley gave a throaty chuckle at the way the pony had taken to the apples. ”I see he is starved” She said, teasing the young girl. Keeley was sure that her new friend took very good care of the pony. They could easily manipulate you into thinking they had not eaten. Mr. Peete ws aa fan of second breakfast. She smiled. Wiping her hand on her pants she turned her attentions back to the conversation. ”No? Well he is still very lovely. That is fairly fortunate you get to ride. That was always my escape from my mother… she is quite overbearing.” She said with a smile. Overbearing was an understatement. It was a rather obnoxious. That had been the nice thing about riding, she could just go and not worry about the way things were. She smiled at the memories of her earliest rides, full of angst and confusion. They had managed to keep her sane when she was ready to go insane most of the time. Her parents could be so pretentious. Still, they were just a bunch of fakers. ”That makes sense… Well, I have a ranch, if you ever want a place to ride, its on the outskirts but its not far from the school.” She offered. Keeley loved to have company at the ranch. Especially when she needed someone to ride with. ”I mean of course if you want, there is no pressure.” The bubbly blonde smiled. ”My sweet Peete. I take in rescues, magical and non magical. Peete is a warmblood.” She ran her hand along his silky neck. ”He came to me about 6 months ago we are working on getting him to a point where we can adopt him out.” She said. She happened to love when they found new homes with good people. ”I have several breeds at the barn, I personally have two Knabstruppers.” ”I have to agree Friesians are beautiful.” She said with a smile. She did thinkt hey were absolutely stunning.
  12. The Monroe family was always one of good breeding, they are an older line and one that did not really mix any of the others unless they found is absolutely necessary. Because of this they were always thought of as odd. Though it was just the typical family secrets they kept. Jamison and Lisbeth were destined for one another per their families. They did end up being rather well matched. Lisbeth always thought of herself as needing a man of a certain breeding and mannerism and Jamison happened to be that man. While he was pleased he found a woman of such talent and beauty. While things were not always perfect they did manage to find happiness with one another. They also did their duty and procreated. They had three boys before they finally had a girl. Lisbeth always wanted a lady, but instead she got a tomboy. The boys were always in and out of trouble at school as well as with the ministry. However with the money the family had they did their best to cover up what thr boys were up to. Keeley tended to be trouble as well but more small time trouble She would roll her skirt to high and talk about breaking the patriarchy, enough to make the family cringe when someone called them about what their daughter said. Mostly because they were concerned that people would poke around and find out they were not what they claimed to be. Their line was not as pure as they claimed and it was something they have successfully hid, but with the way Keeley spoke about things they worried she might just let it slip. Keeley however didn’t and she found that even while she was trying to make trouble she did find herself enjoying the care of magical creatures classes. She also enjoyed any sort of equestrian adventures. Her grandmother Monroe was a ribbon earning Dressage Rider and Keeley found that she loved the animals and didn’t mind the work, even though she was relatively lazy. Maybe it was because she found something she liked to do. Keeley took the money her grandmother gave her, after she graduated and she opened Second Chance Ranch, where she keeps magical and muggle creatures who need homes, she mostly has magical horse like and muggle horses on the ranch right now. She does have other sections of the ranch that keep other creatures and she offers respite for those who may need a few weeks before they can transition to their next location. Keeley often employs youth to work on the ranch and offers some other programs for the care of magical creatures classes to come and volunteer for class credit.
  13. Mr. Peete was nudging her for more treats and she shook her head at him before both of their attentions were drawn to something else. Another horse was approaching and she smiled as Mr. Peete stamped and tossed his head. Showing off for their company. She shook her head once again at the horse. He could be such a ham. However she did love the big creature quite a bit. She wondered if he would be one that found their forever home with her. She smiled at the girl and the approaching horse who seemed all too happy to have spotted company. Mr. Peete nickered his own greeting. ”Hi” she said brightly. She was always rather cheerful, especially after a ride, and in the company of other animal lovers. ”I’m Keeley.” She held her hand to her chest and then angled her body towards the horse. ”This is Mr. Peete.” The horse was rather sassy today and he tossed his head again. ”He is a rather delightful show off.” She said with a small smile. he nudge her and she laughed at the horse for a moment. ”It’s nice to run into another rider. I don’t seem to ruin into too many.” She said with a smile. It was not something she was worried about but it was nice. That and she liked to know that there were others out there. Maybe she would even be interested in the ranch. Not that she was pushy about it, she could just use some hands once in a while. She smiled. Are you enjoying your ride?”- She asked as she took out an apple slice. ”Is it alright if Snowy has one.” She asked. It was not always a bad thing. She smiled. ”A beautiful horse you have there. Where’s your barn?” She was curious as to where she had come from. Keeley liked to be able to network a bit and tap into other resources. It was good for the creatures and good for herself as well. She might go crazy talking to animals all day.
  14. Sometimes, well, most times, Mr. Peete was stubborn. Today happened to be one of those days. Letting out a small sigh as the stubborn horse refused to move. There was nothing more humbling than riding a horse. They forced you to reflect on yourself, to take stock of your emotions and to recognize when you pushed too hard. Today was that day for Peete. Groaning as she slid oud of the saddle she looked at the horse who was happy enough to stand and look for something to eat or drink, or both. He stomped his foot and she shook her head at him. ”I know you big baby.” He had been one of the more difficult ones, she had been focused on working with him in order to get him to a point where he could be trusted to go to a new home. It was not the most glamorous, but she worked hard to ensure they had a decent chance to be chosen. Those who were harder to work with ended up living with her. Not that she minded. She actually quite liked the ones who stayed with her. She seemed to understand them, she didn’t really fit in her with her family these days either. Looking at the horse as he stamped again she sighed. ”We aren’t going anywhere stomp all you want.” She said as he tossed his head and seemed to relax a little. The anxiety that rippled though his muscles seemed to relax. She had pushed him and now she had to relax while he got it in his mind to head back to the ranch. Letting out a small sigh she moved to sit on a rock. She picked up some of the grass and started to pick it apart as she waited. The horse behind her nudged her and she laughed. ”You are such a demanding thing.” She said as she turned to look at him. She stood back up and ran her hand along his nose. ”you know we could easily have just gone home but you had to be difficult.”She said with a smile as she looked at him. ”You are not a bad boy are you? Someone is going to love you as much as I do.” She promised him and he nuzzled her. ”Oh you want the apples.” She laughed as she pulled the bag out. ”Here.” Sometimes she wished more people could feel the way she did about the creatures.
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